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Teaching Her to Open Up


I had been dating Chrissie for a short
time, maybe a month, when I decided to break it off. She is
a beautiful woman, about 5' 3", a small build
with an incredible ass and a nice, firm pair of breasts.
She is very intelligent, a great all-around package, but
she was too reserved for my tastes.

Chrissie was raised in a very wealthy, conservative, Bible-thumping
household. Even though she is in her late 40's, and
raised two good kids by herself, her parents still have
a hold on her life.

We had slept together three times during our time together,
and it was nothing spectacular. As I said, Chrissie is a
beautiful woman, and has an incredible body, but even looking
at her nude couldn't make up for the lack of fire in the

We had plans to go out shopping together Friday evening
to find a dress for Chrissie to wear to her cousin's
Christmas party, which we were supposed to go to in a month.
We were going to meet for a drink before we went, and I decided
that would be the perfect time to end things with her.

The break-up actually went smoother than I expected. Chrissie
had told me that she had a problem getting past the first
couple of months in a relationship, and I didn't know
how she would take it. She took the news quite well though,
and we parted ways.

Late that night, as I was sitting on my patio having a cigar
and a bourbon, my phone rang. The caller ID told me that it
was Chrissie, and I briefly debated whether to answer it.
I really didn't want to deal with it right now, so I let
it go to voicemail.

When I listened to the message the next day, I heard Chrissie
asking me about getting a couple of things that she had left
at my house. I called her back, and told her that I was free
that afternoon, and could run them by her place, or we could
meet somewhere.

Chrissie had some errands to run, so we decided where to
meet. When we both got there, I brought Chrissie her things,
and as I was saying goodbye, Chrissie asked if we could talk
for a minute.

I was really hoping to avoid any rehashing of what happened
last night, and why, but I knew that wasn't going to
happen, so I decided to get it over with.

"Sure, I have a few minutes, " I told her.

"What is it about me that makes men run after only a
month?" she asked, getting right to the point.

"Chrissie, you don't want to do this, "
I told her. "It was just a lack of chemistry, that's

"I felt chemistry, though, " she responded.
"If you didn't feel any chemistry, why did you
sleep with me?"

"Chrissie ..." I started.

"I want to know, " she cut me off. "If you
didn't feel any chemistry with me , why did you sleep
with me? Am I just a notch on your bedpost?" she demanded.

Knowing that there was going to be no avoiding this, I decided
to be blunt with her.

"No, " I told her. "I felt there was some
chemistry, that's why I wanted to sleep with you. I
don't have notches in my bedpost, as you know, having
been in my bed."

I wasn't sure how much further to go, so I paused a second
to see if that would satisfy her. Of course, I had no such

"So what happened?" she asked. "Am I that
bad in bed? I know that I don't have a lot of experience,
but I didn't think that I was THAT bad."

I knew that there was no way around it now, so I decided to
put it all out there. "You're not bad, "
I told her. "You are just too ... uptight, and conservative.
Sex with you is just too vanilla."

"Well, I just don't have much experience, "
she told me. "I don't know what to do."

"Experience has nothing to do with it, " I told
her. "It is all about enthusiasm, about opening up.
You have to loosen up in bed. Sex is all about having fun.
You seem to approach it as a burden, or a chore."

"I enjoy it, " she responded, "especially
with you. You are the biggest, and the best that I've
ever had."

"Look, " I finally told her, "I told you
in the beginning that I was not looking for a serious, committed
relationship right now, and you just aren't FWB or
sex-buddy material. Your body sure as hell is, but your
mind isn't. I'm sorry."

"Help me then, " Chrissie responded, almost
sounding desperate. "I want to be like that. I want
to be the type of woman who men think of when they think of
sex. I'm tired of being a revolving door for men. Please."

"You can't, " I responded. "You
just aren't like that. You aren't open-minded
enough to be that person that you want to be."

"I can be, " she answered. "I want to be."

I knew that there was only one way to satisfy her, but I had
to do this on my terms. I knew that if she agreed, I could have
a little fun turning her into a high-class slut.

"OK, " I told her, "I will help you, but
there is one rule that you have to follow. If you ever refuse
to do something that I tell you to, it's over. No questions."

Chrissie looked at me for a second, and said "OK."

"OK, what?" I asked.

"OK, I will do whatever you tell me to, " she
responded softly, looking at the ground.

"Look me in the eye and tell me, " I said firmly.

Chrissie looked me in the eye, and said to me, "I will
do whatever you tell me to."

"And what happens if you refuse?" I asked.

"If I tell you no, then the lessons are over, "
she answered, keeping eye contact.

Still not believing that she would go through with it, I
smiled, looked at Chrissie, and said, "OK. Wait here
a minute."

We were in the parking lot of a mall this whole time, and I
went into the mall. I knew that Victoria's Secret was
close to the entrance that we were nearest, and I headed
straight there. I remember Chrissie telling me one time
that as far as she was concerned, thongs were for sluts.
I also knew what size she was.

I bought a dozen pair in her size, and headed back to the lot.
She was still standing where I left her when I got back.

I looked at her dress, a light, flowery summer dress, and
looked into the bag that I was carrying. I pulled out a pair
of lavender thong panties and handed them to her.

"Put these on, " I told her.

Her eyes widened as she realized what I was holding, and
she took them in her hand.

"OK, " she responded, and turned towards her

"No, " I told her. "Right here."

"Right here?" she asked, shocked. "Out
in the open?"

"Yes, " I told her. "Right here, out in
the open. Just reach up under your skirt, pull down what
you have on, and put these on."

Chrissie looked around, reached up under her skirt, and
pulled off her panties. I put my hand out, and she handed
them to me. I could feel the warmth from her crotch, and they
felt a little damp. I knew then that I had her. She was excited
by all of this!

Looking around a second time, Chrissie pulled the thong
panties that I gave her on. I could tell by the look on her
face that she was a little shocked, and a bit pleased, by
how they felt on her.

I put the panties that she handed me into my pocket, and handed
her the bag with the rest of the thongs. "I want you
to wear these from now on, unless I tell you differently.
Do you understand?" I asked her.

Chrissie looked up at me and said softly, "Yes."

"Good, I'll call you later, " I told her
as I walked back to my truck.

Later that afternoon, I called her. "How does that
thong feel, walking around all day?" I asked, as soon
as she answered the phone.

"It feels nice, " she answered softly.

"Do you like the way it feels, rubbing against your
pussy while you walk around, with all of these people around
you?" I asked her teasingly.

She gasped when I said that, but she answered. "Yes, "
was all she said.

"Good, " I told her. "Call me when you
get home." I hung up, and prepared for the evening.
I decided that I would try to push her as far as I could tonight,
to give her a taste of what she was in for.

That night, we were sitting in Chrissie's home, having
a bottle of wine. I knew that would help her relax, and I brought
some additional assistance also.

As we finished the bottle of wine, I put some jazz on the stereo
and pulled out a joint. I had a kid at work find me some high-grade
smoke, and I knew it would help her relax and open up even

Chrissie smoked the joint with me after a brief protest,
and when we were done, I knew that she was ready for the evening's
festivities to begin.

We went up to Chrissie's bedroom suite, and I took her
straight to the bathroom. She has a Jacuzzi tub, and I led
her there. While we stood there, with Coltrane softly wailing
in the background, I got behind her, and while gently breathing
and blowing on her neck, I started to slowly remove Chrissie's

When she was nude, I had her step into the tub and sit at the
edge. I had brought along my beard trimmer, so I grabbed
it and her razor and cream and stepped into the tub with her.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I turned on
the water.

"I'm going to shave you, " I told her. "Just
sit back and relax."

"But, I ..." she started.

"But you aren't going to argue with me, are you?"
I cut her off.

"No, " she said meekly.

I turned the water on to warm it up, and got down between Chrissie's
legs, opening them up. I could see moisture starting to
dew up on her pussy, and I knew that she was enjoying this
more than she wanted to let on.

When I had her legs spread, I took my trimmer and turned it
on. When I touched it to Chrissie's body, she let out
a gasp. I had never even thought about the vibrations from
the trimmer affecting her.

I started to trim the hairs from around her crotch, and she
started to squirm as I got closer to her pussy, leaning back
to give me better access. The pot and the wine had clearly
taken a good hold of her mind, and she was enjoying what was
happening to her body.

When I had all of the hairs trimmed down, I turned the trimmer
off, and I heard a small moan come from Chrissie's lips.
I smiled as she gasped and moaned as I poured warm water over
her almost bare, moistening pussy.

When I started to rub the shaving gel over her pussy, she
groaned louder, and moved her hips slightly.

Chrissie was wiggling and moving her hips in small motions
as I shaved her. As I got to the area around her clit, I intentionally
slid my thumb over her swollen bud as I moved it out of the
way. When I did that to both sides, Chrissie let out a loud
moan and sighed.

When I had her entire crotch bare as the day that she was born,
I poured more warm water over her, and patted her dry.

When she was mostly dried off, I helped her step out of the
tub, and I sat her down on the outside edge. I rubbed a lotion
over her newly shorn mound, intentionally avoiding her
clit. By now, Chrissie was almost ready to explode, but
I wanted her to wait.

I led her back to the bedroom, and had her stand in the middle
of the room. I went to a bag that I had brought with, and pulled
out some more of my purchases from the mall.

I pulled out a silk camisole and matching silk thong. "Put
this on, " I told her, and I opened a second bottle
of wine that I had brought up.

When she had the lingerie on, I handed her a glass of wine,
and looked her up and down. She did look incredible, and
I was tempted to just throw her down on her bed and fuck her
silly, but I knew that I had to keep up with my plan.

While she was drinking the wine, I went around her room and
lit some candles. Soon, the room was filled with fragrances,
and Chrissie had finished the glass.

After I put the glasses down, I went to my bag and pulled out
a silk scarf. I walked up behind Chrissie, and started to
softly glide the scarf over her body, and eventually tied
the scarf around her eyes, blindfolding her.

She gasped softly as I tied the scarf around her head, and
I led her to her bed. I laid her down, bent down to her ear,
and whispered to her, "I want you to touch yourself."
She gasped when I said that, and started to say something,
but I cut her off.

"Listen to the music, let the music and the buzz take
you away. I am not here. That is why I blindfolded you. You
are alone in your bed, you are horny, you want to touch yourself.
Enjoy yourself, " I told her softly.

"But I can't do that in front of you, " she

"I'm not here. Nobody's here but you, in
a dark, candle lit room, " I whispered. "Explore
your body. Please yourself. In order to tell someone else
what you like, you have to know what you like."

I placed her hands on her belly, and walked away from the
bed. I turned the music up slightly, and quietly pulled
a camcorder from my bag. As I was finding the perfect spot
to set it up, Chrissie started to move her hands. Soon, she
was rubbing her breasts through the silk, and her breathing
started getting heavier.

After playing with her breasts and nipples for a few minutes,
she started to slide one hand down to her pussy. From where
I was sitting, when Chrissie spread her legs and slid her
hand down, I could see a large wet spot on the silk.

As she slid her hand over her silk-covered clit, Chrissie
let out a loud gasp and moan, and started to pull on her nipple
with her other hand. I knew that the feel of the silk was just
adding to the sensations that she was feeling, and I sat
back and enjoyed the show, getting it all on video.

It didn't take long before Chrissie was starting to
cum. She was rubbing her pussy faster and harder while humping
the air, and she was pulling harder on her nipple. Soon,
she started to moan and groan loudly, and started to shake.

Finally, Chrissie was hit with her orgasm, and she moaned
loudly. "Ohhh!!!" she wailed, as her body shook
and she cupped her pussy and squeezed her breast.

I knew that she had to have had a good orgasm, but she still
seemed to hold back some. When she came down from her orgasm
high, she was still lightly rubbing herself. I quietly
went to the side of the bed, and while she was rubbing the
silk, I gently pulled the covering aside, so that she was
rubbing her bare pussy. Her pussy was soaked, and her fingers
slid over her bare skin easier that they did on the silk.

When she felt her bare, wet skin, Chrissie let out another
gasp. She started to flick her clit, and was humping her
hips again. After a couple of minutes, she had a couple of
mini- orgasms, and seemed to be slowing down. I went back
to my bag, and pulled out the last of my purchases, a 6"
long, silent, waterproof vibrator.

I walked to the side of the bed again, turned the vibe on,
and gently placed it in her hand. She let out a long, loud
moan when she felt the vibrations on her pussy, and immediately
started to slide it over her clit.

"Oh my god, " she moaned as the vibrations shook
through her body. She had her feet planted on the bed, and
was humping the air. Soon, on her own, she slid the hand that
was pulling on her nipples and brought it down to her seeping

By now, I had taken the camcorder in my hands, and was getting
even better views and close-ups. I had a hard-on that was
threatening to burst through my pants, but I was trying
to concentrate on Chrissie.

The hand that was on her nipples went to her clit, and she
started to slide the vibe down lower. Her breathing was
getting heavier, and she was moaning more and more, with
her hips moving in every direction.

Chrissie rubbed the tip of the vibe all around her pussy,
coating it in her juices. After a short time of this, she
slid the vibe down to her soaking pussy, and started to slide
it in.

"Oh my god!" she yelled, as she slid the vibe
as deep into her wet hole as she could. She rubbed her clit
faster, and she kept moaning, "Oh my god, oh my goddd!!
Ohh!" as she brought herself to another major orgasm.

I was alternating the camera between her face and her pussy
as Chrissie brought herself to her orgasm. Finally, she
tensed up, shoved the vibe all the way in, holding it at an
angle that would get the top of her pussy, and stroked her
clit at a rapid pace.

"Oh my god! Oh god yes!" she yelled, as her orgasm
overtook her. Her body shook and quivered and I saw an incredible
amount of fluid ooze out of her pussy around the buried vibe.

As her body came down from what seemed to be an incredible
climax, I gently reached between her legs and turned the
vibe down, and then off. As the orgasmic high wore off, Chrissie
started to drift off to sleep. I went around the room, blowing
out candles and turning off the stereo, until I knew she
was asleep.

When I knew that she was out, I untied the blindfold and opened
it up along her pillow. I slowly slid the vibe out of her still
tight pussy, and I heard a faint moan and got a little shake
when I withdrew it. I then placed it on her bed table, next
to her clock, right where she would see it.

I pulled a sheet over her to cover her, gathered my things,
and went home, letting her sleep. Before I left, however,
I left her a note, under the vibrator, that said, "Wear
these tomorrow, " and placed another silk thong
alongside it.

The next day was Sunday, and I knew that Chrissie went to
the 10:30 services at her church. I also knew that for at
least an hour after the services, her entire family stuck
around for a gathering of the clans, as it were, in the social
center, next to the church. I decided to drop in and make
an appearance.

As soon as I walked up to the building, I was glad that I wore
my best suit that day. This was obviously a very conservative
congregation, every male in a suit, and every woman in a
dress. It kind of made me think that this was probably what
an Osmond family reunion must look like.

I was able to pick out Chrissie and her family immediately.
All of the women, Chrissie, her mother, and her three sisters,
all looked alike. They all had the same beauty body type.
They also, especially the mother, looked like ice princesses.

I chuckled to myself when I got a good look at Chrissie. She
looked like she had woke up late, and rushed to get to church
on time. Walking past her family, I even heard her say to
her mother, "I just overslept. Big deal."

I made my way around the room, nodding and saying hello to
people, who obviously had no idea who I was, but were far
too polite and "well-heeled" to ask me any questions.

Eventually, I saw Chrissie head towards the coffee, and
got in line right behind her. When I knew that no one was around
to hear, I leaned into her, and whispered in her ear, "Are
you wearing your silk thong today?"

Gasping, Chrissie spun around to see my smiling face. She
was surprised to see me, and her face had a million emotions
all at once, from a brief smile to shock.

"Good morning. How are feeling today?" I asked,
teasing her.

"I, uh, I'm fine, thank you, " she was finally
able to get out.

"You haven't answered my first question, "
I reminded her, smiling.

"What? Oh, " she said. "Um, yes, I am, "
she whispered.

"You are what?" I asked, enjoying this tease.

"I am wearing my silk thong, " she answered
in a hushed voice. "What are you doing here?"
she asked.

"Why, I came to see you, of course, " I answered.
"You know, of course, that I am going to want proof
of that."

"Proof? What kind of proof?" she asked as we
walked away from the table carrying our coffee.

"Well, obviously, visual proof would be best, "
I smiled at her.

Before she could respond, an older woman approached us,
and said in a loud voice, "Hello Chrissie. Who is your
friend? I don't believe that we've seen him around

Not at all upset or insulted that this woman was speaking
about me as if I wasn't standing right next to her, I
just smiled at the old cow.

"Aunt Honore, this is Rick. He's a friend of mine, "
Chrissie told this woman.

"Oh, " her Aunt responded. "Is he your
boyfriend? I mean, you two were just talking awfully closely."

Before Chrissie could respond, I cut in and told the nosy
cow, "We just started dating recently. You might
say that we are still testing out the chemistry."

When the old woman finally finished with the interrogation,
she waddled back to the family to report what she had learned,
and I led Chrissie away.

"Honore?" I asked her, sarcastically.

"Don't laugh. That was almost my name, too. It's
an old family name, " she explained as we walked.

When we reached the door, I led her outside. "Where
are we going?" she asked, looking back towards her

I led her to my truck, which is big enough, and parked the
right way, to shield us from view of the building, at least
from the chest down.

"I told you, I want proof, " I said.

"What? Here? This is a church, " she asked,

"Actually, this is just a parking lot. That is the
church, " I told her, with another smile on my face.

Looking around the parking lot with wide eyes, Chrissie
lifted the front of her skirt, showing me her beautiful
legs, and eventually her silk covered mound. I could see
a small damp spot forming.

I reached out and softly stroked the silk, enjoying the
feel of the hot, damp silk. "Good, I'm very proud
of you, " I told her. "How does the silk feel,
rubbing up against your bald pussy while you walk around?"

She closed her eyes and moaned as I stroked her pussy, passing
over her clit. "It feels nice, " she said softly.

"I bet it was hard to concentrate on the preacher,
wasn't it?" I asked.

"Yes, " she whispered.

"Did you feel like a naughty girl, with your bald,
silk covered pussy, sitting in church like that?"
I pressed.

Again, all she could do was gasp and whisper, "Yes."

"Good, " I told her as I pulled my hand out from
her pussy. "I'll call you later, " I told
her as I kissed her on the cheek, just in case anybody was
watching from the building.

We went on like that for the next couple of weeks. I had to
admit, Chrissie never said no, and was starting to show
a bit of a wild streak. I didn't think that she had it
in her, but she was proving me wrong.

She was showing a lot of progress, being more vocal, getting
to know what she liked and wanted. She even started to enjoy
sucking my cock and having her pussy licked. She was a bit
reluctant at first, but soon started to get into the feelings,
the power, and the passion involved in giving, and receiving,
oral sex.

She was even bold enough to give me road head while we were
driving around one night, and she swallowed my cum that
night. That was a first, and it seemed to open a whole new
door for her. After that, she gave me head every time we were
together, swallowing my cum when I let her get that far.
(She was also starting to become a better fuck, and I was
enjoying that even more that her head.)

Chrissie even allowed me to take photos of her one night,
starting with tamer, arty-type pics, and progressing
to bolder, dirtier ones. The photo session ended in a wild
fuck, which I taped with her knowledge.

Finally, the date of the Christmas party rolled around.
I had intended for that to be Chrissie's final exam,
and things were going according to plan.

I got to Chrissie's house about an hour before we were
to leave. As soon as she let me in, she went and took a shower.
While she was in there, I went to work.

Chrissie had her dress laid out, waiting for her. She was
going to wear her new dress, a little black number, a lace
bra-and-panty set, pantyhose, and heels. I removed the
bra from the lay-out, and replaced the pantyhose with a
pair of silk thigh-high hose.

When she finished her shower, she came into her bedroom,
where I was sitting. She saw what I had done, and smiled briefly,
until she noticed what was missing.

"What about a bra?" she asked me.

"You don't need one, " I told her. "Your
breasts can go natural, especially with that jacket on."
Chrissie does have nice breasts, a C-cup, and remarkably
firm. I had gotten her to go braless before, usually in a
sweatshirt or with a jacket on, but never in a setting like

"I promise you, no one will no the difference, other
than you and me, " I assured her.

Silently, Chrissie looked at me and started getting dressed.
When she was done, and started putting her make-up on, I
went and made myself a drink. Soon enough, Chrissie came
out and was ready to go.

She looked incredible. The dress fit her perfectly, and
her legs, in the heels and hose, looked amazing.

The limo that I had hires showed up just on time, and we left
for the party. I was a little surprised to see that our driver
was a college-age girl, and a very cute one at that.

The party was going to take place at a country club that Chrissie's
family all belonged to. It was out in the country, about
an hour drive.

When we were on the road, I pulled out a joint. After I raised
the privacy screen and opened the windows and the sunroof,
I lit it up. Chrissie looked at me with raised eyebrows,
and said "Do you think that I should? I want to be coherent

"I know. We're only going to have a couple of hits.
I just want to relax you, " I told her as I handed her
the joint.

After we each had a couple of pulls of the joint, I put it out.
As we sat there, I started to stroke Chrissie's thighs,
inching my way towards her crotch. When my hand went to slip
under her dress, she grabbed my hand and motioned towards
the driver.

"She can't see us, " I assured Chrissie.
"The privacy screen is up."

Eventually, the pot started to take it's affects,
and she sat back in the seat and relaxed. I soon had the front
of her dress bunched up around her waist, and I was rubbing
her pussy. She moaned in pleasure, and I slowly slid off
of the seat.

Kneeling between her legs, I leaned in and placed a kiss
on Chrissie's silk-covered pussy. I could feel the
heat, and could smell her arousal. She sighed as I licked
the length of the fabric, and she spread her legs wider.

I slowly slid her thong down her legs, and slipped it into
my pocket. I then placed my tongue on her wet pussy, and slowly
licked my way up her pussy. When I got to the top, I slowly
circled her clit, until she sighed and gasped, and moved
her hips around to make contact between her clit and my tongue.

When I finally let my tongue glide over her erect clit, Chrissie
let out a loud sigh, and sank back into the seat. I pulled
her ass forward, giving me better access. I slowly started
to lick along her wet slit, sliding my tongue into her hot
hole, and trailing my tongue up to her clit.

When I reached her clit, she would sigh and moan, and her
pussy was getting wetter. I kept licking her pussy like
that, until I knew that we were getting close to the country
club. Fortunately, Chrissie was close to cumming, too.

I wrapped my lips around her stiff little clit, and started
sucking on it as I slowly slid a finger into her wet hole.
Chrissie gasped as I slid my finger in, along the top wall
of her hot, wet depths.

When she started to buck her hips, I released her clit from
my lips, and slid my tongue down her slit towards her opening.
I also slipped my finger out, and slid it towards her ass.

I buried my tongue in her wet pussy, and slid my wet finger
over her asshole. I slid my tongue towards her clit, but
I kept my finger at her asshole. She was seeping enough fluid
that my finger was easily sliding into her hot, tight ass.

As I wrapped my lips around her clit again, I slid my thumb
into her pussy, and slid my finger deeper into her ass. I
was sliding my finger and thumb in and out of her hot holes,
and I was flicking my tongue over her clit as I was sucking
on it.

Soon, Chrissie was reaching her orgasm. She was moaning
louder, and her breath was getting very heavy. Finally,
she reached out to my head, and gasped loudly, "Oh,
yes. I'm going to cum! Oh my god!"

When I heard hear say that, I pulled away, even pulling my
fingers out of her pussy and ass. "No, " I told
her. "You're not going to cum yet."

"What? What are you doing?" Chrissie exclaimed.

"I don't want you to cum yet, " I told her.
"I want you on edge all night."

"But, you can't do that, " she tried to
reason with me. "It's not fair."

I chuckled as I sat back while we pulled up to the country
club doors.

"If you're a good girl, maybe I'll take care
of you during the party, " I whispered in her ear as
we exited the limo.

The limo driver was holding the door for us, and she looked
a little flushed.

"Did you enjoy the show?" I asked her as Chrissie
walked ahead of me.

"You mean .." she started to ask.

"Yes, I knew that wasn't the privacy screen that
I put up, " I told her, smiling.

I caught up with Chrissie, and entered the party with her
on my arm.

The guest list for the party was a who's who of the wealthy
and important (or self- important) in our town. I knew right
away that this was the perfect situation for what I wanted
to do with Chrissie.

After introducing me to friends and family, I went to the
bar to get us a couple of drinks. While I was waiting, I made
small talk with a couple of people that I recognized from
TV, including a news anchor that was even more beautiful
in person than she was on TV.

After I got our drinks, I made my way back to Chrissie.

"How are you doing?" I asked her.

"I'm doing fine, " she responded. "When
do I get my panties back?" she whispered.

"Probably tomorrow, " I told her. "How
does it feel, walking around all of these people, family
and friends, knowing that you are completely nude under
your dress?"

"It feels kind of funny, not having anything on, "
she told me.

"Do you like it?" I asked her.

"Yes, " she whispered back.

"OK, then, " I smiled at her, as I scanned the

Over the next couple of hours, we mingled around the room.
Chrissie, being known by a number of people in the room,
was a popular conversationalist. I was enjoying myself
watching her as we worked the room, knowing that she was
naked underneath that dress. I even teased her about it
a couple of times, knowing that would just frustrate her

A couple of times, different men came up to Chrissie and
asked her to dance. Since she had stated to a few people that
we were "friends", I said nothing to stop them
from taking her to the dance floor.

At one point, while Chrissie was dancing a slow number with
a political bigwig, Samantha, one of Chrissie's cousins,
approached me and asked me to dance. Not wanting to be rude,
I took Samantha's arm and led her out on to the dance

"Well, I guess what Chrissie said is true, "
Samantha said as we started to dance.

"What is that?" I asked her.

"That you two are only friends, " she answered.
"If you were my boyfriend, I wouldn't be dancing
with anyone else, or letting you dance with anyone else."

Samantha was on her way to a well-deserved drunk. Just a
week ago, she had stopped off to visit a neighbor, who was
a good friend, after doing some shopping, and caught her
husband in bed with her friend. After screaming at her husband
and her friend, she stormed out, went home, and caught her
youngest daughter in bed with her boyfriend.

"Well, since Chrissie and I ARE just friends, that
means that I can dance with anyone that I wish, doesn't
it?" I asked Samantha as we swayed to the music.

"Yes, it does, " she responded, as she nestled
herself in my arms.

Like all of the women in Chrissie's family, Samantha
was gorgeous. She also was short, but unlike the rest of
her family, Samantha had a pair of large breasts. My guess
was that she was a "D" cup, and on her slim, petite
body, they looked huge. I couldn't help but enjoy the
feel of them as they pressed into me as we danced.

Unfortunately, that also caused me to start to have an erection.
I was worried that Samantha would freak out, but she just
sighed and moved in even closer.

"Chrissie told me about your rough day last week, "
I said softly in her ear as we danced. "I'm sorry
that you had to go through that."

"Thank you, " she sighed."You're
very sweet."

"You know what the toughest thing about that day was?"
she asked a second later. "It was realizing that I
was the only one in that house not having any sex."
She was starting to slur her words more.

Not knowing what to say, I fell back on the old standard,
"Well, if it means anything, I think that your husband
is an idiot."

"That means a lot, coming from such a sweet, good looking
man, " she said softly as she nestled back into my

As the song ended, I thanked Samantha for the dance, and
looked up to see Chrissie, who was standing there.

I took Chrissie's hand, and pulled her in close. She
gasped when she felt my hard cock pressing against her belly.

"Do you like what you feel?" I asked her softly.

"Yes, I do, " she responded. "Were you
like this while you were dancing with Samantha?"

"Yes, I was, " I told her. "Samantha didn't
seem to mind."

I held Chrissie tight as we danced, sliding my hands on her

Soon, the song ended, and Chrissie and I headed back to our
table. Samantha was there alone, and immediately asked
Chrissie to go to the bathroom with her.

When they came back, I could see that Samantha was a bit wobbly
on her feet. Chrissie helped her to the table, and asked
me if we could give her a ride home. Samantha had reached
her limit, and didn't want to drive home.

We decided to walk her out to the limo and let her rest, since
we weren't ready to go yet.

Once we got her out there, I sat her so that she was reclining
in the corner. I told the driver to keep an eye on Samantha
and Chrissie and I went back inside.

I went to the bar and got us two more drinks, and Chrissie
went to the table. As I handed her the drink, I sat and told
Chrissie to remove her jacket. She looked at me with widening
eyes, but did as I asked.

When our drinks were about half gone, I took Chrissie out
to the dance floor. As I pulled her in, I slid my hands to her
lower back and started to slowly and lightly glide my hand
over her back.

I could feel Chrissie's breasts press into me as we
danced, and her nipples started to harden. That caused
me to start to get an erection, which was what I wanted.

As my hardening cock pressed against her belly, I heard
Chrissie gasp. Smiling to myself, I held Chrissie tight
as we swayed to the slow, seductive rhythm.

"So what was so important that Samantha had to talk
to you right away?" I whispered in her ear.

"She wanted to talk about you, " Chrissie responded.

"What about me?" I asked.

"She told me that she felt you pressing on her belly.
That you were hard, " she told me.

"What did she feel pressing on her?" I asked

"Your cock, " she answered. "She felt
your hard cock."

"What else did she say?" I asked.

"She said that you felt big. She wanted to know if you
were really that big. She said that she has never had a big
cock, and wanted to know how it felt. Then she told me that
she hasn't had sex in over a year."

Chrissie's voice was getting huskier as she told me
this, so I knew that she was getting turned on telling me
about it.

"She was asking me questions about our sex life while
we were dancing, " I lied to her, deciding to add her
cousin to my plan. "She was asking a lot of questions
about you, telling me how beautiful you are."

When I told her that, I felt her hold her breath for a second,
and then almost sigh. "Well, she was pretty drunk, "
Chrissie tried to reason.

"Yeah, maybe that's it, " I told her. "Or
maybe she thinks that you are beautiful and wants to see
you without this dress on."

That got a gasp from Chrissie, and a quick, "I don't
think so."

"You never know, " I told her as we continued
to dance.

I kept pressing my hard cock into her belly as we moved, and
continued to glide my hands over her back, and I discretely
started to kiss, lick, and nibble on her neck. I knew that
Chrissie's neck was her soft spot, and wanted to heat
her up.

I could almost feel her melt as I worked on her, and the song
ended. I led Chrissie outside on the patio and led her to
a dark corner. I put her in front of me as I led her towards
a wall.

When we reached the wall, I held on to Chrissie's hips
and pulled her back to me. I gently but firmly pushed against
her ass with my hard cock, and then slid one hand up to play
with her breasts through her dress.

I then turned her around, placed her back against the wall,
and started to kiss her. I also started to squeeze her ass,
and ground my cock into her, like I was fucking her as we stood

When we stopped kissing and separated, Chrissie's
breathing was heavy. I leaned in, started to kiss her neck,
and slid a hand under her dress. I reached her pussy and found
it to be soaking wet.

"Are you ready to go?" I breathed into her ear
as my finger played at her wet hole.

"Yes, " she breathed, and we headed to the limo.

When we got to the limo, our driver told me that Samantha
hadn't moved since we sat her down. As Chrissie got
into the car, I told the driver to take the long route home,
and then asked her, "Would you like me to leave the
privacy screen down again?"

The driver blushed as she answered me. "That would
be nice, " she said, and then closed the door behind

Chrissie and I were seated in the rear seat, and Samantha
was in the middle seat, at the corner on the passenger side.
As the car started, I put my arm around Chrissie's shoulder
and we sat back. Samantha had slouched down a bit, and her
dress had slid up almost to her crotch. The left shoulder
strap of her dress had fallen also, and the way that she had
slid down, most of her huge breast was showing, along with
the crotch of her panties.

As we left the country club, I pulled the rest of the joint
from my pocket and lit it. Chrissie and I smoked it, and blew
a few hits at Samantha just for fun. When we were done, I started
to stroke Chrissie's shoulder, sliding my fingers
over towards her chest.

"Samantha is beautiful, isn't she?" I
asked Chrissie as my fingers slid under the top of her dress
towards her breast.

"Yes, " she answered me, softly.

I knew that at this point, between the alcohol, the pot,
and my teasing her all night long, Chrissie had to ready
to explode.

I slid the shoulder of her dress off of her, and my hand slid
a little further. My fingers were almost reaching her aureola,
and her breathing was already starting to get heavy.

"She has very nice legs, doesn't she?"
I asked, breathing into her ear.

"Yes, " Chrissie breathed again.

I slid my fingers down further, and teased Chrissie's
nipple. She gasped and lightly pushed her breast into my
hand. I took a hold of her full tit and gave it a soft squeeze.

Chrissie moaned and squirmed, and spread her legs slightly.
"Reach down and touch yourself, " I whispered
in her ear.

Chrissie moaned again as her hand slid across her belly
and down to her pussy. When I heard her sharp intake of breath,
I asked her, "Are you wet?"

"Yes, " she whispered, as her fingers stroked
her pussy.

"How wet are you?" I asked.

"Very wet, " she responded.

I pulled the top of her dress down, exposing her tits, and
she gasped loudly. When I reached down and pulled her skirt
up, exposing her pussy and her moving hand, Chrissie moaned
and opened her legs further.

"Slide your finger into your wet pussy, " I
instructed her.

Chrissie closed her eyes and groaned as she slid two fingers
into her wet hole. While her eyes were closed, I took the
opportunity to glance around. Samantha's eyes were
still closed, and the driver was splitting her time watching
the road and watching Chrissie.

After she had spent a couple of minutes sliding her fingers
in and out of her hot pussy, I whispered in Chrissie's
ear, "Take your fingers out and let me taste them."

Chrissie moaned again and brought her fingers to my mouth.
I slowly licked and sucked her juices off of her fingers
as I looked the driver in the eye through the mirror.

I took a hold of Chrissie's wrist, and led her hand back
to her pussy. She slid her fingers back in, and as she moaned
loudly, Samantha stirred. She didn't open her eyes,
but she did turn towards us, and her legs opened a little

As I squeezed her breast, I told Chrissie to take her fingers
out of her pussy again. When she did, I whispered into her
ear that she should taste herself. She had never done that,
as far as I knew, and it was time.

Chrissie moaned at that suggestion, then she slid her fingers
out of her hot, wet pussy. As she slid them into her mouth,
licking them clean, I pulled on her nipples. That made her
moan louder, and her body stiffened for a brief second.

Sliding her fingers back into her wet hole, Chrissie spread
her legs more. As she did that, she kicked Samantha's
legs slightly, and that caused Samantha to stir.

Chrissie froze, the fingers on one hand buried deep in her
pussy, and her other hand was rubbing her clit. Samantha
slowly opened her eyes, and blinked as she realized what
she was seeing.

Samantha slowly smiled, and softly said, "Wow. What
a sight to wake up to."

As shocked as Chrissie might have been, she was far too turned
on to stop. She resumed playing with her pussy, and I continued
playing with her tits and her nipples.

"Why don't you show us something?" I asked
Samantha, trying to see how far I could take things with
these two women.

Smiling, Samantha slowly reached down and slid her boy
short panties off. She then

spread her legs, and started to stroke her pussy.

"Now you show us, " she said, as she sank two
fingers into her pussy.

I smiled at her, and removed my hand from Chrissie's
breast. I unzipped my pants and dropped them around my ankles.
I sat there with a large bulge in my boxers, and Samantha
gasped and smiled when she saw it.

I then raised my ass up off of the seat, looking Samantha
in the eyes, and slowly pulled my drawers off. When my hard
cock popped into her view, Samantha groaned and slid another
finger into her pussy.

"That is huge, " Samantha said softly, never
taking her eyes off of my stiff cock.

I whispered into Chrissie's ear, and she lowered her
head into my lap. Keeping one hand on her sopping wet pussy,
she took my rod in her other hand and started to kiss and lick
my shaft.

Samantha moaned loudly as Chrissie took my cock into her
mouth, and then she lowered the top of her dress, exposing
her large breasts.

I glanced over at the driver, and she was watching the scene
unfolding behind her as much as she could and still drive.

Knowing that we were getting close to Chrissie's home,
I decided to pick things up a bit. I pulled Chrissie off of
my cock and guided her on top of me.

I had Chrissie sit on my lap facing her cousin. As she lowered
her steamy pussy onto my cock, all three of us moaned. Chrissie
started to ride me, raising and lowering herself on my cock.

"Oh my god, that feels so nice, " she said, as
her weight sank my stiff cock deep into her tight pussy.

I knew that she was too turned on to last very long, and I sped
up the process by reaching up and squeezing her tits. She
leaned back on me, allowing me to reach her pussy.

I was pumping up into Chrissie's hot, silky pussy,
watching the driver watch us, when I saw Samantha move.

She got on her knees between our legs and moved my hand from
Chrissie's clit. Samantha then started to rub Chrissie's
clit as she licked the underside of my shaft as it slid in
and out of her pussy.

"Oh yeah, " Chrissie exclaimed as her cousin
added to the mix. "Oh my god that's so good!"

After a couple of minutes, Chrissie started to moan louder.
Her breath was getting heavy, and she started to shake.
"Oh god, I'm going to cum! Oh yeah, I'm cumming!"
she yelled.

I felt her shake and her body stiffened as I pulled her hips
down, burying my cock deep into her spasming pussy. I could
feel her tight pussy squeezing my cock as she kept moaning.

I raised Chrissie up for a second, to change positions,
and Samantha engulfed my slick cock with her mouth as Chrissie
moved. Samantha was a natural cock-sucker. She was able
to slide her lips up and down on my shaft and keep her tongue
going the whole time.

Chrissie sat down and watched as her cousin worked her oral
magic on my wet, hard cock. She started to play with her pussy,
and I looked at her and asked, "What would you like?"

Chrissie had a glazed look in her eyes as she told me, "I
want to watch you fuck her."

Samantha kept my cock in her mouth as she looked at Chrissie.
Chrissie just nodded at her and smiled. "I want you
to be happy. I know Rick will treat you right."

Samantha looked up at me, and I smiled at her. "Whenever
you are ready, baby, " I told her.

Samantha grinned as she let my cock drop from her mouth and
sat back down on the seat. I lowered my face to her pussy,
and slowly started to lick my way around her wet slit. Her
pussy had a sweet taste, and I enjoyed spreading her juices
around with my tongue.

I slid a finger into her pussy as I was licking around her
clit, and I placed the tip of another finger at her puckered
asshole. As I flicked my fingertip around her tight back
hole, Samantha moaned and groaned.

Samantha was seeping enough juices that her cute little
asshole was shiny. My fingertip was able to slide in with
almost no resistance. That caused her to gasp, and yelp
out, "Oh, my! That's nice. Oh, yeah."

She was wiggling her hips as I licked her slit, and she moved
her hips so that almost half of my finger was in her asshole.
I kept sliding it in and out as I worked on her clit.

Soon, Samantha reached down and grabbed my head, pulling
it deeper into her wetness. "Oh yeah, " she
gasped loudly when I wrapped my lips around her clit and
started sucking on it while I fingered her ass.

It didn't take long until I heard "Ohhh! Ohhh!, "
and Samantha started to shake and bounce around, just like
her cousin did.

Before Samantha could get off though, I pulled my face from
her pussy and straightened up. That brought a whine of protest
from Samantha, but I ignored her as I got up on my knees. She
moaned in delight as I lined my cock up with her hot, wet hole,
and I sank my thick cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh my god!" she yelled as my cock reached bottom.

Samantha was so tight and hot and wet, I knew that my time
was going to come very soon. I started to fuck her harder
and faster, and she was getting into it. Samantha was fucking
back at me, getting hotter and hotter.

Chrissie was now sitting on the seat next to her cousin,
and reached down and stroked Samantha's clit while
she stroked her own. The sight of Samantha sprawled out,
big tits bouncing all over the place as I fucked her, with
Chrissie sitting next to her stroking both women's
clits, was almost too much for me to watch.

I started to pound Samantha's pussy harder and faster
yet. That started to set her off, and she started getting

"Oh yeah, fuck me, " she yelled. "Fuck
my. Bang my little pussy. Fuck me!"

Chrissie started the chain reaction orgasms by announcing
her orgasm. "Oh yes. I'm cumming again!"
she gasped as she sank two fingers into her pussy.

That caused Samantha to start her orgasm. "Oh yeah!
I'm cumming too! Oh god fuck me!"

The sight and sound of these two cumming, loudly, was too
much for me. I knew that it was time, and soon enough, I felt
my balls start to tighten. "Oh, yeah, I'm going
to cum, " I told the women as I got in a few last strokes
into Samantha's squeezing pussy.

I pulled my cock out and gave it a few strokes, ready to explode
all over Samantha's writhing body. Chrissie leaned
in and flicked her tongue over the tip of my cock, and I exploded.

"Oh god yes!" I exclaimed as I finally came,
spewing my juice all over Chrissie's face.

Chrissie started to wipe my cum off of her face with her fingers,
licking some of it off, and offering the rest to Samantha.

When we all came down from our orgasms, we realized that
the limo wasn't moving anymore, and we were sitting
in Chrissie's driveway. The driver was on her knees,
hand jammed down her pants, as she watched us fuck each other's
brains out.

Chrissie, Samantha and I gathered up our clothes and climbed
out of the limo. The driver was recovering from her own orgasm
as I leaned in to the front of the car. "Would you like
to join us inside?" I asked her.

"I'd love to, " she said with short breaths,
"But I've got to get the car back, and my boyfriend
is supposed to pick me up."

"Well, after you fuck his brains out when you get home,
tell him he can thank us, " I told her, joking.

"Believe me, we won't make it home before I fuck
his brains out, " she assured me.

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