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Tagged My Mother-In-Law Part 2


Tagged My Mother-In-Law; Part 2

Thank you all for your favorable feedback, and emails.
For those of you who missed my first posting, I have attached
it to the bottom of this article…you may want to read it first
for a better understanding.

Part 2

After returning to my wife as I promised my mil I would do,
life was pretty much “life as usual”…work, school etc…
I was working on my bachelor’s degree while my wife was a
stay at home mom. I would see my mil about 2 or 3 times a week
since we only lived about 10 minutes apart. Occasionally
I would stop by her house while her controlling husband
was at work, just to chat and maybe get an opportunity for
a repeat performance. She would always welcome my visits,
but reject my sexual advances. She had become very religious
over the course of time (I think to escape her pathetic life
with her controlling SOB husband) and would always tell
me that it was a sin. I tried to respect her wishes, but it
was very hard, I lusted for her every time I saw her, not only
had she turned to religion for a release, but she had become
obsessed with exercise. Her already beautiful body was
now rock hard. She would work out 2-3 hours a day and it definitely
showed. Her size 36 D’s were pert and tight, her ass that
once had a little jiggle when she walked was as tight and
firm as that of a 20 year old college girl. I would constantly
compliment her on how beautiful she was, and how her exercise
regime was improving perfection! She would laugh and thank
me, sometimes giving me a hug that would last a little longer
than normal, but every time I would try and move beyond the
hug she would reject me and tell me that it was a sin, and that
we can’t go any further!

One day in late spring about 3 years after our sexual escapade
I was on break from college and had taken a weeks vacation
from my job. I called my mil to see if she would like to go to
lunch, she gladly accepted, and said: “today is my aerobic
day, you can pick me up around noon.” I arrived purposely
an hour early and my mil had just finished her workout. She
opened the door still in her workout clothes drenched in
sweat, and exclaimed: “you’re early” I made up some bullshit
explanation and she said well just have a seat, I’ll take
a quick shower and we can go! I was mesmerized by her beauty,
she was wearing tight gray sweat shorts and a white tee shirt
that both were plastered to her body because of the sweat,
she was not wearing underwear and her thick black bush was
clearly visible through the thin wet shorts, her nipples
were erect and protruded through her bra and wet shirt.
My cock was begging to be let out so it could experience her
womanhood. I could not take my eyes off of her, and she knew
it. She excused herself and went into the bathroom to begin
her shower. As I sat there with my rock hard cock, I thought
about relieving my self, when it suddenly occurred to me
that there bathroom door did not have a lock on it! My lucky
day!! I quickly stripped out of my clothes and went to the
door, by the sounds of the water I could tell my mil was already
in the shower, my heart was beating out of my chest as I slowly
turned the handle. I opened the door, but it would only open
about 2 inches, she had pulled a drawer open that was built
into a wall adjacent to the door…shit!! My cock went limp
almost immediately! I thought to myself, did she bar the
door out of habit, or was she playing hard to get, a hundred
different ideas ran through my head…I needed to know! I
went into one of the bedrooms and got a coat hanger and used
it to slide the drawer closed and open the bathroom door.
As soon as I entered the bathroom I did not hesitate to climb
into the shower with her. Her back was facing me; her beautiful
ass had my cock at full attention. I put my arms around her
pressing my cock against those beautiful cheeks. She jumped
and exclaimed: “What are you doing in here?” I told her I
could not resist her…that I had to have her again, but she
kept insisting no…it is wrong…it is a sin! I gave her a hug,
and told her I was sorry. She hugged me back, her tits pressing
against my chest and her bush against my cock. I could tell
by the look in her eyes that she wanted it just as much as I
did, but once again she reiterated that it was a sin. I asked
her if I could wash her back, and she agreed saying there
was no harm in that since I was already in there with her.
I lathered her up enjoying every inch of her lovely body.
I worked my way down to her ass, washing and massaging her
inner thighs, and then worked my way up to her waiting cunt.
I began to rub her outer lips and then gently penetrated
her wet womanhood with my fingers. I could hear her breathing
quicken as I picked up the pace and intensity, her hips began
to rock in motion meeting my hand with every thrust, …and
then all of the sudden she stopped and said: “NO, PLEASE
STOP, THIS IS A SIN, AND I CANNOT DO IT!” I stood up hugged
her and told her that I respected her wishes, with that we
both got out of the shower, dried off, dressed and went for
our lunch date. (Talk about a bummer!) During lunch we talked
mostly about family issues like nothing had ever happened.
The only mention of our shower episode came when I dropped
her off; she held my hand and thanked me for respecting her.
She said: “I love you very much, but our relationship needs
to be a platonic mother in law, son in law friendship from
this day forward!” I reluctantly agreed and gave her a gentle
kiss on the cheek.

For the next 7 or 8 years our relationship was just that!
I moved the family up to the Northern part of the state (about
3 hours away) to finish my degree, and we would only see each
other during holidays or vacations. Occasionally my mil
would come for a 3 or 4 day visit, but nothing sexual ever
happened between us. Then one day shortly after my graduation
(I am one of those college students who crammed a 4 year degree
into 11 years…lol) my wife who was pregnant with our 4th
child came home and informed me that she had toxemia and
the doctor had ordered her to stay off of her feet. This was
a tall order, already having three children, and a new start
up business it would be almost impossible for her to comply
with the doctor’s request. I called my mil to see if she could
come and help us out, she gladly said: “YES, but I need to
check with my husband.” Later that night she called me in
tears saying that the controlling bastard said no, that
it was too long for her to be away since the baby was not due
for another 2 months, and who would take care of him! He did
however agree to let her come up after the baby was born for
a week or two. About six weeks later the baby came, and I called
my mil to inform her, she said I’ll be there tomorrow! I picked
her up from the train station and we went right to the hospital
to visit her daughter, where we were informed that she would
not be released for 3-5 days, my mil said: “Not a Problem,
I’ll take care of things at home!”

We went back to our house; I helped my mil unpack her things
and then went for a quiet dinner. During dinner my mil confided
in me that her relationship with her husband had only gotten
worse over the years, his controlling behavior by now was
unbearable. She had consulted a doctor because of the enormous
stress she was under, and that the doctor had prescribed
an antidepressant. She said that it was the only way she
could tolerate him, but one of the side effects of the drug
was that she did not sleep, she literally passed out, her
sleep was so intense that she had fallen out of bed and hurt
herself several times and that she now slept on a futon to
avoid injury. (I thought to myself, hell I’d love to sleep
that sound)

When we returned home there was a message on the answering
machine from my wife asking for pajamas since her stay had
been extended. I told her I would be up in about an hour. I
asked my mil if she wanted to go, but she said she was tired
and was going to take a bath and relax. When I returned my
mil was asleep on her futon in the living room. I went to my
bathroom showered and dressed for bed. I quietly went back
out to the living room and checked on my mil, she had not moved,
she obviously was out cold. I sat down on the edge of the couch
admiring her beautiful body. She was wearing a tight sweatshirt
and matching sweat pants. I sat there wondering if the medication
was strong enough to keep her asleep while I made love to
her. (I had heard stories about similar situations) The
lustful thoughts began to stir my cock that was now trying
to poke it’s way out of my shorts. I turned off the lamp, and
got on the floor next to my mil’s futon, I put my hand on her
thigh just above her knee, and she did not move a muscle,
even her breathing kept the same rhythmetic pace. This
gave me a little more confidence, I began to move my hands
ever so carefully up her thighs, caressing and squeezing
them as I moved closer to her love canal. I could tell by the
firmness of her body that she had certainly maintained
he exercise routine, her thighs were solid, he stomach
tight and flat. I glided my hands briefly over her bush,
and moved them up her side to her firm breast. I massaged
her firm, perky 36’s feeling her erect nipples, all the
while she lay there never moving a muscle or giving me any
indication that she was aware of my presence. I was nervous
as hell; my cock was oozing pre-cum like a leaky faucet.
I thought about our conversation years earlier, if I got
caught would she tell my wife. I was scared and excited at
the same time, but I had to have her, or at least take the chance.
I moved into a position where if she woke, I could quickly
duck behind a chair and hopefully avoid being seen, before
her eyes had a chance to adjust. As I moved my hand to her waist,
I found that she had tied the sweat pants drawstring in a
knot…shit! I tried to untie the knot, but with only one hand
it was nearly impossible. I had to move closer, which put
me in a vulnerable position, if she awoke, I would have no
chance of not getting caught. At this point I didn’t care.
I struggled with the knot until I finally was successful.
I slid my hand inside and I’ll be damned if she didn’t have
on another pair of sweats, that were tied in the same manner.
Fuck, I sat there in disbelief she might as well have been
wearing a chastity belt! Part of me wanted to get up and go
to bed and relieve my aching member the other part was challenged.
I decided once again to pursue my endeavor. I tried to loosen
the drawstring by gently tugging on it first to no avail,
eventually I was able to get this knot undone, and moved
back to my “secure” position. I carefully moved my hand
underneath both pairs of sweats and under the elastic of
her panties. Just as my hand reached the top of my mil’s pubic
region she set upright, it scared the shit out of me. I moved
behind the chair. I could see from my vantage point that
she was looking around the room her eyes had not yet adjusted
to her surroundings. I set there crouched behind the chair
for about 20 minutes until I heard her breathing return
to it’s former rhythm. Quietly I slipped off to my room,
to relive my throbbing cock and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I awoke my mil was already up and having
coffee at the kitchen table. When I came into the kitchen
I asked her how she slept and she said: “Like a Baby!” If she
was aware of anything from the previous night she did not
mention a word. The rest of the day was typical, housework,
shopping etc… That night we were watching TV chatting when
she said she was going to take her bath and get ready for bed.
She came out about an hour later, and asked if I would mind
helping her set up her futon, she also asked if I minded it
being in the living room, and I said no, not if she didn’t
mind me staying up reading. She laughed and said: “not at
all…once I take my medicine…20 minutes later I am dead to
the world!” She then disappeared into the bathroom, returning
about 5 minutes later gave me a hug and said goodnight. I
told her I would be up reading for about an hour, and she said
honey in about 15 minutes I won’t even know you’re here.
This night she was wearing a loose fitting light flannel
nightgown that came to her knees. She was laying on her back
her feet facing me about a foot from where I was sitting.
As I sat there pretending to read, I just kept looking at
this beautiful woman, and then as predicted within minutes
her breathing began the same rhythm as the night before.
I sat there for about another 15 or 20 minutes pondering
the idea of repeating my behavior of last night without
the constraints of the sweatpants. I leaned forward from
my recliner where I could easily reach the hem of her nightgown.
I briefly lifted her gown to see if she was wearing a pair
of sweat shorts under there (I was not going through that
fiasco again) and to my pleasant surprise caught a quick
glimpse of a dark patch of pubic hair or underwear before
she moved once again scarring the shit out of me. I sat back
in my recliner pretending to read, until her breathing
deepened and I felt confident that she had fallen back to
sleep. I again leaned forward and this time lowered myself
onto the floor to get a good look. I lifted her gown with out
touching her futon, and there less than 3 feet from my face
was that bush fully exposed. Oh…words cannot describe
my feelings. My heart was pumping, needless to say that
my cock was just about to explode in my pants. I decided that
I would flip her gown up over her bush and resume my position
in my recliner and see if she remained asleep. As I sat there
contemplating what to do next my mouth was watering looking
at that beautiful bush nestled between her tanned thighs.
I wanted so badly to just dive in and devour her pussy like
I had nearly 10 years ago, but fear kept me from this approach.
Instead I left the room and retreated to my bedroom, stripped
out of my clothes and came back wearing only a pair of cotton
shorts. My mil had not moved, I knelt down and tried to place
both of her feet flat on the bed essentially putting her
in the missionary position with her gown slightly above
her naval…what a beautiful sight!!! The whole time she
never stirred and her breathing remained consistent with
someone in a deep, deep sleep. It was now or never, I placed
both of my hands on her bed and leaned forward less than 2
inches from her gorgeous bush. I could smell her womanhood,
and that was all I could take, I began gently inching my tongue
inside her lips slightly below her clit, she never even
flinched. I continued to work my tongue up and down her slit
until I felt a small amount of warm juices flowing from her
love hole. This drove me over the edge, I began to French
kiss that pussy, licking and sucking her clit like there
was no tomorrow, I reached up and began rubbing, pulling
and massaging her erect nipples, when all of the sudden
she clinched her legs together like a vise, raised herself
up on her elbows….shit…I thought I was dead meat! She looked
at me…assessed the situation….(I swear I thought this
was the end of my life as I knew it!) and then without hesitation
grabbed my hair and pushed my head into her waiting pussy
and said: “DON”T STOP!” Let me tell you that was all I needed
I tore that pussy up!! She came in seconds, her first orgasm
she shot a load of cum that probably would have filled a large
Dixie cup and drenched her bed. As soon as she came she pulled
me up and guided my cock into her now throbbing pussy, all
the while she was licking her juices off my tongue and face.
I filled her already dripping pussy with my first load in
probably less than 30 seconds, but she was having none of
that, as soon as I shot my load she pushed me off, grabbed
my hand and led me to my bedroom. She said: “you wanted this…you’re
going to get it!” Trust me; “get it…I did!” We fucked that
night off and on until around 7 or 8 the next morning. She
confided in me that: “she had not had sex in over five years!”,
she said: “I cannot stand to be around the bastard (her husband)
let alone let him touch me!”

We spent the next 3 days exploring, fucking, sucking and
pleasuring each other without limitations. Even after
her daughter came home from the hospital my mil would come
into my bedroom (her daughter had a c-section and decided
to sleep in the guest room) and wake me in the middle of the
night with a blow job, and we would quietly pleasure each
other 2 or 3 times before she would slip back into the living
room. What a wonderful 2 weeks, but like the old saying goes:
“all good things must come to an end” so did our weeks of enjoyment.
Shortly thereafter the father in law called and said he
needed her back home. She cried that night and said: “I have
been here 2 weeks and only once have I taken my medicine”
(which told me that 2nd night she had probably been fully
aware of what I was doing…fine with me!) “Now I have to go
home to that bastard!”

The next day I agreed to drive her home. She said her good
byes to her daughter and we left, about half way to her house
she started to cry uncontrollably, so much so that I had
to stop the car to console her and find out what was the matter.
She said: I hate that bastard…I don’t want to go home to him!”
I suggested that I call him and tell him we had car troubles,
and that she would be home in the morning. She anxiously
agreed. I called her daughter and fed her the same line of
shit. We checked into a 4 star hotel with a Jacuzzi and went
to dinner. The hotel restaurant was very elegant and romantic.
We discussed her options as we enjoyed our four course meal
over two bottles of wine (something else she had not done
in quite sometime because of her medication). After dinner
we adjourned to our room with a bottle of wine to enjoy each
other’s company one last night. Maybe it was the wine, the
room, Jacuzzi or the combination of all of them, but this
woman, my mother in law turned into an animal that night.
As soon as we got back to our room she literally me.
She began tearing my clothes off of me and insisted that
I fuck her…at one point she said: “you better do me like never
before, or I am going to squeal like a pig!” I did not know
what she was implying, but trust me before the night was
over I had her squealing! I fucked her in the tub, on the tub,
out of the tub, bathroom, balcony you name it we fucked there!
I got to the point where my dick hurt so bad I did not want to
hear the word sex let alone do it!! Around 6:30 in the morning
she leaned over to me and said the words that I will never
forget as long as I live: “you know after this trip, I may
never have the opportunity to be alone with you again…can
we try something I have never done before you take me home
to that son of a bitch?” I said sure what do you want to do?
She said: “I want you to pop my cherry!” Na├»ve me said: “What
Cherry…you have had four children!” My mil then began without
saying a word started to stroke my cock, licking and caressing
it until it was at full attention, then she abruptly got
out of bed and went into the bathroom, when she returned
she was holding a complimentary bottle of baby oil and began
to pour it on my cock and then in her hand which she applied
to her ass hole. She said: “please I have never tried this!”
Hell neither had I until then, but (no pun intended) here
is a gorgeous woman offering me her ass…trust me I am going
to hit it! I started to get out of bed, and she stopped me (I
wanted to mount her from the rear) and said no, let me ease
my self onto you! Initially she gasped as my cock penetrated
her virgin ass, as she slid down inch by inch I cannot describe
the feeling, here is one of the most beautiful women I have
ever met in my life giving me ALL of herself. Once she had
taken all of me, I asked her if she was ok, and she responded:
“be quiet and enjoy this.” From there on it was a fuck fest,
she began to ride my cock for all it was worth massaging her
clit and clinching her ass cheeks screaming: “cum with
me, …cum with me, …cum….I’m Cumming….cum now!”

Cum I did, but little did I know that would be the last time
that I would ever have the privilege of cumming with her.
Shortly afterwards we got up, showered and I took her home
to the controlling bastard who had been her dictator for
the past 20 years of her life. We never had the opportunity
to be alone again. I am not sure if the SOB suspected something
or if was just meant to be, but I will always remember our
time together.



Tagged My Mother-In-Law: Part 1

This is a True Story

Well actually it’s my ex-mother in law now, but this happened
about 20 years ago. My wife and I had been married for about
6 months when we started having problems. We both had gotten
married too young due to her becoming pregnant, but we tried
to make the best of the situation. Despite numerous counseling
sessions we decided to separate. I went back to my parent’s
house and she stayed in the home we had bought. I would talk
to her occasionally, but her mother started calling me
almost everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. She would ask,
almost beg me to go back with her daughter for the sake of
our son. We became very close, actually in some ways closer
than her daughter and I. Since I worked the afternoon shift
and went to college 3 mornings a week there were many afternoons
that I would spend 3 or 4 hours on the phone with her. The conversations
gradually started to turn toward her unhappy life, and
we began to console each other. She explained to me how she
ended up with her current (2nd) husband and was totally
miserable. She had an affair with him while her first husband
was in the Air Force (my wife’s father) and became pregnant.
We talked about what a control freak he was, how she regretted
ever leaving her “true love”, but now this was her lot in
life. I would listen intently to her and she to me, but the
conversations would always end with her begging me to go
back to her daughter. This went on for several months until
one day she called me and asked if I would be willing to meet
the family minister at her house to discuss possible reconciliation
with her daughter. I reluctantly agreed and set the date.
When the day finally came I almost cancelled, but thought
what the hell worst that can happen is I get to see my hot mil
so I kept the appointment. When I arrived at her house the
minister had not arrived yet. She greeted me at the door
wearing a very tight pair of green stirrup pants (see I told
you it was a long time ago) and a tight caramel colored sweater
that showed off her 36 DD’s. She gave me a hug and offered
me a cup of coffee. We sat in the kitchen making small talk,
but I could not take my eyes off of her beautiful body. She
was about 5’5, 130 pounds with the nicest rack I had ever
seen. The pants she was wearing were so tight that I could
see every line on her body, including her bush pressed against
the fabric of her pants. My cock began throbbing inside
of my jeans, just then the doorbell rang…shit it was the
She went and answered the door and I went into the living
room to introduce myself. As soon as she made the introductions
she excused herself and went in to the laundry room / bathroom,
a huge relief for me, because I thought they were going to
team up on me and try to bully me into going back with her daughter.
The minister and I talked for about an hour and I told him
I would think about our conversation and make a decision
by the weekend. As soon as I had shut the door from his departure
my mil walked out of the bathroom and I walked toward her
meeting in the kitchen. She asked me how it went and I said
I would decide by the weekend. She walked up to me about 6”
from my face and said: “I’ll do anything if you go back with
my daughter.” She then hugged me so tight I could not breathe,
I could feel her hard tits pushing against my chest and she
began to grind her pussy against my now raging cock. I pushed
her back gently looked her straight in the eyes and said:
“anything?” and she said: “yes anything!” We immediately
locked in a passionate embrace our tongues dancing in and
out of each other’s mouths. I began kissing her neck and
I could see her nipples hard as rocks protruding through
her sweater. I quickly pulled her sweater off over her head,
she obliged by removing her bra and exposing her firm 36’s
with the most beautiful pink nipples I have ever seen. I
started kissing and sucking on them, savoring ever inch
all the while she was grinding her pussy harder and harder
against my cock that was now almost in pain from the need
to be released from my jeans. I could tell from her intense
breathing and grinding that she was going to cum any minute,
and to be honest I knew if she kept it up, I wasn’t going to
last much longer. I gently pushed her back and took her hand
to lead her to the bedroom, and she stopped me and said: “No,
you are going to fuck me right here on the kitchen table…right
where that bastard (her husband) eats his meals every night!”
I laughed and said: “OK get your pants off” it did not take
her more than a second, I quickly removed my shirt as she
wrestled with my button on my jeans, as soon as my cock was
released from my jeans she dropped to her knees and started
licking and sucking it like it was the first one she had ever
seen. She ran her tongue down the whole shaft and then licked
sucked on my balls, until I knew I could not take anymore.
I helped her up from her kneeling position and placed her
squarely on the table right in her controlling husbands
dinner spot, and for the first time got a good look at her
bush. It was dripping wet her thick black pubic hair was
drenched with her own juices, I quickly grabbed her controlling
husband’s precious dinner chair and parked my naked ass
in it to devour her throbbing clit. I have never tasted anything
as sweet as her pussy that day. I ran my tongue teasingly
over her clit and up and down her inner thighs until she grabbed
my head so hard I thought she would break my neck. I began
fucking her with my tongue while she grabbed my head and
pushed it further and further into her until I felt her hips
shaking and she “Shot” a load of cum that hit me in the neck.
(first time I had experienced a squirter” I lapped up every
bit of her juices all the while she laid there quivering,
and then in a voice that sounded almost possessed said:
“Put that huge cock in me and pound my pussy!” I stood up and
slid my cock into her waiting cunt and began to pound her
with all of my might, her pussy was tighter than her daughters
despite having four kids, she ground her clit into my pubic
bone all the while kicking me in the ass and telling me to
fuck her harder…I was about to explode when I felt another
gush of warm juices engulf my cock, and that was all I could
take I shot a load of hot sperm so deep in her that I thought
it would come out her eyes. My orgasm was so intense that
my knees almost buckled under me, I sat down and my face was
parallel to my mils dripping, swollen pussy and I started
laughing thinking; that in about 4 hours my fil is going
to be eating his dinner right where his wife’s pussy is dripping
out our juices.
My mil sat up abruptly and asked what was so funny and I shared
my thoughts with her, and we both laughed our ass off! She
said: “Serves the controlling bastard right!” (I am serious
this ass hole had definite issues, he once did not speak
to her for 2 weeks, because she took one of his 22 cent stamps!)
After that we got up and began cleaning up our mess. I did
fuck her one more time that day before I left…in the ass whole’s
recliner. While I was leaving she asked me if I was going
back to her daughter, and I said I would if I could see her
on the side, she said you go back to her and we will talk about
that in the future. I did end up going back with her daughter
about 3 weeks later, and we stayed together for another
16 years, as for my mil, we only got together once more in
all of those years. If I get a good response from this posting,
I may share that one with you too!

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