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Summer of 69


Kissing deeply, swapping tongues, sucking necks, my fingers
started unbuttoning her blouse. She was not wearing a bra,
and her sweet, young, firm, titties, were beautiful, I
could not resist kissing the hard perkey nipples. First, let me tell you how we got here…. I graduated High School in ’69… Yeah… Our sayin was, “Sex
weed and wine, we’re the class of ’69!” The draft and Viet
Nam is what I was looking at, so before I received the dreaded
letter, “Greetings from the President, ” I decided I would
see as much of the country as I could. My cousin, Larry and
I packed up my ol’ 65 Ford convertible and headed West, the
car was a beater, and some people said we wouldn’t make it
to the NJ state line let alone California. I wouldn’t take
a chance driving on the Interstates so we took US Highways
all the way. It was fun, we seen a lot of sights and met some
interesting people. I had my tools with me and it was a good
thing, 10 out of 16 hydraulic lifters had collapsed along
the way, on the ol’ 289 engine. It was easy back then, just
take off the valve cover and put a spacer under the nut on
the rocker arm and crank it down till the tapping stopped…
just like solid lifters. (this only worked on Ford engines)
So now… after a hard climb over the Rocky Mountains heading
into Glenwood Springs, CO, the transmission starts slipping.
We made it as far as Grand Junction, CO and we coasted into
a rest area. The ol’ Ford was tired and didn’t want to move.
Before I left home, I stopped by to visit my favorite Aunt,
I told her my plan and she gave me a list of relatives all over
the country. So, there we were, sitting in a rest area in
Grand Junction, it was early afternoon and I broke out the
list. Running my finger down the page, I was surprised to
find, Great Aunt Marry, and Cousin Betty, living right
there in Grand Jct. OK to make this short… Larry and I moved into their basement,
the house was built into a hill and we had our own entrance…
our own kitchen and living room and separate bedrooms,
but we had to share a bathroom… Did I mention these people
were well to-do… After all the who’s who and how everyone
out east Larry and I settled in for the night. The next morning
we went down to check on my car and somehow it wanted to move,
transmission slipping and all, it did make it to the house.
I was able to fix it up with a transmission filter and fluid
change. Betty had a friend who owned a fruit farm and she
set us up with a job, being we were almost broke. We now had
a job for the summer. Now for the beginning of, The Summer of 69… Larry is my cousin on my fathers side, Betty is my mother’s
cousin. Betty has a 18 year old daughter, yes, my Cousin
Debbie, but not Larry’s cousin. They kinda hit it off and
Debbie made it her job, to show us around town. Debbie was
well known in town, she was a Rodeo Queen, The Grand Jct.
Stampede Queen, tall thin and blond. Debbie introduced
me to her best friend, Glenda, Glenda was hot! Damn, I smile
just thinking about her. What a unlikely foursome, two
Cowgirls and two Hippie dudes. Back in those days, Cowboys
and Hippies did not get along, but these two cowgirls sure
took a shine to us. In Colorado you could drink 3.2 beer at
18 years old and the girls introduced us to the, Bier Stube,
a 3.2 Bar near North Ave and 12th St. It was terrific! A live
Rock-n-Roll band and dancing! We drank and danced, went
outside smoked some dope, drank and danced some more until
we were totally fucked-up. The bar closed at midnight and
we piled into Debbie’s car, Glenda and I were in the backseat,
we were all over each other, not knowing where we were going,
it did not matter, we were happy in the backseat. Kissing
deeply, swapping tongues, sucking necks, my fingers started
un-buttoning her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, and
her sweet, young, firm, titties, were beautiful, I could
not resist kissing the hard perkey nipples. Licking caressing
and sucking her luscious melons, my other hand slid down
her hard belly and un-buttoned her jeans and slid down the
zipper at the same time she was doing the same with mine.
Either of us were wearing underwear, as was the times… and
at the same time she took hold of my hard throbbing cock and
my hand found her soft, hot wet, pussy, we both began to moan
and kissed to muffle are moans. We squirmed around in that
backseat with our hands fondling each other wanting to
get naked but we weren’t alone and Larry and Debbie were
starting to rub each other while driving, I reckon our sounds
of lust were turning them on too. The car stopped and Debbie said, “We’re here.” She turned
around looking at us half naked and said, “Didn’t you hear
me? We’re here.” Larry and Debbie got out of the car and we
pulled ourselves together and sat up. I was puzzled when
I seen where we were, there were wooden fences horses around,
then I seen the stable. Glenda green eyes lit up and she said,
“OH Yeah!” we got out of the car and she pointed, “That’s
my horse, ” we leaned against the fence and her horse walked
over to us. I lit up a joint and handed it to Larry, Glenda
stroked her horses neck, then turned to me and kissed me
hard on the mouth. Debbie took Larry’s hand and pulled him
to her, he handed the joint back and they headed toward the
stable door and we followed closely behind. I was amazed
at this place, the stall were built around a indoor riding
ring. Debbie walked up to a horse in a stall and rubbed its
neck, “This is my horse, ” she said. The girls led us through
an office area to a stairway, up the stairs to an apartment,
I reckon this was for visitors, but no one was there. Debbie
and Larry took one bedroom and we took the other. Our clothes
were coming off as we walked through the door and were in
a pile as we piled into the bed. I sat up to turn off the lights
and she said, “No, I want to watch you.” I said, “I think you
have been here before.” She smiled and pushed me on my back.
My cock was throbbing with anticipation when she straddled
me like a horse. She reached down and guided my dick into
her hot pussy and slowly let herself down on me. She took
my hands sitting up straight and slowly rocked back and
forth, I couldn’t help myself from staring at this gorgeous
young firm body with a big smile on her beautiful face. Glenda
was riding me hard now, the rhythm of a galloping horse and
I was meeting every thrust, she let out a scream, “I’m Cumming!
I’m Cumming! Oh! It’s Good!” She let my hand go and leaned
over with her hands on my chest. With an up and down motion,
oh my, she was good. Her wet pussy was squeezing my hot cock,
up and down, I could she was about to cum again because she
was starting to scream again. She was definitely a screamer,
with every stroke she let out a sound and she got louder and
louder as she built up and up and screamed when she would
cum! I pulled her all the way down on me and kissed her, my
hands held her ass and I pounded my cock into her from under.
We fucked for an undetermined time and she asked how I could
last so long. I told her I was cursed, my curse was I had to
please before I can please myself. Glenda said she was well
pleased and starting to get sore. I said ok, my turn and told
her to roll over on her knees and elbows. She told me she had
never done it like that, but heard about it. I mounted her
form behind and slid my cock deep, slowly at first I started
pounding, easy for a couple strokes, then hard and fast,
she liked this, I could tell by her sounds. Harder and faster,
until she was screaming, “Im Cumming! Cum with me! Please
Cum with me!” I said, “Yes Baby, I’m fixin to cum! Push back!”
She pushed back as I ground my cock deep and my cum squirted
deep into her. She slid down with me on top, my dick still
spasming cum in her. Both of us out of breath we rolled apart
and lying on our sides back together for some cuddling.
Looking out the window, the sun was starting peek over the
eastern mountains.

Summer of 69 Continues. Glenda was a Cowgirl and loved to party, she even smoked
dope which was unheard of in the Cowboy world at that time.
Glenda was a party animal and had many boyfriends; she and
I had some memorable times. One night I asked her if she knew
where I could score a bag of pot and she said maybe. She said
she worked with a hippie chick that smoked a lot of weed.
The next night Glenda drove us to her apartment. We went
in and Glenda introduced me to Jean. “Is this the guy you
told me about?” asked Jean and winked at me. I looked into
her soft blue eyes, Oh my! Her beautiful long strawberry
blond hair, her perfect, unblemished gorgeous face, glancing
down at her total package, those long slender legs in her
the tight hip-hugger bell bottom jeans, she didn’t have
too much on top, pretty much flat chested in her white tee
shirt, but she was very sexy. I was standing there, I think
my mouth was open and I think I was drooling. Glenda went
to the bathroom and Jean bent over and was looking at some
albums, I felt butterflies looking at her ass in those tight
jeans. She put an album on her turn table and asked if I like
Led Zeppelin. I uttered a sound like, uh-huh, there was
something about her, or maybe it was me, I couldn’t make
my words work. Good Times Bad Times started to play on the
stereo and she pulled a joint out of a tin box, lit it up and
motioned for me to sit on the couch. She handed me the joint
and I sat down, Glenda came out of the bathroom and sat next
to me. Jean went to the kitchen, brought back 3 beers and
sat on the other side of me. We smoked the joint and were drinking
our beer, Led Zeppelin was sounding good, Jean asked if
I liked the weed, it was creeping up right nice and I said,
“I sure do, it’s not bad at all!” Jean said, “Glenda told
me you were looking for some, so she picked up a bag. If you
want it, it’s 8 bucks.” I was feeling more at ease now, and
dug in my pocket and pulled out a 10 spot and handed it to her.
She got up and went back in the kitchen and came back with
3 more beers, an oz of pot and 2 bucks change. We were starting
to catch a good buzz, and I noticed that Jean’s flat chest
had nipples poking out about an inch through her tee-shirt.
She caught me looking and smiled, she made the cutest expressions,
I can’t explain, but they made me feel comfortable. We smoked
another bone and finished the beer; Glenda said it was time
to go while poking her elbow into my side. I got up and reached
my hand out and pulled Glenda up, she stood up and wrapped
her arms around me and kissed a little kiss on my lips. I picked
up my bag and thanked Jean very much, she smiled at me with
that expression, I thought I was melting; she winked and
said, “Any time, come back anytime you want.” I headed for
the car, Glenda was saying her goodbyes to Jean and very
shortly was sitting in the car and she leaned over and kissed
me hard on the lips. Glenda was horny; I knew this by the way
she was acting. She still lived with her parents, so I wasn’t
surprised when we pulled to the stable. I believe this was
her favorite place, she had her own key. We went up to the
apartment, and she pushed me down on the couch, she straddled
me and we kissed deep. Glenda turned on the radio and went
to the refrigerator and pulled out 2 beers, she told me to
roll up another joint and I did what I was told. We smoked
and drank the beer; Glenda got up and started to dance, damn
she was turning me on, so sexy and the cloths was starting
to come off, she pulled my up, I started to sway with the music
and she started to undress me also. Before long we were both
naked, we were slow dancing, holding each other close,
my knee was between her legs and my hard swollen cock was
pressed up against her thigh. Our hands were stroking each
others bodies and her tits were pressed against my chest.
Either of us could take anymore and we were on the, green
shag carpet in 2 seconds and without hesitation, my cock
was buried in her hot pussy. Both of us only 18, we didn’t
know all the ways to pleasure each other, at the time I didn’t
know the first thing about eating pussy, but I think I did
very well with what I did know. I had the curse of not being
able to cum for a long time. I don’t think I ever out grew that,
but I can control it better now. Glenda was a screamer! And
without anyone else around, she let me know I was doing well.
We ended up in the bed, fucking in all kinds positions until
Glenda screamed uncle! She said, “I want you to fill my pussy
with your hot cum!” I said, “OK.” I rolled over on my back
and told her to light up a joint and we could relax a minute.
We smoked the joint while Glenda slowly stroked my purple
headed cock and when we finished the joint, Glenda climbed
on top on me and guided my dick into her waiting pussy, with
an ass cheek in each of my hands we met each others strokes
and thrusts, Glenda’s screamed in pleasure every time
we came together with a smacking sound, faster and faster
we pounded until I felt the swelling of my dick, Glenda’s
hot pussy was squeezing as she felt me swelling too. Uncontrollable
I yelled out! I’m fixin to CUM!! I arched my back and pulled
her ass tight to me, our pelvic bones were mashing together,
grinding! With a mighty grunt, I pulled her tighter and
arched my back farther; my swelling cock erupted with a
mighty spasm! We both were screaming as my cum was mixing
with hers, I could feel her pussy squeezing and contracting
around my cock while I was shooting thick cum, in gushing
spurts, deep inside her. She fell limp on top of me, both
of us breathing hard I loosened up and I could feel the hot
cum leaking down my shaft, on to my balls and dripping on
the bed. Glenda rolled off and lay next to me and asked, “Where did
that cum from?” I told her, “I’m only as good as you are…”
Glenda was lying on her side and running her hand through
the hair on my chest and said, “Ya-no, she likes you.” I said,
“I like you too Baby.” She said, “No… I mean, Jean likes you,
she told me you are a raisin.” I asked, “Huh?” Glenda answered,
“You’ll have to ask her…” I dozed off…..

More of, The Summer of ‘69 I was dreaming of Jean all week, now it was Friday night and
I was off work for the weekend. I think Larry was tired of
listening to me about, Sweet Jean. I was anxious about going
over to Jeans apartment, she didn’t have a phone, so I couldn’t
call and see if I was welcome, I just had to take a chance and
show up at her door. Larry and I arrived at Cousin Bettie’s
and I didn’t wait a minute, right to the shower and back out.
Larry knew what I was going to do and I think he was glad to
get rid of me. I reckon he was going to go out partying with
Debbie and Glenda. I took off, I wanted to be early so I could
at least see her before she went out, wherever she it was,
she went. I never seen her out anywhere at the haunts we visited.
I arrived at her door step, with the jitters and a little
scared at not knowing what to say, I knocked at the door,
the worst thing that could happen was another guy answer
the door, or she could tell me to go away… Jean opened the
door and was smiling; her long silky hair was hanging straight,
her blue eyes, her perfect proportioned face, beautiful
white teeth smiling at me… I tried to say something, but
she helped me out saying in her, sexy soft voice, “Dave,
I am glad you came back, I have been thinking about you.”
That made me smile and feel more at ease. “Come in and sit
down.” She added. I sat down on the couch and she disappeared
into the kitchen and in a few seconds was back and lighting
up a joint. She jumped on the couch, on her knees, next to
me but kinda in front of me, she blew the smoke in my face and
then took the joint and inserted it between my lips, I took
a long hit and held it. She took another hit and told me, “Lighten
up, I won’t bite you, well unless you want me to.” She handed
me the joint and I took another big toke and when I blew it
out, she leaned close and sucked in the smoke from my mouth
as I let it out. She then took a toke and then moved closer,
taking her long legs, but still on her knees straddled me,
now sitting on my lap, leaned in about an inch from my mouth,
slowly blew the smoke into my mouth as I sucked it in. She
then, took my head in her hands and pulled my close and kissed
me, then moving back, looked into my eyes smiling and said,
“We got that out of the way.” I realized I hadn’t said a word
at all since I had been there and I asked if I could look at
her albums. Jean got up and took my hand and pulled me up and
we went over to a milk crate full of albums. We knelt down
beside each other and she started pulling them out so I could
see them, she had a big collection, a lot of them I never heard
of, she explained who they were and I selected the Stones,
she put it on and directed me back to the couch. We made small
talk, she told me about her, she didn’t have a boyfriend
at the time and she had broken up with him about a month ago
and hadn’t found anyone yet. This girl was truly beautiful;
I couldn’t believe she wanted to spend time with me. The
weed was starting to take hold and I began to loosen up, she
brought out a couple of beers and we continued to spill out
our lives to each other. Before long we were making out on
the couch, she was so hot and I felt so very good in her arms.
I felt her melt in my arms; I think she was feeling the same
thing as I. It was still daylight, early evening, but still,
she led me into the bedroom. We rolled around on her bed exploring
each other and soon we were naked, well almost, Jean wouldn’t
take her tee shirt off, Jean didn’t have ant boobies, just
big nipples that were hard and poking out on her shirt. Not
having tits didn’t bother me at all and I told her she was
so beautiful the way she is it didn’t matter. I kissed her
nipples through her shirt while feeling her very wet and
warm pussy, she told me, (her favorite saying) “I’m flowing
like the Grand Rapids.” She was stroking my rock hard throbbing
cock, and told me, “ If we’re going to do this, don’t get upset
if I don’t cum, I never cum the first time I’m with some one.”
I said, “Baby, I’ll do my best and maybe we will do it again
later.” We both smiled trying to kiss with out teeth… We
were both young, just learning how to make love and please
each other, not yet ever having oral sex, that would cum
in another couple years. She lay on her back and I entered
her, it felt so good, more than good, this felt special.
I slowly started pushing and pulling back, slowly at first,
not wanting to hurt her. I began to move faster until we found
our rhythm; we stayed with the beat of the music coming from
the living room. We kissed, slowed down and speeded back
up, I felt wonderful with this beautiful girl, I could tell
she was feeling the same way. Jean started breathing hard
and in a groaning, sexy soft voice, asked, “How do you last
so long?” Not missing a beat, I answered, “It is you, and
I think I can make sweet love to you all night!” I felt Jean’s
legs close around my back; I began pounding hard and grinding
into her. She said between breaths, “I… don’t believe this!...
I am… cummmming!... And… this is… our first time!” She wrapped
her arms around me and pulled me tight and kissed me hard
and deep on my mouth. She was shaking and pushed me off of
her, both of sweating and breathing hard, lying side by
side she took my cock in her hand, still rock hard and standing
proud, she asked, “How did you do that? I never had anyone
last that long and you made me cum the first time!” I answered
her saying, “I can’t help it, it takes me a little longer
to cum, but if you’re up to it, I will cum for you1” She just
smiled and pulled me back on top of her and we continued where
we left off. Jean learned quick that she could have multiple
orgasms with just some action on her part. We were young
and just learning, and we fucked like rabbits, I did cum
for her and found out that with her, I too, could have multiple
orgasms. With a few breaks for weed, beer, and changing
the music, we made mad passionate love all night. I never
did get her tee shirt off, (that night) and she would only
let me on top, she wouldn’t try any other positions. When
the sun came up, we were a mess, all sticky and in love. I tried
to talk her into taking a shower together, but she wouldn’t.
We showered separately and tried to sleep. But we couldn’t,
we couldn’t stop talking, rapping, as she called it. I now
felt at ease with her, Saturday morning now, we dressed
and went out for breakfast. I didn’t go back to Cousin Bettie’s… I did move in with Jean…

The End of the Summer of ’69…. Jean was an amazing girl; I can still see her as she was, in
my eyes she was the sexiest girl I ever laid my eyes on. Her
hair, her smile, her eyes, I could just gaze at her for hours
and I couldn’t believe she and I were a couple. I was totally
in love with her; I couldn’t do enough for her. Jean warned
me to know, that all her relationships ended in heart breaks.
I couldn’t see this happening, I thought we both were head-over-heels
in love, and so it was. Except when we were at work, we were
together all the time. We hung out at Lincoln Park a lot,
we had a small weed business going on the side, we would sell
about a pound a week, it helped with the expenses and we smoked
for free. One more thing, her parents were very well off and her daddy
would give his little girl anything she wanted. One day Jean took me out and bought me new clothes and trimmed
me all up, made me look preppy and not hippie. She took me
to meet her parents, they took us out to a very nice dinner,
Jean and I looked sharp together and her daddy seemed to
approve. No one would have guessed were a couple of hippies
in disguise. After dinner we went back home, we talked about
our future, you know, like buying a small ranch in the mountains
and living happily ever after. We opened a bottle of Tyrollia
(a red wine of the times) and smoked a bowl of weed. We were
feeling on top of the world and finished the wine in bed,
I could feel it was going to be a good night. We started making
out our hands were all over each other, soon our close were
on the floor, all except Jean’s tee- shirt, she still hasn’t
taken it off and tonight I was going to somehow get it off
of her, making love to her totally naked would be the best
thing ever and I had a plan. This was the night I found out
how to use my magic hands. I guess we had just enough wine
and weed and when I told her to lay on her belly she did, I stretched
out on top of her, my hard dick was between her thighs and
I was kissing and nibbling around her neck. She was moving
beneath me and it was feeling so good, This was something
new, to this point we only made love in the missionary position.
I sat up on the back of her thighs and started rubbing and
massaging her neck and shoulders, I took my time and I knew
she was enjoying it and starting to relax. I moved down ,
now sitting on the back of her knees I started massaging
her beautiful ass, I rubbed the back of her thighs with my
fingers running down her inner thighs and parting her warm
moist pussy and up the crack of her soft ass cheeks. I leaned
over and kissed her beautiful ass and my hands moved under
her shirt and started up her back to her shoulders taking
the shirt along with my hands. I massaged her back hard loosening
her back; it must have felt good because she started to moan
with pleasure. I moved back sitting on her thighs and leaning
over kissing her neck again and I pulled her shirt over her
head and she lifted up to let ma take it all the way off. This
was the first time we were both totally naked together and
I was really excited. I continued massaging her back and
couldn’t wait to have her roll over so I could get to her little
titties. It was time and she was a little reluctant, when
she rolled over she crossed her arms across her chest. I
straddled her waist and took her hands in mine and pinned
them over her head, leaned over and kissed her hard and deep
on her mouth. Next kissing her neck, she knew what was next
and didn’t try to stop me, I have nibbled her nipples through
her shirt before but this was the first time I had been able
to gaze them. Jean had big hard nipples and nice round areolas,
about an A-cup. They were beautiful and I told her so. She
said, they are raisins for you, you are not a grape. I just
wanted to taste them, her nipples were perfect sized for
sucking and nibbling. I could feel a special night in store.
I “loved up” her titties, she was finally enjoying it and
I could tell she was feeling free at last. I moved between
her legs, She reached down and took my cock in her hand and
said, “My god, you are really hard and big tonight.” She
took my throbbing cock and guided it into her as I pushed.
She spread her long wide and bent them at her knees with her
feet flat on the bed. I pushed deep and she lifted her ass
and pushed back, we were tight, our pelvic bones were mashing
together, with a grinding potion, I could feel my dick stretching
and hitting the back of her hot pussy, I could feel her starting
to quiver and just the deep grinding was bringing on an orgasm.
She pulled me tight to her and started sucking on my neck,
I was feeling terrific, I think I could have cum with her,
if I would let go, but I held off, I wanted to make this last
all night. I started an in and out beat to the music playing
in the background. I could feel the hicky she was sucking
on my neck and her pussy was beginning to flow, I think this
was the beginning of her multiple orgasm one after another.
She stopped sucking my neck and was making sounds I have
never heard before, she wrapped her long legs around my
back and squeezed me tight, her arms were around my back
pulling me tight to her, now we both were grinding tight
together to the music. Again my hard cock was buried to the
hilt, and she was going wild and had to burry her mouth back
on my neck sucking again. After a few minutes she eased up
on me, her legs went back on the bed and I went back to a slow
in and out with a hard pound every 4 or 5 strokes, we were both
sweating uncontrollable but it only added to the ecstasy.
She was laying under me and panting, my dick was still hard
and throbbing and took hold of her sides and rolled over
without my dick coming out. She had a puzzled look on her
face and I could tell that she liked it, my weight was no longer
holding her down. I reached down and took an ass cheek in
each hand and began moving her up and down. This was another
first for her and she caught on right away, something new,
this felt wonderful to me, I really enjoy being on the bottom.
She soon learned to sit up on her knees with her hands on my
chest, now I had a full view of those pretty little titties
and I took then in my hands and tweaked and rolled her big
nipples between my fingers. I let Jean have her way with
me, trying different techniques, I was up for her and I was
going to stay up for her. I loved watching her face as she
humped slow and then fast and hard. Her juices were flowing;
I could feel the bed getting wet beneath me. This night is
what I was wanting since I met her and we fucked for hours.
Jean rolled of me lying on her side and running her finger
through my chest hair, she said, “Wow! I never knew it could
be like this, you are spoiling me.” I said, “It is wonderful
because I love you.” She put her finger across my lips, I
knew she didn’t want me to say that, but I knew I would win
her over in the end. She asked, “Why didn’t you cum for me?”
I answered, “Because, My Lover, I am saving it for you.”
She asked smiling, “Do you want me back on top!?” I replied,
“I have something else in mind.” She looked puzzled… I asked,
“Can you bark like a doggie?” Smiling, she said, “Bark,
bark! Something else I have wanted to try and was afraid
until now, I want it all! What do I do?” I said, “OK, now move
the pillow about a foot away from the headboard, put your
face in the pillow and get on your knees.” She did it as instructed.
I continued, you will need to put your hands on the headboard
so your head don’t bang against it.” My cock was starting
to throb again just looking at her in this position. I moved
in and slid my purple headed throbber into her, she moaned,
Oh My God! Easy at first slowly pushing it all the way in as
she pushes back, again the background music took over as
we began fucking to the beat of the music. She soon found
out about the hands on the headboard, I pounded fast then
slow, I was building her up, I could tell she was on the edge
and I kept her there for quite awhile, until I couldn’t stop
myself, I yelled, “I’m going to CUM!!!” holding it back
till the last second, I exploded with a big spasm after spasm
after spasm, excited she came at the same time, she pushed
back hard as I pushed deep squirting cum deep in her waiting
pussy, our cum mixed together and her legs gave out and she
fell flat on the bed, my dick still in her and both of us trying
to catch our breath. I fell on her back and reached under
her and cupped her tits in my hands and rolled her over on
me. She laid on her back on top of me until we could breathe
normal and all the time I was caressing her big hard nipples.
I then rolled her on her side, in the big pool of sweat and
cum covering the bed. We gazed into each others eyes then
kissed passionately, “Lets take a shower together, ”
she suggested. Oh yeah, I was getting all of it this morning.
How wonderful it was to take a shower, soapy and slippery,
we washed each other off. It was morning and we didn’t want to sleep, we were both glowing…
We smoked a bowl of weed and went out for breakfast. That
was the beginning of, The Summer of Love” The rest of the
summer was traffic, our lovemaking only got better! Then…
In October, without notice, I found the note when I came
home… Jean had moved out, all her stuff was gone. She had
found some hippie dude at work that must have tickled her
fancy more than I. I was crushed; heartbroken was not the
word, I was sick, I never felt that way before. Glenda told
me where she was, and I tried to beg her back, but she told
me, “I told you from the very beginning, I would one day,
break your heart.” Yes she did… Glenda assured me that Jean
was crazy to trade me for him. She told me, he is nothing like
me, I am a lot better lover than he is. (She knew this first
hand) She also told me that Jean is afraid of love, and if
we would have stayed together any longer, she would have
lost her edge… whatever that means. Glenda let me know that
she would be happy to be my, “Ol’ Lady, ” anytime I want her.
I smiled, hugged and kissed her, and Larry and I hopped in
the old Ford and headed back over the mountains and back
on home.

Yes I did go back to Grand Jct. Never did get back with Jean,
I did speak to her a few times when out paths crossed, but
she hurt me once, I wasn’t going to let that happen again,
with anyone, Ever!… (Yeah right) Yes, I did hook up with
Glenda a time or three. But then there was Jackie!

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Well done, loved the Summer of 69 tale. Thanks.