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Suburban Daydreams


It’s early afternoon and Laura has already finished everything
on her to-do list for the day. Home alone, she’s standing
in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of water as she contemplates
about what to do next. As she brings the glass to her lips
and tilts her head back slightly to take a sip, she looks
through the kitchen window and out at the quaint suburban
neighborhood her and her wonderful husband Richard call
home. Time seems to stand still momentarily as she brings
the glass down and gazes through the window out into the
quiet neighborhood that is currently showing few signs
of life. Off in the distance she sees an older lady walking
her two dogs, and out of the corner of her eye the mailman
as he approaches one of her neighbor’s door steps.

Laura breaks the dream like trance and sets her glass down
on the counter, then begins to soak in her surroundings
in the kitchen as intently as she had the neighborhood outside.
Not a single thing is out of place, other than the glass of
water she’s yet to finish. While it may not be home &
garden material, her house is immaculate and she’s immediately
overwhelmed with emotion as she thinks about how beautiful
her life with Richard is.

Richard has been away on business for nearly a week. Although
he’s not out of town often, when he is it’s usually for at
least a few days at a time. He calls every evening when he’s
away and they sometimes are on the phone for hours before
finally saying goodnight, occasionally saying next to
nothing to each other for several minutes. Laura glances
up at the kitchen clock again only to realize that merely
a few minutes have passed, and she won’t hear Richards voice
over the phone for at least another five hours.

For a while Laura worked a part-time job just to pass time
during the day, but she didn’t stay with it long as she quickly
tired of the soap opera type setting. Periodically she
takes classes at the local college or volunteers for various
local charities, but neither are a means to end her prolonged
boredom this week. She’s become an avid reader lately,
and despite her lack of interest in soap operas she’s recently
stumbled across a fascination with well written romantic
novels. She finishes her glass of water and as she places
the glass in the dishwasher, she decides to go relax in the
bedroom for a bit with her latest piece of fiction.

Just inside the bedroom Laura turns and opens a dresser
drawer. She’s looking through the neatly folded contents
for something more comfortable to wear as she lies down
to read. Finding nothing to her liking in that drawer she
closes it and opens another. As she reaches toward the back
of the drawer to grab a pair of sweat pants her fingers bump
into the vibrator Richard hid there under her clothes months
ago. She instinctively grabs a hold of it as if she doesn’t
know what it is, and pulls it from the drawer to take a look.

The vibrator was a present from Richard, one that not only
made her blush at the time but was also only used once on the
very evening that he’d bought it for her. She’s had many
sex toys over the years, from small plastic vibrators to
7” dildos complete with hard protruding veins; but never
one quite like this. This one was not only a combination
of both a vibrator and a dildo, it was enormous and incredibly
realistic. Soft to the touch, the thick eleven-inch sex
toy felt so realistic she came three times that evening
as Richard used it on her.

Setting the vibrator on top of the dresser, she reached
down and closed the drawer then opened another. Without
hesitation or even a moment of searching she reached in
and pulled out her favorite soft, cotton nightgown. As
she closed the drawer and began to change her clothes her
mind wandered back to the evening Richard had used that
vibrator on her, and the intense orgasms that he had produced
by doing so.

It was hard for Richard to understand why she didn’t like
to use toys often, as she seemed to so enjoy them when they
did. Although they have a great sex life, he always felt
he should be doing more for her, and she always assures him
that she couldn’t ask for more than what he gives. On a few
occasions he’s been so adamant about using toys it’s nearly
ruined the moment, then he finally gives in and makes love
to her. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since he’s brought
it up again because at this very moment she would not only
agree with him if he asked, she would likely bring it out
herself if he didn’t.

Laura neatly folds the clothes she just took off and places
them on top of the dresser. In one smooth motion she turns
and starts towards the bed while picking up the vibrator
with one hand, without even looking in the direction of
it. She places the vibrator on her nightstand next to her
book and unconsciously focuses her attention on the cover
of the book, rather than the vibrator, as she picks it up
and lays back on the bed. She lays the book down next to her
as she adjusts the pillows behind her and gets comfortable.
She sighs as she gets situated just right, then closes her
eyes for a moment to enjoy the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

Naked and covered in sweat she was on top of Richard in the
sixty-nine position as she took him into her mouth and he
slid the vibrating head of that huge, life-like dildo slowly
up and down her soft wetness. While she had already came
twice in other positions and typically wasn’t multi-orgasmic,
she knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again. She stroked
and sucked his manhood furiously as he penetrated her with
the thick, vibrating shaft from behind, occasionally
flicking her swollen clit with his warm tongue from below.
She could feel his body stiffen and taste his pre-cum as
he was getting ready to explode, yet she couldn’t take her
mouth off from him as she was so focused on her own orgasm
and the girth that was penetrating her from behind.

Laura opens her eyes to find the fingers of her left hand
between her legs and her right hand gently kneading her
own breasts through her nightgown. She immediately arches
her back and lifts her backside off the bed, then reaches
down with both hands to pull her nightgown up past her waist
before settling back in. The fingers of her left hand slide
back down to resume rubbing her clit through her panties,
as she turns her head and reaches toward the nightstand
with her right. She picks up the massive dildo from the nightstand,
then closes her eyes again as she turns back toward the ceiling
and brings the huge toy towards her mouth.

Even Laura is not sure why she doesn’t share her deepest,
darkest fantasies with Richard. She couldn’t be more honest
and straight forward with him about all other aspects of
her life. He’s the only person she’s shared all of her other
personal secrets or inner most thoughts with, even those
that she’s certainly not proud of. He knows all about her
troubled childhood, her experimental drug use, even her
sexual exploration during college and the few times thereafter.
Why is it she can’t tell him how much she enjoys or how often
she thinks about being treated like a complete slut? Richard
certainly has no problem sharing his nastiest thoughts
with her.

Standing in front of the mirror in the bath just off the bedroom,
she looks in at Richard who’s lying naked and motionless
on the bed. She continues to stare at him while brushing
her teeth as she thinks about the last time she let someone
cum in her mouth. Over ten years ago she did a threesome with
her roommate Kim, and Kim’s boyfriend Nate. It was one of
the three times in her life where she had sex with more than
one person, and one of the two times she ever experienced
the touch of a woman; it was also the last time for both. While
Nate certainly wasn’t anything extraordinary, Kim’s
tongue had pushed her over the edge just as he exploded in
her mouth. The major difference was that back then she gagged,
nearly threw up right then and there, and quickly ran out
of the room cursing in disgust as the two of them giggled.
This time she not only enjoyed it, she had licked every drop
off from Richard as her own orgasm swept over her, and she
wanted nothing more than to go straight back in there to
have him do it again.

She could feel her own wetness through her panties now,
as she periodically stopped rubbing her clit long enough
to slide her fingers down and push her panties just inside
herself with two of them. Her lips were wrapped around the
thick head of her giant toy, which was now dripping with
her saliva as she ran her tongue over it in every direction
repeatedly. She had lost all control and was completely
engrossed in her own self pleasure. She pulled the toy from
her mouth and grabbed it with both hands, twisting them
around the soft, yet solid, broad shaft effortlessly,
thanks to her own saliva. She lifted her ass off the bed slightly
and guided the eleven-inch fake phallus down to her soaked
panties, gently sliding the wide head of it over her clit
just as she turned on the vibration.

It’s not like she hasn’t admitted to Richard that she has
fantasies or even shared a few with him, it’s just that she’s
been far from completely honest about them. The truth is
that she used to go weeks, on a few occasions even months,
without a single sexual fantasy completely playing out
in her mind. More and more frequently, however, she has
explicit thoughts several times a day, often initiated
by normal everyday occurrences or interactions. She refuses
to admit to him, even in the throws of passion, that any of
her fantasies involve anyone but him, although he’s rarely
actually in them. Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t she be fantasizing
about the man she loves and is attracted to most? Those are
questions she regularly asks herself when the topic comes
up between them, yet she’s never shared those questions
with him either.

Lately her fantasies have been extremely graphic and raw,
frequently involving two or more men. She’s had multiple
men before, twice while she was in college, and Richard
knows about both instances. The first time was an unplanned
event that was so intoxicatingly satisfying that she went
out of her way to make it happen again as soon as possible.
The second time, however, the evening ended with Laura
crying herself to sleep and all alone. Although at times
she was very excited and brought to orgasm repeatedly early
into the second orgy, she was basically gang .

Laura clenches her butt cheeks tight and grinds her hips
up and into the vibration as she holds the thick, realistic
feeling shaft firm and steady. She relaxes her muscles
as she settles back down on to the bed, then pulls her panties
to the side with one hand as she guides the head of her gigantic
vibrating toy into her wetness. She gasps as she pushes
the bulky head inside herself, pauses for a brief moment,
then bites her lip as she buries it as deep as she possibly
can inside herself with one quick thrust.

It was her sophomore year in college when her and a group
of friends from school all piled in a van and spent a week
in Myrtle Beach for Spring break. Her parents had begged
her to come home that week, but she had worked so hard that
semester she was mentally spent and desperately in need
of some fun. Besides, it was uncharacteristic for her to
do anything irresponsible, so eventually she won at least
their financial support for the trip. What she experienced
while she was there was not only amazing, it changed her
entire life. The first four days and three nights she never
once broke out of her shell, although she did have a few drinks
and was certainly enjoying the many festivities with her
friends. The last night they were there she finally cut
loose, eventually separated from the group later that
evening after entirely too many drinks, and ended up screwing
four complete strangers in a hotel room for hours on end.

Richard is obsessed with this Spring break incident, sometimes
bringing it up during sex trying to get her to talk more about
it. Other than an occasional moan of “yes”, “no”, or “uh
huh”, she’s never expanded on it or shared any details that
weren’t provided in her initial generic admission. “Did
they have big cocks? Did they cum on your face? Did they fuck
you in the ass?” Little does he know that the answers are
yes, yes, and oh my god yes! The one blatant, outright lie
that she’s ever told Richard was in her admission about
these two events, as she had told him that she left the first
one immediately afterwards and never knew who any of them
were. The truth is she later learned who each of them were,
slept there with all of them that night butt naked and covered
in their man juices, woke up with a slight hangover but completely
sober the next morning…and let them all screw her like a
porn star again.

Laura’s muscles twitch and her toes curl as the ecstasy
sweeps through her body while she clenches down on the toy
Richard had bought for her. After what seems like an eternity
she manages to turn off the vibration, but leaves the mammoth
toy deep inside her wetness as she throws her arms to the
side and lies completely still on her bed for a moment. She
slowly opens her eyes and turns toward Richard’s alarm
clock, which basically tells her that just over thirty
minutes have passed since she last checked the time while
she was in the kitchen. Also not long ago, there was a time
in her life when she used to feel dirty and guilty immediately
after giving herself such pleasure. At this very moment,
however, she struggles to think of anything other than
doing it again.

Brad, Chris, Tim, and Ben. Those were the four young college
studs that ejaculated in her and on her repeatedly all those
years ago during Spring break. For years all she could think
about was what if someone finds out, yet no one of any consequence
ever did; not even her closet friends whom she had gone down
there with. Laura had made it back to her room the next day
before most of her friends were even awake. She had showered,
packed and made breakfast before many had even got out of
bed by early afternoon. She had plenty of time to come up
with a good excuse, but she never needed it. Although she
was asked where she was a few times during their trip back,
everyone seemed much more interested in hearing themselves
talk as they shared the trivial details about their own
escapades throughout the week.

The doorbell startles Laura as she’s lying on the bed still
impaled by the very toy that brought her to orgasm moments
ago. She literally jumps up and hides the vibrator under
her pillow, as if whoever rang the bell may rush right past
her and up the stairs to find it lying on her bed. She peeks
out her bedroom window as if spying on her own property,
and notices Carla and Jim’s car parked in her driveway.
Jim is a friend of Richard’s from work, and Carla has become
her closet friend over the last couple of years. She regularly
stops by unannounced to talk about whatever she may be dealing
with at the moment, but usually just walks right in and belts
out “Hey sweetie, where you at?” or something to that effect.
On her way out of the bedroom Laura doesn’t stop to throw
on her pants or grab a robe, as the only thing that’s going
through her mind is “What’d I do lock the door?”

What’s sort of ironic is that while Richard is rarely in
Laura’s fantasies, the two other people in their lives
that are closest to them, Carla and Jim, are in them quite
regularly. Carla is constantly sharing intimate details
about her sex life, sex drive, and sexual preferences with
Laura. Although Laura doesn’t reciprocate and typically
answers with a laugh or brief response to acknowledge her
statements, she actually enjoys Carla’s brutal honesty
and willingness to share those details. On more than one
occasion Laura’s masturbated to visuals inspired by one
of her stories or comments. Apparently Carla and Jim are
quite the “freaks” behind closed doors, and Jim’s sexual
appetite and physical endowment serve Carla’s needs quite
well during their throws of lust. Yet when it’s just Laura
and her out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat you wouldn’t
know it, as Carla’s own libido has her constantly looking
and flirting with others. She openly loves to be the center
of attention, and although Laura does too there’s only
a few people on the entire planet that know it.

A few months after they first started talking on a nearly
daily basis Laura cut off all contact with Carla for over
two weeks due to, what at the time was, a rather disturbing
incident during one of their ladies night out excursions.
It was quite obvious she was avoiding her and Richard did
ask her about it, but Laura never really even admitted that
she was going out of her way to steer clear of Carla, let alone
shared with him the details from that evening. To this day
Laura is still bothered by that evening to some extent,
although she often gets incredibly horny thinking about
it and has since come to the realization that Carla is Carla
and her many other good qualities far outweigh the negative
aspects of that night.

The doorbell rings again as Laura rushes down the stairs,
and as she approaches the door she notices that the deadbolt
isn’t locked. She briefly wonders why Carla didn’t just
come walking in as usual. It’s a fleeting thought though,
as by the time she’s finished thinking it she’s already
swung the door open to find herself standing in her nightgown,
only moments after bringing herself to orgasm, in front
of Carla and Jim‘s nineteen year old son David. She’s frozen
like a deer in headlights as David says “Hey Mrs. Thompson.
Mr. Thompson asked me to come over and mow the lawn this week
while he was out of town, and since I don’t have any classes
the rest of the day I figured I’d get it knocked out now. Is
that okay?”

In the weeks following that Spring break trip to Myrtle
Beach all those years ago, Laura masturbated several times
a day thinking about how those boys thoroughly violated
her without a bit of hesitation. They moved from one position
to the next as if the entire event had been professionally
choreographed, overwhelming each and every one of her
senses non-stop with very few words ever being uttered.
It was the first time she had anal sex, the first time anyone
had cum in her mouth, and the very first time anyone besides
herself had actually brought her to orgasm. She had never
wanted anything as badly as she wanted to recreate that
incident back then, and she spent weeks secretly thinking
of ways to do just that. Unfortunately, what she learned
the hard way, was that the simple process of planning such
a incredibly exciting spontaneous event in and of itself
ruined it.

It wasn’t until that evening out with Carla that caused
a brief riff in their friendship when Laura experienced
such spontaneous, unbridled eroticism again. Carla got
her to finally really cut loose for the first time in several
years that night, as just the two of them went club hopping
via a limo a good hour from their home town to celebrate Carla’s
birthday. By the time they hit the fourth club they were
both feeling horny as hell and even Laura was teasing some
of the hot younger guys drooling over them. They squeezed
into a round booth in the back of the club with three guys,
one on each end of them and one in between. While the guy on
the end next to Laura was bent in talking over the music and
into her ear, she looked down to notice Carla had two fistfuls
of the exposed men on each side of her underneath the table.
Laura froze in disbelief as she watched Carla bend down
under the table to take one of them in her mouth right there
inside the club.

“Yes David, that’d be fine” Laura said, to which he replied
“Okay, I’ll go get started.” But David didn’t move right
away, nor did she swing the door closed before he realized
that an incredibly sexy, middle-aged woman was standing
in front of him in her nightgown. Rather than close the door
for some reason she stood there and watched as his eyes conspicuously
went over her entire body from top to bottom, then came back
up to meet hers again, only now they had an entirely different
look about them. “Is the garage locked?” he asked, then
clearly glanced down at her pert nipples protruding through
the nightgown, stopped at her cleavage briefly and then
quickly brought them back up to gaze directly into hers.
“No, but if you need anything, you just let me know sweetie”
Laura said as she slowly closed the door with a devilish
grin. Just as the door latches shut she turns and puts her
back against it, then brings her hands up and cups them over
her nose and mouth as she thinks to herself “What the hell
was that? I just let a nineteen your old kid ogle me and actually
enjoyed it.”

Just over a month after Brad, Chris, Tim and Ben had shown
Laura the incredibly addictive pleasures of spontaneous
group sex, it was finally time to experience it again. Finals
were fast approaching, but far from Laura’s mind this evening.
She had kept Brad’s phone number and called him a few times
this week alone to setup and confirm round two, or actually
round three if we‘re counting the morning after as a completely
separate incident. The guys were only two and a half hours
away and Laura had already made arrangement’s to use Kim’s
car to “go home for the weekend.” Brad said she could crash
at their dorm and asked her to meet him at a bar just off campus,
which he said was a dive but one of their favorite places
to hang out as they never had any problems getting served.
When Laura finally found it there were only two cars parked
out front of the narrow single story building which was
located on the corner of what seemed to be an otherwise vacant
block. Other than the lit beer signs you couldn’t really
tell if the place was open or closed. She wanted this to happen
again so bad that the thought of walking into an eerie bar
alone over two hours away from anyone she actually knew,
barely even crossed her mind.

Laura couldn’t help but watch Carla give this guy head for
a few seconds, as she just couldn’t believe it was happening.
Finally she pushes the guy next to her damn near on to the
floor as she forces her way out of the booth, then practically
runs through the crowd toward the door. As she gets outside
the cold air quickly hits her and she pauses briefly to look
for the limo. The driver doesn’t even have time to come around
and open the door before she’s already inside and locking
it. About ten minutes later Carla comes out of the club with
those same three guys trailing close behind her. Carla
goes around the car and the driver opens her door for her,
and before she’s even all the way in she says “What the hell
is wrong with you?”

The sound of the lawn mower comes and goes as David traverses
their back lawn. Laura steps out of the shower and wraps
a towel around her head, then another around her body. As
she walks towards her bedroom window to look down at the
back yard she hears the mower stop. By the time she reaches
the window and looks down, the mower sits unattended nearly
in the very center of the back lawn which is now half cut.
She immediately assumes that David went to the garage for
more gas, and turns and heads back over to her bed. Sitting
on the edge of the bed she reaches into the nightstand and
grabs her lotion, crosses her legs and begins applying
the lotion to her amazingly toned calves. As she finishes
one leg and foot she switches the position of her crossed
legs to apply lotion to the other. Once she’s finished she
reaches up and takes the damp towel from her head to wipe
her hands clean, then turns and stretches all the way across
the bed on her stomach to toss the towel in the laundry basket
on the other side. Her weight in the center of the bed brings
the dildo out from under the pillow, and her stretching
has brought the towel well up over her bare ass. As she begins
to turn back over, out of the corner of her eye she notices
David standing in the bedroom doorway.

There was only one person sitting at the bar when Laura walked
in, and his face wasn’t even visible from the doorway of
that dimly lit room. No bartender behind the bar, and the
few tables to her immediate right as she came through the
door were completely empty as well. Sweet Home Alabama
was blaring so loudly in the small room she could barely
stand it. She slowly progressed inside and as she did she
noticed there was another room straight back, the archway
into it surrounded by cheap multi-colored Christmas lights.
The man sitting at the bar didn’t even acknowledge her,
as she walked past his focus remained down toward the bar
itself the entire time. As she approaches the archway she
finally hears some familiar bar sounds such as pool balls
cracking together, ESPN emanating from a TV in the back
and getting louder as she passed through the archway. The
back room wasn’t much bigger than the front, and contained
a pool table, dart board, old nasty sofa , TV, coffee table,
and pinball machine. Two guys were playing pool, two guys
were shooting darts, and two were on the sofa drinking beers.
Brad was on the sofa, and he was the only one of the six that
she recognized.

Still in shock Laura says to Carla “I just got freaked out.
I can’t believe you did that. What about Jim?” Carla immediately
responds “What about Jim? Are you going to tell him?” Laura
says “No, but Carla that is so wrong.” “Look, you’re totally
bringing me down here girl. I’ve got three hot young men
out there that want to get in here and do things to us that
we only fantasize about. They don’t know us from Adam, and
we don’t ever have to see them again. That’s one hell of a
memorable birthday present if you ask me.” Almost in tears
Laura replies “I can’t do that Carla, I just can’t.” “Well
let me ask you this then, can you sit up front for a bit as we
drive around?” Laura is finding it hard to believe she’s
actually having this conversation. Without saying a word
she opens her door and walks up to the front of the limo as
Carla leans out through the same door to wave the three guys

Almost instantaneously Laura flips over, grabs the dildo
off the bed with one hand and springs up to the sitting position
crossing her arms over her chest, as if by doing so she was
covering more of herself. At the same time she shouts “Oh
my god David what are doing!?!?” While staring at the freakishly
large sex toy in her hand he manages to mumble “I came in for
a drink of water and next thing I know I’m standing at the
top your steps looking at your incredibly sexy naked body
stretched out across the bed. I’m so sorry Mrs. Thompson.
I can‘t believe I even just said that.” Laura straight away
notices that David’s eyes haven’t moved off from the toy
in her hand the entire time he was talking, and without even
realizing she was doing it, this time it was Laura who was
ogling him. David was a strapping young jock who played
football for the local community college, and as he stood
there shirtless and covered in sweat in those loose fitting
basketball trunks and grass stained sneakers, Laura couldn’t
help but notice his obvious excitement. Her reply to him
surprised even herself, as rather than chastise him her
eyes remain fixated on his young, hard body and she hears
herself say “Tell me David, can you keep a secret?”

Brad was clearly already half in the bag as he momentarily
stumbled trying to stand up. She had already made several
bad decisions by getting this far, and she had plenty of
time to walk out before he noticed her and finally said “Hey
girl, get your ass over here and sit on my lap. What the hell
took you so long?” For whatever reason Laura decided to
head in his direction, as he had so politely requested,
and while doing so she said “Where are the other guys?” Just
as she finished saying it Brad reached out and grabbed her
by the arm, then pulled her down into his lap as he said “What
the hell? This isn’t enough guys for ‘ya? Jesus Christ you’re
a complete fucking slut.” Laura immediately recognized
that she was in trouble, and struggled to get away from him
at first, but Brad grabbed her firmly with both hands and
within an instant had the help of everyone else in the room.
Suddenly the music went off out in the other room, and she
heard what she thought was a deadbolt lock latching shut.
After a while she lost not only the energy, but the will to
struggle as she was used and abused repeatedly. She never
reported the incident, and she never shared it with anyone
other than Richard. Of course even then she left out many
of the details; such as the fact that she had tried to set
the incident up, or that she drove by herself for over two
hours to meet the same four guys that had so thoroughly pleased
her only weeks before.

Laura rode in the front of the limo for over an hour with the
privacy window up, and never once said a word to the driver.
She had never felt as awkward as she did while sitting there
with a complete stranger listening to Carla’s screams
and the various moans of pleasure, periodically able to
clearly make out some of the instructions being barked
at Carla from the three horny young men. When the window
finally came down one of the guys said to the driver, “Let
us off back at the club chief.” Within a few minutes they
were parked back in front of the club and the three guys piled
out as Carla said “You can come back here now honey.” The
driver looked at Laura and realized that she wasn’t moving,
so he shut the door and began their long journey home. Carla
was passed out within minutes, and Laura didn’t bother
to wake her or even thank the driver as she got out in front
of her house and quickly made her way inside.

Before David could respond or she even realized what she
was doing, Laura had stood up next to her bed and dropped
her towel to the floor. David’s erection was now damn near
perpendicular to his flat, six-pack abs as his brain tried
to process the intense stimulation that was rushing through
his entire body. “You going to just stand there or are you
coming over here?” Laura asked. Without saying a word or
breaking his gaze, he unconsciously flipped off his sneakers
at the bedroom door and slowly approached her. As soon as
he was within arms length Laura reached down and grabbed
his incredibly large cock through his shorts and pulled
him into a kiss. As her hand wrapped around his hardness,
she immediately realized David was without question the
most well endowed person she had ever been with. She tossed
her dildo on to the bed behind her with one hand as she fondled
what was surely an amazingly sufficient replacement with
the other, sliding her hand all the way down to cup and gently
massage his balls while thinking about how deep he’d be
able to penetrate inside her.

She broke their kiss just as David slid his hands up to her
breasts, pulled her head back slightly to look him in the
eyes and said “You can’t ever tell anyone David. Not a single
sole.” David practically whispered “I promise, oh my god
I promise.” Laura kneeled down in front of him and pulled
his shorts to floor. As he stepped out of them she grabbed
his throbbing shaft and took the pulsating head of it in
her mouth. How could a nineteen year old have such an enormous
appendage? Having just had eleven inches of life-like
girth bring her to orgasm, she was convinced he was easily
over nine inches, but even more impressive was the fact
that he was damn near as thick as a soda can. He was so large
she could only get the first inch or so inside her mouth,
which clearly didn’t matter to David as within minutes
he exploded with more semen than she had ever seen shoot
out of one penis. It was everywhere - in her mouth, face,
hair, dripping down on to her chest, and as she stroked the
gooey white cream up and down his still rigid member she
turned and noticed it was even on the bed behind her. God
that made her so hot.

Laura couldn’t help but wipe some of his warm ejaculate
off from her chest with her fingers, then reach down to rub
it over her clit while still perched there on her knees looking
up at him. As if he’d done this dozens of times before David
reached down and pulled her up to her feat, then pushed her
back on to the bed in front of him. She was mesmerized by his
young, hard, chiseled body, and the overwhelming amount
of testosterone coursing within him, and she was just now
realizing that she had lost complete control again for
a second time today, but this time she wasn’t alone. As she
closed her eyes and began masturbating frantically she
hoped he’d still be able to bury himself deep inside her.
She felt his hands slide up the back side of her thighs and
stop just behind her knees, then he pushed her legs all the
way back to her chest as he leaned down on top of her and his
massive manhood parted her wetness. What he lacked in technique
he easily made up for in size and effort, as within minutes
her first orgasm shook through her body with incredible
intensity. He kept going and going until finally she came
again, just as he let loose yet another unbelievably generous
quantity of his warm semen deep inside her. He twitched
above her momentarily, then pulled out his gargantuan
phallus and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Just as he hit the bed next to her, the magnitude of the sexually
deviant act she just instigated and participated in with
her best friends teenage son sank in. Her first clear thought
was to get up and run out of the room, but she quickly dismissed
that realizing that it may have even more negative ramifications.
“Don’t worry Mrs. Thomspon, I won’t say a word to anyone”
David gasped between breaths, as he abruptly interrupted
her panicked thought process. Before Laura could muster
an intelligent, thought-out response he added “Mr. Thompson
made it quite clear that if I kept my mouth shut and you were
satisfied, I’d likely be welcomed back.” Laura’s eyes
sprang wide open just as he asked “Were you satisfied Mrs.

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Wish Laura appears in my dreams!


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Now that was a story! Damn. Nicely written.


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Thx...chapter two coming soon.


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I have to say that this was one of th e most enjoyable stories
I have read in a long time, I am rather envious of David. Wish
I had that kind of initiation into the sexual world!


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Fantastic story! Way to write!


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Wow that was pussy is so wet