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Teacher Part 2


That evening I sat and watched my tape of 'A Clockwork
Orange'--I do so love that movie--and waited for Karen
to show up. Mom was dusting the living room, nude as usual.

I guess that bears some explaining. Dear readers, while
I had been programming Karen these weeks, I had been doing
similar work with Mom. She never wore clothing around the
house anymore, which was a treat, since Mom had lovely C-cup
teardrop breasts and a body that, by dint of hard work and
ruthless dieting, was as nice as Karen's. Mom's
coloring was different, brown hair and dark eyes, and she
was an inch taller than Karen, but at the age of 37, she was
still a knockout.

She now did the dusting, which had been my chore before.
She also cleaned my room, scrubbed the toilets, and took
out the trash, all of which had been my chores. I had used
a much lighter touch with Mom than with Karen, but nevertheless,
by now she had signed over the title to her BMW to me, put my
name on all her bank accounts, credit cards, and stocks,
and generally given me complete control of her money and
her life. At home, she was my personal maid and cook. Her
programming made her very happy with her new subservient
role. Fourteen months after that holiday season, when
I turned 18, she signed over the deed to the house to me...but
that is getting ahead of my story.

Anyway, Mom was dusting, and I had just gotten to the part
of the movie where Alex gets the Ludovico treatment, when
the doorbell rang. Mom jumped up, startled, breasts bouncing
delightfully. I never got tired of watching that.

"Master, are you expecting someone?"

"Yes I am, Mom, it's OK."

"Oh, I have to go put something on!" She was turning
and heading for the stairs when I told her to stop. I told
her she was at home, and safe, and that she was beautiful
and there was no need to hide her body. Mom calmed down and
waited to receive our guest. I was fully clothed, in case
you are wondering.

I opened the door and there stood my Karen. "May I come
in?" she asked shyly.

She certainly could. At school, Karen's outfits had
gotten more daring, to the point that she was getting long
looks from the boys and frowns of disapproval from the principal,
but to date she hadn't crossed the line of impropriety.
Here, in my living room, she had sailed right past that line.
My little lovedoll was wearing an exceedingly short and
tight spandex skirt, and a tube top that was stretched to
the limit by her big juicy tits. She had more makeup than
I'd seen on her before, and her hair was teased and styled
to the max. She looked like a whore. She also looked like
my wet dreams come to life.

Karen went pale when she saw my mother standing nude in the
living room. "Tom, uh, Master, I didn't--who's

"That's my Mom, Karen. Mom doesn't like
to wear clothes, and she's not ashamed of her body,
so she goes bare at home. Isn't that right, Mom?"

Mom smiled a smile of warm, affectionate greeting. "Yes,
Master. Clothes just seem to bother me these days. By the
way, " as she extended a hand to Karen, "my name's

"P-Pleasure to meet you, Cindy."

I stepped over and threw an arm around each of their shoulders.
Then I looked at Karen and said, "Why don't you
get out of your clothes, too? You'll be much more comfortable."

Karen immediately looked nervous. Then my Mom chimed in,
calm and reassuring as always: "Yes, dear, why don't
you? You're very beautiful."

Karen relaxed and peeled her clothes off. As I had hoped,
no panties. As I saw my mother and teacher in their nakedness,
interesting thoughts sprang to my head--but no need to
rush things. Mom broke up my daydream by taking Karen's
hand and saying, "Come, dear, let me fix you a drink."

We had a pleasant evening, my two naked beauties and I. Mom
made us all pasta for dinner. We talked about many subjects,
although I noticed Karen seemed to get a little lost when
Mom started talking about current events. Actually, she
used more one-syllable words than usual and generally
came off as air-headed. It looked like my hypnotic and subliminal
suggestions aimed at dulling her intelligence were working.

One interesting moment came as Mom was breaking an apple
pie out of the fridge for dessert. The conversation was
slowing, so I decided to do a little fact-finding. "So,
Karen, what do you want to do with your life?"

Our guest looked surprised, then knitted her brow in concentration.
"I don't know. I used to know, I think. There was
a guy I was engaged to; at least I think we were. He was going
to be a minister and we were going to have babies, but that
all seems like a dream. I can't even remember his name.
Now I want to be with Master and serve him." She put
a hand on my knee. "I guess that's what I want to

Mom beamed. "That's wonderful! You'll
be so happy! I'm so proud of Tom. He's grown into
a fine young man and a kind Master. He'll take good care
of you."

I was pleased by Mom's compliment and thrilled by Karen's
confession. My efforts to make Karen a submissive, destroy
her free will, and wipe out her memories of her past were
obviously working.

We continued chatting after dinner; then Karen entertained
us with some of her old cheerleading routines from college.
Dear readers, cheerleading is much improved when the girl
is naked. As I watched those big tits bouncing and that perfect
ass wiggling at me, I knew I had to have a release.

Karen finished off her last "Tigers, Tigers, fight
fight fight!" and curtseyed as Mom and I applauded
politely. Then I motioned for her to come over to me.

"Karen, there's something I need you to do."
I unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock, which is average
sized but that night seemed harder than it had ever been.
Mom arched her eyebrows in surprise. "Blow me, slave."
She gulped, took a deep breath, and took my cock in her mouth.

She had been a shy, demure Christian girl, remember, so
I thought she might be inexperienced at giving head. Karen
sucked cock like a pro. It occurred to me that she and Don,
since they thought premarital sex was a sin, might have
found other ways to be intimate. What mattered was how it
felt. There I was, in the easy chair, legs spread to allow
Karen access as she knelt on the floor before me. I heard
moaning, and I looked over to see Mom watching us and rubbing
her pussy furiously. Down below, Karen went up and down
my shaft. Her blond hair fell all around as she licked and
sucked. As she pulled back to my tip and twirled her tongue
on the underside, she gazed up at me with a look of love.

Mom came with a shout. Karen came soon after from fingering
herself--part of her programming was to orgasm easily--but
she didn't even break speed as she moved up and down
my shaft, going fast now, sucking hard, sucking like all
she wanted in the world was to make me come. I felt it build,
and at the last second I reached down and pulled her head
away, so I could spurt all over her face.

Karen looked stunned. I took a second to regain my wits,
then told her "That was great, honey." She brightened
visibly. Globs of my cum hung from her face. "Clean
yourself off and swallow, Karen." Slowly, as if in
a dream, she scooped each blob of semen off her face and swallowed.
"Now lick me clean." She complied, then sat
quietly and waited for instructions.

"Sleep time, Little Karen." I dismissed Mom,
gave Karen an injection, and continued. "Karen,
from now on you're going to be even more horny, more
than you've ever been. It will be very hard to think
about anything other than sex, or pleasing me. Whenever
you try to think about other things you'll get confused
and worried. Nothing will make sense to you. You'll
find it impossible to concentrate. Thinking about other
things will make you unhappy and afraid. But when you think
about me, about how you can please me, or how you can serve
me, you will be very happy. You want to be my slave. You don't
want to think. The outside is scary and confusing, Karen,
but when you let me control you, you are safe and happy and

"You are going to forget things. Everything in your
life before you met me will start to fade away. It's
like all your life was a dream, a scary, frightening dream
when there was no one to protect you and control you. But
then you woke up, and you were my slave, and everything was
right. You love me. You are safe with me. You want to serve
me. I am your Master. Do you understand?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good, good. On the count of three you will awaken..."

The next week was the last one before Christmas break, and
it was a very interesting one. From my seat in Home Ec class
I got to watch my mental conditioning of Karen take deep
root. That week was supposed to be one of intensive review
for the health and nutrition exam we were to take on Friday,
but it didn't happen. Karen couldn't give the
lectures. She'd stand up before the class and start
talking about high cholesterol, or how to keep your blood
pressure low, but after a few minutes she'd lose her
train of thought and stand there looking confused and more
than a little bit scared. Then she'd refer to her notes
or the textbook and start again, only to forget again. Even
worse was when a student would ask her a question about HDLs
vs. LDLs, or the effect of body weight on blood alcohol level,
and she would clearly have no idea. By Wednesday she gave
up completely, and we spent the last three classes chatting
about hair, makeup, clothes, and sex. The exam was canceled.

Every evening featured a little hypnotic programming
session with me and my sex kitten. I had already succeeded
in increasing her sex drive to well past nymphomaniac and
focusing that sex drive on me. Therefore I spent that week
increasing her servility and further reducing her intelligence.
The end goal was to make Karen addicted to sex with me and
desperate to serve me in any way. As for escape, I wanted
to make the very thought of escape alien to her, and I wanted
her too dim to figure out how to get away even if it did.

I continued to avoid sex with her during the two weeks between
end of first semester and Christmas Day. This was my way
of building up her need for me to frenzy. She gave me a blow
job every night but I ordered her not to orgasm by any means.
I had already arranged for Karen to decline an invitation
to her parents' for Christmas, so on Christmas Eve,
when I called and told her to come over, she was quite eager
to obey.

Karen arrived at our front door wearing nothing but a robe.
I noted with satisfaction that she had shaved her pubic
hair as I had ordered. We had a lovely evening, two gorgeous
naked women and I drinking eggnog and watching Miracle
on 34th Street. Karen clearly craved my cock; she was touching
me and fondling me all night. After the movie she gave me
a truly superb blow job. Mom was so used to this sight by now
that she barely noticed us, instead focusing her attention
on the Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol (shown,
thankfully, in the original black and white). That was
when I got my idea, while Karen was sitting at my feet.

"Karen, go over next to Mom."

She complied. Karen looked a little uncertain, but Mom
smiled warmly at her. "Hello, Karen dear."

"Karen, I want you to go down on Mom." When she
hesitated, I said "Now."

As Karen kneeled and spread Mom's legs apart, she looked
at me questioningly. "Early Christmas present,
Mom", I said.

Karen dove in and commenced licking. Mom settled back in
the chair, head resting on the headrest, eyes shut. "Yes
dear. Oh yes. Oh that's good. Oh...mmmm..."

Karen was obviously working hard, her mouth buried inside
Mom. Mom was gripping the arms of the easy chair tightly
now, mouth open, crying out from the pleasure: "Oh!
Uh...nngh...yes...mmm...Karen...oh God...."

I moved in closer to look. Karen was licking and sucking
Mom's clit with vigor, stimulating it with her tongue
and taking it between her lips. Mom looked almost like an
epileptic now, kicking out with both legs, breasts bouncing,
gasps of pleasure and ragged breaths coming from her open

Finally Mom grabbed Karen's head with both hands and
shoved her in closer, Mom in a frenzy now, obviously near
her peak. "Oh Karen DON'T STOP! Karen Karen yes
YES YES! Oh God, I'm coming, Karen, YES YES YES!"

Mom looked like someone had given her an electric shock.
Karen sat at her feet, waiting, until Mom said "Dear,
that was wonderful" and I sent a very happy Karen off
to get herself a glass of water.

Karen slept over that night, on the couch.

We were up bright and early Christmas morning exchanging
gifts. Mom got me some good stuff, including a DVD player
and the complete works of Stanley Kubrick on DVD, which
was very sweet of her. I got her some books, a Walkman, a gift
certificate to a dress shop, and other items.

I chose Karen's gifts with care. I got her a slave collar,
some new high heels, fishnet stockings, perfume, books
entitled How to Be Submissive and How to Please a Man, and
two bras with cutout nipples. She seemed grateful.

She gave me only one present. It was a leather-bound miniature
photo album filled with nude photos of her. Some were tasteful.
Some were not. I looked at her in surprise, and she said with
a shy voice, "I had a photographer do them last weekend."

We had hot cider and talked for a while, and then it was time
to give Karen her last present. I took off the pajamas I was
wearing and stood before her, naked (now everyone was),
with Mom watching from the couch. Karen looked at my cock
for a few moments, then dropped to her knees.

"No", I said. "On your back."

Karen's face lit up with joy as she hit the carpet. "Yes,
Master!" she cried. Soon I was on top of her, and without
a bit of foreplay, I slid myself inside her. Her eyes went
wide as I entered, and then her face froze with pain as I took
her virginity. Soon, however, her desire for me took over,
and she was riding waves of pleasure. I was riding her, arms
supporting my weight, my chest rubbing on her tits as I pounded
away inside. Karen's legs were spread wide apart,
her feet crossed together behind my hips and pressing against
me, as if she wished to push me inside her even harder. Then
she uncrossed her feet and planted them on the floor and
started pushing against me, her hips thrusting against
me, driving me deeper inside her.

Karen was slick with sweat. Grunts and moans came out of
her mouth. Her body rocked with mine, back arched, breasts
crushed against my chest. Her fingers trailed up and down
my back and then grabbed my cheeks and pulled me into her,
and it seemed I went deeper still. Karen's thighs flexed
as she pushed off the floor against me. Her eyes flew open
and locked on mine, and I saw inside them hunger and lust.
Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed as
her orgasm hit her. I came too, an orgasm that I felt all the
way to my toes, and it seemed like I would come forever, shooting
geysers into her. I cried out as well, then collapsed on
top of Karen's writhing body.

After taking several seconds to catch my breath, I lifted
myself up to look in her face. We had not moved; I was still
inside her. She looked at me as if from far away, then kissed
me. She fell back, lips trembling, and she seemed to use
the last of her strength to push two words out from her mouth.

"Thank you."

We showered together, and then the three of us dined on Mom's
Christmas turkey. Then we sent Karen home.

The next day I was bored, so I decided to head on over to Karen's.
I would have liked to move her in with us but it would have
been difficult to keep that a secret, and above all I did
not want to draw attention to what I'd done to Karen.
So fairly early that morning, I hopped into the BMW and zipped
over to her apartment. I didn't bother to call--what
would be the point?--and I let myself in with Karen's
spare key. Dear readers, I was quite surprised by what I

Karen's suitcase lay open on the living room coffee
table. A large amount of clothing was piled in a heap inside
it. More clothing was strewn all over the apartment. Actually,
it looked like a tornado had hit Karen's closet. Next
to the suitcase lay a tattered road map and the keys to her
dilapidated '91 Nissan Sentra. Karen seemed confused.
She had her shoes and socks on and laced, but otherwise she
was naked. She was holding a bra in her left hand and wandering
around the room, but not actually accomplishing anything.
It was as if she had no idea what to do next. I watched my lovely
bounce around the room for a few moments, and then I spoke.

"Karen, what are you doing?"

She froze, then turned to face me. She looked petrified.
Her eyes were red from weeping. Her mouth opened, but she
couldn't find her voice. I interjected again.

"Karen, are you going somewhere?"

Her fear seemed to deepen. When she spoke it was in a barely
audible whisper. "I...I have to go."

"Why are you leaving, honey?"

She started to sob. "You. You've done something
to me."

"Have I really? What have I done?"

Karen was having difficulty speaking. Her voice quavered
and fresh tears were running down her cheeks. "I don't--I
don't know. I didn't used to be this way. I was a
teacher. You hypnotized me after class one day, and everything
started to....". She broke down in a fit of tears.

I tried to be reassuring. "Karen, you can't go
anywhere. You belong to me. Your place is here, with me,
as my slave. It's pointless to resist."

A tear fell from her cheek onto her left breast. I watched
it roll down the slope of that round, beautiful, gorgeous
38D tit and stop at her perfect nipple with its small areola.
The nipple was erect. She tore her eyes away from mine and
looked down at her shoes. "I have to...I can't
let you...I have to go home...."

"Karen, where is your home? Do you remember?"

She looked up at me in surprise. Her mouth opened and she
took in a breath as if she was about to say something, but
she suddenly stopped. She paused for a moment, trying to
recall, and then burst out crying harder than before. She
couldn't remember.

I took her in that my arms. She nestled close against me,
crying inconsolably. Her breasts pressed against my shirt.
She literally cried on my shoulder, begging between tears,
"Please. Please have mercy."

I stroked her golden hair. "It's too late, baby.
I want you, and I'm going to have you. Don't worry,
Karen. You'll be very happy." I threw a robe around
her, and led her out the front door to my car.

I had planned this crucial phase of her programming for
a while, and luckily all was ready. I hadn't planned
to do it this soon. I had hoped it would not be necessary,
but Karen's little spark of resistance had to be snuffed
out, and there was no reason to wait.

One word to Mom, and she left the house for a three-day getaway.
I took Karen to the bathroom, where she relieved herself,
then took off her shoes and discarded the robe. She was very
docile, following me with her hand in mine. I put her into
trance and led her to the basement.

Our house was in a rural, otherwise wooded area at the end
of a 2-lane trail off the main road. Of course, no neighbor
could have heard what went on in the basement anyway. In
the center of the basement there was a wooden chair. I sat
Karen down in the chair, then fastened the straps around
her ankles, wrists, neck, and head. In the center of the
seat was a line of holes to accept the screws for what I was
installing on the seat: a dildo on a small stand. I inserted
the dildo gently, very gently, into Karen, and screwed
the base down into the seat. This way, she was free to move,
but she'd have to rub herself against the dildo if she

I put a gag into her mouth, and then brought her out of trance.
If she had been frightened before, the look in her eyes now,
when she woke up, was pure abject terror. I spoke quickly:
"Karen, you're in our basement. Mom is out of
town, and our nearest neighbor is a quarter-mile down the
road. There's no point in screaming, OK?" I took
the gag out. She was silent. "Now honey, the less you
fight, the quicker it will be."

Then I turned on the strobe light, injected her with the
CIA drug cocktail, pressed PLAY on the tape player, and
headed for the door. As I swung it open she suddenly shrieked,
"No, Tom! No, please, don't!"

I shut it behind me.

Dear readers, it was very important that she be awake for
this last stage, for it was time to break her conscious mind.
The CIA mind-control drug, while it did make her very, very
suggestible, left her conscious. The tape was playing
Karen's own voice, recorded previously in hypnotic
sessions, saying the same things I had been saying to her
subliminally and during hypnosis for six weeks: "Tom
is my Master. I want to please my Master. My Master thinks
for me. I love Master. I want to fuck Master." Variations
on a theme. While this played aloud, a second track played
the same message subliminally. This way I could program
her conscious and subconscious minds at the same time.
The strobe light was meant to disorient her and deny her
sleep, but I did not anticipate this lasting more than a
few hours, with the influence of the drug and all the conditioning
I had already done.

I could not have been more wrong. The drug coursing through
her veins had turned trained KGB agents into zombies during
the Cold War, but Karen found some hidden well of strength
inside her. I watched and sometimes listened on a closed-circuit
monitor (had to sell of some of Mom's stock portfolio
to buy this equipment). She fought loudly for the first
few hours. Sometimes she would beg: "Please! Please
God let me out of here!" Sometimes she would shout:
"Help! Somebody help me! I'm in the basement!"
Sometimes she was defiant: "You can't do this
to me! I won't let you!" I wouldn't have dreamed
she had anything close to this much will to resist. Her cries
lasted sporadically into the night.

Before midnight, she started to get tired. I was tired too,
but Karen would get no sleep until she was broken. Around
12, I gave her a bottle of water and another injection. As
the night wore on to morning, her voice faded to a dull moan,
but I could still hear it: ","
All the while, her other voice played on the tape on continuous
loop: "I want to make Master happy. Master keeps me
safe. Tom is my Master."

Ten the next morning, 26 hours, another water bottle and
injection number three. I was dead on my feet, drinking
coffee by the gallon to stay alert, catching naps when I
could. Karen was hollow-eyed, approaching breakdown.
Her head lolled in the restraints. She wasn't talking
anymore, just moaning, moaning without words.

Six that night, 34 hours, bottle number three and injection
number four. Karen was muttering under her breath when
I came in. I had to lean in close before I realized she was
repeating the words on the tape. "I love to fuck Master.
I am Master's fuck toy. I must obey Master." It
wouldn't be long now.

Two hours later. I had dozed off in my chair. I awoke and turned
the audio on and heard grunting and heavy breathing. The
monitor showed Karen enthusiastically thrusting herself
on the dildo and having a fierce orgasm.

I entered the basement, clicked on the overhead light,
and turned off the strobe and the tape. Karen settled back
in her chair limply, staring at me with watery eyes and whispering
"Master Master Master...."

I delicately withdrew the dildo, unfastened the straps,
and helped Karen up. She smiled at me, kneeled, and fumbled
for my zipper. "Karen, don't you want something
to drink?" She pulled the zipper down silently. "Karen,
I have food for you." She pulled my erection out. "Karen,
don't you want to go to sleep?" Karen took me in
her mouth. She gave me a fantastic blow job, swallowing
every drop. After she was done, I fed her a grilled chicken
sandwich and some water and put her to bed. She slept for
fifteen hours.

She was all mine. Epilogue

That was twenty months ago. I just graduated high school,
and in a couple of weeks I'll be going to a well-known
Technical Institute to earn my degree in computer science.
After that I'll get a job working for a software company.
I don't really need a job, with Mom and Karen earning
money for me, but it will give me something to do. I still
do a little hacking in my spare time. Last night I hacked
into the secret files of the Republican National Committee
and found out that Ralph Nader is one of their paid operatives.
Who knew?

Mom is the same she was that December. She still works as
a CPA. After work she comes home, takes off her clothes,
and becomes my servant, fulfilling my every need and catering
to my every whim. I still control all her assets, of course,
but I've done a good job managing them. Mom is very happy.

Karen never taught again, of course. She works part-time
as a stripper downtown. I didn't use the CIA cocktail
anymore, but we still had several sessions where I fine-tuned
her programming and blanked out her past. I was worried
about her parents. Surely they would come looking for her
eventually, and I wasn't sure how to deal with that,
so I took a chance and sent them a video of Karen stripping
at a club, as well of the pictures of her that I sold to Internet
porn sites.

Dear readers, it worked beautifully. Karen's Bible-thumping
parents disowned their hell-bound daughter. By now, Karen
has forgotten her parents, and even forgotten her last
name. When the three of us go to college together, she'll
have a new identity, complete with driver's license
and Social Security card. You'd be amazed what you
can get if you're willing to spend. With her new identity,
and no knowledge of her link to Mom and I, her parents will
be hard-pressed to find her, if they ever do look.

Yes, Mom and Karen are going to college with me. I couldn't
possibly leave my beauties behind. I gradually regressed
Karen to a mental and emotional age of thirteen or so. She
still has the skills I deemed useful, but in general she
is childlike, very cheerful and affectionate. Her raging
nymphomaniac sex drive remains intact, of course, and
focused on me, although she and Mom have a pleasant little
lesbian relationship that they indulge in on the side.

I have two stories left to relate to you, dear readers. The
first came that June, just after junior year had ended.
One day I decided to put Karen to her final test. I went to
the garage, disconnected the starter on her Nissan, and
came back inside. I found her and told her to dress, which
she did happily, because that means she's going out,
and she likes going out as long as I am with her.

After she put her dress on I surprised her by pressing the
keys to the Nissan and ten $100 bills in her hand. She looked
at me in utter befuddlement. "Karen, I'm tired
of you. You've disappointed me, and I've decided
I don't want you around anymore. Take the car and this
money and leave. I don't care where you go, but leave
here and don't come back." Before she could say
a single word, I shoved her out the front door and locked

About three seconds later a terrible banshee scream came
from the other side of the door. Next came the sounds of Karen
beating on the door, scratching at it with her fingernails,
and jiggling the knob uselessly. She screamed "Master!
Please Master don't! Don't send me away! Don't
make me go away, Master! What did I do, Master? Master, PLEASE!"

She was still begging when I opened the door. She collapsed
into my arms, hysterical with relief, smothering me with
kisses and reaching for my crotch. "Oh Master thank
you thank you thank you thank you...."

I smiled down at the gorgeous young woman who was already
sliding out of her blouse. "It's all right, Karen, "
I said as the blouse hit the floor and she reached for the
bra clasp. It was only a test, and you did just fine."
Then I took my eager slave to bed and fucked her.

The second story happened just a couple of days ago. I was
in the living room, reading a book, wearing a pair of gym
shorts. I try always to wear some article of clothing as
a badge of ownership over my two slaves, who wear nothing
in the house. I thought Mom was packing for our move (house
already in escrow!), and I presumed Karen was watching
TV, which is her usual leisure activity.

I was reading quietly when Karen appeared at the entrance
to the room. "Master?" I looked up and enjoyed
her nakedness, as I always do. The golden hair framed that
sweet angelic face in all its beauty. Her smile is brilliant.
Her hands are small and delicate. Her tits are large, large
as any centerfold's, but round and firm and natural,
the kind you just yearn to lay your head upon. Her trim waist
and flat stomach flare to gently rounded hips. Her pussy,
the source of so much pleasure, is always shaved. Her legs
were smooth and lovely, ending in dainty little feet. I
am grateful to have such a rare jewel of a woman for my slave.

"Master?", she asked again, bringing me back
to reality.

"Yes, Karen?"

"May I suck your cock?"

Such politeness. "Of course you may."

Whereupon Karen entered the room, followed closely by
Mom! Mom, who has dark coloring and C-cups but is still so
much like Karen. Each of them grabbed one side of my shorts
and pulled, leaving me nude. Mom smiled at me, a smile with
just a hint of wickedness, and said "Please relax
and enjoy, Master."

Then they commenced to suck my cock together! They quickly
teased him to erection, their mouths on either side of him,
their lips and tongues meeting as they jointly licked and
sucked him from top to bottom. Or, one would take the shaft
and balls, caressing with her warm wet mouth, while the
other took the tip, swirling her tongue around it as she
might an ice cream cone.

I certainly couldn't last long like this, so I took
charge. "Mom, on all fours. Karen, underneath her,
start rubbing her clit." Both complied speedily.
I got up from the chair and immediately slid into Mom--perhaps
I should call her Cindy now--slid into Cindy hard, drawing
a sharp moan.

I wondered briefly why this was happening. I had programmed
Mom to be totally subservient to me, of course, and to be
naked around the house, but I hadn't gone nearly as
far with her as I had with Karen. Mom still had all her faculties,
and still worked as a CPA. Also, while I had "encouraged"
her lesbian relationship with Karen, I had never once directed
Mom's-- Cindy's--sex drive towards me. Could
Karen have influenced her? Could Cindy have unknowingly
used some of Karen's subliminal tapes? Or was this
just the next logical step of Cindy's submission and

It hardly mattered. What mattered was that I had two sex
slaves now instead of one, and Cindy was enjoying herself
thoroughly. Karen was below her, rubbing her clit furiously
while I slammed into her from behind. Cindy's body
shook and her tits swayed with every thrust. Soon she was
bent forward and down, her head pressed between Karen's
legs, growling with pleasure. Finally Cindy came, shrieking,
writhing, in convulsion, and then I came too, exploding
inside her. It was over, and we all collapsed on the floor.

Cindy licked me clean this time. My lovelies snuggled up
to me as close as they could, four breasts pressed against
me, and promptly fell asleep with their heads on my chest.
I was awake for a little longer, pondering. Is this enough?
Is two sex slaves enough, or do I need a third?

I have decided two is not enough. I will capture another.
I'll have to choose carefully. She must be without
husband or child, and preferably have only a minimum number
of family relations. She will have to be able to enter her
new life without making too many problems as she leaves
her old. Of course, she will have to be a stunning beauty
as well. It will be a time-consuming search, but I have plenty
of time.

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verry nice


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You sir are an asshole.


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Loved the story but>>> You are a sick puppy and
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Grand imagination and great writing!


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Far surpassed part one! VERY HOT! Don't stop now...we
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very nice hope to hear more


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lets hear more


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Very nice - But I do think you of let your Candy an Karen PLAY
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You are a sick dum ass-hole and don't deserve Karen
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You must be the most ubly guy ing the world to have to stoop
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