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TG Girl First Date


Where to begin, I suppose that I should just start by saying
that ever since I was a young boy; I always liked the feel
of silk and nylon. I never knew why, it just felt good. In
fact when I would masturbate as a teenager I would use one
of my mother’s nylon stocking to masturbate with. As a teenage
boy I had one experience with another boy. The other person
initiated it, I did nothing and he performed fellatio on
me. From that one experience nothing happened till later
in my late twenty’s. With the coming of the Internet came
a whole new world laid open at my finger tips.
It was through the Internet that I discovered that I was
in fact a Cross-dresser. All those years that I wasted not
knowing what my feeling really was about. The Internet
made it possible to purchase women clothing on line rather
that to have to go in and make the purchase in person. So from
various on line stores I purchased a wig, and other articles
of female clothing.
Also during my early twenty’s I married and had children,
so I could not discuss what I had discovered with my wife
or friends. I had no one to speak to nor did I know of any place
that would cater to my type of fetish. Again I turned to the
Internet, and again it gave me my answer. On the Internet
I found others like myself, and clubs that catered to my
life style.
I had dressed many times in the privacy of my own home, when
my wife was out shopping or visiting with friends. So I had
become quite proficient at putting on make up. After discovering
these clubs and other like myself, I made contact with some
of them to get more information on dressing and especially
these clubs and what I could expect once I got there. I got
on one site and there were posting of other Cross dressers
advertising for dates. They also had ads from men asking
to meet with and date Cross dressers. I placed
my own ad with a picture of myself from the waist up. In short
time I was contacted by many men, all who wanted to take me
out and treat me and make love to me as a women.
All this attention was going to my head, and truthfully
made me hot when I read these letters. These men were complementing
me on my hair, and make up and telling me that I was beautiful,
there was one letter that really turned me on so much so that
I made a date with him.
On the appointed night I told my wife that I was going right
from work to visit a friend, when instead I went out and got
a motel room. I had days before smuggled my female clothes
out of the house and into the trunk of my car. When I checked
into the room I was so nervous that it seemed that my heart
was going to jump out of my chest. I did not have to meet my
date until 8:30 at a club that I had found on the Internet,
that advertised it was friendly to Cross dressers.
Once in the room I unpacked my things, and jumped in and
took a shower; I shaved my legs and again shaved my face taking
care not to cut myself. It was the first time that I had shaven
my legs, and found that it was quite erotic as they were quite
smooth. Next I looked at myself in the full length mirror
and shaved some of the hair between my legs. I was going to
wearing a thong panty and did not want any hair to take away
from a clean look.
Luckily I’m Asian, and do not have very much body hair.
After shaving and trimming some of the long hairs, I turned
my attention to my under arm and shaved that as well, I figured
to present a total package I could do no less. A hairy pit
would be a very large turn off, I know that if my wife did not
shave there it would turn me off. Then I looked over my thighs
and plucked out some long hairs there. I looked at my forearms,
but again being Asian I do not have much hair there so I decided
to just leave that be.
I went into the other room and sat down at the dressing table
and started to apply my make up, it was 6:30 so I did not rush
as I still had plenty of time before I would have to leave.
I started with my foundation then next my eye liner and mascara
then I applied fake eye lashes. Before I went any further
I walked over to the bed and put on my black thong panty, before
I could put on the matching black bra I had to bind my chest
so that I could create some cleavage. After doing that I
put on the black bra, and adjusted myself and smiled when
I walked back to the mirror to have a look. I applied some
foundation to make my breast look darker and also help to
give the illusion of a deeper cleavage/
Next I put on a deep red lipstick and finished it off with
a dark blush to my cheeks, again to give the illusion that
my face was thinner than it is. It was still just 7:00, so
I still had plenty of time. I went back to the bed and sat on
the edge and put on the black garter belt.
Next I put on the sheer black stocking, I ran my hands up
and down my legs it felt so sexy and smooth without the hair.
I attached the stocking to the garter and adjusted them
and I picked up the short mini skirt that I was going to wear
this evening. It was very short and very tight, it was black
with white stripes running up and down; it was made out of
a spandex material making it so very tight. I slipped into
and pull it up my legs, and adjusted it on my ass and hips.
Then I got out the black 4 inch high heels that had a closed
pointed toe and a sling back, it made my legs and feet look
very sexy. It was one of those fuck me heels, that turn the
heads of many men when they see them on a women.
Then I got the black silk blouse and put that on, it was a
wrap around style and belted around the waist and tied.
I went back to the dressing table and put on the press and
stick nails, I don’t like the very long one’s. and I got a
dark red set to match my lipstick. After I had those applied,
I put on the wig, that goes on last as it is hot wearing it.
The wig is black shoulder length and cut so the ends curl
under. I checked my make up again and put on some darkened
my eyebrows, and then I put on a perfume called White Musk.
I walked over to the full length mirror to give myself the
once over again.
Dam I look good I thought, I should tell you that I’m 5'
5" in stocking feet and 125 lbs, so I’m rather thin.
So I look very much like a women when I’m dressed. I turned
to the side and saw that the spandex in the skirt helped lift
my ass and make it look full and gave it a nice shape. My legs
in the black stocking and heel also looked great I was starting
to give myself a hard on I looked so hot.
Before I left the room, I put on the finishing touches;
a rhinestone bracelet single strand, a rhinestone choker
and a rhinestone slave bracelet around my right ankle.
Then to finish it off some silver rings on both hands, and
of course a pair of silver earrings. I checked myself once
more before heading out the door. I was very nervous as I’ve
never gone out in public dressed as a women before. I’ve
dressed but always in the privacy of my home. So I was very
nervous walking out of that door. The room was on the second
floor I walked over to the elevator and pushed the button,
it was a warm summer night so I did not have a jacket or coat.

The elevator was slow in coming, and while I was waiting
there: a couple of men dressed in suits were walking towards
me, the first guy started to walk down the stairs, but the
second guy saw me standing by the elevator. He grabbed his
friends arm and said something that I could not hear, but
that first guy stopped and they both walked over towards
me. The first guy asked if I was in town on business, or on
vacation. I had never had to speak before as a women and was
terrified to do so now. I just stood there and said nothing.
The second guy asked if a cat had my tongue. I turned and faced
the other way, the first guy commented that I must be tired
of men hitting on her so much. Yeah, the second guy agreed
it sure must be a pain in the ass when you’re that hot; and
strange men are trying to pick you up.
Well or maybe she’s just stuck up and because she knows
that she’s so hot that she can do and act any way that she pleases.
I was getting scared, I was afraid that things were going
to get ugly. I wanted to speak but again I was afraid that
my voice would give me away.
The elevator came up just then, when the door opened I hurriedly
got in and the two men right behind me. Listen the first guy
said, we don’t mean to scare you; and sorry if we did. It’s
just that you’re so dam good looking, no hold that though
you’re just hot. Plain and simple you’re hot, I hope that
my friend and I have not offended you. We’re both from out
of town and going out to dinner, and if you’re not busy would
love to buy you a dinner. I shook my head no. Well look at that
at least we know that she can hear us speaking. Maybe she
is a mute, and can’t speak the second guy said. Hell with
a body and legs like that I don’t care if she is a mute or not.
With that a big smile came across my face.
The elevator was as slow going down as it was coming up.
Hey look at that smile on her, she can’t be all that mad at
us if she can smile like that. You know you have a very pretty
smile, you should do that more often the first guy said.
I stepped closer to the door, I could see in the polished
surface of the door that the second guy pointed to my ass.
Then I could see him take his hands like he was grabbing me
by my hips and made a humping motion with his hips.
I just about had it with these two idiots, and was about
to turn and let them have it when the elevator stopped and
the door opened. I step out and hurried to my car.
From behind me one of them called out that if I wanted to
meet them for drinks or dinner, that they would be at the
restaurant across from the motel. I got in my car and drove
over to the club to meet with my date. I got there right at
8:30, I parked the car and looked in the mirror to check my
make up and then got out and walked to the club.
When I got inside, I could see a lot of Cross dressers of
all ages and all type and sizes. I had told my date what I would
be wearing so that he could spot me, and he had told me what
he would be wearing. He told me that his name was Mike and
that he would be the one smoking a cigar and wearing cowboy
boots. He said that he was 5' 10" and that he was
height and weight proportioned. I had to look around a bit
before I found him sitting at the bar. Well he was telling
the truth, he was tall and rather good looking in a rugged
sort of way.
I walked over to where he was sitting and he saw me coming,
and stood up and gave me his seat. He stood next to me and introduced
himself to me, and I smile and told him my name is Mayko. Well
Mayko, you like sexier in person than your picture shows.
You have a great set of legs, and a nice ass as well. He ordered
drink for me, and we started to get to know one another. Mike
wasted no time, after I got my first drink he asked me if I
would like to dance. They were playing a fast number, so
I agreed and he lead me out on to the dance floor. We danced
to a couple of fast songs, then a slow one came on; I started
to head back to the bar; when Mike took my hand and pulled
me into his arms.
He pulled me close and put both arms around my waist, as
the song went on I could feel his cock grow between us. Mike
then lowered one hand to my ass and started to feel me up.
He next put his lips to my ear and whispered that he wanted
to fuck me. I could feel myself get excited, and my heart
was beating like crazy. Mike tried to move his leg between
mine, but because the skirt was so tight he could not do so.
So Mike reach down with both hand and pulled my skirt up to
just under my ass. Now his leg was pressing against me and
rubbing on my cock.
He ran his hand down my hips and to my leg, and was caressing
my thigh. I was going crazy with heat, I think that if Mike
had laid me on the floor right then and there that I would
have let him fuck me.
After the song ended Mike found a booth at the back of the
bar, and told the bartender to send a round of drinks back
there. While we waited for the drinks Mike pulled me close
and gave me a very deep french kiss, he was good boy was he
good. My toes started to curl and I got a stomach full of butterflies
with that kiss. I started to get a tingling sensation in
my loins, and I started to get a hard on. I told Mike that I
had to go to the bathroom and he told me where they were. When
I got back the drinks were on the table, and Mike was stirring
my drink.
Mike picked up his drink and said here’s to us, bottoms
up. So I picked up my drink and drained it, as I was very nervous
after all this was my first date. The bartender seeing that
our glasses were empty brought over another round of drinks.
Mike told me to drink up that he had big plans for me tonight.
After a couple of minutes I started to feel light headed
and then I got this hot flash starting from the top of my head,
then it ran down my entire body. I started to get this feeling
like I was drunk, but I knew that could not be. I can drink
quite a bit before I get this way. It was more than being drunk,
it was feeling of my skin being hot and jumpy.
Mike noticed that I was moving in my seat, and crossing
and uncrossing my legs. Hmmm nice legs, and Mike placed
one hand on my thigh, I thought that I would jump out of my
skin when he did that. He ran his hand up and down my thigh
it was making me so hot, that I could not believe it. I was
getting horny like I could not believe. I picked up my drink
to take another sip, after I started to put the glass back
on the table; I noticed that there was something in the bottom
of the glass. Then I remembered seeing Mike stirring my
drink when I was coming back from the bathroom.
I turned to Mike and asked him if he had put something in
my drink while I was gone. Mike came right out and told me
that he had put an Extcity tablet in my drink to make me horny.
I got pissed off, and told him that he was an asshole. He told
me to relax, that he knew that this was my first time out and
my first date, so he thought that this would help to relax
me; and it would also make me very horny. Mike, I don’t need
something to make me horny, I was turned on when I first saw
you. You did not have to resort to a dirty trick like this
to get me in your bed. Oh, I knew that I would get you bed tonight,
I never strike out. I just wanted you to be ready now, I don’t
like to waste time with all the small talk and bullshit.
So lets head over to my place, where I can make you a women,
like you want.
I was so fucking pissed off at Mike that I was ready to kick
his ass, but I just told him no way was I going any where with
him and especially to his place. With that I got up and started
to walk out, Mike caught to me, and got in front and block
the way and told me that I was going to come back to his place
and that was it. I told him no fucking was and to get the hell
out of the way. He grabbed me by the shoulders and shook,
me hard. No, bitch you’re going home with me, and I’m going
to fuck you just like you wanted all damm night. Showing
me your legs, and rubbing your ass on me. You got me all hot
and you’re going to take care of me.
Mike was starting to scare me, so I hung my head and said
I’m sorry Mike; I’m just so scared. This being my first time
for everything like you said, I’m afraid. I reached out
and put my hands around his neck and Mike pulled me close
to him. He lifted my face to his and planted a soft kiss on
my full red lips, and with her other hand he was feeling my
ass. That’s when I brought my knee up and kneed him in the
groin. Mike cried out in pain and double over, and put both
hands to himself.
I took that opportunity to quickly run from the bar. People
in the bar had been looking at us since Mike first confronted
me, and started to cheer after they saw what I had done to
Mike. As I was running for the door I was reaching into my
purse for my car keys. Running in 4 inch heels is not done
easily, and I could not run fast because of my tight skirt.
I got to the car and tried to put the key in the lock, and because
of the long nails that I had on I dropped the keys. As I was
bent over picking up the keys, Mike had come up behind me
and kicked me in the ass; causing me to fall.
I rolled over, and could see that Mike still could not stand
up straight, and was still slightly bent over. He reach
down and pick me up, and shoved me up against my car. He was
red in the face, and started to slap me in the face a couple
of times. He still could not stand straight up, he was breathing
hard and told me that no one fuck’s with him. No one and especially
a fucking cross dresser was going to do this to him. He said
I told you that I wanted to make love to you as a women, now
I’m going to your ass. You’re going to feel what’s it’s
really like. I’m going to shove my cock in your ass and fuck
you till you beg me to cum inside of you; but first you’re
going to such my cock you fucking bitch. Get on your knees
and take out my cock and put it in your mouth. With that he
forced me to my knees.
Mike told me to reach up and unzip him and to take out his
cock. His hands were on both of my shoulders and he had his
fingers digging deep into me. I shook my head no, and he let
go with one hand and slapped me across the mouth. I said to
take out my cock and suck it you fucking whore. Again I shook
my head no, and again her slapped me. Now he reached down
and unzipped himself and pulled out his hard cock, It looked
like it was 8 inches and very thick, he rubbed in on my face,
and tried to force it into my mouth. I clamped my lips shut,
and moved my head from side to side.
He was screaming at me to open my mouth, and slapping me
when I did not. I wanted to fight back, but I was afraid that
if I tried something that he would really hurt me. I heard
myself mumble ok, Mike shouted what did you say bitch? When
I did not answer right away he, shook me and slapped me again
and said what did you say. I looked up and said ok, ok I’ll
do it. With that Mike smiled and said that more like it you
fucking whore, you’re just like all the rest of them bitches.
All you want to do is to tease a man, and get him all hot and
excited over you and then he leave him high and dry. Then
you go home and beat off.
Well come on bitch, lets get this party going open your
mouth and suck my dick. When I did not open my mouth quickly
enough for him he slapped me again, this time so hard that
because Mike was not holding on to me I fell back against
my car. I was sort of sitting there partly on my ass and partly
on my one leg that was bent back under myself. My skirt was
up to my crotch, and you could see the tops of my stockings
and my blouse was partly undone, from the pulling and fighting.
I started to get up when Mike kicked me in the stomach, this
caused me to scream; I’ll give you something to scream about
you fucking bitch, and he leaned over and hit me with a close
fist. I saw stars with that, and I thought that I saw someone
coming up behind Mike. Then the lights went out.
When I came to, some guy was holding up my head, and asking
if I was ok. Or should he call for an ambulance, then I heard
him say that maybe he should call for the police. I reached
up and got hold of his coat jacket, and told him no police,
to please not call the police. Well ok he said, but what about
the ambulance, maybe you should go get checked out. This
guy gave you a pretty good work over. Do you know this guy?
I mean is he your husband, because if he’s not it looks like
he was trying to you. No I called out you can’t call the
police, you don’t understand, please don’t call them I
beg of you.
Well ok, if that’s how you want it, then I won’t. He turned
around and spoke to someone, and said ok Larry the lady does
not want to press charges so just let that asshole go. I heard
something being said but I could not understand it, as my
head was still ringing. No, the lady will not press charges,
but tell him to go.
I started t stand up, and the person helped me to my feet,
my eyes were clearing and I could see Mike. He was being held
by someone who was behind him. The person that was helping
me called out again and said Larry, it’s ok just let him go,
and tell him to take off that the lady is not going to file
charges against him. Larry let Mike go, and right away Mike
walked over towards me. He said to me this is not over bitch,
and raised his hand to slap me, when the guy next to me stepped
forward and smacked Mike in the mouth with his fist. Mike
went down, stunned that this person hit him.
Mike looked up at the guy and told him that he did not understand
the situation. The guy asked if I was his wife, Mike said
no, well is she your girlfriend then again Mike said no.
Well then asshole, you had better take off. Buying a women
a couple of drinks don’t mean that she has to sleep with you;
so beat it. Mike got up and was rubbing his jaw, and said you
don’t understand this. There is nothing to understand,
I saw what you were doing to her, you were trying to her,
you’re lucky that she does not want to press charges against
you for attempted . If I had my way I would call the police,
but she said no, so count your lucky stars and get the hell
out of here now.
Mike started to turn, and stopped and looked at the two
guys, and said hey you guys don’t understand. Do you know
what she is, do you two guys think that she is a lady? Well
I got news for you that lady is a; that’s all Mike got out before
Larry grabbed Mike and spun him all the way around and hit
Mike. I could hear the bone in Mike’s nose break, as he fell
back on to the parking lot.
Larry came over and said to his friend we had better get
the hell out of here. No telling if this guys got any friends
around, plus we don’t want the police here; the lady here
does not want to have to explain herself to them. So we had
better try to flag down a cab. No, I told them this is my car
here, one of you will have to drive for now.
Larry, said ok I’ll drive; Jim you get in the back seat with
After we were in the car and had gone a few block, Larry called
back and asked if I wanted to go to a hospital to get checked
out. No I don’t think that anything is broken, just my ego
plus some bruises. Well would you like for us to drive you
home, we can call for a cab from there. No, I panicked I can’t
go home like this. Jim told Larry over the seat that I was
wearing a wedding ring. Is that why you don’t want to go home?
I’m sure that once your husband hears what happened he’ll
be just glad that you’re safe and unharmed. No, you don’t
understand. I can’t be seen like this.
Well ok so what do we do with you then, have any friends that
you can go stay with and get cleaned up at? I was still not
feeling all that well, partly from the beating that Mike
had given me; an also from the drug that he put on my drink.
The air got stuffy in the car, I remember asking them to open
the window. I must have passed out, when I came to I was in
bed, and I could some music and voices. I sat up with a start
and looked down at myself and saw that I still had on all my
clothes although they were in disarray, other than that
I did not look to bad.
When I sat up the guy named Larry saw me and said hey Jim she’s
up. With that they both walked over to the bed, Jim spoke
and said that you’re in our motel room, we did not know what
else to do with you. You were very adamant that you did not
want to go to the hospital, and that you did not want us to
take you home. Next thing I know is that you passed out in
your car while we were trying to figure out what to do with
you, so we brought you back here.
Just so that you know, I went through your purse; I wanted
to see if there was someone that we should call. I did not
find anything in there, but the key to your motel room here.
I went and checked your room, but there was nothing in there
that would identify you either. You, what I shouted at him
how dare you go through my things, hey lady I was just trying
to see if there was a number to reach your husband at; or the
very least to find out your name.
After I found the key in your purse I remembered that you
were the women in the elevator earlier this evening. Larry
and I apologize for this evening we did not mean to scare
you. I did not go through your things I was just hoping that
you had some sort of I. D. In your room. I’m sorry I did not
mean to shout at you I said. You and your friend have been
very kind, especially afer the way that I ignored both of
you earlier tonight. Thank you for coming to my rescue.

I tried to stand, but almost fell on my face, Jim stepped
forward and caught me in his arms. Hey you had better take
it easy, that guy in the parking lot gave you a pretty good
beating. Oh, I’m alright I just need to collect myself then
I’ll leave you two and go back to my room.
It’s alright you just take your time, maybe you need something
to drink. We have Coke, and something stronger if you like.
What would be the stronger I asked. Well we have Rum my personal
favorite and Larry there like Jack Daniels. So you have
a choice, Coke, Rum or Jack or any combination that you would
like. I think right now I’ll have the Jack straight up if
I could please. One Jack straight coming right up, Larry
if you would pour it for the lady. Larry got a glass from the
bathroom, and walked over to the table by the window and
poured a shot into the glass. Larry offered it to me and I
downed it in one gulp, could I have another please; and handed
the glass back to Larry. With that Larry turned back and
poured another shot, and gave it back. I did the same with
the second drink, and again asked for a refill. Larry filled
it again, but this time I drank it in three sips.
Jim was sitting on the chair next to the bed, he asked if
you don’t mind telling us, is there a reason that you don’t
want us to notify your husband? Well from that question,
I could tell that neither of the two guys, had figured out
that I was a guy in drag. Well I guess that you deserve a answer,
but first let me go freshen up. I stood up, but I must have
moved to quickly as I started to get dizzy and almost fell
again; if Jim had not jumped up to catch me again. I could
feel his strong arms around me holding me close, I looked
up and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then I stepped back
and stood by myself. I told him that I think that I was fine
now, just to give me a few minutes to go to the bathroom.
When I got in the bathroom, I went and sat on the edge of the
bathtub. I could not figure out why I was feeling the way
that I was. There were many times when I had more to drink
than tonight and never felt like this. I had also taken a
few beating in my time and still did not feel this way. Then
it dawned on me, Mike had said that he had put the drug Ecstasy
in my drink to get me horny. I’ll say one thing that drug sure
was working. I looked in the mirror and was taken a back by
what I saw, I had a cut in the corner of my mouth, and a small
bruise on my left cheek, from Mike’s fist. Lucky I had taped
my wig on, I had read in a magazine that it was safer so that
it could not fall off.
I straighten my blouse and skirt and fixed my make up, and
went back out to face Jim and Larry. Once back in the room,
I told them that I had caught my husband having sex with another
women in our bed at home. So I grabbed a few things and left.
So I told them that I had figured that if he could fuck and
other women, I would go out and find a guy to fuck me. I told
them of my meeting Mike in the bar, and that we had danced
and had a few drinks. That while we were dancing he was feeling
me up, and after a bit I got cold feet, that’s when he got nasty,
I told them of the fight inside, then they found us out side.
Thank god you got there when you did, he was going to
me right in that parking lot.
I told them that I remember them, from earlier in the evening,
by the elevator. I explained that the reason that I did not
speak to them was the fact that I was scared and that my voice
was hoarse. Larry said it does seem a bit deep, I know I think
that another drink may help. Larry got up and got me another
drink. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and was sitting
on one leg, giving both Jim and Larry a good view of my legs.
My short skirt rode up my leg exposing the top of the stocking
and a bit of the garter that held it up.
Jim, was still sitting on the chair next to the bed, and
Larry was leaning up against the dresser. I could feel their
eyes on me, and I was enjoying it, plus the drug was making
me hot. I kept touching myself, on my legs, stomach and arms.
I told Jim, and Larry that I did not want to drink along, so
they both joined me with a drink. They asked questions of
my husband and did I know who I caught him in bed with. I told
them that no, I did not know the women that I caught him with;
nor did I care to know her.
They then asked how I had picked that bar, and was it some
place that I normally went to? I explained that no, that
bar was not my hang out, and part of the reason that I changed
my mind with Mike was that I was having my period. Also Mike
was just trying too hard to get me in bed. I told them that
I like the attention that he was paying to me, and that I did
not even mind him touching me. I explained that I found it
exciting and loved the feeling that was going through my
body. I told them how while we were dancing he lifted up my
skirt and was rubbing my ass and thighs.
I told them how excited I felt when his cock got hard while
we danced close. That I was turned on my this, and that I loved
the was he touched me, that it set my skin on fire.
All the while I was telling this to Jim and Larry; I kept
touching myself, and had moved the one leg and now was sitting
on it. When I changed position my skirt rode up even higher,
I could see that the skirt was now just below my crotch. I
noticed that Jim had moved his chair so that he could get
a better view, and Larry who was leaning against the dresser
was starting to get a hard on. Come on you guys, I’m at least
three drinks ahead to your one, lets catch up. Larry, poured
another for himself and went over to Jim and poured another
for him.
So Jim, asked do you still plan on getting someone to have
sex with you so you can get back at your husband? Well the
idea is still in my mind, I would like to teach him a lesson.
After Mike I found that I still have some sex appeal, it just
that I’ll have to wait a few more days till my period is gone.

I was so fucking hot, and horny it was all I could do not to
jump on Jim or Larry; but I did not want to start it. I was hoping
that one of them would make the first move on me. I got up and
told them that I needed to go to my room and get ready for bed.
Larry spoke up and said so early, I told him that I did not
know what time it was, but that I was getting tired. Jim said
it’s only 10 P. M. I could not believe that it was not later
than that, so much had happened.
Well ok, just another drink, then I have to go. Larry filled
up my glass again, but this time it looked like a double shot.
I told him not to forget Jim and himself. Say, we don’t know
your name, Jim said, hey right we don’t piped up Larry. What
is it? Well my name is Mayko. Mayko it’s nice to meet you said
both the Jim and Larry. I mentioned to Larry that it looked
like he poured me a double, Larry looked down, and did not
answer me. I again said Larry, if I did not know better I would
say that you’re trying to get me drunk so that you can take
advantage of me. Larry now looked up and smiled at me, and
asked is it working?
No it’s not working, and it’s not going to work on me either,
shame on you two guys. Don’t you know that you don’t have
to get me drunk to get me in bed. That’s all they needed to
hear, Jim was on me in a flash, he pressed me back on the bed
and was kissing me. Larry came around from the other side
of the bed and was rubbing my leg, and kissing my upper thigh.
I broke free from Jim mouth and told them that I needed a
moment in the bathroom, and for them to remember that I could
not have intercourse as I do have my period.
When I got in the bathroom, I checked myself and re tucked
my penis. Tucking is a way to hide your penis inside of yourself.
By doing this your testicles are also hidden away. I pulled
the thong up tighter and adjusted the garters, and re applied
some lipstick, checked my bra; took a deep breath and went
back out to join Jim and Larry. When I stepped back into the
room, I saw the two guys in bed naked. Well, I said what if
I told you that I had changed my mind, and after seeing your
equipment it may not be sure a bad idea. I don’t think that
I’ve ever seen such large equipment.
Jim put his hand around his cock, and said yes god was very
generous to me when he handed these out. I asked just how
large is it? It is 9 inches by about 3 inches around. Wow,
I’ll say that he was very generous to you. Larry you’re not
far behind, how big are you? Oh, it’s about 7 ½ inches and
3 inches around. Well I have to tell you two, that I’ve never
taken it anal before, and seeing those two monsters; I don’t
know if I can. So with that out there, if you guys still want,
I’ll try to handle what you have.
Larry pulled me to him and pressed his tongue deep into
my mouth, and at the same time was grabbing my ass with both
hands. I could feel Jim kissing my ass and biting my ass.
Jim had his hands running up and down my stocking clad legs.
Then Jim reached around and put one hand on my breast, and
squeezed. I told him sorry that there is not more there for
you to play with. That’s ok, I’m a leg and ass man myself;
and you have a nice firm ass and long legs. Jim turned me over,
and said to Larry my turn; and pressed his body on mine and
he too pressed his tongue into my mouth.
I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I moved
my hips to rub against him, this caused Jim to moan, and to
hump me. I wrapped my arms around Jim’s neck and pulled him
close to me. I wish I could fuck you Jim said into my ear, god
you’re so hot; and your perfume is so exotic. Well let me
roll over and you can put it in the back door. Jim rolled off
me and let me turn over, I reached behind myself and adjusted
my thong and moved it aside, and told Jim to climb on.
Jim’s cock was dripping with pre cum, but I told him to reach
in to my purse and get out the lubrication, and that he would
also find some rubbers in there as well. Jim slipped on a
rubber, and then put some lubrication on my ass. Jim took
hold of my hips and pressed his cock to my ass.
I could feel the pressure from his cock forcing it self
in to me. I tried to relax and let out a deep breath and pressed
back towards him to help Jim enter me. I could feel it when
the head of his cock entered me, Jim stopped for a few seconds
to let me get used to it, and he pressed forward again. He
used his hands to help pull me back to him. Finally he was
all the way in, he stopped again, and let me adjust to him
being in me. Then he slowly started to stroke his cock in
and out of my ass. God it hurt, but at the same time it felt
good; the more that he fucked my ass the better it felt. Oh,
damm it felt good, I wondered if this is how a women felt when
she was being fucked by a man.
Larry not to be left out got up on the bed and knelt before
me and had his cock in my face. I leaned over and took it my
mouth, and started to suck on it. Jim was getting into a rhythm
now and I could feel his balls hitting me, he was stroking
deep into me. Jim still had his hands on my hips, he took one
hand and slapped my ass which caused me to jump. My mouth
came off Larry, and I let out a loud moan. OH, you like that
do you, and Jim slapped me again; again I moaned aloud. Jim
grabbed my hips again and rammed himself deep into me causing
me to cry out and beg for more. Oh, please fuck me, I love it
so much; Jim don’t stop I want to you to fuck me deeper and
Jim, ran his hands up and down my thighs, and ass; it sent
shivers up and down my body. I pressed my ass back on his cock,
and ground my ass in his crotch. I wanted to get as much of
his cock in my ass that I could it felt that good. Larry lifted
my faced and pointed his cock at me again, and I took him down
to the base in one stroke, now this caused Larry to call out.
Shit Jim she’s deep in her throat, oh, god can this bitch
suck a mean cock. Her husband is one lucky son of a bitch.
I could hear Jim agree, I never met a women who loved to take
I up the ass as much as she does. Jim called out to Larry, look
at her she’s fucking my cock. It was true, my ass was bucking
and thrusting against Jim’s crotch so much that he did not
have to move at all.
I had Larry’s cock in my throat and was milking his cock
with the reflexes in my throat, like I was drink and swallowing;
which I was trying to do. I wanted to swallow his cum. Soon
Larry called out I’m going to cum, do you want me to cum in
you, and let him know that I did and Larry started to fuck
my face faster and faster, he grabbed the back of my head
and pulled me down to his crotch. I ground my face and sucked
for all I was worth, soon he rose up and shot his load deep
in to my throat. I let him slip out of my mouth and licked him
Jim was still fucking my ass, I was loving that to no end.
Now I was a women, I now knew what it felt like to have a man
make love to me. I was going crazy, with desire and heat,
from all this attention. To think that both of these men,
think I’m a women. That they’re so hot over me, that they
want to fuck me. I was feeling so sexy, knowing that it was
me who turned these two men on and that it was me who was satisfying
both of them. God, could it get any better than this? I felt
like such a slut, letting both of these men have their way
with me. Having me such their cock and fucking me in the ass.
I LOVED it, I wanted to be their whore. God, I never wanted
Jim to cum, I want him to fuck me forever it felt so good.
Jim pulled his cock out so that only the head was still inside
of me, then he slammed in hard into my ass. I collapsed on
my face and started to cry, and ground my hips on his crotch.
Jim asked if he was hurting me, no, I told him how I felt. That
I never knew that it could feel so good. I told him that I wanted
to be his whore, that I would do what ever he wanted when ever
he wanted. Just that he would have to make love to me like
this. Hearing all of this, I could feel Jim’s cock grow inside
of me, and he ground his hips on my ass now, and was fucking
me harder and faster.
I was throwing my ass into him and bucking moaning. Jim
pressed me down to the bed and was on top of me shoving his
cock deep into my ass. He was kissing my neck and he had his
one hand on my breast. I could hear him gasping for breath,
and feel him stroking faster and faster, I could not move
to well with him on me, but I could wiggle my ass and tried
to force it up to meet his strokes. Oh, you’re so fucking
hot, Jim breathed in my ear, Jes just let me cum in you. I want
to cum deep inside of you. Yes, I called out, I want to have
you shoot your cum in me; I want to keep something of you forever.
Jim got up and tore off the rubber, and pressed his cock bareback
into me.
His cock felt like it was on fire inside of me. Jim pressing
me to the bed, and kissing my neck and ears. I could hear him
start to breath hard, in short breaths, then he started
to fuck in short quick strokes, faster and faster. Then
he screamed into my ear, that he was cumming, Jim pressed
his entire weight on me and I could feel his cock twitching
inside of me. I could feel his hot cum going deep inside of
my body. I humped my ass up to his crotch, and rubbed it to
him to get every drop from his body into mine as I could. When
Jim was done me rolled me over, and smiled into my face; and
said now about you being my whore. I do have some friends
that I would like to share you with.

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