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Study Break


Finally, after two months in Chicago, suffering the cold,
the snow and rain, and the harsh realities (and unrealities)
or graduate school at the University of Chicago, Joyce
was there. I hadn’t seen my fiancé since leaving Atlanta,
where she was still a year off from graduation in biology.
The time away had been harsh, as it always is for long-distance
relationships, and we’d had our fair share of fights and
almost break ups. The tension translated into a rough greeting,
followed by uneasy sightseeing and finally explosive
sex, after which things were fine.
I’d come out of the shower. I made my way past my roommate,
Stan’s door. He was inside, a tall and lanky Indian. Pampered
in the way that beautiful Indian first children so often
are. We didn’t get along so well any more, but periodically
we bonded over a sports game or in watching women. He was
working on a paper, so I slipped by the door and headed to
my room.
Joyce was still asleep, with the sheets and comforter
curled along the edge of her body, discreetly covering
anything R-rated, just the way they do on TV and that never
happens in real life, but somehow Joyce managed that. I
let my gaze linger from her feet, up the smooth brown skin
of her thighs to her hips. Her small and tight breasts beneath
the flannel and her arms curled against her cheek. She still
had a swimmer’s body. Right at that moment she looked adorable.
Her eyes were at ease. When she awoke I’d make fun of her by
squinting and telling her she had the advantage being Chinese.
She hated that.
I dried off, rubbing the towel roughly over myself. I liked
to wake up my skin. Joyce moved and as I looked over she was
watching me and smiling. “Good morning, ” I said. “Hey, ”
she replied. “Ready to get up?” I asked as I finished toweling
off. I cast the towel over my closet door and walked to the
bed. Joyce shook her head and buried her nose beneath the
sheets like a child.
I sat down and kissed her forehead, then sat back against
the headboard and played with her hair. She had an addictive
sent, and that freshly awakened heat. She wrapped her arm
across me and kissed my side. Her arm was so dark against
my almost albino paleness. Irish, Scottish, Dutch… all
the paleness in the world had gone into making me.
“Well, it’s Saturday, so I don’t have any classes, ” I
started. “Is there anything you’d like to do today?” She
made a noise that’s hard to qualify and asked what the choices
were. I ran off a prepared list of possible activities:
Art Institute, the Field Museum, there’d be bands that
night, but the day was actually gray (not surprising for
Chicago that time of year, still covered in snow and ice)
and uninviting. Joyce looked out the window and asked if
there was anything else. “Well, ” I drew out as my hand traced
the edge of her ear. “We could always stay in and annoy Stan.”
We both laughed a little. Joyce didn’t care too much for
Stan either, mostly because she knew his girlfriend back
in Atlanta and also knew from me that he’d already cheated
on her twice in the past two months.
She kissed my side again, the heat from her caressing my
own cooled skin. It sent tingles across me. She seemed to
take that in, and kissed me again, letting her tongue trace
a little ways along my side. I smiled and asked, “Does that
mean you do want to annoy Stan?” “Yes, ” she said as she turned
a bit more toward me, letting her breasts and stomach come
into contact with my exposed hip and leg. “I think he needs
to be annoyed… a lot.”
My hand moved down her hard back, and she kissed left my
side and moved to my chest. “Just because he’s pretty and
had it easy all his life is no excuse to be a jerk. He can stand
to be annoyed… and besides, I’m horny.” Joyce was very direct,
which was something I liked about her. She didn’t hide her
feelings and communicated more like a man (at least a stereotypical
man). On the problem side, she had no edit button in public.
She tended to approach sex like a man too ‒ direct and as often
as possible. Several times back in college she’d just unzipped
me and said, “I need your cock now, ” and dropped to her knees
to give me a blowjob. I think she liked to get me off balanced.
As I was sometimes more genteel, she used to joke about me
being her bitch, although she was actually the one who liked
being commanded. At least sometimes.
I put both hands to her back as she kissed, and licked my
left nipple. I was starting to bend over to her when she bit
me. “Ow!” She just smiled. “You little bitch, ” I joked.
“Nooooo, you’re my bitch, remember?” I shook my head. “Not
today. Today, I think you need a little disciplining. You’ve
been far too demanding lately.”
She aped a look of hurt and innocence. “Me? Whatever do
you mean? I just want what I want.”
“And what do you want now?”
She frowned and thought for a few seconds, then she said
very matter-o-factly, “This, ” and grabbed my rising
erection. She held it closed to the base and gave it two little
squeezes, to get me fully hard. Then she licked me underneath,
from the base of her fingers, to the tip of the glans, before
taking me half-way into her mouth. Despite her relative
lack of sexual experience, Joyce makes my head spin. She
worked up a rhythm of stroking the base of my cock with one
hand and gently squeezing my balls with the other, while
sucking me. She bobbed her head and swirled her tongue.
All I could do, all I could ever do, was groan and let her have
her way.
She worked me over for several minutes, getting faster
and harder, letting her underside hand sometimes explore
other parts of me ‒ stomach, chest, ass, legs ‒ bringing
me to the edge and then backing away. “Jesus, Joyce. I can’t
last much longer.” She moaned something I think was “good, ”
and worked harder. My balls tightened in her grip and I let
out a loud groaned as I unloaded my pent-up semen into her
mouth. Five spasms, and she continued to suck me throughout,
but wouldn’t swallow. When I was done, she crawled up my
torso, her lithe body hot form the blankets against my skin,
and kissed me on the mouth. My mouth filled with my own juices.
Our tongues entwined and I swallowed. Lovingly she looked
at me, “That’s my bitch.”
“Oh!” I pushed her away and rolled over to be on top of her.
“You are definitely getting cocky, young lady.” “I hope
so, ” she said, opening up her legs and letting me rest between
them. She was so very wet, and she rubbed her sex against
mine, which wasn’t quite soft yet. We kissed and gripped
each other tightly. I kissed my way down to her small, but
wonderful and sensitive breasts and began to suck and chew.
She arched her back and pulled me against her while moaning.

The music form Stan’s room grew louder and we stopped and
looked at each other before laughing. “Mission accomplished,
I guess, ” I said. “Yeah, I think he’s annoyed, poor thing.”
I went back to working on her breasts and let my hands run
down her body to her small hips and taunt ass. The muscles
were firm under her silky skin, years of swimming had permanently
conditioned her. Her wet cunt was rubbing above my pelvis,
rhythmically as she stimulated her clit against me. “Josh, ”
she said, “I need some serious deep-dicking.” I think she
tried to make things difficult for me, trying to make me
laugh at the sheer cheesiness of her words.
Unfortunately, having just come a moment before, I wasn’t
quite up to it. “How about some other attention?” I asked
and kissed her stomach. I tongued her naval the way I was
preparing to do to her pussy. “Oh, I want cock. Common lover,
get it together and fuck me.”
I stopped and quickly moved back up to kiss her lips hard.
“You are really pushing it. That’s it, I think you need to
be taught a lesson.” I got out of bed and went to the closet.

“Are you angry, baby? Am I too demanding?” she coyed.
“Yes, ” I replied, although I wasn’t angry in the slightest.
I found the cuffs she’d bought me as joke for my birthday,
and which we’d never used. She’d told me that as part of my
present I could tie her up and do anything, anything, I wanted
to her for a day. “I’ll be your slave, but you have to be nice
to your slave, darling.”
I pulled them out and showed them to her, and her eyes widened.
“I think it’s time we put these to use.” She didn’t respond,
but threw off the covers and scooted down to the middle of
the bed. She put up her arms to the headboard and crossed
her lovely legs, and smiled. I loved her legs. I loved her
body, but would have put her entire leg in my mouth and sucked
on it if I could. I was a little surprised at how easy she was
being about this, but then it was her gift, so I suppose she’d
thought about it before.
I went over to the bed and attached the leather cuffs to
the bed and then to her wrists, tightening them so that she
was held down to the bed with opened arms, with just enough
play in the straps to let her remain comfortable. Then I
did the same with her legs, uncrossing them and playing
along he thighs while I did so. I looked at her, spread before
me, tied to the bed and wriggling a little in mock protest.
She was pouting in a very sexy way and looking at me. The straps
held her down but she could raise her arms and legs about
a foot. That was enough to accommodate me, or for me to turn
her over if I wanted, which was exactly what I wanted. Part
of her enjoyment of this, I’d guessed, was her surrendered
to my power, and her mock protesting and pulling on the straps
seemed to confirm this for me.
I moved my hand over her casually. Nails lightly scrapping
their way from her thigh to her stomach, along her ribs,
and around the side of her breast. Then I reached over and
tweaked her nipple, getting her to take in a rush of breath.
“No fair, ” she said. I smiled, and pushed at her side a bit
until she turned pat way over. Then I quickly slapped her
ass making a loud noise and catching her off guard. “Oh!”
“Quiet, ” I said sternly. I was going to play this out.
“You’re being punished. It’s not supposed to be fair.”
She looked up at me, uncertain for a second, but then melting
into a loving look. She smiled and said, “Yes master.”
“That’s better, ” I smiled back and kissed her gently.
As I pulled back though, I lightly bit her lower lip. Her
lips were so full and soft, they could envelop my own, and
the felt wonderful over my body.
I stood and looked at my captive. All I could think of was
how lucky I was, and watching her wriggle I began to harden
again. I started to come back to her, but then thought about
something else. As long as I was playing this game, I might
as well do it right. I went to the dresser and pulled out a
bandana. I flipped it end to end and then took it to Joyce.
I straddled her, her nipples hard and poking my buttocks,
my hardening cock at her neck. “Now then, let’s get this
in place, ” I said as I put the makeshift blindfold over
her eyes and nose. I covered as much as I could to stop her
from seeing, and tied it behind her head. “We’ll leave your
mouth uncovered. We may need that.”
“What for?” she asked and I raised myself up from her chest.
Before she could finish her question I stuffed her mouth
full of my dick. She muffled something. “Not for talking, ”
I said. She sucked hard and hungrily, getting into he scenario.
I pushed into her mouth until she started to gag and then
pulled back just a bit. I let her suck me until I was good and
hard. Then I withdrew.
She kept her lips parted, her tongue showing pink. Her
elbows and knees were both raised slightly, arching her
back. I looked carefully to make sure she couldn’t see.
When I was satisfied that she couldn’t, I dismounted her
and stood by the foot of the bed. I left her to cool in the air,
wondering what was coming next. Then I leaned over her left
breast and breathed out, letting the heat form my breath
warm her, then blew to cool her more. Her nipple hardened.
I stood back again. “I’d play cat and mouse a bit, ” I thought.
She pulled a bit more on her cords, testing the strength.
They wouldn’t give. I leaned over again, this time to place
my mouth half and inch before her wet pussy. It smelled sweet,
and I knew it would taste even sweeter. I let my tongue, and
only my tongue, trace up form the entrance to her vagina,
along he lips, up to he clit. “Oh yes!” she said. She did taste
I did the same to her other lip, then put my tongue into her.
“Oh!” I licked deep and long, until I pressed up against
the underside of her clit. I held it, then flicked quickly.
“Yes, yes!” I pulled it into my mouth and sucked, then circled
it with my tongue. I heard the music in Stan’s room get even
louder. “Poor thing, ” Joyce said.
I pulled up her bottom, straining her straps and smacked
her hard. “You are not allowed to say anything unless I let
you, do you understand?” “Oh! Yes master.” She bit her lip
a bit, as that last smack had actually hurt. I felt a bit sorry
at that. I didn’t like hurting her and had gotten a little
carried away.
We were silent and still for a moment before Joyce braved
to ask, “Master, will you please fuck me now?”
“You think you deserve it?” I asked back. “I’m not sure
you do.”
“Oh please master, please let me have your cock inside
me. I need it.” And she writhed a bit.
“No, ” I said at last. I’ll fuck you when I’m ready, until
then I’m going to let you sit here.”
“What?” The play was out of her voice. She was seriously
puzzled. I leaned close to her ear and licked the outside
edge. “Don’t question me, bitch.” And I bit her lobe, but
was careful not to hurt her this time. Then I pulled on some
jeans and a shirt and walked out of the room, careful to close
the door behind me. I laughed silently and sat down to watch
Over the course of the next half hour I would watch TV and
then periodically go back inside the room. She was getting
cold, and her skin was goose-pimpled. I would silently
walk up to her and suck on a nipple, or her clit, or lick my
way up her leg. She’d moan and I’d stop and leave again. As
long as she’d remain silent I’d stay, but she couldn’t take
much, and the more frustrated she was becoming the harder
it got for her to stay silent. I noticed that even though
she was frustrated and a bit cold, she was even wetter than
before and her breathing was faster.
After one of my visits, watching her - my lovely fiancé
- luscious in her captivity, I had a peculiar notion. I watched
her, I felt my desire and hers too, and I heard the music loud
form the next room. It’s difficult now to find an explanation
for my thoughts. Partly I suppose it was the role of exerting
power over her to give her pleasure. Perhaps I’d been thinking
a bit too much over her use of the word “pretty” when she described
him, and perhaps I’d been thinking too much over her positive
reaction to this game and to our porn watching session the
other night. “You like watching this?” I’d asked during
a threesome scene. “Oh yeah, “ she’d said and she stroked
my cock through my pants. “It’s hot watching other people
get it on like this (“get it on?” Who talks like that?). It
makes me want you so badly though.” And she’d descended
over me. We’d fucked that night to the sounds of the porn
tape. Poor Stan.
Poor Stan. She’d said that several times today. Neither
of us really liked Stan, but in a way that might have made
my choice easier. No sympathetic feelings getting in the
way. Mostly I suppose, I was just so turned on that real life
and the porn fantasies had merged in my perspective. I made
up my mind, such as it was, and left the room again. This time,
I purposefully left the door to my room open.
I walked down the hall and around the corner of the kitchen
to find Stan in his room. He wasn’t working on his paper any
more, just reading a book in bed. I noticed with a smile that
his head was resting against the wall that separated our
rooms, which meant that he’d heard us for sure. Despite
his turning up the music, I figured now that he’d wanted
to hear us. Also, he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts despite
the cold, and I could see he was at least partially hard.
Stan was a good 6 feet, two inches taller me, and lanky and
muscled like me. His bulge seemed big. I’m almost 8 inches
and decently thick. Stan, while not fully aroused, seemed
like he might be about the same. For the first time since
knowing him, I wanted to know just how he compared. I wanted,
in my excitement, so know a lot of things I wouldn’t otherwise
have wanted.
“Hey Stan.” He looked up and said “hey” back. “How’s the
paper?” I asked. I didn’t want to rush into this. “I finished
the first draft and I’ll get the revisions done soon.”
I nodded. “Hey, listen, I’m sorry about the noise. It’s
rude I know, but, well, you know….” And I motioned to the
wall and raised my eyebrows a bit.
He smiled. He was pretty. White smile, strong face and
jaw. He had charm of a sort, which is probably why he got the
women he did. I’d thought it odd at first. He’s Indian, and
therefore not really the ideal look for being in Chicago.
But women responded well to him until they found out later
that he was sort of a jerk and just after conquests. “This
would mean nothing to him, ” I thought. “Good.”
“Hey man, ” he said. “I don’t blame you. I’d be doing the
same thing if I were you. She’s beautiful.” He stretched
out the last word and gave a little agreeing nod to his head.

“Yeah, she is that, ” I agreed. I knew this conversation
was a bit lame, but I wasn’t experienced in raising this
issue. I had a strategy in mind, but frankly I was nervous
as hell as to how he would respond, or how Joyce would, or
hell, even how I would. This was all a fantasy of mine right
now, and it might be better left that way. But somehow I thought
that Joyce would like it, after her initial shock, if I were
a part of it. And Stan, well, Stan would definitely like
I continued, “She’s probably the hottest girl I know.
I’m lucky.”
“Yeah, I’ll say. She’s fine man.” He put the book down and
put his arms on his knees. “No offense, but I couldn’t help
staring a bit when she got here, “ and he pursed his lips as
if to whistle.
I laughed a little. “Thanks, I know. And you’ve only seen
her with her clothes on.” And I smiled bigger.
Now Stan laughed. “You’re definitely lucky. I mean I’ve
gotten some play here while you didn’t, but I’d definitely
pay to see that.” That caught me up and thinking of something
I hadn’t before. “Would you?” I asked.
“Oh yeah, ” he said. He said it quickly, not thinking it
seriously. I puzzled at him a bit, then said, “How much?”
There. It was out there. We looked at each other as he gauged
the situation. Finally he said, “how about next months’
rent?” We stared again. Finally I said, “OK.”
He smiled and started to get up. “First, ” I said, “you
have to obey my ground rules, and if you break them I’ll make
your life hell Stan. I can do it, I’ll tell Tajal (his girlfriend)
about your flings, so listen up.” He was taken aback by that,
but he listened. “Right at this moment Joyce is in my room.
She’s naked and she’s tied to the bed and blindfolded.”
I let that sink in, and yes, I saw his cock twitch a bit and
his eyes grow wider. “I’ll lead you in and you can look from
the doorway, but under no circumstances can you say a word,
got it?” He nodded.
I walked back to the room and he followed me. When we got
to the doorway I waited and stepped to the side so he could
see her. His eyes almost popped out and his smile grew bright
as he looked at her. He looked at me and mouthed “Dude!” silently.
I walked into the room and he followed again, until I held
up my hand. He stopped where he was and watched.
As I’d been doing all along, I touched her and got her to
moan, but this time I was playing to an audience. I kneaded
her breast, but displayed them too. I sucked her nipple
and ran a finger into her cunt. It was still soaking! I put
the finger to her lips and she moaned and took it in like it
was my cock. I pulled it out and walked back to Stan, and led
him out. This time, I closed the door.
“What did you think?” I asked. “God damn, she’s hot, ”
Stan answered. “She’s incredible, ” and I could see now
his cock straining his shorts. Now hard, it looked like
it might be longer than mine, but slimmer.
“Do you want to see more?” I asked. “Oh yeah, ” I got back.
“Do you want to touch her?” He was silent, then smiled the
broadest yet, and said he did. “OK, you can, but again, I’ve
got some rules.”
I explained my rules that I’d worked out on the walk out
here: 1. again, under no circumstances could he speak,
not even a noise. 2. he couldn’t untie her or unblindfold
her. 3. he could never, never, let her know this or make a
comment to lead her to suspicion. 4. He had to be “nice” and
not do anything unkind. Aside from that, the field was pretty
much open. He could touch her with his hands anywhere he
wanted. He could kiss her anywhere except the mouth. Her
other lips were open to him. I even went a little further
as I got excited and told him he could touch her with is dick
(I wanted to see it now), but that he couldn’t fuck her without
a condom, and he couldn’t come inside her without it. “You
can put it in her mouth, but if you’re going to come you have
to pull out, got it?” He nodded to everything. He was so eager,
and so was I!
“Also, ” I added before I let him enter, “I’m present for
everything. I’m not sure yet if I’ll participate, I’ll
have to see how I feel, ” I said revealing for the first time
that I wasn’t any more sure about this than he was. He agreed
and so, opening a new part of mine and Joyce’s lives, I opened
the door.
Stan followed me into the room and I put my finger to my lips
just to reinforce my rule on silence. Then I stood to the
side, against the dresser, and with my heart beating faster
than ever, held up my hand to offer him my girl. My girl. My
girl. I was still fluttering with doubts about this, but
it was far too late to back out now. I had to count on Stan not
wanting to get into trouble himself and on Joyce’s willingness
to do this. I’d had hints before, but nothing too outspoken.

Stan stood still. He was looking, almost drooling, at
Joyce’s body. She was perfect. Breasts just big enough
for your hand, sweet and smooth skin, toned muscles and
swayed hips. She was tall for an Asian, and the hips weren’t
too common either, although they weren’t too curved. Overall
she was slim and spectacular. Her bush was neatly shaped
into a thin strip which she told me was natural (I have no
idea if that’s true) and which was currently very wet. She’s
heard my entrance and so was lightly writhing against the
straps. She’d been tied up for a while now, but she showed
no signs of discomfort or aggravation. In fact, she seemed
to be more into it than ever.
Stan looked once more at me as if to get a final approval.
I nodded, and he slowly walked over to the side of the bed,
near Joyce’s right side. He touched that side, hesitantly.
He put his hand on her hip, and squeezed a little. I couldn’t
analyze all the emotions I was feeling seeing my fiancé
naked and felt by someone else, but one thing was certain,
and that was hor turned on I was.
He dragged his hand across her belly and up over her left
breast. This he kneaded a bit and then pinched her nipple.
Joyce gave a loud hiss of breath and arched her back slightly.
Stan looked even more appreciative. He moved his hand downward
to her legs and hen inside her thighs to caress her cunt.
He seemed a bit rough about pushing his fingers inside her,
but Joyce seemed to take it all with pleasure. I don’t think
she knew yet that it wasn’t me. No doubt she thought I was
still playing the domination game.
Just as I had done, he took out his fingers and put them unto
her full lips. She licked them clean. Then, standing away
but never removing his eyes, Stan pulled off his shirt.
He was well toned himself ‒ wiry and strong, as was I, but
was taller and looked lankier because of it. Then he pulled
down his shorts. His cock, slimmer but maybe and inch longer
than my own, popped straight out. It was dark, darker than
the rest of his body which was a bit duskier than Joyce’s.
And the head was large. It almost seemed half again as wide
as the shaft. I liked the look of it and wondered what Joyce
would think.
He stooped and placed that head on her thigh, then ran it
up and down. I could barely see Joyce’s face through he bandana,
but she seemed to be smiling. Then he moved up and ran his
cock head across her right nipple, which was now very hard.
Finally, and far too long for my tastes, he placed it at her
He touched barely the tip of it to her lower lip and waited.
He didn’t have long to wait before Joyce opened them. Her
tongue curled out along the underside of the head and her
lips wrapped around it. I saw her face squint and she later
told me that the feel and taste were different and she was
wondering what I’d done to it. But that didn’t stop her from
sucking him off. She kept in just the head and swirled her
tongue around it and it was all Stan could do to not cry out.
He later told me it was the best blowjob he’d ever gotten.
His hands rested on his taut ass, and he closed his eyes
enjoying her talent. After a few seconds that seemed like
hours, he began to thrust slightly and Joyce opened wider
to accommodate him. When she had about 4 inches inside her
mouth she made a startled noise and pulled off of him. The
deception game was over and now I was paniced at how she would
I spoke up, “Don’t worry babe, I’m right here.” I moved
up and patted her leg. She didn’t move. “Just enjoy it. Relax.”
And I waited. After another few seconds she turned her head
again and opened her mouth wide. Stan, as relieved as I was,
moved back into place and she took him in well past 6 inches.

Stan was in heaven and I had to put my fingers to my lips again
to let him know the rules were still in effect. Joyce, now
that she knew what was happening, was sucking him hungrily.
She put on a display, her whole body yearning for his cock.
She moaned as she sucked him in and pulled on the straps.
She sucked hard up to the tip, then moved underneath to lick
the base. I point down slightly and so have to hold my cock
up for her to do this, but Stan pointed straight out, so she
tongued the base, then moved further to lick and suck his
Stan wanted so much to make a noise while she sucked his
balls, but to his credit he obeyed the rules. She played
with his balls then went back to work on his cock. This time
she managed to get almost all of him into her mouth and work
back to the tip. She can sometimes deep throat me, but Stan
would be harder. Instead she worked on the first 4 inches
or so. Stan grabbed her breast again and pinched her nipple
causing her to moan around his manhood.
He looked back at me and smiled and I smiled back. They looked
incredable. I always loved to see Joyce’s full lips envelope
my own cock, but the sight of her lusting after another man’s
member was far more arousing than I’d thought it would be.
Stan let go of her breast and pointed to her lightly furred
pussy and raised his eyebrows. I pointed at the nightstand
beside him. Reaching into the top drawer he pulled out a
Half heartedly he pulled out of her mouth. Joyce strained
to get it back and whimpered a little. “I’m not done with
that, ” she pouted. “Bring it back.” I laughed a bit and
told her to hang on, that she’d get more, but that our friend
wanted variety. Stan wasn’t paying any attention to our
banter. He was slipping the condom aound his long shaft
and moving to the foot of the bed.
Joyce, still pouting, said, “But I want more. Give me yours
Well, why not make it a true threesome? I moved around behind
Stan and took the place he’d just been. I stripped off my
clothes on the way. By the time I was naked I looked to see
Stan climb up on the bed, between Joyce’s legs. He knees
were slightly bent, and he leaned in to put his mouth around
her dripping cunt. “Oh, ” she moaned. His hands gripped
her ass as she started to buck her hips in time with his tongue
at her clit.
I stepped up and brushed the head of my cock to her lips,
which instantly opened to take me in. I kept thinking about
how they’d looked wrapped around my roommate’s dick a few
seconds earlier.
She was bucking pretty hard, close to orgasm, when Stan
stopped and hooking his arms under her knees, shuffled
forward to put his cock at her entrance. She was so wet he
just pushed in all at once up to the hilt. Joyce’s sucking
stopped momentarily as 9 inches of another man’s cock filled
her. She moaned around it, then started again.
Stan wasn’t gentle. He pounded into her, making her cry
out with each thrust. He’d bring his slender prick almost
out then shove it back in with a loud slap. Her noises were
muffled by my cock, which she continued to work with lusty
skill. Shortly thereafter, she began to rock with a powerful
orgasm. She kept my dick in her mouth, but was screaming
with each move Stan made. Sweaty and strained, Stan threw
up his head and contorted his face as he came inside my fiancé.
He pulled out, his dick semi-soft, and rolled off the condom.
Joyce surprised me then by letting go of me and saying, “oh
god, bring that thing up here.” Stan looked at me questioningly
and I nodded and stepped aside. He passed close by. I could
feel the heat from his body, smell the sweat, fresh from
fucking my girl, our girl for now. She stretched as far as
her bonds would allow in order to suck his cum-soaked dick.
She buried her face into his crinkly pubes and sucked him
Then, spent and a little dizzy, Stan grabbed his clothes
and with a final smile to me, walked out of the room. I stood
still for a few minutes and contemplated the whole thing.
Then, still being hard, I turned Joyce over onto her stomach.
I mounted her and pushed into her wet cunt. I fucked her as
hard as Stan just had until I climaxed, followed shortly
by her as I flicked my finger across her clit.
I crawled beside her. I reached over and undid the straps
that held her legs, then her arms. Joyce just lay there,
unmoving in the same position. I pulled at the knot that
held her blindfold, and as I pulled it away, I saw her contented
face looking back at me. She managed to raise onto her arms,
and lean in to kiss me. As our tongues entwined I could taste
the cum she’d licked from Stan’s spent cock. “Whoever that
was, you need to thank him, ” she said. “Don’t worry, ”
I replied. “I think you just did.”

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Great way of telling it, I liked it