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Teachers Party


I was pretty crazy in college and am rather dynamic in my
classroom, but I am pretty shy and reclusive with my colleagues.
After graduating, I used my parents inheritance to travel
before I was just hired to teach 5th grade. I was an only sibling
and now since i had moved on I was pretty lonely. I was the
only new teacher in the school and I just didn't seem
to fit in. The only other new person was a substitute named
Jack. We went out for drinks a couple of times, and had shared
some rather naughty sexual secrets while intoxicated,
but had not really hung out more than after-school drinks.
Then out of the blue he invited me to a Halloween party. Sick
of being alone, I figured I might as well go.

I should note I love Halloween. My craziest sexual encounter
occurred on Halloween when my boyfriend at the time actually
penetrated me while we were standing in line for a movie.
I was panty-less, as my boyfriend always expected me to
be, and the line was packed tight. He dr*ped his sports jacket
over his arm and I felt his hard cock on my thighs, so although
nervous as hell, I spread my legs, attempting to give him
access. He only got the wide mushroom head of his cock in
me before the line started to move, but it started a night
of firsts.

During the movie, a showing of Rocky Show Horror Picture
Show, I sucked him off and swallowed the first of two loads
he would fill me with. After the show, he fucked me on the
hood of his car and came in me as two peeping Toms watched.
I noticed them but, instead of being mortified, it seemed
to turn me on. I put on a very naughty show for them, talking
dirty and doing porn star moaning. It was my one act of crazy-out-of-character
sex I ever had, and was always the one recurring fantasy
I jilled off too late at night when I was all alone in bed.
But I digress...the point is I love Halloween. I get to dress
up and be someone other than myself. In the past I had been
a French maid, a naughty nurse and a sexy cowgirl. Yet, when
I learned I was going to a party with a bunch of strangers,
I decided to play it safe and ended up going as an angel, dressed
completely in white. I had the halo, the conservative dress,
the white pantyhose and the three-inch white heels.

Jack picks me up, dressed a hot macho pirate showing his
hairy chest and big bulge and he chuckled when she saw my
outfit. "Why didn't you just go as a nun?"

I stammered, now feeling silly, "I don't know
anyone at the party and didn't want to come off as slutty."

He smiled as led me to his car, "Oh don't you worry,
they will all know you by the end of the evening."

At the time the statement seemed odd, but in retrospect
it was an incredibly subtle hint of what was in store for
me. I should note, in full disclosure, I am very bi. I had
told Jack this and much more. I had a few lesbian flings in
my past, again, but had a six month relationship with an
older divorced women a year or so ago. She ended up wanting
me to stay with her, but I felt the need to start my career
and moved on. Anyway, not to digress, it had been six months
since I had touched a man or a woman, and suddenly my wanton
desire was becoming harder to ignore.

We arrived at the party. As soon as we entered the house,
a mansion really, I felt out of place. Not only did I not know
a single person here besides Jack, every girl I saw was dressed
as if they were about to be filmed in a porno scene. There
was the slutty pirate, the slutty mermaid, the slutty flapper,
the slutty cop, the slutty nurse, the slutty Cinderella,
three slutty Lady Gaga's and, of course, the slutty
school girl. The women's ages ranged from early twenties
to over forty.

Jack grabbed my hand, intertwining his fingers with mine,
which surprised me and gave me a slight tingle down below,
and led me to a beautiful blonde. The blonde was introduced
as Amy and she was the hostess of the party. Her blue eyes
were hypnotizing and my tingle down below began to distract
me. The blonde was dressed as a real slutty version of Wilma
Flintstone. She put her hand out and said, "You must
be Mandy. I have heard very good things about you."

"You have?" I stammered, stunned that Jack
would have talked about me to her.

"Oh yes, " the blonde Goddess smiled, "he
said you would be a perfect fit for our group."

"Oh, " I replied, confused.

Before I could get any clarification, another woman, dressed
as the mandatory slutty maid, came over and pulled Amy away.

I turned to Jack, who was still holding my hand, and asked,
"What group?"

"Oh, just the people here. She is very selective in
who she invites into her home. Thus I had to vouch for you, "
he explained, squeezing my hand just a bit.

Feeling a bit lucky and decadent, I thanked the younger
intern, "Well, I am happy you thought of me."

The next twenty minutes I was introduced to over thirty
people and had two glasses of wine before I was introduced
to Amy's husband, dressed not surprisingly as Bam
Bam Rubble. He went to kiss my hand all suave-like, and spilt
a whole glass of red wine on my pure white costume.

Within seconds, Amy was over and pulling me away. "I
am so sorry Mandy. My husband is a klutz at the best of times,
never mind when he has had a few drinks in him."

I attempted to explain that it was no big deal, but before
I knew it, I was in a massive bedroom, a room that was truly
bigger than my whole apartment. Before I could even say
how gorgeous the room was, the pretty hostess had my dress
off. "Shit, " she muttered, "the wine
went through and onto your bra." In the blink of an
eye, she had unclasped my bra. Just as quickly she was gone
and I was alone in white panties, pantyhose and heels in
a stranger's bedroom. Instantly a chill went up my
back and I was shivering. Against my own wishes, my nipples
perked up and I attempted to cover myself while I waited.

Amy returned and said, all apologetic, "I am so sorry
about that. Now let's get you a new costume."
She shuffled through her closet and sighed. "Unfortunately,
I am a bit larger than you, but my daughter may have something."
She handed me a robe, which I quickly put on. She grabbed
my hand and led me to another large room, although this one
was not as big as my apartment. She let go of my hand and, after
much snooping, came back with a school girl's uniform
and a cheerleader's outfit. "Well, the choices,
I am sorry to say, are rather limited."

I joked, trying to put some humour into the situation, "Well,
at least I will fit in with the rest of the costumes now."

She laughed in return and suggested, "Well let's
try the schoolgirl look, shall we?"

I shrugged, thinking why not?

Her sweet tender voice asked me, as one would ask to pass
them some sugar for their coffee, "Please take off
your robe, Mandy."

Not feeling at all self-conscious around this stunning
woman, which was odd for me, I took off the robe.

The older hostess surprised me when she commented, "I
would die for your legs, girl."

"Thanks, I always considered them my best asset.
I wish I had breasts like you, " I replied, attempting
to return the compliment.

"Are you kidding me?" she responded, "They
are too big. My husband treats them like fucking basketballs
and no matter how much I workout I can't prevent the
inevitable sag." The surprises continued as she
took off her flimsy tight costume. Underneath her costume
she was only wearing a white thong.

I saw little evidence of sagging and could feel my mouth
watering at the thought of them in my mouth. I questioned,
trying not to stare at these large breasts, "What
sagging? Those look pretty perfect to me."

The big-breasted hostess moved directly in front of me
and surprised me yet again. She grabbed my right hand and
placed it under her left breast and assisted me in cupping
her breasts. "See, they sag."

Mesmerized by the breast in my hand, I mumbled, "They
seem pretty damn perfect to me."

Still holding my hand to her mouth-watering breasts, she
complimented, "You have perfect titties, Mandy."

Not used to such flattery over my most insecure body part,
I blushed and sputtered, "Thanks."

Her right hand went to my left breast. An uncontrollable
soft moan escaped my lips at her sudden touch. Her smile
broadened and she explained, "They are the perfect
size. everyone will enjoy them." She squeezed my
breast gently as she finished speaking. I desperately
wanted to feel her lips on my erect nipples. Instead I was
brought back to reality. Her hand left my needy breast and
she noted, seemingly concerned, "It must be freezing
in here. Your nipples are as hard as diamonds. Although
the costumes we have probably won't warm you up much.
" The domino-chain of surprises continued on this
roller coaster ride of teasing. The beautiful and almost
completely naked blonde hostess dropped to her knees and
I instantly felt a shiver flow through my whole body and
a little juice leak out of my very wet pussy. I instantly
worried she would be able to smell my naughty scent. She
asked, "Lift your foot up, honey."

I obliged, and she unbuckled the straps on my high heel shoe.
Once my first shoe was off, she took off my second heel before
complimenting, "What cute toenails."

I loved the compliment. I always had my hands and feet perfectly
manicured and had done them today, painting them a ruby
red, a small contrast to the all-white outfit I had worn.
It was my small, but subtle, hint at the naughty side that
lay dormant inside. "Thank you, I just had them done

Reading my mind, she noted, "The color is quite a contrast,
my dear. A naughty little contrast." I blushed. Still
one her knees, in one quick lightning flash, she grabbed
my pantyhose tops and pulled my pantyhose off. "You
won't be needing these anymore, " she nonchalantly
said and tossed them to the side. She lingered, her face
close to my very excited pussy before standing up. She grabbed
the schoolgirl blouse. "Unfortunately, I don't
have a bra that will fit you, so you will have to go braless."

Speaking for the first time in a while and attempting to
hide my horniness and nervousness, I joked, "How

She handed me her daughter's school uniform blouse.
While I buttoned the somewhat tight blouse on me, I watched
Amy grab the skirt and reposition herself at my feet.

Suddenly the door opened and I jumped startled and embarrassed
by the perception of how this would look. Heather walked
in and said, a look of shock on her face, "Oh sorry,
I am obviously interrupting something."

Amy quickly explained, "Don't be silly. We are
just getting a costume for our new friend."

Jack closed the door, an odd smirk on his face I couldn't
understand, "I brought some more wine. White this
time, " he joked.

I quickly finished buttoning the blouse and lifted my feet
up so Amy could pull the skirt up. Once dressed, Jack handed
me a full glass of wine, which I quickly half downed, my tipsiness
becoming more apparent.

Amy stood up and looked at me. "You definitely need
the knee-high socks."

"For sure, " Jack concurred.

Amy went in search of the socks while I continued to drink
my wine. "She's awesome, isn't she?"

"Yes, " I agreed, "She is very open."

"You don't know the half of it, " he replied,
his tone oddly foreboding.

"Found some, " Amy announced, breaking the
odd moment Jack and I were having. She handed them to him,
who took them and, without a word, dropped to his knees and
began to put the socks on me.

I protested, "I can do it myself."

Amy spoke for Jack, "No, no, no. he will do it for you."

I watched, almost detached from reality. Was this really
happening? And what exactly was happening? The last twenty
minutes had been all surreal and dripped with unspoken
sexual innuendo, but Jack on his knees dressing me upped
the ante. From my standing position, I had a bird's-eye
view of Jack's growing bulge. His hands and the third
glass of wine, which I had just finished, had me thinking
naughty, naughty thoughts. My increasingly wet pussy
also gave away the impact the odd situation was having on

I began to fantasize diving between Jack's legs and
tasting his manhood when I was brought out of my mischievous
daze. "Hello, Earth to Mandy!"

"W-w-what?" I stammered, briefly confused.

"I said, you look really adorable, " Amy repeated,
and pointed to the closet mirror.

I looked at myself in the mirror and barely recognized myself.
"Wow, " I muttered out loud.

"Wow, indeed, " Jack commented. "But...."
he added.

"But what?" I asked, suddenly self-conscious.

"You need pigtails, " Jack announced.

"Brilliant!" Amy enthusiastically agreed.

I stood like a statue as Amy grabbed a couple of elastic hair
bands and quickly put two pigtails in my shoulder-length,
light brown hair.

Backing up to get a full look at me, "Now that is perfect."

"Agreed, " Jack concurred, "Plus, they
will make great handlebars."

Amy burst out laughing, "That they will."

"Handlebars?" I asked, feeling completely
out of the loop.

Jack smiled slyly, his foreboding tone back, "You'll
see soon enough."

Just as I was about to ask what that meant, Amy confused me
even more by moving towards me and kissing me. My body melted
at the touch, remembering how good it was to be kissed, and
I didn't even hesitate to return the kiss. I opened
my mouth and felt Amy's tongue slide into my mouth.
The kiss, gentle at first, slowly escalated to reckless
passion. Without breaking our lip-lock, Amy slowly pushed
me backwards and onto her daughter's bed. Once on the
bed, Amy broke the kiss, her big breasts now directly in
my face, and offered, "Go ahead, baby, I know you have
wanted to suck on them for a while now." I leaned forward
and took her left breast into my salivating mouth. Amy moaned,
"That's it baby, suck on my titties." I
licked, sucked and nibbled on her breasts, eager to please.
She pushed my head back on the bed and pressed her breasts
back in my face. Although slightly suffocated, I continued
to explore Amy's gorgeous mounds of flesh.

While my face was buried, I suddenly felt my skirt, well
Amy's daughter's skirt, being pulled off me.
I lifted my ass up to assist with my undressing. Now naked
from the waist down, I vaguely heard Jack say, "Holy
shit, her pussy is soaking wet."

Amy pulled her breasts away from my mouth and looked me directly
in my eyes. "Is that true, baby, is your pussy all wet?"

"Yes, " I moaned, feeling my legs being pushed

Asking a question I am sure she already knew the answer to,
"What got that sweet pussy of yours all wet?"

"You, " I moaned again, feeling lips kissing
my inner thigh.

"What about me?" she asked, beginning to unbutton
my blouse.

Wanting to please her, to compliment her, I answered in
complete honesty, "Everything. You're lovely
breasts, your sexy voice, your tender touch and your open

"My lovely breasts, " she repeated, "I
have had them called lots of things before, but lovely breasts
is a first." My last button was undone and Amy opened
my shirt and said, "Do you want me to suck on your lovely
little titties?"

"Desperately, " I moaned, feeling Jack's
hot breath just inches from my already leaking pussy.

"Do you want Jack to lick that sweet pussy of yours?"
Amy asked leaning forward and taking my erect right nipple
in her mouth.

Another moan of pleasure escaped my mouth and I whimpered,

Taking her lips off my breast, Amy said, "Well, then
just ask her then."

Amy returned her attention to my breasts and I nervously
begged, "Jack, please eat me."

"Eat your what?" he teased, his hot breath now
directly on my pussy.

Desperate to be touched down below, I begged, "Please
eat my pussy, my cunt, my hole. I am begging you."

"If you really want it, you are my pet tonight."
Jack surprised me, before his tongue did one quick lick
on my hard clit.

"What?" I moaned, a mix of erotic pleasure from
Amy's mouth on my breasts and Jack's brief tease
on my pussy.

Amy interjected, "You see, my dear, this party is
our annual Halloween swing party."

"Swing party, " I repeated, stunned.

"Yes, " Amy explained. "And you see,
every year a new guest is invited to be the special entertainment
for the evening. This year it is you!" Amy returned
to my hard nipples.

"Me?" I asked, in a state of complete bewilderment.

Amy released the nipple that she had between her teeth.
"You indeed, and I think Jack made an excellent choice.
You see, last year Jack brought us a hot little asian girl
who is now our special pet, but she is away this week so we
need another pet."

She again returned her attention to my sensitive nipples.
I moaned and tried to process all that I had just learned.
My mind was a haze of drunkenness and horniness, neither
a very good state to make logical decisions in. I repeated,
trying to comprehend, "I am the special guest?"

Jack licked my pussy for a few seconds before quitting and
answering, "Yes, you are the special guest."
He slid a finger easily inside my dripping wet pussy and
asked, "Do you want me to make you come?"

Without even a second of thought I begged, "Please
Jack, eat my pussy."

"You mean your cunt, right?"

Thinking it was just semantics and both words were rather
naughty and inappropriate, I repeated what she wanted
to hear. "Yes Jack, please eat my wet fucking cunt."

"You'll be our special little plaything tonight?"
Jack asked.

My pussy aching for attention, his finger still lodged
in me, but not moving, I declared, horny to do just about
anything, "Yes dammit, I'll do whatever you
want tonight, now please eat my fucking cunt. I am so horny
I am about to explode."

Jack, finally content with my answer, dove into my dripping
cunt and began licking me while he also began to finger-fuck
me. The double sensation, triple if you include Amy's
tender playing of my breasts, was too much and in only a couple
of minutes of concentrated attention to my wanton cunt
and I was screaming like a nasty whore. "Oh my fucking
God, that feels so amazing. Don't stop Jack, keep licking
my cunt." Jack, clearly aware of how close I was to
an orgasm, my first orgasm with another person in four months,
slipped a second finger in me with surprising ease, and
began pumping my cunt while sucking on my swollen clit.

Unlike many women who can only come once, my first orgasm
usually takes a while and then they come fast and furious.
So although my moans were loud and I was loving every minute
of Jack's clearly experienced tongue, I knew I was
still a while away from an orgasm...but I was wrong. Jack
sucked my cli like he was a fucking Hoover vacuum and hooked
his fingers inside my fevered cunt and found my long lost
g-spot. I instantly screamed, "Oh, my bloody heavens,
I'm comingggggg." My legs tightened around
Jack's head as I gushed like a broken faucet all over
his face.

Once my orgasm had subsided, my next one was already lingering,
when Jack pulled himself up and out from between my legs.
His face literally glistening from my juice, smiled, "Fuck!
You come hard." "Now, it's my turn."

Then, Jack stood over me and undid his pants and feed me his
raging boner. I had rubbed up against it a few times before
and knew it was pretty big, but I had no idea.

Jack is Italian, and he calls his dick, the "monster
salami" and he was not lying. The thing was so thick
and long I could barely take it all in my mouth.

I began fondling his huge hairy balls while I let him face
fuck me and not before long he was grunting and I felt his
cock start to twitch and soon Jack cock spurt three large
shots of hot cum in my mouth. I immediately had another intense
orgasm as I swallowed every drop.

Jack looked down at my, his huge cock and bulbous head still
on my lips and I shrugged, "Once I start coming, it
takes forever to stop."

"That will surely be tested tonight, " Jack

In the heat of sexual bliss I had forgotten that I was some
sort of special toy for the evening. Amy handed me another
glass of wine. I quickly shot half of it. Amy looked me over
for what seemed like forever before she decided, "I
think the cheerleading costume will be better for the rest
of tonight's entertainment."

"Agreed, " Jack responded with a nod.

Unlike the erotic sexual undertone tease of my first dressing,
this time Amy and Jack dressed me with systematic precision.

When they were done, I looked in the mirror. I was wearing
a red and white cheerleading outfit, with white thigh high
stockings, clearly in view with such a short skirt and my
hair was still in pigtails. I looked fucking hot.

"You are good enough to eat, " Jack commented
and added, a devilish smirk on his face, "again."

Amy chuckled, "Time for the main attraction."

"Indeed, " Jack smiled, taking my hand.

Although nervous and full of angst, I allowed myself to
be led into the sexual unknown. A small tinge of trepidation
was easily overtaken by the excitement I was feeling. My
pussy was still soaking wet and I was revved up for more.

Once back downstairs, I quickly realized a lot had changed.
Now I didn't walk into a full-scale orgy or anything,
but things had apparently started to get a lot looser. A
guy dressed, as I think, an eighties pimp was fucking a girl
dressed as Marilyn Monroe and the girl in the slutty Cinderella
costume was sucking on a big black cock, which was attached
to a guy wearing some sort of medieval costume.

I was led to a chubby, but very pretty, woman dressed in a
Batman outfit that was a size or two too small. She also was
wearing a strap-on dildo around her waist.

"Good choice, Jack, " the chunky brunette

"Thank you, Allison, " he replied, before
introducing me, "and this is Mandy."

The strap-on cock-wearing Allison took my free hand and
said, "It is a pleasure to meet you." Her smile
dripped with sweetness, her cock poking me ever so close
to my still fired up pussy.

I blushed, "it is nice to meet you too."

"Are you ready for a fun night?" she asked, with
a suggestive smile.

"I think so, " I stammered, extremely nervous,
as I looked around and felt more than a dozen sets of eyes
boring into me.

"Come with me, " Batwoman said, taking my hand.
I followed her and she took me to a quiet area of the house.
"What is your fantasy?"

"What?" I asked, surprised by the question.

"Well, you are the special guest and many men and women
here are salivating with the thought of using you, but we
do like to attempt to make some naughty fantasy of yours
come true."

"Oh, " I said stunned, "I don't know."

"For example, " Allison explained, "Last
year when Xie was the special guest her fantasy was being
used as a personal sex-toy for a group of hung men.

"Oh my, " I whispered, a naughty fantasy flashing
in my head.

Allison's noticed my smile and asked, "One popped
into your head didn't it?"

"Yes, " I said, suddenly ashamed.

"Tell me, " she ordered, her voice still sweet,
but with a hint of authority.

"Well you see, I can have multiple orgasms. Actually,
I can have dozens of orgasms. So, my recurring fantasy is
to have man after man fuck me for hour after hour."

"Well, that can be arranged. You want to be gangbanged?"

"Oh yes I do, but tonight I want just have guy after
guy come in me and on me, " I tried to explain, not really
sure myself.

"Aaahh, a train, " Allison said with a smile.
"Come with me."

She grabbed my hand again and led me back to the living room.
She took me to the couch, bent me over and lifted up my cheerleading
skirt. Before I even had time to react, she slid her strap-on
cock inside my pussy and began fucking me. Suddenly, over
a dozen people were watching me be fucked by another woman.
It should have been humiliating or embarrassing, yet my
trigger pussy was already rekindling a fire. Jack came
over and Allison whispered something to his and he responded
by saying "Will do".

Allison asked, "You like my cock, Mandy?"

"Yes, " I whimpered, the plastic cock now buried
in me.

"Beg me to fuck you, " she ordered.

I looked up and saw the many smiling faces watching me. My
pussy, my cunt, doing my thinking for me, I ignored the obvious
public humiliation I should have been feeling and begged,
"Yes, Allison, fuck my cunt, fuck me like a whore in
front of all these strangers."

Allison slapped my ass and purred, "You are going
to be a very good slut for us tonight, aren't you?"

She pumped my pussy hard and I whimpered, "Yes, I'll
be a very good slut for all of you tonight."

The hardcore fucking, the name calling, which secretly
turned me on for some unknown reason, and the growing crowd
of men and women watching, had my cunt-tingling and the
fire that had never fully been extinguished began burning
red hot and my moaning increased ten-fold.

"Is our little slut close to coming?" Allison
asked, never slowing down her assault of my cunt.

"Yes, " I moaned, "make me come."

In response I felt her pull the fake cock out of my eager cunt.
Before I had time to react and beg her to put it back in me,
I felt much bigger hands, man hands, on my hips. I turned
around and saw a guy in a full Spiderman costume, so I couldn't
see his face, but I could see his stiff cock, briefly, before
it disappeared between my legs and into my cunt. I gave out
a loud, over-the-top moan when he buried his, cock, bigger
than Allison's toy, in me. He held his cock deep in me
and said, "You looked like you could use a real cock."

Not remotely caring about anything but reaching orgasmic
bliss, I responded like the cock-hungry slut I was becoming,
"Fuck yes. Fuck me with your big hard cock."

Spiderman obliged my request and began to really pound
my pussy. I moaned loudly and felt the orgasm building and
a few seconds later screamed, "Oh fuck, yes, I'm
coming, keep fucking me Spiderman."

The orgasm spread like wildfire through me as Spiderman's
big cock continued to ravish my cunt. I was just about to
speak again when I was greeted with another stiff cock,
this time in my face. I looked up to see a big buff male God
in a Roman costume standing in front of me, on the couch.
His six inch cock saluted me and he smiled a cocky smile that
told me he expected me to be good. Not wanting to disappoint,
I opened my mouth and he slid it in between my lips. It had
been a long time since I had a cock in my mouth, but luckily
the skill doesn't leave you, it seems. I attempted
to use my tongue and lips to tease his mushroom head while
Spiderman continued to hammer away at me from behind. Bent
over the couch was slightly awkward and I couldn't
get into a good position to suck his cock.

Suddenly I heard Spiderman grunt, "I'm coming
slut, " and a few seconds later I felt a load of cum
explode inside me. He continued pumping his cock in and
out of me until every last drop of his jizz was buried deep
in me and he pulled out. My cunt was empty for less than five
seconds before I felt a smaller cock slide into my well-lubed
pussy. I was curious who it was, but felt the Roman God's
hands on my head and soon he began to move his cock in and out
of my mouth. For the first time in my life I was being face-fucked.
Luckily, he moved his cock slowly in and out of my mouth,
while the guy behind me was fucking me like a high school
virgin. There was no flow or style, just quick pumps and
strokes. That said, it was enough to hit my pussy trigger
and I reached another orgasm. I opened my mouth a bit to let
out a scream, as best as I could do with a cock in my mouth.
The guy in my cunt may well have been a virgin for all I know,
as he didn't last long before he shot a load deep in me.
Once he slid out, it was quickly replaced with another cock
that soon began pumping in and out of my well-fucked cunt.
Eager to taste this Roman God's cum, I focused all my
attention on his delicious cock. I deep throated as best
I could and created extra saliva to create an oasis of pleasure
for his cock. It took less than three minutes of my focused
sucking to hear a grunt, which was followed by a heavy load
of cum coating my throat. I swallowed it all and kept sucking
until he pulled out of my mouth. He looked down at me, smiled
and gave me a wink before walking away.

Curious to see who was fucking me, I turned around to see
the man who triggered it all, Amy's husband. He too
gave me a naughty smile and spanked my ass. "Enjoying

I moaned, "Very much so."

"Turn around babe, " he ordered.

I did and saw one of the Lady Gaga clones sitting on the couch
with a smile. Without a word she kissed me. I kissed back
as best I could while being drilled from behind. Suddenly,
I felt hands on my ponytails and had my head pulled back as
Amy's husband fucked me. I instantly caught on to the
earlier handlebars joke. The Lady Gaga lookalike nibbled
on my neck as another orgasm from being treated so rough
shook through me. I screamed, "Yes, fuck me, fuck
me harder." My dirty talk seemed to get him off and
I felt yet another load of cum explode in my cunt. I continued
my dirty talk, "Yes, fill me with your cum."
He slapped my ass and pulled out.

The Lady Gaga lookalike ordered, "Come here, slut."
I stood up which was nice after being bent over a couch for
an hour. As I walked around the couch, she lifted up her micro
skirt to reveal a full patch of red hair covering her pussy.
She ordered, "Get eating, dyke."

I thought it was funny being called a dyke after I had been
fucked for the past hour. Regardless, I fell to my knees
and buried myself between her pale white legs and began
licking her pussy. She was already wet and her scent seemed
to be trapped in her red pubic hair. The scent was heavenly
and I took my time licking her pussy. Just as I found a path
that had less hair, I felt hands on my hips and soon felt a
big cock slide inside. I moved my head to see who was fucking
me, but felt Lady Gaga's hand on my head, pulling me
back into her cunt. "Don't you dare stop licking
me, slut. You are my little cunt for now."

A tingle of excitement flowed through me at such a dominant
declaration and I returned to licking her pussy. The cock
in my pussy was the biggest that has ever been inside me and
it felt fucking amazing. He began to fuck me with each thrust,
pushing my whole face into the wannabe Lady Gaga's
cunt. Realizing that licking her constantly was almost
impossible with my face being forced into her, I decided
to use my whole mouth and nose to please her. I angled my face
so my nose was on her clit and I extended my tongue out, attempting
to use it like a small cock. It seemed to be working as I began
to hear moans coming from her. Another orgasm was bubbling
inside me and it exploded through me when the unknown 'big
cock man' in me began to tease my asshole. I felt his
finger teasing my ass and when his finger slid inside my
tight asshole I let out a muffled scream into the pussy I
was pleasing. He began to finger-fuck my ass while still
fucking me with his perfect cock. The double sensation
had my orgasm lasting longer than usual. Suddenly, he pulled
his cock out of me. Disappointment overwhelmed me, I wanted
him back in me; I had never been fucked so well. Just as suddenly,
I felt my ass cheeks pulled apart and then a cock pushing
into my asshole. I had been ass-fucked a few times, but never
by a cock so big.

I heard the unknown guy ask, "Beg for me to fuck your
ass, baby."

The Lady Gaga wannabe let go of my head, and I looked up to
see a guy in a Batman outfit. I couldn't see any of his
face other than his chiselled chin. I begged, "Fuck
my ass, Batman. Be my hero."

I turned back around and dove back into the red-haired pussy
and sucked her clit into my mouth and licked like crazy.
I felt my ass opening slowly as Batman gently penetrated
my ass. I focused on the delicious pussy to distract myself
from the slight burning in my ass, which hadn't been
entered in over a year. I kept swirling my tongue on her clit
in my mouth and felt her legs tighten around my head and her
hand pulled my face deeper into her so I could barely breathe.
I continued licking while the cock in my ass went deeper
than I imagined possible. The Lady Gaga lookalike's
juices exploded on my face, like being at the bottom of Niagara
Falls. I continued licking and felt Batman begin to slowly
move in and out of my ass. The pain had subsided and pleasure
began to build within me. I lifted my head up and Lady Gaga
repositioned herself and kissed me. It was a passionate
kiss. When she finally broke it she smiled, "Man I
taste good." She kissed me one more time and sauntered

Now with just a cock in my ass, I grabbed the corner of the
couch for balance and begged, like a complete slut, "Fuck
my ass harder, Batman."

Instantly, he grabbed my hips and began to pick up the pace.
I whimpered, the pain coming back a bit, and just allowed
my ass to be ravished. "You like that, slut?"
Batman asked.

His voice seemed slightly familiar, but I couldn't
place it. I answered, "Yes, I love your cock in my ass.
It fills me so completely. Fuck me harder, Batman."

"Fuck, you're hot like this Mandy, way sexier
than I imagined when I hired you, " he grunted, beginning
to thrust into my ass hard and fast.

I moaned in ecstasy and then panic when I realized whose
voice it was. I asked, "Principal Hanson?"

"You can call me Mike, " he grunted again, continuing
to ravish my ass.

I was stunned. My married Principal was fucking my ass!
My married Principal was the best ass-fuck I had ever had!
My married Principal knew I was a dirty whore! How was I going
to deal with this when I returned to school? What about his
wife, Jessica? She worked in my department. As I pondered
this, a woman in fishnets sat on the couch and presented
her shaved pussy to me. I looked up and saw it was Jessica,
dressed in a matching Batgirl outfit. My face went white,
I am sure, as I was eye to eye with the wife of my Principal,
who was currently ramming my ass.

She smiled, "We have wanted to fuck you since you were
hired, Mandy. You are going to be a regular at our house parties
now, aren't you?"

I stammered, greatly distracted by the cock buried in my
ass, "Um-I-I-I-Jessica, I am sorry, I...."

"Shut up, Mandy. This is simple. From now on, you are
our pet. Our personal little plaything. You are my and Mike's
slut. You will be at our beck and call for Mike to use all three
of your holes and for you to please me as I wish: at work, at
our home, wherever we want. Is that understood, slut?"
Her voice was powerful, aggressive and no-nonsense. Her
finger went into her pussy while I watched in utter shock.

Instead of answering, another orgasm shook my foundation
and I screamed, "Oh my fucking God Mike, I'm coming...."

As my huffing and puffing continued, the orgasm refusing
to let go, Jessica pulled her finger out of her cunt and ordered,
"Suck your new Mistress' cum."

Without thinking I opened my mouth and took my colleague's
cunt juice from her finger. "Good pet, " she
purred. "Now come and get some from the source."
She grabbed my head and pulled me by my handlebars into her
ripe, glistening pussy. I licked and licked, eager to please

While I lapped at her shaved cunt, I heard my Principal grunt,
"I'm coming in your ass, slave."

The word 'slave' sent a chill down my spine as I
felt cum explode up my rectum. He pulled out and I felt his
cum slip out of my ass and down my legs. I felt hands grab me
and, before I knew it, I was straddling an average looking
40's cowboy and was pushed forward to have another
cock back in my ass, courtesy of a guy I never did get a look
at. Jessica grabbed my handlebars again and pulled me back
into her pussy while I encountered my first double penetration.
The double sensation was amazing and, within only a couple
of minutes of riding two cocks, yet another orgasm quaked
my being. I continued licking and nibbling and sucking
on Jessica's pussy lips, attempting to show my worth
as her new slut. I should have been mortified me, yet I felt
the exact opposite. I was wanted. It felt so fucking good.

The next ten minutes was like a hardcore movie scene. I was
called names. I was ass-slapped. I begged and swore. I bounced
back on the cocks in me like a veteran porn star. I brought
Jessica off to a pretty powerful orgasm. I had one more myself
and felt more loads of cum fill both my ass and pussy. Once
done, I collapsed on the floor completely exhausted, cum
leaking from my pussy and ass.

Suddenly, I felt hands on my ass and I heard Jack's voice
say, "Roll over baby."

I did as instructed and lay on my back for the first time in
over an hour. He parted my rubber-like legs and dove into
my cum-filled pussy. His tongue was amazing and such a gentle
touch after the past two hours of hardcore fucking. He licked
my pussy so gently, seemingly trying to extract all the
cum still in my cunt. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Jack's
sweet tongue for a few minutes, another orgasm building
in me. As if reading my mind, knowing I was close to orgasm,
he slid two fingers into my pussy and hooked them inside,
finding my g-spot. A few seconds later, I screamed, "Yes
Jack, more, more, moreeeeeeee."

Once my orgasm was done, Heather pulled me up and gave me
a tit-mashing hug, followed by a tongue- led kiss. Finally,
she broke the kiss and took my hand and led me back to Amy's
daughter's room. Once inside, she said, "So,
did you enjoy?"

I smiled, "Very much so, but my legs are killing me."

"Well, I will go get your clothes, and we will go back
to my place and soak in my hot tub, " Jack suggested.

"Sounds perfect, " I purred.

He kissed me one more time and headed out to find my clothes.

Sore, tired, drunk and, strangely, still horny, I lay back
on the bed and began rubbing my clit. So focused on replaying
the night's events in my head, I didn't hear the
door open and close, but I did hear the very clear words of
a shocked girl say, "Mandy, what are you doing on my
bed, in my cheerleading outfit?"

I looked up and saw Quinn, a beautiful african-american
college student from my rec volleyball team, looking at
me in a slutty maid outfit. I stammered, "Q-Q-Q-Quinn,
I am...."

Quinn walked over and put her finger to my lips. She smiled,
clearly excited, like a kid on Christmas morning, "Shush,
Mandy, you are mine now." She replaced her fingers
with her lips and her tongue slipped into my mouth. I realized
the night was just getting started.

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