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"Jesus Christ! Did you see that?"
My wife asks in a hushed whisper. "Of course you did.
What am I thinking? They were tits and you're a guy."
She says, placing her hand in my lap to judge the extent of
my awareness. I was very aware!

The tits in question belong to our niece, Linda, who is staying
with us to finish her last semester of college. Her dad accepted
a very lucrative promotion, which required the family
to move out of state. Rather than transfer during her final
semester, and pay out of state tuition, Linda asked if she
could stay with us until the end of the semester. Linda's
mother is my wife's older sister and we get along great
with her and her family. We immediately said yes.

Linda moved in this evening, unpacked her stuff and a few
minutes ago, came in to say goodnight. My wife, Chrissie,
and I were sitting on the couch watching TV, when Linda walked
in wearing only a spaghetti-strap, v-neck pajama top and
bikini panties. Linda, who just turned 21, has long blonde
hair and the most beautiful, clear, blue eyes I have ever
seen. They are like pools of liquid that you could get lost
in if you're not careful. I imagine a lot of the guys
in her classes would love to get lost in her eyes or any other
part of her killer body.

"I really want to thank you both for letting me stay
here." She said, standing next to the couch. Her pert
nipples are pushing against the thin material of her top,
which barely conceals her firm, round tits.

"You're the best, Aunt Chrissie!" She
continued, leaning down to give my wife a hug and a kiss on
her cheek. My eyes followed the front of her pajama top,
falling away from her breasts, as she bent forward. Her
entire left breast, down to the edge of her areola, was hanging
bare, less than a foot from my face.

"You too, Uncle Rick. Thank you so much!" She
smiled, as she turned her body towards me, without straightening
up. Her lovely tits swung free, within her loose fitting
top, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my
cheek. My eyes were glued to her bare tits as I returned her
hug. Her nipples, resting against the material of her gaping
pajama top, were the only part of her tits not visible to
me. When she stood up, her top fell back into place, and her
taut nipples were again pushing against the flimsy, floral

"Well, good night." She said, as my eyes moved
down to her crotch, focusing on the blonde pubic hair, visible
through her light colored panties.

"You'll be able to hook up my computer tomorrow,
won't you Uncle Rick?" Linda asked as she walked
down the hallway to her bedroom. My eyes were locked on her
firm, round, panty-clad ass cheeks, swinging back and
forth as she walked.

"Uh, sure. I'll need your passwords to set it
up." I yelled after her.

"No problem, I'll leave them on the computer
table. Thanks." She said, smiling back at us as she
entered her bedroom.

"Your theme song, from now on, is: You Can Look But
You Better Not Touch!" Chrissie laughs, while stroking
my hard cock through my shorts. "You liked that, didn't
you Rick?" She asks teasingly, while kissing my neck
and slipping her hand inside the leg of my shorts. I had put
on a pair of loose fitting shorts, sans underwear, and a
t-shirt after my shower. Chrissie is now massaging my balls
and the base of my cock as she teases me about my reaction
to our niece's body.

Chrissie and I have been married for ten years and have a
vibrant sex life; full of role-plays, porn videos and public,
risk-taking sex. Before agreeing to let Linda live with
us, we discussed how her presence in the house would affect
our spontaneity. We had no idea it would affect it this way.

"Let's take this into the bedroom." I say,
nearly panting from Chrissie's expert manipulation
of my cock and balls.

"Let's not." She whispers, pushing my
shorts down and releasing my hard cock. "I think Linda's
in for the night. What do you think?" Chrissie asks
mischievously, as she scoots away from me and lowers her
head to my lap.

"I don't know." I say, sucking in air as
Chrissie's tongue licks my cockhead. "Do you
really want your sister's daughter to see you giving
me head in the living room?" Chrissie wets her lips
and slides them down over my cock, stroking up and down my
shaft with her hand. I scoot my ass closer to the edge of the
couch to give her better access.

"Do you really want me to stop?" She asks, smiling
at me as she comes up for air.

"Hell no!" I say, thrusting my hips up and trying
to drive my cock farther into her warm, wet mouth. Without
taking her mouth off my throbbing cock, Chrissie slides
off the couch and onto the floor. Kneeling in front of me,
she pulls my shorts the rest of the way off and spreads my
knees apart. Cupping my balls in her left hand, she continues
pumping me in and out of her mouth with her right hand. My
wife's blowjob expertise, coupled with the vision
of Linda's tits, still vivid in my mind, drives me to
a quick release.

"Oh fuck!" I whisper, loudly, shooting several
loads of cum into my wife's welcoming mouth. Chrissie
sucks and swallows until my ass settles back down on the
couch and my balls are empty. Leaning back and licking her
lips, she smiles at me.

"Mmmm. You really came hard! Maybe Linda should parade
around like that all the time." She teases. "Or
maybe you just like the idea that she might catch us."

"Maybe you just give great head!" I answer.
"Now can we take this into the bedroom?" I ask,
sitting up straight. "I'm not quite the exhibitionist
you are, and I really want to taste you right now."
As I stand up, I swear I hear the click of a door closing. Looking
down the hall, I don't see anything.

The next day, I'm in Linda's room connecting her
computer to my wireless network. As promised, she left
her passwords on her desk before she went to school. Chrissie's
at her job at the daycare and I have another couple of hours
before I need to start working. I work at home, providing
tech support for a large software company. I supplement
that with freelance debugging of security software on
the side.

I'm somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to working on
other people's computers. I like to snoop around and
see what web sites they visit, what they've downloaded
and generally how they use their computer. Even if Linda
hadn't left her passwords, I'm pretty good at
hacking into most software programs.

You can imagine my surprise when I pull up Linda's deleted
browser history and find she frequently visits amateur
exhibitionist and voyeurism websites. Rather than visit
the sites on her computer, I copy the URLs and e-mail them
to myself. Intrigued, I search the rest of her computer
for pictures or stories, but find nothing. With an hour
left before I have to log on for my tech support gig, I go down
to my basement office and use my computer to explore Linda's

The one she most frequently visits requires a log on and
a password. I go back to Linda's computer and find her
log on and password hidden within her windows files. You
should never answer yes, when windows asks if you want your
password remembered. Back downstairs, I plug in the information
and bring up a personalized page within an amateur exhibitionist
website. Linda is known as BBBarbie and has a running blog
about her various exhibitionism activites. The BBBarbie,
I soon discover stands for a variety of names including
BareBreastedBarbie and BareBottomBarbie, depending
on the current subject of the blog.

My cock is getting stiff as I read Linda's blog, and
think about how she exposed her tits to me last night. The
earliest entry is about a year ago, when her and a girlfriend
went to the mall wearing very short skirts, without panties,
and spent the afternoon riding the various escalators.
She writes how wet they got watching all the men adjust the
bulges in their pants, as they followed her and her girlfriend

I scan through several entries where she describes teasing
one of her college professors. She started with leaning
over his desk, asking questions about test material, and
just enjoying exposing her braless tits to his unsuspecting
eyes. She has an entry for almost everyday and it seems like
she was teasing him mercilessly for several weeks. The
first month, she writes about exposing her tits to him at
least once during every class. She excitedly describes
his building discomfort as she starts flashing her panties,
from her seat in the second row. Wearing an extremely short
skirt, and progressively more revealing panties, she
finally ends up giving him an unobstructed view of her bare
pussy under her skirt. By the time I get to her description
of how she masturbates, thinking about her professor's
hard-on, I've got my cock out of my pants, stroking
the hell out of it.

It's an interactive blog, where others can leave comments
and questions. Many of these comments are suggestions
of what to do next or words of encouragement to tease the
hell out of these unsuspecting men. I scan down farther
and read an entry where several participants debate the
finer points of exhibitionism.

VoyGirl: The real trick is to be subtle enough so he thinks
he's sneaking peeks at your tits or your ass. If you
flaunt it too much, you loose the real essence of great exhibitionism.

BBBarbie: I agree. It works best when he thinks you are innocently
unaware of what he's seeing.

Nakd4U: Yeah and I get more turned on by teasing one guy over
a long period of time, than I ever got giving a quick flash
to strangers.

BBBarbie: You got that right! Taking it slowly, and progressively
letting him see more, is such a fucking turn-on, I get wet
thinking about it.

VoyGirl: The more he sees, the more he wants to see. I've
got my 18 year-old brother going crazy right now trying
to see me naked.

BBBarbie: Yeah, my brother has such a perpetual hard-on
I almost feel sorry for him. lol

Fuck! What a little prick-tease! I don't have anymore
time, so I log off her blog and log onto the tech support site.
Throughout the day my thoughts never stray much from my
niece and her proclivity for exhibitionism. I wonder if
last night was the beginning of her progressively revealing
strategy, aimed at me. If so, knowing her plan could make
it fun.

Linda gets home before Chrissie, and I hear her coming down
the stairs, just as I'm logging off from work. I watch
her descend the last few steps, and am rewarded with the
sight of her braless tits bouncing inside a pink, cropped
blouse. There is plenty of bare skin between the bottom
of the blouse and her low slung, white shorts. I feel my cock
stir as she walks over to me.

"Hi Uncle Rick." She smiles. "Did you
get a chance to hook up my computer?" She leans down
for a kiss and her scoop neck blouse falls away from her chest,
giving me an eyeful of her smooth, hanging tits. Once again,
I can't quite see her nipples. She must practice this
in a mirror, to know exactly how much she's revealing.
I do my best to act indifferent to her display.

"Yes, it's all set to go." I tell her, turning
back to my computer. "How was your day?"

"School is school." She laughs. "It wasn't
any better or any worse than any other day." She moves
around into my field of vision again. "How was your
day, Uncle Rick?"

"The same." I tell her, looking at her clear,
blue eyes, pretending I'm not interested in her sexy
young body or her revealing outfit. "A few challenging
calls, but mostly clueless people who shouldn't be
allowed near a computer." I click the mouse a few times,
not really doing anything, and then stand up.

"I'm done down here for today." I tell her.
"Let's go upstairs and see what Aunt Chrissie
has planned for dinner." I lead the way up the stairs.
As much as I'd like to follow her firm ass, in those tight
shorts, as she walks up the stairs, I'm not giving in
to her game. All day long I've thought about my niece's
teasing and I realize that she gets off on the guys'
reactions. I think I can turn the tables on her if I don't
react in the predicted manner. By not reacting, I hope to
drive her toward more daring actions. I'm playing
hard to get, if you will.

Dinner is uneventful and Linda joins Chrissie and I in the
living room to watch TV afterwards. She's still wearing
the same outfit she had on in the basement, and her shorts
are stretched lightly across her firm, round ass cheeks,
as she lies on her stomach in front of the TV. I concentrate
on the TV shows, completely ignoring her, as she periodically
wiggles around, changing positions.

"Is it okay if I take my shower, now?" She asks,
twisting around towards us, so that a considerable amount
of bare breast is 'accidentally' visible from
our vantage point on the couch.

"Sure, honey." Chrissie answers, smiling
at me. I keep staring at the TV screen, seemingly oblivious
to her display.

"Damn, she might as well be naked, as much as that outfit
conceals." Chrissie says, after Linda leaves the
room. "How are you doing?" She asks, teasingly,
running her hand over my crotch. My cock immediately springs
to life, causing Chrissie to laugh. "That's
what I thought."

"I think she really likes to tease." I say, cautiously,
not wanting to disclose my snooping on the website to Chrissie.
"I'm trying not to give her the satisfaction
of reacting to her."

"You're not trying very hard!" She laughs,
pulling my cock out and stroking it up and down, as we hear
the shower start. "She reminds me a lot of myself,
at that age." Chrissie says, as she leans her head
down towards my lap. "I used to get so wet, knowing
the affect I was having on older guys."

"Older guys!" I retort. "I'm only
36! That hardly constitutes an older guy!" I laugh.
But Chrissie doesn't answer, she's too busy sucking
the head of my hard cock into her mouth.

I lean back and enjoy the relief that I've been anxious
for all day. Closing my eyes, I picture Linda kneeling between
my legs, her perfect tits bouncing, as she bobs her head
up and down on my cock. I visualize her naked body, as I think
about her blog entries and how she teased her poor professor.
As I shoot my load into my wife's skillful mouth, I get
an idea on how to really turn the tables on Linda.

"Mmmmm." Chrissie is licking her lips and moving
her body over mine. "Now, maybe you won't react
so quickly to her hard, young, body when she comes out of
the shower." Chrissie straddles me, pushing her
tongue in my mouth and rocking against my spent cock.

"Put your fingers in me." She whispers, pulling
her shorts to the side and revealing her glistening, wet
pussy lips. "I'd rather it was your tongue, but
I know what a prude you are about doing that in the living
room, with Linda down the hall." I slide two fingers
into her slick, hot pussy and pump them in and out as we continue

"I love what you did with your tongue last night."
Chrissie moans into my ear, as I rub my thumb across her engorged
clit. "The way you kept teasing my clit was amazing.
It kept me on the edge, right at the peak, for what seemed
like hours." She's bucking against my hand,
squeezing her pussy muscles around my fingers, when we
hear the shower stop.

"Do you think Linda's clit is as sensitive as
mine?" She asks, teasingly. "Do you think she
got herself off in the shower?" She whispers and my
cock stiffens at the thought of Linda masturbating, with
the portable showerhead pressed against her clit.

Chrissie clamps her pussy around my fingers and lets out
a long, low moan as her orgasm rolls through her. When the
bathroom door opens, she shifts her body sideways and slides
off my lap, blocking any view of my fingers in her pussy.
I look over Chrissie's shoulder and watch Linda, wrapped
in a bath towel, glance at us and turn towards her bedroom.
The towel has a strategically placed gap in the back that
allows me a clear view of her bare ass cheeks as she walks
down the hall. My cock reacts immediately.

"Last night she stayed in her bedroom for about twenty
minutes after her shower." Chrissie says, pulling
my fingers from her pussy and moving back onto my lap. Raising
her hips up and pulling her shorts and panties to the side,
she impales herself on my fully recovered cock. "I
bet we only need about ten minutes." She whispers.

Fuck! Her pussy is so wet and hot, as Chrissie starts bouncing
up and down. Holding onto the back of the couch, she rides
my rigid cock, slamming her enflamed pussy down around
it. I lean back and close my eyes, bucking my hips to her frantic
rhythm, as my mind focuses on Linda's tight, young
ass swaying down the hall. I reach under Chrissie's
blouse and cup her tits, pinching her nipples through her

"Oh yeah!" She whispers, panting in my ear.
"Play with my tits. Pretend your pinching Linda's
pert, little nipples." She breathes. I unfasten
the front clasp of her bra and push the cups to the side. Grabbing
her nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand,
I pinch and pull, twisting her hard nipples back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck!" Chrissie slams down hard,
clenching her pussy muscles around my cock. I let go at the
same time, flooding her pussy with my cum. Her tits are heaving
up and down in my hands, as we try to catch our breath, our
mouths pressed together in a passionate, post orgasmic

When Linda's door opens, Chrissie disengages herself
from my cock and pulls my shorts up in one smooth motion.
Our experience with public sex has made her adept at looking
innocent in the most bizarre situations. She's sitting
next to me on the couch, when Linda reaches the living room.
The lingering smell of sex is not lost on Linda and I see her
smile appreciatively at what must have just happened.

Tonight she's wearing a v-neck, men's t-shirt
that barely hangs down to the bottom of her ass cheeks. As
she plops down on the couch next to Chrissie, her t-shirt
rides up, revealing a bare hip. Her nipples are like little
bullets, poking at the thin material, on the front of the

"Thanks, Uncle Rick." She says, glancing back
and forth between Chrissie and I. "The computer works
great, I was able to check my e-mail and everything."
Her eyes have settled on the wet spot spreading across the
front of Chrissie's shorts.

"Your Uncle Rick is a man of many talents." Chrissie
says, seemingly oblivious to Linda's stare. I'm
watching the bottom of her t-shirt, trying to decide if
she's wearing any panties. This is just what she wants
me to do, I think and I turn my head back to the TV, trying to
ignore her.

"Is there anything, you wanted to see?" I ask
Linda, startling her.

"What?" She asks, shifting her body and tucking
one leg up under her. I catch a quick glimpse of what looks
like a black thong before her t-shirt down settles back
down on her lap.

"Is there anything you want to watch on TV?"
I ask, realizing the double entendre I presented to her.

"No. I'm going to go on line for bit and then go
to bed." She says, kneeling on the couch and leaning
over to give Chrissie a kiss. I continue watching the TV,
ignoring the bare tit display she has designated for me.
Standing up, she walks between me and the TV and bends forward
to give me a kiss.

"I think we're ready to call it a night too."
I say, clicking the TV off and standing up. Since Linda is
in the process of bending forward. just as I'm standing
up, her face ends up inches from my crotch. With the TV off
I can see the reflection of Linda's bare ass in the flat
TV monitor as she bends forward. The thin black material,
disappearing between her ass cheeks, confirms that what
I saw earlier was a thong.

Her plan to display her tits thwarted, Linda stands up with
a look of disappointment on her face. I'm not sure if
it's because she doesn't get to show me her tits,
or because I'm not sporting a hard on. Of course, she
doesn't know I just came twice; once in my wife's
mouth and once in her pussy. Before she realizes what's
happening I wrap my arms around her in a tight embrace, kissing
her on the cheek and smashing her hard nipples against my

"It's nice having you here with us, Linda."
I say, breaking off the embrace, before my stiffening cock
gives me away. "Good night, sweetie." I tell
her, turning back to the couch and taking Chrissie's
hand to pull her up.

"I'm glad to be here too, Uncle Rick." Linda
stammers. "I can't thank you guys enough."

"Your welcome." Chrissie says as we head down
the hall to our bedroom. Chrissie has her hand back inside
my shorts before we close the bedroom door.

"She is something else!" Chrissie says, as
we scramble out of our clothes. "I think you really
threw her off her game when you stood up and hugged her."
She laughs, grabbing my cock and leading me over to the bed.
"This is going to be an interesting few months."

"You've got that right." I say, both of
us meaning more than we are saying.

The next morning, after Chrissie and Linda leave, I log
onto Linda's website to read more of her blog. I also
want to put in motion a plan that could get Linda to do more
than tease me.

I scan through her blog, reading her detailed description
of exposing herself to their next-door neighbor. Starting
with glimpses down her blouse and up her skirt, just like
the professor, she progresses to more risquŽ views of her
body. She always waits until his wife is gone and he's
in his front yard, and then strolls to the mailbox, or gets
something from her car, innocently stopping to visit with
him. She writes about how excited she is that he always has
a bulge in his pants by the time she goes into her house. She
imagines him in his bathroom jacking off, thinking about
her body, as she masturbates.

The entries get hotter when she describes washing her car
in a bikini bottom and a thin halter-top, while her neighbor
is mowing his lawn. First, she makes sure her bikini bottom
rides up into the crack of her ass, giving a thong-like view
of her ass cheeks. Then, she leans against the car on her
tiptoes to wash the top. Not only does this give her neighbor
a great view of her nearly naked ass, but it also soaks her
halter-top, making it nearly transparent. Getting two
beers from the refrigerator in the garage, she rubs one
of the cold bottles across her nipples before taking it
to her neighbor, who thanks her and downs half of it while
wiping the sweat from his face. His eyes are glued to her
wet halter-top, stretched across her tits, giving him
an almost transparent view of her hard nipples. They talk
about how hot it is, as she rubs the cold beer bottle across
her stomach and up between her tits, to cool down. Her neighbor's
bulge is the largest she's ever seen it by the time she
goes back to washing her car.

She writes about plans to let him see her naked, through
her bedroom window. She even adjusts her blinds to allow
him to see from his bedroom to hers, but before she has a chance
to implement her plan, her dad gets promoted and she moves
in with us.

My cock hardened while I read about my niece flaunting her
body at her next-door neighbor, but when I get to the entry
she made last night, I actually pull it out and stroke it.

BBBarbie: Sorry I haven't written in a while... a lot
has happened! My parents moved, so I moved in with my Aunt
and Uncle. They're only in their thirties, so it's
great living here. My uncle is a well hung, hunk and I've
already started showing him what I've got. The first
night, I gave him a pretty deep, down the blouse view of my
tits and a barely covered shot of my pubes. Afterwards,
I watched my Aunt give him a blowjob on the living room couch!
They thought I was in my bedroom, but I left the door cracked
because I wanted to see my uncle's reaction to my show.
Man, was I surprised. It was so hot, watching her kneel on
the floor between his legs and suck him off. But that was
nothing compared to today.

VoyGirl: Did you see his cock?!

BBBarbie: Hold on, not yet. I started by giving my uncle
a great view of my tits while we were home alone. He pretty
much brushed me off, but I could tell he was struggling with
it. I kept teasing him all through dinner and afterwards
as we watched TV. Then I said I was going to take a shower,
but I took the fastest shower in the world. I left the water
on, so they'd think I was still in the shower and then
crept into the hallway to see what they were doing. Ohmigod!
You won't believe it! First my Aunt gave him another
blowjob, then she sat on his lap and he fingered her to an
orgasm. I turned off the shower and made sure the towel didn't
quite cover my ass when I walked to my bedroom. When I peeked
out, my aunt had straddled him and was riding his hard cock.
I was so fucking wet!

VoyGirl: Did you see his cock? Describe...

BBBarbie: Not really, it was hard to see from where I was.

VoyGirl: Hard is good! lol

BBBarbie: Anyway, when I got back into the living room,
I could smell my aunt's pussy and there was a wet spot
spreading across her crotch.

VoyGirl: That is so hot! You need to get a look at his hard

BBBarbie: I know. I'm working on it. cya

Fuck! I didn't realize she'd seen all of that.
My cock is rock hard! Time to put the next part of my plan in
motion. I click on the home page for the website and register
for a user name and password. For my user name I choose HippieGirl,
because I want to come across as an older version of Linda.
Once I'm a registered user, I sign in and leave a message
for BBBarbie.

HippieGirl: You sound like you're as much of a voyeur
as an exhibitionist. You young girls think you're
controlling something by making guys get hard. If you really
want to control a guy, and have him eating out of your...
well, let me know. You haven't even scratched the surface
of possibilities.

I log off the exhibition website and log into work.

When Linda gets home, she comes down to the basement looking
as sexy as I've ever seen her in a short skirt and a low-cut
top. The top loops around her neck, covering only about
half of each creamy, white breast, and ties in the middle
of her back. The rounded sides of her breasts are visible,
as the material stretches down the middle of her tits, barely
covering her nipples. She asks about my day as she stands
behind my chair, massaging my shoulders. Is it my imagination,
or can I smell her pussy? Nonchalantly, I turn my head to
each side and breathe in, as I answer her. Definitely it's
her right hand. Jesus! She's just had her right hand
in her pussy. I try to ignore her, but my cock hardens at the
image of her fingers in her pussy.

"That feels nice, Linda." I tell her, trying
to sound casual. "But I've still got another
half hour of work to do." She leans down, pressing
her tits against my shoulder, as she kisses my cheek. Her
right hand passes just under my nose and I get a strong whiff
of her fragrant pussy. She can't miss seeing the bulge
in my pants, as my cock pushes against the bottom of my keyboard

"Okay, Uncle Rick." She says perkily. "I've
got some homework to do anyway." I watch her ascend
the stairs, and just as I suspect, she's not wearing
any panties. I watch the sway of her firm, round ass cheeks
and catch a quick glimpse of her naked pussy, as she slowly
climbs each step. She knows I'm watching her and I'm
sure it's having as much affect on her as it is on me.

I don't really have any more work to do. I log onto Linda's
website and stroke my cock as I wait to see if she'll
respond to my statement. I don't have to wait long.

BBBarbie: Today was fun! I just got home; my uncle was in
the basement at his computer. I went to my room, took off
my panties and fingered myself until I was soaking wet.
Coated my fingers with my juices, left my panties off and
put on a wrapover top, that barely covers my tists, then
went down to say hi. He could smell me right away and I rubbed
his shoulders, so my hand would be near his face. His cock
was already aching by the time I gave him a cunt shot, going
up the stairs. HippieGirl - what are you talking about?

I answer her right away, typing a response as HippieGirl.

HippieGirl: You're amateurs! What are you getting
for your time? A wet pussy that you finger yourself. If you
really want control, send me an IM and I'll explain
it to you.

I want to address my comments just to her. If I can gain her
trust, I can turn the tables on her right here. I get an IM
from her almost immediately.

BBBarbie: So what do you mean control?

HippieGirl: First, thank you for being interested in an
old woman's perspective. Back during the original
sexual revolution in the sixties, we didn't settle
for turning guys on and leaving them to their own devices.
We fucked!

BBBarbie: Yeah, and you all got fucked! So what? Where's
the control in that. You don't know how it feels to have
guys lusting over what they can't have.

HippieGirl: Of course, I do. But think about the control
you can exert over someone who's had his dick where
it doesn't belong. I once fucked a married guy who ended
up doing whatever I wanted, just so I'd keep our little
tryst quiet. I orchestrated his sex life from then on. I
told him when and how often he could fuck and with whom. I
controlled what he did with his wife in bed. I even made him
fuck his wife with me hidden in the closet, watching. Is
that control?

BBBarbie: Interesting idea. How did you know what he was
doing with his wife?

HippieGirl: She was my best friend and we shared everything!
You seem to have an ideal situation with this uncle of yours.
You just need to get his dick in you. Well... first I agree
with voygirl, you need to see it, to make sure it's worth
it. Hide in the closet, under the bed, something. You also
need to let him see you completely naked, get his blood boiling.

BBBarbie: I guess I could leave my bedroom door open while
I'm changing. That seems a little obvious.

HippieGirl: For an exhibitionist, you're not very
creative. Forget the shampoo, or a towel or something the
next time you shower, stand innocently behind the door,
but make sure he has a clear view of you in a mirror or something.
I'm sure you can pull it off so it's innocent looking.

BBBarbie: Thanks, I'll think about all this. I'm
not sure he's ready for it. Looking is one thing, incest
is something else. Besides my aunt seems to keep him pretty

HippieGirl: Okay, reality check... what do you look like?
Are you enticing enough for him to want it from you?

BBBarbie: Yeah, that's not the problem.

HippieGirl: Are you too inexperienced, is that it?

BBBarbie: No, I'm experienced enough. I've just
never taken it that far with someone I was teasing. It'll
be a change.

HippieGirl: Get a look at his dick, let him see you naked
and let me know what happens. My e-mail is the same as my IM
address. Cya

Now all I have to do is give her the right opportunities and
see what she does. I close down my computer and head upstairs.

"How's the homework coming?" I ask, innocently,
sticking my head in her room.

"Great." Linda answers, swiveling her desk
chair around towards me. Her short skirt didn't cover
much when she was standing up, sitting down, if she didn't
have her legs together, I'd be looking right at her
bare pussy.

"Are you all done with work?" She asks, bouncing
her legs together, trying to draw my eyes to her pussy, but
not quite exposing it. She is really good at this!

"Yeah." I say, keeping my eyes on her face. "I'm
going to take a shower before Aunt Chrissie gets home."
I turn to leave, but not before she opens her legs for just
a second, giving me such a quick glimpse of her pussy that
I'm not even a hundred percent sure I actually saw anything.

I close my bedroom door and strip off my clothes. My cock
is still hard and I think about getting myself off while
I'm in the shower. If Linda reacts predictably, she'll
be hiding in my bedroom when I come out of my shower, waiting
to see my cock. I want her to get the full affect of my hard-on,
so I forgo masturbating, for now.

When I come out of the shower, I'm pretty sure Linda
is hiding under the bed. I purposely left the closet doors
wide open to dissuade her from hiding there. The dust ruffle
on the side of the bed appears to be pulled up a little, creating
a peephole. Just as I'm about to do a little teasing
of my own, Chrissie gets home.

"Hey, is that for me?" Chrissie asks, looking
at my hard cock sticking straight out from my naked body.
"Where's Linda." She asks, wrapping her
hand around my shaft as she leans up to kiss me.

"She was in her room doing homework when I got in my
shower." I answer honestly. "Was she still
there when you went by?" I wonder if Chrissie's
presence will spoil things.

"Her door was closed, so I suppose she was there."
Chrissie smiles, as she closes our bedroom door. "So
what was our little nymphet up to today, that caused such
a big reaction?" Chrissie asks, kneeling on the floor
and taking my hard cock in her mouth.

"Oh, not much." I answer; choosing my words
carefully, since I'm sure Linda is under the bed. "Just
the sexiest outfit yet, and..." I lift Chrissie to
her feet and start unbuttoning her blouse. "She smelled
like she was aroused, or had been getting herself off."
Removing her blouse, I unfasten her bra, and cup her tits
in my hands. "It was intoxicating. You know how when
you smell cookies baking and you can't wait to taste
them?" I unzip her pants and let them fall to the floor.
She steps out of them and it's my turn to kneel. "I
could definitely smell Linda's cookies baking, but
it's yours that I can't wait to taste." I
breathe in her scent as I peel her thong from her body, leaving
her naked in front of me.

"Glad I got home when I did." Chrissie laughs.
"Who knows whose cookies you'd be tasting."
She spreads her legs apart, as I run my cheek across her pubic
hair. My wife's pussy is neatly trimmed, with a full
triangle of fine brown hair. Her aroma is just as intoxicating
as Linda's, but with a much heavier scent. Of course,
Chrissie is just getting aroused; Linda had been playing
with her pussy.

Kneeling on the floor, I'm conscious of how visible
my hard cock is to Linda from her hiding place under the bed.
I tilt my head back and lick all around Chrissie's moist

"Mmmmm." She moans, swaying a bit. "Do
you mind if we take this to the bed?" She asks. "I
don't want to fall over." I stand up and close
the closet doors, then move over to the bed to join Chrissie.
The closet doors are mirrored and will give Linda a clear
view of the bed. Chrissie has scooted up, with her head on
the pillows, her knees up and her legs spread wide apart.
I position myself between her legs and take a long, slow
lick from her ass to her clit, before inserting my tongue
in her juicy pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Chrissie breathes, as I loop my arms
behind her knees and tongue fuck her delicious snatch.
"You are an amazing cunt lapper, Rick. You always
know exactly where to lick?" She moans, pushing her
pussy up against my face. Her thick, creamy juices are flowing
steadily now and I pull my tongue out, sucking her pussy
lips into my mouth. Biting and nibbling on each of her puffed
lips, I run my hand over her fur covered mound and find her
clit with my finger.

"Ohhhhhhh! Fuck yes!" Chrissie yells, bucking
her hips off the bed, as I bite her lips and rub her clit. Glancing
to the side, I notice the dust ruffle has been pulled open
a little more, and I definitely see Linda's eyes, before
she quickly pulls her head back.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! God!" Chrissie moans,
as I push my tongue back inside her sopping pussy and pinch
her clit between my thumb and index finger. I love eating
pussy and I lap up as much of her delectable sauce as I can,
while she thrusts her pussy against my face. She's
thrashing all around, oblivious to the show she is putting
on for our prick-teasing niece.

I struggle to keep my finger on her clit as her orgasm builds
and she's twisting and bucking like crazy. As my thumb
and finger keep up a rhythmic pinching of her clit, I suck
the tip of it into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it.
That's all she can take.

"Fuuuuuccck!" Chrissie arches her back, slamming
her pussy into my face, and explodes in a dramatic, jerking
climax. Her juices gush out, soaking my chin and running
down my neck. I shift my mouth from her clit to her pussy and
lap up her delicious nectar.

"God! I needed that!" Chrissie exclaims, as
I kiss my way up her body and her breathing returns to normal.
I bite and tease her hard nipples sucking each one into my
mouth. My wife has great tits and I never tire of suckling
at her breasts. They're larger than Linda's firm,
young, tits, which makes me wonder why I'm so infatuated
with Linda's body. Forbidden fruit, I guess.

"Your turn." Chrissie says, rolling me over
and kneeling between my legs. My pole is pointing straight
to the ceiling, as Chrissie leans her head down and starts
licking it like a lollipop.

"So, in your mind, whose cookies were you eating,
mine or Linda's?" Chrissie asks, running her
tongue the length of my throbbing shaft.

"Just a second." I answer, licking around inside
my mouth. "Uh huh, definitely yours!" I laugh.

"You'd like to know what hers tastes like, though
wouldn't you?" Chrissie asks, wrapping her
hand around the base of my cock and licking the head like
an ice cream cone. I don't answer.

"You'd like to know what her lips feel like on
your cock, too. Wouldn't you?" She asks, cupping
my balls with her other hand. "Close your eyes, Rick."
I close them, as she's licking all around my cockhead.
"Picture Linda between your legs; Linda, naked,
licking your cock. Linda sucking your hard, throbbing
cock deep into her mouth." As she says this, her lips
slide down around my hard shaft and she flicks her tongue
against the underside of it. The image is in my head and I
can actually imagine Linda in Chrissie's place. Turning
my head to the side and keeping my eyes closed, I squint through
barely open slits, at Linda, under the bed, watching and
listening. I wonder what she's making of this.

"Her tight little ass and her perky tits turn you on,
don't they?" Chrissie asks, taking a breath.
"You wonder what it would feel like to have her young,
hard body bouncing on your hard cock." She slides
her mouth over my cock and it glides all the way down, burying
my cockhead in her throat. She caresses my balls, as she
deep throats me several more times, bringing me right to
the edge. Sucking her cheeks in and pulling her lips back
along my shaft, she starts a steady rhythm, using her hand
to pump my cock in and out of her warm, wet mouth.

I'm bucking my ass up, trying to push my cock farther
into Chrissie's mouth. My eyes are closed and my mind
is full of random images; Linda's pussy as she climbs
the stairs, Chrissie sucking my cock, Linda riding my cock,
Chrissie's hard nipples, Linda's tits hanging
in my face, eating Linda's and Chrissie's pussies.
Chrissie continues pumping my cock into her mouth, while
she gently strokes my balls. I explode, shooting several
large streams of cum into Chrissie's mouth. She sucks
and swallows until I'm completely spent.

"I have to go back out." Chrissie says, resting
her head on my chest. "We have parent's meetings
tonight. I just came home for a quick dinner and I'm
glad I did." She says, stroking my chest with her hand.
"You be careful while I'm gone and practice a
little restraint." She laughs.

"Don't worry, you just took everything out of
me. I'll be fine." I answer, kissing the top of
her head. I lay on the bed, watching Chrissie get dressed.
My cock stirs, knowing that Linda is under the bed and has
seen and heard everything. "Of course, now I need
another shower." I say, thinking that will give Linda
a chance to get out of her hiding place.

"Whose fault is that?" Chrissie answers, kissing
me and telling me goodbye. "I wonder if I should interrupt
Linda to tell her I'm leaving." She says as she
walks to our bedroom door.

"Why advertise the fact that you're not home?"
I ask, knowing full well that Linda isn't in her room.

"You're right!" She smiles. "See
you later."

As soon as Chrissie leaves, I go into the bathroom and start
the shower. I leave the bathroom door open and I watch Linda
through the frosted class doors as she slides out from under
the bed. Her skirt is bunched up around her waist and my cock
hardens at the sight of her young, blonde pussy. She sneaks
out of our bedroom and I smile as I rinse the soap off my back.
Everything is falling into place.

I'm sitting in the living room watching TV when I hear
the shower start in the other bathroom. This girl is so damned
easy to manipulate.

"Uncle Rick." Linda calls, after opening the
bathroom door about six inches.

"Yes, Linda." I answer, getting up from the

"I ran out of shampoo." She yells. "Can
you get Aunt Chrissie's for me from your bathroom,

"Sure." I answer, walking down the hall. As
I pass the bathroom, the door is still open about six inches
and Linda is standing behind it, peeking out. Glancing
in, I catch her reflection in the mirror over the sink. Her
full length, naked body is reflected in the mirror as I pass
by. My cock jumps, as my eyes travel down the small of her
back, tapering into her firm, round ass cheeks and her long
shapely legs.

Going into the master bathroom, I get Chrissie's shampoo
and approach the main bathroom slowly, devouring the image
of Linda's naked body in the mirror.

"Thanks, Uncle Rick." Linda says, as I hand
her the shampoo. Turning away from me, but keeping the door
between us, she sets the shampoo on the tile counter behind
her. As she turns, the front of her naked body is reflected
in the mirror over the sink. She keeps her eyes on the counter,
as I admire her pert, young tits with small, round areolas
and hard, eraser like nipples. My eyes take in her blonde
pubic hair, as it forms a bushy triangle over her mostly
hidden pussy lips. She turns back, smiling at the bulge
in my shorts, and thanks me again.

"No problem." I stammer, as she closes the door.
Damn her! She is so fucking hot! What an amazing body. I adjust
my hard cock and go back to the living room to watch TV, but
I can't get the image of her sexy, young body out of my

"Uncle Rick." Linda yells again, after I hear
the shower stop.

"What is it, Linda?" I ask, standing up and heading
towards the bathroom.

"I forgot to get a towel." She laughs, opening
the door, the same as before.

"No problem." I yell back. Getting towels from
the linen closet, I walk to the bathroom door. Linda is behind
the door, just like before. My eyes immediately go the mirror
over the sink, but it's fogged up and I can't see
a thing.

"Thanks, Uncle Rick." She says, smiling at
me like the cat that ate the canary, as I hand her the towels.
"I'm sorry to keep making you get up." She
says, looking at my crotch before she ducks behind the door,
leaving it ajar. The double entendre is not lost on me. With
the door open, the mirror starts to clear and I stand there,
watching her dry off.

"It's okay." I answer. "I really
don't mind at all." I watch as she rubs the towel
over her silky smooth skin. When she bends over to dry her
legs, her tits hang down deliciously towards the floor.
She has to know I'm watching and she's deliberately
putting on a show in the slowly clearing mirror. Finally,
she wraps the towel around her and I duck into my bedroom,
just before she leaves the bathroom.

I'm reading in bed when Chrissie gets home. She notices
that I'm watching her get undressed and does an impromptu
strip tease for me. Dropping her blouse, she turns her back
as she unhooks her bra, giving me her most seductive smile
over her shoulder. I never tire of seeing my wife's
voluptuous body, she has a great ass, still firm and round.
When she turns back around, she's holding her lacy,
red bra in front of her tits. My eyes drop to her bikini panties
and I marvel at her flat stomach and curvy hips just before
she drops her bra and shakes her ample tits at me. Pinching
her nipples, she sways her hips back and forth. My cock stirs
as she pulls her nipples away from her large areolas, stretching
them out from her chest. Pinching and twisting her stretched
out nipples, she licks her lips and pulls one of her nipples
to her mouth, sucking and nibbling it with her teeth. My
cock is rock hard as I watch her tease her hard nipples.

She smiles at the tent my cock is making in the sheet, as she
hooks her thumbs in the elastic of her panties and turns
around. Bending forward, she looks back and winks at me
as she slowly rolls her panties down her legs. When they
reach the floor, she steps out of them and spreads her legs
wide apart. Grabbing her ankles, she smiles at me from between
her legs, her hair hanging to the floor. I smile at the beads
of moisture visible on her pussy lips as her hands slide
up the back of her legs and pull her ass cheeks apart.

"God! You are amazing!" I say, throwing the
sheet off, as an invitation to join me on the bed. She crawls
up between my legs, licks my cock briefly then straddles
my hips, cradling my hard cock between her wet pussy lips.

"Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
She asks, rocking her hips back and forth and gliding her
pussy lips up and down the length of my cock.

"Just her entire naked body on display for me."
I answer." She's a natural blonde, by the way."
I describe the shampoo and towel incidents, while pushing
my cock up against my wife's slick pussy lips. I don't
mention her hiding under the bed. By the time I'm done
telling her what happened, I'm bucking frantically,
trying to get my cock inside Chrissie's slippery,
hot pussy.

"What that girl needs is a hard cock shoved up her cunt!"
Chrissie says, moving her hips back and grasping my cock
with her hand. "Look at this, I've got one right
here!" She pushes my cockhead against her pussy lips
and lowers herself onto it.

"What are you saying?" I ask, thrusting my cock
up into her hot, juicy hole. I wonder if I'm misinterpreting
what she means, as we pick up a rhythm and Chrissie leans
her hands on my chest to balance herself.

"What do you think I'm saying? I think she's
asking for it. She deserves... a good... hard... fuck!"
Chrissie accentuates each word with a hard slam of her pussy
down around my cock. We forego conversation as the urgency
of our lovemaking overtakes us. The image that Chrissie
just planted in my brain sends erotic messages to my cock
and I'm bucking wildly under Chrissie's frantic
onslaught. She's riding me for all she's worth
and her tits are bouncing wildly on her chest. I catch one
in each hand and squeeze them, pinching and twisting her
bright red nipples.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" Chrissie moans,
jouncing three more times before she slams down hard, clamping
her pussy around my rigid cock. That triggers my release
and I jerkily spew hot cum inside her pulsating pussy. Collapsing
on my chest, she gulps air into her lungs, as the aftershocks
of her orgasm quiver through her body.

"Do you really want me to fuck Linda?" I ask,
stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head.

"I think it's exactly what she needs."
Chrissie says, looking at me. "When I was her age,
teasing men just like she is, the last thing I wanted was
for one of them to fuck me. That would have scared the shit
out of me." She smiles at the incredulous look on my
face. "It's not like I'm giving you a distasteful
chore." She says with a twinkle in her eye.

"You are perverted." I laugh. "But I'm
not sure how to go about getting her to let me fuck her. Any

"Let me think about it." She says, resting her
head back on my chest. "God, I'd love to watch
when you do it." I fall asleep, my head filled with
images of Chrissie feeding my hard cock into Linda's

The next morning, I anxiously boot up my computer and navigate
to Linda's blog.

BBBarbie: You won't believe what happened! I was hiding
under the bed to get a look at my uncle's cock as he came
out of the shower, when my aunt came home. He stripped her
clothes off and ate her pussy, while I watched. They have
mirrored closet doors and I could see and hear everything.
Then, she sucked him off and the whole time, she was teasing
him about how turned on he was from thinking about me! She
was talking about my tits, my ass and my pussy and telling
him to imagine I was sucking him off. She was using me to get
him off harder! Is that amazing or what?

VoyGirl: Damn! That is unbelievable! You saw his cock,
right? What's the verdict?

BBBarbie: It looks delicious... And I heard my aunt tell
him he was a great cunt lapper... can you believe it? It must
be true, she was squirming around on the bed and moaning
so loud. I fingered my pussy and came almost at the same time
she did.

VoyGirl: You're going to do it with him, aren't

BBBarbie: Haven't decided yet... maybe. Anyway,
my aunt had a meeting, leaving us home alone. I took a shower
and I asked my uncle to bring me shampoo and then a towel.
I stood behind the door, but turned so he could see my whole
body in the mirror. You should have seen his bulge, even
after he'd just gotten a blowjob!

They banter back and forth a bit more and Linda says she's
getting hot and needs to go to bed and masturbate. My cock
is rock solid as I send another prompt directly to her e-mail.

HippieGirl: It sounds like you made some real progress,
but you're still just looking and masturbating. The
wife is something else. You realize she just gave you permission
to fuck her husband, don't you? You need to find a subtle
way to move it from looking to touching. I once teased my
brother into taking action by asking him to wake me at a certain
time, and then I pretended to be hard to wake up. I made sure
I was naked and uncovered when he came to wake me. Once he
thought I wouldn't wake up, his hands were all over
me. Figure out your own approach.

Reliving her description of the shower incident has me
horny as hell. It's hard to concentrate throughout
the day as I try to solve computer problems. Only a couple
of the problems are challenging enough to distract me from
thinking about Linda's body. A meeting at a client's
office keeps me tied up until dinnertime, so I'm not
home when Linda and Chrissie get home. Dinner is uneventful
and Linda goes out with some friends afterwards.

"I have an idea." Chrissie says, as soon as Linda
is out of the house. She's over by the DVD player, inserting
a movie. "You know how we've talked about a threesome,
but never had the nerve to approach anyone?" She pushes
play and her favorite threesome video comes on.

"You're thinking of Linda for a threesome?"
I ask, my cock hardening at the thought.

"Why not?" Chrissie says, kneeling on the couch
next to me and unbuttoning my shirt. "She isn't
shy about her body around either of us." She says,
tossing my shirt aside and opening my pants. "I think
she'd be perfect." Chrissie continues, pulling
my pants off my feet. Kneeling between my legs, she lowers
her head towards my rigid cock. "Wouldn't you
like to see us eating each other?" She asks, taking
a long lick of my cock. "Wouldn't you like to have
two women doing that to you?" Nodding her head towards
the TV, where two women are sharing a blowjob, taking turns
licking and sucking the guy's cock and balls.

"Fuck yes!" I moan as Chrissie slowly glides
her lips down my saliva-coated shaft. Leaning back, I watch
the video, imagining the two women as Linda and Chrissie
while enjoying my wife's expertise on my cock. Chrissie
keeps her hands and mouth active on my balls and my cock,
almost giving me the sensation of two people. I close my
eyes and let my imagination run with it, building the tension
in my balls. She sucks my balls while gliding her hand up
and down my slick cock, and then sucks my cock back into her
mouth, while caressing my balls with her fingertips.

"Oh fuck!" I moan, as my cock explodes into the
back of Chrissie's throat. I jerk my hips against her
mouth as she sucks and swallows multiple loads of cum.

"Mmmm. I guess you like my idea." Chrissie smiles,
as she finishes cleaning up my cock with her mouth. Quickly
shedding her clothes, she joins me on the couch, leaning
back and spreading her legs. "Linda's not here,
so I guess you're stuck with the chore of eating my wet
pussy." She says, as the video progresses to a daisy
chain of eating and sucking.

"I've always been good at getting my chores done!"
I answer, diving into her muff and plunging my tongue into
her hot, slithery hole. Closing my eyes, images of Linda's
blonde pussy fill my head as I tongue fuck my wife. Chrissie
grabs handfuls of my hair, pulling me tightly against her,
and bucking her pussy into my face. As I suck her clit into
my mouth, I wonder if she has a plan to get Linda to agree to
a threesome.

"Ohhhhhhh! God!" Chrissie screams, as her
orgasm shakes her body and she clamps her legs around my
head. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She yells, as the
vibrations roll through her and she trembles against my
face. Her fingers are entwined in my hair and she pulls hard
one last time, before releasing her grip and loosening
her legs. I gulp air like a drowning man, before lapping
up her thick, flowing juice.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Rick!" Chrissie cries, pulling
me up on top of her. She has one leg over the back of the couch
and one foot on the floor, inviting me into her wide-open,
dripping pussy. My recovered cock slides right into her
drenched hole and she thrusts her ass off the couch to meet
my rapid strokes.

"Yes! Fuck me fast and hard!" Chrissie yells,
as I pummel her enflamed pussy with my jackhammering rhythm.
She cups her hands around my ass cheeks pulling me into her
and encouraging my rapid pace. On the video, one girl is
straddling the others face, while the guy slams his cock
into her ass. Visions of us doing that with Linda, mixed
with the urgency of our lovemaking, push me over the top.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! I'm cumming again!" Chrissie
moans, digging her nails into my ass cheeks, just as I shoot
my load deep inside her hot pussy. Clenching her pussy muscles
around my cock, she maintains her grip on my ass, while shivering
through wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Collapsing
on her chest, I thrust my tongue in her mouth, kissing her
passionately, while our bodies struggle to recover from
our intense coupling.

"Do you think you can handle two of us?" Chrissie
asks, smiling, as our breathing returns to normal.

"Do you think she'll agree to it?" I ask,
never doubting that I can handle it.

"If you can seduce her into fucking you, I think I can
turn it into a threesome." Chrissie smiles, kissing
me on the lips. Chrissie explains her plan to me and it actually
sounds feasible. All I have to do is get Linda to fuck me.
It's a good thing I'm already working on it.

Chrissie and I go to bed before Linda gets home. The next
morning, there's a note from Chrissie on the kitchen

Uncle Rick, Got home late, blowing off first class. Please
wake me at 10 o'clock. Thanks, Linda

It's 9:20, Chrissie's already at work. I check
Linda's blog, but she didn't write anything when
she got home last night. My cock is hard already, imagining
what I'm going to find when I open Linda's door
at 10 o'clock. She is taking every suggestion I give
her. I think about ways to suggest a threesome, planting
the seed for Chrissie's plan to work.

At 9:45, I can't wait any longer. I walk down the hall
and quietly open Linda's bedroom door. I suck in my
breath and my heart races, as my eyes take in the vision lying
before me. I expected her to be naked and uncovered. I didn't
expect this! I stand in the doorway, slowly taking deep
breaths and willing my heart to slow down.

Linda is indeed uncovered, lying on her back on the bed.
Her head is on her pillow, her eyes are closed and her blonde
hair is cascading down around her shoulders. Her perfect
tits are lying on her chest, their weight pulling them slightly
to the sides, creating an enticingly, curvy valley between
them. Her right arm extends down across her flat stomach
and her hand disappears inside her blue bikini panties.
This is what caused me to lose my breath. Her shapely legs
are spread apart and her fingers appear to be inside her

I take two tentative steps into her bedroom, my eyes never
leaving her divine body. I know she's not asleep, yet
I have to maintain the illusion that I'm trying not
to wake her. I carefully sit on the edge of the bed and slowly
run my eyes up and down her body. He nipples are erect, poking
out at a slight angle from the top of her tits. Her areolas
are smaller than Chrissie's, but the perfect size
for Linda's tits. I watch her tits rise and fall with
her gentle breathing. Looking at her eyes, I can barely
make out the slit she's peeking through to see what
I'm going to do.

"Linda." I call to her. "Linda."
I repeat a little louder, not expecting an answer.

I lay my hand on her stomach and pretend to watch for her reaction.
I know she won't react, but I have to continue the charade.
Her flesh is smooth and warm. My cock hardens even more,
creating an obvious tent in my shorts. I slowly skim my hand
over her ribs and lightly cup her left breast. I want to suck
her hard nipples, but I control myself, as I gently cup her
right breast with my other hand. There is a huge difference
between a quick glimpse in a mirror and sitting next to someone
with your hands on her tits. They are warm, soft and pliable,
as I enjoy the feel of them swelling in my hands, with each
breath she takes. I squeeze ever so lightly, disrupting
the perfect sphere and pushing her nipples out slightly.
When I release them, they spring back to their perfect circular

I turn my attention to her blue bikini panties. Knowing
I'm being watched, I lean my face down to within an inch
of her pussy and breathe in deeply. Her familiar scent is
intoxicating and I wish I could drink from her loving cup.
With her legs spread, the thin material of her moist panties
is stretched tightly, clearly outlining the back of her
hand. Peering closely I can see that two of her fingers are
inside her pussy.

I slip one finger of each hand into the waistband of her panties
and slowly peel them down over her hand. Her palm is resting
against her mound and her middle two fingers are inside
her pussy. Blonde pubic hair is curling around the sides
of her hand and between her fingers. Her wet pussy lips are
glistening around her two inserted fingers. I want so badly
to replace them with my tongue, but I know I can't...
not yet! Shifting my hard cock into a more comfortable position,
I lightly wrap my hand around hers. Very gradually, holding
my breath, I withdraw her fingers from her slick pussy,
while watching her face with my eyes.

When her fingers are fully extracted from her pussy, I gently
lay her hand on the bed beside her. Her slightly swollen
pussy lips are wide open and juice is slowing dripping down
her ass. She must have gotten herself off just before I came
in her bedroom. With my finger, I skim a drop of her juice
as it drips out and bring it to my lips. Running my tongue
across my fingertip, I get my first taste of my niece's
delectable pussy. Closing my eyes, I savor the taste and
then can't resist just a little more. Knowing that
she isn't asleep and I don't really have to be concerned
with waking her, I gently run my finger the length of her
pussy lips, coating it with her hot juice. A low moan escapes
her lips, but she doesn't wake up. Holding my finger
under my nose for a minute, I again breathe in her fragrant
aroma, before sucking the juice from it. I'm so fucking
hard, I feel like I could cum in my shorts without even touching

Reluctantly, I roll her panties up over her mouthwatering
pussy, covering her sexy blonde patch. Grabbing the edge
of her sheet, I slowly pull it over her tantalizing body,
laying it across her neck and shoulders. Leaning over the
bed, I grip one shoulder with my hand and gently shake her.
I'm not even trying to hide my erection.

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