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Teachers Delight (Whole story)


Teachers pleasure

I was 14 and sent to this special school for undernourished
and needy children. Mr. and Mrs Smith were both teachers
and each had a dorm to look after. Because of this they both
had their own rooms in one of the dorms. I was one of the oldest
boys there and was soon given the standing of prefect, looking
after the sports kit. Both of the Smiths were sport and gym
teachers. Mr. Smith soon realised I had round shoulders
and got me working on improving that. After a while I was
offered the chance to help Mrs. Smith with cleaning her
room. I was glad for the little job, which got me some pocket
money as well as helping to fill the time. Her room always
needed a lot of tidying with clothes, books and crockery
left about. I especially liked picking up her dirty clothes
which I had to put into the wash bag. I also sometimes made
the bed. Doing these chores would get me a raging hardon especially
her knickers and nightdresses which were always soft silky
materials. I had to hide my excitement as Mrs. Smith was
usually there to supervise. Sometimes she would be called
away and I got the chance to rub those knickers onto my hardon
which made me think I was in paradise. Such sexy sensations
were never before in my experience. I longed to steal a pair,
but knew that would most likely be found out and I would be
in trouble. She must have noticed something though as she
set me a trap and put me in the way of a real erotic experience.
One day Mr Smith told me that he would let me in to her room
as she was going to be out for the whole morning. I should
just get on with doing the things I knew needed doing. I thought
I had an early birthday. All those used knickers! Even her
drawer with clean ones too. I did get some work done first,
but soon I was drawn to wanking on a pair she had obviously
worn recently, probably the very last night. They were
still full of her body scent. I did not know much about it
but knew that my cock responded with great vigour. I had
a stalk about a foot long. Rubbing those knickers on my shaft
and then keeping them wrapped around my cock whilst I opened
her drawer with all those sexy garments. I stood there with
my mouth open and could hardly breathe. What a glorious
sight with all that lingery to feast my teen age eyes on.
I nearly shot my load then and there. I gently (for fear of
precipitating an explosion) stroked my cock with her dirty
pants. Suddenly I was aware that I was not alone. I almost
died with fright and embarrassment. Mrs. Smith was standing
not 6 feet away from me watching what I was doing. I started
to say that I was sorry and she said that I was doing wrong
and must be punished. That is when I noticed she was wearing
a dressing gown with a tie belt. She took me over to a chair
which stood in the middle of the room and she sat down. She
then pulled me over and made me lay across her knees. I felt
her slap my arse with her hand. It did not hurt too much as
my trousers saved much of the blow. She then told me to take
down my trousers so she could do a better job. I was just about
crying but got my trousers around my ankles. Before I could
lay across her knee again she whipped my underpants down
as well. Bare backside was now exposed to a teacher who was
going to beat the living daylights out of me. I was more than
scared. As I lay across her knee I gripped tight onto what
was available and the slaps started. After about 5 slaps, I
realised that I was holding on to this gorgeous teachers
thigh. I was grasping her leg at stocking top height and
I could even smell her body scent. I perked up and felt my
cock stiffen a bit too. Pretending to be just grabbing tight
hold I slipped my hand further up her leg and could detect
the heat of her 'thing'. I so wanted to touch that
part of a woman which I had never touched before, but I dare
not go any further. Then I felt the slaps get less strong
and start to be almost stroking my bottom. I let my legs go
wider apart without even thinking about it. Her hand now
was stroking lower down and was even touching my balls.
There was no doubt about it, she was fondling my ball sack!
I could not believe my luck. This lovely woman was feeling
me up. Never been here before but I must make the most of this
opportunity wherever it led. I lay there as quiet as I could
in this most exciting time and experience. I felt her stroke
my balls and then grip the whole sack in her hand and sort
of squeeze it. I was tingling with joy or something. Would
she get to touching my cock as well? I hoped so but did not
know what to do to encourage her, to let her know that I liked
what she was doing. My hand round her leg was still close
to her 'thing' and I so very much wanted to get to
touching it. Dare I move my hand? I really was at the edge
of my knowledge and wanted some guidance. She did not leave
me wondering for long. I felt her hand go down to my cock and
really start to stroke it. I was already hard but I felt as
though I now had a rod of iron down there. I felt the precum
start to flow and her hand used it to lubricate her stroking.
I somehow managed to move my hand and now it was touching
her 'thing'. It felt so warm and inviting. I slide
my hand across her and feel it wet and warm and slippery.
She lets out a little sigh and I don't know what to do
next. “Rub me there.” she said and I moved my hand over
her slippery slit once again. 'That's it '
she said. 'OOOH do it again, just the same.' I knew
then that I had done something right and got my fingers moving
in her slit again. She told me to stand up so that she could see me properly and
I stood up in front of her with my short tousers and underpants
round my ankles. She then said that I must never tell anyone
what had just happened. I said I had no intention of telling
anyone (I am sure I would have been scared of getting into
trouble for touching a teacher). She then asked if I had
liked what I had just done and I said that it was the most exciting
thing of my life. Her next question set my heart pounding.
'Would you like to do it again? And maybe more than that?'
I was almost too surprised to speak but I managed a 'Yes
please.' She smiled and again told me to never tell
anyone about it. She loosed the tie of her robe and showed me her bra covered
tits. She asked if I had ever seen a woman with no clothes
on. I told her 'No'. And she asked me if I wanted
to see her without any clothes on. Wow! I could hardly speak
so I just nodded my head. Again she made it clear that no one
should ever know what we were doing and I nodded my agreement.
My eyes were out on stalks. She did something and her bra
came loose and was pulled off.I saw a pair of tits for the
very first time in my life. I had imagined them, of course,
and they were not much different than my imaginings. However
the sight of them gave my cock such a surge that I thought
it might explode. Two mounds of tit flesh with a brownish
circle on each and these circles topped out with a nipple
the size of a grape. I was fascinated at the sight. She pulled
open the whole of her robe, my eyes travelled south and past
her belly button. Just below that was a bush of light brown
hair and then her legs. I couldn't see her pussy at this
moment but I knew that it was only hidden by that hair. She
asked me what I thought of her body and I told her that I thought
it was very pretty and I plucked up enough courage to ask
her the same question. She laughed and I thought for a moment
that I had blown everything, but she said that she liked
young men's bodies and mine was fine. Next she asked
if I wanted to see her pussy and at first I did not know what
she meant but she gave me a clue by moving her hands down to
that area known now as the Y and I spluttered out a 'Yes
please'.She move over to her bed and sat on the edge
of it beckoning me closer. As I got a bit nearer she moved
her knees apart and leaned back a bit so that I saw my first
wet pussy. My mouth fell open as I tried to say something
but words would not form. I eventually managed a loud sigh
and the was able to say that liked looking at her. She told
me to get a closer look and as I moved between her legs to do
just that she took hold of my cock again and told me that she
liked looking at and holding it. I told her that her hand
felt nice on my cock and she smiled at me saying that she was
glad and I could touch her pussy again if I wanted to. I put my fingers onto her pussy and she told me to try to get
my fingers inside it. I was a bit puzzled but tried what she
asked and was surprised to find my fingers entering her
pussy At this time her hand was gently wanking my cock and
I have to admit that I was really enjoying lots of new sensations
as her expert hands played music on my rigid digit. She asked
me to get my fingers further inside of her and slide them
in and out for her. I did that and she got me to use three fingers
instead of two and speed up a bit. She obviously liked this
because she was saying 'More, more'. Just then she seemed to go stiff and a gurgling sound came
out of her mouth. As she relaxed a bit she told me to stop fingering
her pussy as she needed a rest. I did not know that I had just
caused a woman to have an orgasm for the first time. She took
hold of my cock and wanked me till I shot my load then told
me to go into her bathroom and clean myself up.

Mrs Smith warned me again after I came out of the bathroom
that nobody else should know about what we had been doing
then sent me off. It was the next day when she collared me
during the morning playtime and told me to clean her room
after the days lessons were completed. I was all excited
and got there as early as I could. I didn't want to miss
a minute of this time. I started on cleaning up a bit. After
all, that was my reason for being there. She had left me a
couple of panties in the bathroom so I soon had them round
my cock and feeling their soft silkiness which, not surprisingly
got me hard in no time. I had to slow down and even stop rubbing
my cock or I would have had more cleaning up to do.

I slipped off my shorts and pants and replaced them with
a pair of her knickers underneath which, whilst being exciting,
left me able to continue with my chores. I smelled her bed
as I was remaking it and wondered what she looked like in
her nighty. I got my shoes off and slid under her sheets for
a moment. Wow! That was good. I was nearly done with my chores
when I heard someone come in and call out 'Are you there
love?' Mr. Smith had popped in. I called back that It
was me clearing up as his wife had told me to. 'I hope
you do a good job and keep her happy' he said. I am sure
that I was blushing but he just told me to finish off and then
get to the dining room for tea. I was half way to the dining
room when I realised that I was still wearing her knickers.
I couldn't go back. I would have to hope she didn't
notice them gone.

Nothing was said the next day and I began breathing a bit
easier. Friday Mrs. Smith grabbed me during the morning
and told me to put some things away in the gym store. I soon
had the place tidy and ready for inspection. When she came
to check she told me that I had done well and she looked forward
to seeing me later when I was to help her with finding some
things that she had been looking for. I am sure that my red
face was, for her, like reading a book. She knew! I could
only hope she would not get too mad about her missing knickers.

The afternoon came and there was no escape. I had to face
her and take whatever was coming. I decided that there was
no point in hiding why I had borrowed them so I decided the
best thing to do was wear them when I went to do the chores.

Teachers delight part 3

Well there was no way yo avoid it but I was a bit? on edge. How
would she take my latest bit of cheek? Walking between the
blocks with the silky smooth knickers massaging my cock
was a mixture of anticipation and sheer terror. Still,
if she wanted to cut my cock off I would ask her to use her teeth.
That was a delicious thought. No, actually, I had no knowledge
at that time about cock sucking or the delights of cunnilingus.
I had a lot to learn and the thing is, 'until you know,
you don't know'. Thankfully, we can all learn.
Still, at this moment I had only the anticipation that I
could be in the worst trouble of my life. I was only yards
away from that door through which I had do go and there was
no turning back.

I tried the knocking but there was no answer so I tried the
knob and the door swung open. Phew, I seemed to have a breathing
space and maybe I could hide the knickers somewhere so they
could be found later. I went in quickly and headed straight
for the bathroom to get those lovely but damning knickers
off. I had just got my shorts down when I heard a sound. Someone
had opened the front door and was on their way into the rooms.
I tried to quickly get my shorts and put them back on to cover
over the knickers and I sort of fell off balance and landed
with a thump on the bathroom floor. If only I had SHUT that
door! Too late now and I heard footsteps heading swiftly
towards me and my undoing. I stifled my cry of pain but there
was nowhere to hide. I was definitely caught with my pants

The next thing I heard was a soft laugh that went on and on,
or so it seemed. Mrs. Smith was still laughing as she told
me that the knickers looked OK on me but they looked even
better on her. I started to tell her that I was sorry but she
shushed me and told me that she had had a good laugh and we
ought to get on with what we both wanted to do. I was a bit puzzled
at that remark. She said that we both wanted to get those
knickers off me and she moved closer to me, helped me stand
up and reached down to push the knickers down my legs till
they dropped the last bit under their own weight. 'Now
I can see that nice cock of yours again, so come here and let
me touch it' she said. The sight of me lying there with
her knickers on had made her laugh so much that she forgot
to get mad about it. I looked up as she leaned over me and could
see right down the front of her tee shirt. I could make see
just about the whole of her lovely tits and my cock was suitably
responsive. I could make out the deeper colour of her nipples
and hoped I might get even nearer to them or even touch them.
I stammered out 'Oh, Miss you do look nice' which
caused her to laugh again. She pulled me towards her and
pressed my head into those two mounds of tit flesh. I thought
I had won first prize. I slowly moved my head to be able to
breathe a bit easier and she obviously liked that for some
reason, and she squirmed her tits against my face again.
I put my hand up to her chest and she moved slightly to allow
my hand to get to those precious orbs. I was fondling my first
tit. There was still a tee shirt between me and her but it
was a wonderful feeling to know that I was handling a woman's
body and she was enjoying it as much as I was. I let my hand
slide downwards till I was at her waist and then began moving
it upwards. I did not realise at the time that I was starting
to just go for it without waiting for permission. Feeling
bare flesh at her waistline I moved my hand higher and soon
encountered the mammary organs we call tits. I spent some
time just feeling the soft, smooth flesh and the weight
of her tits. I heard her sigh and was not sure whether I had
done something wrong but she told me to keep going so I did.
I soon noticed the different texture of her nipples and
began to explore them. I was interested to know that they
felt so very different from the rest of her tits. I was exploring
new things and was eager to know as much as I could about them.
She obviously liked what I was doing so I was happy to continue.
I also have to say that I was more than relieved to know that
I was not getting a good hiding over stealing her knickers.
The, between her sighs she asked me why I had taken her knickers.
I tried to keep my voice level as I told her that I just wanted
to have something of hers to keep reminding me of how lovely
she was. Her hand went down to my belly and then onto my cock.
She slid her hand over the shaft and said that it felt nice.
I told her that I really wanted her to stroke me and that even
thinking of her doing that made my cock hard. She asked if
I had enjoyed putting my fingers into her hole and I told
her that it was one of the nicest things I had ever done. She
asked if I wanted to do it again and I said yes of course I did.

Her voice sounded a bit deeper than usual when she then told
me to take down her shorts and then take her knickers off.
She even said please!

I swallowed hard and grabbing all of my courage I turned
to her and first pushed her tee shirt up and over her head.
I knew she had not told me to do that but I wanted to see those
tits in all their naked glory. Well, what a sight that was.
Huge (it seemed to me) mounds of flesh looking all soft and
feeling so smooth when I got enough courage to touch them.
My cock went rock hard without any touching. I don't
know how my cock knew what I had seen and goggled at and touched
but it sure knew how to respond. My knees went weak and I think
that I might have fallen over if she had not spoken and told
me to move over to her bed. I staggered there with Mrs. Smith
following and stood with my legs pressing against her bedding.
She said that we would do it a bit different and she said she
would take her knickers off of me. She said that if she took
them off of me then I could not have stolen them. She pushed
them down onto my thighs and then bobbed down to finish off.
Her hand against my belly made me sit and then lay back onto
her bed. Her knickers were still round my ankles and her
hand slipped down over my belly onto my rampant cock. I sensed
her moving nearer to me and then felt her breath on my thighs.
I then gasped in wonder as I felt her press her face against
my cock. She moved her face from side to side sort of nuzzling
my cock which almost caused me to erupt on the spot. I could
feel her breathing onto my balls and then felt her kissing
my cock. She kissed it three or four times, moving from root
to tip as she did. She was making mewling sounds almost like
a cat makes. I then felt something wet on my cock and after
a while I realised that she was licking it from the tip and
then down the shaft. I could not know what result that would
have but it did not take long for my cock to tell me that what
she was doing was wonderful. It felt very much like being
wanked only a hundred times better. After a few minutes
of this delightful ministration she asked me if I had liked
what she had done. My answer was, of course, that I thought
it was wonderful and would she please explain it to me. She
laughed again and said that she would and also teach me more
about using tongue and mouth when male and female get together.
I was tingling with all sorts of excitement and anticipation.
She wasn't quite finished though and she next took
the tip of my cock between her lips and then slid her mouth
part way down the shaft. I felt her tongue licking the very
most sensitive area of my cock. Then there was a moment or
two when I could feel a suction and I know that some spunk
came out of my cock as she did that.

Standing up she told me that it was now my turn. She talked
to me for a few minutes about how she had liked being my teacher
and that soon it would be the end of term. We both knew that
I would not be back after the holidays so our time was short.
She made sure that I knew that all she had taught me had been
possible because I was willing to learn. She also made it
clear that she, as a teacher, understood that learning
was a voluntary action. It requires a willing pupil as well
as a competent teacher. She said that I had been willing
to learn so she was able to teach.

Next lesson. She said that it was now my turn to use the knowledge
I had just learned and adapt it to the new situation. 'Remember
that I started by taking your knickers off.' she said
as she stood with the back of her legs against the bed. I grinned
and was ready to put my new skill into action. Both hands
on the waistband of her knickers and gently slide them downwards.
Her pussy came into view and I knelt down in front of her pushing
gently on her belly to get her to sit on the bed and then to
lie back. I parted her legs and took in that magnificent
sight of a wet pussy. It sort of gleamed in the lights and
I could almost see the moisture running out. 'Go on
your doing well so far' she said. I tried to remember
what came next. Then I remembered. It was the nuzzling.
I moved my face nearer to her pussy and tried to remember
just what it had felt like. Sort of just rubbing her face
against my cock. How could I forget that wonderful moment.
So I rubbed my face gently against her pussy lips and heard
her let out a breath. It almost sounded like she had said
'Yes.' I took it for a good sign and did it again
and again getting a bit stronger each time. This time it
was a much clearer 'YES' and I knew I was heading
in the right direction. I was surprised that it felt so nice
to rub my face against her wet pussy but it was a completely
new sensation and I was learning fast. Then I remembered
the tongue bit. That took a bit more courage but I pressed
my tongue against the soft wet folds of her pussy and began
to lick it. 'OOH that's nice' I heard her say
quite clearly before I pressed my face and tongue harder
against her pussy because I knew that I liked what I was doing,
and she liked it as well. I tongued her pussy lips for a while
and then she asked me to move my tongue a bit higher up her
pussy where there was a little bit that felt firmer than
the pussy lips. I did not know it at the time but this was the
first time I was aware of that erogenous zone we call 'the
clitoris'. I withdrew a bit and remembered something
else. I pressed my lips against her vagina lips and just
kissed them over and over. I thought that nothing could
ever be nicer than this.

You are a quick learner and I am very pleased with you. 'There
is not much more I can show you now, she said. 'Why not?'
I asked. 'You are too young and I am married too'.
What does being married have to do with it?' was my next
question. 'You are very inquisitive and very eager
to learn. I will ask my husband and we will talk again'

We moved so that both of us were on the bed and she took hold
of my cock again. She was stroking it using the leaking cum
to lubricate her action. She then told me that she loved
to see young boys with lovely hard cocks. 'Some people
like films, some like novels, but I like young cock and I
always have.' I put my hands on her tits again and told
her that I loved feeling them so she encouraged me to continue
as she liked me doing it too. I stroked down her belly and
she slightly parted her legs which I took to be an invitation
to feel her pussy and slipped two fingers inside her wet
hole. I began thrusting them in and out as I had done before
and she almost immediately began to hump her pussy against
my fingers she told me to keep doing that and almost screamed
as she stiffened up and suddenly I felt her pussy get very
wet and she hugged me and said I was learning fast but it was
time to go.

The next day was the last day of term. I would be gone by just
after dinner time. I was looking forward to going home but
I felt that there was something more to learn from Mrs. Smith.
How could I miss finding out what she had meant when she said
she would ask her husband? Shortly after tea I saw Mr. Smith
and he told me that they had a leaving present for me and I
should go with him. We went, not to his place but to Mrs. Smiths'
rooms. When we got ther he took me inside and told me to sit
on the sofa, which I did. He went into the bathroom and I could
hear them talking. He said that I was out there and waiting
. She said that she would not be long and they were both laughing
and sounded excited about something. He came back into
the bedroom and told me to sit for a few minutes and they would
be back.

It was not long before they both came into the bedroom wearing
only their dressing gowns. Mr. Smith spoke and said that
they both wanted to make my last visit very special. He reminded
me that I had promised that I would not tell anyone what had
gone on with his wife which he had known about all the time.
He then told me that there was one more thing they wanted
me to know about before I left there. As he was speaking his
wife was removing her robe so that I could see her whole body,
especially her tits. Those tits were so nice to look at and
even nicer to suck and fondle. My eyes were out on stalks
and even further out as they travelled down to that Y at the
top of her legs where her pussy was showing too. She smiled
at me as she moved towards the bed followed by her man. He
put his arms around her and kissed her gently and then more
passionately. I noticed that her legs were moving and sort
of stroking his legs andd his cock which grew magnificently.
He pushed her slowly onto the bed and followed her down onto
it beside her. I saw his hands move between her legs and stroke
her pussy.She moved her leg to give him more room and also
to stroke him with it. I was fascinated with the sight of
these two grownups demonstrating to me how they came together
with fucking in view. He then spoke to me and said that they
wanted me to see how a man approached his woman so that they
would both were wanting to be as close together as they could
be. His cock looked enormous to me and I wondered how he would
ever get it inside of her. I had had my fingers inside her
cunt and knew that they seemed to fit snugly in there. His
cock was much longer as well as thicker than my fingers.
I fact his next move was to slide his fingers into her pussy
like I had done a few times. I imagined how it felt for him
and wished I was doing it at the same time, but that didn't
seem possible. She was thrashing about and obviously enjoying
his actions so he moved so that he was laying on top of her.
She had her legs spread wide open and I could see that her
juices were making her pussy lips shine. I saw his cock begin
to enter into that well lubricated canal. It was the first
time I had seen the act. I was so excited that I cried out 'wow'.
Mrs Smith laughed and told me to take off my pants and come
stand near to her. I was naked in seconds and as I got near
the bed she took my cock in her hand, sliding it from root
to tip. She asked me if I would like to do what he was doing.
I could hardly speak for the very thought of fucking her
took my breath away. I nodded my head and eventually stammered
a 'yes please'. Her face was a real picture. Mostly
smiling but from time to time sort of tense and her breathing
was obviously affected and sometimes just came in short
gasps. Her hand remained on my cock which had never felt
so hard before. Cum was dripping from the eye of my cock and
onto her hand so she smeared it around the bell end which
only increased the sensations I was feeling. Suddenly
both of them were stiffening up which even I realised meant
that cum would soon be shooting out of Mr. into Mrs. Smith.
I saw him kiss her and noticed he was relaxing as the thrills
of coitus were receding. I then heard him saying that he
would leave her to me and His now soft cock exited her pussy.
It had shrunk but still looked longer than mine did on a good
day. I could never give her what he had just given her but
she seemed happy enough about it.

He pulled on his pants and headed for the door as he told me
to be nice to her as she liked me a lot. Off he went and she drew
me onto the bed beside her. She told me to lay on top of her
as he had done and she would do the rest. I lay on top of her
feeling all of that nice soft and smooth skin. My lips were
about level with her tits and I started licking them without
even thinking about what I was doing. She had not told me
to do anything and she had even said that she would do the
doing. Still I felt it was quite natural to do what I had been
taught. So I suckled her nipples even harder. I heard her
sigh and say 'Ooh that is nice' so I knew that I was
OK.I loved the feel of her tits in my mouth and swapped to
her other tit which was just as good to feel in my mouth. I
did not get any milk and I think I was a bit surprised at this.
I twas delightful to know that my face was pressing against
her tit flesh. I wondered what other parts of her body would
be like and kissed her a bit lower than her tits getting another
satisfied sound from her. I loved it she just lay there enjoying
what I was doing. I felt sort of powerful and competent.
My tongue travelled down her belly until those soft hairs
of her pussy was reached and I slowed down a bit. Oh, don't
stop, that feels very nice. Take it a bit genyle though as
I have already been fucked. As my fingers went lower I realised
just what she had said so I asked if she really meant that
I could fuck her and she told me that was what she had hoped
would happen as this was the last chance she would have to
feel my cock inside of her pussy.

Wow! I was really going to have my first fuck and her husband
surely knew about it so there would be no trouble from him.
I was trembling with passio or eagerness or something.
I just knew that I would never ever forget this time. I slippped
my fingers into her wet pussy and also massaged her clit.
Well get on with it she said and I placed myself between her
legs. My rock hard cock was at the entrance to that haven
of delight and she was wanting me to penetrate her vagina.
(I didn't even know that word then)

I moved forward and for the first time in my life I felt my
cock enter into those warm depths of a woman's pussy.
I slowly moved forward entering her. My cock got even harder
and fatter. I couldn't see it but that was how it felt.
He told me that she had been looking forward to this moment
for weeks but had to wait till it was term end to be sure that
nobody else realised what we were doing. My cock was soon
balls deep inside of her and I was in ecstasy. I had never
felt anything as nice as this before. It beat all my wanking
and even felt better than her mouth around my cock. I was
pounding in and out of that warm, slippery pussy as fast
as I could and I heard her telling me to slow down. I did as
she asked and was delighted to find that the sensations
were just as nice or even better than when I was going too
fast. I heard her telling me that she was loving having my
cock inside of her pussy. The sensations were out of this
world and I did not want to do anything to lessen the wonderful
feelings. However I did as she asked and was delighted to
realise that it still felt just as magnificent as before.
I also found that slower left me more chance to look at her
body whilst still fucking her. I realised that her tits
were just at my mouth level and began sucking her nipple
while still keeping up the action with my cock. I could tell
by her reactions that she was loving our combined actions.
She even told me how nice it was to have her tits sucked at
the same time as her pussy was feeling my cock sliding in
and out. I don't know how long our fuck lasted but however
long it was it was too short. I felt her stiffen up a couple
of times whilst I was pounding her cunt but I didn't
know what it was. I did know when I was going to shoot my load
but knew nothing about the possible consequences so I shot
it all inside of her.

I lay on top of her recovering from my first real fuck. I felt
her arms wrapped around me and she almost squashed me with
the biggest and best hug I had ever had. She told me that I
was the best young lover she had ever had which may or may
not have been the truth. It was certainly the best fuck of
my young life and I believe it stood me in good stead in later

It was time to disengage from her, my cock had gone soft and
I felt as though I had done a 5 minute mile. She got me to suckle
her tits for a few minutes while she gently stroked my cock.
We both relaxed and all too soon it was time to get dressed
and go back out into the world. It was getting close to the
time for the buses taking us lads and lasses back to our parents.
I got one last embrace frm Mrs. Smith and headed for the school
playground wher the bus collected us. I waved a farewell
to both Mr. and Mrs Smith with a mile wide grin on my face.

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guess you would call this a re-post , since it has been on
here before


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Very good. I would liked it if you had a threesome with her
husband. You have a nice looking cock.


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not a bad story, though i have read it somewhere before


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Very long but a very hot story


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Excellent story


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Great Story. At 14 every boy needs some good sex education.....