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Submission - the story of a modern day slave girl (excerpt)


‘Well what do you think. Should she be eaten or beaten.’
He called out to the room.

There were murmurs from all round the room. I grew even more
alarmed as I was unable to hear what the men were saying and
so unsure whether their comments were positive.

At last one voice called out:

‘Oh, eaten I should say. Definitely. Wouldn’t you.’

To my infinite relief, this time noises of what were clearly
approval rang round the room.

Alan removed his probing fingers from my arse and patting
me almost tenderly on the bum, said:

‘You can stop stepping now.’

Unseen hands helped me upright, and continued to support
me when I proved unable to stand unaided.

Millicent was standing in her customary place at the side
of the stage and Alan addressed her:

‘Take her away and serve her up on a plate.’

Millicent moved to take me from the hands holding me, and
supporting me by an arm round the waist, she led me from the
room. She led me to a small anteroom, where to my intense
relief, she loosened and freed me from the imprisoning
corset. As I recovered my breath, I realised just how uncomfortable
I had been bound within it.

I was still occupied in gulping in lungfuls of air, when
Millicent wheeled up a trolley behind me and beckoned to
me to climb on. It was about a metre and a half high and about
the same in length, so, once lying down flat on it, I could
not stretch my legs out. Millicent soon remedied this by
hooking the stiletto heels of my shoes in at each corner
so my legs were bend sharply at the knee and my heels were
almost on a level with my bottom.

Next Millicent pinioned my arms down to the sides of the
trolley, so I could not move or cover myself. Then she removed
the nipple rings I had been wearing all evening; since my
cunt ornament had been removed earlier, I was now naked
apart from my shoes and stockings. Finally, taking hold
of my knees she came a sharp downwards push to open them as
wide as possible so that I was presented gaping cunt first.

Satisfied with her presentation, Millicent then swung
open to door back into the main chamber and wheeled me in
served up on a plate, just as Alan had ordered.

Everybody in the room turned to look as I was wheeled in,
and kept their eyes fixed on me as Millicent pushed me over
to Alan.

Naturally, she pushed me up to him cunt first, and naturally
he took the opportunity to let his gaze linger over it before
looking up at me and smiling knowingly. As usual, he was
searching my face of even the slightest trace of embarrassment
or discomfort. I knew he relished the chance to exploit
any sign of feminine modesty, and would force the girl to
expose herself even more.

Although he did not seem to find anything in my face that
betrayed me, nonetheless, as a master of these situations,
he put in hand on the inside of my thigh and gently stroked
up the soft flesh almost to the mouth of my cunt. He knew the
usual instinctive reaction of a girl in such a situation
would be to close her legs and he was defying me to so much
as flinch.

Somehow I managed to remain absolutely still and impassive,
returning his steady gaze. At that he turned swiftly away,
and addressed the room:

‘Which of you gentlemen would like to get your teeth into
this first?’ He asked.

I heard a rustle of movement round the room and chairs scrapping
on the floor, as a number of the men got up to come over for
a closer look.

‘I’d be delighted to do the honours.’ I heard a voice say.

With that, one of the men stepped up and stood at the head
of the trolley, smiling as he looked down into my face. His
look was so intense that I was distracted from it only by
the sensation of something tickling me between the breasts.
I looked round to see that Millicent was pouring a stream
of the thickest, richest cream imaginable over my chest.
The deliciously velvety liquid spread out in the valley
between my high, proud breasts and slowly trickled down
over my throat and neck.

As I watched, Millicent moved the jug so that the thick
column of creamy liquid could play gently down on first
my right nipple and then my left. The sensation was sublime
and immediately my open pussy began to swell and warm at
the delectation. As if in answer to my respondings, Millicent
immediately moved to allow the cream to pour slowly and
gently down my belly, over my belly-button and down to the
mound of my pubis.

Because I was completely free of hair in this luxuriant
delta, the cream flowed without impediment and was free
to seek out every little dimple and fold of flesh. It quickly
pooled too, finding hollows between my now pouting lips
and in the lush, ready opening of my vagina. To add to my ecstasy,
a single trickle of cream found its sly way down between
the cleft of my buttocks to lightly anoint the tight, brown
ring of my anus.

I let my head fall back as I luxuriated in the delicious
sensation of being bathed in cream, but my chance to savour
this luxury to the maximum was interrupted by a hungry mouth
beginning to pay suit to my willing nipple. I looked up just
as the earlier volunteer was putting out his tongue to lap
at the irresistible little morsel of flesh, garnished
as it was with thick, sweet cream.

His first teasing attentions served only to send a jolt
of excitement through me; I instantly became hugely aroused,
my already erect nipples hardened still further as fierce
waves of desire coursed through my body. My tender clitoris
and open vulva were now truly on fire, burning hot and seeming
to radiate heat. My splayed legs prevented me from rubbing
my thighs together to stimulate myself that way, so I was
forced to seek what relief I could my flexing and squeezing
my internal muscles, knowing full well that this would
present a beautiful spectacle to the room of a panting,
longing cunt begging for attention.

My beau now brought his lips fully into play, slowly drawing
the whole of my nipple in between them to hold it firm. There
he held it prisoner to press and squeeze it as tight as he
could, determined to make sure he elicited the greatest
effect possible that way before employing his teeth. But
such was my state of excitement that I actually wished for
him to bite and nibble at the tormented little berry.

When at last he caught the aroused little mound of flesh
between his teeth, I gasped with barely suppressed longing.
His soft bitings became more systematic as he worked his
was methodically over the whole areola, by turns chewing
gently with the whole in his mouth and then foregoing such
a tempting mouthful to concentrate on only the very tip
in minute detail, almost as though he was seeking out the
individual nerve endings to stimulate each and every one
in turn to its maximum.

Having contented himself that he had paid his due to my
nipple, he proceeded to stretch his lips over as much of
my whole breast as he could, seeking to get as much as possible
into his mouth. My breast enhancement meant that my breasts
were not as yielding as natural tissue, but rather a full,
firm globe that slid about beneath his questing mouth.
Luckily the liberal smearing of cream my breast had received
acted as a lubricant, allowing him to suck and stimulate
the entire globe.

I lost all sense of time as he worked away satiating himself
on my warm, willing flesh. It was only after he raised himself
from his work, and I gazed up at his swollen, bruised lips
that I became aware of how red my whole breast had become
and that my nipple had grown sore. I thought he had finished,
but clearly I had underestimated my protagonist as he marched
round to the other side of the trolley to address himself
to twin of the orb he had just so thoroughly ravished.

This time he first used his hand to take hold of the whole
breast round the base. He squeezed and kneaded to test its
pliancy, squashing and flattening it between his spread
fingers; always stopping just at the point of roughness.
When he had tested my breast with his hands to his satisfaction,
he brought his wide-open mouth down over it and sought to
devour as much as he could in a single mouthful. By pushing
the mound of flesh up from underneath with both hands, he
fared far better than in his attempt on my other breast,
and gave every impression that he was going to succeed in
engulfing my whole breast.

So as not to let the work he had just done in stimulating
my other breast go to waste, he reached over my chest with
one hand and squeezed and stroked it, rolling the nipple
round between his finger. By now the breast in his mouth
had flushed hot and red under his powerful ministrations,
so both orbs were equally aflame, burning with the attentions
they were receiving and yet still ready for more.

I was wrapped up in the devotions lavished on my that I lost
all sense of time and place, so it was with a start that I realised
that my breasts had been forsaken and my expert attendant
had risen from his task. I opened my eyes as if from a dream,
and struggled to focus up on his face. I was unable to make
out any expression in the dim light. As I watched he moved
round to stand at the foot of the trolley, exactly between
my well-parted feet. By the little light there was I could
just make out as his eyes moved from my face down to my open
waiting pussy.

I closed my eyes anticipating that first scintillating
touch of his mouth on my mound. My desire was answered as
his hot, hungry lips joined with my flushed and waiting
nether lips for a long, lingering kiss. Slowly and expertly,
his tender mouth worked those pouting beauties. Bedewing
my ready parts with tender kisses the whole time, he slowly,
slowly worked his head round so that his lips were full on
to mine.

I could hardly contain myself and bucked against the restraints
holding me fast to the trolley as he started to insinuate
the very tips of his tongue between the soft folds of flesh.
I could not help myself and a moan involuntarily escaped

Expertly reading the level of my excitement from my writhings
and the heat of my loins, he took firm hold of my thighs with
his hands to steady me to his ministrations. I arched my
back to thrust my fiery pubis up towards him and he repaid
my urgent demands by seeking out and finding the tiny nub
of flesh that is the seat of female pleasure. Using his lips
to push back my clitoral hood, slowly be drew the engorged
little organ into his mouth to pay it the attention it so
desperately required.

Masterfully he played round the base, holding off directly
stimulating my clit to prolong my anticipation. Nearly
crazy with the thirst for relief, I moaned and gasped as
I twisted against my bindings.

Just when I though I would go mad with the suspense, my tormentor
became my deliverer, as with a single long, hard suck at
my near-bursting clitoris, he brought me to the crest of

My body writhed and shuddered beyond my control, almost
like I was a thing possessed. Harsh gasps escaped my throat
as I fought to catch my breath. My whole body dissolved in
wave upon wave of ecstasy rising up from my groin. I was aware
of nothing else but my gaping vulva, which seemed, at that
moment, to be the very core of my being.

I thought my orgasm would never end, but finally, as these
things must, it subsided to leave me spent and lifeless,
held in place on the trolley supporting me only by the bindings.

I was hardly aware of what happened over the next few hours.
Certainly more than one man took the opportunity to avail
himself of such a well-prepared pussy and slipped inside
me to take full advantage of a vagina at its most lubricous.
Normally I would have wished to savour the thrustings of
a male organ inside me to the maximum, and have willingly
entered into the game, but the orgasm I had experienced
earlier had drained all my strength, and I found myself
unable to respond much as I wanted to.



Later, much later, as I came back more to my senses I gradually
became aware that the evening’s entertainment in the room
was breaking up and the men dispersing. As the last of the
active ménages disengaged, Millicent came over and undid
the bindings that still held me positioned on the trolley.


Once she had freed me, she took a firm grasp on my upper arm
to prevent me falling as I rose to sit upright and swung my
legs down to the floor. Still shaky, I managed to ease myself
down and onto my feet, although I still needed to keep a tight
hold on the side of the trolley for fear of losing my balance.

I expected Millicent to continue to assist me back to the
sleeping chamber, but letting go of me her parting words

‘Come on. You’re not the only girl who’s been fucked here
this evening.’

With that she turned and walked off, leaving me unsure
how I was going to make it back to my bed.

I stumbled from the support of one piece of furniture to
the next as I made my unsteady way towards the door. I was
just doubting I would make it all the way back to the bedchamber,
when I felt a hand grasp me round the top of the arm. Thinking
Millicent had noticed my predicament and come back to help
me, I was surprised on turning round to see one of the other
girls. I vaguely recognised her as having her bed the other
side of our sleeping room from me, but I was sure we had never
exchanged a word.

‘You look like you could do with some help.’ She said with
a smile.

I was non-plussed. Up to that moment, I could not remember
hearing a friendly word from another girl in the house,
and now here was one of them smiling at me and offering help.
However, I was too exhausted to question her motives and
leant gratefully on her as she helped me from the room.

As we made our halting progress across the main hall and
towards our room, I caught sight of us both reflected in
the mirrored walls. My new friend had let go of my arm to place
an encircling arm round my waist to be able to assist me better;
with the other she supported me with a hand under the elbow.
Still I leant heavily on her and our hips swayed in unison
as our touching skin kept us walking in step. The picture
this presented was of two girls, one totally nude except
for her shoes and stockings while the other was still adorned
at cunt and nipple with the rings and medallions of the house,
moving in gentle undulation through the silent house.

At last we made it back to the sanctuary of our room. Some
of the other girls were in bed, and the lights in the room
were dimmed, the few girls still up and about murmured only
the occasional comment to one another in hushed tones.

I automatically moved to head over to my bed, presuming
that the kindness my companion had shown in helping me back
was as far as this sororial show of feeling was likely to
extend. But to my surprise, my assistance did not immediately
release me, instead she squeezed me lightly round the waist
to get me attention.

‘You need to wash before you go to bed, you’re still covered
in cream you know. Also, you’ll be a lot less sore down there
if you do.’ She said.

‘Thanks. But I really think I’ll just flop down on the bed.
I doubt I could manage to get myself in and out of the shower
to be honest.’ I replied.

‘Do you want me to help you?’ She asked, still holding me
firm round the waist.

I was completely taken aback: this was way more than friendliness
than I had seen even between those girls who had clearly
been in house for some considerable time.

‘Thanks.’ Was all I could manage by way of reply.

My new companion guided me towards the washroom. Fortunately
the lights when she turned them on were subdued. That and
the quiet of the room added a dreamlike quality to what was

Leading me over to a bench, she dropped me down onto it and
sat down beside me. Only then did she release her hold from
around my waist, and that was only to undo her sandals and
take off her stockings. Seeing that I had not made any move
the remove this flimsy clothing for myself, with a smile,
she reached down for my ankle. In the drowsy state I was in
it was as much as I could do not to topple over, and I had to
put both hands down flat on the bench to keep my balance.

My friend lifted my leg up onto her lap, and smiling into
my face the entire time, she unstrapped my sandal. Letting
it drop to the floor, she next gently laid her hand at my stocking
top. She seemed to hesitate there as if seeking a reaction
from me. When I registered nothing apart from the fact I
was about to fall asleep any minute, even in my sitting position,
with a soft caressing motion, she began to ease the stocking
down my leg.

Even in my soporific state, I noticed how she lingered
over this task, smoothing and stroking the skin of my leg
as she drew the garment off.

Gently placing that leg back on the floor, she reached
for my other leg. This time, although she was equally gentle,
she did not seem to be trying to provoke any particular response
in me.

Once we were both naked, my companion rose from the bench
and went over to the washbasins. There she took cleanser
and cotton wool from one of the cabinets and began removing
the heavy stage make up from her face,

As she stood with her back to me facing the mirror, I had
the chance to study her figure. Her shapely back and full,
round bottom were shown off to maximum advantage as she
bent slight over the sink towards the mirror. Her skin was
beautiful, almost iridescent in the soft light. Noticing
me looking at her in the mirror, she smiled at my reflection
and returned to her cleansing.

It was no easy task to get all that make off and so it was several
minutes before she returned to my side. She brought with
her the cleanser and clean cotton wool and gently began
cleaning my face. I was grateful for her attention, as it
was always a chore to take all that off at the end of an evening’s
performance, but then again, it was no pleasure to wake
up in the morning smeared in the stuff and have to get it off

These thoughts occupied me until she had finished her
task, and with a gentle pat on my cheek she told me I was done.


She rose to put the cleanser away and throw away the cotton
wool. Next she went over to the shower stall and turned on
the water, holding out her hand to test the temperature.
When she was satisfied that it was warm enough, she came
over to collect me.

‘Come on sleepy head.’ She almost laughed. ‘Let’s get you
washed and then you can go to bed.’

It was the sort of thing mothers say to their children and
said in the same tone of voice.

Still, her good humour did not seem to have deserted her
as she helped me to my feet again and steered me over to the

The first contact of water on my skin seemed to revive me
somewhat, and I turned myself to let the soothing spray
reach every centimetre of my body. I was so intent on the
delicious sense of wellbeing that the shower was eliciting
that I barely noticed that my companion had stepped into
the shower beside me.

‘Here. Let me soap you.’ She said.

And suiting action to the word, she poured some shower gel
into the palm of her hand and began to apply it to belly in
wide, smooth, circular motions. Quickly she transferred
her attention to my breast, looking deep into my eyes as
she did so. Her soft massage was a tonic after the manhandling
my breast had received earlier in the evening and I instinctively
pushed against her hand in response.

This seems to be the signal she was waiting for, and spreading
a little gel on the palm of her other hand, she started to
attend to my other breast in the same way. By now my nipples
had sprung to life and I made no effort to disguise my mounting
excitement. She in turn, increased the pressure of her
busy hands and began to tweak and pinch at my nipples, rolling
them between her fingers to test their hardness.

This was too much for me, and a gasp of pleasure escaped my
lips. Emboldened by my obvious excitement, my lovely attendant
moved one hand to slip it between my thighs.

As soon as her soft touch found my mound of Venus I shuddered
throughout my entire frame and pushed myself against her,
willing her to explore further. As if in answer to my unspoken
request, she gently parted the outer lips of my cunt to seek
out the source of pleasure. Using the grasp she still held
with one hand on my breast, she insinuated her fingers into
now hot and juicy folds of flesh.

My breathing came hard and fast as I lolled back against
the wall of the cubicle for support. Her gentle probings
had never been more than a caress, but no attention could
have been better suited to my enervated state, and I found
myself gliding effortlessly to a unsought orgasm. So ready
was I, that in fact, she had only to rub with the lightest
pressure at my impatient clitty for me to come immediately
in a soft, slow orgasm so unlike the violent climax provoked
in me by the much rougher treatment generally meted out
in the house.

I felt the warm, thick liquid proof of orgasm escape me,
and instinctively slighted parted my thighs and looked
down. My companion, sharing my sex, knew straightaway
what this gesture on my part meant, and moved her hand to
wash away all trace of our so recent activity from my now
spent parts. Moving her hand out into view, she rubbed her
fingers together to dispel the thick, clear liquid in the
stream of shower water.

I pushed myself upright up off the shower wall and turned
ready to leave the stall. However, I hesitated when I noticed
my companion made no move to accompany me or to turn the shower

Instead, smilingly she took hold of my wrist to turn my hand
palm up and poured a little gel into the centre. Wordlessly
she then moved my hand up to her own breast in an unmistakeable
message that I should repay her attentions in kind. I had
never engaged in any sort of Sapphic activity in the past,
but I found the whole situation so seductive that I did not
hesitate to do as I was bidden and laid my hand softly on her
full, round breast.

Beguiled by the softness of her skin, I rubbed and stroked
all round the lovely orb. Needless to say I did not miss the
opportunity to make a close comparison of her breasts to
mine, and found hers fuller and slightly heavier than mine,
so that, despite the facts that her breasts were also enhanced,
they had a slightly more natural appearance. Although
I had come to love the way my own breasts stood proud from
my chest in two perfect hemispheres, I could appreciate
the beauty of both forms and lovingly cupped her breasts
in both hands to savour the weight of them.

I hesitated to touch her pierced nipple as I was wary of causing
her any pain or injury. Sensing this, she moved her own hand
up to the tempting little morsel and demonstrated how to
turn the rings within the ruby flesh without causing any
damage. Uncertainly, I took over the task. At first I hardly
shift the ring at all, but gradually her easy smile gave
me confidence and I began twisting it with a little more

I could sense how pleasurable she found the motion of the
rings and I was anxious to provide her with the same enjoyment
that she had so willingly given me. My grip became firmer
and more assured as she tilted her head back in mounting
excitement. I was now completely absorbed in my task and
turned the ring steadily seeking to heighten her desire.
With having to be asked, I reached to grasp the nipple of
her other breast and began swivelling that in turn, so that
I was working both rings simultaneously.

The signs of her mounting joy were unmistakeable. Now it
was her turn to lean back against the shower wall and splay
her legs as her hungry cunt called for attention. I moved
my hand down to give her the relief she so desperately craved.

That first touch of my questing finger on her open cunt told
me she was on fire; the heat emanating from her swollen and
distended parts was so great that it was almost too hot to
touch. But curiosity and sense of wonder at the response
my fingers could produce urged me on. Slipping my hand down
to the mouth of her vagina, I applied just enough pressure
to insert my fingers between the lips of her cunt and deep
inside the central cleft.

Using my fingers to spread her puffy engorged lips, I trailed
my hand up the middle of that valley of pleasure until I reached
the small round rise that led to her clitoris. I slowed on
the very portal of her ecstasy as I had never done anything
like this before and I was temporarily concerned about
her piercing. But I knew I could not stop now: that would
be just plain cruel. I took a deep breath and moved my hand
up to lay my fingertips on the fiery protuberance.

Almost instantaneously a moan of rapture escaped her.
With more assurance than I felt, I sought out the ring that
adorned this most sensitive part of her. I moved my other
hand down to her hip to steady her, so that she would not hurt
herself in twisting against the hold I had on her clitoris.
Slowly, slowly I began to work the ring as I had learnt to
do with those at her breasts.

I looked into her face to gauge her reaction, and almost
immediately my devotions to her little clitty were repaid
with an expression of total wanton abandonment on her face.

It was clearly all she could do to brace herself against
the wall of the shower as overwhelmingly powerful tremors
of bliss ran through her. I had never experienced another
woman’s orgasm at such close quarters and I was enchanted.
Just as I judged she was cresting to the peak of ecstasy,
I plunged two fingers deep into her vagina and was rewarded
with a convulsion of pleasure so great I thought my fingers
were going to be trapped up there.

As her climax subsided, I slowly withdrew my fingers, undamming
a flood of female juices that bedewed my hand and the inside
of her thighs. Just as she had earlier, I rinsed off her satiated

As she slowly recovered herself, I turned off the shower.
Our roles had reversed so far, that I actually moved to help
her out the stall, but before I could do so, she stood up and,
facing me full on, closed in towards me. I recognised the
look of a lover moving in for a kiss, and closed my eyes and
tilted my head ready to meet her lips.

To my surprise and delight the first contact was our breasts;
our nipples rubbed against one another as we squashed our
full breasts together. Only when our breasts were pressed
hard together were our mouths able to meet in a kiss. The
first touch of her lips was softness itself. I responded
gently, not wishing to break the tender mood. Her lips became
more insistent and I opened mine slightly in response.

I expected her to slip her tongue between my parted lips,
but clearly this was intended as a goodnight kiss rather
than to re-inflame us. She pulled back and smiled at me tenderly.


‘My name’s Caroline.’ She said.

The sound of her voice almost made me start after our silent
ballet of mutual joy. With a final stroke of my hair, she
led me out the shower.

Silently we both found towels and dried ourselves off.
Caroline led the way back into the bedchamber, just as I
was on the verge of quitting the shower-room, an all but
inaudible mechanical whir made me stop in my tracks. I was
just about to dismiss the sound as my imagination, when
I remembered the two-way mirrors and video cameras that
lined every part of the house. We had been caught on camera.

I entered the bedroom in pensive mood, wondering if our
little episode was likely to have repercussions to see
Caroline standing over by my bed. I wondered if she had heard
the noise. I was so preoccupied that I hardly registered
when she climbed onto my bed and reached out to draw me down
to her. I lay down with my head on her shoulder and snuggled
into her neck.

‘Do you know we were filmed in there?’ I could not stop myself

‘Of course, silly. What would you expect?’ Was her smiling



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Pandora: WHERE do I find the full length novel? Chapters
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