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Teatime at Shaw's.3.


When they had left Shaw after the 'Mabel' incident,
( actually I've since remembered
that It was not Mabel but Maude, as in 'Come into the
gardenMaude, Now the blackbird
of night has flown, Come into the garden Maude, where we
can (Groucho eyebrows) be alone).
On parting, Shaw said 'Why don't you both come
over next Thursday. We're having a few people over
for drinks. Nothing special. We're going to Ireland
the next day. (He was an antique dealer, and Ireland was
a repository of antiques, especially Georgian funiture,
which he bought from the impoverished Irish gentry for
a pittance, and sold to americans, in London, for a kings
When Thursday came, Anne, his wife, refused to go. 'What,
should Thursday night be Orgy night, I don't want to
go'. She was like that, if you caught her with a fait-accompli,
she was a very enthusiastic and sexy lover. If you tried
to plan something, she would always have a headache. The
truth is that she is a control freak, and if something wasn't
HER idea, she'd cop out. Anyway, Fred decided to go, anyway,
as it would be the last opportunity to see Shaw before they
went back to Canada. Naiively, he thought that it would
be just for drinks, because Shaw was usually VERY forthright.
Perhaps he read Anne better than I did.
Asked for eight, Fred politely arrived somewhat late due
to traffic, rang the bell and waited while someone came
down the stairs, opened the spyhole to see who rang, and
the door was opened by a naked woman, who said'You must
be Fred, Shaw will be glad you came, and so am I after all he's
been saying about you. Where's your wife?'. 'She
wasn't feeling too well', says he. She was a petite,
rather thin woman of about fifty, but in good shape, with
real red hair, a HUGE pubic bush, (Fred loves pubic bushes.),
creamy skin and pert little breastswith BIG nipples. (Fred
loves big nipples!! ). To my shame, I cannot remember her
name. She said 'Come on then, meet the crowd.', and
preceeded him up the stairs. On the way up she made sure to
give him a great display of her goodies, at one point even
stopping to turn and face him, lifting one leg to her shoulder
to theatrically scratch the underside of her thigh, pushing
her beautiful bush into his face.
When they reached the landing at the top of the stairs, she
turned and said, 'why, you havn't kissed me hello
yet.' and clinched him into the deepest french kiss.
Backing off a little, she looked down at his crotch, saying,
'Oh goodie, I see that you did bring your friend.',
unzipped his fly and released poor straining Rufus.( Fred's
name for his cock and best friend!) Big smile, 'Ooooooooh
yes, I can see that he and I are going to be VERY good friends.', she
said, giving his foreskin a few strokes back and forth,
while Fred fondled her nipples.
Turning, she grasped him by the cock and led him down the
passage to the living room, calling, 'Shaw, Fred's
here.', she led him into the large living room. Here
she called out, 'Everybody, this is Fred. He's
mine first'.
In the living room were about a dozen people, in varying
states of undress. On a 'daybed', a naked woman
had no interest in my arrival, due to the ministrations
of a fully clad woman who's head was burried between
her thighs. A naked man was standing talking business with
another, while his wife stood behind him and slowly masturbated
him, while a very young man rogered her from behind, watched
by a single man, sitting on a chair and pulling on himself,
inside his jocky shorts, close enough to be part of the action.
Some people were just sitting dressed on the other couches
and chairs, just talking about mundane things, occasionally
calling out ribald comments to the more active group members.
These were more recent arrivals catching up on the week.
Everything was completely relaxed, amost like a teaparty!
Shaw and Denny, naked, were through in the kitchen, fondling
each other and waiting for the kettle
to boil, to make tea!!! 'Ah, 'Fred, I see you've
met Lou ( I just remembered her name), watch out for her,
suck you in and blow you out in little blue bubbles.'.
'Well, I certainly plan to try ' says she! 'But
first I
have to do my husband, (Pete), . It's part of an agreement
between us, as you know'. 'Well make Fred
comfortable first, at least get him a drink. and for christ's
sake, get him out those clothes. He looks like
an undertaker'. Which she proceeded to do! Poor Rufus
by this time was drooling precum. 'Ah, look
at him, the little precious, He's crying.We can't
have that, can we. Pete be blowed, (an English term for,
never mind about him), well he will be later anyway.'.She
drops to her knees and takes Rufus into her
mouth, and SUCKED. Fred nearly came at the first suck and
had to slow her down, not wanting to go
off too soon. After all he'd only been there a few minutes
and it looked like long evening ahead.
After a few minutes, keenly watched by Shaw and his lady,
Fred was losing it so prevailed on Lou to
stop, and come to the bar for a drink. Going into the hallway,
to hang up his clothes, Fred saw coming
down the stairs from the upper floor, a very large Indian
Lady, (Aaaawwww! Fred LOVES Indian women),
She had long black hair, was very tall and plump, with huge
breasts that hung down to her waist.
( Fred loves............................), and rather
thick legs. Never mind, she had all the eroticism
that he expected from an Indian. She noticed his appreciation
and gave him a blazing smile. Lou also noticed
the exchange and said, 'Jiyoti, this is Fred, but you
can't have him yet! He's mine first!.'. '
But surely later.'
Jyoti smiled. Fred was weak at the knees.
At this, Lou said 'Alright lets get the show on the road.
Pete, if you want it first, it's now!!!! come on!'.
Pete was the guy alone watching the others I'd seen
when I first arrived. He went to the corner and got a small
bag, and got out of it several impliments. A long haired
fur glove, a rubber paddle like a table tennis paddle
Several dildoes, and jars and bottles of creams, a large
vibrator and some other bits. I'd forgotten to
mention that the centre piece of the room was a large mattress,
covered in satin.
Every body moved away from the matress and gathered round,
and I realised that we were going see
an exhibition. Lou took a large pull on her drink and lay
down on the bed, arching up and burying her fingers
into her bush, purring. Pete pulled them away and turned
her over onto her front, while she arched her
arse into the air giving everyone a good look at her gorgeous
pussy. She was already slick with juices.
Pete made her lay supine and opening one of his little jars,
began to anoint and massage Lou with a pink cream.
Fred found later, by experience, that it REALLY sensitised
the skin. Lou was purring and moaning and kept on
trying to play with her own pussy, but Pete would stop her.
When he had worked his way from her shoulders to
her feet, paying particular attention to her buttocks,
he turned her over and started to do the same for
her front.
Meanwhile, Fred felt somebody come and stand behind him,
who put her arms around him and began playing with
his cock. From the perfume alone, he knew that it was Jiyoti.
Musk and sandalwood with a touch of patchouli.
She whispered in his ear, 'You don't mind, do you.
I can see that you are enjoying the show but my husband is
upstairs fucking some bitch that I don't like very
much, and I have to have some fun, don't I? 'Fred
and reaching behind began playing with her pussy, gently
pulling on her luxuriant bush and sliding his fingers
up and down her cunt-lips, sometimes sliding it inside
and feeling into her grotto.
Everybody in the room was performing somewhat similarly.
Lou was giving of her best and making quite a show
of it all. She had a lot of panache and sense of theatrics.
You could sense that she was playing to the crowd
but that somehow made it all the more enjoyable. Fred dearly
loved to see a woman really enjoying herself
and Lou was a born exhibitionist.
When Pete had finished anointing Lou's body, he turned
her over onto her front, and taking several cushions
from the armchairs, put them under her, so that her buttocks
were high. Then he took up the paddle, and smeared
it with cream. He then began to smack her arse with it, starting
at the outside and working his way into
the middle. Lou was moaning and jerking about through all
but was obviously enjoying it. Pete then reached inside
his bag and took out a cat-a-nine-tails. A whip with
many thongs and began to gently at first, whip the back of
Lou's thighs, moving slowly up to her buttocks and
back. By the time he reached her back, he was really laying
into her. Although one could see that it was soft
leather it must have been very painful. Lou, though was
loving it, grabbing onto the matress and howling and snarling,
rotating her
arse in the air and dry fucking the cushions!
The air by now was thick with hashish fumes and everybody
had been really laying into the booze and were
very high. Fred was going out of his wits with watching this
splendid display, so he pulled Jiyoti round in
front of him with her back to him and parting her splendid
big buttocks, slipped Rufus slowly into her pussy,
fucking her veeerrry slooowly, while they both continued
to watch the show! Fred had been in erection for so
long now that he was able to control his orgasms. He found
out years later that this was a Tantric situation,
although he had no idea of that at the time!
By this time more people had arrived or come down from the
Orgitorium, upstairs, and the room was full of
people all fucking away in some position that they could
still watch. Fred saw Shaw fucking a tall blonde
woman, who, above the waist, was very small, but bellow
the waist had enormous buttocks and thighs. He had her
over the back of an armchair supporting herself on the arms,
and he was wearing an enormous grin, and calling
out encouragement to all! Denny was riding a guy who was
sitting on a dining chair, riding with such gusto
that one worried for the chair. Screaming every time she
came, which I've described for you before, was quite

Pete and Lou were by now at their climax, when Lou went rigid
started gasping and yipping and collapsed in
orgasm. Pete dropped his whip and knelt down to take her
in his arms until she came to. 'Oh. darling' she
'that was the best ever'. 'Well, you always
say that.' said Pete. 'Well it always is.',
she replied!"Get me a drink,
darling, and then it's time for my reward, for being
a good girl'. Pete brought her a large Screwdriver,
which she
polished of in one draught. She had been pouring sweat throught
the whole exhibition, poor girl! Then she looked
round and saw Fred and Jiyoti. 'Oooooh, you bitch,
I told you to keep your hands off him. 'she cried!'Well
I had to
do something, while your wonderful show was on, didn't
I ?' said Fred. 'Oh that's all right darling,
I was only joking,
I knew she had her eye on you since you arrived. But now please
cum spend a little time with me, and join the show.'
Fred went and joined her on the mattress and started to caress
her nipples and stroke her flanks feeling a little
shy of her for some reason. 'No, darling, just a moment,
I want you to watch some more, sit between my legs, this
is just for you! ' With which she picked up one Pete's
dildos, an enormous thing, and rubbing it up and down her
to get it juicy, slid it into herself. She then took another
smaller one and this time put some of Pete's cream on
she slid it into her arse! Positioning herself so that Fred
would see every glisten of her juices, she pulled his
head down to a few inches from her sopping wet red bush, and
started to fuck herself with both dildo's. This was
he could see the little folds of skin clutching at the dildo's
as she withdrew them and collapsing back inwards as she
thrust them back in. She continued this for several minutes,
which Fred enjoyed very much. Again, enjoying to see a
woman pleasuring herself. When she started to draw longer
breathes, she suddenly pulled the dildo's out and
them away, saying, 'Now come and fuck me, darling.
It'll be my first tonight, ........but not the last.
But first I want
to suck that bitch Jiyoti's come off your gorgeous
prick'. Which she proceeded to do, first licking the
paying much attention to the frenulum, the male 'clitoris'.
Then she took him in full, into her throat. My, she could

suck, using her tongue to swirl around his cock even though
it was buried in her throat.When she felt that Fred was
getting exited, she backed off and said Let's have
a little of Pete's 'potion magique'. With
which she opened the jar
and anointed his cock. Fred imediately felt a warm sensation
from the cream that gave his erection even more fervour!
'NOW, FUCK ME, DARLING', She said. Fred turned
her onto her left side, and straddling her left leg and putting
her right
leg over his left shoulder slid Rufus into her! It was like
sliding into a saucepan of hot soup. To his disappointment
, she was huge inside. He felt that he was only touching one
side at a time. Now Fred, at that time was proud posessor
of 9inches, by 2 inches diameter and was suprised to find
this situation. He was more used to having to be
careful not to cause discomfort to a lady. He realised that
also this was entirely the wrong position, as it openned
Lou up more
than anyother position would do. Realising this he turned
her onto her back and brought her legs together at her
shoulders. This was much better!!! He could still lean
over her and play with her wonderful nipples! Although
tried to control himself, the effects of Pete's potion
and feeling her juices swishing and sucking around inside

of her made him lose it. When Lou sensed this she cried, 'Oh, Yes
cum in me, Iwant you to cum in me'. This put him
over the top, and he felt that gripping of the sphincters
fluttering in his arse as he let go in a wonderful orgasm!
Lou held him while he recovered, saying 'That was
wonderful of you sweety. I'm sorry that I'm so
big. It's that fucking marrow
Marrow of Pete's'. (a marrow is a VERY large zucchini, if
you didn't know.) He realised that all evening Pete
been wearing baggy underpants. He later saw a diminutive
brunette trying to get His dick into her mouth, and failing.
It was so large, it was a deformity! With that, Lou said,
'Well darling , ..Got to do the rounds. I want at least
another ten mens cum
in me tonight!!!! Lou was starting to sound like some kind
of Gorgon. He wanted a rest anyway, and to visit the
bathroom. So he went down the hallway to where one of the
bathrooms was. On opening the door, he was confronted with

a woman peeing on the face and into the mouth of another who
sat on the toilet. He turned and left. He hadn't yet
become that sophisticated. (He did learn later though!!)
He found another bathroom, and relieving himself started
thinking about what a pleasure it was.
and wished he'd had the balls to stay and watch the two
women at their water sports, at least.
After this he went and sat on a couch between an elderly lady
and a couple of whom the woman was riding the man
front to back. He realised that it was Denny again. By this
time, Everybody was stoned!!
The elderly Lady on his right introduced herself (don't
remember her name ) and told him that she'd enjoyed
watching him and Lou.
She said 'You look a bit duffed out, I'll go and
get you a drink.' Mincing off and returning with a tumbler
scotch and a marijuana stick, Which they shared for a while,
chatting about nothing in particular. Eventually she

took hold of poor limp, cum crusted Rufus and said"Do
you mind if I play with him for a while. He needs a bit of a clean
Of course' said Fred ' but don't expect anything
of him for a little while, at least'.'Oh I don't
mind, I like them soft
they look so defencless'. With which she leaned over
and took him into her mouth, very gently sucking on him and
licking his balls, interspercing it with snippits of conversation.
It was very gentle and very sweet. This continued
for perhaps half an hour (Although he was so stoned that
he had no way of telling. As if it mattered) When she
mentioned that she'd been there for quite awhile and
Fred was the first contact that she'd made! Fred was
so he got down on his knees in front of her and began licking
the inside of her thighs, gradually moving up to her pussy.
Oh, she preened. It was so beautiful to watch as she became
turned on! Imediately his tongue touched her pussy
she began to quiver, her muscles rippling away. When his
tongue reached her clitoris she became an earthquake which
continued for as long as he kept up his ministrations. After
quite a while he moved on down to her anus, licking away.
At this, she demuured. 'It's not quite nice for
you is it?' ''Why don't you let me decide
that ' he replied, and carried on.
but he felt that although she liked it, she was a little uncomfotable
about it so he moved back to her pearl,
with which she had NO problems at all. Later she said, 'I'm
sorry that I dont have orgasms.Men do seem to like
women to have orgasms''Fred laughed and said
'Helen, (I'll call her that as I like the name, and
she deserves a name)
'You were in permanent orgasm while I was sucking you'.
'Oh but I don't shout and gasp like Lou does'.
Fred, amused and
touched by her ingenouousnes, said 'Lou's something
of a circus act, you're not Lou! Everybody has different
kinds of orgasm
you have your way, and it was very pleasing for me to suck
you. I'd like to do it some more, but let's go see
going on upstairs.' Fred hadn't been in the Orgitorium
yet that evening. And taking her by the hand led her to the
making her go first so that he could reach up and fondle her
pussy as they climbed the stairs, which set her giggling!
Oh!, she was such a sweety! She was one of Shaws conquests
from the shop a la Mabel/Maude, who's husband had died
in an accident the year before, and wasn't yet 'past
it', and wanted to live a little. She 'admitted'
that she had been er.........seeing Shaw for a
while, and that Shaw and Deny and she had had a few,
but this was only her second group gathering
When they got to the Master Bedroom/orgitorium, there
were probably about 20 people all some state of inebriation
and lust.
Some watching pornographic movies, most engaged in some
form of fucking. 'Helen's' eye lit up as we
surveyed the scene.
'What, or who, would you like to do first?' Fred
asked her. 'Oh, can we just watch for a while'
she said . So Fred made a
little space on the bed, (which Shaw had made for himself
and was about twelve feet by ten feet in dimension ), for
them right in the thick of the action, then got down between
her thighs for one his favourite activities, sucking pussy.
Suddenly Fred felt extremely horny again, so he knelt
her up and entered Rufus into that Holy place. Do you know
, she quivered
inside too. It was gorgeous! After a while, she indicated
a young man who was seated against the bedhead alone next
to them.
'Would it be alright if I sucked this young man while
you are doing this to me', she asked. 'Of course,
you don't have to ask,
Look.....' and Fred reached over and fondled the breast
of a girl who was riding a supine guy on their other side,
turned and smiled and reached back and fondled his balls.
'Oooooh' moaned 'Helen'and took the
young guys cock and shnorffled
it away while the guy stroked her hair and her back and breasts.
After awhile Fred realised that she and the young
guy were getting interested in each other so he slid out
and left them to it. Walking to the door a blonde woman about

35 , a new arrival was undressing by the door. In passing
Fred gave her a kiss and tried to fondle her now naked breasts.
"Get away from me, I don't know you, you're
not my type anyway!! and punched him several times, quite
fiercely. 'She was quite drunk
.and Fred had been rebuffed before, perhaps even more rudely,
so he just walked on downstairs to have a word with Shaw,
who he
hadn't really talked to all evening, and was not likely
to see for a while after that night.
He found Shaw in the kitchen, would you believe it, boiling
the kettle for coffee, this time. While this was happenning
he was
carrying, upside down, with his mouth in her cunt, the tall
blonde with the big arse that he'd seen fucking at the
exhibition, who was, upside down, , sucking him off. She
was a big girl, but Shaw was a very powerful man. Just as Fred
came through the
door Shaw came , all over the girls face, as she had been distracted
by Fred's arrival. Wih a long sigh Shaw lowered her
to the
ground and noticed Fred. He, panting still, said 'Ah
'Fred, have you met Claire'. She interjected
'No, but I saw him with
that Lou, Isn't he your best friend? Come here Lover.'
and jumping up onto the kitchen island, spread her legs
wide and
pulled him to her. Fred reached for a towel to wipe the cum
from her face and after, clasped her in a deep kiss.
Unfortunately everybody breathe was bad by now, from the
Hash and boose, so it wasn't as pleasant a kiss as it
might have been
'Come on, Fuck me Lover' she growled, and pulled
him into her. Fred was feeling horny from his coitus interuptus
with 'Helen' so was quite pleased to find a 'Home'
so soon, and was soon grinding away, with Shaw watching
and playing with
himself until..........the kettle whistle went off startling
everybody into laughter. Just then who came in but Jyoti
Fred had seen her ten minutes before as he came through the
living room. She'd been lying on top of one guy, who
fucking her cunt, with another guy straddling atop her,
fucking her arse. she was also randomly sucking on three
cocks that were kneeling round her and playing with her
enormous breasts, while she was growling in lust! She came
the kichen wearing that glazed, cum-drunk look of a woman
having had a surfeit of sex. She reeked of the sweat and semen
that smothered her. She was also incredibly drunk. She
came and kneeled behind Fred, who was still stroking away
into Claire,
Parted his buttocks and on every one of his return strokes,
licked at his arse, and scratched his buttocks.
This really exited Fred and he felt that beautiful sensation
in his groin really start up, increasing the pace of his
thrusting and panting. At this point, Jyoti spun him around,
pulling him out of Claire's pussy, and grabbing his
into her mouth. He grabbed her head in both hands and stood
there fucking her face as he came enormously into
her mouth. After she had made sure that she had sucked everything
out of him, she looked up at him and grinned,
with that glazed look, with cum dribbling out of her mouth.
She was a mess, cum in her hair, stinking of sweat and sex
(The sandalwwood perfume was a mere shadow now). She was
competely beautiful! This was primeval woman with all
atavismus of total freedom. I do wish I had a photograph
of her at that moment, although it is burned into my memory
for ever.
This what people came to these gatherings for, To get totally
fucked out, there isn't another feeling like it!

( Colin Wilson, in his book 'The God of the Labyrinth'(
YOU MUST READ IT!!!!!!) describes that having spent the
night with a Lady and having vigourous sex all night, and
feeling totally depleted, sexually, left her appartment,
which was in a basement, in the morning , looked up and saw
walking by, another young woman. Just then the wind blew

and lifted her skirt so that he could see that she wasn't
wearing any underwear. On catching that glimpse of
her pussy, he immediately got an erection again, though
he knew that he couldn't have got it up for his girl friend
That new 'possibilty' immediately inspired
a new sexual rush!)

After Fred recovered, he said to Shaw, who was already
fucking Jyoti and trying to suck Claire's pussy at
the same time,
' I don't want to interupt but could we have a chat,
as you be leaving in the morning'. 'Sure come into
the little bedroom'.
so they went along to a small room, restraining Jyoti, who
wanted to come too. There Shaw threw out a quartet that were
all in a tangled, fucking, bunch on the bed, and lay down
on it as did Fred. They started talking, about nothing in

particular, just buddying. Shaw, while talking, casually
reached for Peter's cock and begand to play with it.
So Peter
did the same to Shaw, and they lay there just chatting, and
incidentally fondling each other, as the best of friends!
'Y'know, I knew you had it in you.' said Shaw.'What
do you mean?'says Fred.'All this, 'said
Shaw waving his arm to
encompass the whole evening. 'When you were here with
Anne (his wife), you took to it like a duck to water.'
'Yeah, well, what
else!' said Fred, laughing. Shaw then leaned over
to take Fred's cock into his mouth. Peter stopped him
for a moment so that he could
head to tail with him and took Shaws cock into his mouth,
and they just lay there, gently sucking each other, as friends
There was nothing sexual about it, just a mutual giving
and taking of pleasure! The conversation carried on in
episodes. I really loved that man! He was unbelievably
earthy, yet had an enormous dignity and wisdom!
Then Deny came, looking for Shaw. Some new people had arrived
from another party. When she saw what they were up to
she lay head to toe with Fred, behind him, and began gently
nibbling, licking and sucking his balls and anus, gently
probing it with a
finger. HEAVEN!
After a while, Deny and Shaw went off to see about the new
people, (people had been coming and leaving all evening)
Fred dozes off. To be woken up by someone aggressively sucking
and pulling on his cock. When he opened his eyes he saw
that it was the diminutive brunette that he'd seen
trying to engorge Pete's schlong! He told her to go
a bit easier and to
reverse herself so that he could 69 her, which she did. He
then saw that she was completely shaved. Unusual in those
He missed the hair but on licking the silky texture of her
cunt lips found that he didn't really mind the missing
She had a very large clitoris, like a small cock, pushing
out well beyond her cuntlips! This he enjoyed!
Although he was enjoying this little Lady, as she was so
small he had to really reach to get to her pussy and it strained

his neck rather uncomfortably(Oooooooooh...reminds
me of a joke)
( the tall woman, 7 ft, 6 ins. at a circus fell in love and
married the midget, 3 ft 2 ins..When theu got back from
their honymoon his buddies asked him how everything had
gone off! ' was a bit difficult.....You
see, when
we're nose to nose, my toes is in.And when we're
toes to toes my nose is in.But when we're fucking, I've
got no-one to talk to!)
Anyway, what Fred felt he needed was some fresh air. The
air in the appartment would have needed a chainsaw to cut!
At this suggestion, brunetty decides to come to, so they
went down and found her dress, and pants and shirt for Fred.
Outside the air was marvellous and they stolled along looking
in the shop windows. Shaw's appartment was
on Portobello Road, and there were plenty of antique shops
to look into. After walking quite a way they stopped and
sat on
the front steps of a big house. They sat half way up them to
smoke a joint that she had brought. There were still plenty
of people about as it was around 2 o/clock. After they had
finished the joint, she stood up and staddling his legs,
her skirt over his head and pulled his mouth to her pussy.
Oh, that lovely porclain belly, and that sweet little
penis for him
to suck. She stood there guiding his head to the places she
liked, Lifting and placing one foot on his shoulder so that
he could reach and lick her arse, and when she came, very
audibly, they got a round of cheers from a group of people
passing by!
After this, feeling more enlivened by the air they went
back to the flat. On arival, brunetty disappeared for the
On the way back he'd gone into an alley to pee, and she
had insisted on holding his cock and directing the stream
in arcs in
the air, giggling like a maniac.
Peter went to the bar and poured himself a drink, noticing
that an even different bunch of people were there. Shaw
was again
in the kitchen, this time leaning back against the island,
being engorged by mouth by a radiantly beautiful girl,
who looked as if
she'd stepped out of Penthouse! He was laughing and
leaning over her back as she sucked his cock, was playfully
smacking her
buttocks, to her apparent delight as she was squealing
Deciding to see what was going on upstairs, Fred went into
the passage to the stairs, coming down which was the girl
so rudely rebuffed him earlier. Waiting at the bottom for
her to pass, he saw that she had a superb body, but a really
mean face.
Fred could see that she was stoned out of her mind! When she
reached the bottom of the stairs instead of passing by she

reached for his cock and roughly masturbating him put her
other arm around his neck and boozily said, 'Y'
wanna fuck me honey?"
From her accent he could tell that she was a 'southern
belle'. 'Always happy to fuck an american!',
says Fred.
And turning her around pushed her over to support herself
on the stairs. Reaching down to her cunt, he fondled it roughly
a while them then thrust one finger into her snatch and finger
fucked her for a while. She was sopping wet
probably with semen. Fred took some of it and smeared it
over her cunt and her arsehole, inserting another finger
into her arse,
he fingerfucked both her orifices for a few minutes. Then
spitting on his other hand he greased up Rufus and withdrawing
his finger
from her ass he positioned Rufus to take it's place.
She demerred so he grabbed her by the nape of the neck
and held her firmly while he drove Rufus into her inner depths.
She was really sloppy inside, and he realised that he wasn't
the first
to perform this with her that night. It also occured to him
that he'd been fucking his wifes arse in exactly the
same place just a
couple of weeks before! Quite roughly he drove into her,
each time feeling his balls slap against her cuntlips!
Reaching under his pounding cock he inserted his thumb
into her cunt and waggled it around. With this she started
whining, low
at first, gradually increasing with every thrust, until
it was very loud and brought some people out to watch!
Fred pounded away until she started to arch her back and
gasp, swivelling her buttocks and pushing back. Half a
dozen of
these and she collapsed and sat on the stair, gasping. Fred
left her there, and proceeded by a rampant steaming Rufus,
on up the stairs.
On arrival in the orgitorium, he was met at the door by'Helen'
and the young man that he'd left her with. They were
leaving, together.
Shaw told me later that they'd set up house together
and seldom came to the gatherings, and she didn't visit
him at the shop anymore!
After wishing them goodbye, with a deep kiss and a last fondling
of her pussy, Fred went on into the bedroom.There were less
people now.
Perhaps seven or eight people on the bed and a couple on the
floor, none of them doing anything very strenuous But among
them were
Brunnety and the ravishing blonde who were sixty nining
each other languidly. Fred went and lay down next to her
and she interupted
her play to give Rufus a quick, kissy suck , then went back
to licking and sucking her friends pussy! Fred lay watching,
with much pleasure
for a while, then closed his eyes for a nap. He wasn't
allowed to drop off though. He felt movement beside him
then somebody straddled his
face and started rubbing her pussy over his face. From the
hairlessness he knew it to be brunnety. At the same time
someone took his cock
into her mouth, he presumed this to be blondy, who after
a while straddled him and slowly eased Rufus into her..Fred
took the'hint'and
found brunetty's pearl and gave it the ministration
she was looking for, reaching up to fondle her little breasts!
The blonde, meanwhile
was doing some beatiful things with Rufus. She would give
half a dozen pelvic thrusts rubbing her clitoris on his
pubis, and then gripping
like a fist with her pussy slowly rise until he was almost
out of her, then relax and lower herself onto him again, all
Sloooowwwwwlllyy! It was exquisite. Fred was sure that
he was fucked out by now, but found, a la Colin Wilson, you
can always get it up for
a new pussy! This continued for quite a while and Fred was
enjoying it enormously. Brunetty had had a couple of orgasms
and Fred's face
was slick with cunt juice. Suddenly, Fred felt that old
familiar feeling begin, as his anus clenched and his scrotum
tightened up, he came,
suddenly and explosively. At the same time, so did blondy.
He didn't know whether she'd been waiting for
him or whether his orgasm had set her off
.He threw brunetty off him to grab the blonde by the pelvis
for those last heavenly thrusts! That has to be it for the
night', thought
Fred, . And dropped off into a deep sleep! ( The blonde, apparently
went on to be a film star of some sort, but I've never
seen her in anything
and I never knew her name!)

The Evening wasn't over yet though!


Suddenly the music flared up waking Peter up. He found that
he was still cuddling Brunetty, who, awake also was grinning
at him wickedly!
'Oh, no, give me a break' he thought! Then said,
'I want coffee!!! which he could smell on the air even
through the Hash fumes! So picking her up
and reversing her he put Rufus into her mouth and his tongue
in her twat, he carried her, cooing, dowstairs to the kitchen,
Where Shaw was,
of course making the coffee while giving a kneetrembling
fuck to a tall skinny black haired woman with long pendulous
breasts that were swinging
round violently an threatening to beat Shaw to a pulp!



Standing talking earnestly to a couple of first timers.
The husband was sorry that they'd come, and wanted
to go home and the wife, who didn't AT ALL want to go home!
Expounding to them the glories of sexual freedom, how spiritually
enriching, until I realised that I was being looked at like
some kind of con-man, which at that time was correct! I wanted
a piece of the wife who was quite a toothsome little thing
with a beautiful smile. Eventually leading him off to introduce
him to somebody to suck his balls off! Then haring back to
the wife to introduce her to the pleasures of the Orgitorium



It was a ritual at these gatherings that, before the night
ended, to make sure that everybody had fucked everybody,
The women (those left standing ) would all sit or whatever
in the living room, in a ring and the men (left standing)
in an inner ring Then they played musical fucks! There had
to be one man too many, and they slowly went the rounds, entering
and making three thrusts, then changing to the next woman,
until, when the music stopped the man who didn't have
a woman impaled was eliminated , along with one woman. The
couple that were left last had to finish to orgasm! I was
appalled at the idea at first but it turned out to be hilariously
funny, and everybody enjoyed it



Seen through a drunken, stoned fog! A foursome with Lou,
Jyoti, and Brunnettey. Fred is fucking Jyoti in the arse,
while sucking brunnetty's little prick as she straddles
Jyoti, who is sucking Lou's cunt .



Fred sitting on the stairs, sucking the cock of the husband
who, earlier, wanted to leave, while his wife sucked on
his, by now flaccid dick, finger fucking his arse while
some other guy screws her from behind!


Waking up, at noon, in the little bedroom, smothered in
Brunetty, Jyoti, and Blondy, who was trying to suck some
life into Rufus!

Happy Days!

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