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As Christy prepared for bed she heard a noise outside, that
cat is back she said to herself as she opened the back door
in an attempt to scare it off. The sound continued and seemed
to be coming more from behind the shed so she headed in that
direction only to be confronted by a man who upon seeing
her lunged forward and grabbed her holding her mouth so
that she could not scream. Fearing for the worst she put
up a fight but was powerless against his strong arms that
held her tight as he dragged her past the pool and into the
house. Once inside her attacker produced a knife warning
her that she would do best to do as she was told or be hurt.
Christy twenty five years old had never been so scared in
her life and knew her medium build would not be able to fend
off this man who she could see was wearing a ski mask to hide
his identity.
A flood of thoughts rushed through her head as her hands
were tied and mouth gagged with a piece of cloth which made
her feel like she was choking. Was she going to be or
robbed maybe both, the tears formed and as the fear increased
she needed to pee but did not move except to watch the this
intruder as he searched the room. Then lifting her to her
feet she was made to go from room to room as it was searched
ending up in the bedroom which scared her more than before.

Finding a suit case the man filled it with her clothes then
said that he was going to untie her so that she could get dressed
and threw some clothes on the bed before she was untied.
Her intruder turned away slightly allowing her to dress,
which calmed her a bit as the fear of eased from her mind,
a would not turn around so that she could get dressed.
With her clothes on she pulled the gag from her mouth and
thought of screaming but knew it would be useless as she
lived alone and her neighbor was old and would not be of any
help so she quietly said that she needed to pee, which made
the attacker turn towards her knife in hand was about to
grab her again when she said that she would not scream but
did need to pee urgently.
She had been allowed that one small piece of freedom and
felt relieved as the golden stream gust form between her
legs, she tried to ask what was going to happen but found
the gag being replaced. She then was made to get the car keys
and her bag, which held her purse and other daily belongings
before being made to go to her car that was now to be used for
the intruder to escape taking her with him. Her house was
carefully locked and the lights turned off before they
went which didn’t make sense until it dawned on her that
she would not be missed for days as she often was away because
of her job as a airline hostess and the intruder must have
know that as he made her house look like she was not there.
Using her plastic card to obtain some money they headed
off into the night stopping to buy fuel at a quiet place where
they would not be noticed he removed his mask to reveal a
mid aged man with an unshaven face. After some hours the
car turned onto a long country road which seemed to go on
for ever then a few more turns taking them further into isolation
until they entered a dirt drive that led towards a light
in the far distance. The closer they got she could see that
it was a building in fact a large house. With some other building
just visible as shadows in the moonlight, our approach
was halted by a fence with a large gate.

Christy’s kidnapper stopped and beeped the horn then removed
her gag which had dried her mouth, a car approached and a
woman got out and opened the gate that she closed once we
had entered. It was then Christy’s hands were untied and
she was warned not to get out, as there were dogs that would
attack and kill her. Asking where she was the kidnapper
said that she would soon know, then the car pulled up in front
of the door followed by the woman who put the dogs in a pen
while we got out and entered the house.
It must have been early hours in the morning and while tired
Christy had not slept during the trip. The door opened and
the sound of the dogs indicated that they were running free
again, the woman entered and told Christy to never walk
outside alone as the dogs would kill her before anyone could
get there to stop them. Introducing herself as Kim the woman
led Christy and her kidnapper into a room where a man sat,
until her reached into a draw and pulled out an envelope
which to kidnapper took and opened to reveal a large amount
of money then left.
Kim introduce the man as Mr. Dawson and she was told that
what ever Mr. Dawson said was to be obeyed, Christy started
to object but was cut short by a hit from a ridding crop as
it struck her legs causing her to yell in pain then Kim was
told to take the new girl as she was called to her room. Kim
half dragged Christy down a hall stopping at a bedroom,
where she was to get some sleep. As the door was locked behind
her Christy began to cry and sat on the edge of the bed looking
around knowing that she could not get out as the window had
bars and even if she did the dogs would get her. The room only
had a bed and a small room that was a toilet with a washbasin.
Before long the sun had risen and Christy looked out the
window to see if there might be some help out side, but all
she could see was paddocks, dotted with livestock which
went as far as the hills in the distance. The fence around
the house area was actually two fences, making it seem more
like a jail.
The smell of food cooking was the only pleasant thing about
this place where ever it was, then a moment later the door
opened and Kim told her to go with her for breakfast. As Christy
followed her into a large dinning room she saw that there
was a few others there which make it harder to get away so
quietly she sat where she was told and ate incase she would
not get any more food that day. Among the people at the table
were women about her age as we as a couple of men all of whom
seemed to be dazed, near the door there were two men that
were dressed like hospital wardens.
Breakfast had finished so Kim took Christy to a room where
a doctor waited. Being made to sit Christy was asked a number
of questions and she had inquired where she was and why she
was there. To her shock she had been take to a private mental
hospital. Upon leaving the doctor Kim took Christy to another
room there were two women tied from the ceiling with their
arms over their heads and a gag in their mouths. Christy
was horrified as see watched as another woman whipped them.
Kim told Christy that they were being trained to do as they
were told and that she was to join them. Between whippings
the victims had their pubic hair pulled by the handful and
their nipples squeezed hard and it was easy to see by their
faces that they were in a lot of pain.
Kim ordered Christy to strip but she refused so Kim called
the two men to tie her up, it didn’t take long and her hands
were bound and the rope hung from a hook in the ceiling so
that she had to stand on her toes. Kim stood in front of her
then slapped her face hard and said that Christy would be
her special project and that she was not going to gag her
as the sound of Christy’s screams would make Kim’s work
more fun, then with both hands she tore the clothes from
Christy’s body until she was naked. Christy yelled and
screamed at Kim who punched her in the face then grabbing
a hand full of pubic hair pull so hard that some came out.
The pain shot through Christy make her yell and when she
had became quieter Kim held up the loose hair and said that
she was going to pull out every bit until her cunt was bald.
Through her tear filled eyes she saw the hair between Kim’s
fingers. What sort of crazy people are they Christy wondered
but didn’t ask incase she copped another punch. Kim had
walked across the room and opened a cupboard and came back
with a stock whip. I was not hard to guess what she was going
to do and sure as hell the whip struck Christy across the
ass repeatedly, her screams drown the sound of the whip
and Kim’s voice. The lashes made it impossible for Christy
to stay on her toes letting her arms take the full weight
of her body causing her arms to feel as if they would be ripped
It was sheer desperation that made Christy beg Kim to stop
saying that she would do what ever she wanted but Kim wanted
to be sure so slapped her face a few times and the gave her
another dose of the whip. Christy was in so much pain she
could not help be pee herself and as the hot piss ran down
her legs she felt more degraded. The assault on her had taken
less that an hour and when Christy hear Kim call the men back
to get her down she was relieved and watched as Kim left the
room slapping the other two women on her way out.
As her was lowered Christy thought that the ordeal was over
but became worried when she was tied over a rail with her
ass pointing in an upwards position and her legs spread,
fearing more hits but screamed when she felt a hand spreading
her pussy and one of the men shove his dick right up her. It
was not the first time she had been fucked from behind but
never so hard as he drove himself into her forcing the rail
into her stomach. Christy’s ass stung from the whip and
her cunt was still sore from having the hair pulled out and
each time she felt his man ram into her it felt worse. The
pounding became quicker and she knew that she was going
to be filled with his cum and he would stop. As she felt the
dick slide out she relaxed but within seconds a different
man was fucking her and it seemed to take a lot longer before
he shot his load into her all ready sloppy hole.
Kim then untied Christy who saw cum on the floor below her
as Kim pointed to it and said that some had spilt and that
Christy should clean it up with her mouth. Christy was made
to kneel on the floor and Kim pushing her face down ordered
her to get the lot or she would be in trouble. Slowly Christy’s
tounge lapped up the use cum off the floor even though she
felt sick and she finally lick the lot up and had swallowed
it so Kim allowed her get up and untied her hands.
To her relief Christy did enough for the day and was taken
outside, given a hospital gown to wear. Outside she saw
why there were two fences. The dogs ran between them during
the day so that the others could walk freely around the house
but were still trapped having to pass the fences and dogs.
Christy had complained that she was there by mistake but
no one would listen then she spotted the other two women
that had been whipped earlier and wondered if they too were
being forced to stay.
A few questions and she knew that they had also been held
with out good reason and had endured punishment since they
arrived. One had been there a week while the other had spent
two weeks there but neither knew why or how long they would
have to stay. Karen the one who had been there the longest
said that she had very little food or sleep and was ready
to give up fighting for her freedom and do what ever they
wanted then Rhonda the other woman said she was wearing
down by still had some fight left in her.
Christy knew that she had to eat and sleep as much as possible
and do what ever to reduce the beatings to keep her strength
if she was to get out of this hell so she lay in the warmth of
the sun and tried to sleep while she could. The sudden shock
woke Christy as she felt the icy cold water splash over her
body, her eyes opened to see Kim standing over her with a
bucket; standup Kim yelled as she pulled Christy to her
feet by the hair. The gown was drenched so Kim told her to
walk around and let it dry, so much for my sleep she thought
and did as she was told making the most of the chance to check
the fence better.
It didn’t take much to see that most of the people her were
patients and were at different mental levels but none seemed
to be real crazy. The late afternoon came and they were all
lead back inside for dinner while Christy and the other
two victims were led to their rooms and locked in with out
eating. The opportunity to sleep but where was the bed it
had gone so Christy lay on the floor hungry and in need of
a bath as the drying cum had mad her pussy sticky. Half dazed
in sleep she felt herself being pick up and saw the tow guards
had her and as instructed her head was put in the toilet while
Kim flushed it several times before her hands were tied
around the bowel and her face looking inside it then she
felt her ass being struck a few times then her head was pushed
into the bowel where both the men pissed on her. Christy
felt a man behind her then again she was and as he slammed
into her the banging of her head against the inside of the
toilet sent her dizzy but she still could feel him as he cum
and was replaced by his coworker.
Her cunt was full of cum for the second time that day and now
she was cover with piss. Kim decided that was the best place
for Christy as she was a piece of shit and should spend the
night there, so as bad as it was Christy lay her head on the
side of the bowel and went to sleep not waking till morning.
The guards arrived and untied her telling her to go to breakfast
not giving her time to rinse her face of the piss that had
run over it or to wipe the slop from her sticky pussy. As she
ate the smell of urine drifted up her nose but she didn’t
let that stop her eating then with one hand free while the
other was used to scoop the food from the plate she wiped
her pussy with the gown.
With breakfast finished everyone was made to shower at
once, men and women which made some of the patients go a bit
wild and some of the women and fight amongst themselves.
A woman stood naked and tried to push a bar of soap up her cunt
but all this was ignored by the guards who just watched then
were joined be two women guards one being the woman who was
doing the whipping the first day. Christy washed quickly
and dried her self but was told to wait till the others had
finished before any one could leave which was not to be for
some time, then as they left each one was handed a clean gown.
While the others went outside Christy and Rhonda were to
see the doctor that was to be daily for the first two weeks
to help evaluate them.

Rhonda went first then Christy was led in to find that there
was nurse as well as the doctor who said that I was necessary
to had a full check up so with all the usual thing like blood
pressure and pulse done Christy was told to lay on the table
and her legs were put in stirrups to hold them up and open.
It was obvious that she was about to get an internal examination
from the nurse who took measurements of her pussy first
and then using some calipers spread her open wide causing
some pain. Again the nurse measured how much she had opened
up and relayed the sizes to the doctor who wrote them down,
then came over and stood looking at the gapping hole as he
rubbed his crotch making his cock hard. The nurse seeing
the doctor’s bulge in his pants asked if he needed help,
he said yes and that the nurse should send in Sally.
Leaving the room for a few minutes the nurse returned with
one of the women patients followed by Kim, and as they entered
the doctor unzipped his pants and produced his hardened
cock. The sight of this made Sally drop to the floor and take
it in her mouth and suck him wildly while the doctor kept
his eyes on Christy. Kim glared at Christy’s stretched
cunt and said to the doctor that it was beautiful and she
didn’t blame him then she said to Christy that Sally was
there because she had a fixation on sucking cocks and could
never get enough so when her husband found out that she sucked
at least ten men a day and gave them money he had her committed
as mentally unstable, now she can suck any patient with
out being stopped. Sally sucked the doctor till he cum and
wanted more but was taken away while Kim took a closer look
at Christy’s hole then started sucking her clit and even
though she was frightened Christy was arouse slightly
so twisting her head to see Kim better she was surprised
when she saw Kim masturbating as she sucked on Christy who
was starting to squirm.
The last thing she wanted was some lesbian nut case sucking
her but felt if she was to say a word then Kim would get violent
again so she suffered it until Kim moaned in delight as she
most likely made herself cum then the sucking stopped.
As violent a skim was she had suck Christy in a gentle sort
of way that felt good. Kim stood and told the doctor that
she needed the open and clit to be much bigger, so picking
up an object the doctor said, this is an expanding ring that
can be place so that the whole Virginia would be gradually
opened as the ring is expanded a bit more each day, and as
for the clit it would need to be increased with hormones
which would also produce a lot more pubic hair. Kim didn’t
question any of what was said and told him to just do it.
Christy became afraid and said that they should not do it,
but Kim said she had no choice and if she resisted then she
would be strapped to a bed for as long as it took and made have
the treatment of do it the easy way. Kim would win as Christy
didn’t was to restrained day and night, which ever way it
was going to happen so the easy way seemed a better option.
The thing that she could not understand was why she had to
have her cunt hole and clit enlarged. The doctor removed
the calipers then placed the ring in her adjusting it till
she could feel the skin stretching wider then Kim insisted
it open a bit more so as to speed up the process, then as instructed
the nurse produced a needle and a bottle which contained
the hormone. A little worried Christy figured that if it
only made her clit a bit bigger it would not be too bad as she
often played with her own clit when she didn’t have a boyfriend.
There was one up side to this and that was the doctor said
she needed food, three meals a day so that the hormone would
work correctly and faster. The process finished Christy
was allowed to get up but had trouble walking with the cunt
spread like it was. As she left Kim told her not to remove
the ring or she would be in more trouble than she could ever
imagine, so Christy agreed then joined the others outside.
As she enjoyed the sun she thought, the food problem had
been fixed and having the ring inside her she would not be
for a while now she just needed sleep. Apart from sleep
she needed to be able to get around like the others and not
be checked all the time and then she might be able to escape.
There was some reason why she was there and if she knew she
could work it to help herself so she had run everything in
her head and each time Kim was involved. Shit she thought,
some how Kim is the key to this and wondered if having her
clit sucked was what it was about. Kim wanted her; it must
be so if she were to play along then she might stand a change.
Lunch went by then dinner by Kim had not appeared again that
day until it was time for bed and Christy was visited by Kim
and two night guards. Again she was tied to the toilet and
yelled to Kim that she had the ring in her as her gown was lifted
over her back, then her ass cheeks were spread and she let
go a scream as the guard pushed his cock up her virgin ass
and began pumping her, the skin around her ass hole hurt
and with each shove of his cock she felt it hit deep inside
her ass which if he had been gentle might not have been so
bad but her rammed her hard and she could feel his balls slapping
against her stretch cunt. Her ass was dry and each stroke
tore at the skin then after a few minutes he went harder and
faster until he cum letting it empty inside her ass and knew
that the other guard was going to fuck her ass as well and
hopped that he would not hurt as her ass was wet and slippery
from the first mans cum, but was wrong as she felt his cock
which was much bigger that the first causing her to yell
more and his strokes hit her insides but way deeper and she
could not feel his body so he must have had a long cock as well
as thick. If this one pushes hard when he did cum he might
do some damage. Christy’s ass clung tight around his big
shaft and then she could feel the throbbing as he forced
himself deeper, her screams bounced off the wall then she
could feel him cum and he kept shooting for a long time as
the slop up her ass made his cock slide easier.
When he had finished Christy was untied so she sat on the
toilet to get her breath Kim stayed as the guards left, then
with out any control Christy farted and shot a load of cum
from her ass making a slash in the bowel. The feeling was
weird as she gasped with delight then again more shot out.
The feeling was new to her and it aroused her as she felt her
ass open and gushes of cum spit out. She put her hand under
her ass to feel how much was there and shot it into her palm
at the same time she lost control and with her other hand
rubbed her clit then looked at Kim who was starting to masturbate
as she watched. Christy seized the moment and told Kim that
she wanted to do it for her, so Kim moved closer and let Christy
work her cunt that was covered with thick hair and had a huge
clit that protruded past the cunt lips, like a small dick.
Christy played with it for a while then insisted that Kim
remove her panties so that when she cum it would go all over
Christy so Kim straddled her and it was not long before she
cum squirting a hot stream over Christy, who also cum not
long after with the cum still running from her ass.
Kim bent over and kissed Christy on the lips and she returned
the kiss with a longer one, and then asked if she could have
a bed or spend the night with Kim. Kim thought then said she
could not let Christy out of night yet but she would have
a bed brought in, so with that the guards carried a bed in
and gave her sheets and blankets plus a pillow. Kim left
and Christy made the bed and lay down saying to her self,
well that was felt strange but it worked now to stop the .



During the night Christy slept with out being disturbed
and woke only when she was called for breakfast. Her plan
had worked now to put it in full mode which started when she
saw Kim and gave her a smile, then as she passed Christy quietly
said that having her clit sucked was what got her going the
day before. Returning her smile Kim told her that she could
expect more.

Christy knew if she could get out the gate there was a spare
key hidden under the car so she would be able to let the car
roll for a long way then start it and be free to go to the police
and have this place shut down. She had been repeatedly
and beaten so pretending to enjoy having sex with Kim would
be the least of her worries if it meant be free.
After breakfast the shower rip was much the same as the day
before with patients attacking each other, but she kept
to one side away from them. Christy has not worried about
Karen or Rhonda either; as the less people knew the better
her chances and they would be free when she brought the police.
The next thing to do was convince the doctor so when she went
in Christy climbed onto the bed to have the ring expanded
before she was told to then held her arm out for the needle.
As she left the doctor Kim walked in so Christy said that
if the ring expands much more she would be so big that Kim
could put her head in there, Kim gasped as she heard that
and Christy knew it excited Kim to know how big her cunt was
Christy slowed up so she could hear what was said when Kim
asked the doctor if there was any problems, he said it was
going better than expected and that the ring was working
so well he took it double the amount that he normally would
which made Kim very pleased.
The ring was tight in Christy’s hole but she wanted out so
she returned to the doctor and said that the ring felt loose
and might have to be expanded more, a plot to excite Kim as
she would be sure to want to see for herself. The doctor checked
and said it was fine but Christy insisted that it felt loose
prompting Kim to insist he tighten it more which actually
hurt but Christy just said well I guess that will do for today
then left again legs slightly spread as she walked.
Later Kim asked why she was keen to have the ring tightened,
quick thinking helped as she explained that she did not
want to be in trouble for the ring be out especially when
it was not her fault because the doctor didn’t do his job
properly. She added why should I get flogged for his mistakes
and as she spoke she touched Kim’s hand softly so that she
would have the upper edge. Kim was falling for the crap she
was telling her and that night at bed time Kim entered Christy’s
room alone so the next part of the plan was set as Christy
took Kim’s hand and said she didn’t know exactly what was
going on but not all of it was bad then she pulled Kim on top
of her kissing her passionately which aroused Kim to start
caressing Christy’s breasts under the gown that Kim undid
to have better access, to suck Christy’s nipples making
them stand firm. Kim slipped her hand down tan played with
Christy’s clit, which was not small, but she asked if the
needles would make her tiny little button big like Kim’s
that was so nice to touch. Kim breathed heavy as she said
that it would properly be bigger, Christy let out a little
squeal of joy then begged Kim to let her touch her long hard
clit again. You don’t find it ugly Kim asked as she removed
her clothes, as Christy stroked it as if it were a mans cock
she said no it great and if I knew hormones could do that I
would have done it year ago.
Christy wondered if she said too much and Kim would want
her to suck it, but the escape depended on what ever needed
to be done so if she had to she would. If Kim was to cum then
she might get out of it but she didn’t and Kim brought her
giant clit up to Christy’s mouth pulling her head closer
until she had between her lips sucking until Christy bit
it firmly making Kim move back. Hell I thought you were going
to bit me, looking up Christy said that she wanted to bit
it off and swallow it all because it was so lovely, Kim went
wild with lust and pushed it back in Christy’s face and told
her to eat it, so as she suck her teeth bit on the clit firmly
but not hard enough to hurt it. This drove Kim wild and set
off a long wet orgasm that flooded Christy who had shoved
her finger in Kim’s big cunt for good measure.
When Kim had relaxed a bit she told Christy that one finger
was not much that she could have put her whole hand in. what
the hell Christy thought to her self I might as well get this
over and done with, so she tried her whole hand in Kim’s wet
cunt and found that it did go in and she could make a fist that
made Kim moan with pleasure. Then she removed the hand and
placed both her hands together and tried to push them up
Kim but had trouble but was told to keep going by Kim. Eventually
both hands were up her tightly and as Christy moved them
a bit Kim sent another flooding orgasm over Christy, who
knew she was in Kim’s good books now as she said soon you will
be able to do that to me.
With her plan working, it was now time to get the dogs sorted
out. The smell of Kim would help, as she was one of the few
people able to get near them. Each day Christy would take
a small piece of food and slowly get the dogs friendly to
her. As the weeks passed her escape was getting closer and
at the same time her cunt was being expanded to size that
was unbelievable, the hormones had started to work and
her clit had increased in size too but mot much. The lesbian
sex with Kim became regular and easier to deal with, some
times she enjoyed it as Kim made her cum. Christy knew if
she stayed much longer she would become a freak with a gapping
big hairy cunt that had an enormous clit sticking out of
it. Christy thought that if her hole opened any more it might
not shrink back and she would have trouble feeling a man
inside her for the rest of her life. It had been a few weeks
since she had been and was in need of a man to gently
make love to her even though she cum quite often when Kim
got her alone.

Christy had wondered if any body had looked for her when
she disappeared and what was happening in the rest of the
world. Eager to run she waited for shower time when se would
not be noticed as the others went on there sex spree. So instead
of the showers one morning she removed the ring so she could
run faster then headed outside to the fence where she had
been hiding some food that she now threw to the dogs. Scaling
the first fence she waited to see what the dogs would do then
clambered the second fence running close to the ground
she went to where her car was parked with some others.
The emergency key was still hidden where she had put it,
get in she let the car roll away as far as she could then started
it, speeding off to freedom. A lot had happened during the
past weeks and Christy had to think hard which way they came
to get there and remembered a small town that should have
a police station or a phone at least. After an hour or so she
came across the town and drove around till she found the
police station. Clad in only the hospital gown she had a
hard time making the officer believe her, but he said that
he would bring in other officers from the headquarters
to check her story and insisted that he take her to be checked
by a doctor to back up her claims of sexual assault.
Christy had been taken to a large hospital and underwent
a series of tests and questions by both doctors and police
then was told she would be best to stay in the hospital for
a few days while the matter was investigated. Christy was
free at last, with the exception of having a policewoman
guarding her for protection. Three days went by then she
was taken to police headquarters where she was questioned
again, only to find that they had the papers that said she
had signed herself into the mental hospital and that when
they went threw her belongings they found a bank slip for
the money she withdrew on the night she claimed to be abducted
and the petrol receipt, plus she had a bag that had clothes
in it in her room. Further investigation showed that her
house had not been forced into and there was a letter in a
draw that was sent from the hospital confirming her visit
Christy knew she had been set up and was going to have trouble
proving her abduction was not a joke. The police had now
wondered about her mental health and call in a psychiatrist
to have her check. Two day of questions that started to make
her angry seemed to get her nowhere and now she was not free
to leave until the shrink had filed his report. The doctor
returned not let her go home but to have her committed for
evaluation. Christy sat quietly as she heard the doctor
explain to the police what seemed to be wrong with her.
The patient seems to be suffering for posttraumatic stress,
which as an airline hostess was properly triggered by the
world tower plane crashes, giving her the fear of being
held against her will. The fear of terrorists which are
mainly men would be the reason she thinks she was and
having found the lesbian theory to represent the need to
communicate with fellow airhostesses. The enlarged vagina
is due to self-inflicted damage that she caused most likely
feeling that her body was not what it should be. There is
mention of this in the hospital report. I have no choice
but to have her put into care where she will not be a danger
to herself until such time as she is better.
The police and the doctor agreed that as the airline was
paying the bill for her care because it was due to her job
then she might as well go to a private hospital and the one
she in was as good as any and they all ready knew her case.
Christy was being sent back to the hell she had just escaped
form and started to scream at the police and doctor until
she was restrained and given a sedative. As she was strapped
to a stretcher dazed from the drug she could her voices saying
that it was a waste to see a young woman go crazy like that.
Christy was still half conscious as she was wheeled into
the mental hospital where Kim’s face appeared above her,
telling her that it was all right and she would take special
care of her. Kim’s voice echoed in her brain as she spoke
to the ambulance officers and the doctor from the hospital
thanking them and saying that she would take in good hands
now but feared that she would be there for a long time.

As the drug wore off Christy every thing was clearer and
she knew where she was for sure and began to scream in protest,
take her to B block she heard Kim say then she panicked more
as she knew that B block was the other building where she
had never been but had heard that it was for the bad cases
and they never returned to the main part.
The doors opened and the sound of people yelling and screaming
told her that the real crazy one where in there. The room
she was put in had a bed that was bolted to the floor that had
straps to hold down a patient if needed. There was a small
window up high to let in light but was too high to look out
of, a toilet was on one side with a number of hooks in the roof.
Christy had been forced to strip naked and placed in a straight
jacket before she was locked in not seeing any one till the
next day when her breakfast was brought in a bowel that was
placed on the floor. Christy had to eat like a dog, kneeling
down face into the bowel, as her hands were not free. This
went on for days and when she went to the toilet she could
not wipe herself which combined with the absence of a shower
had her smell. The hard canvas type material of the jacket
had rubbed her nipples making then tender and there had
been so sign of Kim.
Christy thought that she was in hell before but now she was
worse off and knew that she would never get a chance to run
away again. She was loosing track of how many days she had
been back but guessed a week then Kim arrived with two women
guards who put a strap around her legs and a pulley on one
of the hooks in the roof just above the toilet. Feet first
she was winched upside down then her head lowered into the
toilet that was not too clean. This position made it impossible
to see what was happening but she felt the blow across her
ass, her yell echoing in the toilet as each hit stung her
cheeks. About ten or twelve hit later she felt a hose go up
her ass then warmth as water was pumped in. she was being
given an enema while upside down and knew that when she shit
it would run all over her own body. It didn’t take long before
the urge was upon her and she was unable to control it as the
fluid mixed with shit splurged out running down her back
and under the straight jacket. Christy was left like that
until she had finish with some of the slop ending up on the
back of her head. Christy started to piss her self and the
hot piss run all over her adding to the stench and degrading
mess she was.
For ages she hung from the roof until she felt herself being
lifted out of the toilet and lowered to the ground where
the strap was removed and she was put on the bed feet tied
apart and a rope around her neck so that she would not slide
down the bed. Leaving for a couple of minutes the guards
returned with the male patients who were naked and seeing
her began her filthy body. One after another they
used her to wide cunt to empty their cum into except for one
man who could not wait and lay across her head forcing his
dick into her mouth, fucking her head as her ranted on. The
force of the cock being pushed down in her throat made Christy
choke and have trouble breathing her eyes watered as she
felt the need to vomit but couldn’t and when he cum she didn’t
feel it as he was so far back in her throat the cum just forced
itself down to her stomach, which is when she blacked out.
Christy woke coughing and choking sill with one of the men
hard up her cunt pounding away as he laughed in his crazed
state and another kissing her face. The vile taste in Christy’s
mouth led her to think that some one had pissed on her face.
She tried to sit up but was suddenly stopped by the rope around
her neck as I tightened. Finally when she had been left by
her only to be zapped with an electric cow prod on
the side of her ass then her stomach screaming each time
in pain, then it was placed on her wet cunt causing the most
Christy was being tortured as punishment for her escape
and now was sorry she had done it. She begged Kim to forgive
her but the anger on Kim’s face as she zapped her again let
Christy know she was not getting off lightly or quickly.
Christy had noticed that hurting her and hearing her scream
in agony turned on the women guards. If this pair had their
way Christy would have been beaten and zapped more but Kim
made them leave and locked the door as she left with Christy
still tied to the bed returning the next morning with her
food. Kim had not spoken to Christy since she had been back
but as she placed the bowel of food on the floor she said that
Christy had acted like a bitch so she would be treated like
one then undid the ropes that held her to the bed and put a
wide dog collar around her prisoners neck clipping a leash
to it and watched her bitch eat.
When she finished eating Kim removed the straight jacket
that stank so bad revealing Christy’s sore and swollen
nipples that Kim squeezed to make he suffer more. If you
behave like a good bitch then you can have a shower and loose
the jacket but if you are bad then it goes back on but it will
be dirtier and smell more. Christy promised to behave and
when told got on her hands and knees and crawled to the shower
as Kim walked along with the leash in hand. For the next week
Christy was made to be the do on the leash getting a whack
on the ass with a stick when she was too slow and at least once
a day was made to stay in that position as she was fucked from
behind or up the ass like a bitch on heat. Christy hated what
was happening but it was better than the straight jacket
and being dunked head first in the dirty toilet.
I was not too long before Kim settled down and made Christy
like cunt till she cum every few days and the ring went back
in Christy to open her cunt wider again even though it had
not gone back to it’s normal size. The hormones were started
again but in stronger doses and in a few months Christy had
a clit that was beginning to grow in length and thickness,
a treat for Kim as she began sucking it more and more the bigger
it got. Christy was learning to adapt to her imprisonment
and what she had to do to not be tortured. She was fast becoming
Kim’s bitch and getting the odd fuck in the ass while her
cunt was being stretched ready for when Kim wanted to fist
fuck her. Escaping had left her mind and soon shared in the
visual sport of patient punishment by the female guards
who ended up naked sucking each other’s cunt after wards.

As for Karen and Rhonda they were the hospital whores who
fucked any one that they were told to including visitors
and ambulance men. By the time Christy’s family had been
allowed to se her she had become a part of the sick and twisted
system and seemed to be happy where she was rehabilitating
as she called it. Every now and then she would lay naked where
the men could see her and her something she began to
enjoy. Although not mad she often would pretend to be knowing
that she would not be able to go back to her old life, convincing
visiting doctors and family of her need to stay. She would
say that she was fucking mad instead of the truth that was
she was a mad fucking machine

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