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Swingers Club & On The Road Again


The phone rings and its Marilyn on the other end, She wants
Joe to meet up with her at an address in Tampa, saying she
has a surprise for him. Joe says sure, as he tells Marilyn
that he also has a big surprise for her. Joe informs Gina
as to what is going on, and she heads to her room to get ready,
and Joe goes also gets ready. Gina meets Joe in the Great
Room, Joe damn near swallows his tongue as she walked into
the room. Gina’s wearing one piece blue denim mini skirt
that has a zipper in front that unzippes well below her navel,
and she has it unzipped just above her navel. She is obviously
not wearing a bra, but not so sure about panties as of yet.
She has on a pair of knee high spiked heels that match her
outfit, as well as her white cowboy hat, and her blonde hair
is full of body, as it flows from under her cowboy hat and
down over her back. Gina says she’s ready, as Joe is still
in a daze over how great she looks. Coming back to reality,
Gina and Joe hop in the car and head for Tampa, as they got
on the expressway, Joe asked Gina if she would like to have
some fun on the way there, with a smile, she said “sure.”
Joe instructed her to slide in beside him with her back facing
him, Gina being taller had to slide down some in the seat,
as Joe put his right arm over her right shoulder. He slowly
slides his hand down her right thigh, as she spread her long
legs apart, as Joe’s hand found her moist pussy. Gina was
loving giving her fellow trucker a show, as they past them
one by one on there way to Tampa.

Meanwhile, Marilyn was at the club Jill had told her about,
while they were in Key West, Florida. Marilyn was wearing
a short white nursing outfit, white stockings, garter
belt, matching lacey bra and white spiked high heels. As
Marilyn made her way around the club, she spotted a couple
that look like it was their first time together at a swingers
club. Marilyn walked up to the couple, and with her stethoscope,
as she acted like she was checking the woman’s heart. Marilyn
introduces herself as nurse “Feel Good”, she takes a seat
next to the woman, and runs her hand up her bare inter thigh.
Joyce parts her legs slightly as Marilyn reaches her pussy,
and begins rubbing her clit. Marilyn tells Joyce that she
ready to give her a pelvic exam, as Joyce’s heart rate goes
up, she then looks at her husband, and he has an ear-to-ear
smile on his face. The couple are seated on bar stools, so
Marilyn grabs up two more, placing them spread apart in
front of Joyce. Marilyn slides her hands up either side
of Joyce’s legs and helps her out of her already wet panties.
Marilyn takes each of Joyce’s feet and places them one by
one on the top rung of each of the two bar stools. Joyce has
her ass on the edge of the bar stool she is sitting on, as she
lays back against her husband who is behind her. Marilyn
turns away from them, spreads her legs slightly, and bends
over at the hips, exposing her sexy round ass. Marilyn turns
back around and looks at Joyce’s legs that are spread nice
and wide as she rubs her pussy lips and clit, as her husband
watches in awe. Marilyn gives Joyce as deep French kiss,
which causes her to moan, Marilyn gets down on her knees,
and starts licking all around on Joyce’s pussy. Joyce’s
husband Fred is all smiles as he watches Marilyn eat his
wife’s pussy.

Gina is giving Joe a blowjob as they cross the Skyway Bridge.
Before getting to Tampa, Joe’s cock becomes more rigged
and his body stiffed, as he shoots his hot load into Gina’s
mouth, without missing a beat she swallows all of his cum.
Gina continues to stroke his cock, as she raises up and begins
French kissing him. She then reminds him again that she
is going to fuck his brains out until she heads back out on
the road, as she tightens the grip she has on his cock, still
stroking it.

Gina and Joe now in Tampa; go to the address Marilyn had given
him. Gina adjusts her clothing and looks in the mirror,
as she fixes her hair and puts her cowboy hat back on. Joe
has found the address, and parks the car near by. They get
out of the car, after putting the top up. Joe goes around
to the passengers’ side and pushes Gina, her front pushed
against the passengers’ door, as he retrieves something
from his pocket. Knowing he has startled Gina, Joe puts
his lips on her left earlobe and gives it a gentle tug, as
he pulls up her skirt. Her heart races from a sense of fear
and not knowing what is going to happen next. Joe quickly
steps back and spanks both of her ass checks, as he whispers
in her ear that he has something for her to wear, she moaned
as her ass got spanked. Joe squats down behind her, he touches
each of ankles one at a time and Gina knowingly knows this
means raise it up. Joe moves what was around her ankles up
over her long shapely legs to her hips. He makes some adjustments,
gives each of her checks a peck and pulls her dress back down.
He turns her around and gives her a French kiss. They walk
towards the building that has the address that Marilyn
had give him. Joe opens the door to this building and they
walk in, where they are greeted by a doorman. He asks for
their names and he cheeks over his list, spotting Joe’s
name, he says we’ve been expecting you sir. The doorman
instructs Gina and Joe to go down the hallway and take the
elevator to the third floor.

As the door to the elevator opens on the third floor they
can hear music and in front of them is a neon sign that spells
out, “WELCOME TO THE PLEASURE DOME.” They walk down the
hallway towards the music. The hallway makes a sharp right,
goes twenty feet, makes a sharp left, goes twenty feet,
makes a sharp right, goes twenty feet, as the lighting got
dimmer and dimmer, opening up into a very large dimly lit
room filled with people in all kinds of different outfits.
At one end of the room was a long bar and the far other end of
the room were two catwalks separated by a wall between them.
On one side women danced on the catwalks and on the men danced.
On each side of these walled off stages were about six doorways
along the outer walls, marked private rooms. Gina and Joe
head for the bar to grab a refreshing drink and on to seeking
out Marilyn. As they make their way through the people they
find Marilyn sitting on a sofa between Joyce and Fred. The
three of them, along with a lot of other people are watching
a threesome on the floor in front of them. Joyce’s skirt
is above her waist and her legs are spread, as Marilyn rubs
her clit with her left hand, and with her right hand she is
jacking Fred off, whose pants are around his ankles. Marilyn
spots Joe and then her eyes catch a glimpse of Gina, as her
mouth drops open. At that exacted moment Joe pushes a button
on a remote that turns on the dolphin vibrator he has put
on Gina. Gina gasps as she feels this sensation on her clit
and between her pussy lips. (Marilyn thinking in he head
that this woman looks familiar) Joe turns off the vibrator,
as he introduces Gina to Marilyn ‘ Joe turns the remote on
again’ and Marilyn to Gina. As Marilyn introduces Joyce
and Fred, Joe turns the remote off again. Marilyn’s pussy
becomes very wet as it hits her who thinks Gina maybe. Gina
asks if anyone needed a refill on their drinks, with the
list in her head, Gina heads for the bar, as Joe turns the
remote back on. Marilyn excitedly, asks if that is who she
thinks it is, Joe with a big smile on his face, nods yes. Gina
returns from the bar with a bar maid, who has their drinks.
Gina seems to be walking a little wobbly with a smile on her
face, Joe knowing she probably just had an orgasm.

Joe could tell by the way Marilyn was eye-fucking Gina,
that she wanted her and the sooner the better. Marilyn,
Joyce and Fred all sat back down on the sofa, again with Marilyn
in the middle. Gina and Joe got lucky, finding a seat across
from them, which a couple had just gotten up from. The threesome
was still going on hot and heavy that was going on in between
the way they were seated. Marilyn wanting to get the attention
of Gina stood up and sexily removed her nursing uniform.
Of course, Joyce and more so Fred thought this was for their
benefit. This left Marilyn wearing her white sexy lacey
bra, garter belt, stockings, and her heels. She sat back
down, as

Sorry, I just could not think of anything else to write at
this time.

Joe had to up north for business for two weeks and it’s the
first weekend I’m home without him and I’m feeling quite
frisky. I jump in the shower, taking a cold one so my nipples
will get hard. I just love the feeling I get when my nipples
are rock hard. When my nipples get rock hard like they are
right now, the feeling causes my pussy to twitch. Taking
the cold shower has me feeling even frisker and I decide
today would be a good day for some fun in the sun.

I get out of the shower and pat myself dry as I watch myself
in the mirror. I admire my harden nipples from the mirrored
image, as I do so the A/C kicks on and it’s coolness causes
my nipples to get even harder as I admire myself. I want to
tweak my nipples so bad but hold back from doing so teasing
myself. I love the feeling I get when my nipples are hard
like this and I think it would go without saying but I will.
My nipples being hard and watching them get hard has my pussy
getting wet. I head into the bedroom to the thermostat on
the wall and set the A/C so it gets even cooler in here. Making
my way back to the bathroom, I reach for the baby oil. I watch
my mirrored image as I rub the baby oil on my skin, teasing
myself as I stay away from my breast and pubic area. I bend
over to put the baby oil on my legs and begin to wonder what
I look like in the mirror as I am bent over like this. I stand
erect and smile devilish at myself, as I turn around and
look back at myself in the mirrored image. I see that I need
to move around a little to get a better view of myself. As
I am moving I feel a rush come over me, consuming my entire
body as I have stepped in a direct path of the cold air now
coming out of the A/C vent. This causes me to get goose bumps
all over my body and my nipples to get even harder and brings
me to a climax. After I stop quivering from my climax, I squirt
a huge amount of baby oil on each of my shoulders and watch
as the oil glistens down my back. I spread my legs as I watch
the oil slowly makes it way to my butt crack. I reach around
and grab the cheeks of my ass and spread them apart. I ogle
at myself as the oil runs down over my tight ass hole, then
onto my pussy from which the baby oil begin to drip form my
pussy lips. I bent over and as I did so my tits have the cold
air from the A/C vent blowing right on to them, this caused
my nipples to become rock hard. I looked back at my mirrored
image of myself and took one of my hands off my ass and began
to tease my tight ass hole as I encircled it. I felt a climax
coming on, so I slide a finger as deep as I could into my tight
ass. I watched as I finger fucked my ass, I began finger fucking
my ass as fast and as hard as I could. I watched as my pussy
began to squirt out it’s juices, I let out a loud scream of
pleasure as I watched the juices run down my legs and my whole
body quivered from pleasure. I knew at this point I had to
get out of the house now or I would wind up in bed pleasuring
myself for the rest of the day. I hurried by grabbing a green
and white plaid skirt and a nearly see though that only tie
in front just under my breast (This top was sold as a set to
be worn with a tube top but I like to wear it this way and I’m
sure on lookers will to). I put on my roman sandals that tie
up the calves of my legs. I took the time to put my hair into
two pony tails so I would like a bad school girl. I admire
myself in the mirror, grab my beach bag thru a beach towel
and some toys in just in case, and then headed to the garage.
I was happy to see that I had left the top down on my car, because
I was horny as hell and couldn’t wait to get out on the open
road to be ogled at by big rig drivers. As I back out of the
garage, I had already made up my mind as to where I was going
for today. Which was a beach a little over an hour away; this
is a beautiful white sand beach that overlooks the beautiful
green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The best part of all is,
it doesn’t get overly crowded because it’s off the beaten

A couple of miles outside of town and just before turning
to get on the main road that leads to the beach, I stop to get
gas even though I don’t need any. I pull up to the pump closest
to the street. As I began to pump my gas, I got what I had been
waiting for. Which were the sounds from horns being beeped
and men yelling my way, as to how great I looked, amongst
other things? I pretended not to notice, but I was getting
hotter by the minute. After pumping a little gas, I grabbed
the window washer from its bucket and went to the passenger
side of the car first. I noticed by were they were parked
that I had a couple of on lookers looking my way. I stood a
ways back from the car so I would have to bend over further
to clean the windshield. This would allow for my breast
to be better seen as they giggled in my loose fitting top.
I took my time as I washed the windshield, acting as it were
tough to clean due to love bugs. I moved to the driver’s side,
which was the street side. When I stopped on the driver’s
side of the car, I made sure I stopped so my legs were spread
apart. I then slowly began to clean the windshield, wiggling
as I did. I again acted as if I didn’t notice the on lookers’
horns and yells. I was bent over in such a manner, that I knew
that all eyes that were on me were pleading to themselves
in hopes that I would bend over just a little bit so as to expose
myself to them. The sheer thought of knowing I was being
watched and knowing exactly what they were hoping to see
brought me to a climaxing again. In trying to keep the climax
to myself and to keep from falling over, I stopped washing
the windshield. I walked across the parking lot to pay for
the gas and get a plastic cup of mostly ice chips and a touch
of water. I feel in love with these thin plastic cups because
of the way they sweat. Because from time to time as I’m driving
down the highway, I’ll put the cup against my pussy. I find
the coldness to be a turn on and as I turn the cup its cold sweat
comes off, running down over my pussy lips and on to my ass.

Upon leaving the gas station, I headed for the highway that
will take me most of the way to the beach. Although this highway
is a four lane divided it has red lights along the way; however,
from where I get on the highway and to where I make my turn
off for the beach there are no cities in-between. The lights
are only at major intersections, which put the lights a
good deal apart.

I make my turn to get on the highway only to get right back
off at a small rest stop. I drive to the very end and park.
I grab a spray bottle from my tote, get out of the car and head
for a nearby picnic table. The six or seven car that are here
are all park at the other end, so I shouldn’t be bothered
or bother anyone myself. I have baby oil in the spray bottle,
which I spray onto both of my legs and the rub around to get
a nice even coat. I’m starting to get more excited by the
minute as I think about what’s ahead of me as I travel down
this highway. I untie my top, take it off, and set it on the
table. I spray my body and arms with the baby oil; however,
I do not spray my breast in a way of teasing myself some more.
I rub the baby oil around on my belly, arms and shoulders,
saving my breast for last. As I look down at my breast I see
as well as I feel that my nipples are very hard and the rest
of my body is glistening in the sun. I love being watched
and as I close my eyes, I am in hopes that someone is in the
right place at the right time. I begin to slowly caress my
breast with my oily hands and I get close to my nipples but
leave them for last. I can feel and as I open my eyes, I see
that my nipples have gotten even harder. I reach for the
spray bottle, and I spray a good amount into one hand. I rub
my hands together quickly so they are both very oily. I close
my eyes once again and slowly being to caress my breast,
move ever closer to my now very hard nipples. As I touch each
of my nipples I let out a loud moan. After getting them well
oiled, I give each nipple a good tweaking. As I now start
to climax I squeeze and pull hard on my nipples, moaning
loudly as I do. I’d love to take the time to sit on the picnic
table, spread my legs wide and give myself a good finger
fucking that it needs, but I want to get back on the highway
and get to the beach. I think to myself, that if Joe were here
he could finger fuck my pussy as we headed to the beach. But
alas I am fly solo today. I put my top back on, but as I look
up the parking lot I see that no cars are headed my way, so
I leave my top untied. I get back in the car, sliding into
the driver’s seat. I slide down in the seat, spread my legs
and put my feet on either side of the steering on the dashboard.
I pull my top to my sides, exposing my breast with hard nipples.
I reach for my plastic cup and rub it across both of my nipples,
causing my nipples to become rock hard. As I do so, droplets
of water drip from my nipples down on to my tummy and on from
there to between my legs. I now take the sweating cup and
slowly rub it up and down on my very horny pussy lips. As I
turn the plastic cup lightly on my hooded clit, the water
droplets come off, running down over my blood swollen pussy
lips and then to my tight butt hole, before the droplets
fall off to the floor board. This causes me to moan, with
my free hand I part my swollen pussy lips apart and put the
cup against my now exposed inner pussy. I pull up on my hood
to expose my hard clit, as I now turn the cup against my clit
and my still parted pussy lips. I can’t begin to let you know
how fucking good this feels. As I turn the cup releasing
the water beads, I begin to think of Joe and how much he would
be enjoying himself as he watched me getting off as the water
droplets run across my inter pussy lip and onto my tight

All of the sudden a bright idea pops into my head. I could
stop down the road a little ways and pick up a video camera.
I could somehow mount it to the car for my little excursion
and Joe and I can watch it together later. I opened my eyes
and hoped that someone or a few people had stood and watched
me, so I could get a quickie. My pussy was throbbing in need
of a hard cock or to get a good pussy eating, but this was not
to be today. I pulled my skirt down, pulled my top back over
my breast, started the car and headed to a small town up ahead
on the right to pick up a video camera. As I headed down the
highway I passed a couple of semis. I acted like I was in my
own little world, as I bopped around in the seat listing
to the cranked up music on the radio. I had them wishing they
could see more than they were seeing. I had my skirt pulled
down and my legs just slightly spread parted and I had retied
my top. I had my skirt at just the right place and my cleavage
was in full view and as I was bopping around in the seat my
breast would giggle nicely, which all made for a good tease.
The semis I passed did toot their horns as I passed but I acted
as if I didn’t hear them.

At the next intersection I turned right and began to look
for a mom and pop drug store for the little town just ahead.
Low and behold just a mile down the road was what I was looking
for. I pulled into the parking lot, pulling into a space
at the very end. I tided up a bit before getting out; I was
now headed for the entry door. As I entered I was happy to
see that this was just the store I had hoped to find, a one
stop shop. I received a greeting as I entered, I smile and
acknowledged back. Then was asked if I needed any help,
I said no as I had spotted a display of cameras, but thanks
just the same. I spotted what I was looking for and the price
was great, so I grab three and some extra memory cards. I
began looking for tape so I could mount them on the car. This
too I had no problem finding, as I picked out a roll of electrical
tape. I also stopped at the soda fountain and grabbed a large
cup and filled it with crushed ice.

I was now ready to check out; I walked towards the cheek out
counter and noticed that the clerk was eye fucking me. He
looked to be in his mid to late sixties and still a handsome
man. He tried his best to be a gentleman, but just could not
resist eyeing my cleavage and my very noticeable harden
nipples. I pretended not to notice as I scanned the shelves
behind him. I saw a couple of magazine racks that had the
usual men’s magazines and a few hard core ones too. There
were condoms, French ticklers and other assorted items
of a sexual nature. Then they caught my eyes, nipple clips
connected by different types of chains and also ones with
different colored strings. The clerks’ eyes widen and
a devilish smile came to his face as I asked to see them. He
turned, grabbed the entire rack and set it down on the counter
in front of me. I never give up a chance to be a total tease,
so I one by one began to put them from nipple to nipple and
look in the mirror, then asked what he thought ( my breast
still covered by y top). My nipples got harder because I
was being a tease and I’m sure his cock was getting hard or
harder. I even let one slip out of my hands so I would have
to bend over to pick it back up, so he could look down my top
as my tits swung forward in my top looking like they were
going to pop right out. Standing upright again, I picked
one out that I liked, setting it on the counter. I could tell
by his voice that he was beside himself as he uttered, are
you ready to check out. I nodded and he began to ring up the
items I had placed on the counter. The last item to be rang
up was the nipple clamp I had picked out. He slowly raised
his head to eye level of my breast and nervously said he would
give it to me, if I let him put it on. They didn’t cost that
much but I thought I would have some fun with him. In a stern
voice, I said is that right and why would I let you do that!
We were now looking face to face and his was getting redder
by the minute. I knew I would probably never see this guy
again. Still in a very stern voice I said: I’ll tell you what
I’m good to do! Not only am I going to let you put the Nipple
clamps on my hard sexy nipples, but if you help me set up these
cameras on my car, I’ll let you watch me finger fuck my pussy
as you install them. As are eyes met and I smiled. He was in
pure shock. He asked if I was pulling his leg. I untied my
top and pulled it open and said; what do you think as I smiled
sexily, as a smile then crossed his face. He came out from
behind the counter, picked up the chain with the nipple
clamps on it. Very wide eyed he put a clamp on each of my nipples,
brushing his hand across the tips of my nipples as if it was
non-intentional. He slowly tightens each clamp until
I said it was tight enough. He caressed my breast as he stood
back and told me how great the nipple clamps looked on my
hard nipples. I said thanks and told him he could lick the
end of each of my nipples before we moved on to our next task.
He bent over and flicked his hard tongue over the tips of
each of my nipples as I held back a moan as my pussy became
very wet. Are you ready for the next step, with a huge smile
he said yes and asked again if I were kidding? I Saying No,
he turned and headed for the exit door. I spoke up saying;
aren’t you forgetting something, he looked back my way
looking quite dumb founded. I had taken off my top and was
holding the chains between my breasts, saying aren’t you
going to be a gentleman and led the way. His eyes widen and
his jaw dropped before he returned to retrieve me by the
chain and we headed out the door.

I knew his heart was racing with excitement as we walk through
the door, not only for what might come next, but also he was
in hopes of a friend might just happen to pass by. However,
this was not to be case. We arrived at the car and I explained
to him what I would be doing as I drove down the highway and
how I wanted the cameras to be filming me as I did so. I told
him where I wanted the placement of the cameras to be; one
taped to the passenger side mirror, of course facing me,
the next to hang from the rearview mirror and last but not
least, one somewhere near my head pointing in the direction
of semi cabs as we passed. Before getting into the car, I
took off my skirt and tossed it and my top in the rear of the
car. I spread my legs and slowly bent over in front of him,
as I slide my hands down my long legs to my ankles, saying
are you ready to get started and do you like what you have
seen so far. A quick yes pierced his lips, as I stood and got
into the car on the driver’s side. As he walked to the passenger’s
side, I got into position. I turn in the seat, putting my
bent right leg up on the seat and I kept the other on the floor
board of the car. In a sexy voice; I asked if he had a good view.
He said, yes mama! I sure do, I have a great view. I began rubbing my clit as he fumbled at connecting the camera
to the side mirror. I asked if he were ok, all he could do at
this time was nod as I side a finger deep into my pussy, then
slowly slide it into my mouth. It had taken awhile, but he
said, this one is done. I sat up in the seat as if I were driving,
as he adjusted the camera for my upcoming road show.

As he walked to the driver’s side, I got into position on
the passenger side of the car. I slide down in the seat, spread
my legs, putting one foot on top of the seat and the other
foot on the dashboard. I sexily asked if like watching me
please myself as I slide two fingers into my hot very wet
pussy. An all most breathless yes came from his lips. Still
in a sexy voice I asked if he would like to watch me please
myself with a life like dildo. To which at this point all
he could do was smile and nod his head. I reached into my tote
and removed my huge life like dildo. I asked him if this dildo
would do as I slide it in and out of my mouth a few times then
deep into my soaking wet pussy. He did his best, trying to
install the second camera under the headrest of the car
as he watched in wonder as I slide the huge dildo in and out
of my soaking wet pussy, giving it a good fucking that it
was very much in need of. I began to moan loudly, I heard a
voice coming from the far end of the parking lot, asking
if everything was ok. The man installing the cameras said
“yes” to go ahead and do his shopping he would be in a few minutes.
I spoke up, saying your friend can join us and watch if you
want him to.

Hey Bill, you know I could use your help for just a minute.
Ok Sam, what are you working on. I think Sam would have much
ratter taking care of things himself, but all the thinking
who on earth would believe his story of this day take would
be told over and over again I’m sure. Bill had now reached
the passenger’s side of the car and spotted me. Without
saying a word, he joined Carl on the driver’s side of the
car, as I was giving my pussy a good working out with the dildo.
I asked Bill if liked what he was watching, HELL YES, mama
was his answer. As they watched, I brought myself to a huge
orgasm. While I was coming back down to earth, Carl asked,
how was he to adjust this camera. Still slowly sliding the
dildo in and out of my drenched pussy, I instructed Bill
to come to this side of the car and stand about three feet
away right behind me and put his hands in the air, and for
Carl to focus in on Bills Hands. Easier said than done as
they also had their eyes on me, a while later Carl said, “Done”,
he continued by saying he thought the best place for the
last camera would be somewhere below the steering column
pointed at my great looking wet pussy. I jump to my knees,
move to the drivers’ side of the car, grabbed Carl, and gave
him a big kiss on his check and said GREAT IDEA!

Carl opened the drivers’ side door, then layed on the floorboard
under the steering column, and began to install the last
of the video cameras. I was thinking of what position I could
get into next, when it hit me. I wanted to give Carl a great
show for all of his help. I got on my knees, one on the floorboard
and the other on the seat. With my legs spread wide I moved
backwards as far as I was able. My pussy was very close to
Carl’s face as I began to rub my clit, then slide two fingers
into my pussy and began finger fucking myself. Carl stopped
what he was doing for a moment as he watched me and Bill had
gotten on his knees for a better view as I fingered my very
wet pussy. I stopped, pulling my fingers out and began to
rub my swollen clit feverishly. I began to moan louder and
louder. Bill was saying make that pussy come, Carl join
in as they both urged me on to climax. I slide a finger back
in my pussy and fucked it the best I could, as I moved my other
hand over my back and taking a finger, I encircled my tight
butt hole. Carl and Bill urged me on even more now. I soon
slide a finger into my ass as I began to come hard. I would
have loved to see the looks on their faces as my pussy began
to squirt all over the place and on to Carl’s face. After
regaining my wits about me, I sat up and looked Bill and Carl’s
way and asked if they had enjoyed the show. With ear to ear
smiles they nodded yes. I now took my place in the drivers’
seat, so Carl could adjust this camera.

Carl slide out of the car and I reached for my skirt and top.
I got out of the car as Carl and Bill were thanking me for a
day they nobody would believe. I began to think about the
highway ahead and the beach, right as I was about to put my
skirt and top on. Having something else on my mind for right
now, I gave Carl and Bill kisses on the cheek and I licked
off some of my cum from Carl’s face. I asked if they would
like to see a little bit more before I had to go. Knowing the
answer I said here’s the deal, we’ll go back inside and I’ll
let you take pictures of me posing anyway you want, but no
face shots and no sex. They were like little kids as they
agreed and began to walk to the door. I said Carl did you forget
already? He knew what I meant as he told Bill to follow his
lead. When they got back to where I was standing, Carl told
Bill to get on the other side of me as Carl grabbed a hold of
one side of the chain and Bill following his lead the other
side as they began to led me up the parking lot and back into
the store. The pain in my nipples was overcome by the delight
I was getting from looking down at my breast, which were
being led along by two men. I still had clothes in hand as
they led me inside and to the camera aisle.

Okay guys? Where do you want to start, knowing they both
had their own ideas of what they wanted as I posed for them?
We headed back up to the front of the store; they asked that
I put my top and skirt on. They had me pose in different poses
as I was in different modes of disrobing. From here, they
had me pose in as many different poses that you can think
of. I knew their film was starting to run low as I suggested
(as I was getting on the end of a checkout counter.), how
about you take turns taking my picture as you each finger
fuck my pussy and you can lick on my tight butt hole or finger
my tight ass if you prefer. That was a no brainer as they now
headed my way and I rested my elbows on the conveyer belt.
Carl was the first to go and he knew what he was doing as he
rubbed on my G-spot as he had Bill take photos as he did so.
I was moaning how good his finger felt in my pussy. Carl leaned
forward and slides his tongue over my tight ass. I said to
Bill, why don’t you give Carl a hand and spread my ass cheeks
apart. Bill did this as Carl darted his tongue in and out
of my ass and continued to rub on my G-spot. It didn’t take
long before my pussy began squirting all over. When I stopped
coming my juices’ were running down my thighs. I pleaded
with Bill and Carl to please rub the juices’ that were running
down my tights all over my ass, pussy and tits. They did this
as Carl grabbed his camera and took photos. Carl backed
off and let Bill have his turn with me. Bill slide three of
his long fingers into my pussy and began o give it a good fucking.
Bill added his thumb into the mix then pulled it out and slide
it deep into my ass. Bill was giving my pussy and ass a great
workout, as Carl snapped away at taking photos. Carl got
on the counter top with me, straddling my body he spread
my ass cheeks apart for Bill. I could feel the pressure in
my loins begging to mount as my ass and pussy were being fucked
deeply. I began to moan and cry out, YESSSS! YEEESSSS! FUCK
I was gasping for air as I asked Bill to fuck my pussy with
his hand and for Carl to begin fucking my ass with two fingers.
Shortly after I could not hold back any longer as Bill’s
hand was almost entirely in my pussy and Carl fucked away
at my ass with two fingers and my pussy began to squirt and
squirt and squirt all over. As my pussy was squirting Bill’s
entire hand slide into my pussy and as he was stroking in
and out he was rubbing over my G-spot. I asked Bill to stop
for a moment so Carl could lube up his fingers and my ass.

Bill went back to fucking my pussy with his whole hand as
I told Carl he could fuck my ass with as many fingers as he
could get in my ass. Bill was giving my pussy a great deep
fucking with his hand and Carl had stopped to get some more
lube off my thighs before he began to fuck away at my wide
open ass. I was moaning and yelling with pleasure as Carl’s
hand up to his knuckles was going in and out of my ass and Bill’s
hand was deep in my pussy going in and out. My pussy began
to squirt as it had never squirted before as they both fucked
away. They soon had my pussy squirting again and again.
By the fourth go round I had to ask them to stop as I was beginning
to feel faint. They stopped as I rolled over onto my back.
They then rubbed my pussy juices all over my breast as they
pulled on the nipple clamp chain. In doing so they brought
me to yet another calmer orgasm. By the time they were done
they had rubbed my juices all over the front of my body, calming
my quivering excited body down.

After regaining my composer, I got up and thanked them for
the great fucking they had just given me. I gave them both
kisses on their cheeks as I then did my best at putting my
skirt and top on, leaving my top undone. I now headed out
to my car, walking the best I could. Carl and Bill were standing
out near the front door as I pulled up. They had huge grins
on their faces as they thanked me again for a day they would
never forget, as they both dropped a handful of nipple clamps
on to the passenger seat. As they did I said, THANK YOU BOTH!!

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