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Such A Small World


Normally, I write a warning about the contents of this
story. I write about the age limitation to read this story.
This time I'm not writing any warnings. This story
is about fun, satisfying sex and if you're too young
to appreciate it, go somewhere else.

Inspired by Jeziebell82

I watch her several times a week. Her beauty takes my breath
away. I cannot stop. I jones for her.

It started a few weeks ago. I was sitting in front of my computer
thinking of something to do. I'd just completed several
rote tasks and earned my days pay and now I wanted something
to do. Not that there weren't a half million thing I
could do, or should do, but I just didn't feel like it.
So I did what I always do when this happens, I turned to the
Internet for sex. I figured that if I jerk off, maybe I'll
be able to concentrate and perhaps find some motivation.
At least, that was my excuse.

First, I scanned my email and my gmail to see if maybe, just
maybe, there was some work to do or maybe one of my peeps were
looking for me. Nope, nothing, just some spam. Next, I went
over to CraigsList to see if there were any hook-up requests.
Of course, I know that CL is populated with loons and nutjobs
but sometimes a real human puts out a call that resonates
within me and I respond. These things very rarely go anywhere
but sometimes, it is a provocative diversion. Sometimes
I look at the ads purely for amusement. Unfortunately,
on this day, none of the ads were worthy.

I opened a couple of dating sites. I signed up and paid some
money and utterly wasted every penny. These sites are a
total waste. Except for small cliques of orgy enthusiasts,
nobody ever hooks up. One of the sites seems to be overpopulated
with trannies and that novelty doesn't do much for
me. One of the sites has an instant messenger that runs cams
and lately, I've checked out some of the men, women
and couples showing off. Sometimes, there is even a sexy
show camming from around the block or around the world.
And some are even good looking!

I scanned down the list and clicked on several cammers.
The small popup windows stacked cascading onto my desktop.
Hmmm...a fat guy sitting in front of his computer playing
with a little penis. Click on the "x". A very
fat lady with humongous tits, another click on the "x".
A blank screen. Click. More fat ladies. Click. Click. Click.
A young guy in a yellow tee shirt typing. Click. Wait a minute,
what's this? Well, hello! She stood ten feet away from
the camera. She was tall and thin and beautiful. I mean,
omigod beautiful. I immediately became riveted to this
woman and didn't move for several minutes. I just stared
at the screen as she whirled and posed. Hmm, she had a nice
rack. She looked like a fashion model but one with tits,
and real beauties, too.

She was modest. She was dressed scantily but enough covering
her to leave much to the imagination. There was music in
the background as she danced and she seemed to be having
fun and showing off to one particular viewer. What a body.
Her deep cocoa skin was flawless and her undulations were
the ultimate of seduction. Her skin had an especially luminous
glow; she was not black, not white but some wondrous combination.
Even though she had no idea my eyes were beyond her camera,
she danced for me and me alone. I was hooked.

She stopped dancing and leaned into the camera. Smiling,
she said, "I love to dance for you...oh you want me
to dance naked? You know I won't do that. You want to
see my breasts? Here. Here are my breasts." She leaned
her light blue bra covered melons into the camera. She palmed
them together and pushed them up pronouncing her magnificent
cleavage. Then she pulled back allowing me to watch as she
cupped one breast and caressed it. Her fingers scooped
into the bra as she fondled a nipple. Her hand pushed the
bra down a bit and now I could see her brown areole between
her fingers. There was not enough space to see a nipple but
that was what she did; how she drew you in. It was as though
her finger was asking me to get up lick it...wha???
To lick the screen? Did I say that? I backed off and took a
breath. Was I being seduced or was this some hypnotist's
trick? I took another deep breath.

She seemed to sense that there was a break in the continuum.
She, too, backed off the screen. She said, "I have
to go, my sweet pussy. Glen is coming home soon. Are you still
coming over for a skinny-dip later? Good. We'll play
later. Bye, love." She stopped broadcasting.

"Well, this was a first. I think that maybe I need to
get outside. I think maybe I need to find a life again. This
is nuts." All this ran through my head and I got up from
the computer desk. A few minutes later, I was driving toward
the beach and the promise of a beautiful sunset (something
I enjoy each night). The idea that I was seduced by an online
cam chick simply blew my mind and I could not shake it. I thought
of all the existential absurdities and I thought of my own
weaknesses. I sat alone on the beach until it was dark before
I headed home.

Over the next week, I tried to keep my libido in check but
it was oh, so difficult. Even though I cut back on my sex surfing,
I seemed to jerk off more than my usual once a day. Damn, I
needed some human contact sex - and soon.

One afternoon, my curiosity got the better of me and I found
myself reading the IM list to see who was camming when I saw
her handle. I clicked on to see her in an animated conversation.
I couldn't hear the other person but it was clear that
she was speaking directly to the camera. "I know that's
what you want but you can't have it. My pussy is not for
everyone to see...yes, you can see it. I like when you lick
it." She stood up and stretched. She was wearing a
light pink bra and her large nipples showed through. She
was also wearing a small pink thong. As she finished her
stretch, she turned an put her ass into the camera. Ouch!
I nearly banged my dick against the screen. She jumped back
off as if she felt me poke her. She turned around, her pink
thong revealing a delicious puffy camel-toe. She said,
"I'll see you later, silly" and she turned
off the cam.

I quickly clicked on her profile. There were a half dozen
pictures of her in slightly revealing clothes and poses.
There was not much information but I learned that she was
indeed a model. I also learned that she was into women. She's
been camming to a woman. This news just made me stiffer.

This went on over a few weeks. I had a new hobby taking up my
time. I couldn't believe that I was into watching a
tall, leggy black model dance around in her skivvies. Her
power over me reminded me of David Bromberg's song
"Sharon": "Oh what you do to these men!"
and "You know the same rowdy crowd that was here last
night is back again!" And I was there each night waiting
on line with a ticket in my hand just to watch her crawl on
her belly like a reptile. I was pathetic.

So that brings me up to the present. Earlier today, after
watching my favorite girl beguile me again, I tucked my
stiffie into my shorts and headed down to the gulf to watch
the sun set into the sea. I found my favorite dune, rolled
out my blanket and sat down. I pulled my pipe from my pocket
and filled the bowl. It was about a half hour to sundown and
so I had a while to smooth out. I opened my thermos and took
a swig of some Italian red that had been in there a couple
of days. It wasn't great but the wine wasn't dead
yet. I took a couple of deep puffs from my pipe and I drifted
into a semi-meditative state. I guess about fifteen minutes
must have passed until the sound of nearby voices brought
me back to the present. A couple was walking towards me.

"Do you mind if we watch the sunset with you?"

"No, not at all. But with all this nearly deserted
beach in front of us, why pick this spot? Just seems curious
to me and begs the question."

"Well, if this is the spot where that sweet smell of
smoke was coming from a few minutes ago, this is where we
want to sit." They both smiled broadly which caused
me to laugh.

"Come over here and join me. My name is Ray."

"Hello Ray. I'm Jon, short for Jonathan and this
is my wife, Becca, short for..."

"I get it, Jon." I took my tin out of my pocket
and filled the pipe. I handed it to Becca. She took my lighter
and inhaled. I was surprised she didn't cough. It's
pretty good weed but it does have a bite. She passed it to
Jon, who proceeded to inhale and then cough. I laughed again.
I couldn't help it.

"Thanks, Ray, I needed that." Becca was smiling
as she took the pipe back from Jon.

"Look, Becca, even though you just bogarted that
bowl, I'll let it go...this time. You have to catch
up to me."

Now the sun was beginning to meet its evening destiny and
I focused on the sight as they toked up. A perfectly yellow
ball began to sink into the sea. Occasional rays shot up
and out from the corona as the sky turned a reddish hue streaked
with deep blue. It sure was purty.

"Oh, that is so beautiful. I think that is the nicest
sunset we've seen. Don't you think, Jon?"

"Yeah, well...that sunset a couple of days ago was
pretty good."

She began to laugh and turned to me. "He's just
saying that because we had the french doors open in our bedroom
and we were having sex as the sun set."

"I can't believe she just said that but she's
right." Jon was grinning now.

I turned to Becca. "Then Jon is right. Sunset and fucking
beats sunset anytime. In fact, I'd have to say that
the sunset a couple of days ago was better. I left my blinds
open and I was jerking-off when the sun set."

All of us laughed. We were high, we were goofy and we laughed.

"So are you two tourists?"

"Yeah, I guess, sort of. I'm attending a medical
convention down here for a few more days and we're staying
up the road at the Ritz."

"How do you like it?"

"It's our first time here and we've had a
great time. The weather here is awesome."

"And where are you from?"

"Cincinnati. It's Becca's first time to

"Yeah, and I like it a lot. I could move here in a heart
beat. But I'm getting cold, Jon, let's go grab
a bite before we head back. And Ray, since we horned in on
your dope and your peace, will you join us? Our treat?"

"I'd be a fool to pass that up. There's a food
shack right across the street that's supposed to be
pretty good."

"Great. Let's go. I've got the munchies."

"I'll go check the menu." Becca jumped
up and scampered toward the street. Jon followed her as
I slowly folded the blanket, got all my gear and headed over
to my car to stow them. As Jon and Becca were ahead of me, I
had the opportunity to check them out. Becca, she was the
perky one, I sensed a bit of mischief in her. I figured them
both to be in their mid-forties. They were both good looking
with somewhat athletic bodies. Becca's butt sashayed
beautifully as I watched her cross the street. She had some
funk, I could tell. Jon, on the other hand, seemed to walk
professionally. I sensed that he might be a bit more uptight
than his wife but I also figured that she was the one who got
him to do things outside his narrow comfort zone. As someone
once said (or maybe it was me), "When mama's snapper
snaps, papa jumps." That was my amateur psych profile
as I crossed the street.

"This place looks great. They'll have a table
in a moment. How 'bout a drink while we wait, Ray?"

"Sure, Jon. I'll just have a cold beer, whatever
lager's on tap."

We were led to a small table in the corner. After a quick perusal
of the menu, we ordered a bunch of appetizers: shrimp, wings,
riblets, etc. This was an ideal munchie meal and we devoured
it in short order, even as we laughed, giggled, joked and
had fun. We all were very comfortable with each other.

The beer had passed through me and I excused myself to the
bathroom. When I returned a few minutes later, Becca excused
herself. Jon had ordered me another beer and it arrived
as I sat back down.

"Oh, I don't know about another beer. I have to
drive, you know."

"Well, that brings up a question. Becca and I would
like you to come back to our room. Would you?"

I gave him an odd look. "Sure. I guess so. I only have
a couple of bowls left but..."

"That's good. But that's not what I mean,
what I mean is would you come back to our hotel room and have
sex with us. You know, a threesome. We talked this over while
you were in the john and Becca is hot for you."

"And this is okay with you? I mean, sure I would love
to fuck your wife."

"I'll also be involved. You know, a threesome..."

I smiled. "Sure, man. I'd like that a lot."
I took his hand and we shook. He seemed a little nervous yet
I felt that he had conviction in his request.

Becca returned and Jon quickly told her that I had agreed
to join them. She smiled and said, sotto voce, "then,
let's get out of here. Jon, take care of the bill. I'll
be outside having a smoke."

"I'll join you." Outside, I lit her cigarette
and then my own. I looked at her closely now. I liked those
tits, probably a large 34 or a small 36. I looked in her eyes.
"Will you let me eat your pussy?"

"Will I? I can't wait. We're going to have
some fun."

"And Jon is all right with this?"

"I have taken my sweet husband places he never dreamed
about, my friend. The answer is yes, he is very all right
with this and is excited, too."

"That makes three of us."

"My car is over here. Follow me, okay? And take Becca,
she'll show you where to park."

In the three minutes it took to drive up to the Ritz-Carlton
Resort, I'd placed my palm over the crotch of her tan
shorts as she stroked my boner. She had me park in the back,
near the back entrance to the hotel where Jon met us.

We walked the quiet hallway up to the quiet elevator and
stopped on the top floor, which was, you guessed it, very
quiet. Their suite was large and expansive with a wall of
windows looking out on the star-covered sea. Jon opened
the door and we walked out onto the large balcony. It was
a beautiful sight. The moon was just bright enough to cause
the tops of the swells to twinkle. I took my stash from my
pocket and filled the bowl. Quietly, we all toked up. Jon
coughed again. After a couple of hits, Becca walked over
to the outside tub and turned it on. In the darkness, the
bubbling clear water looked so inviting.

"I'm going to get freshened up, " she said.
"Jon, you get some drinks."

"I think that maybe I'll have that beer now, Jon."

"Oh, I don't think we have any beer. I think we
have some red wine. Want some of that?"

"Sure, I prefer red wine. That works."

Jon returned with three glasses and we sat down around the
small balcony table.

"Have you ever been in a threesome, Ray?" he

"Yes, I have."

"I mean, with another man?"

"Yes, Jon. It's cool. You can touch me if you like.
I enjoy sex in lots of variations. I'll also use rubbers
if you like, although I recently had a check-up and I'm
clean. I'm also vasectomized."

Becca returned from the bedroom. She was wearing a hotel
robe and holding fresh towels. "I like the sound of
that. So, who's joining me? Wait a second, where's
that pipe?"

She toked up and then let the robe slip from her shoulders.
"Ta-da!, " she exclaimed, "not bad for
a mother of two, huh?"

"No way, You look great, Becca." I wasn't
kidding. This woman was in great shape. Those are beautifully
round happy tits with perky nipples. No belly. Short wispy
pubes. Very nice."

"Stop gaping, you guys and jump in." Jon and
I were both naked and sliding into the tub. I looked over
and saw that his dick was a bit smaller and thinner than my
own. "Nice cock, Ray, " Becca said with admiration.
Jon smiled and nodded in agreement. As I sat down next to
her, her small hand felt me up. "Oh, honey, his dick
is beautiful. Isn't it?"

"Yes, dear, it looks great."

"I'm glad you both approve. But first, I have
to do something, if you don't mind." I pulled
Becca to me and lifted her up so she sat in my lap, my cock along
her slit. "I want to feel this woman against me. Come
on, Rebecca, rub your breasts against my chest."

She leaned in. I could feel her outer lips riding my shaft.
Her breasts rubbed against me, nipple to nipple. I held
her with one hand as my other hand slid along her side until
it cupped one breast.

"Mmmm. You feel good, Becca."

"No, it's you, Ray. How about we skip this tub
and head right for the bed?"

Like the Pied Piper leading the rats out of town, we followed
her to the bed. As we toweled off, I refilled and lit the bowl
again. This time, I took the first hit.

"Let me have that, Ray. Here, now you lay down on your
back while I toke on I...slide...down...onto
your...cock...aaah. That feels so good." She rocked
on me and I slipped into her as we fell into a leisurely rhythm.
Several times, I arched up and she let out a moan as she bottomed
down. She was tight. She felt good. And then I felt Jon's
tongue on my balls. He was sliding his tongue down her ass,
around my balls and back up. I pulled her down toward me and
began to suckle her nipple. My hands pulled her full, round
beauties into my face. She was now in a position where her
ass was higher. This allowed Jon to have more room to lick.
It also caused her to moan again as his tongue slipped into
her anus.

"Jon, come over here. I want to suck you." Dutifully,
he came around as she straightened up. My hands never left
those breasts as I sat up cradling her in my lap. Her cunt
just squeezed me tighter as I moved around. She took his
shaft and began to lick the head. Her eyes never left mine.
As she swallowed him, I arched up and pushed her further
onto him. Both of them moaned. We did this for a little while
until I decided to surprise them. As I stared into her eyes,
her pussy rocking on my cock, her mouth filled with her husband's
cock, I reached up and caressed his ballsac, almost feeding
her his dick. More moans.

"I love the image of men playing with each other. I
makes me wild." She began to fuck me in earnest. She
had a difficult time keeping Jon's cock in place but
suddenly she was crazy in fuck lust and she had to cum. I rolled
her onto her back and began to quickly pound her. Jon stood
at her head and fed her his cock as his fingers pulled at her
nipples. Her fingers danced around her clit and within
a minute or two, she was convulsing in orgasmic spasms.
Her pussy squeezed me and drew me deeper until I felt myself
swimming in her cum. Her deep growl as it happened assured
me that she had enjoyed it. We both collapsed for a minute
and settled ourselves.

"That was a great orgasm. Now I want you guys to make
each other cum. I want to see you cum in Jon's mouth,
Ray. I want to see him swallow your cum." Jon immediately
leaned over me and took my cock into his mouth while Becca
kept up the commentary. "That's right, suck
his cock for me, honey. Can you taste my pussy all over it?"

"Let me taste some that, " I said.

"I'm going to let him suck my just fucked pussy,
honey. I'm just going to sit right down like this...ooooh...ummm...nice...he's
licking my asshole, it more, Ray...I
like it, Jon. He's licking my asshole while you suck
his cock. Make him cum, honey...make him fill your mouth
with it...take it all..." She got off me and moved
closer to watch him gobble. I pulled his ass closer to my
head and he picked up the message, straddling my head. His
nice-looking meat hung just over my lips. The flared head
was swollen and his dick looked to me like the perfect specimen.
I closed my lips around the head and sucked it in. It filled
my mouth without any gagging and it throbbed. I felt good,
it felt good, everything was good.

"Oh're both sucking each hot..." She ran her hand along my ass and
tickled my pucker with her finger. "My husband and
some like my finger in
your ass, Ray?...feels good, huh...make you want to cum...shoot
into Jonnie's mouth...if I push my finger in and out
of your ass like this, does it feel good, Ray? Does it make
you want to cum hard? If I rub your prostate like this..."
That was it. I arched my cock up into Jon's throat as
her finger rubbed my gland and I shot globs of cum into his
maw. "Let me see, Jonnie?" He opened his mouth
and pulled back as another rope splashed into his gaping
mouth and across his nose. I let out a long growl or groan
or some other sort of orgasmic sound effect. Jon slipped
me back between his lips and gently caressed the head with
his tongue. I shuddered as I deposited yet one more shot
of jizz. My dick slipped from his lips. It hung there depleted
and in repose. I had a big smile on my face watching Becca
and Jon suck each other's face as my snowball passed
between them.

"My baby hasn't cum yet. We have to make my baby
cum." She made a little pout.

"How would you like to make him cum, milady?"

"How about you and I sixty-nine while he fucks me?"

"How 'bout it?"

We got into position with Becca above me and a pillow folded
in half under my head. Her beautiful pussy was just above
my eyes as she slid down my face toward my cock. Her fine tits
came first, crushing me between her cleavage. I made sure
to coat as much of them as I could with my saliva. Then came
her navel. She rested her pubic bone on my chin and wiggled
against me. When her slit rose across my nose, she gasped
as I rubbed against her. I licked her from the tip of her slit
all the way to her rosebud and back. She lifted her hips as
she dropped her face onto my balls. Jon was kneeling behind
her waiting for her to signal that it was time to fuck her.
Her wiggling ass conveyed the message. I watched as he slid
into her sloppy twat until he rested his balls on my head.
He did this a few times until I reached around and held his
sac, pressing my index finger tip at his ass. Now I concerned
myself with the clit that was grinding and rotating against
my tongue. I kissed it. I sucked on it. I ran the tip in circles
around her clit. I flicked at it. She picked up the tempo
and pressed down on me even more.

Jon picked up his beat, too and the three of us were rocking.
My cock wasn't getting hard but she seemed quite happy
nursing on it. I was more interested in seeing these two
explode on top of me. I squeezed her breast and the nipple
was about as hard as I have ever felt a nipple get, and that's
pretty hard. Her juices were dripping onto me and my head
was awash in her intoxicating scent. I was floating, I swear.

She pushed back against him and started to shake. She quickly
rose into the throes of orgasmic bliss. I watched as her
outer lips distended and pulsed on his cock. He pushed in
and she squeezed back. That was it for Jonnie. His cock pumped
deeply into her bowels as he grunted. She pumped it a few
times and his cum dripped down on my head. He slowly withdrew
and she pulled forward. His cock flopped onto my face as
I swallowed it. She was on her knees still above me and I suspected
she was watching. Just then, a huge glob of cum slipped out
of her pussy and onto my chin. She turned around and licked
me clean as I licked her husband clean. We lay on the bed entwined
and very, very satisfied.

I was beat. I slipped out of bed and took a shower. Quietly,
I got dressed and started to make my way out when Becca called
to me. Naked, she came into the living room and looked every
bit as delicious as she could possibly look. "Give
me your phone number. We're going to be here for a few
more days and I want us to do this again. And again and again.
This was great, Ray, really great. Jonnie and I have been
fantasizing about this night for several years. We never
made the right connection or maybe we were too scared to
really do it that it became part of our bedroom play. Tonight,
we really did it. We really did and it was better than anything
we ever hoped. You made our first time memorable. We want
to do it again. I've never had another man...hell,
I've never even touched another penis and it was great.
And Jonnie finally got his wish, too. Whew... Look, Tomorrow,
Jonnie has a whole day in sessions and a dinner at night but
how about I call you after that? Will you come back and can
we fuck each other again?"

"Yes, I think I can. In fact, why don't I stay right
here so I don't have to come back! No, I'm just kidding.
The sex tonight was at the gourmet level. Let's see
if we can do it again. You call me and let me know." I
leaned into her and took her into my arms. I put my mouth next
to her ear and whispered, "Becca, you are so fucking
hot. He's very lucky. And you're a great lay. I
can't wait to see what scenarios you stage next time."

I nibbled on her ear lobe and felt her press against me. She
whispered to me, "Your cock felt so good inside me.
You filled me up. I want that again." She kissed me.

"And you shall have it, milady." I wrote down
my number and my email, bowed to her and made my way out. It
was deep in the night and there was no traffic. It took me
relatively no time to be back in my bed, happily snoring.

I awoke the next morning still feeling immensely satisfied.
After coffee and some chores, I finally sat down at my computer
and found a message from Becca.

"Ray, thank you so much for last night. After you left,
Jonnie and I fucked like dogs in heat. We talked about it
and we both agreed that it was better than we ever imagined.
Both of us feel so free today. I'm even willing to have
a woman join us now, something that never turned me on before.
But right now, all I can think of is riding your cock again
tomorrow night. Come before sunset and we'll have
dinner here on the hotel's deck. Becca"

This got me thinking and I called up my occasional fuck buddy,
Sandy, and left a message for her to call me. Sandy is built
similarly to Becca and Sandy is wild and bi and mojo fun,

After several hours working on some paying jobs, I took
a break from the computer. I wasn't horny at all but
I flipped on the IM and scrolled down the list. There she
was, my favorite cam girl. I clicked on and was rewarded
with a beautiful sight. My girl was sitting in her computer
chair wearing a nude exercise bra. Her legs were up on the
seat and she had her fingers in her matching nude thong.
She was all turned on; I could hear her moaning and her nipples
were popping up pushing up against the bra. I swear I could
dive into that cleavage and you would never ever find me.
She smiled that perfect camera-ready grin and said a few
things to the screen but I couldn't make them out. I
wondered if the woman she was watching was doing the same
thing. I popped a wood and touched myself, lightly rubbing
the head. Today, my model reminded me of a young Whitney
Houston and wow, what a sexy vibe. Suddenly, her hand rooted
down into her thong. She slowly withdrew it and her fingers
were very wet and shining in her juices. She slowly brought
her fingers to her lips and sucked on them. Oh man, she was
so hot. She withdrew her fingers with a pop, giggled and
then turned off the broadcast. This was far more than I'd
seen before; she'd never been this much of an exhibitionist,
she'd always been discreetly covered. I sat and stared
at the blank cam screen for a long time until I shook myself
and walked wobbly from the desk. Here was the definitive
example of the ability of a woman to take a man's mind
and run away with it. This was a prime example of "the
power of the pussy." Me? I was an example of a compete

Later in the day, as I was returning from the sunset, Sandy
called me.

"My favorite tongue, how you doin', Ray?"

"Hello, you juicy twat. I'm good. You?"

"Well, I'm working late tonight but I sure could
use some of your TLC. Thank God, tomorrow is my day off. I'm
just gonna veg."

"I have a better idea. How about you hold off on that
until tomorrow night. I met a terrific newbie couple last
night and we had a wild threeway in their hotel room..."

"Ooh, cool."

"Yeah, well, it was mucho excellent. Anyway, they
want to meet me again tomorrow night for some more playtime.
Last night, the husband swallowed his first cock. Now the
wife has interest in tasting pussy. Want to join me? I promise,
you will love this, Sandy."

"Are they in shape? Are they good looking? Is it really

"Yes to all. I thought of you first because you're
made for this couple and vice verse. These are classy people
and you are a classy babe."

"Okay, you sold me, you charmer. I'm in. What

"We get to the Ritz before sunset, have dinner on the
deck and then go to their room."

"I love it. Call me tomorrow. Now you made my pussy
all wet..."

"If I was there, I'd lick it for you."

"Stop it, Ray, I have to go back to work! I'll see
you tomorrow."

I emailed Becca when I returned. "Becca, tomorrow
will be as special as yesterday was. I'm bringing my
friend, Sandy, with me. You will love her, I promise. We
will all love her. We will have some major fun. Ray"

I received this response: "Ray, I'm very excited.
I'm certain that you probably have great taste in women
and so I'm sure that Sandy will only add to our pleasure.
I'm all damp now thinking about it. Becca" Great!
I've made two women wet today and haven't even
come close enough to sniff one!

I spent the rest of the evening working, writing, watching
some TV and generally lazing away. My mind, however, had
visions of Becca's pussy dripping onto my face. Most
of the dreams I had that night somehow incorporated that
same image. Gee, I wonder why. In the morning, I felt a little
weary until I relieved my morning wood. That always makes
me feel better and it always perks me up.

The morning email could not have been better. There were
five jobs I had to complete, none of which were time consuming
and all of which were lucrative. I was finished by eleven
and I surfed around the web for a few minutes. I surfed over
to my model thinking that maybe I should tell her that I love
her. Or maybe not. But there she was sitting at her desk fully
dressed, a large traveling wardrobe behind her.

She was leaning into the camera. Her deep cleavage clearly
visible under the blouse. What a set...sigh. "I have
to go now, luv. I have a shoot I have to fly off to but I'll
be back next week. Here's something to hold you over..."
She stood up away from the desk and slowly hiked up her skirt.
Her long legs seemed longer as she drew up the hem. She raised
the skirt to her hips and exposed a pretty little nearly
see-through lace white panty. She slowly pulled them down
and for a brief moment, there was a perfect...shaved...puffy
...ouch! Oh God, what a beautiful cunt. She dropped the
shirt and stepped out of the panties. She lifted them up
and held the crotch to her nose. "Mmmm. I'm dripping
for you. Mmmm. I smell delicious." She held the crotch
directly in front of the camera. I leaned in to take a sniff
before I caught myself. How many other horn-dogs in cyberspace
just did the same thing? She giggled as if she got the joke,
too. "Bye, my luv. Keep your sweet little pussy wet
for me. See you next week. She clicked off the camera. Like
so many days before, I sat there scratching my head. I wondered
if this woman was even remotely aware of the power she held.
I'm sure she was. I'm sure she knew that she crippled
every viewer. She had to know. She was a seductress and a
siren dragging her mesmerized millions onto the rocks.
I'm sure she knew that certain death and destruction
lay ahead for those unlucky enough to hear her beckoning
song. Oh, she knew it alright; that was her job.

I picked up Sandy at four. She was all decked out in a pretty
outfit, all tropical pinks and yellows. She looked and
smelled like a flower.

"I don't think I've ever seen you look prettier,

"I'm all dressed up to get messed up...and for
a free dinner at the Ritz. You look pretty handsome there

"Well, thanks. It's just khaki pants and a blue
polo, nothing fancy. Weeguns and no socks."

"Are you wearing underwear?"

"Yes, in fact, I am. I'm wearing a stretchy little
lycra Body Glove - you know, you liked them last time. They
feel nice around my balls. Satisfied?"

"Sure! They're sexy! Want to know what I'm

"No, I think I'll wait to be surprised!"
On the way down to the hotel, I filled her on how I met Becca
and Jon and how our night went. My description made her all
hot and gushy, which was exactly as I intended. When we walked
onto the restaurant deck, I saw Becca waving to us and we
joined them at a table along the rail. Both Becca and Jon
looked good and they both seemed to glow. Dinner was delicious
and we polished off a couple of bottles of wine. And, as I
knew, Sandy fit in like a fine-leather glove. The two hours
around the table flew by amid gales of laughter and camaraderie.
Finally, Becca said, "There's still an hour
or so before the sunset, why don't we continue this
party upstairs?" With total agreement, we all stumbled
out of the restaurant. The ladies went to bathroom while
Jon and I stumbled up to their suite.

A few minutes later, Becca and Sandy walked in laughing.
Jon handed them glasses of wine and we sat down on the couch
looking out at the beautiful horizon.

"I like this, " said Sandy, "I've
never been in such a cool hotel room." She danced around
the room checking it out. "It's going to be a great
sunset tonight." She twirled and spun around, turning
her pink and yellows into a festive blur. Jon turned on the
music channel but Sandy scooted over and said, "You
sit down, Jonnie, I'll find some music and I'll
dance for you. Go on." She found a funky R&B station
and began to find the beat. When she locked in, she twirled
and danced over to the couch where Becca sat between the

Sandy pushed the cocktail table away and began to dance
around. As she danced, her skirt rose up and nearly slipped
us a view but Sandy was aware of the effect and didn't
go that far. She lifted her arms above her head and slowly
drew the blouse up with them. Her small, deeply tanned back
faced us as she pulled the blouse off and tossed it away.
Then she slowly turned around. She was wearing a very sexy
nude-toned bra. The material was thin and gauzy and her
large round areolas were plainly excited. Sandy looked
very hot as she ran her hands over her breasts and squeezed
them together. Her cleavage reminded me of my earlier visit
to my camming model. She'd worn a nude bra today, too.

Sandy danced closer to Becca and twirled around lifting
her skirt and exposing her ass cheeks. The skirt dropped
to the floor and Sandy twirled around directly in front
of Becca. She was wearing a matching nude thong, just a little
wisp of a thing. You could clearly see her slit through it
and a small wet spot forming in the center. The scent of her
dampness quickly filled my nostrils. Sandy danced over
to Jon. As she bumped and grinded, she ran her fingers into
her slit and slowly brought them to her mouth. Jon reached
out to her but she backed off and spun around dancing back
over to Becca. Sandy was teasing us. She repeated the same
move with her fingers although this time, they were far
wetter. Sandy's perfume now filled the room. She inched
up to Becca whose eyes were focused on the fingers and the
squishy cunt under the thong. Sandy pulled her fingers
out of her crotch and offered her hand to Becca. Becca leaned
in, smelled Sandy's hand and then, with no hesitation,
took the fingers into her mouth. Sandy crawled onto the
couch and sat in Becca's lap. She leaned forward and
they kissed, first tentatively and then with desire. Jon
and I watched as they got more involved, their tongues dueling
and their hands feeling, squeezing and caressing. Sandy
unbuttoned Becca's blouse and scooped her breasts,
pushing them and squeezing them against her own. Becca's
hands held Sandy's butt. Sandy lifted up and took Becca's
hand. Sandy threw her arms around Becca and they began to
slowly dance together as Becca's clothing dropped
in a pile. Now they were both in their undies and it was some
hot spectacle.

Jon looked at me. "This is amazing, Ray. Aren't
they beautiful?"

"Yes and suddenly I feel overdressed." I stripped
down to my undies. Jon did the same although this time he
sat next to me.

"Those look very comfortable. Very sexy, too."

"I'll say, " said Becca, looking over
at me. "Very cool, Ray."

"Nice, Ray. I love the way they make your package look."
Sandy added.

The two women began to dance again, this time with Sandy
pressing her leg between Becca's so that Becca could
rub her pussy against Sandy's thigh. Jon ran his hand
along my cock, tracing it through my underwear. I spread
my legs for him as his fingers probed and felt me. When I looked
back at the women, the bras were gone and Becca was sucking
on a teat. But I was getting stiff from Jon's manipulation
and it was obvious from the stiffy under his tighty-whities
that he was enjoying himself. "Why don't we move
this into the bedroom?"

I got up and took the girls hands and led them. Jon followed
close behind. Which was also where Becca ran her hand, along
my underwear-clad posterior.

"Ray! ...Oooh, that feels so nice. Almost like panties.
Feel his butt, Sandy." One hand on each cheek felt
nice from my end, too. Once we were in the bedroom, Jon's
hands joined theirs and we were quickly standing in a four-way
intertwining grope. Somehow, we tumbled onto the bed laughing
and touching. Sandy hooked her thumbs into my underwear
and pulled them down. My dick popped up and bobbed back and
forth. This caused more giggles.

"Time to get serious, " Sandy firmly stated.
She got up on her knees and peeled down her little thong (you
know, ordinarily I would say that this thong was a waste
of material but considering that there was no material...,
nevermind). She held the flimsy crotch in her hand and placed
it to her nose. "Mmmm. Nice." She rubbed her
sopping slit and placed her fingers at my nose. I deeply
inhaled and smiled broadly. She then did the same to Jon
who, like me, enjoyed this form of aromatherapy. She took
her thong and rubbed it along her gash. Satisfied that it
was damp enough, she held it up to Becca. Becca nodded and
Sandy placed it over her nose. This all seemed so familiar
to me. Becca inhaled and let out a quiet moan. Sandy then
pulled Becca's panties down and quickly brought it
to her nose. "Mmmmmm, sweeter than my pussy"
she exhaled.

Sandy turned to Jon and pulled his underwear down. She stroked
his cock a few times and then took it into her mouth. I knew
that Sandy would give an ace blowjob because she never failed
to impress me. Becca took my cock into her mouth and proceed
to slurp me. I ran my fingers down her ass crack and scratched
lightly at her pubes.

"Nice cock, Jon, but I've got some rounds to make."
Sandy looked at Becca sucking on me and then stared at my
busy hand. "Let me see that, Ray." She scooted
around to Becca's rear and replaced my fingers with
her tongue. "Oh, I like that. I want some more!"
She rolled onto her back and placed her head between Becca's
thighs. I don't know which one of them squealed first
but Becca pulled off my cock and sat back on Sandy's
tongue. She squeezed her breasts and her nipples as she
wallowed in Sandy's skills.

"Everybody stop!" I shouted. "Look outside!"
The sun was beginning its descent into the gulf. It was a
deep red-orange and under the cloudless sky, it was sinking
perfectly. "It looks just like a New Mexico license
plate, I swear." We were silent as we watched the sun
slip away. The room turned dark with an orangey glow. When
the sun was finally gone, we were all smiling at each other.

"What a sight. I'm going to miss that, "
said Jon.

Now it was I who scooted around the bed so I could go to work
on Jon. His dick was semi-hard from Sandy's work and
he watched as his wife now straddled Sandy and rode face.
I was about to go down on him when Becca called to him. "Jonnie,
come over here. I want you to watch me eat pussy. I want you
to see me do it for the first time." Sandy moved around
so that her head was up on the pillow and she could watch,
too. Jon and I sat on either side. Becca, who is one hell of
a sport, looked down on Sandy's puffy vulva and patted
it, made nice to it and softy caressed it. "It feels
so soft." Sandy spread her legs wider so that she was
wide open for Becca's perusal. "You smell intoxicating,
Sandy. I'm going to lick your pretty thing..."
She leaned her head in and buried it Sandy's pussy seemingly
taking the whole thing in. Sandy groaned, "Oh that
feels so good baby. Yessss." Becca pulled her head
up and began to tongue at lick at the folds, in the folds,
deep inside the canal and around the clit.

"Mmmmmm. You're a quick learner, Becca. You
keep doing that to my clit and I'll squirt all over you, ...yeah,
just like that. Yeah. Gently."

I took Sandy's nipple between my lips. I know that she
likes some rough play on her nipples and so I sucked on it
hard, sometimes with little bites while she held my head
in place.

"Is it good, Becca. Do you like the taste of her pussy?"
Jon inquired.

"It's different from what I expected but it feels
so good, she tastes so sweet. Yeah, I like it."

I left Sandy and went over to Jon. I pushed him onto his back
and mounted his head as I fed him my hard cock. I slowly leaned
over and devoured his cock as deeply as I could.

"Me, too, " cried Sandy, as she scooted under
Becca, "I want to eat you, too." Now the four
of us were sixty-nining next to each other and the bed was
rocking. Jon's cock was pistoning my jaw. It felt great
as it slid over my tongue. I put my hands under his butt and
played with his ass. He did the same to me. We were all doing
some serious face fucking, sawing in and out, licking up
and down. I closed my eyes and let the sweet sounds of sex
surround me. I concentrated on long slurps up and back,
rolling around the head and sucking on the piss hole. I wanted
his seed and was soon rewarded. He came first with a couple
of hard thrusts and a grunt, cum was dripping down my lips,
big fat globs of salty cum.

"Right there. Uh-huh...yes...there, there...omigod...omigod, "
she yelped. Becca's orgasm followed a moment later.
She was heaving and panting, rocking on Sandy's wet
face. She looked over to Jon and touched his face. Her fingers
curled around my cock. Quietly, she said, "I love
you, Jon. I love you." Then she turned back to Sandy's
soaking puss and buried her tongue into it. "Come
on my face, Sandy. Come for me...come all over me...I want
to drink you up." Sandy was moaning and heaving her
belly up and down, her legs splayed over Becca's head.
Her moaning picked up volume into a full-blooded wail.
I looked over as she cried out and proceeded to soak her tongue-lasher's
face. She followed her orgasm with a long sigh and collapsed
atop of Becca.

"Oh, girl, you're a natural...that was wonderful."
She scooted over to Becca's face and they grasped each
other, kissing and licking.

I concentrated upon my orgasm now. I could hear the women
comment upon Jon's oral technique, which was now a
combination of sucking on the head and, with his hand, twisting
up the shaft. "Are you cumming?" he asked, I
want you to cum."

"Almost there, " I replied, "just keep
that up. Don't stop."

I heard Sandy say to Becca, "Watch me make him cum."
The next thing I felt was a tongue penetrating my asshole
and she was right, that did it. I arched up and shot bullets
into Jon's mouth. It wasn't a really big orgasm
but it sure was satisfying. I rolled off him only to find
him roll onto me and kiss me, spreading my cum into my mouth.

"That is so far out. Jonnie, I am so impressed."
The four of us lay immobile for a few minutes.

"In the couple of days I know you two, you've gone
from plain vanilla fuckers to rainbow cocksuckers and
pussy-lickers. Howzit feel?"

"Liberating." Jonnie smiled. "I just
love feeling so uninhibited."

"Good word. I agree. You know, last night when Jonnie
and I had sex, it was wilder, more physical. It was better.
It was like you said, Ray, 'real gourmet sex'."

"Yes, it was more fun than usual. I'm glad we did
this. I know that both of us feel liberated."

Sandy listened to them and added, "You had a great
teacher. Ray is so loosy-goosy and laid back...and so sensual.
You know, I've enjoyed lots of good sex but I remember
well the first time with Ray. He so rocked my world. He's
my favorite fuck-buddy. I love his cock, his tongue, his
hands... He's just so much fucking fun!"

"Please, please stop, you're embarrassing
me. Ain't no big deal, ain't no nevermind. I just
like to enjoy sex. There's no rush, you know, just savor
the pleasures. That's my motto."

"And a damn good one, too. I think Becca and I will adopt
it. Now, Sandy, may I go down on you?"

"You may Jon. You may indeed!"

"Hey Ray, let's do some good old vanilla fucking.
What do you say?"

"Gee, B, I don't know if I remember how."
She lay on her back and spread her legs wide. I rolled atop
of her and slowly, very slowly, inched my meat into her soaking
puss. When I was all the way in, I gave a little push and she
squealed. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight.
She kissed me very soulfully, I could feel her heart. As
I slowly stroked her, she stroked back. We were in a very
slow dance and loving it. She quietly whispered into my
ear, "Thank you for showing us the way, Ray. You will
always be in my heart, I will always love you for your gift."
I sighed. I could feel so much of her emotion. She was so much
more than just a fuck to me. I felt so close to her.

I knew that her husband was on the other side of the bed slurping
away at Sandy's pussy. I could hear her moan in rapture
so I knew that he was not only doing a good job but not paying
attention to the fact that his wife and I were making love.
I mean, real love. Our sex was transcending the physical
act. I whispered into her ear, "Becca, this is the
true gourmet sex. I know that I will always love you."
We kissed deeply as our connection increased. I could feel
her vagina wrap around me and hug me tighter as we just slightly
increased our tempo. Both of us were suddenly sweating
profusely. As I plunged in, she thrust back. I felt her quiver
and then I began to come inside her. She gasped and began
to come too, her pussy pulling me in, vibrating and pulsating.
When we'd both climaxed, we fell into a tight clench.
It was true magic.

We lay peacefully as watched as Sandy began to growl and
groan as her orgasm rose. "Oh, so good..., "
her throat let out a "rrrrrrrr' as she came and
her head swayed from side to side, her eyes were closed and
she was peaking. When she came, Jon came up for air, his face
glistening with her juice. "Oh that was sooooo good,
Jon. That was as good as it gets. Thank you, you are a pussy
eating master...and almost as good as your wife."

"I have to agree, " said Becca, "last
night, he had me scraping the ceiling. Last night was memorable."

"I think it's only fair that we return the favor,
Becca. Now lay back, mister, we're gonna make you crazy."

I lay there with a big smile on my face as Sandy and Becca began
to lick his cock. Their tongues snaked up his cock and met
at the helmet in a dueling tongue kiss. One mouth on his balls
and another gobbling his dick kept his blissful smile wide.
Then they exchanged places and kept him right on the edge.
And then it was back to sharing his shaft.

I had a wicked awesome idea. I scooted around behind the
women and lifted his legs. I ran my finger into Sandy's
drippy hole and then placed the lubed finger on Jon's
pucker. Slowly, I inched my cock closer. Becca saw what
I was doing and arched her eyebrows. I smiled back. Very
slowly, I placed the head of my cock at his rear hole. I pushed
it in just a little before he tensed up and then pushed back.
The women were busy licking him but they were watching me
slowly enter him. He pushed against me and his ass began
to swallow me. I had about five inches up his chute and was
slowly pumping him with long, slow, even strokes. Sandy
helped me along by pushing a finger up my ass. My sphincter
gripped it and, like a hand puppet, I let her set the rhythm.
"Oh!" Jon groaned. "That feels pretty
good. Fuck me, Ray." He didn't have to ask because
that is exactly what I was doing.

"Oh, my Jonnie. You're getting fucked by Ray's
big cock." She sucked on his helmet and moaned. "Come,
baby, come for us."

Sandy mounted his face. "One more hole to fill, Jon.
That's it, drink my cunt."

He began to push harder against my cock and soon I was buried
to the hilt. "You're making me cum, " he
gasped. "I'm gonna cu..." Becca pulled
her mouth off his cock as it began to spurt like a fountain
all over her face before it pulsed a couple of times and dripped
from his pisshole down his shaft. The women moaned and lapped
it up. The moans turned to giggles and then we were all giggling
like little kids.

We sat around on the bed for a while, drinking wine and toking
up. "You took my cock like a champ, Jon."

"At first, it seemed distracting but very quickly,
it started to feel good. I felt full and it seemed to make
my dick harder. Yeah, I liked that."

"I could feel you get harder. I could feel you getting
lost in it, Jonnie. I could tell how much you liked it. I think
I felt a little jealous."

"No need for that, babe. Your ass is mine and I'm
going to fuck you blind. I promise."

"Oh good, something else to look forward to. I can't
wait." We were all limp and Becca was yawning. "Regretfully,
I think we should call it a night...and a wonderful night
at that. Jon and I have to get to the airport in the morning
and I'm feeling beat. I hope you don't mind. That
was wonderful. I feel so sexy." She stretched and
her lush little body rippled. Her breasts seemed to bounce
with joy.

"I'm glad we had this time together. You two are
great people...and great sex partners. You've taken
our fantasies and showed us how good reality can be. If you
folks make it up to the Queen City, you know where you'll
stay. Becca and I wouldn't have it any other way."

As Sandy and I were leaving, Jon hugged me and said, "Thank
you so much, Ray. This was a life-changer." I hugged
Becca and she gently kissed my cheek. We looked into each
others eyes and said nothing. It was unnecessary.

Sandy and I quietly drove back. We were both quite satisfied.
"You were right, Ray, that was great sex with a great
couple. It was truly as good as it gets. That guy can eat my
cunt any time, any day, any where. And so can his wife."

"Yeah." I agreed. "I could easily fall
for her. It's a good thing they're leaving in the
morning." And then I remembered something. "Sandy,
you sexy little twat, I have to tell you something. When
we first got to their room and you did your little tease slash
dance, I had a deja vu experience."

"I don't understand. What do you mean?"

"Well, earlier in the day, I was online surfing around.
There's this site with live cams and lately, I've
been watching this amazing woman..."

"Don't tell me...tall, beautiful, cocoa skin?"

"Get outta town. You're shitting me."

"I watch her, too. Sometimes, we cam each other. She
is such a tease. And she's so hot. She turns me on so much.
Say no more because you're right. When I was getting
dressed for tonight, I decided to wear the outfit she was
wearing today. I danced and teased in imitation of her."

"Well, I'll be damned. After I watch her, I feel
like such a damn fool. She has such power over me."

"Me, too. I get so wet watching her even though she
never shows the goods. It's like I'm under her

"I know exactly what you mean. Do you know anything
about her?"

"Nope. I know that she's a fashion model. I think
that maybe she's married and I think she lives up in
Jacksonville or Saint Augustine, somewhere around there.
As soon as I see her on, I get so wet. And, yes, I feel silly,
too, but I don't care. I immediately turn on my cam and
show her how wet I am."

I couldn't help but laugh. Such a big Internet and such
a small world.

"Ray, take me back to your place. I want to sleep next
to you tonight. I mean sleep because I'm all fucked
out. I just want to feel your body next to me...and sure,
we'll fuck in the morning."

"Sure, Sandy, sounds like a plan. Maybe one of these
days, we'll put on a show for our camgirl and let her
see what she does to us."

Sandy smiled. "No, maybe we'll just tease her
and give her a taste of her own medicine." We laughed
over that image and continued laughing until our spooned
bodies were out and down for the count.

As I drifted off, my mind replayed the evening's events
and how Sandy, I and how many millions of others shared such
a small - and sensual - world.

Richard, The (Not Really So) Ol' Hippie. Located in the Bradenton/Sarasota area. Your feedback is most welcome.

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