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The depths of Love and Beauty are never known until passion
is released and allowed to run free
Carolyn studied the house numbers as she slowly drove down
the street. She thought to herself “I’m getting close.”
Suddenly her eyes locked onto the numbers on the next house
up on the right, 1435. “That’s it” she exclaimed to herself;
as she slowed down and pulled into the drive.
She parked the car and as she was getting out she thought,
“Damn, I’ll be glad when Julie gets back.”
Carolyn’s husband was Dan, and Julie was his secretary.
Carolyn had agreed to fill in while Julie was on a 2-week
vacation. She did not mind helping Dan out, but she hated
running errands.
As she rang the doorbell, she thought ‘now here I am picking
up a damn package for him, I don’t know who this is and I’m
45 minutes out of my way to go home. I don’t know why they couldn’t
have just mailed it.”
The door opening snapped Carolyn’s mind back to the present
time and as she looked up, she found herself staring at a
huge Black man. He was maybe 6’2” or 6’3”, medium build,
well dressed and had a very muscular body.
He said, “Yes Ma’am, may I help you?” He had a very handsome
face and as she answered she felt uneasy because he had eyes
that seemed to penetrate right into her; “Yes I, I’m here
to pick up a, uh, pick up a package for Dan. I mean Mr. Brewster.”
A smile crossed his face as he opened the door further, stepping
aside to allow her in he said, “Come on in, Mr. Allison has
been expecting you.” She stepped in and he closed the door
and said “Follow me, he is in his study.”
As she was following him across the room towards a closed
door, she noticed the house was immaculate, well furnished
and superbly decorated. She could not help but wonder if
this man was a Butler, Body Guard, or what. He opened the
door and said to the person in the room, “There’s a Lady here
to pick-up a package for Mr. Brewster.” She heard a voice
say, “Well let her in.”
As Carolyn stepped into the room, she glanced around. She
became uneasy and a chill of nervousness shot through her
body as the man she followed in stepped into the room, closed
the door and leaned up against it. The room was large and
plushly carpeted. On the left side was a gorgeous, expensive,
California King bed. Along the middle of the far wall was
a separated area, closed off in see through glass, this
contained a huge garden tub, shower, and dressing area
with a sitting bench. Behind that was another door, presumably
a bathroom. On the right side of the room was a semi-circle
Oak desk with all the fixings of a Top Executive. The walls
of the room were decorated with paintings of beautiful
naked and semi-naked women, spaced an appropriate distance
apart. There were two plush chairs in front of the desk.
As the Black man that had been sitting behind the desk rose
up out of his chair, Carolyn noticed that he was about the
same height, build and body structure as the one that lead
her in. As he stood and stepped out from behind his desk,
she heard him say, “Ma’am, forgive me for staring, but if
I had known Mr. Brewster had an errand person this beautiful,
I would have been doing business with him along time ago.
Carolyn felt her face flush and the nervous feeling was
rapidly turning into fear. Her legs were starting to feel
weak and that queasy feeling was forming in her stomach.
Her mind was screaming, “Get the package and get out of here.”
“Why did I have to wear this short skirted business suit
today? I can feel their eyes on my skin as they are mentally
undressing me.” Goose bumps crawled across her body. As
she spoke it sounded as though the voice came from someone
else; “C-Can I g-get t-the package, I’m r-running late
a-and in a h-hurry?” Her voice vibrated and echoed the fear
within her. As he walked towards her the fear swelling up
in her throat was starting to make it hurt and she was barely
breathing with tense shallow breaths.
Through the confused haze that filled her mind, she heard
him saying, “I’m sorry Ma’am, but I didn’t expect you here
this early. It’s going to be a few more minutes before its
ready.” She heard a strange voice crackling, “I-I have
t-to go, I-I’ll c-come b-back lat-ter a-and g-get it.”
As he stepped up to her he gently but firmly placed his huge
hands on her shoulders, she instinctively started to take
a step back. She heard the click of a door lock behind her
and froze in terror. Her thoughts were screaming so loud
in her head, it took a second to register what he was saying,
“Honey you know I can not let you do that. You came for a package
and you’re not leaving until you get it.” His voice was deep
and gentle, but Carolyn knew that he was not going to allow
her to leave.
She heard a woman say, “PLEASE, DON’T”, then she realized
it must have been her.
Suddenly she felt a firm muscular body press up against
her back and butt. She felt his hands slip around and press
against her upper legs right above her knees. He had bent
slightly and she could feel his breath on her neck. His hands
gently slid up her inner thigh, up under her skirt. He whispered
in her ear, “we would like to make your wait a very enjoyable
experience for you."
Carolyn’s thoughts were spinning so fast she could not
concentrate, but she knew she could not escape. She knew
they were not going to stop and she knew if she screamed they
might get violent and they were going to have their way anyway.
Then a thought popped in her mind, “Oh God! How could this
be happening on my birthday?”
She had left Dan’s office early to pick the package up and
get home early. He was coming home as soon as he got off work,
getting ready and taking her out for her 31st birthday.

She felt the hand press up into her crotch and move back and
forth. At the same time, she could feel his breath on her
neck and ear. Her legs did not want to hold her up and her back
arched shoving her chest out as she gasped in a breath.
The man in front of her spoke softly as his hands slid from
her shoulders and started unbuttoning her blouse. He said,
“My name is Phil and behind you is John. As long as you allow
us to be nice, we will teach you sensuality and passion that
you never knew was even possible.”
John stepped back a little and both men undressed her. John
picked her up and walked to the bed gently laying her on it.
Carolyn could not help but think, “My God what strength,
firmness and yet so gentle.”
John leaned over and started kissing her and gently but
firmly forced her lips apart making her respond to the passionate
kiss as his hand found its way to her crotch.
Carolyn’s breathing became a little more labored as all
the pent up feelings of fear and terror started converting
to passion. By this point, her mind was screaming no and
yet she did not want to stop. She thought, “I’m married,
I love my husband. These 2 men are me and I want them
“God, what’s wrong with me, FIGHT.” Just then John’s hand
moved up her body and caressing her breast and she felt Phil’s
weight on the bed, then his arms slide up under her legs as
he moved them further apart. Now she felt the warmth of his
tongue as it slid through the gateway to her secret inner
warmth. Moving, teasing, licking and searching.
Carolyn’s body arched and a moan escaped her lips as the
sensations of his tongue tantalizing her clit raced through
her body. At the same time, John was caressing every inch
of her upper body while he was taking turns between passionate
hot kisses and nibbling gently up the side of her neck to
her ear.
She had no control as her hips started rotating and her stomach
muscle’s started tightening and relaxing repeatedly
as the heat inside of her pussy got hotter and hotter. The
sensations swelled inside of her until they broke and rushed
upwards through her body in wave after wave, escaping through
her parted lips in loud, uncontrolled moans. Phil’s lips
engulfed her clit and he sucked it into his mouth, as the
tip of his tongue did a dance on its tip. A loud, “Oh my God!”
came out as Carolyn’s body arched, then her feet planted
on the bed, her hips and pelvis thrust upward and she grabbed
the back of his head, pressing his face hard into her pussy
as every muscle tightened, every nerve screamed and her
orgasm exploded, ripping up through her body. Then she
went totally limp. Her mind was spinning and even after
the orgasm, her pussy was on fire. Her eyes were glazed with
passion and her mind was screaming for these two men to put
the fire out.
John stood up and began removing his clothes as Phil moved
up her body into position; she could see he had already undressed.
Carolyn looked down her body. Her eyes widened in astonishment.
She had never seen a Black cock, let alone felt one. Phil’s
cock was poised in position for entry. The head of his cock
was a soft pinkish color and huge. The shaft of his cock looked
to her as if it was as thick as her petite wrist; the veins
bulged out up and down the Black shiny shaft. She thought,
“It’s so thick, I don’t know if I can take that thing inside
me, ” but she desperately wanted that cock inside her.
Her pussy was swollen and open for him; she was so wet it felt
like the oils were dripping. Phil slowly slid forward and
the enormous head of his cock stretched open the gateway,
pushed through the resistance and disappeared out of sight.
Carolyn’s chest pushed up and out as she loudly sucked in
a gasp when the head of his cock pushed in through her resistance
and stopped there. The extreme sensations of pleasure
from being stretched to the limit made her pelvic and stomach
muscles twitch over and over.
All she could think of was “Fuck me, fuck me” but Phil held
himself motionless. The longer he stayed motionless inside
of her, the hotter she got and the more she craved him. Finally,
he looked down into her eyes and said, “What do you want me
to do beautiful Lady?” With passion and lust drooling off
the words she said, “Oh God! Please fuck me, ” and wrapped
her arms around his neck, pulling her head up to him embracing
a passion filled kiss.
He slid his arms under her legs, pulling her feet up towards
her head and slowly, steadily, pushed all the way inside
her until they hit pelvis to pelvis. “OH GAWD!!!” She exclaimed
as his huge cock buried itself inside her, stretching and
completely filling her. Her pussy was on fire and the heat
was spreading up through her belly. Her upper body arched,
her eyes glazed, her head turned up as though she was looking
at the headboard. Her eyes rolled up in her head and as the
sensations rippled through her body, moan after moan escaped
her lips.
She heard Phil ask, “Am I hurting you?” She quickly replied
Phil started thrusting his huge cock inside of her, pulling
out until the head was almost ready to pop out and pushing
back in until their pelvises met again. Every few strokes
he picked up the tempo of the rhythm and drove a little harder.
She kept her knees bent and pulled her legs down, planting
her feet on the bed again. Leg muscles tightened fully,
she thrust her hips and lower body up to meet him. With each
stoke she thrust harder and harder grinding their pelvis’s
together. Her eyes were still rolled up, her breasts were
heaving up and down, her nipples danced fully erect as she
panted in complete lust. The moans flowed freely out of
her open mouth. Suddenly her teeth clenched, her neck muscles
completely tightened and every muscle in her body clenched
into a spasm as another orgasm exploded within her. A scream
escaped through her clenched teeth as it ripped through
her body and she collapsed back on the bed still panting.
Phil held motionless inside of her for a few moments, and
then started a slow rhythm of driving his cock inside of
her again. She was exhausted but her body responded almost
immediately, her pelvis started undulating under him,
her body coming to life and her lust and desire began building
for the next explosion. Phil held her body and flipped himself
over on his back, pulling her up on top of him with ease. Carolyn
immediately took control, pulling her legs up under her
and thrusting herself on his cock repeatedly. He took hold
of her and pulled her body firmly down on his chest passionately
kissing her. He pulled his cock out of her except for the
head and held her in that position. Through the haze of her
sensations and emotions, she felt the bed move. Then she
felt something cool running down the crack of her ass and
into the folds of her pussy. Carolyn was startled when she
felt John’s hands gently pull her cheeks open and start
rubbing the oil over the crack of her ass, letting his fingers
work in and out of her cavity. She attempted to resist but
Phil maintained a passionate kiss and held her in position.
She felt John’s cock push against the opening. Her body
jerked backwards and drove him in. A loud groan burst out
of her mouth as John’s huge cock slid up her ass, stretching
the entrance further than she knew it could go.
Then Phil drove his cock all the way inside her pussy, “OHHH
MY GAWD OHHH MY GAWD!!!” kept flowing from her mouth as the
two men drove into her, filling both cavities to extremes.
She was feeling sensations and feelings she had never dreamed
were possible. She did not understand them; she did not
care if she ever understood them as long as they never stopped.
The heat was radiating from her ass and her pussy; the electrified
shock waves of sensations were coursing from her lower
abdomen to the ends of her toes, fingers and top of her head.
She was rapidly building to a climax, her muscles wanted
to tighten but with both men stretching and filling her,
the muscles did not respond.
The emotions, sensations and feelings soared past and
beyond any climax she had ever known, yet they kept going
higher and higher until her hands grabbed Phil’s upper
arms digging her fingers into them and she started thrusting
her body back to slam into them. She felt John’s cock swelling
in her ass and Phil’s swelling in her pussy. Suddenly Phil
groaned and from behind her, she heard a groan from John.
Both men swelled in her just short of bursting as their cum
ripped up through their cocks, filling her with hot cum
until it was forcing it’s way back out She faintly heard
a woman’s voice “OHHH SHIT! OHHH SHIT! OOHHH SSHH…..!”
This time her orgasm came as a massive explosion, her thoughts
ceased. A feeling of complete bliss; floating, no vision,
no darkness, no beginning, no end, just peaceful bliss.

Then something disturbed the bliss. “NO! DON’T MAKE IT
Stop!” But it was persistent and finally her mind started
trying to function. Her eyes opened, she remembered where
she was and her eyes came back into focus. She was laying
naked on the bed and Phil was dressed and gently shaking
her shoulder, “Honey, you got to wake up.” She could hear
the shower running, “That must be John, ” she thought.
Carolyn sat up, turned, and put her legs over the edge of
the bed. She stood up and her legs felt weak and trembly.
Phil put his muscular arms around her and passionately
kissed her. She pressed her body to him as she fully responded.
She had not had time to sort her feelings out yet. She knew
she should hate this man, but she didn’t. She knew she should
be ashamed, for allowing lust and passion to take control,
but she didn’t. She knew she felt a very strong affection
for both of these men that she did not even know and she shouldn’t.
She knew she loved Dan, would always love Dan and he would
always be the man of her life. She knew she would feel guilty
and ashamed of cheating on him, she also knew she could not
lie and hide it from him.
For now, for this moment Carolyn pushed all these thoughts
from her mind and enjoyed the affection and feelings of
the moment.
When Phil released her, she turned to get her clothes, and
then she saw John showering. As she looked through the glass
panels, she stopped and stared. She couldn’t help it. John
was Black, Muscular, hung a lot like Phil, and gorgeous.
She dropped her head as she blushed, walked over picked
her clothes up and got dressed. Just as she finished buttoning
her blouse, she heard Phil say, “Hey Honey”. As she turned
to see what he wanted she spotted John walking towards her
out of the shower, toweling his hair and all he was wearing
was a pair of jeans, “God he’s gorgeous” she thought.
Carolyn felt the warmth in her crotch starting to kick in
again. As she looked at Phil, he smiled and handed her a wrapped
package and said; you don’t want to forget this, Mr. Brewster
would have to send you right back again. As Carolyn felt
her face flush with embarrassment, John stepped up to her
saying, “Good Lord girl, you are the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen on a bed”. Her face got redder. He bent down,
slid his arm around her, pulled her toward him and passionately
kissed her. She was getting hot and felt the wetness in her
crotch again. When John released her, Carolyn turned and
headed for the door with the package in hand. All she could
say was “I’m late, I gotta go.” She knew if she said anymore
she would run and jump back on the bed.
Carolyn got in her car, backed out of the drive and headed
down the street. She looked at her watch and figured that
by the time she wound her way through traffic she would only
beat Dan home by about an hour. If she hurried, she could
still shower, change and be ready in time.
As she drove and wound her way through traffic, Carolyn
began trying to sort things out in her mind. Her first thought
was, “I had no control of this, they forced me to have sex.”
She already knew that wouldn’t fly. She had made no physical
attempt to stop them. They took complete control of her,
but she had let them. She had been given the greatest, most
intense sexual experience she had ever known. She loved
it and she wanted more. She smiled as she thought about that
old common saying: Once you’ve had a Black man, you will
always have a craving for more. Now she understood, it is
definitely a fact.
Carolyn and Dan loved each other completely and had never
cheated on each other. Their love and their relationship
was based on trust and honesty. She would tell him about
this, but how in the hell was she going to do it without hurting
him or damaging their relationship? They had always been
completely open about sexual feelings and discussed and
shared each other’s fantasies many times. In fact, Carolyn
had always had the fantasy of having sex with a Black man.
That was her number one fantasy, followed by the fantasy
of two men at once. Dan talked about them and used the fantasies
during foreplay and lovemaking numerous times, to make
her extremely hot.
Carolyn also knew there was a huge difference between fantasy
and reality. Could he deal with the reality? Could he deal
with the fact he did not know? Could he deal with the fact
that she wound up in a situation and did it when he was not
there? She thought, “Crap, why did I allow this to happen
and especially on my birthday?” She would not hide it, but
she would not spoil the evening he had planned for her by
telling him today. It would wait until tomorrow. Then she
would tell him. They loved each other, they were open with
each other and they would survive this. She didn’t know
how she was going to deal with this newfound craving she
had, but she would.
“OH SHIT” she exclaimed as she nearly drove past her house,
hitting the brakes and turning into the drive. Carolyn
parked the car, hurried into the house, tossed Dan’s package
on the couch and strung clothes from the living room to the
bathroom as she undressed on the go.
After she had showered and blow-dried her hair, Carolyn
slipped the towel around her and headed for their bedroom
to finish getting ready. As she went through the Living
room, she glanced over at the couch. She froze! The package
was gone. She quickly looked up out the window and saw Dan’s
Just then, the door to Dan’s study opened and he walked in
saying cheerfully, “Hi Sweetheart”.
He was home early, but she should have been home at least
2 ½ hours ago and she was just now getting out of the shower.
The guilt welled up inside her, just like it did when she
was a child and got caught with her hand in Grandma’s cookie
Dan didn’t even appear to notice her shaky hi, and he walked
over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed for the bathroom
saying, “By the time I get showered and dressed, you should
be finished getting ready. Good, I’m starved”. He disappeared
into the bathroom.
Carolyn let out a breath and went into their bedroom to get
About an hour later, they were in Dan’s pickup headed for
Mariano’s Fine Diner. Throughout their candle light dinner,
Carolyn’s mind kept trying to wander off to the days activities,
but he would not let it. Dan kept talking small talk, joking
with her, telling her she was beautiful. He kept her smiling
or laughing throughout dinner. Afterwards, he took her
into the lounge and they sat at a table and ordered cocktails.
The band started a new song and Dan escorted her to the dance
After several drinks and as the fifth dance ended, he pulled
her up close to him and staring into her eyes said, “Beautiful
wife of mine, can I take you home early? I have a very special
gift for you and then I want to make mad passionate love to
Carolyn melted to him and placed her head on his chest and
replied, “Oh yes, I would love that very much”. God, she
loved this man.
He lead her out to the truck, passionately kissed her and
said, “Happy Birthday” then took her home.
Upon arrival home, Dan told Carolyn, “You sit on the sofa,
and I’ll make us a couple of drinks and be right there. Then
I will present you with your special birthday present”.
She said OK, and headed for the sofa.
As Carolyn kicked her heels off and sat on the sofa curling
her legs and feet up under her, she wondered what kind of
special present Dan had gotten for her birthday. The excitement
was building within her, when she suddenly thought about
what she had done today and remembered she had to confront
him with it tomorrow, after he had treated her like a Queen
today. Guilt and sadness was on the verge of conquering
her thoughts when Dan walked in the room, sat the drinks
on the coffee table and said to her with a smile, “Your knight
in Shining Armor will return in a flash to rescue his beautiful
Damsel in Distress”. As he walked to his study he said, “The
dragons of the night, I shall slay, one by one and carry the
Beautiful Maiden into the Sunset”.
Carolyn thought, “That’s so beautiful and romantic, but
what a strange thing to say for my birthday”.
As he came out of the study, he headed for the TV with a DVD
in his hand, a smile on his face and said, “Ah! My Beautiful
Damsel, this is your special gift, the magic sword that
slays the dragons of darkness and enlightens the way to
my castle”.
Carolyn couldn’t keep from laughing at his jesting; at
the same time, she couldn’t believe a movie was her special
birthday gift. She thought that perhaps the alcohol was
affecting him more than she realized.
Dan placed the movie in the DVD player, walked over and turned
the lights down low, went to the sofa and sat beside her.
He took a sip of his drink and picked up the remote. Putting
his arm around Carolyn, he looked her in the eyes with a serious
look on his face and said to her, “I know you probably think
I am crazy for getting you a movie for a special birthday
present, trust me, I’m not and you will see. You I love with
all my heart, and you are my beautiful butterfly that I set
free and you returned to me.”
Carolyn said “That’s so beautiful” and Dan stopped her
by placing his finger in front of her lips and saying, “Shhhhh”.
Then he told her, “One condition, you must promise me that
we watch this movie in its entirety in silence. No comments,
no vocals at all until it is completely over and says, THE
END, no matter how emotional you get. Do you promise?” Carolyn
answered, “Yes”. No matter what she thought, she would
remain silent. She would do anything for him, especially
after what she had done today.
He gave her a passionate lingering kiss and said, “I love
you Butterfly”. She thought, “Today is the first time he
has ever called me Butterfly and now he has called me that
twice. That’s kinda strange”.
Still keeping his arm around his lovely wife, Dan turned
the DVD on, put the remote on the coffee table, picked up
his drink, touched his glass to Carolyn’s and with a smile
said, “I love you and here is to silence”.
Suddenly, the screen came to life and Carolyn’s attention
snapped to the TV. It was starting and beginning with lines
of words across the screen, widely spread apart and slowly
scrolling up the screen. The picture was stationary and
was of a stage with plush velvet drapes covering the inner
stage area. A narrator was reciting the lines as they came
into view in front of the Velvet curtains.
As she read, she listened to the voice, “King Brothers Classy
Adult Entertainment Presents……..THE BUTTERFLY”. Carolyn
was totally surprised by the name of the movie and concentrated
even more. As it said, “The depths of love and beauty are
never known or appreciated until pure, unadulterated
passion is released and allowed to fly free”.
Then “This movie is not for sale or reproduction. It is the
sole property of Daniel and Carolyn Brewster and for their
private viewing entertainment only”.
Next, she saw their wedding picture scrolling up the screen
and heard the words, “This movie was produced with permission
from and for this Knight in Shining Armor and the Beautiful
Damsel who married him”.
Carolyn was totally overwhelmed by the romantic presentation
as it was unfolding. Astonished and surprised that Dan
would think to have a movie made for her, and after hearing
who produced it, very curious of its content.
The next thing she saw and heard was a full screen picture
of her Prom photo, and the words, “On this night the Damsel
was the brightest star and shined above all the rest.” Then
another picture of her in her short-skirted business suit
that she wore this very day. She thought “How did he do this”
then she heard, “And now today on her thirty first birthday,
this Damsel of his, in all her glory and beauty is the star
of his day, shines the brightest in his universe and is the
foundation of all that he is.”
Carolyn was snuggled up to Dan, her eyes and mouth wide open
in love and astonishment.
Next, a picture appeared in the lower right hand corner
of the screen. She looked again and saw Dan sitting in a recliner
in a living room. He was angled somewhat away, but she could
tell it was him and he was watching TV, the screen on the TV
he was viewing was showing one side of an empty room and a
closed door. She focused back on their TV and noticed the
picture had changed to the same scene. Then she heard the
voice say, “This movie is dedicated to Carolyn Brewster
‒ wife ‒ lover and best friend. Thank You for being you. Dan.”
Carolyn thought “I have no idea how he did this but it’s amazing.”
As she watched the video, she saw the door open and a man stepped
into the room. Her body stiffened as she stifled a gasp and
heard the voice say, “There is a lady here to pick up a package
for Mr. Brewster.”
Carolyn was frozen in shock and fear as she heard another
voice say, “Well, let her in.” She was barely breathing
and her heart was pounding against her chest and she could
feel the burning starting in her cheeks. Her mind was fuzzy
and thoughts were running wild as she saw herself step into
the room and John close the door and lean up against it. She
quickly glanced to the lower right picture and Dan was watching
the same picture on his TV in the living room. “Wait a minute”
she thought, “That is the same living room she walked through
going to Phil’s study to get the package.” Dan was there
the whole time and watching her.
Carolyn could not take it anymore and said “Wait a minute”
in an angry voice as she started to bolt off the sofa. Dan
quickly tightened his hold on her and pulled her back to
him, as he said, “Whoa! it’s alright, everything is perfect.”
She snapped back, “You call setting me up a special birthday
present?” He said in a more stern voice, “You didn’t cheat
on me; I made you do this and brought both of our fantasies
to life. I brought them to life for us and I am going to love
the movie as much as I loved the event. Sit back and enjoy
this with me in silence like you promised. We have never
broken our promises.”
Carolyn was confused, embarrassed and still angry, but
she leaned back and snuggled up to him. She thought, “Well,
there’s one thing about it, I don’t have to figure out how
to tell him tomorrow”. As she watched herself being picked
up and her naked body being placed on the bed by John, she
thought, “He knows me like a book, he knows my fantasies,
and he used this to put me in a situation that he knew I would
not fight. He told them how to corner me and what to say, How
could he do this to me?” Her next thought was “he could do
this to me for the same reason he knew I wouldn’t try to stop
them even when I thought he didn’t know. He wanted to give
me everything; He wanted to fulfill my dream. God I can’t
believe how much he loves me.”
She could see herself on the bed with John leaning over her,
still dressed and passionately kissing her. Phil’s head
was between her legs and his naked body partially hanging
off the bed. She was watching her own body moving and twisting
and could hear herself moaning from the pleasure and passion
she was feeling.
Carolyn was starting to flush again, but this time it was
not from anger or embarrassment. She felt her pussy start
to get hotter and hotter and the wetness soaking into her
panties. In the little picture box she watched Dan open
up his pants, pull them part way down and start playing with
his cock while he watched these two men make love to her on
the screen.
Dan’s hand gently grabbed her right above the knee and slowly
slid up her thigh to her crotch. He slipped his hand through
the leg hole of her panties, moving the material to the side
and slipped two fingers inside her steaming hot pussy,
working them in and out.
Carolyn’s eyes glazed and a loud moan came up through her
throat as her legs opened wider and arched her body upwards
for him to have better access. Through glazed eyes, panting
heavily and looking at the screen through a haze, she watched
Dan masturbate while watching her on his TV. When she focused
on the main screen and watched herself climax, she exploded
Throughout the movie, Dan worked her pussy and clit in perfect
timing and every time she climaxed on the screen, she had
an orgasm rip through her body on the couch. The last one
left her body twitching repeatedly. She watched herself
being taken by two Black men with huge cocks at the same time
and could see their huge cocks stretching both entry holes
at once. She watched her body writhing, twisting, convulsing
and could hear herself screaming and moaning in complete
uncontrollable lust and passion.
When she saw herself climax so hard it made her pass out,
that was enough to do it, but when she saw Dan on the little
screen let out a loud groan, his body stiffen, his cock bulge
to the extreme with cum erupting and shooting up in the air
as he watched her climax from the assault of those two Black
cocks inside her, her orgasm not only had her body twitching
but she felt as weak as a new born baby.
Right after her last orgasm on screen, Carolyn saw the Velvet
curtains close on the stage. Then she saw Phil and John walk
out and stand in front of the curtain. Phil said, “Dan, we
are proud and honored to be your friends.” Then John said,
“Carolyn, we are honored and proud to be chosen to make your
acquaintance and fulfill both of your fantasies, we hope
we both will always be your friends. Happy Birthday Butterfly.”
Then Phil spoke again, “We hope to have you both over for
a great evening on Saturday as planned by Dan and us. Till
Then Carolyn watched the large letters pop up on the screen….THE
Dan stood up, without a word, picked her up into his arms,
and walked towards their bedroom. He knew the night was
just starting, and her night in shining armor carried his
butterfly across the threshold.
Although this story is purely fantasy, it is dedicated
to the foundation star of my Universe, My reason for being,
my wife, My Butterfly.

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