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Teach Me Tonight (mm:first time)


"Hey, Miguel, there's somethin' I want
to tell you." I'd heard that tone
enough to have a pretty good idea what Jim was going to say
next. I
kind of suspected when he invited me over for beers. "I've
never done
anything with a guy, but I'm sorta ..."


"Yeah. I don't think I could ever have romantic
feelings for a guy, but
a few years ago I read a letter in Penthouse with some group

sex. The guy was getting a really good blow job while he ate
one of the
girls' pussies, and when she got up, he looked down
and saw that it was
one of his friends. For some reason, this time it turned
me on."

"That's not unusual, Jim. They slip a letter
like that in there now and
then for variety. If their readers didn't enjoy it,
they'd stop putting
those letters in."

"Yeah, but this time it stuck with me. I got curious
and rented a couple
bisexual porns, and I liked those, too, except for the anal
parts, but
I didn't like anal scenes with women, either."

I'm gay, and I've known it as long as I can remember.
That is, I don't
remember having some epiphany where it dawned on me why
I hadn't
enjoyed my dates. I'd never had a friend come right
out and tell me he
was gay like me, but there'd probably been a half-dozen
friends or
acquaintances who told me they were bi or curious. Two had
even told me
point-blank that they'd like me to be their first,
and I often wondered
how many of the others had that in mind but were afraid to
come out and
say it.

Jim did. "I'd like to try it." He was looking
me in the eye when he said
it. I didn't change my expression. "I'd
really like it if you were my

"I'm honored, sort of, " I told him. "Why

"You're my friend, Miguel, " he said.
"And I trust you."

"Any other reason?"

"Well, I'll basically be using you."

I raised my eyebrow. "Why is that a good thing, Jim?"

"Because I'm telling you up front. I don't
want you to think I'm in it
for more than sex. I figure I can't fall in love with
you, because I
just don't feel that way about men. I also figure that
if I were the
type you could fall for, you would have by now. This way neither
of us
has any illusions."

I thought about that for a second. "You're probably
right that we don't
have to worry about falling in love, although I'm not
sure I agree with
your reasoning."

There was an awkward silence, and then Jim asked, "So,
does that mean
you'll do it?"

I paused for a second. "I'm not saying yes, but
what about protection?"

"Are you clean?" he asked.

"Yes, " I said. "I always get myself tested
after a relationship ends,
just to be safe. What about you?"

"I gave blood about four months ago and haven't
had sex with anyone,
male or female, since then. If I had AIDS, I would have heard
them; and anything else I would have noticed by now. So we
can go
bareback." He said "bareback" with the
same self-conscious intonation
that I've heard from other hetero guys using a word
that they thought
would make them sound "in."

"I'll think about it, " I told him.

Jim changed the subject. We shot pool in the rec room of his
building for a half-hour or so, and then we watched an action

This wasn't the first time a friend had asked me to be
his first
man-to-man encounter, but it was the first time I'd
said yes. I called
him a couple nights later to tell him, and we arranged for
him to come
to my place at eight o'clock Friday.

To make sure neither of us thought this was a date, we both
had supper
beforehand. Nevertheless, at five minutes till eight
I looked out my
window to the parking lot and saw Jim waiting in his car,
no doubt
making sure he was neither early nor late. I sat back in my
and let him walk up to my door so he wouldn't know that
I knew. When he
rang the doorbell, I got up, opened the door and let him in.
He put his
hand out and I shook it. He seemed nervous, like he was doing
instead of hugging or kissing me the way he would a date.
He took his
jacket off, and I hung it on the hook on the back of the door,
him to sit wherever he felt comfortable.

He felt comfortable on the end of the couch that was next
to the
recliner. I didn't want to force anything, so I sat
on the recliner,
facing him. "Where do you want to start?" he

"I should ask you, " I answered. "We don't
have to do anything you don't
want to. This is all for your benefit." He looked like
he was ashamed,
not of having sex with a man, but of having sex that was so
selfish, so I continued, "Not that I won't enjoy
it, mind you!" He
relaxed. "I have some porn that is, shall we say, market-specific,
you're interested."

Now that he understood where things stood, he said, "Well,
I know I like
getting blow jobs, so I thought we could start with you going
down on
me. If I like that--and I almost certainly will--I'll
see if I'm
comfortable going down on you. And if I like that, we can
about anal. But I don't want to get the gerbils involved!"

Normally I can tell whether Jim's joking, but not this
time. "Neither do
I, " I assured him with a laugh. "That's
just one of those freaky things
that you hear about, but hardly anyone really does."
He seemed
embarrassed to have mentioned it, and now he was looking
at the three
porn titles sitting on the coffee table, one VHS and two

"Is the sex in a gay porn much different from the gay
sex in a bisexual
porn?" he asked.

"Well, only being interested in one kind of sex, I
never watched a bi
porn, " I said, "but other people tell me it's
pretty much the same." I
picked up the remote and switched the TV on so Jim could put
the disk

While he did that, I sat on the couch, not in the middle but
down a
little from where he had sat a few minutes ago. This wasn't
one of the
higher-priced DVD's, so instead of a title menu, it
went straight to an
ad for a straight phone-sex line. (I know, that part didn't
target the
same demographic as the movie. Don't tell me; tell
them.) Jim found the
forward button on the remote and skipped through to the
main feature.
When the titles started, he sat on the couch, right where
he had sat
before. He sat up straight, not leaning back to relax, but
not leaning
away from me as if he were afraid, nor toward me as if he were

I put my hand on his knee and told him, "Relax. We can
do this however
you want. If you just wanna watch the movie, we can enjoy
a gay porn
together. If you want to turn it off and just rip each other's
off, we can do that too."

"Thanks, " he said. "Let's start
with the movie." He leaned back and
watched the plot build up to a sex scene. Since I wanted to
make sure
we went at whatever pace made him comfortable, I sat back
and did the
same. Just as one of the men took his shirt off, Jim laughed
at the
vapid story line, and I laughed along with him. He watched
as the two
men undressed each other and one of them, "Steve, "
got on his knees.
The other, "Gary, " lifted his erect cock so
Steve could lick the
underside. Would Jim try to imitate whatever he saw?

No. He sat up a little, watching the action closely. "Oh,
man, I could
go for that, " he said, but he didn't make any
motion toward me or even
unbuckle his belt. "Yeah, stroke that cock."

Steve was jacking Gary faster and faster until Gary said,
"Here it

"I want it!" Steve yelled. Of course, with porn
editing, the camera
wasn't on Steve when he said it; it was on Gary, masturbating.
grunted something, and they switched to a shot of some cum
landing on
Steve's face. It looked real, but it might have been
the fake stuff
they sometimes use.

Jim sat back and said, "Yeahhhhh." Fortunately
for both of us, they
didn't go all out on the first sex scene. They had some
more "story, "
and then we saw Gary again, this time with "Paul."
The air conditioning
was broken in this scene, so they took their shirts off.
Gary started
kissing and licking Paul's nipples, which prompted
Jim to put his hand
on my crotch and rub. I put my hand on his cheek and turned
his face
toward me. I moved in to kiss him, but he turned away. "I
don't know,
Miguel. I just don't ... feel that way."

I told him, "You don't have to if you don't
want to. But think about
this: There are a lot of women who think it's really
hot when two guys
kiss. At least when it's two good-looking guys. And
you're definitely a
good-looking guy. So, if you're ever lucky enough
to do a woman and
another guy at the same time, you'll be helping her
get aroused. Just a

Jim thought for a moment and shook his head. "It just
doesn't turn me
on. Let's watch some more." We both turned back
to the movie. Gary and
Paul were both naked, and Gary was on all fours, sucking
Paul's cock.
This went on for a few minutes while I rubbed Jim's crotch.
naked guy came up behind Paul and started rubbing his cock
Gary's legs. "Oh, fuck, yeah!" Jim exclaimed.
I rubbed his dick a
little harder, and he turned to me. He put his hand on my head,
me toward him and kissed me. At first it was just a firm kiss
on the
lips, but he nodded his head toward the back of the couch.
We both
moved back. We put our arms around each other and kissed
again. This
time he opened his mouth. I followed suit and soon our tongues
touching. He pushed a little toward the arm of the couch.
I let myself
go all the way back, pulling him down on top of me. He alternated

between French-kissing me and kissing various spots on
my face and neck
before he put his hands under the small of my back. I put mine
his waist, and we spent the next five or ten minutes just
making out
like that. I was getting hard, and I could tell he was too.

I broke this kiss and told him, "Take off your pants."

He said, "I'm not ready for you to suck me yet."

"Good, " I told him, "'cause I'm
not ready either. Take 'em off anyway."

Jim got up, picked up the remote and stopped the DVD. Then
he unbuckled
his pants, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor.
While he did
that, I got my pants off as well. I was sitting up now, and
I patted
the spot next to me. Jim sat down and told me, "That
was neat. The
stubble was kind of a turn-on for me."

"Then kiss me some more, " I told him. He leaned
in to do so, but he
couldn't quite get his lips to mine, because I had put
my hand on his
boxers. I found his dick and started rubbing it through
his shorts.

He stopped trying to kiss me and said, "Damn, that
feels good."

"Why don't you try it on me?" I suggested.

"Not yet, " he said. "I want to see how
it feels when you finish it." I
sat up straight and pulled his cock out through the fly of
his shorts.
I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it slowly. "Oh,
man. Oh, God,
Miguel, that's fantastic!"

"Better than when you do it yourself?" I asked.

"Different, " he said breathlessly. "If
I were doing it myself, I'd be
thinking about some erotic scene, but having you do it is
exciting on
its own."

I started going faster, but I stared him in the eye the whole
time. "I
can feel some pre-cum coming out of you, " I told him.
"Do you want me
to go harder?"

"Please!" Jim answered. I looked down and saw
his purple head come out
on my down stroke. That made me go even harder, and soon actual
cum was
coming out. "Oh, fuck. Oh, yeah!" I let go, and
he looked down to see
little gobs of cum spurting onto his blue boxers. Part of
one landed on
his thigh, and a little stayed on my fingers. "Now
let me try, " he
said. He looked down to where my cock was making a tent and
put his
hand around it. He stroked it a few times, let go and put his
inside my boxers. He pulled my cock out and wrapped his hand
around it,
just as I had done for him.

He was at a different angle than I had been, but it still felt
"Don't start off so fast, " I told him.
"You were at a good speed
before." He loosened his grip a little. He was stroking
me harder, but
it was more deliberate. He was getting his hand and my foreskin
all the
way down instead of stopping at the head.

He leaned in to kiss me, and this time we were positioned
so that he
could. After a few times kissing my lips and rubbing his
cheek against
mine, he told me, "Lie back." I did, and he continued
jacking me off,
but this time vertically. I thought I was about to come when
stopped. He stood up and took his shorts and shirt off. My
friend was
completely naked in front of me. By the time I formed that
thought, he
was no longer in front of me but on top of me. Before he came
to rest,
I pushed up so I could get my own underwear off. He started
kissing me
again, using his tongue again, and he was bucking his hips
mine. I could feel his balls on top of my cock, and the part
of his
cock just below the head was on my wait. He kissed my cheeks,
my lips
and my Adam's apple.

When one of his thrusts took him high enough in the air, I
between us and put my hand over his cock. "Are you ready?"
I asked,
looking down.

"Definitely, " he said, and he got off me.

"Then follow me, " I said. I got off the couch
and led him to my bedroom.
"Lie on your back, " I instructed him. He got
on the bed and lay down,
hands behind his head on the pillow. "Another tip, "
I told him. "Doing
that the first time makes it seem like you're taking
it for granted.
Which, right now, is reasonable, but in general, it could
turn a guy
off just like it does a woman."

"Sorry, " he said, and he moved his hands to
his sides.

"Don't worry about it, " I said. "Now
spread those knees so I can get at
you." I crawled between his legs and pointed his cock
up in the air. I
licked his perineum and his balls. I kissed each testicle
and licked my
way up the underside of his shaft until I came to his head,
which was
barely poking past his foreskin. I positioned my open mouth
and exhaled on his dick.

It twitched a little, and Jim told me, "Wow, women
don't usually do
that. I guess they don't know how it feels."

I hadn't taken him into my mouth yet, so I was able to
correct him.
"Some do; you just haven't met them." I
brought my mouth back down and
closed my lips around his cockhead. I put my right hand around
shaft and stroked it a couple times, pulling the foreskin
down. Inside
my mouth, I placed my tongue at the bottom of his head. I traced
ridge with my tongue as I lowered my head, getting most of
his seven
inches into my mouth. I went up and down, varying what I did
with his
cock in my mouth. At different times, I swirled my tongue
over his head
and swiped it all around the shaft.

Finally, I brought my head all the way down and sucked hard.
I could
feel his balls tensing just as he told me, "I'm
gonna cum!" I sucked
harder, and now there was no air between any part of his cock
and my
mouth. I looked up and made eye contact. "Oh, God,
you're swallowing!"

He was right, for the most part. I lifted my head so I could
feel and
taste the first two blasts of his cum as it passed over my
tongue into
my throat. Then I took him out and bent his dick a little toward
"You act like that's something new, "
I said, once my airway was clear.

"Not completely new, " he said, "but
it's the exception rather than the
rule, that's for sure." Some of his cum had landed
on his chest, and I
rubbed it in. Some had also landed in the general area of
his cock, and
I drew that toward his balls so that it dribbled down between
his legs.

I pulled up so I was face to face with him and lay on my side.
"So, what
do you think?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked. Then he looked
down at my hard cock and
said, "Oh, right. This is what I've been waiting
for!" He moved down so
that his body was perpendicular to mine. He stared for a

"You're sure about this, " I asked.

"Mm-hmm, " he said, not looking up. He pulled
my dick toward him, pulled
the foreskin down and licked my head. He stroked me twice
and tried to
take me all the way in, but he gagged. "Sorry, Miguel, "
he said.

"Don't feel bad, " I told him. "If
you're not ready--"

"I wanna do it, " he said. "I just wasn't
ready for all of it at once."
He started over, swirling his tongue over my cock head,
then licking
down the side that was toward him. He pulled my dick toward
him and
licked up the side that had been away from him. When he got
to the top,
he let it rise a little and took just the head into his mouth.

"That's it, " I told him. "Do whatever
feels good for you, and if I don't
like something, I'll let you know." He moved
down slowly, eventually
getting most of me into his mouth and coming back up for air.
also tell you if you do something I really like." This
time he put his
hand around my dick and leaned down to lick my balls. "Like
that!" I
exclaimed. He licked the ridge up to the top and took me in
his mouth
again. "Try humming, " I suggested.

Jim paused and hummed a little of "Yankee Doodle Dandy."

"Yeah, that's it, Jim!" I told him. "That's
so hot! See if you can get
that ridge on your lips. That always feels good for me."

Jim turned so that he was side by side with me and leaned over.
bobbed up and down on my dick and took it out again. "You're
right, it
does." He took it back in his mouth and resumed sucking
on it. I
reached out and found his hip. I pushed him onto his side.
He lost my
dick for a moment but got it right back. Jim's balls
were right below
my eye level, and he moved down to a position where I was looking
his balls and the base of his cock. "That what you wanted,
Miguel?" he

"You know it is, " I told him. I put my hands on
his buttocks and licked
each of his balls. As I licked his shaft, he moved his hips
allowing the head to reach my mouth that much sooner. I pushed
his butt
cheeks toward me, to get his dick into my mouth. Jim was still
on my dick, much to my enjoyment. I was able to say, "Mmmm, "
response to both, without opening my mouth.

Jim let go briefly and said, "Wow, 69'ing a guy
is even better than
69'ing a woman."

I let him out of my mouth long enough to say, "Shut up
and keep sucking
me." We resumed sucking each other's dicks until
I felt the pressure
building up in my balls. "Mmm!" I said, trying
to get him out and warn

He opened his mouth and spoke. It was garbled because he
still had me in
his mouth, but I could make it out: "Yeah, I can tell.
Give it to me."
He closed his mouth and I shot the wad of my life into his mouth.
wasn't the biggest load, but I'd never enjoyed
it quite as much,
especially since it put him over the top and he came in my
mouth too.
This time I was greedy and swallowed the whole thing. So
did Jim.

When we were both finished coming, Jim turned around so
we were face to
face. He kissed me again, opening his mouth. I knew what
he wanted, so
I did the same, and we each tasted our own cum. "So,
why do you say
that 69 is better with another guy?" I asked.

"Well, I like it with a woman, 'cause we both please
each other at the
same time, but with you, we got into a rhythm where what I
was doing to
you, I could feel you doing the exact same thing to me."

I nodded in agreement. "It's not always like
that, but when it is, it's
awesome, isn't it?" I put my hand on his hip. Absent-mindedly,
brought it down across one of his ass cheeks.

Jim's dick sprang to life. "Wow, I'd forgotten
about that!" he

"What?" I asked. "Oh, right, anal. Well,
since you obviously enjoyed
sucking, do you want to try anal?"

Jim thought for a second and asked, "Depends. Are
you a top or a

"I'm versatile, " I told him. The expression
on his face suggested to me
that he understood me but hadn't heard the word used
that way before.
"Tell you what, since you're new to this, you
can fuck me and then
decide whether you want me to do you."

"That sounds good, " he said. He got on his knees
and moved around to
face me. I lifted my legs in the air, accidentally hitting
him on the
shoulder. "What the--?"

I had a flash of insight. "I guess there's one
difference in the
sex in gay porn and the gay sex in bi porn. You've never
seen men do it
in the missionary position, have you?"

Jim shook his head. "Not even seen men and women. I
didn't know it was

"In that case, we should do it the way you're used
to, " I said. I held
his dick up and said, "You've still got some cum
on your dick, which is
good. Just to be safe, though, let's use some lubricant."
I scooted
over to the dresser, opened the middle drawer and removed
some K-Y
jelly. I handed it to him and said, "Rub some of this
on my ass first."

I turned around and waited. I heard him open the jar, and
a few seconds
later I felt him hold my buttocks apart while he ran a finger
down the
crack. He put his finger into my anus and rubbed the jelly
"That feel good?" he asked.

"Not especially, " I said, "but that's
the way to do it." His hands left
and he repeated the process using more jelly. This time,
after he
finished rubbing it in, he reached down and fondled my balls.
responded by backing my ass toward him. I felt his hard cock
my thigh and rising. When it was almost to my anus, I told
him, "You've
done a good job of lubing me, and the finger helps a little,
but you
still need to ease it in."

Jim raised the head to my opening and nudged it in. "Like
this?" he

"That's it, " I encouraged him. "Now
you should be able to slide it in."
He tried to go further, but he wasn't positioned right.
He brought his
legs up closer to mine and pushed. "Ooh, not quite
right, " I told him.
"Pull back a little, and then push in slowly."
He did what I said. "Now
you're set." Jim's instincts weren't
good, but he was quite teachable.

He slid back and forth, and I could feel his cock getting
harder as he
went. "Oh, yeah, it's like a tight pussy, "
he said.

"I'll have to take your word for it, " I
said. I felt his balls hit my
ass. I backed it up to him to help him out and then pulled forward.

"Oh, shit, that feels good!" he told me.

"Now, thrust it just as if you were with a woman, "
I told him. "It won't
be exactly the same, but you'll get a good feel for it."

He picked up the pace, and I could feel him filling me up.
He was also
getting me hard again. "Mmm, " he said. "This
is as good as I imagined."

"You're doing great, Jim, " I told him.
"Fuck me harder!"

He did, and before long he was shouting, "Oh, fuck!
I'm coming, Miguel!"

"Do it, Jim! Come in my ass!"

"Oh, God! Oh, yeah! Here it comes!"

I felt his cum filling my asshole, and I realized I'd
gone too long
between relationships. "Damn, Jim, I'd forgotten
how good that feels!"
I could tell by this point that he was finished. "Now
pull out slowly,
and look at my ass when you're out."

"Wow, my cum is just sitting there. I've never
seen that before, " he

I pulled away and lay on my back. "Not even with a woman?"
I asked.

Jim lay next to me and told me, "I've only done
it a couple times with
women, and it was always with the lights out."

We stayed like that and talked about how he was enjoying
his first time.
At various points in the conversation, each of us had his
hand on the
other's dick or balls, and occasionally we'd
jack each other a little
bit. Jim got up to get us some beers, and as he was leaving,
my view of
his ass got me hard again.

He returned with the beers. He handed me an open one and opened
other for himself. He looked down at my cock and said, "You
want to
fuck me, don't you?"

"Only if you want to try it, " I told him.

"I do, " Jim said, "but I wanna try something
I'd never seen until I
visited a gay porn site. Stay where you are."

I didn't know what he had in mind, but I was fairly certain
it would be
difficult to do with a beer in my hand, so I put it on the nightstand.

Jim put his on the dresser. He got on the bed and straddled
my hips
with his back to me. He was bringing himself down when I told


"You're probably not ready yet, " I told
him. "Get on all fours."

"But I want to do it this way, " he said. He did
as I instructed, though.

"You can do it in whatever position you like, but you
need some kind of

He turned around and said, "I'll show you lube."
He took my cock back in
his mouth and went down in a hurry. Whenever he brought his
head up,
he'd stroke my cock. I thought he was going to go until
I came, but
after a half-dozen trips, he let me out. He pointed to the
pre-cum that
was leaking out and said, "There's your lube!"
He went down a couple
more times and turned around again. I gathered the pre-cum
and his
saliva on my hand and put my finger in his asshole. I pistoned
in and
out a couple times, which he also seemed to like. He pulled
away from
my finger and sat up.

I gathered that he felt ready, so I pointed my cock straight
up. Jim
backed up so it came between his butt cheeks, and I lined
the head up
with his anus. "Slide down slowly, " I told
him. As he did, I was able
to get my cock into him. "Okay, I'm in, "
I said.

"I noticed, " Jim answered. He brought himself
down until all I could see
was the base of my cock under his butt cheeks. "Man,
that feels good, "
he told me.

"I'm enjoying it too, " I assured him.

Jim raised himself up until only half my dick was inside
and slammed
himself down. "Oh, yeah, fuck me!" he exclaimed.

"You're doing a pretty good job by yourself, "
I said. Jim was going up
and down, faster and faster, shouting out his enjoyment.
I managed to
sit up so I could get a better look at him. I reached around,
his cock and started jacking him off.

"Oh, yeah!" he moaned. "Fuck my ass, Miguel!
I love it! And jack me off,
just like that!"

That made me stroke him even faster. When I stroked all the
way forward,
it felt like his foreskin must be half the length of his dick.
really enjoying this, aren't you?"

His voice had gotten half an octave higher. "Oh, yeah!
It's fuckin'
great! I'm gonna come, Miguel. Are you ready?"

That really excited me. "I am now, " I told him.
I let go of his cock
just in time to see him splatter his seed on the edge of the
bed and
the carpet. My own cock was starting to twitch. "Fuck!"
I exclaimed. As
he came down on my cock, I remembered how good it had felt
the first
time I got a load of cum in there, and I returned the favor
for him.

"I know what women like to do in this spot, "
Jim said. He contracted his
butt muscles, squeezing my cock for those extra drops at
the end.

"It's having the same effect, too, " I
told him.

When my orgasm subsided, Jim got off me and sat next to me
on the bed.
"You told me the other night that other straight guys
have asked you to
be their first, " he said. "Why'd you do
it for me and not them?"

"Well, it's not because you're good-looking, "
I said, "even though you
are. It's not just because we're friends, because
I've turned down
friends before. I hope it's not just because I haven't
had any myself
in a couple months. I suppose the main reason is when you
told me you'd
only be doing it for sex."

"So you liked the fact that I was honest with you?"

"Yes, but more importantly, I think it's because
I knew you were being
honest with yourself. I turned down at least one guy because
I was
afraid he'd mistake the sex for love. You knew exactly
what you were
getting into." After a pause, I asked him, "So,
what'd you think?"

"Well, I'm not giving up women. I'll never
get tired of boobs. But I'm
not gonna turn down a chance to do it with a guy, either."

"I'm glad you liked it. You still have to learn
what you like and what
your partners like, but that's true no matter who your
partner is."

"I mean it, " Jim said, putting his hand over
my wet cock. "If you ever
just want some no-strings fucking and sucking, let me know."

That was four months ago. I haven't taken him up on it,
but maybe
tonight I will ...

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its taken me all afternoon to read this story on and off,
you know with things to do in between. But i really enjoyed
it. Wish i had a friend like you.


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Reminds me of my first time, always looking for a no strings
get together


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Dam so horny think i'm lucky guy get first lesson same
sex sex acts


naykidagain 66 M
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its so nice reading about how man sex is so enjoyable once you are open enough to try it i can tell you i love it pussy too