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Tapped Desire


Brianne jogged up and onto her back porch. While pausing
to catch her breath she noticed the car parked in her driveway;
one she’d never seen before. Since her folks were spending
the week in Las Vegas, it couldn’t be someone visiting
them. She wandered over for a closer look. UCLA decals adorned
every window. Billy! Her brother must have come
home for the weekend—in someone else’s car. A sophomore,
he chose to live in a fraternity despite the fact the family
lived right here in L.A., a needless expense for her parents.
She huffed. Having graduated from high school this last
spring Brianne had hoped to enroll there too, but with family
finances strained, her parents demanded she work a year
first to help defray the cost.

Two things inevitably happened whenever Billy came home:
a load of laundry was washed, followed in short order by
a nap. Figuring he was currently engaged in the latter,
she went to the bathroom, stripped off her jogging gear,
and showered. She dried her hair, wrapped it in a towel,
wound a second one around her body, and headed up the hall
toward her bedroom.

“Brianne!” It was Billy, hollering from the living

“Hold your horses, bro, ” she yelled, “I’m not

“Come in here anyway.”

Cinching the towel more tightly, she sauntered into the
room, irritated by his insistence. “Good God!” she
screeched. Two guys were there with him. “Gawdamn you,
Billy, ” she scolded, bending forward in a vain attempt
to shield her body, her face burning a bright red. “You
asshole!” she growled at her laughing brother.

Her anger was feigned however. In truth, her predicament
had her heart racing. Both guys were cute, and Billy had
just given her the perfect excuse to pose half-naked in
front of them. It was the stuff of fantasies.

“Sis! Meet Mark and Elliot, fraternity brothers. With
the folks out of town I thought I’d have them over for the
weekend.” He turned to his friends. “Guys, this is
Brianne, my baby sister.”

“Who obviously wasn’t anticipating company, ”
she sputtered, facing their guests. Although one of them
seemed embarrassed by her brother’s prank, the other
was grinning ear-to-ear. Not wanting her brother to think
he’d bested her, she stood up straight, exposing all
but a few inches of her thigh and a more than a little cleavage.
Breathing was suddenly difficult. “So, which is which?”

The shy one waved, “Hi, Elliot here.”

The grinning one stood, walked over to her, and held out
his hand. “And I’m Mark, ” he said, his rakish stare
seemingly penetrating her innermost thoughts.

Her smirk matched his as, with eyes locked, she shook his
hand, each fully well that by reaching out the way she was
she was exposing even more tit.

“Now, ” she said, looking at the other two, “if you
gentlemen don’t mind, I think I should find more appropriate

She headed back down the hall, exaggerating her sway. Eat
your hearts out boys. Just don’t get your hopes up.

She closed her bedroom door, and pulse pounding, made her
way to her mirror to assess the view she’d just proffered
the men. She liked what she saw. Sexy—very sexy. Something
clearly not lost on the one called Mark.

She unknotted her towel, letting it tumble to the floor.
What if he’d done that? She stared at her reflection,
wondering what it would be like to have him standing beside
her. Caressing her breasts, she imagined him pinching
her nipples. Mark, no, please. Stop! You shouldn’t!
She backed across the room, her eyes never leaving
the mirror, pretending Mark was pushing her toward the
bed. She fell back on her mattress, knees bent and legs spread.
In her mind’s eye he hovered above her, slowly removing
his clothing. Once he was naked he crawled between her outstretched
thighs and guided his rigid cock to her opening. Mark,
no—we can’t
, she protested to no avail.

In reality it was her middle finger that slid up her vagina,
not Mark’s penis, but why quibble when something made
you feel this good.


She spent the better part of that day obsessing over Mark,
unable to shake that look he’d given her when they’d
shaken hands. It was forever etched in her memory. She doubted
he’d require hands to disrobe her—those eyes were
surely up to the task.

She’d dressed in atypical garb—hot pants that were
a size too small. She’d almost returned the day she bought
them, but laziness intervened. Today that sloth was being
rewarded as she found excuse after excuse to flaunt herself
in front of the guys. Her constant imposing was annoying
her brother, but after that stunt he pulled when he arrived,
she had no sympathy for him. More importantly, judging
by Mark’s leer each and every time he glanced her way,
at least one of their house guests didn’t share Billy’s

She wasn’t sure what it was about Mark she found so alluring.
Sure, he was cute—but so were lots of other guys. She finally
concluded it was the way he looked at her that affected her
so—his ability to mentally undress her with nothing
but a glance. It made her crotch come alive every time he
did it.

She finally crashed their scene one too many times. “Come
on guys, ” Billy said, shaking his head at his sister,
“there’s a pub I want to show you gives chicks free drinks
on Friday nights. It’s usually full of hot women.”

Five minutes later they were out the door.

She spent her evening surfing television. Nothing captured
her interest—with no show capable of tearing her thoughts
from Mark. Frustrated, she finally flipped the channel
to a “Late Night” movie. She’d never watched one
before, but then, she rarely had the house to herself. Although
its raunchy theme made her horny, the sex scenes weren’t
nearly explicit enough to satisfy her yearning. Tired
and horny, she abandoned the TV in favor of a hot bath—her
favorite kind of hot bath, one of those where she positioned
her crotch directly under the faucet, propped her heels
against the wall, and let the pouring water dance across
her sweet parts.

Afterwards, while drying off, she heard male voices. Shit!
My clothes are in the bedroom.

“One of you gets the guest room, ” Billy enjoined.
“The other’s stuck with the couch.”

It was Mark who answered. “Have at it Elliot; I’m down
with the couch.”

Brianne decided to remain in the bathroom until the guys
were asleep. Killing time, she wiped the steam off the mirror,
appraising her nudity. What if I pretended I don’t
know they were home and wandered out to the kitchen like
Although exciting to contemplate, it would
be obviously intentional. She did have a legitimate need
to reach her bedroom however, which entailed walking about
twenty feet in the direction of the living room—toward
Mark—while naked as a jaybird.

Heart racing, she opened the bathroom door, leaving the
lights on. That made sense. Not knowing the lay of the house,
Billy’s friends would need them on in case Mother Nature
called. Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the hallway,
and silhouetted by the bathroom backlight, ever so slowly
made her way to her room. Is he watching?

Her stroll took a seeming eternity. Her chest was heaving
and her hands trembling by the time she stepped inside her
room. She was about to close the door behind her when she
suffered a change of heart. No. He’ll have to walk
past my room to get to the bathroom. If I leave it open…

She walked to her bed, turned on the nightlight, and lay
down, pulling the sheet up to her chin. Envisioning Mark
glancing her way as he walked past her door, she tossed the
sheet aside, baring her body. No, too blatant.
She pulled it up to her waist, leaving her breasts on full
display. Yes, this is more like it.

Leaving her nightlight on, she closed her eyes. With her
heart beating a mile a minute, she knew sleep was out of the
question. But he didn’t know that. She smiled, waiting.

The flushing toilet woke her. Her eyes popped open, amazed
that she’d dozed off. Who’s in the bathroom? With both
Billy’s room and the guest room on the far side of the bedroom,
the only one likely to walk past her doorway was Mark, meaning
it was OK to leave herself exposed. She lay still, listening,
trying to discern which guy was aprowl.

She heard the slap of bare feet on tile. They grew louder.
It’s Mark! The footsteps slowed as they approached
her doorway, and stopped altogether. Brianne struggled
to fight her panting. After all, a sleeping person’s
chest wouldn’t heave like hers was doing. With great
effort she slowed her breathing.

She heard or two more loud footsteps before they suddenly
softened. Mark had entered her carpeted room. She froze,
doing her best to appear asleep. The footfalls came nearer—he
was coming for a closer look. She feared her heart would
burst through her chest.

He halted beside her bed. It took all her willpower to not
to peek—to not savor the look in his eyes as they roamed
her naked torso.

Heavy breathing filled the room. Was it her imagination
or were those sounds drawing ever closer?

It was all she could do to hold still as her sheet was pulled
aside, exposing her pussy.

What is he thinking? Does he like what he sees? Does he
have anything on, or is he naked too?
She so wanted to
chance a quick peek, but if she got caught it would expose
her little game and that would be humiliating. Instead,
she sighed aloud and bent a knee; putting more of her crotch
on display. Can he tell how wet I am there? Does he see
how swollen my nipples are?
His staccato breathing grew louder. Is he masturbating?
That possibility almost made her risk a glance. Almost,
but not quite. Instead she simply lay there, wondering
if he’d be content to merely ogle her, or if he’d take
things further. What would she do or not do if he did? Was
resistance even an option in her present state?

She wasn’t put to that test. After what must have been
five full minutes, he left her room, pausing in her doorway.
She wasn’t sure if his departure made her glad or sad.
If I were to touch myself now would he come back to my bed?
She so wanted to. Deciding to make this adventure and even
more memorable one, she flopped her other knee open. Think
of this when you’re back in your bed.

It was another full minute before he headed back to the living

His departure eliminated any reason not to touch herself—to
achieve modicum of relief. She stroked her clit—imagining—wishing—it
was him doing it instead of her. It was her doing the breathing
laboring now as she brought herself closer and closer to
Nirvana. Can he hear me panting? Deciding she didn’t
care, she stroked even faster, half hoping her racket would
make him investigate the cause of the commotion. But he
didn’t, despite her boisterous cacophony when her orgasm
finally swept over her.

Lying naked in her aftermath, she felt a chill. With her
longings satisfied, she pulled up her blankets, rolled
to her side, and shut off the night lamp. If he was still awake
he couldn’t help but notice she’d turned out her light,
meaning she had to be awake. The idea of him knowing what
she’d just done had been on purpose almost prompted her
finger to return to her cootchie. Instead, she burrowed
her face into her pillow, and smiling, began dreaming of
what had just transpired.


An aching bladder woke her in the morning. She needed to
pee. Twisting her feet to the floor, she sat up, eyeing her
bathrobe hanging on the wall. Putting it on would be prudent,
but with her hormones still running amok, she contemplated
the alternative. Not only have would she have to walk to
the bathroom naked, but her return trip would be similarly
garbed; two chances to be seen, not one. And the flushing
of the toilet would likely awaken the men, upping the likelihood
of them spotting her. The idea of being seen naked by three
men at once was too much to resist, even if one was her brother.
Besides, he’d ‘accidentally’ walked in on her in
the bathroom countless times before; adding to that tally
was no big deal. On the other hand, exposing herself to Mark
and Elliot would be… She headed for the bathroom.

Before this weekend she would never have considered herself
an exhibitionist, but her throbbing body parts left little
doubt it was true. Pondering last night’s voyeuristic
adventure brought a grin as she opened the bathroom door.

After taking care of business she wiped her mons, amazed
by how nice it felt to touch herself there. Finished, she
accidentally (on purpose) let the toilet lid clang back
in place. She paused before the mirror to play with her nipples
and pussy lips, making them swell, assuring they’d be
standing tall and obvious for her return trip.

She exited of the bathroom and oh-so-slowly headed for
her room, hoping the men—her brother included—were
feasting on her charms. She looked ahead at the living room.
The couch had been moved a few feet to one side, the new position
offering an unfettered view of the hallway. But views went
in two directions. She spied Mark lying on his side, facing
her way, presumably asleep. Was he, or was one of those eyes
partially open?

She reached her room far too soon. Closing the door behind
her, she went straight to her vanity and opened the drawer
that held her vibrator. Best friend in hand, she returned
to her bed. It wasn’t quite yet time to be up and around.


An hour later the guys were gathered around the breakfast
table gobbling down the pancakes and scrambled eggs she’d
made them. Their casual conversation gave no hint that
any of them had seen her little exhibition—save possibly
for Mark. Gone was that lecherous leer he’d sported the
day before, displaced by a far hungrier and more contemplative
look. This one stirred her loins even more than the first
one. She grinned inwardly. He wants me!

It might have been her imagination telling her what she
wanted to hear, but it seemed to Brianne that the guys were
far more amenable to her company today. She spent virtually
the entire day with them. Better yet, when went they went
out on the town that evening they invited her along.

She wore her skimpiest, sexiest outfit, something not
lost on the guys. Although Billy was amused by her antics,
the other two were completely taken in. Neither missed
the opportunity to ogle her any time they suspected she
was looking the other way. Although she wouldn’t have
though it possible, their constant eyeballing had her
even hornier than she’d been the night before.

Four was a crowd however, and the evening ended without
opportunity for anything untoward. Once home, an evening
of drinking had them racing to the heads to relieve themselves,
her included, killing any excuse for another late night
stroll. It did not, however, preclude sleeping in the nude
with her nightlight on.

An evening of drinking took its toll. No sooner did her head
hit the pillow than she zonked. She woke around 4 a.m., once
again sheetless. Had she fallen asleep that way or was this
the handiwork of an anonymous visitor? That latter possibility
was enough to spur a middle-of-the-night rendezvous with
her friend in her vanity.

Sunlight shining through her open window awakened her.
It was Sunday. The guys would return to their fraternity
today. Realizing her chances to tease them were running
short, she decided to escalate her escapades. Not only
would she walk nude to the bathroom, she’d take the time
to shower before returning to her room. Her clatter was
sure to wake the guys. That meant her ‘surprise’ at
having forgotten their presence while making returning
to her room would require a bit of good acting. Confident
she was up to the task, she headed for the bathroom wearing
the outfit she was born in.

Since a naked body wasn’t all that attracted a man, she
took time to fix her hair and apply makeup beforehand. She’d
just have to be careful while she showered lest she undo
her primping efforts.

As soothing as the warm shower felt, its prickly splattering
on her nipples nonetheless stoked what were already raging
fires. So much so it was impossible not to attend it. Eyes
closed, she rubbed them with soap. Only when they were slippery
to the touch did she switch to using fingers capable of pinches
and caresses, stuff soap couldn’t do. Playing with herself
felt so good she wondered if it might be possible to get herself
off this way.

“Need some help?”

Her eyes popped open as she let out a screech. Staring through
what was now an open shower curtain was Mark, sporting the
same grin he’d given her the day he’d arrived. She twisted
sideways, covering her breasts with her hands in a vain
attempt to hide her nudity.

Strangely, her reaction to this invasion of privacy didn’t
offend her. Instead of outrage, being naked and exposed
in front of him again was stealing her breath, more so than
when she’d pretended to sleep; but she dare not let him
know that. “Get out of here! Can’t you see I’m showering?”

He looked her up and down. “Oh, I see plenty.”

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. “Billy
would kill you if he knew you were here. Elliot might even
join in.”

Mark grinned. “Elliot? That Jesus Freak? I seriously
doubt it.” He shook his head. “Especially considering
he asked Billy to take him to church services this morning.
They left 45-minutes ago.” God! I’m home alone with this man, stark naked with all
hint of pretense gone.

His eyes roamed her body, working from head down to toe and
back again, taking a slow journey. Done, he started unbuttoning
his shirt. “I, on the other hand, have more licentious
tastes.” His shirt fell to the floor.

She stood watching, too stunned to react. Or was her inaction
because she feared to do anything that might stop him from
completing his task—prevent him from getting as naked
as she was? But if she didn’t do something—didn’t
make some sort of protest—she’d lose all chance of
owning the high moral ground. Whatever transpired next
would be as much her doing as his.

She faced him, her arms falling to her sides, her eyes raking
his body. His pecs were firm and his abs rippled across his
tummy. Her gaze settled briefly on the fingers undoing
his belt buckle before flitting up to meet his, which screamed
of the ‘licentious tastes’ he’d just alluded to.

Brianne’s eyes drifting back to his crotch, as standing
stood frozen, she watched him slide down his zipper. He
knows I’m letting this happen, fully aware of what will
inevitably follow.

His pants fell to the tile. “What time does church let
out?” he asked, slipping his thumbs slipped under the
elastic band of his briefs.

“Around noon, ” she answered, her eyes riveted on
what he was doing. He lowered his shorts, but they hung up
on the very swollen cock jutting from those darkened pubes.
He paused, postponing the unveiling she so anxiously awaited.
She looked up, making no attempt to hide her yearning. He
grinned. “Sorry, they got stuck.”

Another tug and they were down around his ankles.

Her gaze flew to his crotch, glorying at what he’d presented
her. Although her sexual experience wasn’t vast, she
seen enough erections to know his was larger than most.
Would it feel any different if—when—he put it inside
of her, or would it feel like every other cock she’d experienced.
Listen to yourself, Brianne. You’re acting as if
letting him fuck you is a foregone conclusion. Show some
resistance girl, this isn’t who you are.

She met his gaze, hers firm. “Just what gives you the right
to barge into my bathroom and take such liberties?

“The tit-for-tat rule.” His eyes fell to her breasts.
“It should be noted that I have a strong preference for
tit over tat.”

Her mouth fell open. “Tit-for-tat, how so?”

“I think you know that answer, but if you prefer I can spell
it out for you.”

She felt her face and neck flush. Does he know I was awake
in bed or his he simply referring to my naked trips down the
“I…” She was too tongue-tied to finish
the sentence.

“I thought not, ” he said, stepping into the shower,
jerking the curtain shut behind him. “Should I start
with your back?”

Not waiting for her answer, he picked up the soap and rubbed
it over her back. She let him proceed without protest.

The shower had a removable head on a cord. Taking it out of
its sleeve, he sprayed her back, then shut off the water
and put it away. “Now for the front.” Kissing her neck,
he reached around to fondle her breasts, touching her in
much the same way he’d done in her fantasy. Impossibly
her nipples grew even tauter. Her crotch reacted in much
the same, feeling many times its former size. Her eyes fluttered

“That-a-girl, enjoy the ride.”

Time became unfathomable as his hands painstakingly explored
her body. She gasped aloud when a hand found her crotch.
Her ass ground his erection as his fingers gently ‘cleansed’
her most sensitive spots. All thoughts save those of personal
pleasure vacated her as she surrendered her body to this
strange and alluring man she’d known for little more
than a day. In contrast, her body reacted as if the opposite
were true, responding to his attentions as if he were an
old friend.

“Now you do me.” His demand shattered her reverie.
“Start with the front.”

“OK, ” she whispered, turning around and taking the

She started with his neck, before ever so slowly allowing
her fingers share flesh that heretofore had been the private
domain of her eyes. His pecs felt as hard as they looked.
The same was true of his abs. Working downward, she skirted
past his throbbing manhood, choosing to do his legs instead.

“I believe you missed something, ” he said, once she
finished his feet.

She looked past his throbbing penis at his now familiar
smirk; a smug leer that shouted, don’t even pretend,
we both know you’ll do whatever I ask.
The fact that
it was true made it all the more humiliating.

Biting her lip, she studied his swollen member. Nothing
screamed of masculine sexuality more than a hard throbbing
cock hell bent on fucking something. She inhaled, taking
a deep, deep breath. Why am I doing this, I don’t even
know the man?
But the thought had hardly been completed
before her fingers enfolded him; exploring; caressing
his firmness. Her hand rose and fell, gently stroking the
focal point of her every thought of the past 36-hours. It
would be a simple matter to taste it. All that it required
was for her to rise the few inches and it could be tickling
her tonsils. But that wasn’t where she really wanted
it. What would it feel like once it was inside of her? Would
she find out shortly, or did this man under whose spell she’d
fallen have other plans for her? If so, would she resist
or obey them?

“I generally use soap when I clean that thing, but I’m
open to new ideas.”

His smart alec remark broke her trance. She looked up at
him, grinning for the first time since he’d appeared
in her bathroom, feeling herself again. “Sorry, I was

She smothered his cock in soap suds, and then tenderly bathed
his balls, marveling at these begetters of humanity that
were uniquely male. “Is it sufficiently clean, or do
you require further cleansing?”

“That’s perfect. Now rinse it off, ” he said, grabbing
the nozzle and turning on the water. He did her first, then
she reciprocated. “Let’s dry off, ” he said, shutting
off the water and climbing out of the tub. She took his offered
hand, and followed him out.

The drying process began. She reveled in the touch of his
hands as he dabbed away every bit of her moisture. She followed
suit, toweling his every inch, winding up once again on
her knees again, her face inches from his cock. She gave
him a smoky look. “I missed a spot, ” she said, dragging
her tongue the length of his cock. “There, all clean.”

His day-two expression replaced his day-one look—making
him appear more hungry-carnivore than man-on-the-make.

Grabbing her wrist, he jerked her upright. Before she knew
what was happening he’d swept her into his arms and was
carrying her down the hall. He stopped outside her room
long enough to kick open the door. Seconds later she was
sprawled on her bed, arms and legs fanned to the sides, staring
up at her carnivore.

Say something now, Brianne, or you know what will happen.
Her eyes flitted down his body, to his throbbing, swollen,
lust filled cock. She said nothing as he knelt between her
thighs. He’s about to fuck me and I haven’t offered
even token resistance.
He bent forward, resting on his elbows, looking her in the
eyes. “God you’re gorgeous, way hotter than any chick
I’ve known.”

His lips close over hers. She moaned in his mouth. Moments
later he slid down her body and those very same lips captured
a nipple. She arched her breast, savoring his oral assault.
He thinks I’m hot! While his mouth bounced back and forth between impossibly
protruding nipples, a hand sought and found her labia.
After rubbing her clit, a finger parted them and pushed
inside of her. She gasped as this mini-penis penetrated
her most sacred orifice—one that was intently gripping
and squeezing its newfound visitor, encouraging him toward
further indiscretions, egging him on, seducing him, begging
for ultimate satisfaction.

As if on queue, his finger withdrew, replaced by the bulbous
head of his cock. This is it, girl—your last chance
to voice a protest before he’s in your vagina.
made no such protest.

Grunting, her pelvis arched to greet him as he entered her
pussy, her feminine parts desperate for the feel of his
flesh, hungering to mesh with it, to become one with it.
The sound she was uttered as he sank into her depths fell
somewhere between a gasp and a cry as he stuffed her full
of cock, fulfilling her pussy’s earlier plea. Her muscles
spasmed, massaging the invading penis. She pressed her
nipples into his hardened chest. “That’s it Mark,
fuck me. Make Billy’s little sister cum all over your

Based on how Brianne thrashed beneath her newfound lover,
her heels locking him to her, a casual observer might find
it difficult to discern who was fucking whom. In and out
he plunged, each thrust bringing more pleasurable than
its predecessor. She was oblivious to anything beyond
the bliss of their rut. This is what she’d hungered for
from his first leer to this very moment. This man to whom
she’d displayed her wares time and time again, was doing
his best to answer her recently voiced appeal to fuck her

She came quickly and often, making obscene demands of him
each and every time she did it, shouting explicit instructions
as to how he should proceed—as to how best to fuck her.

One demand had been held in abeyance until she felt his manhood
flex and expand. She repeated it now. “Yes, cum inside
me! Fill me up. Make this the fuck of my life!”

Impossibly, his cock grew larger just seconds before erupting
in a paroxysm of masculine lust, spraying her with his seed.
Her orgasm stormed over her, her trembling body bucking
to and fro as she cried out her ecstasy.

He was wise and kind enough to continue to pump her well after
he was done, as he slowly brought her back to Earth. After
a few more paroxysms of her own, she stilled and opened her

He laughed. “That was incredible. You are one outstanding
fuck young lady, no offense intended.”

She grinned back at him. “None taken, stud. You
ain’t half bad yourself.”

Giggling, they cuddled, and before long, succumbed to
the exhaustion of their efforts. Their nap was short however,
waking well before ten o’clock. His eyes followed hers
to the clock. “The morning is young. How about using that
pretty mouth of yours to get me hard enough for a second round?”

She reached between his legs, fondling his limp cock. “I
can manage that, ” she said sliding down his torso. “But
I want more rounds than just two rounds.”

She worked him into her mouth, purring as her his body responded
to her oral artistry. Few things were more erotic than having
a man harden inside your mouth, unable to resist your sensual
assault. Her mouth was full in no time, but she kept at her
task well beyond the requisite need.

She lifted her head away once she had him truly throbbing.
“How about I remain right where I am and you scoot down
behind me?” She looked up at him. “Assuming, of course,
you don’t object to doing it doggie style.” He answered
with actions, not words.

With two hours of privacy still remaining, she pondered
what other positions they might try, but those future possibilities
vanished from her mind the instant he penetrated her. Nothing
mattered now but the fuck—another marvelous coupling
with this man she hardly knew. Deciding she knew him well
enough, she gave herself over to their joining.

Hope you enjoy my erotic fantasies. I welcome all comments, good or bad, and why.

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Fantastic story. Such interesting and arousing use of
the English language. Do you write professionallu?


RealRoot replies on 10/11/2013 8:31 am:
An "aspiring professional." I'm currently trying to get a novel published.

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Beautifully Erotic! Well written. What is the title of
your book? Let me know when its published, I'd love
to read your writings!


RealRoot replies on 10/11/2013 4:22 pm:
Publishers invariably change a novel's name if they publish it, making its current name irrelevant.

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You should write erotic stories on regular basis.