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Taking a break to relax


Maria and I decided to take a small break at work and spend
a week on a resort we had been a few years ago, a very nice resort
with bungalows surrounded by an amazing park full of green
and several old trees, everything went well, peaceful
and relaxing, we spent almost all the time between the bungalow
and the beach, completely forgetting about the beauty
around the environment and the walking trailers through
the park, but then while looking at the list of services
we could get with the room I noticed that he resort had a massage
service, Maria loves massages and on a whim I decided to
order her one.

The morning after Maria was in the shower when I called for
the masseuse, the woman on the other end of the line asked
several questions about her preferences in massages and
also asked if I'd prefer a male or female masseuse,
so thinking it would be fun to surprise her I quickly asked
for a male masseuse and made a few plans, then I told Maria
that I had ordered a surprise for her and would be gone for
a little while to let her relax and enjoy the surprise, she
was all kinds of curious but I managed to convince her it
would be fun and left her to finish her shower.

I opened and closed the door to our room so Maria would think
I had left and quickly slipped out the patio door to watch
her surprise when she saw her masseuse, just after I had
left there was a knock on the room door and I could hear Maria
first call for me to get it then remembering I had left she
asked how was there, and a 'Room service' was the
only reply, I could hear Maria muttering under her breath
as she left the bathroom to answer the door, she was still
getting herself ready for another funny day and had not
dressed yet, and she just wore a short terry cloth robe over
her naked body to answer the door.

When Maria opened the door she was amazed at the man standing
outside it, he was tall and very broad shouldered, very
well built and quite handsome, he was also a black man, Maria
was flustered for a while until the man explained that I
had ordered a massage for her and if she preferred he could
get a woman to do the massage or she could cancel it, he was
very calm and very casual about the whole incident. Maria
began to giggle a little and said 'What the hell, its
vacation after all'.

Maria showed him into the room and let him set up the portable
table and things he had brought with him, from my hiding
place on the patio I heard her say she would be back as soon
as she had something on, but the masseuse replied smiling
to her “A towel is all you need.”

Maria asked him what he meant and he told her that most massages
were done in the nude but it was up to her, she stopped to think
a little it on that and finally decided she would put on a
bikini for her massage, then for the next 10 or 15 minutes
I watched and listened as the man massaged Maria and talked
to her, he told her in a casual way that she was very pretty
and Maria thanked him for the compliment, then as the man
massaged her legs and rubbed the oil into her legs and thighs
I could hear Maria moan a little, the masseuse stopped for
a moment and asked if she was all right, she told him she was
fine just that it felt so good she was getting lost in the

He told her then that if she wanted to remove the bikini he
would work the muscles of her butt and lower back, promising
it would feel even better than her legs, Maria started to
say something to him but she stopped, she lifted her hips
and in one quick motion pulled the bottom of her bikini over
her ass and part way down her legs, so the masseuse slipped
them the rest of the way down her legs and off her feet, and
while he helped with the bottom Maria unsnapped her top
and discarded it on the floor.

My cock began to stiffen as his hands began to rub warm oil
into her ass and her moans became louder, from my hiding
place on the patio I could not see everything he was doing
but whatever it was Maria was definitely beginning to enjoy
herself, I could hear him telling her how nice her butt looked
and felt and that she was by far the most enjoyable woman
he'd worked with for a long time, coming closer I could
see him looking at her body, and as he rubbed the glossy oil
covered skin he would occasionally use one hand to adjust
the front of his shorts.

Maria's moans were clearer as his hands began a slow
rubbing of the inside of her thighs, as he rubbed closer
to her crotch her legs parted more to give him room, so the
masseuse smiled down at her as her legs opened and I was sure
he could see her pussy lips, then he moved from standing
near her feet to her side and as he moved Maria began to moan
louder and I could see why, his hand was buried between her
legs and from what I could see he was now busily rubbing her
pussy lips, and soon Maria was humping her hips in time to
his rubbing fingers and moaning loudly.

I could see her face and I knew that expression, I knew she
was getting close to get an orgasm, the masseuse noticed
it as well and began to finger her quickly, she turned her
face down into her hands as she exploded under an orgasm
and muffled her sounds, a few seconds in silent and as she
relaxed from the orgasm the masseuse began to rub her back
and shoulders, neither of them said anything about what
had just happened and just continued with the massage.

After a few more minutes the masseuse asked her to roll onto
her back so he could massage the front of her legs and her
upper body, so rolled on her back and closed her eyes as his
hands began to rub the warm oil over her legs again, he moved
quickly up her legs and with barely a pause at her pussy began
rubbing her flat stomach and heaving chest, then he began
pouring oil onto her firm tits and Maria moaned just from
the feel of it.

I could see his strong black hands kneading the white flesh
of her tits, his fingers stopped every now and then to pinch
and pull at her hard nipples, and her body glistened in the
light from the oil and her perspiration, the masseuse made
another adjustment to his shorts and Maria spotted him
doing it so she asked him teasingly “Getting a little
tight in there?”

He just laughed and placed her hand on his crotch, Maria
immediately began to rub up and down the front of his shorts
while saying “You can get naked too if you'd like.”

In no time at all he was undressed and returning to her side,
I could not see him very well because he was on the opposite
side of the table from me but all I heard was a soft moan from
Maria as her hand moved to his body and she began stroking
his cock, before long she was guiding him to the top of the
table, he was already fully hard and the long black cock
bobbed as he moved toward her head, Maria rubbed her hands
on her own body to get them covered in oil then began to rub
and pull his cock, the head of his cock began to poke in and
out of the foreskin covering it and each time it would pop
into view Maria would gasp a little then lick her lips, and
then her mouth opened and her lips wrapped around the head
of his cock.

As her mouth moved farther down his cock his hands returned
to her body and began rubbing her tits and belly, reaching
lower until he was once again fingering her cunt as she sucked
his cock, then Maria slowly pulled her head from his cock
and rolled off the massage table leading him by his cock
she walked to the bed and as she lay back she spread her legs
wide and motioned for him to join her, so I could watch as
he moved between her legs and slowly but surely shoved his
cock into her pussy.

The going was slow at first and he pulled back after each
little bit had slid inside, before long he was fucking Maria
with most of his cock, she spread her legs wider and he began
to fuck her harder and harder, soon I could hear her moaning
and their bodies slapping wetly together as they fucked
and then Maria came in a powerful orgasm and the masseuse
slowed his fucking to let her relax once more.

Maria then pulled him close to her and whispered something
in his ear, his fucking slowed and finally stopped, he pulled
his cock from her pussy and began to climb over her chest,
she guided his cock between her tits and held them tight
around his cock, it was long enough that the head would get
close enough for her to lick and suck when he pushed forward,
and soon Maria could not get her mouth on his cock because
he was moving too quickly back and forth between her tits.

His hips moved in a blur as he fucked her tits, soon his body
began to stiffen and shake and he exploded in a blast that
covered her face lips and neck in his creamy white cum, Maria
licked at the cum on her face and used her fingers to gather
more at her lips as his cock began to soften while he climbed
off her body, without a word to Maria he dressed and packed
his equipment and as he left the room he thanked her and told
her if she needed another massage to be sure and ask for him.

Maria laughed and said she would think about it, as soon
as he was gone she headed back to the shower.

I waited about 10 minutes and went around to the door to let
myself in, Maria was just getting out of the shower when
I walked in and I asked her “Did you enjoy your massage?”

All she said was “Yes very much, thanks for thinking of

Then she burst in laugh and said “You’re fucking bastard,
you know the guy would fuck me don’t you?”

We both laughed and went to dinner at the restaurant on the
resort, during the dinner I got a phone call from my work,
as I finished the call I kissed her in the neck and said “It's
been a wonderful week."

Maria smiled at me enjoying my whispery tone, but then I
added "But I have to leave for one day, an emergency
at work."

Maria froze then she almost screamed a “What?” but
I quickly added "You can stay here, it’s just one
day. Just wait for me to return."

The luxury of this pleasure resort would not be hard to endure
even if she was alone, and as she finally calm down she helped
me to fill a small travel bag with the essential for the day,
then she escorted me to the reception area to take the transfer
to the airport and kissed me a warm goodbye while whispering
on my ear “I will make your return unforgettable, worry
up with your job!”

Maria then decided for a walked down the quiet road around
the resort, the place was so peaceful, so comforting, she
thought, it seemed that nothing had ever changed, the smells,
the sounds, the textures and the colors were just as intoxicating
as they were when our last visited a few years ago, Maria
was inundated by sounds surrounding her on both sides and
the varied noises seemed to meld together and she felt a
sense of quiet calm.

She looked to one side and then the other as she walked peering
intently into the dark green foliage, but she was suddenly
keenly aware of a presence, and stopped in her tracks as
she realized fearfully that there was a man standing there,
he had a broad smile and warm eyes she realized as he stared
at her intently, and she felt a distinct twinge of arousal
as he moved his gaze from her eyes down her body slowly and
then back again while he said flatly, stare. "You
are pretty, what is a so beautiful woman doing here alone?"

Maria looked back at him and noticed that he had a taut, athletic
body and a muscular chest, he was either an athlete, or did
some sort of demanding physical labor on a regular basis,
she thought, and then she responded to his statement, "Thank
you, " then, seeing no one else around, she asked,
"And you? What are you doing out here?"

He smiled and said, "Trying to stay in shape while
I'm on vacation, so I decided to take a run, it's
beautiful out here, serene and peaceful."

Maria nodded her understanding. "I know what you
mean. I was here before and it seems like this place is frozen
in time, it seems like nothing has moved or changed, by now
my husband needed to go out for two days, that's why
I came for a walk, I feel so free here."

He smiled at her and Maria thought to herself with as she
felt a warm shiver all over her body and her pussy becoming
wet. "Gorgeous smile and a perfect body, maybe he
makes my day. Well Maria, back to earth, stops dreaming”

"Paradise, " the man said cheerfully, "the
only thing that would make it better would be some really
hot sex."

Maria smiled with what he had actually said, she knew her
own thoughts and it seemed he could read her thoughts, then
she realized he was waiting for a response, Maria looked
around to check if someone was walking out from the old barn
or the woods, and as no one seemed to be there, she shook her
head and replayed his words in her mind, then she looked
at his face and into his eyes and saw sincerity, sensuality,
and raw lust.

He was talking serious, Maria realized, he wanted sex and
he wanted it right there, she saw the glint in his eyes and
realized that he had just issued her a challenge, so the
possibility was suddenly real in her mind, she looked around
at the vibrant colors feeling the breeze in her hair, then
she shot back at him "You know, you're absolutely
right, ".

Without any hesitation, he reached out and pulled Maria
against his chest then wrapping one hand in her hair and
thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, he probed her
mouth demandingly, and withdrew slowly, stroking her
lips with the tip of his tongue as he did it, then Maria started
sucking his lips too, using her lips to try to capture his
tongue and pull it back inside, meanwhile he worked his
way back against the trunk of the broad old shade-tree behind
them and leaning against it, he kept the one hand wrapped
in her hair, and used the other one to push her to her knees
then he stuck his middle finger in her mouth and began working
it around in and out suggestively.

In one quick motion he snapped his waistband down and pulled
out a big, hard and already erect cock, it glistened where
the sun reflected on it as his balls were hanging full on
either side of his cock, he wrapped one hand in her hair and
pushed her head toward his cock as with his other hand, he
grabbed his cock and guided it toward her lips, Maria eagerly
opened her mouth slightly and licked tentatively, she
could smell the soap he had used before his run mixing with
the sweat from his workout, then she sucked the cockhead
using just her lips, softly and slowly, as she felt his pulse
increase, she swirled her tongue around it, twirling several
times in one direction, then switched directions and repeated
the motion in the opposite direction.

Maria started to work her way down the shaft on one side,
licking all the way to the base with just the tip of her tongue,
then back up again, then did the same down the other side
and back up, and then she moved to the underside of his cock,
first licking all the way to the base in one continuous motion,
and back up, then changing direction to lick side to side
and worked her way back down like that, Maria looked up to
check his reaction, and was content to find him watching
intently as she licked it, she changed the licks to tiny
little flicks of the tongue, and went back up his cock, still
touching only the underside.

Maria made her way back and when she reached the top again,
she closed her mouth for a moment to make her tongue really
wet, then, she lapped her way down to the base, Maria wanted
so badly to suck his balls into her mouth, but she licked
her way back to the head once again, then she began to flick
the tip of her tongue all over his cock in random, quick little
darts, sharp thrusts of her tongue from the tip to the base
all the way around, she watched as his cock jerked in one
direction, then another trying to keep up, he had begun
to grind his hips and thrust, and Maria knew that he was becoming
impatient again and before he could stick it into her mouth,
she went down to the base, wetting her tongue again, and
began swirling around his huge balls.

Maria felt them tighten and start to swell, and sucked first
one, then the other into her mouth, he moaned as she alternately
licked and sucked them, moving so quickly from one to the
other then she moved back to the head, and in one motion,
deep throated him into her mouth as far as she could, she
began sucking with a steady rhythmic motion, and used the
tips of her fingers on both hands to fondle his balls as she
did, he just groaned "You love the feeling of a hard
cock in your mouth, don't you?”

Maria with her mouthful couldn’t answer she just nodded
as best she could as she closed her eyes as she continued
sucking and she could feel her cunt tighten involuntarily
and the ache between her legs ignite, by the hoping that
he could see how badly she really wanted to be fucked by him,
then he pulled his heavy cock out of her mouth and smacked
her in the face with it while asking. "You want my cock
rammed all up in that hot wet tight cunt, don't you?"

Maria felt like her body was on fire as she looked at him and
nodded, then she took out her dress by the head and peeled
the lace soaked thong off slowly, without taking his eyes
out of her he motioned Maria to the ground and told her to
lie down in grass, she felt the grass against her bare skin
and noticed how clear and blue the sky was, and she felt completely
wild and free, then he spoke. "Touch yourself."

Maria looked into his dark eyes as he seated himself on the
grass just beyond her feet, she moved her fingers across
her belly then he got up and leaning over her he began to brush
his fingers across the tips of her nipples, they stiffened
immediately, and he plucked them teasingly while moved
his fingers across her body, down her legs and back up to
her clean shaven pussy, he then moved two fingers, then
three over her mound, and softly traced around the folds
of her lips, he thrust just the tip of a finger between the
lips, near her clit but not touching it and Maria squirmed,
she could feel the starting to ooze from her pussy and the
ache there had started to intensify as he played his fingers
around her opening, softly, gently, moving them just inside,
then abruptly removing them altogether, but leaving his
hand pressed against her.

Maria wriggled and twisted her hips in attempt to work his
fingers back into the prior position as the fire between
her legs started again, then she squeezed them together
in frustration as he sat down watching intently her again,
while she runs her fingers across her body, first her breasts
and nipples, then down her belly and around her pussy, while
he began to stroke his cock as she continued fondling her
own boobs then flicking and stroking her nipples, Maria
moved her fingers down between her legs and began moving
her fingers in and out her sloppy pussy and as she saw his
cock thrusting out the top of his fist and watched the skin
moving up and down as he pumped it with his hands, she felt
a dull throb between her legs and her fingers began to stroke,
her clit.

Maria could touch there and stimulate her clit almost directly
with a steady, increasing pressure, she increased the
speed and friction as she became more excited, his stiff
cock made it clear that he was enjoying her show, and then
as he began to really stroking his cock, he began talking
to her about all the nasty things she craved, and how he would
give her just what she wanted, and as he described how he
would fuck her, Maria fingered herself frantically as
her need intensified.

Suddenly, he grasped her hand and pulled it away, he thrust
his own finger into her pussy to see how wet she was, and when
he saw her cream spill out as he pushed in, he began to finger
fuck her hard and deep, every time he withdrew his fingers,
Maria writhed and squirmed trying to maneuver her way back
to having them shoved deep into her pussy, he smiled mischievously,
as she responded by grinding her hips upward, he worked
it all the way in and began to fuck her with his fingers, but
as soon as she relaxed into a steady rhythm, he pulled his
fingers out again, Maria groaned in frustration, and he
smiled at her, then began to work the head of his cock against
her clit, teasing her by first stroking it in a gentle steady
rhythm and then slipping just the tip against her wet clit.

Maria squirmed against him, lifting her hips and tightening
her pussy to try to pull him all the way in, and finally, she
realized happily he did not back away to tease her, instead
he positioned his cock to enter her and began to work the
thick swollen head inside, Maria lay still and allowed
him to find his way into her body, loving the feeling of his
stiff cock spreading her pussy, she felt her body stretching
to accommodate his girth, she loved the feeling of him invading
her body, taking it over, filling her up, when he had his
cock completely into her pussy, he leaned forward and took
her hands in his, and held them down above her head, laying
his full weight completely on top of Maria and looked into
her eyes he whispered softly. "Like that don't

"I love it, " Maria whispered back as she felt
her pussy tighten around his cock, then slowly, he began
to pump his cock in and out, and she moaned with every stroke,
her pussy was getting wetter, and she could feel her muscles
relaxing and the juices oozing as he worked her body, he
began power stroking, pulling his cock out except for the
head and then ramming it back into her pussy deep and hard,
again and again, he slammed his thick cock to the hilt, Maria
rose to meet his thrusts, and he encouraged her wanton movements
by whispering appreciations on her ear.

Maria tried to grab and claw frantically as he continued
to slam his cock into her, but he held her pinned helplessly
as he increased his speed, she felt him pumping her insides
like a piston and felt his balls slapping against her, she
heard the satisfying smack of flesh against flesh as he
beat his cock into her wet pussy again and again, she heard
the squish of suction as he plunged in and out of her cream
filled pussy, she felt like screaming, but as she opened
her mouth, he thrust his tongue in deep, fucking her mouth
with his tongue as he continued pounding her hot, wet cunt
with his stiff cock.

Maria felt her body beginning to convulse as a wild orgasm
took over of her, and as she exploded he continued ramming
his cock into her pussy mercilessly, she felt like she was
caught in an endless wave of sensation as her orgasm continued
and her body was flooded with tension, ecstasy, relief,
comfort, relaxation...and suddenly, he was not inside
her anymore, and when she opened her eyes he was shoving
his cum coated cock back into her mouth, her eyes flew open
as she gagged on his rock hard, throbbing cock, she was relieved
when he withdrew slightly, only to shove it back down her
throat, he had his knees on each side of her face, and still
held her hands helpless as he fucked her mouth, as he shoved
his cock rapidly in and out of her mouth, leaving her alternately
choking and gasping for air.

Maria felt the pulse and the fullness in his cock and she
knew he was about to burst, suddenly she felt his muscles
contract, and then she tasted his cum bubbling into her
mouth, so she helped him by closing her lips firmly on his
cock and bobbing it frenetically, taking all his cum down
her throat and swelling the most she could, then he pulled
out and grabbed his cock and pumped it with controlled abandon
over her lips and face and hair, and as the spurting slowed
to a final ooze when he was empty, he ran his fingers thru
the cum smears on her face, and then thrust them into her
mouth, directing Maria with a look to lick them clean what
she gladly did.

As Maria finished cleaning him limp he smiled at her, more
relaxed now, but still mischievous and lay back on the grass
beside her, then he pulled her close and stroked her gently,
Maria looked into his eyes as he said to her “You need to
lick all this cum off my cock and get me nice and clean, that
will get me nice and hard again I'm gonna bend you over
on all fours with your ass in the air, and fuck your nice ass.”

Maria moved her tongue toward his cock and he just nodded
and grinned, for a while she sucked his cock until it was
hard enough, then they moved around to grassy area, where
Maria got down on all fours and he moved behind her and pressed
his cock directly into her asshole, and then grunting with
effort he pushed his cock deeply into her ass, he just kept
pushing his cock into her asshole, until it was completely
buried, Maria quickly turned her head to the left just to
see that someone was watching them hidden by the trees,
and she just smiled glad to have an audience, Maria could
only imagine the burning and straining sensations that
stranger was feeling.

He didn’t notice the stranger it as he had not stopped
to fuck Maria’s ass, suddenly, he shuddered and jerked
and as his balls were emptying into her ass, the stranger
jumped but as Maria’s head began to turn toward his location,
he ducked back behind the tree, meanwhile the man with his
cock still in Maria's ass, cursed and then answered
the phone, it had distracted him so he didn’t noticed
the moves of the stranger ducked behind the tree, Maria
didn't say anything even she had seen him clearly,
then he said to Maria a s he sipped up “thanks for the good
fuck, you must walk through here more often.”

"What a guy, " Maria thought as she smiled to
him as he took the alternate path back to his car, Maria was
sitting on the ground, naked, well fucked, with her ass
full of cum while a stranger peeked back at her around the
tree, after a couple of minutes she decided to stop the charade,
it was then or never, so she reclined, drew her knees up to
her breasts, and reached down to her spread cheeks, then
she inserted her thumb into her freshly fucked ass and placed
her forefinger on her clit, apparently, Maria hadn't
gotten off.

All of a sudden, Maria turned her head and her eyes met the
voyeur, her ass make an audible slurp from the quick withdrawal
of her thumb as the man’s hand tried to cover his cock,
but then unabashedly he walked over to Maria and stood in
front of her, gripping his hard cock, she smiled down at
her and said, "I am sorry, I couldn't help but
watch you both and your ass fuck, it was my fantasy, to fuck
a woman on her ass, but I never got the chance to do it."

Maria's eyes softened and slowly dropped to his hard
cock, her nipples hardened again and her right hand, perhaps
subconsciously, was pulling on one of her erect nipples,
the voyeur kneeled down in front of her and began to mount
her, as she willingly leaned back and grabbed his cock,
then her hand guided him into her ass hole, after pausing
to allow Maria to accommodate him into her wet tight hole,
he began slowly stroking his cock in and out and back and
forth and soon, Maria was basking again in the pleasure
of being thoroughly ass fucked.

When Maria began to lift her hips in response, he cupped
her breasts with his hands to steady himself and began to
accelerate his thrusting, suddenly she sobbed and thrust
her bottom down the entire length of his rigid cock impaling
herself, so he felt her pussy contract hard and her ass squeeze
his cock as Maria started cumming, her face contorted and
she began moaning loudly, almost screaming, while her
pussy juice splashed against their thighs, as Maria’s
orgasms subsided, the voyeur freed his throbbing cock
from her sucking asshole and stroked it as he stared at her
glistening slightly anal ring.

After Maria’s orgasm ended he slowly pushed his swollen
erection back into her and when he was in all the way, he began
pumping away in her ass again, Maria’s eyes were barely
open and the only sounds she made were short grunts as he
ass-fucked her, pulling his cock so far out of her that he
would nearly pull it free of her gripping ass hole before
ramming it back in, then after a few more thrusts, it was
his turn to start uncontrollable grunting, the man adjusted
his angle one last time and pushed his cock all the way up
Maria’s relaxed asshole, he then grinded it hard into
her a couple of times, before he hollered, "Oh I'm

Maria counted one, two, three spurts, and when she felt
his hot cum shooting into her ass, she pushed her entire
weight against his groin and wiggled her ass, encouraging
his sperm to run deep into her bowels, after he had ejaculated
all his sperm into her hot ass and finished unloading his
sperm deep inside her, Maria reached up and lovingly kissed
him, then she asked if he had completely emptied his balls,
he just smiled and said, "Until the last drop."

With that he kissed Maria on the cheek and then started to
help her up, however, when she saw his semi-hard cock leaking
a little cum she opened her mouth, and by the way her full
lips wrapped around his soiled, swollen cockhead he almost
made him cum once again, but as he had already ejaculated
all his sperm into her she only could greedily suck his cock
clean and when Maria finally let go of his cock, he wistfully
pulled his shorts back up and looked over at her, she gave
him a wild look and then rubbed her tummy, he walked away
to give her a little privacy but then he walked up to her and
handed her some old tissues that he had in his pocket, but
despite their attempts to clean-up, they both smelled
sex, anyway Maria headed back up the resort, took a warm
shower and fell asleep all night long.

Morning after as Maria woke up she was surprised to see me
already there, she almost jumped on my arms and we kissed
passionately, then she sat me down on the couch and climbed
onto my lap, we started kissing and I started rubbing my
hands all over her body, her ass, her tits, everywhere,
then I started taking off her night shirt and her pants,
but then Maria stopped me and disappeared into the kitchen,
telling me to wait just a minute and she would be right back.

When Maria got to the kitchen, she pulled out the whip cream
and put on a whip cream bikini on her tits and pussy, right
as she was getting ready to walk out, I walked into the kitchen
as I couldn’t wait for her any longer, and practically
I passed out when I saw her, Maria grinned devilish to me
and I sat her up on the counter and began eating out her pussy,
licking all the whip cream off her cunt and tits, it made
Maria really hot and wet she could hardly stand it anymore
and she knew I had already a huge hard-on.

By that time, I had licked all the whip cream off Maria, so
she suggested taking a shower to get all of it off, so we walked,
well, we practically crawled since we couldn't keep
our hands off each other down the hall to the bathroom, once
we got there, she slowly removed all of my travel clothes
and turned on the water, then we both climbed in, my cock
was rock hard and huge, so immediately we started making
out and then I picked Maria up and put her against the wall,
she wrapped her legs around me and the head of my cock was
right at the entry of her pussy, but I didn't put it in,
frenetically Maria started pushing her hips against me
as she wanted my cock so bad inside her!

But I was on a mood to tease her and refused it, so she climbed
down and started kissing my neck, slowly Maria made her
way down my chest and stomach to my hard cock and slowly licked
the shaft and the head, then with her lips she moved my cock
in and out of her mouth particularly sucking my cock head,
then with a single move she engulfed my cock all the way down
her throat and started sucking wildly on it, the slurping
noises of her suck echoed on the bathroom, and after a couple
of minutes and just before I was about to come, I put my hands
on her head and started ramming my cock farther back into
her mouth.

I started breathing and moaning heavier, and suddenly
I bust my load right into her mouth, Maria kept swallowing
and sucking my cock harder until my cock went limp in her
mouth, then I pulled her up and kissed her and said huskily,
"Thanks, that was great and you’re right, it’s
a great return as you promised me, but now it's my turn
to return the pleasure."

So we turned off the water and ran to the bedroom, once inside
I sat down on a chair and Maria climbed on top of me, so the
head of my cock was right next to her dripping, wet pussy,
we made out like that for a few minutes while I fondled her
tits and ass, then I stood up and laid her down on the bed,
she had her legs over the edge of the bed and I was standing,
but leaning over her, then I positioned my cock right at
the entry of her pussy and looked at her deep in the eyes,
then slowly I pushed my cock all the way down into her pussy
and then I began pumping in and out and she grabbed my ass
and pulled me onto her as we started moving our hips and kissing
each other like crazy.

I continued pumping Maria until I feel she was ready to reach
her orgasm, as I noticed it I started doing it harder than
ever, she was screaming like crazy, and as her body started
convulsed under the power of her orgasm I shoot my load into
her while she arched her back and screamed like mad, even
after we both came, we were both still really horny, so I
stood up and told her to turn around, Maria smiled while
she did it as she understood my intentions, and then I lube
my cock by rubbing it along her pussy lips and letting my
cock be coated with the mixes of her juices and my load, then
I positioned my cock at the entry of her asshole and slowly
I entered her from behind.

While I fucked Maria’s ass, I fondled her tits and rubbed
her clit as she braced herself, then when I was about to cum,
I grabbed her hips and moved her up and down on my cock and
soon I exploded again into her, that time inside her ass,
then Maria’s whole body shook as she reached another
orgasm, as we both finished I turned her around and kissed
her and then we fell onto the bed, out of exhaustion, I held
her for a while and nibbled her still hard tits while we kissed
and the rest of the day we fucked and made out, and during
that day we didn't went out the bungalow at all.

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