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Swallowed Up Into A Blond Thatched Punani


Diane's hand came up to meet mine - tiny white fingers
that looked even smaller as they disappeared into my enormous
black hand. Her hand was moist, but mine was too, and after
a brief handclasp, on impulse I lifted her hand and bent
down and kissed the back of it.

"Thank you, " Diane said softly, and while
I had bent over, took the opportunity to bounce up on her
toes and give me a peck on the cheek.

She got into her car and we waved to each other before she
turned the ignition and drove away. I jogged over to my car,
which was located at the other end of the lot, as the mist
became a sprinkle. I hardly felt it, because I was floating
on air. All because of a peck on the cheek from a woman I had
only met a few hours ago. This happens all the time, " Diane had said earlier
in the evening as she took her license out of her wallet and
gave it to the server, who had requested proof of age after
Diane had ordered a glass of wine.

That didn't surprise me all that much, since the woman
sitting across the booth from me was very young looking,
and they do have to be careful about who they serve alcohol
too, but what I didn't expect was the reaction of the
waiter after he looked at it.

"Oh gee, I'm sorry, " he stammered after
glancing at it and hurriedly handing it back before running
off to get our drinks.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"I guess he doesn't like to proof women old enough
to be his mother, " Diane answered.

"Huh?" I said, confused.

"See?" Diane said, holding up the license for
me to look at.

"Wow!" I said, momentarily stunned. "I
would never have guessed."

"What, you mean about the height?" Diane quipped.
"Well, I lied about that. I'm really 4'11",
but that sounds way worse than 5 foot, so I fibbed a bit."

"You know what I mean, " I said, still shaking
my head at seeing the birth-date. "You don't
look anywhere near 44. No wonder he proofed you!"

"I guess I should be happy about it."

"I don't know how you'll take this, but you're
older than I am, " I informed Diane. "I was born
in December too, but 20 days later."

"Uh-oh, " Diane said. "How do you feel
about older women?"

"So far, so good, " I opined. "I guess
by your reaction to seeing me that you weren't given
a complete description."

I gathered that from her initial reaction as she walked
into Applebee's. I had recognized her right away;
a petite woman with short blond hair and hazel eyes who was
craning her neck around, trying not to look like she was
looking for someone.

When I had waved tentatively and caught her eye, I saw a look
of shock on her face as I rose up to greet her. She recovered
quickly, but it was something I noticed and wanted to mention.

"Well, I was told you were about my age and you were
tall, dark and handsome."

"I guess you weren't told exactly how dark, "
I suggested.

"No, not exactly, " Diane said.

"If that's a problem for you, I understand."

"No, it's not a problem for me, " Diane

"Out of curiosity, would you have come here if you
knew I was black?"

"I think I would have, but to be honest, I don't
know for sure, " Diane said, and I appreciated the
frank response.

"I assume you've never dated anybody other than
your own race."

"Uh - I've never dated anybody - period, "
Diane admitted. "I married my high school sweetheart,
and we were married for twenty years until he divorced me
18 months ago. Since then I've been pouting and moping."

"I know the feeling, " I said, having lived
a similar life until being cheated on for the last time on
Christmas Eve past.

"Actually, I did go on a date last month, " Diane
confessed. "I got set up on a similar date by somebody
else at work, only the guy never showed up. Probably took
a look and didn't like what he saw."

"His loss, " I replied.

"Well, at least you were here, " Diane concluded.
"And you were just as advertised. Tall, dark and handsome.
The fact that our matchmaker didn't tell me how dark,
or how tall, doesn't really matter now."

have to admit that Diane was really not my type of woman,
at least from a physical standpoint. My wife had been a full
figured woman, and before we married - and that seems like
forever ago - I was usually attracted to women that had a
greater physical presence.

When you're a man of my stature, the thought of being
with a woman Diane's size never crosses your mind.
When she had approached the table I was sitting at, we were
at eye-level with each other. Then I stood up. So that was
likely part of the reasoning behind Diane's reaction
to me. She hadn't expected her tall and dark blind date
to be a 6'2" 225 guy. Fair enough.

As for myself, when I first saw Diane, my initial reaction
was that I was having a joke played on me. Everything about
our being together was comical, and the pairing of a very
big and very black man and the very petite and very white
woman was as classic study in contrasts as you could find.

After a half hour, I was changing my mind about the woman
sitting across from me. She was very shy, but as the nervousness
faded, she became more outgoing. She had the most infectious
laugh, and she became even cuter when she did, because of
the tiny dimples that formed. I spent the majority of the
evening trying to think of who she reminded me of, until
it finally hit me during dessert. This perky and impish woman reminded me a great deal of ripe
pleasure. Diane was 4'11", and couldn't
weigh 100 pounds soaking wet. She wasn't so much skinny
as she was tiny. A cute little figure on her, to be sure, but
I was having trouble picturing us together in an intimate
way, although that didn't keep me from trying.

We exchanged marriage war stories for a while, and it appeared
that we had similar spouses. Mine always wanted me to be
someone else. I didn't want to be out clubbing and bar-hopping,
listening to music with a bunch of stoned idiots and
thugs. My idea of a good time was a jazz concert or a night
watching a movie in front of the fire.

"That sounds nice, " Diane said after listening
to my idea of a good time and finding another common ground.
"I don't like to go out like I did when I was younger
either. My ex never got out of that mindset. Plus, all he
ever wanted to do was have sex."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.

"It is when he wants to have it with anybody but you, "
she said with sadness.

"Been there - endured that, " I said, echoing
that emotion.

They practically had to throw us out of the restaurant,
and I couldn't believe how the time had flown. When
I finally asked her if she wanted to go out again, she sounded
delighted that I wanted to see her again.

As for me, I couldn't wait. We went to a movie that Friday, and while the movie wasn't
much, Diane's company was excellent. She must have
enjoyed being with me too, because when I asked her if she
wanted to go out the following Friday, she seemed very happy
to accept the invitation.

Diane called me up one night during the week as well, and
when I first heard her voice, I assumed that she was calling
to break our date, but as it turned out she said she was thinking
about me and just wanted to talk. Talk we did, for almost
two hours.

We had a delightful dinner on Friday night, and afterward
I took her to this little jazz club. We sat at these little
tables with candles, and sipped martinis while we listened
to a trio play.

Diane looked beautiful, and I continued to look at her in
a different way. She was wearing a nice blue outfit with
a skirt that showed off her legs, which were shapely and
as petite as the rest of her. Inside the jazz club, where
it was a little warm, she took off her blazer.

She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse, and I was quite
taken by Diane's arms, which were very toned. Her skin
was creamy smooth, and her forearms had a little sprinkling
of the palest blond hair imaginable. Diane's breasts
appeared quite small - obviously no surprise - but that
was fine with me.

The night was slightly marred by a comment from a "sister"
as we were leaving. It was directed at me, and I ignored it,
but Diane had noticed the woman say something to me, so when
we got outside and got into my car, she mentioned it.

"Was that a friend of yours?" she asked innocently.
"You could have stopped to talk if you wanted."

"No, she was no friend of mine, " I assured her.
"Never saw her before, but she didn't like the
company I was keeping."


"Not you in particular, but this, " I explained,
touching the back of her hand and the stark difference in


"I'm sure you'll catch some of that yourself, "
I mentioned.

"Not so far, " Diane said. "If I do, too

"For the record, I like the company I'm keeping
very much."

"Good, " Diane said. "Me too."

I took Diane to her apartment complex, hoping for an invite
in, but was not surprised when we ended up on the steps of
the entrance.

"I had a wonderful time, " Diane said. "I
loved that band."

"They were good, " I told her. "Maybe
we can go there again sometime."

"I'd love that!" Diane said happily, and
went up a step. "See? Now I'm as tall as you, almost."

"I guess that would make it easier to do this, "
I replied, and moved close to her.

To my delight, Diane moved to me and put her arms around my
neck. My lips met, and as we kissed I pressed my body close
to her, enjoying the feel and the aroma of a woman once again.
So soft, and so tiny that I had to restrain myself from hugging
her too hard for fear of hurting her.

Diane showed no such restraint, and the hold she had on my
neck was very impressive. If I wanted to get loose, I could
have, but why in the world would I want to?

"That was nice, " Diane said softly after we
came apart.

"You're stronger than you look, " I said.

"Want to feel my muscles?" Diane said, and flexed
her right arm to show off her bicep.

"Very impressive, " I commented, reaching
up to feel the little bulge in her bicep.

Unable to resist, I wrapped my thumb and index finger around
her muscle, completely encircling her bicep, which caused
Diane to pretend to pout by sticking out her lower lip.

"Guess I better work out some more, " Diane

"No, you're beautiful just as you are, "
I assured her.

"You're sweet."

"Am I sweet enough to be able to see you again?"
I asked.

"I was hoping you would ask."

"What would you say if I asked you out tomorrow?"

"I would say yes, " Diane said.

"How would you feel about coming to my house and having
a cookout?"

"I would say two things; yum, and what can I bring?"

"How are you at making something like a salad?"

"You'll find out tomorrow. What time?"

"Two or so, I guess. And bring a bathing suit, if you'd
like, " I suggested before heading back to my car.

My house is a neat little split level on a quiet street in
a suburb outside of the city I work in, and I was very pleased
when Diane arrived precisely at 2. She came armed with a
prepared potato salad and the makings of a tossed salad,
and was full of compliments on the house.

"We sold ours and split the profits, which weren't
much, " Diane said as she looked out to the back.

"I paid my ex off, just so I could stay here, "
I offered. "Besides, the way she was going, she didn't
need a place of her own to call home."

"It's really private back there, " Diane
said. "What a cute pool."

"Now that the leaves are on the trees, the only neighbors
that could see back there, can't"

"Gee, you should have told me, " Diane said
with a laugh. "I wouldn't have had to go by a bathing
suit! Been a long time since I've been near the water
to be needing one."

"Well, you can always return it and go naked today."

"Then all this food would go to waste, because you'd
lose your appetite for sure, " Diane snapped.

I loved Diane's self-depreciating sense of humor,
but sometimes it almost seemed that she believed the things
she said about herself. Maybe that was a result of a husband
that had stopped caring, or never really had, but I was not
going to be any part of that.

"Why do I know you're very wrong about what I would
think?" I asked.

"Because you're very sweet, and we're still
on our honeymoon, so to speak, " Diane said.

"Well, it's hot out, so I'll see soon enough."

After we got the cookout stuff put away, we decided to both
get changed so we could get into the pool. I had mine on in
a second, and after I emerged from my bedroom, I went out
onto the patio and waited.

For me, the swimming attire was a choice between a speedo
type thing which was even a bit snug a few pounds ago, or the
conservative baggy trunks I eventually decided on. No
sense scaring the poor girl before we got started.

When Diane finally made her way outside, she was so scared
that I had to laugh.

"Told you!" Diane said.

"I'm laughing at the expression on your face, "
I informed her. "You look like you're going to
the gallows."

"Sorry, " Diane said. "This isn't
easy for me. Besides, I thought there was more to this suit
than there really is. I just looked in the mirror inside
and - oh brother!"

"If it would make you feel better, I've got a suit
that's a lot less modest than this one here is, "
I told her, shrugging at my trunks.

"No, that's okay, " Diane said. "You
look really nice as you are."

"Well, how about if I promise not to look?" I

"What do you have crossed?" she asked with suspicion
in her voice.

"My fingers, " I admitted, showing my guilty

"What am I going to do with you?" Diane asked,
hands on hips and smiling sweetly.

"Anything you want, " I suggested.

Diane was wearing a yellow and orange cotton cover-up which
covered her from neck to mid-thigh, and while she debated
with herself when to take off the outer wrapper, I pretended
to look around for something.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw her take off the cover-up,
and when I casually turned around to face her, Diane was
standing there with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

"That's a delay-of-game penalty, " I
informed her. "If you're a football referee,
I mean."

It was an orange bikini, and the bottom of it was cut very
severely, making it obvious that Diane was one of these
women who wax or shave down there, given the smoothness
of the exposed sides of her delta not hidden by the little
bikini bottom. This was not the kind of thing a 44 year old
woman usually wore, but judging by the look of her perfectly
flat stomach and shapely arms and legs, Diane was not your
average 44 year old woman.

Diane finally shrugged and put her arms down, revealing
the skimpy top whose cups cradled a pair of breasts that
seemed to be even smaller than I had imagined.

"When life hands you lemons, " Diane said with
a shrug, looking down at her chest.

"I love lemonade, and so much so, that I think, "
I said, quickly turning and going over to the pool, "that
I'd better get into the water."

Seconds away from having my trunks tent outward in a most
embarrassing manner that would give new meaning to the
phrase, "a picture paints a thousand words",
I hopped right into the pool and let the cool water take care
of my problem for the time being.

Diane was not as brave as I was, which gave me more time to
unabashedly stare at her. What an incredible little body
she had! Diane was a 44 year old woman with the figure of a
teenage girl, and to my great relief she finally got that
body into the water before I exploded. We splashed around like kids for quite a while, and we made
a lot of contact in the water. Diane was feeling more comfortable
with me every minute, and less self-conscious about herself
as well, and when she said that she had to get some suntan
lotion on, I followed her up the steps and onto the patio.

"I'd love to help you with that, " I confessed,
and to my surprise, Diane handed me the tube of lotion and
gathered up her hair and held it off of her neck.

I squeezed some oil into my palm and began rubbing it into
her shoulders. She had a few tiny freckles on the tops of
her shoulders, and when I began working it into her, Diane
writhed a little bit.

"That feels so nice, " Diane said, while I moved
my hands around her neck.

"The pleasure is at least half mine, " I assured
her. "Your skin is so soft and flawless."

"Mmmm, " she cooed, and as I worked downward
I was tempted to undo the top as I did. "Are you for real?"

"For real?" I asked. "What do you mean?"

"I dunno, " Diane said deliberately. "You
seem too good to be true. You say the nicest things, and you're
being so sweet to me. You aren't rushing me or anything,
yet you make me feel like a real woman. Haven't felt
like that in a long time."

"Well, I don't know about all that, " I
admitted. "I'm not perfect, but I enjoy being
with you, and I haven't told you any lies so far. Don't
intend to either. I'm too old for that nonsense."

"Good, " Diane replied. "I guess I must
feel the same way, because I can't believe I'm
letting you do this without running away."

I had moved around to her front, oiling her upraised arms
as I admired her moist underarms, the recesses so creamy
smooth I was tempted to lick them. I oiled her collarbone,
being careful to avoid the little swells in their orange
cups, and then worked down to her tummy.

"Not to be nosy, but are you a waxer or a shaver?"
I asked while sliding down her hips to her thighs. "Typical
guy curiosity, I guess, but you're so smooth all over,
at least as much as I can see."

"Neither, " Diane said. "I've never
had to buy a razor in my life. For some reason, I'm pretty
much hairless. I used to have a couple of hairs under my arms
but I always just plucked them out and I guess they finally
gave up. Isn't that pitiful? Also, I can't believe
I'm actually telling you this stuff."

"I actually love hearing all this fascinating information.
Women have such an exciting world of their own that us guys
can only fantasize about. Plus, you're blushing,
and that only increases your cuteness factor even more
" I said with a chuckle. "I'm done now anyway."

"Well, I should get to lotion you now, " Diane
said. "Ask you all sorts of personal questions."

"Fine by me!" I agreed. "Oil and ask away."

I sat down on the bench, partly to make it easier on Diane,
and partly to hide the fact that I now had an erection that
was very obvious despite the modest baggy trunks I was wearing.

This erection was not going away either, as my heart started
to race while Diane's little fingers began working
the lotion into my neck and shoulders.

"You have magic hands, " I said in almost a moan.

"I'm glad I got a big bottle of this stuff, "
Diane said as she squirted some more on my back and dug in.
"I thought my ex was a big guy, but you - boy, all muscles

"Not quite, " I admitted, staring at Diane's
collarbone as she moved around to my front and rubbed the
oil into my chest. "I'm afraid that I'm starting
to develop love handles as I'm getting on in years."

"For the record, you are a real hunk. You've got
just a little bit of grey in there, " she commented
as she rubbed the sparse hair on my chest. "Makes you
look distinguished. Now stand up so I can finish you."

I protested, but got up reluctantly when Diane grabbed
my arm and tried to pull me up.

"There! Now I can do the rest of you, " Diane
announced. "Don't want any part of you to burn,
because that sun is..." I heard Diane gasp, and saw the tube of suntan lotion fly
out of her oily hand. It might have been due to the fact that
the bottle was tough to hang onto, but I had noticed that
Diane's eyes had drifted downward just before she
gasped. Down to the obscene bulge in my swimsuit.

The outline of my cock was plainly visible through the still-damp
trunks, and the only saving grace was that the trunks were
cut very long, or else it would have been even more obvious
how incredibly aroused I had become if it had peeked out.

"Sorry, " Diane blurted as she picked up the
tube, and then promptly dropped the tube again.

The fact that she was trying to look everywhere but at my
crotch was not helping any in her efforts to corral the slippery
lotion, and when she finally managed to hang onto it, her
face was beet-red.

"Sorry - I'm - I don't know what I am, "
Diane mumbled, her hands visibly trembling as she looked
up at me, almost seeming to be fighting the temptation to
look down at my trunks.

"It's alright, honey, " I said, brushing
her hair away from her face as I tried to ease the tension.
"Believe it or not, I'm blushing too."

"I feel stupid, " Diane said. "You must
think I'm an idiot."

"Not at all. I think you're wonderful."

"I wasn't trying to tease you, or anything like

"I know that, " I answered with a smile. "I
could tell you that it's because I've been lonely
for quite a while, or some other nonsense like that, but
the fact of the matter is that I find you incredibly attractive.
I can't apologize for that."

"I'm really - I don't know how to say this.
Vulnerable? That's a crummy word, " Diane said,
looking up to me with eyes brimming with tears. "If
you wanted to, I'd be really - easy right now."

"Hey, I'm crazy about you. I won't lie to
you when I say I would like nothing in the world more than
to take you inside and make love with you all night long, "
I confessed. "We will too - someday I hope. When you
want to. Not before. You're worth waiting for."

I don't know what I was expecting in response, but it
wasn't what happened. Diane started crying uncontrollably,
her body convulsing as I just stood there and held her close
to me. She cried and cried until she couldn't cry any
more, and then she just trembled in my arms for the longest
time until she got a little control of herself.

"Sorry, " she sniffed, her eyes as red as her
face. "I must look a sight."

"You always do."

"I guess that's what you get for holding it in
for a long time. Months, probably years. Thank you, Keith, "
she said as she reached up and cupped my face in her hands,
kissing me before going into the house to get herself together.

"I will be, " Diane said as she paused in the
doorway of the kitchen. "Worth waiting for, I mean."


Chapter Eight: After dinner.

The rest of the cookout went pretty normally, and by the
time we had finished eating, Diane was her usual self, and
even played footsie under the table with me.

"Sun's going down fast, and it's getting
cool" Diane said. "Guess I'd better think
about heading home."

"You can stay here if you'd like, " I offered.
"There's an extra bedroom that you can crash
in if you'd like. You've had a couple of glasses
of wine, you know."

"Okay then. I just thought about heading home. You
talked me into it. I'll stay."

"Excellent!" I said.

We went inside and I opened up another bottle of wine, and
I started a little fire in the downstairs den while Diane
washed off the chlorine from the pool. After she emerged
from the shower, I hopped in and did the same.

When we met in the den, Diane was wearing the cover-up from
this morning.

"Don't have much of a wardrobe to choose from, "
she said as an apology that wasn't needed.

"I think you look more than fine."

I had put on black silk pajamas, and had made sure to adjust
myself so that we didn't have any problems, and we watched
a DVD of a Newport Jazz festival from the past while Diane
cuddled up next to me.

"You smell so nice, " Diane cooed as she snuggled
under my arm.

"You smell much better, " I told her. "I
love whatever it is you have on there."

"Nothing. For the record, I have nothing under this
wrap, in more ways than one, " Diane quipped.

"You know what I mean. Vanilla or caramel or something
I can't put my finger on. Smells delicious."

"Are you drunk?" Diane giggled.

"No, but I'm feeling mighty fine. You are the
inebriated one, I think."

"No, I'm really not. Actually, I was thinking
that I would use that as an excuse, " Diane said.

"An excuse for what?"

"This, " Diane said, and as she spoke she slunk
down onto her knees and climbed between my legs.

"Diane?" I said, as her hands undid the snap
on the bottoms of my pajamas. "What..."

"Let me, " she said, and I lifted my butt off
of the couch to let her get the pajamas off without ripping

I heard her breath catch in her throat as my cock came into
view, and after getting the pajamas off my ankles she spread
my legs wide and grabbed my flaccid hose.

The sight of those tiny pale hands trying to grip the base
of my cock while the rest of it flopped around like a fish
out of water, was erotic as hell, and after she stared at
what she was holding for a minute, pulled the foreskin back
and put the cone-like head of it into her mouth.

After spending most of the day in a state of excitement,
it took no time to get the blood surging down there, and as
Diane began sliding her mouth farther down with each bob
of her head, my erection grew.

My cock is pretty much proportional with the rest of my body
length-wise; quite thick at the base, and then gradually
tapering on the way to the tip of the long, cone-shaped glans,
almost giving it the look of a spear. Diane was pumping the
shaft with both fists while sucking on the last five inches
or so. Even though her little mitts came nowhere near encircling
my cock, she made up for that with enthusiasm.

"Oh - that's so good, " I groaned, reaching
down and running my hand through her hair.

Diane made a little choking sound as she tried to take a little
too much into her mouth, and pulled my cock back up to my stomach,
which allowed her to suck on my low-hanging balls.

"Am I doing okay? This is unreal, honey, " she
managed to sputter in between swoops down my tool. "I
can't believe how big you are."

I was unable to answer, since she was giving me the most incredible
head I could ever remember getting, especially compared
to the half-hearted efforts my ex used to ration out like
gold. This tiny lady was taking half of my cock into her mouth
and yanking on the rest of it like she was trying siphon the
life out of me.

How I desperately tried to not orgasm while Diane milked
and sucked on my tool while a wild woman. I thrashed around
on the couch, gripping and pulling at the armrest and the
cushion while looking down at that blonde hair bouncing
between my legs.

I was cumming now, after giving Diane plenty of hints about
it, including moaning the news just before I erupted down
her throat. She choked and gagged a bit as I spat out volleys
of cum, but barely slowed a bit, still sucking and siphoning
and yanking away.

Just when I thought it was ending, I felt Diane grab my balls
and start churning them in her fist. I groaned like an animal
as I kept spurting my seed out. The cum drooled out from the
corners of her mouth and down my ebony shaft like lava flowing,
and I thought I was going to pass out for a second, before
my orgasm finally stopped and Diane mercifully let up.

I propped myself upright as best I could, feeling like I
had gone 12 rounds and run a marathon, and looked down at
Diane. Her mouth and chin dripped with my load with she pulled
on my cock with long and deliberate strokes, licking the
beads of cum that formed on the tip as they appeared.

I tried to say something, but could only shake my head, and
instead pulled Diane up to where I could kiss her.

"Good night, " Diane whispered, climbing
to her feet and padding out of the room, the bottoms of her
cute buttocks visible as she walked.

How badly I wanted to reciprocate, but just couldn't
get the energy to get up fast enough to catch her before she
left, and slumped on the couch was where I found myself when
I woke up in the morning.

I knocked on the spare bedroom door, but it swung open as
I did. the bed was made and a note was on the pillow of the made

"Thanks for a wonderful day, Keith. I hope you enjoyed
it as much as I did. I left the salads for you. I'll call
you - okay? Give me a few days."

She signed it, Love, Diane.

I wanted to call her, but I didn't, wanting to honor
her wishes. Instead I waited.


Chapter Nine: We need to talk.

In the world of male/female relationships, there is no
sentence that one wants to hear less, than that one, so when
Diane finally called on Wednesday and asked me if I wanted
to come over to her place on Friday night, my initial enthusiasm
was tempered by those chilling four words.

"We need to talk."

"Is there something you want to tell me, because if
there is, you can tell me now, " I suggested, not wanting
to prolong the agony for either of us.

"No, honey, " Diane said. "I want to see
you. Don't you want to see me? I'll make us dinner."

Of course I did want to see her, but this needing to talk part
was unsettling. Still and all, I was there at 7 with a bottle
of wine that Friday night, and when Diane opened the door,
she looked radiant, if a bit nervous.

Wearing an opaque peach blouse and a white shirt, she greeted
me affectionately and brought me into her little dining
area, where she had a cute candlelight dinner set up.

"Wow, this is nice, " I said, admiring the set
up. "I have to admit to being a little confused. I thought
this was going to be a break-up or something like that, and
I was going to tell you that you're supposed to do that
in a crowded restaurant in case somebody gets upset."

"Break up?" Diane asked, looking confused.
"No. Dear God no. I'm sorry. See, I'm so no
good at things like this. My ex was probably right. I am an

"Hardly, " I said, making a mental note that,
if I ever met up with this guy, I would have to make a special
effort not to knock him on his ass for all the damage he did
to this woman.

"Look, " Diane said, coming up close to me and
looking way up at me. "I've been an emotional
mess ever since I met you. I didn't know what to make
of you, and why in the world you would want to be with somebody
like me."

"You want a list of reasons?" I offered, being
more than happy to oblige her.

"There are so many differences between us, and sometimes
I don't understand your world, and you don't understand
mine, " Diane continued. "I kept telling myself
to wait until the other shoe drops. There has to be something
wrong with this guy. I've just become so defensive
about people that I was having trouble figuring out what
I was feeling."

"Well, I know what I was feeling, " I said, but
Diane was on a roll.

"I kept thinking that it must be because he's
so good looking, or he's got such a great body, "
she added. "Maybe it's the idea of forbidden
fruit, or the thrill of being with somebody so much different
from me."

"There's that too, " I admitted.

"You and I are the most mismatched couple in the world, "
Diane went on. "What must people think when they see
us together? I would always ask that to myself. Then it occurred
to me; I don't give a damn what other people think."

"There you go, " I chimed in.

"And the way you make me feel when I'm with you
- you listen when I talk and you care how I feel, and most important
of all, you make me feel like a real woman every minute we're
together, with your words and with your actions. No put-downs
and no judgemental nonsense. No telling me about my shortcomings
and faults."

"If I find one, I'll let you know, " I managed
to say, creating a tiny smile in the corners of Diane's

"I hope we stick together long enough for you to find
out all of them, " Diane said. "Anyway, I just
wanted to tell you how I felt. I hope I don't scare you
off with this. I've only said these words to one other
man in my entire life, and that didn't turn out so well,
but I just wanted you to know that I've fallen in love
with you."

Diane was looking up at me with her eyes glistening in the
candlelight, and the way her lip was trembling was making
me as emotional as she was.

"Well, you may have actually said it first, but you
had me almost from the very start, " I managed. "Guess
I've been gun-shy about leaving myself open for a fall,
but you're just about all I think about. I love you so

Diane flew into my arms, and we kissed with a passion that
was frightening to me.

"Make love with me, Keith, " Diane whispered
in my ear, before taking my hand and leading me down the hall,
blowing out the candles on the way.


Chapter Ten: Making love.

I felt this way before - long ago. The anticipation was so
intense that the air seemed to crackle around us as we entered
Diane's bedroom. The light was on, and Diane reached
over and dimmed it as she passed.

"Please don't, " I asked, covering her
hand with mine and turning the knob the other way, until
the room was bathed in a more warm lighting.

Diane started to speak, but I shook my head slowly and put
my finger up to my lips.

"Ssh, " I whispered. "I want to see you,
Want to see all of you."

We started unbuttoning each others tops, and Diane accidentally
pulled off one of my buttons as she did, causing us to giggle.
My shirt came off first and Diane's hands clutched
at my chest, nibbling on my nipple as I tried to get her last
button free.

My pants were at my knees by the time I managed to get Diane's
blouse undone, and now she was there in a frilly little bra
with a lacy front. I started to reach around her but she stopped
me, directing my hands to the front, where a tiny clasp between
the cups came free with ease.

As Diane's bra came open, she had her eyes closed, almost
seeming to dread the moment, but when I saw her breasts for
the first time, she took my breath away.

That such beauty actually exists in this world is staggering,
I thought to myself, as I reached over and took Diane's
precious little buds in my hands, gently and lovingly cupping
them. As I did, her eyes opened slightly, looking at me like
she actually expected me to not be totally blown away by

"You are so beautiful, " was all I could manage,
but I guess that was enough, because as a solitary tear trickled
down Diane's cheek, she smiled wide and brought her
hands up over mine, squeezing them onto her breasts as her
head rolled back on her shoulders.

I eased Diane down onto her bed, undoing the skirt as she
went backwards, and now only had to contend with the lacy
little panties that covered her sex. My fingers reached
under the elastic at the top and tenderly pulled them down.

All of that buttery smooth skin was now exposed, and just
as she had mentioned, so was practically hairless. There
was only a tiny wisp of hair around her raised mound, just
as golden and radiant as the locks on her head. I parted her
legs and lowered my face into her delta, inhaling the tart
musk as my tongue slid along her labia.

The spray of hair felt like a cloud against my cheeks as I
dipped my tongue into her sweetness, and discovered that
she was already dripping wet. Mt finger slid inside her,
causing Diane to moan slightly as it penetrated her deeply.
She was tight - incredibly tight, but I had to be inside of

I was so hard that I thought the skin of my member was about
to rupture as I climbed up between her thighs. Diane nodded
at me as she looked down at the swollen spear I was guiding
between the lips of her womanhood, and when the glans pushed
inside of her for the first time, Diane cried out softly,
writhing and clawing at the sheets and pillows as her eyes
rolled back in her head.

Don't look at her, I kept saying to myself as I pushed
more of my cock into her and worked it in and out. Don't
look at her or you'll cum yourself. Diane was thrashing
around, whimpering and moaning while her pussy convulsed
around my cock, practically forcing me to come.

I looked down and watched my cock move into and out of the
golden thatch of fur, and Diane made a soft grunting noise
each time I impaled her with my member. I had most of me in
her now, and after Diane had cum she had loosened up considerably,
although it was still like a vise around me.

"I love - love you, " Diane gasped as I felt her
thrusting herself into me, looking at me with eyes wide
open. On the edge of cumming again, and then exploding.
Clawing at my arms while her eyes rolled back in her head,
and the walls of her slammed down around my cock.

It was all too much for me, and as Diane's orgasm ebbed,
I felt mine rushing through my loins. Our eyes met as I felt
myself erupt inside of her, causing me to cry out.

Diane nodded with a joyful look on her face as she felt my
cock jerk inside of her as it spewed my seed deep into her,
enjoying my orgasm along with me.

I looked down at the tiny treasure beneath me, my sweat raining
down on her already drenched body, and her hands rubbed
my shoulders and chest as I kept myself suspended above

"Your skin glistens so beautifully when it's
wet, " Diane said as her hands rubbed over me. "And
I hope that it was half as good for you as it was for me."

"Been quite a while since I experienced anything
remotely near that, " I said, just starting to catch
my breath again.

"Been forever for me, " Diane added.

"You were right, " I reminded Diane.

"About what?"

"You were worth waiting for."


Chapter Eleven: Anatomy lessons.

I eased myself down next to Diane, and joined her in looking
up at the ceiling. Eventually, Diane rolled onto her side
and propped herself up on her elbow, idly playing with the
curls on my chest.

"You're probably hungry, " Diane mentioned
as her hand slid down my stomach. "I did promise you

"What was it that we were having?" I asked. "It
smelled really good."

"Chicken Parmesan, " Diane said, her hand
reaching down between my thighs and pulling up my flaccid
member from his hiding place. "It'll still be
good now."

"Or a little later, " she added impishly, giggling
while beginning to slowly pull on my limp dick, stretching
it out in a deliberate rhythm.

"You do like to play with things, " I mused,
watching Diane run her hand up and down the underside of

"It's fun, and besides, I don't have one."

"That's good, because if you did, we wouldn't
be having this conversation, " I noted, to the amusement
of my cock puller.

As Diane kept idly playing with my unit, I felt myself starting
to stir a little bit down there. Suddenly, Diane began to
giggle a little bit.

"Want to share?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking of something my ex used to
say to me, " Diane confided. "He used to tell
me how lucky I was to have a husband that was so well endowed.
Oh brother!"

"A big guy, huh?"

"Well, I thought so at the time, but after further
investigation I may have been misinformed, " Diane
said, pulling my cock straight up and looking at it before
setting it back down on my stomach.

"Turned out to be yet another lie in what must have
been an endless string of them. Hey, what did I know? This
is only the 3rd one I've ever touched. Before I met my
ex I gave another guy a hand job, and that's it. Three
penises, if that's the right plural word."

"Seen one - seen them all, or at least that's how
I feel about it, " I said.

"Why is yours so big?" Diane said, looking embarrassed.
"Or is that something I'm supposed to know? I
mean, is it because you're a big man, or is it because
you're black? Or is that something I'm not supposed
to say?"

"You can ask me anything, " I said. "That
doesn't mean I have the answers though. The answer
is that I have no idea. I didn't do anything to it, it's
just there. In locker rooms I've seen smaller men with
bigger ones and bigger guys with smaller ones. I like mine
because it works. Outside of that, does it really matter?"
Not to me. I was just curious, " Diane admitted. "If
you don't love the guy that it's attached to, who

"There you go."

"I was scared when I first saw yours though, "
Diane confessed. "I couldn't believe a man's
penis could become this large, and then I was worried that
it wouldn't fit inside of me because I'm such a

"And now we know it does, " I added, my cock beginning
to get noticeably hard again, and Diane's impish grin
made me shake my head and chuckle.

"This part confuses me though, " Diane said,
her fingers grasping my foreskin and sliding it down the
crown. "I never saw a hooded one before. This is a foreskin,


"So when somebody gets circumcised, they cut this
skin here..."

"Ouch!" I said. "Let's not go there."

"Just curious. Once you answer these dumb questions
of mine you'll never have to answer them again, "
Diane said. "Is it better to have a foreskin or not?"

"I have no idea, " I said. "Having no way
to compare the other option, all I can say is that I like it
the way it is."

"Me too, " Diane agreed. "I like the way
it slides up and down so smoothly, and the way that the head
disappears and then pops out of hiding again. Does this
feel good when I do that?"

"Yes, " I groaned, my cock now nearly hard again.

"Oh, that's good, because this is fun, "
Diane said, now kneeling next to my hip and working me over
with both hands. "It's beautiful the way the
shaft is so black, and then when you peel the foreskin back,
the head of it is like a dark cherry color. Neat, isn't

"Uhh, " I groaned.

"And it's so incredibly fat down here at the bottom, "
Diane noted, both of her hands gripping the base of it. "Like
a tree trunk almost! Then it gets a little less thick as it
gets near the head, but it's still so fat there that
I can't get my hand all the way around it."

"Good grief, " I said, squirming with pleasure
as Diane continued her anatomical dissertation.

"You like the way my tiny little paws play with your
great big wiener?"

"Oooh, " I groaned louder.

Diane swung her leg over my waist, straddling my crotch
as she pointed my re-energized tool at the entrance to her
pussy. Lifting her right side high, she carefully slid
me inside of her.

"Nice, " Diane cooed as she rocked her pussy
up and down the top of my member.

"You like that huh?" I said, reaching up and
holding her by the hips, helping her move her body while
she held the base of my cock in her fist. "You look so
sexy riding me."

Diane soon began moving in a more spastic manner, her body
suddenly losing the rhythm that she had going, and the muscles
on the insides of her thighs, already stretched and straining,
were twitching wildly.

"You're gonna cum, aren't you baby?"
I teased, reveling in the facial contortions she was making.
"Cum for me baby."

Diane lost her balance for a second, but I kept her suspended
while her body spasmed wildly, enjoying her yelping and
howling as she came, and after she stopped thrashing, I
let her roll off to the side, and spooned myself next to her.

"Oh, you didn't cum, " Diane said, feeling
my stiff cock nestled between her butt cheeks.


Chapter Twelve: Watching us.

"Now I can play with you, and we'll see how you
like it, " I informed Diane, while I nibbled on her
neck and shoulder.

"I deserve it, " Diane admitted, leaning into
me and twisting her upper torso to look at me.

"Let me start with these lovely morsels, "
I began, my hand going up and touching her breast, tracing
my finger around the little bud, and stroking the pebbled

"Oh brother."

"Your breasts are amazing, " I told a doubting
Diane, squeezing the ping-pong ball sized teat and pinching
the pea-sized nipple for effect. "They're such
incredibly tasty mouthfuls that I think are so far beyond
sexy that there isn't even a word in the language for

"I think you're deranged, " Diane said.
"They're pitiful. You have no idea what it's
like being flat-chested."

"Yes I do, and you aren't, and don't be telling
me what I like, " I cautioned her, leaning forward
and taking the entire teat in my mouth and sucking on it while
Diane shivered.

"We were in the mall a while ago, and we passed a Victoria's
Secret, " Diane told me. "This was when the
Miracle Bra just came out. My ex drags me in there and goes
up to a salesperson and asks her if they sell training Miracle

"How charming."

"He just loved to humiliate me about my chest, "
Diane said. "Every chance he got."

"I don't think that somehow you had big boobs
when you met him, and after you married him they suddenly
disappeared, " I said. "If it bothered him
so damn much, why did he even go out with you to begin with?"

"I dunno, " Diane admitted. "He wasn't
like that in the beginning. As the years went on it got worse.
The last few years he had me wear a t-shirt to bed when we had
sex. He said he thought it made me look cute, but I'm
not that stupid."

"Please don't ever introduce him to me, should
our paths cross, " I advised her.

"He moved down to Florida."

"Good! Now, I don't ever want to hear another
discouraging word about these beautiful goodies, "
I playfully warned her, giving the nipple a playful nibble
before sliding my tongue over. "No shirts to bed,
ever. No shirts anywhere works for me too!"

"Oooh!" Diane cooed as she shivered, responding
to me moving my tongue along the damp recess of her armpit,
licking the creamy smooth valley on my way to her neck.

"Hey, look at that!" I said looking forward
at the mirror on the inside of Diane's open closet door,
and seeing our reflection.

"Now that's a happy couple, " Diane said.

"Here, " I said as I lifted her left leg up in
the air, sliding my cock along the exposed delta. "Put
me inside you."

Diane reached down and grabbed my erection and slipped
it inside her pussy.

"Oh Keith honey! That looks so incredible!"
Diane gushed, as I slowly thrust myself in and out of her.

Indeed it did, and I was equally enthralled at the sight
of my ebony hardness being swallowed up into that blond
thatched pussy. It looked good - way too good, and I found
myself having to look away after a few minutes of the most
tantalizingly slow and deep probing possible.

I swung Diane up on top of me, and now she was laying on her
back, with my cock still engaged inside of her. Holding
onto her hips, I moved her up and down my body as we faced the
ceiling, with my cock staying inside of her, but just barely.

We were so sweaty and slippery that it was tough to stay joined,
but I felt Diane's hand down between her legs, holding
the underside of my cock so that it stayed inside her, and
apparently rubbing into her clit, because I felt Diane's
contractions seconds later, and she came once more.

Diane's hand then grabbed hold of my balls, squeezing
and churning them roughly, and that was it for me. Just as
I began to cum, my cock sprang out of her pussy, and we watched
as my cock squirted cum straight up in the air, landing all
over Diane's stomach and chest.

We were both roaring at the sight of this geyser erupting,
and Diane reached down and savagely milked me under my orgasm
stopped. Our laughter continued long afterward, as I held
her tight against me, nuzzling into the warmth of her neck.


Yesterday was the first anniversary of our meeting. Diane
gave up her apartment and moved into my house, and while
it's not always easy getting used to living with someone
at our ages, it's been a great year.

We go out to listen to jazz quite often, and Diane even got
me to go to an opera with her. I was prepared to not like it,
and then found myself getting choked up during "Nessun
Dorma". I tried to blame it on hearing Diane sniffling,
but she saw through that pretty well.

We've even mentioned the "M" word a couple
of times, but both agree for now that we'll hold off
on that for now and see how this plays out. I think we might
be afraid to jinx what we have going here.

When we're out together, people still give us the occasional
look, but we try to chalk that up to the fact that we happen
to be one very tall guy and one quite petite woman, that happen
to be very much in love with each other.

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