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Tarts & Vicars


"Come on, " Mick said again, "It'll
be fun."

I suppose I just gave up in the end. He'd been going on
all night this "Tarts & Vicars" party he
reckoned he'd got us invited to. All I'd wanted
was a quiet drink, but he just wouldn't stop going on
about it. As always, Mick claimed that this was a "sure
thing", and there'd be loads of women there.

But that's what Mick always said. He was a good mate,
but he did go on at times! I'd had a crap week, and would
have been quite happy to go home and crash out. But, as I say,
in the end I just gave up to keep him quiet. After all, nothing
would come of it, would it? It never did with Mick.

"All right then, " I told him.

He stared at me, not sure he'd heard me right. I laughed
at his reaction, and finished off my drink. Standing up,
I spoke to him again.

"Come on, " I told him with a laugh, "lead
me to all these women."

I walked out of the bar laughing quietly to myself, knowing
that Mick was all talk. Glancing back, I could see him trying
to finish his drink before following me. I waited outside
for him to catch up with me before hailing a cab. We clambered
in and Mick gave the driver the address. This time it was
me who was surprised ‒ both because Mick actually had an
address, and because of where it was in a pretty smart part
of town. Maybe things were looking up.

Ten minutes later we were there ‒ and things were definitely
looking up.

Mick paid the driver while I looked around. We were in a cul-de-sac
of smart, detached houses ‒ all nice gardens and big cars.
I was about to ask Mick how he had managed to get an invite
when the door of the house of front of us opened. A couple
came out. They were both young and good looking ‒ and were
all over each other. But it was the lady showing them out,
and giving them both lingering "farewell"
kisses, that really made me gasp.

She was gorgeous ‒ early twenties, long blonde hair, cute
face, and a body to die for. And all she was wearing was a set
of black underwear ‒ a low cut bra that left her breasts bulging
out of the top, knickers that were cut high and skimpy, black
stockings held up on her long, long legs by a lacy suspender

I just stood and stared, my mouth hanging open as I drank
in the view for the few seconds it was available to me. As
she turned to go back indoors, I caught a tantalising glimpse
of her naked ass, the thin ribbon of her thong disappearing
between her firm, young buttocks. My mouth felt dry ‒ and
my cock hard. Very hard.


She turned as Mick called out, and walked straight past
me and across the garden to the door.

"Mick! You came." Her voice was low and husky.

Now I stared at him ‒ as he hugged Suzie to him and kissed her
quickly, his hand sliding down her back. It turned out that
they had met a couple of weeks ago, and that she had invited
him to the party. It seemed that while her parents were away,
Suzie was determined to have some fun.

"Come on, Simon, " he called out, a huge "I
told you so" grin on his face.

I followed them into the house, trying hard to drag my eyes
away from Suzie's gorgeous ass. Once inside, I could
hear loud music from one room, and chatter from another.
I wandered around while Mick went to get us some drinks.
I found myself in a large lounge, and grabbed a seat at the
end of a long couch.

There were about a dozen people in the room, mainly couples.
As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I realised that while
the men in the room had largely ignored the "Vicars
& Tarts" theme for the party, the women definitely
hadn't. Most of them were dressed in incredibly sexy
clothes, and looked raunchy to say the least.

As my eyes adjusted further, I quickly realised what else
was going on. At one end of the room, a few couples were dancing,
very slowly, very sensually. Each couple was clinging
to each other, their mouths locked together, their hands
running over each others bodies.

Elsewhere, couples were openly touching and caressing
each other. At the other end of the couch to me a couple were
practically having sex, while at the other end of the room
a guy was openly undoing his ladies blouse as she sat on his
lap, his hand reaching in to caress her more than ample breasts.

Mick eventually brought me a beer ‒ and promptly disappeared
as he went off in search of Suzie. And that was the last I saw
of him.

As I sipped from the bottle of beer, I looked around again,
my eyes drawn to a couple standing talking on the opposite
side of the room to me. I took one look at her, and instantly
forgot what was going on around me. To me, she was quite simply
beautiful. Perhaps not in a conventional way, but she looked
it to me in a very sexy, open sort of way.

She must have been about my age ‒ I'm in my mid thirties.
She was about five feet and a few inches tall, with shoulder
length brown hair. The blonde highlights streaked through
her hair glimmered in the subdued lighting.

She was wearing a dark coloured Basque, with a white see
through blouse over the top. The blouse was only done up
by a knot at her belly button. Her breasts bulged firmly
out of the tight Basque, her nipples barely covered. Her
legs, which were encased in black, disappeared into a tight,
black miniskirt that only just covered her fit looking

As I stared at her, she glanced my way and smiled. The bloke
she was talking to took her glass from her just as she glanced
at me. As he turned to put their glasses down, she looked
me up and down and smiled again, the wet tip of her tongue
sliding across her red, lip stick covered lips. My cock
was bulging now as the bloke turned back towards her.

She pulled him to her, and they kissed as I looked on, her
tongue clearly thrusting into his mouth. His hands were
running up and down her back as they kissed, squeezing her
firm ass, and pulling her to him. She rocked against him,
pushing herself onto the hard bulge in his trousers. As
they broke their kiss, she reached down and ran a fingertip
over the bulge in his trousers.

And then he led her out of the room. I watched them leave,
my face green with envy.

"Her name's Chloe ‒ and it looks like she's

I looked up towards where the voice had come from. I hadn't
even noticed anyone standing next to me. She was young,
around nineteen. I watched as she walked across in front
of me, from the side of the settee where she had been standing,
to nestle down on the settee beside me.

"But I'm not, " she continued, as she snuggled
up to me, holding my arm in her hands, her breasts snug against
me, her legs crossed to show off an expanse of warm, tanned
thigh below her very short skirt.

She moved her hand, and ran a fingertip across my thigh,
and along the hard ridge in the front of my trousers.

"You do like her, don't you, " she said
with a laugh, moving her hand back onto my thigh.

She snuggled up closer to me, throwing her leg across my
knees, before asking me my name.

"Simon, " was all I could gasp as she moved her
hand back into my lap to give me a gentle squeeze.

"Feels like you've been enjoying the view, "
she murmured her mouth now very close to my ear.

I turned my head towards her, and her lips sank down onto
mine. She tasted wonderful as her tongue slid along my lips
and into my mouth, thrusting quickly and deeply as I pulled
her to me, as she squeezed my cock again, as my hand ran instinctively
along her silken thigh.

She broke our kiss just as quickly as it started, smiling
a delicious smile at me before snuggling up close again,
her hard nipples pressing into my arm.

We chatted idly, occasionally glancing around, talking
about what we could see, what we would like to see. After
a while, all we were doing was filling in time, teasing each
other, until we were ready for what now seemed to be inevitable.

While we talked, I stroked her thigh gently, savouring
the warmth of her smooth, sexy flesh. She left her hand resting
in my lap, my cock hot and hard under her, her other hand stroking
lightly along my arm.

We kissed again, a long, lingering kiss. As we kissed, she
moved easily onto my lap, and then twisted so that her knees
moved each side of mine so that she as straddling me. I reached
around her to her ass, my hands now slipping inside the back
of her skirt. We kissed again, our tongues thrusting wetly
into each others mouths, hungry for more, lots more. My
cock was throbbing, eager for release.

I squeezed her ass as she sat up, and unashamedly eased down
the front of her strapless top. Slowly, so sexily, she uncovered
her large, soft breasts. She smiled down at me as I gazed
at her breasts, at their size, their firmness, their shape.

She pulled my head to her, urging me to suck on her dark, taut
nipples. I licked and nipped at her rubbery flesh, and then
sucked harder, pulling her nipple, her breast, into my
mouth. I reached for her other breast, only to find that
her hand had got there before me, and that she was tugging
and tweaking at her own nipple.

I moaned into her breast as she pressed her hungry cunt down
onto my cock, grinding herself against me. I was aware of
the couple on the settee next to us watching as I devoured
her breast, as she held me tight, as her body moulded itself
to mine.

For long minutes we enjoyed each other, oblivious to the
others around us, turned on by them watching, by what they
were doing, by what we were doing. I pulled away from one
breast to lick and kiss her body, her cleavage, her other
breast, leaving wet trails and red marks on her silky soft

I reached under her to find her hot, wet pussy. She wriggled
back onto my hand as I slipped one, and then two, fingers
inside her. Her wetness gushed onto my fingers, my hand,
as I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her, as our passion,
our need, rose.

"I need your cock, " she eventually gasped
into my ear, pulling her top up before quickly standing
up and pulling me to my feet.

She led the way to the far end of the room, past the few dancing
couples. Two girls were dancing, both topless, their breasts
pressed together, while another girl was openly stroking
her man's cock as they danced slowly.

Beyond the dance floor was a door leading to a dining room.
We went in, kicking the door closed behind us. Once inside,
we fell on each other, kissing, biting, feeling, wanting.
We broke apart, gasping for breath, looking at each other.

She went across to the table and perched on the edge, her
breasts heaving as she looked at me, her rock hard nipples
threatening to rip thorough the thin material of her top,
a look of sheer lust in her eyes.

"Fuck me, " she said, before lying back on the
table, her arms above her head, her body stretched out,
her feet up on the edge of the table.

I stood between her legs, her skirt wriggled up to her waist,
and looked down at her, undoing my trousers with one hand
while I reached out with the other to touch her belly, to
feel the wet front of her skimpy knickers.

My cock sprung out from my clothes, long and hard, pre cum
dripping from the end. I ran my hand over the front of her
knickers again, feeling her heat, her wetness, hearing
her gasp as I pressed the flimsy material into the folds
of her pussy. She pressed against my hand, her mound pushing
up to me.

I yanked her knickers to one side, the material ripping
easily, to expose her pouting lips, her erect clit, her
smooth, shaven mound. She gasped again, her body writhing
on the table, as I rubbed my cock head over her pussy lips,
and then between her lips before pressing it down onto her

She arched her back, her breasts bulging against her top,
as she pushed her hips up, pressing herself onto my cock,
demanding that I fuck her.

And then I plunged my cock into her tight body, her cunt wrapping
itself around me as I drove deep inside her with one thrust.
I held her hips, holding her tight to me, my cock buried inside
her, feeling her pussy throbbing around me, her hot flesh
moulded around every ridge, every contour, every vein,
of my cock.

And then I eased out of her, before plunging back in again,
my cock reaching deeper inside her hot, wanton body as she
pushed her hips up to meet me.

I reached forward and dragged her top down, reaching for
her breasts, for her rock hard nipples, as her pussy sucked
and pulled on my cock, as she wanked herself on me, as she
moved swiftly towards a climax. I drove into her repeatedly,
each time reaching deeper inside, each time holding still
for a few long seconds as she pleasured herself on my cock,
as I used her body.

I held her breasts, her pebble like nipples pressing into
the palms of my hands, her wonderfully sexy flesh digging
into me. I pinched her nipples as she came, her cunt convulsing
around my cock, her head shaking from side to side, her eyes
shut, her mouth open, as her orgasm flooded her body, out
from her pussy, out from around my cock, and through her.

I held still, gazing at her as a red flush rose up her body,
as pleasure washed through her, my cock still buried deep
inside her, rock hard against her soft flesh.

As she came down from her high, I pulled out of her, and rolled
her over, quickly pushing her skirt up and over her tight
ass before driving back into her hot cunt from behind. She
cried out, swearing, as I grabbed her hips, and slammed
my cock as deep into her as I could reach. I fucked her hard,
pulling her back onto my cock to meet my thrusts.

Her cunt was tight around me as I plundered her body, both
our cries filling the room. My balls felt tight and full,
my body crying out for me to cum. But I slowed down, wanting
this to last.

I slid into her more slowly, her juices pouring out of her
onto her thighs and the table as we moved together. I slid
a hand over her ass, caressing and holding her firm young
flesh. I ran a finger into the tight gap between her cheeks,
moving from the top to scratch lightly over her puckered
little hole, and then down to her sopping wet pussy.

I moved my fingers back up, rubbing the ridges around her
tight bum, feeling the wetness where her juices had run
down between her cheeks earlier, feeling her shiver under
my touch. Slowly moving my cock inside her pussy, I eased
the tip of my finger into her ass. She sighed with pleasure,
holding still as I pressed deeper into her, before pushing
back, wanting more.

I fucked her slowly in both holes, my cock long and hard in
her pussy, my finger in her ass, feeling one against the
other inside her hot body. Her body wriggled under me, wanting
more, her excitement building again.

I pulled my cock from her, and quickly pressed my throbbing
cock head against her ass. I wasn't sure of her reaction,
but I knew what I wanted. But then she gasped "Yes",
and pushed her ass up towards me. I leant forward, one hand
on her hip, the other on my wet, slippery cock to guide me.

At first all I felt was resistance, but then she opened up
to me, and with a "pop" my cock slid easily into
her ass. We both moaned loudly as I entered her, as the tiny
ridges of hard flesh rubbed along my cock. I held still for
a few moments, and then pressed harder, deeper, into her,
as her ass came up to meet me.

I fucked her hard in the ass, feeling her finger rubbing
along my length as she finger fucked herself. She cried
out as she came again, from my cock in her ass, from her fingers
in her cunt, from the pressure of the rough table on her sensitive
nipples. As she came, I carried on pumping into her, making
it last.

Again, my balls felt ready to burst, but I knew exactly what
I wanted. Again, as she came back to me from her high, I pulled
out of her, my cock bouncing in front of me as I rolled her
over onto her back. I pushed back into her cunt again, her
juices still running from her. I drove hard into her, my
cock relishing the wetness of her pussy after the tightness
of her ass.

Her pussy sucked me inside her, as I reached for her, and
pulled her to me. As she sat up, our arms went around each
other, our mouths locking together as we kissed, as our
tongues explored. She pulled my shirt apart, a button flying
off, so that she could press her naked breasts against my
chest, her nipples digging into me. She dipped her head
to suck and bite my nipples as I fucked her, as I held her.

My balls were on fire as I drove into her. This time I couldn't
stop, and with a loud cry I came. My balls contracted and
drove my torrent of thick cum out of my cock. I buried the
first spurt deep in her cunt, before pulling out and wanking
my cock, sending thick arcs of it over her breasts, her face,
her hair. She opened her mouth, taking some cum there.

As I wanked, she pushed her fingers into her cunt, bringing
herself quickly to another orgasm as my cum ran down her
face, down her body. She licked around her lips, drawing
more of my cum into her mouth.

I looked around and spotted some tissues on a side table.
I grabbed a few and passed them to her, watching while she
wiped the rest of my thick cum from her face. I rubbed some
from her hair for her, and then from her breasts, sliding
my hand slowly over her curves before giving each nipple
a soft, lingering kiss, tasting my cum on her.

We looked at each other, suddenly laughing at the state
of our clothes. We helped each tidy up, and then held each
other, our kisses unhurried. We then turned to the door,
only then realising that we hadn't closed it properly
in our rush. We laughed again, before I suddenly remembered

"Sorry, " I told her, my face reddening, "but
I can't remember what you said your name was!"

Now she laughed.

"I didn't, " she replied, kissing me one
last time, her tongue exploring my mouth slowly and very
erotically before giving my cock one last squeeze and heading
for the door.

She stopped by the door, and looked back.

"Amanda, " she told me, and then she was gone.

By the time I got to the door, she had disappeared into another

As I looked around, I realised that it was much quieter.
Looking at my watch, I was surprised that we had been gone
for almost an hour. In that time, quite a few people had disappeared.

I sensed her next to me, even before she spoke.

"It looked like you were having fun."

Her voice was soft, almost teasing.

"Bet you could use this, " she added, passing
me a beer.

She held out her own drink and clinked her glass against
my bottle in a silent toast. She took a sip of her drink before
speaking again.

"I'm Chloe, " she told me.

"I know, " I said with a grin, before adding "Simon, "
by way of an introduction.

We stood in silence for a few moments. She really was beautiful,
and I felt that familiar lurch in my cock despite what I'd
been up to only minutes earlier as I let my eyes wander over

Her blouse had gone, leaving her shoulders and arms bare.
Her Basque was tight around her, her breasts high up on her
chest. She openly looked me up and down, and not for the first
time I was glad that I'd persevered with my visits to
the gym. We looked at each other frankly, openly.

We talked about different things as we sipped our drinks
and found out about each other, letting a sense of anticipation
develop. As we finished our drinks we looked at each other.
Chloe looked around the room.

"Looks like it's just about over, " she
commented, before asking "Walk me home?"

My mouth suddenly felt dry.

"Okay, " I croaked, tongue tied.

Outside, Chloe linked her arm in mine, seemingly oblivious
to her state of dress, my cock rising to the touch of her hand
on my arm. Before I could ask where we were heading she stopped.

"We're here then."

She lived next door!

She grinned at me, a delicious, mischievous grin, before
standing on tip toes to kiss me softly on the lips.

"Thanks for seeing me home, " she said, heading
up the drive, her ass swinging from side to side.

I watched her open mouthed, my cock shrivelling rapidly.

"Unless you want a coffee ‒ or something, "
she added over her shoulder.

I practically ran after her, both of us laughing as I wrapped
an arm around her, holding her to me, our bodies pressed
together as she led the way down the side of the house and
around to the rear entrance.

I held her as she unlocked the door, and pushed it open. Before
stepping inside, I pulled her to me and kissed her softly.
She wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed again, harder,
more insistent, our lips apart, our tongues dancing over
each other.

Her body felt soft, warm and voluptuous against me, her
breasts pressing into me. Our kisses were long and lingering,
leaving us breathless for more. My cock was rigid when we
eventually broke our kisses and stumbled inside, still
holding each other.

We kissed again, harder, more urgently, as I kicked the
door shut behind us. We were in a sort of utility room, a long
table along one wall. We stumbled towards it, until Chloe
had her back against it, her tongue thrusting into my mouth,
her pussy pressing hard onto the long ridge of my cock, our
hands pulling urgently at each others clothes.

I pulled at her skirt, as she dragged my shirt open, another
button flying off as she pulled it down my arms. I watched
her wriggle out of her skirt as I dragged my trousers and
underwear off, as I kicked my shoes and socks off at the same

I stood naked in front of her, my long, hard cock standing
out from my body, my foreskin peeled tight back to show off
my engorged cock head, a bead of pre cum already appearing.

She reached for me, touching me for the first time, stroking
along my length, cupping my heavy, hairy balls, as my eyes
drank in her body. She was now wearing only her Basque, and
black stockings. Her body was curvy in all the right places,
her skin tanned and soft, her pussy and ass naked. Her skin
glimmered in the soft light coming in through the window.

I watched her hand on my cock for a few moments. Her fingers
seemed to barely reach around me, her red painted nails
sliding up and down. I reached forward and tugged at the
red lace that ran up the front of her Basque.

I undid it slowly as she pulled me closer to her, easing her
hips forward. I gasped as she rubbed my cock head through
the short, soft pubic hair that covered her mound. I pulled
away slightly and looked down, gazing at her delightful
pussy for the first time.

Her hair was neatly trimmed above the top of her slit, and
shaven elsewhere. Her clit stood out like a tiny pink bud
peeping out at me. Her lips were a deeper red colour, already
swollen with her need. I watched as she pulled my cock to
her again, as she rubbed the bulbous end between her lips.
Her pussy opened up to me, her soft lips wrapping themselves
around my cock.

I pulled at the red lace again, eager now to see more, to feel
more. The view of her cleavage, of her breasts, became more
and more tantalising the lower I went, until at last the
lace was undone. And then Chloe took over.

I watched open mouthed as she pulled the two sides of the
Basque apart, slowly at first, teasing me, until with one
swift movement she pulled the two sides down her arms and
off, her breasts springing free as she pushed them towards
me at the same time.

They bounced lightly as they were freed, her conical shaped
nipples perched at the end of her large, slightly upturned
breasts. I pressed against her, my cock sliding deeper
into her hot body as I pulled her to me, our need becoming
more urgent. She reached for my ass, her finger nails digging
into me as she clung to me, as I drove my cock deep into her
waiting body, into her wanton cunt, her breasts now hard
against me.

We fucked each other urgently, wantonly, our need overpowering
us. It seemed like only seconds later that we came. I felt
her pussy tighten around me at the same time as she broke
our hungry kiss to throw her head back and cry out. She almost
screamed as I pumped into her hot body again and again, as
her juices flooded her pussy, washing her pleasure through
her whole body.

Her pussy throbbed around my cock as I came, my cum spurting
deep inside her as I fucked her madly, my hips driving me
into her repeatedly. As my thick cum mixed with her hot juices,
we clung to each other, her pussy moulded around my cock,
kissing, licking, biting as the pain and pleasure crushed
us together.

I dipped my head and sucked on her nipples, licking and teasing
them as she moaned and sighed. Gradually we relaxed, kissing
again, this time more gently, still holding each other
tight. As my cock slipped out of her, she reached down and
stroked me.

"Let's go upstairs, " she murmured, leading
the way, my cock still in her hand.

I followed her upstairs, watching her rounded ass swinging
erotically from side to side, her pussy peeping out from
between her tight buttocks as she walked up the stairs,
her thighs damp, her body naked apart from her black stockings.

She led the way into the bedroom, bending down to switch
on the bedside light before climbing onto the bed. As I moved
to the edge of the bed, she leant over, reaching out for my
cock. She wriggled closer and pulled my cock towards her
mouth. I ran my hand through her hair as she flicked her tongue
over the still sticky end of my cock, licking away the drying
cum and juices.

I sighed as she sucked more of my semi erect cock into her
mouth, as her tongue massaged the tip, probing at my hole.
I reached over for her ass, caressing her as she lay on her
side on the bed, my cock in her mouth, her hand now reaching
between my legs to cup my balls, to finger my ass.

Slowly my cock recovered, hardening and stretching out
under the wonderful attention I was getting. Chloe licked
along my length, her tongue probing at the thick vein running
along the underside of my cock, before licking and sucking
my balls.

My cock slipped out of her mouth as I lay down beside her.
We kissed, our tongues eager for each other as our hands
explored. I moved again, kneeling by her feet and taking
first one foot, and then the other, into my hand and sliding
her stockings down her long legs to leave her naked. I gazed
down at her pussy, at her wet, pouting lips, at her clit begging
for my attention.

I turned around on the bed, and licked along her pussy, tasting
her creamy juices, sucking on her lips, nibbling at her
clit. She reached down and pulled me onto her, lifting her
hips to me, pressing her pussy to me. I drank in her juices,
savouring the sweet taste of her on my lips and tongue.

Chloe eased me onto my back, rolling us over so that she could
kneel over me. She lowered her pussy back to my mouth before
reaching for my cock and drawing me into her mouth. I kissed
the inside of her thighs as I reached around her to touch
her ass, before pulling her down to me. I clamped my mouth
over her pussy, sucking, kissing, teasing.

She grasped my cock, wanking me while she sucked on my cock
head, her fingers probing my balls and bum. I plunged my
tongue into her pussy, her body writhing above me. I held
her tighter as she pushed her cunt down onto my mouth. I fucked
her with my tongue, reaching as far inside her as I could,
my fingers rubbing lightly at the tiny puckered hole.

She was wanking my cock between her breasts now, her tongue
licking along my length as her hand moved up and down. I pushed
back into her mouth, plunging my cock in as far as her hand
on my shaft would allow, fucking her, sucking her.

She cried out as she came, her juices pouring into my mouth,
onto my face. I roared as my cum exploded into her mouth,
jet after jet hitting the back of her throat. We sucked and
licked at each other even harder, wanting, needing, more.

She came back to earth slowly, and turned around. She poked
her tongue out a little, showing me my thick cum. And then
she slowly, deliberately, swallowed it all. As she did
this, I was already reaching for her, wanting to touch her,
caress, enjoy her. But Chloe was rubbing herself hard against
my thigh, her pussy leaving trails of juices on me.

I looked at her, seeing the need, the lust, in her eyes, as
she rubbed her pussy, her clit, along my thigh. She moaned
gratefully as I flexed the muscles in my leg, giving her
something harder to press against. She leant forward,
her hands on my chest, her fingers rubbing and scratching
at my nipples. Chloe seemed insatiable ‒ and I was determined
to make her cum over and over again.

She cried out as she came again, more juices smearing across
my thigh as her orgasm welled up. She slumped forward, half
lying on me, half beside me, her leg across mine, an almost
sheepish grin on her lovely face. I kissed her soft lips,
my tongue exploring, my hands running over her lithe body,
her firm breasts, her taut nipples.

I eased her onto her back, sliding my hand over her breasts,
her belly, through her soft hair to her pussy. She pushed
her hips up to meet my hand, my fingers, as I cupped her mound
before slipping a finger inside her. I kissed down from
her lips, down her neck. I kissed along the line of her collar
bone, my tongue licking at the hollow of her throat before
slipping easily down towards her wonderful cleavage.

I pushed one, then two, fingers inside her throbbing pussy,
rubbing her clit with my thumb, as I started to finger fuck
her, slowly at first, but then harder, faster. I kissed
across her breast, and then drew her nipple into my mouth,
licking, biting her rubbery flesh, sucking her nipple,
her breast, deep into my mouth.

She was holding my cock tight, rubbing me as another climax
approached. She held my head tight to her, pushing her whole
body up to meet my mouth, my hands, as I sucked and touched
and fucked her, as her orgasm flooded her body once again.

Chloe fell back onto the bed, her face, her body, flushed.
She shut her eyes for a few moments, breathing deeply, as
her body relaxed. When she opened her eyes, she flashed
me that brilliant smile again and reached for my cock, pulling
me to her and kissing me deeply, passionately.

As we lay side by side, she stroked and wanked my cock, while
I gave her breasts and nipples they attention they deserved.
I licked at her nipples, swirling my tongue around her taut
aureoles, feeling her flesh ripple and respond to my touch.
She eased onto her side facing me, and pulled my cock to her,
rubbing my head against her pussy, running it between her
silky, wet lips. She pressed me to her clit, rubbing the
end of me against her hard flesh.

I moved away from her nipples and pressed my lips to hers,
feeling her tongue licking me before she sucked on my lower
lip, and then thrust her tongue into my mouth. I rolled onto
my back, pulling her to me. She pressed her hungry cunt down
onto my hard cock, rubbing herself along my length, her
lips spread each side of me, her juices spreading across
my cock and balls, across my groin.

Chloe pressed down harder, the head of my cock slipping
inside her. With a cry she pressed down again. I pushed upwards,
driving my cock hard into her. Her pussy moulded itself
around me, pulling me into her. I drove in hard, my foreskin
peeling back as her tight pussy gripped me. I held still
inside her as she squeezed my cock with her cunt, as she massaged
me, as she sent waves of intense pleasure through both of

She came again, that flush rising up her body, her lips crushed
against mine, her long hair around us like a halo. She then
sat up a little, offering me her breasts. I reached for her,
pulling her higher over me so that she could lower her nipple
into my hungry mouth, while I drove my cock up into her pussy.
She reached down, rubbing her clit as I fucked her until
I came, until my cum poured into her, until she came yet again.

This time she collapsed on top of me, kissing me, our mouths
hungry, so very hungry, for each other.

But still Chloe wasn't finished.

As our kisses became gentler and less urgent, Chloe pushed
herself up and sat on my thighs, her knees each side of me.
Her eyes were on mine as she cupped her own breasts in her
hands, her red nail polish stark against her flesh.

She rubbed her already hard nipples, but still they hardened
more, the dark flesh puckering as she rubbed herself between
her fingers and thumbs. She lifted one breast towards her
mouth, dipping her head to lick and suck her erect nipple,
her eyes still on mine, soft moans escaping from her lips
as she sucked harder.

She lifted her head again, and reached for my still soft
cock, scratching her finger nails across my balls and along
my cock. Then, while she continued to cradle one breast
in her hand, she rubbed the other across her pubic mound.
I watched as she rubbed her clit softly, her finger moving
slowly in a circular motion. Her breathing quickly became
heavier, more laboured, as she pressed harder.

Her other hand slipped down her body, and I watched as she
raised herself up onto her knees, and eased two, then three,
fingers into her pussy. She finger fucked herself while
I watched, while she rubbed her clit. Her movements got
faster, her pussy making wet, sucking sounds as her fingers
became a blur. I reached for my thickening cock , stroking
it as she shut her eyes and threw her head back, as she came,
as her juices ran out of her onto her thighs and onto me.

She dropped forward, pressing my cock between her breasts,
her pussy against my body, her breathing harsh in my ear.
As she sat up again, she showed me her wet fingers. And then
she slid one into her mouth, sucking it softly, licking
her juices from it, before offering me her other fingers
to suck, to taste, to enjoy.

By now by cock was hard and throbbing. I reached down and
stroked it, watching Chloe all the time. Her eyes were bright,
her lips moist, a look of pure lust on her face. She reached
down and put her hands over mine, moving with me as we stroked
my shaft.

She climbed off and lay down beside me, her feet by my head.
I squeezed her firm ass, and then watched as she drew her
knees up slowly, her bum in the air, her wet pussy pouting
at me, her juices dribbling from her. I groaned as she wiggled
her ass at me. She looked over her shoulder and mouthed "Fuck

I quickly moved behind her, and rubbed my cock around her
pussy, across her clit, along the inside of her silky soft
thighs. She groaned and wiggled her ass, wanting my cock.
I teased her a bit longer with my cock, and then eased back
so that I lean forward at lick her pussy from behind. I sucked
her lips into my mouth, nibbling on them, biting them. I
clamped my mouth over her clit and sucked on her, sliding
a finger inside her at the same time.

As I fucked and sucked her, she slipped forward. I pushed
her down onto the bed, and then moved above her, my cock hanging
down heavily. She opened her legs a bit wider, and arched
her back, pointing her ass at me. I guided my cock between
her legs, rubbing her pussy quickly, teasingly, before
driving into her with one swift movement. She screamed
as I slammed my cock into her as deeply as I could, as I filled
her hungry cunt with my thick cock.

I was almost lying on top of her, my cock pumping in and out
of her, her ass jerking up to meet my thrusts. Despite her
wetness, Chloe's pussy was still tight around me,
pulsating around me as I fucked her. Her arms were stretched
out above her head, her hands clawing at the edge of the bed
as I fucked her frantically, my balls on fire as I drove into
her repeatedly.

She was crying out all the time, yet another orgasm powering
through her body. My balls were slapping against her, aching
with the cum building up inside them. And then it was my turn
to throw back my head and cry out when I came, a rush of pleasure,
of pain, searing through me with my release, as my cum tore
through my cock, and deep into her gorgeous, hot body.

I lay on top of her, kissing her hair, stroking her body,
as we both tried to catch our breath. Slowly, I pulled my
knees up to take my weight off her, and rolled to one side,
reaching out to touch her. She knelt up, her breasts heaving,
a wicked grin on her face. She stroked my exhausted cock,
rubbing her hand across my spent balls.

She leant over me, leaning against the wall, side ways onto
me. I reached up and rubbed her pussy, feeling her wetness,
my cum, her juices, as I slipped my fingers briefly inside
her. I sucked on a finger, looking at her, before offering
her my hand. She licked my hand slowly, her eyes on mine.

I rubbed and fingered her pussy again, reaching under her
from behind, my other hand cupping and squeezing her breasts,
her swollen nipples. As she started to cum again, she quickly
twisted around to kneel over my face, to grind herself down
onto me, my tongue and mouth sucking at her, licking her,
biting her, until her pussy was throbbing against my mouth
with her climax.

And then at last she collapsed on the bed beside me, both
of us exhausted, satisfied for now.

It was late when I woke up. At first, I couldn't remember
where I was, but then, as Chloe moved beside me, all the wonderful
memories came flooding back. She rolled over and kissed
me, her breasts hard against me, her hand reaching for my

Chloe pulled a face as our lips parted, and climbed off the
bed to head for the bathroom. I listened to her in the bathroom
for a few minutes, to her cleaning her teeth, to the sound
of the shower running, before joining her. I borrowed her
toothbrush, and then squeezed into the shower with her.
I helped soap her gorgeously firm body, my soapy hands roaming
all over her as we kissed.

She washed my cock, loving the feel of me growing in her hand.

She left me in the shower, and got herself dried. I stood
under the water, enjoying the feel of it cascading over
me, enjoying the sense of anticipation when I thought of

By the time I got dried and wandered through to the bedroom,
Chloe was just coming back into the room. She was wearing
a short, black silky gown, and was carrying a tray with a
plate of toast and a jug of orange juice on it.

I took the tray from her, and put it on the bed. I pulled the
belt of her gown loose, and slipped my hands inside, pulling
her to me as my arms went around her. We kissed slowly, lingeringly,
her tongue exploring my mouth sensually, thoroughly.

We crossed to the bed, Chloe shrugging the gown off her shoulders
so that it slithered down her arms, leaving her naked. She
posed for a few seconds while I drank in the view, my cock
rising in front of me. With a giggle, she jumped on the bed,
beckoning me to join her.

We sat on the bed cross legged, the tray between us as we talked
and laughed and ate. Once we were finished, I moved the tray
onto the floor, and pulled Chloe into my arms.

As we kissed, I pulled her closer, and then rolled onto my
back, pulling her on top of me. She wriggled deliciously
against me, her nipples already starting to harden, my
cock stiff between us.

She pressed her pussy down onto my tip of my cock, and then,
with a few delicious wriggles, I was inside her. She slid
her body slowly down mine a few inches, taking me deeper
inside her hot pussy.

We lay still, kissing softly, my hands on her ass, enjoying
the feel of our bodies, of my cock inside her.

And then it all happened at once. A door slammed downstairs.
The sounds of heels as someone ran upstairs. The bedroom
door bursting open.


We both froze as the young woman spoke. She stopped dead
as she saw us, her eyes widening as Chloe rolled off me, as
she took in our nakedness. She looked at my hard cock, the
tip of her tongue flicking across her lips.

We all looked at each other. Just as Chloe was about to say
something, her daughter spoke.

"Hello Simon."

Chloe looked at me, and then at her daughter as I replied,
as she put two and two together.

"Amanda, " I said.

Chloe reached out and touched my arm, before smiling that
smile at Amanda, at me. Amanda stepped further into the
room, her eyes on my cock, as she pulled at her clothes, the
same clothes as she had been wearing at the party.

As Amanda climbed onto the bed, as Chloe reached for my cock,
I laid back, a huge grin on my face - and offered a silent "thanks"
to Mick...

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