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THE Birthday Present


THE Birthday Present

(This story was edited by Jo to make it more towards
her fantasy of what she wanted when with two guys. This hasn’t
happened yet.)

It all started one night while my wife and I were lying in
bed after some fantastic lovemaking. The conversation
had come up about her up-coming birthday and I probed to
find out what she wanted. Joanne, my wife, wasn’t one to
speak about her fantasies out loud to me so I started to play
“Fishing Expedition” on her. I mentioned jewelry but got
no response. I brought up the idea about a new wardrobe for
her and she kind of made a funny face. I went on and on and was
striking out. I had my hand resting on her pussy mound with
my fingers lightly caressing her clit when I figured I would
take the plunge and ask her something about lovemaking
for her birthday.

“Baby, what if I got a hold of another man to make love to you
for your birthday? How would you like that?” I asked with
hesitation in my voice.

“Keith, only if he’s a young stud, not like you old man!”
she coolie replied with a laugh.

“I’m serious Joanne. Would you let another man make love
to you while I watched?” I asked while I continued to rub
her clit.

“You know that I couldn’t do anything like that Keith.”
She replied. “Besides, who would have this old body?”

“Hey, you’ve got a great body for someone turning the big
forty-three, and I know all kinds of guys that would like
to bed down with you for a night.” I spoke up.

“Oh yea, I bet you do.” She said.

“So, what do you say baby? Do you want me to get you a young
stud or what?” I asked.

Joanne’s body seemed to be catching on fire as I stroked
her clit and her hips moved ever so slightly under my hand.

“Oh baby, you know we’ve had this conversation before and
my answer still hasn’t changed any.” Joanne spoke up sternly.

“Shit, I blew this idea.” I thought.

I continued to stroke her clit with new vigor and her body
responded accordingly. I let one finger slip down between
her bulging pussy lips and could feel the mixture of cum
and pussy juices from our earlier lovemaking. I ran my finger
up and down her slit then back up to her throbbing clit. Joanne
wiggled her butt as she started to get turned on once again.

“Joanne you know I wouldn’t do anything or let anything
happen to you that you wouldn’t want. Hell, who knows, you
might even enjoy some extra activity! I know I sure would
like to see someone else run their hands all over your body
and slowly slip their tongue down to your clit!” I said.

“Why do you want someone else making love to me, Keith? Isn’t
our sex life good enough for you?” Joanne asked.

“Honey, I just want you to be pleased. I want you to experience
something new and exciting that’s all. Oh yea, I do love
our lovemaking. I just think we could spice it up.” I said.

I could tell by Joanne’s body that all this talking about
someone else taking her was really getting her excited.
Her legs had slipped open giving me full access to her open
pussy. I squeezed her pussy lips and started to nuzzle on
the nap of her neck. I slowly licked my way down to her small
breasts and sucked on each nipple one at a time. Soft moans
were coming out of her mouth.

“Baby, just close your eyes and let me take care of you. Just
imagine how it would be to have two guys making love to you
at once.” I said. “I could be cuddled up behind you stroking
my hard cock between your ass cheeks and someone else could
be in front gently massaging your breasts and lightly rubbing
on your clit.”

“Oh, Keith make love to me. Forget that nonsense.” Joanne
moaned out.

I gently turned Joanne onto her side and started to rub my
cock between her ass cheeks. Man she was getting hot. The
pre-cum oozing from my cock head made her crack good and
wet allowing me to slip between her cheeks with ease.

“Joanne I would reach down and lift one of your legs making
way for my cock to enter you from behind like you like it.”
I said as I lifted her leg.

I used my free hand and positioned my cock at her pussy opening.
I could feel the heat building up between her wet lips. I
pushed just the head in and rested and then I pushed myself
in all the way. Joanne pushed her ass back into my thrust.
I took a gently bite on her neck as I withdrew my cock all the
way out except the head. She moaned out a little louder now.
Her hips pushed back towards me, almost begging me to fuck

“When the young man in front of you placed his mouth on your
pussy mound you would push yourself up to meet his lapping
tongue. He would use his tongue on your clit and every now
and then he would wander down towards your wet pussy lips.
His tongue would barely brush the length of my cock as I pushed
in and out of you.” I told her.

“Ohhhhhhh, Keith, stick your cock in me! I want to cummmmmm!
I want you inside of me now.” Joanne moaned as she pushed
harder back into me.

I picked up my tempo and started to slam away at her pussy.
I still had her one leg spread up towards the ceiling. I glanced
down and saw Joanne reach her hand towards her clit mound.
It was a beautiful sight to watch as my cock penetrated in
and out of her pussy and Joanne’s hand now worked faster
and faster on her cit. Her pussy lips looked like they were
glued to the sides of my cock, they just clung tight as I stroked
in and out of her.

“Joanne, this young man would tongue your clit and pussy
until you climaxed all over his face!” I chimed in. “Your
hands would be on the back of his head forcing his mouth on
to you as I slammed you from behind. After you came he would
take me in his mouth and suck me until I shot my load!”

“Yes Keith fuuuuck meeeee harder, I’mmmmm cummmmmming!
Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh!” she hollered out as I plunged in deep.

“Ohhhhh, fuuuuuck, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, fuuuuuck meeeeee!”
she managed to mumble out as her body started to convulse
like I had never seen. Joanne’s body just started to shake
and her hand grabbed her pussy mound and just held on.

“Ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh” was all she could get out.

I plunged in and worked my cock in as deep as could go. I felt
the usual tingling in my balls as I knew I was starting to

“Oh baby, I’mmm gonna cummmmmm!” I blurted out as the fluid
deep inside of me made its way upward.

I shot the first load deep into her hot pussy. I reached down
and grabbed my cock and slipped out of her pussy, I then shot
my next load all over her hand and clit. I knew Joanne felt
it when the load hit her hand and her eyes opened. I squeezed
and pulled on my hard pulsing cock as another load made its
way upward.

“Oh yea Keith. Cum all over me!” Joanne exclaimed as I shot
my final load once more on her waiting hand and clit.

“Ohhh, yea, ohhhh fuuuuuck!” I moaned out.

She reached up and grabbed my cock, wrapping her little
hand around the diameter and squeezed with an upward motion.
She was actually milking my cock dry. Joanne moved my cock
to her clit as it started to shrink and began to rub my own
cum all over herself and my cock. I could tell that Joanne
had enjoyed herself in my fantasy because I had never seen
her cum so violently. I looked into her eyes and saw pure
pleasure written all over her face.

“I guess it would be fair to say that you liked what I was telling
you Joanne?” I asked. “So have I changed your mind any baby?”

“I would be nice but….” She said as she closed her eyes and
drifted off to sleep.

“Man, I thought I had her convinced!” I thought as I too closed
my eyes….

Joanne and I didn’t discuss much about what had happed the
other night while in bed, but it hadn’t left my mind for a
moment. I knew she would go for it if only I could open up her
mind. Her birthday was in two weeks so I still had time to
soften her up, hopefully.

Week one had drug by with me making no head way at all towards
trying to convince Joanne in to a three way. I was running
out of ideas until I picked up a porn magazine from work one
day. The guys always left them lying around in the bathrooms
so it wasn’t hard to find skin book. There was a story about
how a guy had tied up his girlfriend and then had his friends
come in and use her however they wanted to. That sounded
pretty good but how could I get away with having another
guy in the room, Joanne would see him. Then it hit me! I could
have a good blindfold on her eyes and she wouldn’t see anything
while she was tied up.

I knew Joanne would go for it because we have played with
light bondage in bed before so this wouldn’t be to far out
there. I now had to come up with a who for the task. Hopefully
this wouldn’t be too hard to do. Guys are always looking
for pussy and most don’t care were it comes from. I searched
my brain and finally I had one guy I used to work with come
to mind. He probably was in his mid to lat twenties so I knew
he still had a hard cock for some strange pussy. I looked
for his phone number and found it.

“Bill, is that you?” I asked.

“Who do you think it was, Keith? I still know your work number.
Remember it used to be mine too.” Bill spoke up. I picked
Bill because he was younger than me, he had a fit body and
he loved to fuck and suck.

I knew he wouldn’t mind giving my wife a good fucking because
he basically told me so. He didn’t realize he was talking
about Joanne one day as she showed up at my job. He did in fact
say he thought she was a nice piece of ass and he knew what
he would do with her if he had a chance. I didn’t say a word.
I just let it roll off my back. Anyway I invited him out for
a couple of beers and we talked. I asked if he was seeing anyone
and he replied no. Bill agreed with my plans and he couldn’t
wait for Joanne’s birthday too. Well before the night was
over I had a plan worked up and all I needed now was to wait
for her birthday to get here. That was going to be hard to

The birthday gift was a set up. I made reservations at a swanky
restaurant down town for 7:30 on Friday night, Joanne’s
birthday. In the conversation with Bill I planned on having
him show up at the bar area while Joanne and I waited for our
table. I’d tell Joanne that our reservations were for 7:00
PM instead of 7:30; this would allow Bill to strike up a conversation
with Joanne. I asked Bill to really pour it on about how good-looking
she was, etc. etc. I wanted him to push the limit on trying
to get her in the sack!

I didn’t know if it would work or not but I asked Bill to give
it his best shot.

I got home from work around 5:30 on Friday and entered the
house. I heard Joanne in the kitchen so I made my way to her.
Joanne was all smiles when I got to her. I greeted her with
a big kiss and placed my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled
her in to me. I ground her pussy on to my cock for good measure.

“Happy Birthday baby!” I exclaimed. “You better get yourself
upstairs and get ready for our dinner date.” I squeezed
her ass cheeks.

“Oh Keith, I can’t wait! What did you get me for my birthday?”
She asked.

“Joanne you know I’m not going to tell you. I don’t want to
ruin your birthday.” I replied.

Joanne reached in between us and started to massage my cock,
it started to grow like normal. Her tongue pushed past my
teeth and she really worked it around in my mouth.

In a flash she had dropped to her knees and in no time had my
zipper down and my cock pulled out. Her hand felt so good
wrapped around my growing cock.

“Ohhh Keith, what did you get me for my birthday?” she asked
with her mouth poised over my cock head.

I looked down and placed my hands on the back of her head.
I tried to force her mouth downwards but she had other ideas.

“I know what you want Keith.” She said as she licked the top
of my cock head. “Now tell me baby. What did you get me?”

“Come on Joanne you’re torturing me! Just suck me for a while.”
I moaned out.

Her mouth draped over my cock head and her lips slipped over
just the head. She sucked me in like a vacuum cleaner for
a minute. Then she removed her mouth and stood up. She squeezed
my cock hard and started to walk out of the kitchen.

“Oh well baby, you lost your chance.” She said with a smile
and headed upstairs.

My cock and balls wanted some relief but I knew I better not
force the issue with Joanne. I couldn’t believe I was standing
there with my throbbing cock pointing to the ceiling and
she walked out. “Damn my luck.” I said as I slipped my cock
back in to my pants. I knew I’d get plenty later so I wasn’t
heart broken by her not finishing what she started. I followed
Joanne up stairs and prepared myself for our night out.

We arrived at the restaurant on my schedule and as planned
the Maitre d told us that there was a mistake and that we would
have to wait until 7:30 to be seated. I looked at him with
a false face of disgruntle and Joanne picked up on it. He
then directed us towards the bar area and said he would notify
us when our table was ready.

“Keith, honey, don’t let this ruin our night out. Everything
will be okay. Let’s just go have a drink or two and take it
easy.” She said.

“I guess your right baby.” I replied. In my mind I was thinking
that the plan was coming together.

We walked in to the bar area and it was slightly crowded so
we had to sit at the bar. I helped Joanne up on to the bar stool
and looked at her. The dim lightly made her jet-black hair
shine in a magical way. I didn’t notice until then but she
wasn’t wearing a bra under her dress and her nipples were
visible thru the material. I glanced down her body and saw
the dress, which I had picked out for her, had slipped up
her beautiful legs only to reveal her golden thighs. I wanted
to touch her but I figured I would wait. Joanne still had
a very tight body, she was only five feet tall but she was
lean and hard from working out. If you didn’t know any better
you would definitely think she was in her twenties. God
she was hot.

Right on cue I saw Bill making his way towards the bar area.
I turned so I wouldn’t see him come by and I did notice that
Joanne had looked up. I glanced up and looked in the mirror
behind the bar and saw that he sat three stools away from
me. I kind of winked at him and figured it wouldn’t be long
before he made his move.

Joanne touched my arm and said, “Keith didn’t you used to
work with that gentleman.” I looked past her and said that
I didn’t see anyone I recognized. “No Keith, over to your
left, about three stools down. I’m sure it’s him.” She said

I looked down his way and Bill turned right on key and waved
towards us as he stood up and walked our way. I looked at Joanne
and said, “Shit, now what do we do?”

“Be quiet, here he comes.” She whispered. I looked up and
Bill stood between Joanne and me.

“Hey Keith, how have you been man?” Bill asked, as he reached
out his hand towards mine. “Who’s this great looking baby-doll
you’re sitting with? Keith I knew you robbed the cradle
but I didn’t know any young thing would be seen with you in

“My name is Joanne, Keith’s wife.” Joanne piped in quickly
and stuck her hand out to shake his.

Bill grabbed her hand and softly embraced it with his. He
raised her hand to his mouth and I could see the wetness from
his lips kiss her hand. Joanne started to blush. We made
small talk and I looked at Joanne and motioned that I had
to use the bathroom. I excused myself and told them I would
return. I headed for the rest room and I glanced back towards
Joanne and Bill. He didn’t waste any time. I could see that
he was flirting with her big time. My plan was working!

I was gone to the rest room longer than I should have been
and I could see the concerned look on Joanne’s face as I returned.
I looked at Joanne and could see a flush had come over her.
I liked what I saw. I almost had to push Bill out of my way to
get to my stool and when I did he happened to hit Joanne’s
inner thigh and her legs popped open. I could see nothing
but panties from my seat as I looked down. Bill did the same
and he smiled big time. He moved out of the way and Joanne
slowly closed her legs. Oh, fuck I was getting turned on.
Bill was with us until the Maitre d came and got us.

“Joanne I hope you have a wonderful birthday.” He said as
he reached up and kissed my wife on the cheek. I couldn’t
see one of his hands but I knew he was stroking my wife’s ass
because I saw it in the mirror. Bill shook my hand and off
he went, kind of stumbling a bit as he went.

“Boy was he drunk or what?” I asked Joanne.

“Oh, he was well on his way.” She replied.

During our dinner I asked about what they had talked about
and Joanne did mention that Bill was a little frisky. She
admitted that he was hitting on her and she kind of liked
the fact that he had found her attractive.

“So do you find him attractive enough to have him make love
to you?” I bravely asked her.

“While you were gone to the rest room I had given it some thought
but I fought my desires and brushed it off.” She said.

“That could have been your chance baby. I know I wouldn’t
have minded!” I softly replied as I rubbed my hand on her

During desert I gave my wife a diamond necklace for her birthday
and she was really shocked that I had gotten it for her.

“That’s not all of your presents baby. You’re best one is
waiting at home upstairs in our bedroom.” I said as my hand
touched her panty clad pussy. I rubbed her every so lightly
and she squirmed her butt on the seat. I couldn’t believe
how wet her pussy had gotten. I guess you truly can’t hide
your body’s reaction to stimulus!

“Oh Keith I can hardly wait. Please tell me what it is.” She

“Nope, soon enough baby. Let’s go your Chariot awaits you
my dear.” I said as I got up from the table and bowed to her.
Fifteen minutes later we were pulling in to our driveway.
Joanne was like a child holding on to me and begging me to
tell her what I got her. I won’t budge, at least not yet…

I had the bedroom all set for our new adventure. I made sure
that I had soft rope and the four corners of our bedposts;
I had oils, scented candles, and a mixture of other items
I thought I might have use for. I did make sure I had a new purchase
along side of the bed and that was of a lifelike replica of
a hard cock. When I opened it I really was taken back because
it did feel and look so real! One more item was on the night
and that was a real good blindfold. I had tried it on and I
know I hadn’t been able to see anything, not even light.

I had Joanne stay down stairs until I got the bedroom the
way I wanted it. I lit the candles and got the ropes and blindfold
ready and now I was set. I still had almost a half an hour before
our guest was to arrive and still Joanne had no clue.

I led my wife upstairs and we entered our bedroom. The sweet
smell of jasmine hit our nostrils as we made it into the room.
There was a soft glow coming from the candles and I had soft
music playing in the background.

“Oh, Keith!” Joanne squealed with delight as she jumped
in to my arms. We embraced and our lips met in a passionate

“Are you ready baby?” I asked.

“Yesss!” She replied.

“Okay, I want to you strip for me and then I want you to lay
on the bed. Okay” I said.

“Whatever you want honey.” She said with a seductive voice.

I sat on the edge of the bed as Joanne stood in front of me.
She kicked off her shoes and reached up behind her and I could
hear the zipper of her dress going down. One of her hands
held it in place until she stood up again. When she let it
go my cock started to grow. Joanne stood there with only
her panties on then she bent over and ever so slowly eased
them down. When she stood up I let out a soft gasp. I could
see nothing but bare skin; there wasn’t a hint of hair on
her pussy mound. My mouth dropped open!

“Do you like what you see honey? I did it just for you.” Joanne
replied as she moved her hands up over her breasts and then
down the curve of her belly to her pussy mound. She ran her
fingers up between the slit and I thought I was going to fall
off of the bed. I could see the wetness on her fingers.

“Joanne, it’s now time to move to the bed.” I commanded her.

She slipped on to the bed and moved to the middle. I walked
over to her and gently grabbed her right arm and raised it
above her head. I slipped the rope over her wrist and tightened
up the knot, one down and three more to go. I did the same with
her other arm and her legs. Joanne squirmed with an eagerness
for what was coming next. I tried the knots one more time
and then I got the blindfold off of the table.

“Oh, what’s this Keith? You don’t want to look at me now.”
She kidded with me.

“No, this is just something to help stimulate you.” I replied,
as I made sure it was on and on tight enough!

“Now I want you to just lay there and relax baby. Enjoy your
birthday present!” I said. I moved over to her and started
to lightly caress her whole body with light scented oil.
I massaged the oil all over her large breasts first. I gently
squeezed and pinched her nipple then I moved to the other
one and did the same there. My hands traveled down her belly
and I used my fingers to make circles with the oil on her tight
stomach. Joanne started to moan softly.

“I don’t know how long I can last like this Keith. With being
tied up and can’t please you.” She said.

“Oh baby, don’t worry about me, remember it’s your night.”
I commented back to her.

I moved back and forth between her stomach and her breasts
Joanne started to squirm on the bed as best as she could.
I knew she wasn’t going anyplace because the ropes held
her securely. I lowered my hands now to the top of her pussy
mound. I brushed my fingers over her clit and pinched lightly.
Then I slipped a finger down her slit. My finger was coated
with her juices and I could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy
as I leaned forward and gentle nibbled on her belly.

“If you keep that up Keith I’ll cum before you know it.” Joanne
moaned out.

I worked a bit longer then I got up and told Joanne that I’d
be right back. I headed down stairs and went to the front
door. I knew Joanne couldn’t hear me open it up but Bill was
right on schedule. He was just heading up the driveway.

“Well Bill, you all set to have a good time?” I asked him.

“You bet I am. I want to thank you for the invite!” He said.

“No, thank you Bill. I know we all will have a great time.”
I said as I closed the door.

I had Bill get undressed in the spare bedroom while I waited
for him. When his underwear hit the floor my mouth opened
wide. This young man was really hung. His cock had to be two
inches longer than mine and slightly thicker. I was envious
but I knew I wanted to watch his cock slip between Joanne’s
pussy lips. We made our way down the hall to the master bedroom.
The carpet muffled any noise we made so we came in to the room
unannounced. By my plan Bill would get involved until I
had Joanne really going so I motioned for him to sit down
next to the bed.

“How are you doing baby?” I asked as she turned her head in
my direction and it startled me at first because I thought
she could see, but I soon realized she couldn’t see anything
or she would have said something about Bill sitting there

“Were did you go Keith? I’ve been waiting her for along time.”
She whimpered.

“I was only gone for a minute or two. I told you the blindfold
would heighten your senses.” I said as I dropped my clothes
next to the bed. I crawled up the bed and laid along side of
her. I moved my hands up and down her body once more. She squirmed
again underneath my touch. I moved up and planted a wet kiss
on her lips. Our tongues seemed to twist together and she
tried but failed to get up. The knots held her down tight.

“Remember a couple of weeks ago I asked if you would like
to have another man make love to you, well I think I solved
the problem baby.” I said as I reached over and took the dildo
off of the nightstand. I moved it up to her lips and I slip
my leg over hers to let her know that it wasn’t my dick.

“Ohhh, Keith! How did you know that I always wanted to try
one of these things?” She exclaimed.

I slid the dildo over her lips and down to her breasts. I ran
it around both of them and then headed for her belly. It slid
easily on her skin because of the oil and I moved over to the
top of her clit. I gently pushed it in circles around her
clit hood and Joanne squirmed her butt about and moaned
out loud. When I moved the dildo downwards to her waiting
pussy she almost flipped out. I watched as the head split
her lips apart and I pushed in gently. What an incredible
sight to see.

“Oh, Keith. God that feels sooooo gooood!” She said. “Please
don’t stop honey.” She moaned.

I motioned for Bill to come over to the side of the bed. I turned
around and saw his hard cock poking straight out. I knew
if Joanne felt his cock she would definitely know that someone
else was in the room and she might flip. I had him just sitting
by until I wanted him to move on in. I moved myself around
now and had my legs up by her head and we were in the classic
sixty-nine position except I was off to the side. I was still
working the dildo around her pussy and up over her clit when
I motioned for Bill to take over the dildo. He moved on to
the bed without Joanne even noticing him being there. He
picked up the dildo from my hand and he picked up where I had
left off; being careful not to touch her with any other part
of his body yet.

Joanne continued to moan out and she really started to squirm
under Bill’s working of her pussy. My cock was straining
for some relief now and I figures I would move up a little
higher. I positioned myself as if I was still working on
her pussy but now my cock was only inches from her mouth.

“Oh Joanne, what would you do if that cock at your pussy was
another man?” I asked.

I didn’t give her much of a chance to respond because I placed
my cock at her mouth. Her lips parted and she sucked me in.

“Would you suck my cock while he slipped his cock deep in
your pussy like this?” I asked as Bill pushed the dildo in
deep. “Or would you suck his big dick while I fucked you baby?”

Joanne responded by moaning out loudly. Bill now picked
up the pace of thrusting the dildo inside of her. When he
slipped it out and moved it to her clit Joanne clamped down
on my cock fairly hard and she kind of grunted.

“Oh baby, you want more of his cock? Are thinking that Bill
is fucking your wet pussy?” I asked her. Joanne’s head kind
of shook yes. “Okay baby, I’m going to place my hard cock
in your pussy while Bill lets you suck his cock. Would you
like that?”

I got up and moved myself around until I was between Joanne’s
legs. My hard cock was pointed directly at Joanne’s open
pussy hole and I eased myself in.

“Ohhhh fuck me Keith. Fuck me deeper!” Joanne said. “Let
me suck Bill’s cock now Keith. Please?” She whimpered out.

Bill had moved up and took my place above Joanne’s face.
Her mouth moved as if she was trying to find the dildo, little
did she know that she was going to get the real thing now.
I started to stroke my cock in and out of her hot pulsing pussy.
I reached a hand out and pinched her clit and she started
to thrash her head from side to side.

“Oh Keith, Please let me suck Bill’s cock now before I cum.”
She said in a pleading voice.

It took Bill a bit of acrobatics to position himself just
right but I reached up and helped him. He was facing me and
his cock was now almost touching her lips. I steadied Bill
as he waited for my go.

“Joanne are you sure you want Bill to stick his cock in your
mouth baby? You know it’s a lot bigger than mine.” I said.

“Yessss, let meeee suck hissss cock. Please don’t tease
me anymore!” She almost yelled out.

That gave me a clear sign that now was the time. I looked at
Bill and nodded my head. He lowered his cock just slightly
and touched Joanne’s waiting lips. Her mouth sprang open
and she raised her head off of the bed forcing herself on
to his cock. The sight of Bill’s cock entering Joanne’s
mouth just about sent me over the top. I had to stop moving
inside of her so that I wouldn’t cum to quickly.

“Do you like sucking Bill’s hard cock honey?” I asked as
I watched Bill now working his cock in and out of her mouth.

Joanne shook her head yes and sucked even harder. I could
feel Joanne’s pussy really start to throb and then I knew
from history that she was about ready to cum. That was when
I looked at Bill and pointed to her pussy mound and licked
my lips. Bill got the message and lowered his mouth now to
her clit. I don’t know what was going on in her mind but her
body was freaking out. Joanne’s pussy muscles grabbed
and pulled at my cock as she started to cum.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, uggggggggg, ahhhhhh.” She moaned out as
wave after wave hit her.

Joanne’s body shook and reacted to Bill’s cock and mouth
and my cock like she had never had fucked and sucked before.
I could tell from Bill’s motion that he must not be far off.
I pulled my cock out of Joanne because I knew if I were still
inside of her I would explode without moving. I looked at
Bill ass moving up and down fucking my wife’s mouth, and
then all of a sudden he froze. His ass cheeks tightened up
and all of his muscles seemed to lock.

Bill couldn’t help it but he moaned out, “Ahhhh suck myyyy
cock babyyyyyy! I’m gonna explode in your mouth!” His ass
cheeks released and tightened up again.

I knew his first load hit it’s mark. He repeated this a couple
more times before he pushed forward one final time. I could
see that Joanne was still sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe
she was sucking him dry. What was she thinking?

“I guess the cats out of the bag.” I thought, as I drove my
cock in to her pussy. It wasn’t but a few strokes and my rocket
shot it’s first load.

“Oh Joanne, baby I’mmmm cummmmmmming!” I hollered out.

Then something happened that I had only had dreamt about.
Bill lowered his mouth towards my wife’s pussy but he didn’t
stop there. I slipped my cock out some and he grabbed it and
pulled it out the rest of the way. When Bill’s lips slipped
over my cock head I saw stars and pumped even harder now.
Bill’s hand squeezed my nut sack and milked my rod as he took
me in deeper.

“Oh, fuck yesssss. Suuuuck myyyy cock. Ohhhhhh, aghhhhhhh!”
I blurted out as I shot my next load into Bill’s sucking mouth.
I grabbed the back of his head and forced him down harder
as the next load erupted. I couldn’t remember the last time
that I had cum so much or so hard. It seemed like my cock wouldn’t
stop squirting its warm ooze in to Bill’s mouth.

“Oh Bill, suck his cock. Suck all of his cum out and then you
can fuck me!” Joanne exclaimed. I couldn’t hold back and
I shot my last load down his throat. Bill continued to suck
me dry and when I finally went soft he slipped his mouth off
and then both Bill and Joanne spoke up at the same time.

“Gotcha didn’t we!” They said.

I would have loved to seen the look on my face when they spoke
those words. My mouth just about hit my chest as I heard Joanne
and Bill start to laugh. “What in the hell is going on?” I

Bill moved around and laid next to Joanne and he was still
laughing. I moved off of Joanne and laid next to her on the
other side.

“Well are you going to untie me and remove this damn blindfold
Keith?” Joanne asked.

“I guess I’d better. Who knows what else you have up your
sleeve.” I said mockingly.

I untied one hand and leg and Bill did the other set. Then
Joanne turned herself towards me. She reached out and touched
my face.

“Keith, I hope I didn’t ruin your birthday gift to me?” she

“Keith you see, Bill accidentally let it slip out at the
restaurant what your plans were for tonight.” She said.
“I guess I had made up my mind the night you really pressed
me for an answer and figured I would go along with whatever
you wanted to do, as long as I didn’t get hurt. So when Bill
started coming on to me I figured something was up so I confronted
him on it. Sure enough, Bill gave you up! Please don’t be
mad honey, we’ll make it up to you!”

What could I say at this point? Here I was, laying in bed next
to my beautiful wife and a new lover was on her other side.
This had only been a fantasy but it now was truly a reality!
God this was great.

“Well what do we do now Joanne? What do you want to do next?”
I enquired of her.

She cuddled up closer to me and I could feel the heat coming
from her body. Her lips met mine and we kissed passionately.
I could feel the bed move slightly and then I felt Bill move
closer in behind Joanne. I opened my eyes and glanced over
at Bill, who now was slowly stroking his cock between my
wife’s ass cheeks. Joanne pushed her ass back towards him
and moaned softly. I figured I would play out the fantasy
I explained to Joanne a few weeks back and I moved lower running
my tongue over her pointed nipples. I slipped a hand between
her legs and felt her throbbing pussy, which was getting
wetter by the moment. I reached a little lower and all of
a sudden I had touched Bill’s hard cock. The head rested
right at Joanne’s ass hole and it felt weird touching another
mans cock.

I figured what the hell and slipped my fingers around the
shaft. Bill instinctively fucked my hand. His strokes
were slow and methodical. Joanne reached down and pushed
my head lower towards her mound. I was obedient and lowered
my head to her pulsing clit.

“Yes baby, suck my clit.” She said. “I want Bill to take me
now. Is that okay with you honey?”

“Is it ever Joanne? This is like a dream come true!” I stated.

My lips wandered down and soon they were touching the top
of her pussy lips; right in between them at the starting
point of her slit. I licked her like there wasn’t going to
be a tomorrow! Bill raised Joanne’s leg to accommodate
my head and his cock. I stopped my tongue movement long enough
to watch as Bill’s cock head parted my baby’s pussy lips.

Joanne moaned out loud and actually spread her legs even
further apart. Bill pushed in a bit then he moved back out
then he pushed back in a little bit further. In a matter of
a few more strokes I watched as his whole cock filled my wife’s
pussy up. What an incredible sight it was. Bill’s cock was
now coated with Joanne’s pussy juices as well as his cum.

Joanne forced her ass back to meet every thrust of Bill’s
hard member. I was only inches away from her pussy lips and
his cock now, and I could smell the sweet aroma of our sex
coming off of them. I stuck my tongue out where Joanne’s
pussy lips and Bill’s cock met. When he slid out I could feel
his cock slide on my tongue. “So this is what it’s like to
taste a cock!” I thought.

Bill pulled out until just his cock head was still inside
of her; then he paused a moment. I took this as my cue to run
my tongue up and down his cock’s length. Man it was great!
His cock was so hard yet it had a unique softness about it.
When I reached his ball sack I sucked one of them in my mouth
and rolled my tongue about. It was really strange because
like my wife, Bill had shaved his cock and balls as well.
Everything was as smooth as a babies butt and it was really
great not having to pick hair from your mouth.

Another new sensation was the wetness and taste of cum and
pussy juices coating his cock and balls. My wife had become
so wet that juices flowed from her pussy coating everything.

I reached out and grabbed Bill’s cock and I wrapped my hand
around it’s length so my hand was being pressed between
his cock base and Joanne’s pussy mound. Bill continued
to push in and out; picking up his tempo with each stroke.
Joanne’s hand slid down over her breasts until it reached
her clit hood. I glanced up and saw her start to slip her clit
between her fingers and then she would squeeze it. I figured
it wouldn’t be long for her and I was correct.

“Ohhhhh you guys! Don’t stop! I’mmmmm startingggg to cuuuuummmmm!”
She moaned. Joanne’s hand had now completely covered the
top of her pussy mound and I could no longer see her clit.
The palm of her hand was really pressing in and moving in
circles now. “Oh Keith suuuuuck my pussyyyyyy! Billlll,
fuuuuuuck meeeee harder!”

Joanne’s body started to shake and convulse. He belly tightened
up and released almost involuntarily. I released Bill’s
cock and he really banged away at her pussy, making a slapping
noise with each thrust. Joanne’s body tightened up once
more and she collapsed on to the bed. Her hand was still covering
up her pussy mound as Bill pounded away. I reached down and
grabbed my own hard cock now. I started to stroke it like
a mad man until Bill hollered out.

“Shit Joanne, your pussy is tight! I’mmmm starting to cuuuuuum.”
Bill blurted out. I reached my other hand up to his belly
and slid it down to the base of his cock. On an outstroke I
grabbed his cock and I could feel the swelling start. His
first explosive blast penetrated deep inside of Joanne,
then another one followed. I knew I wanted a taste of his
cock so on the next outstroke I pulled him out all the way
and wrapped my mouth over his cock head. It was definitely
different! Especially when he pushed his cock deeper into
my mouth.

All I could think about was his cum flooding my mouth. I tried
to swallow as much as I could but what I didn’t get down ran
out of the corners of my mouth! I released my own cock and
started to use both hands on Bill. One hand was on his cock
and the other was massaging his puckered asshole. When
I slipped a finger in Bill’s ass he went wild. He made one
final plunge into my mouth and I could tell he was just about
done. I continued to suck him until I was sure that he was
dry. Bill’s body went limp as well as his cock and he just
laid back.

“Hey you two? What about me?” I asked in a pleading voice.
My cock was ready to explode! I rolled over on to my back as
Joanne and Bill focused their attention on my cock. Bill
eased his hand up under my ass and started to play with my
opening and Joanne just slipped her mouth all the way down
my shaft. She had never sucked my cock like this before.
When Bill pushed his finger in my asshole that’s all I could
take. I let out a holler and my cock exploded!

“Oh fuuuuck meeeee! Oh fuuuuuck and suuuuck meeeee!” I
blurted out as I started to cum. I shot one load in Joannes
mouth then another one. The next one blasted her in the face
as she was trying to give my cock to Bill. His mouth slipped
over my cock just in time for my final shot. My balls were
on fire and I flooded his mouth with cum. Bill sucked and
sucked until I thought I was going to die. When he released
his mouth from my cock we all looked at each other. We knew
we were spent but the night was still so young.

“Honey, thank you for the best and I mean the best birthday
present of all!” Joanne said as we all cuddled together
and drifted off for a nap.

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