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Strings Chapter 3: Nests


I had two office affairs, Joanna and Jo, both during my time
at British Airways. Not together, that would have been

Jo was first and lasted during a week long business trip
to Beijing. We sat together on the long flight chatting
about office gossip and our lives. Cockney Jo was bright,
a first class honours graduate, petite, pretty with a broad
sparkling smile. She was in the middle of breaking up with
a long standing boyfriend, an engineer. In recent months
during his own business trips abroad she had done some wandering
herself and was enjoying a sustained period of ladettism.

She later confided that she had picked up nine lovers in
eight weeks. She was amazed ‘It was so easy.’ How little
she really knew men I thought.

She showed me photos of her friends, mostly girls on London
night’s out, and I shared photos of my kids. One with me
in the swimming pool with my daughter drew my comment, ‘And
me looking a bit portly.’

‘I quite like portly’ she said.

Aye aye, I thought, maybe she understood men really well.

The working days were long as we prepared for the aviation
conference that we were hosting, and that I had set up. There
were six of us from the company and in the evenings we would
relax in a Chinese facsimile of a British pub. Late the second
evening we walked back to our rooms together and I invited
her into my room for a nightcap.

Pretty soon we were stretched alongside each other on the
bed. We kissed passionately and caressed each other freely,
and then she responded to being held down. I put an airline
blindfold over her eyes and the sub in Jo was let loose.

She loved it as I improvised with my ties and bound her wrists
together. I slowly undressed her, and when lifting her
skirt and parting her legs I gently kissed her panties over
her mound of venus. She let out a long groan.

Jo got the full cunnilingual treatment, we had good condom
sex (nine men in eight weeks ensured that), and her bright
broad smile received a complimentary sprinkling of pearly
white OG juice.

Two days later she invited me to her room. But she was no longer
smiling, upset as boyfriend had finally ended their relationship
by email that day. Weeping she sat astride me as I sat on the
edge of the bed and amidst her tears we kissed, fondled,
disrobed and fucked.

We had a few more nights together and only once let our guard
down in front of our rumour monger prone colleagues. We
were seated at a table in the hotel pub and Jo had to squeeze
past three of us to take her seat in the corner next to me,
as she steadied herself to get past me she laid a hand high
and firmly on my thigh.

‘I saw that, ’ said the guy to my right.

That’ll do the rounds back at HQ I thought.

That and Joanna.

Joanna was new to the company, ginger, usually with a long
pony tail, had a very pretty freckly face, and a tall hour
glass figure. I had a trip coming up to Manila and the airlines
there were interested in her product.

As we discussed the possibility of the trip this confident,
vivacious public schooled young woman looked me in the
eye and said, ‘I want to go to the Philippines with you.’

The first night in the Peninsula hotel she wanted to swim
in the outdoor pool, I said I would join her but only after
my run, (I was training seriously back then). I did my four
mile run on the treadmill, the gym was on the ground floor,
with large windows. It was a good hard sweaty session, I
was focussed on the seven minutes a mile pace I wanted, and
didn’t realise she was watching me from the pool just

After the run I showered and went to join her in the pool,
she looked very attractive ivory white skin contrasted
with her black bikini, but had finished her exercise for
the evening. She did compliment my running but I had missed

The next night was different, we went for a meal in the Makati
district and then drinks in the Giraffe bar. Initially
we talked about the business as she was new and enthusiastic,
and then about our contrasting backgrounds. My secondary
modern and polytechnic education and her Sherbourne School
for Girls and Oxford. My ex was a teacher and her fiancée
a professional opera singer.

I wondered what she was doing flirting with me when she was
engaged, especially towards the end of the evening when
the conversation turned to sex.

We walked arm in arm back to the Peninsula and then the nightcap
routine up to my room. The kissing led to undressing, she
wore men’s briefs, ‘more comfortable, ’ she said.
I hoped they weren’t the opera singer’s.

I went down on the ginger minge and she came hard. During
the build up this very pretty woman’s face contorted
into the most agonised cummy face I’d ever seen. We fucked
missionary style for a while and eventually I rolled off

I had expected her to stay the night and we could couple up
again in the morning, but perhaps Opera Singer seven hours
behind us in London might call and she said she was leaving
for her own room.

As she stood up to dress I said, ‘May I ask you a favour?’

She agreed.

‘May I cum?’

‘Of course’ she said, ‘tit for tat and all that, after
all I am a Sherborne girl.’

She massaged, with a bit of mouthing of OG’s head until
I came. Sperm shot into her mouth and she let it drool over
my genitals.

Dirty posh totty I thought.

Back at the office Jo and Joanna continued to be friendly
in my presence, Jo even a little flustered sometimes. Others
noticed too. Joanna was a little more guarded, and her wedding
went through only a month after our tit for tat encounter.
I figured I was her last fling before she took her marriage
vows and she didn’t want to encourage me or reveal anything
to anyone else, but our friendship was still noticed and
our conversations became awkward.

The discomfort of the office rumour mill had flared briefly
after both flings, something I didn’t want again. Work
colleagues should be off limits.

A couple of years later after my Kerry experience I added
neighbours and friends to the no go list. Don’t shit in
your own nest was my conclusion.

So how would I solve the problem of no regular sex?

A possible solution came to me as I was driving on an unusually
uncongested M25 one afternoon, (as my fledgling business
slowly picked up I spent more of my time on that motorway
than in the gym), I switched away from listening to my habitual
Talksport radio station to BBC4. There was a discussion
programme about dating websites. Most of it was about the
psychology of youngsters exploring romance and relationships
with the opposite sex for the first time through the online
environment rather than my real world experience of turgid
school Christmas parties.

But there was also an aside about mature people searching
for purely sexual relationships outside of their stable
if boring home lives. The name of one site was The Affair.
Perhaps that was what I was looking for?

The next day when working in my home office my mind wandered
back to this new possibility. I googled and found the website,
read through it’s over hyped claims supported by improbably
good looking models and decided to join.

It was expensive; at that time you enrolled for free and
paid for tokens which you used to send and receive messages
and other services.

This well-heeled customer base displayed monikers like
JenniferP, LittleTeaser, lovetoloveyou and Uptowngirl.
I scrolled through women within my target age group: my
age plus or minus five years. Intermittently over the next
few weeks many carefully crafted messages went out. No
replies received and nobody even visited my profile.

I reworked my description to sound more adventurous; in
reality it should have been in the past tense, successful
- definitely past tense, and erudite, - or wordy. I still
got nowhere and considered dropping the exercise as a slightly
pricey, utterly fruitless disappointment, but as a final
desultory gesture I sent off a few uninspired speculative
messages with the last of my tokens. A few days later a message
alert came through that I had received a reply, but of course
I would have to buy another batch of tokens to be able to open
and read it.

I dallied at the wisdom of it, but noticed that the messenger
had actually visited my profile a couple of times. A couple
of days later I purchased the tokens and opened the message
from my unexpected admirer, Claudia.

She was my age, lived only a half an hour’s drive away and
was deeply unhappily married. Her message and profile
were brief and there was no photo, but hey, I had someone
to dilly dally with.

Three exchanges of messages later and we had swapped personal
emails and photos. We also swapped mobile phone numbers
and chatted a few times. She was a freelance writer for women’s
romantic publications, and planning a trip to Seoul in
South Korea. I showed off my knowledge of the place and it
was all very grown up and sensible conversation. She was
slim, attractive, well heeled, worldly and creative.
More importantly she wanted a new lover. She asked me for
a photo of Old Glory, and this was when OG received his name.
So I agreed to show her mine if she showed me hers and sent
her one of OG placid and flaccid and another fully aroused.
In return I got some lovely compliments and the photo of
her hairy beaver.

We first met on a blustery day at All Bar One at the base of
the newly opened Shard building next to London Bridge station.
She arrived fifteen minutes after me, in flapping floppy
hat and long coat.

She was charming, intelligent and artistic. We got on well
and agreed to meet again a few weeks later, also in London.
I had a meeting in the City that morning with a prospective
new client, to add to two existing clients, my original
airline focused Aussies and some Americans selling similar
services to hotel chains. We spent the afternoon strolling
around like a couple, enjoyed an Italian dinner and watched
a Johnny Depp spooky comedy movie in a deserted cinema.
I did touch her corduroy clad thigh but other than that all
I received was a kiss on the cheek. She was pretty, slim,
funny, quirky and a bit posh. She also hated her husband;
his business had failed and she bemoaned their loss of money,
made more humiliating because her circle of friends were
incredibly wealthy.

It was our fourth meeting when she was ready. I had booked
a hotel and we met in the lobby bar. After half an hour of nervous
chat we went to our room. Once inside we stood at the garden
window, at first I stood behind and held her waist, and she
made the first sexual move when she gently squeezed thickening
OG through my trousers. I turned her around and we kissed
for the first time. We moved away from the window as I undressed
her and soon we lay on the bed naked and continued kissing.
When I first touched her ‘Mindy’ with my fingers, she
orgasmed really quickly and then burst into tears. It had
been a long time, she explained.

We met quite a few times after that mostly in motels and a
couple of times in a large grim shoddy place we called Hotel
Darko. Otherwise weather permitting it was picnics in
the woods or a secluded car park. Penetrative sex was rare
and condom only but Claudia loved it when I went down on Mindy,
climaxing within ten minutes: exquisite she called it.
Unlike other women she didn’t moan but made cute little
‘cumsqueeks’, and neither did she clamp her legs together
and thrust at my face, but instead would keep herself spread
wide open, squeaking away whilst I continued tonguing,
and she would cum again ten minutes later. I could get her
off three times in half an hour if I applied myself, which
mostly meant getting my back and neck in a comfortable straight
position. In return she usually gave me a ten minute handjob
with liberal smears of baby oil which at the end would smoothly
mix with my sperm as she massaged by balls and cock. Very
nice it was, even if it was over a bit too quickly.

Once in the woods under dappled light from a hot sun we had
a really pleasant experience, partly because of the setting
and partly because it was one of the few times she used her
mouth on me. My orgasm took her by surprise and she instinctively
pulled away: clearly and disappointingly this woman didn’t
have a liking for sperm.

Playing al fresco was enjoyable only until the time we were
‘parking’ and mistaken for exhibitionists when a
dogger came up to the car window to watch. Claudia particularly
lost her outdoor nerves after that and it was back to Hotel

I was now keen to explore the site for a more fulfilling affair
and over a few weeks I intermittently searched and eventually
found and met Carol. She was a university lecturer, was
starting new research for a PhD and had already published
a book on her subject. I thought how strange to meet another
writer, I had never met one before and then two come along
all at once.

She was also another unhappy wife and we met a few times in
various Hertfordshire hotels. She was similar to Claudia:
strictly condoms only, she loved to receive oral, especially
rimming, and especially when sitting on my face. She would
push down on me and gasp as I tongued. She had a good figure,
large in an almost Amazonian way so the grinding on my face
was heavy going at times. Another similarity with Claudia
was that she also preferred to use her hands to bring me off.
As a lover of blowjobs and facials, and racier sex in general
I had not yet found the right woman. Anyway eventually she
and hubby separated and she no longer wanted a fuckbuddy.
She wanted romance and I was history, well in that department,
we became pen friends as she continued to email me from time
to time.

The Affair and similar sites such as Forbidden Liaisons
and Adult Encounters mostly cater for cheating spouses.
They are all relatively expensive. The women that I corresponded
with on the sites were genuine, lonely unloved wives, and
though they were refined, intelligent and very good company
they didn’t really satisfy me. Was I immoral? I don’t
know, but I was surprisingly unperturbed at fucking other
people’s wives. Unlike with Kerry I had no connection
with their husbands and was sanguine and guilt free, the
infidelity was an issue for my new playmates, not me.

I cast my net to other sites such as: Playthefield, New Couples,
Friendsindeed, and Fabulous Times. One free dating site
introduced me to Annie, not as pretty as Claudia and Carol,
chunky and definitely not middle class, but boy was she
up for it. She was my age, married, and wanted NSA sex: No
Strings Attached. She fucked (at last!) and fucked (Yeah!)
and even liked some mild bondage, but ultimately in the
various motels and hotels around Cambridgeshire she liked
to complete in Ye Olde Missionary position. She even kind
of called my bluff when on the occasions she did let me cum
in her mouth she then insisted on a follow up sperm kiss,
hypocritically this not something I actually yearn for.
I steeled myself to comply as the trade off for squirting
into her gob in the first place. At least she didn’t want
me to cream pie style clean out her minge after a missionary

She later dumped her hubby to move in with an Italian living
in the desolate wastes of the fens. As she no longer needed
me for extra curricular activities and as she didn’t
particularly turn me on, we stopped seeing each other.

I explored more sites and met a variety of interesting people,
most just wanted erotic chat and shied away from any liaison.
I think quite a few are on an ego trip just having so many men
compete for their attention. Carol admitted she loved
reading through twenty or so new emails every day. Quite
a few of these women seem to use health issues as an excuse
not to follow through. So the aimless flirtations and disappointments
means a dedicated man can waste a lot of time.

But I did find Rosanna on New Couples. It is a free and genuine
dating site mostly for those seeking long term relationships,
but the odd polyamorous, dominitrix and NSA are sprinkled
through the legions of women with names like Floozylady,
Buttercup and Constellation. It works through extensive
questionnaires on various themes, and using proprietary
algorithms you get percentage matches based on what you
are looking for and what kind of person you are.

Rosanna and I had a match that was exactly zero percent.
I just had to find out what a zero was like. Her profile photos
were nice enough, so what was the problem?

God was the problem.

Rosanna was a guilt ridden catholic Brazilian.

But interestingly her occupation was waxing the genitals
of women and gay men. We messaged on New Couples and then
emailed directly until during one late night long e-chat
she asked if I liked blindfolds. I was hooked.

We met three times before deciding to go a step further.
Her sexual interests were the opposite of zero; bondage,
domination and oral sex. She wasn’t too bright, had limited
but manageable English and immediately the sex was over
she withdrew into a weird silence, ashamed of her sexual
desires and deeds, but always a few days later her urges
returned. So Rosanna was not a longer term prospect for
me but promised to be a pretty good interim sex partner.

Fundamentally what she wanted was to wax me, she must love
her job if it is essentially the same activity as her preference
for sex. She also had quite a few fantasies involving bondage
and domination, anal penetrations (hers and mine), forced
bisexuality (hers and mine for fucks sake!).

The waxing experience was exhilarating. She tied me spread
out on the bed, I was blindfolded with a silk scarf and then
she applied the wax, removing all my pubic hair and ‘everywhere’
else, her euphemism for my ass hairs. She released my ankles
to get my ‘ass up’ with my hips off the bed, ankles by
my wrists, thighs spread, rectum winking. She really was
into anuses and only ever achieved orgasm with my finger
piling in and out of her bum. ‘One day’ she said, ‘I
want try anal sex’, I would have done it for her, although
it’s not really my thing.

The waxing was a long session, especially for my back, as
she methodically applied the hot red wax and then later
picked off the cool hardened flakes with her long red finger
nails and thus tearing out the hairs beneath. She worked
on different areas in turn, starting around my pubes, then
my inner thighs, across my scrotum stretched out with her
free hand, and down my crack. In between each application
she played and sucked me, and soon enough was inserting
fingers and her tongue up my arse. It took some time to complete
the process, it was a divine experience of alternating
pain from dripping hot wax and ripping hairs with sumptuous
wet oral sex and gentle hand massaging of newly smooth hairless
genitals and frequent finger poking. I came with a howl
as she slurped her tongue around and inside my anus, she
continued licking my ass and my tingling perineum until
I entered the drop zone of unconsciousness. It was the best
build up and orgasm I had received from any internet date,
to date. The orgasm was on a par with the old Japanese crow
who gave me a body massage plus extra ‘tickles’ and
then a post orgasmic head massage in the Tokyo hotel.

I wanted to get her into a threesome with another woman,
but she seemed more interested in watching me get fucked
up the arse by her gay cousin or something. That was a huge
adios motherfucker, no forced bisexuality for me.

Curiously someone else I met had a similar fantasy. I met
a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) dominatrix on The Vault –
a website for kinky people to find each other. Ordinarily
I would not be into large women, although I could appreciate
voluptuous and curvy as long as it wasn’t flabby wobbly.
(One of the most important of my long term relationships
had been Candy, she was a little curvy and as with all my loves,
the relationship was built on great sex.)

Candy had taught me all I needed to know about giving oral
sex, which to my surprise and everlasting appreciation
during a lengthy lesson in a hotel in Montreal, turned out
to be quite a lot. Her firm and proportioned plus sized body,
turbo charged sex drive and oversized throbbing clitoris
saw to that. You could actually see it twitching when roused.
It was proportionate in size to her labia and vulva, and
when she got going she had a very heavy discharge of juice
‘Slicking’ she called it. My American Deep South Candy
loved giving and receiving oral sex more than fucking and
she loved ‘queening’ or face sitting most of all.

She also liked to be on her back whilst I went down on her from
the side. I would position myself alongside her, kneeling
with my ass in the air. As I delved away on her thumbnail sized
clit she would squeeze my balls, finger my ass or pull Old
Glory backwards from its normal erect angle. When she came
the sensitivity of her clit was too much and I had to back
away. If she happened to be on top of my face I would lie there
with the weight of her body crushing across my eyes and mouth,
pressing against teeth, squashing my nose. It was a little
painful and quite hard to breathe. I would lie under her
shuddering pressing body with my mouth open, my tongue
withdrawn, not permitted to touch her clit, nonetheless
I could feel her giant organ throbbing inside my open mouth.

And face sitting was what the BBW domme called Mary, from
Birmingham was about. In our correspondence I had described
Candy’s favourite cunnilingus positions and at our
second meeting we did the act. She ordered me to strip, tied
my hands behind my back and wound more rope around my cock
and balls before throwing me to the bed. She quickly stripped
and promptly sat on my face and aggressively had her way
with me for an hour or so, grinding and pounding my face between
short bouts of copulation. It was hard breathless work
but a lot of fun as she humped my head.

But at one point after a particularly rough bit of face squashing
she got her phone out and called someone, it was another
guy – another ‘sub’. She held the phone to me and told
me to say hello. That was all.

The session ended when she released me, gave me a lovely
blowjob with a messy facial finish, ‘I like nasty sex’
she said. As we relaxed afterwards she told me her fantasy
was to have two male subs serve her orally and to force them
to suck each other’s cocks.

I didn’t see her again, but as she had liked my earlier
emails describing my experiences with Candy I decided
to compose a fantasy based on hers, but switched around,
with one master and two female subs.

* * *

The Blonde and the Brunette

The blonde haired woman entered the hotel lobby dressed
as instructed in a smart business suit, pale blue blouse
and red high heels. It was five past the hour, exactly on

She scanned the seating and selected one by the far wall,
opposite someone, a brunette dressed in exactly the same
attire. Their eyes briefly met but neither woman showed
recognition of why they were there. The blonde was nervous
with anticipation and the unknown. The instructions were
to wait where they were until notified.

It was half an hour of rising, internal tension and eye avoidance
before a text came through to the Blonde’s phone. She
read it, and from the corner of her eye she knew Brunette
was reading her phone too. Simultaneously they both stood
up and walked towards the elevators. Brunette pushed the
button to call for the lift, and when it opened Blonde selected
the second floor.

Neither woman spoke, they were of similar height, although
Brunette was much more slender. On the second floor they
followed the directions in silence, shoulder to shoulder
they reached the hotel room. Brunette knocked.

It opened and Master stood before them, omnipotent, confident.
‘Come in ladies.’

The king size bed dominated the room, his zipped up bag was
to the right on the desk. He motioned them to stand by the
window. ‘Put these on.’ He handed them both a blindfold.
They meekly complied.

‘Now strip.’

Blonde undressed, loosened and took off her shoes, she
could hear Brunette doing likewise. The suits were soon
off, then the blouses were dropped to the floor. Blonde’s
erect nipples were already prominent.

‘Everything off!’ Master demanded, and Blonde first
unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor, as it landed
on her blouse she slipped down her tights and panties over
her hips. She lowered them down and kicked them off to stand
alongside an equally nude Brunette.

‘Very nice, ’ said Master, ‘Now turnaround.’

As Blonde and Brunette turned their shoulders bumped each
other and they wobbled. They heard Master move around the
room, and the unzipping of his bag. When he came back to the
women Blonde was aware of Master handling Brunette. Then
he grabbed Blonde’s wrists behind her back and tied them.

‘Turnaround again.’

There was more rustling and then Blonde felt his hands,
he massaged her breasts, cupped them briefly and then tied
them up, a thin rope wrapped around each one and then under
her arm pits to be knotted between her shoulder blades.
Her nipples were hardened peaks on squeezed and bulbous

‘Lovely, ’ said Master. There was more movement as
Master undressed. Then he grabbed both their crotches
by their pubic hairs and pulled the women for a short walk
around the room. He laughed as they stumbled behind him.
When he stopped he moved them backwards to the edge of the
bed and pushed them.

Side by side they landed on the bed, ‘Further up.’ he
ordered. The subs wriggled to move more onto the bed, he
grabbed Blonde’s pubes lifting her by her hairs to get
to the right position.

Master walked around the bed, and then it bounced as he climbed
on the other side. Suddenly his thighs were either side
of Blonde’s head. She could smell his manhood. He sat
down on her face, quite hard and rubbed on her, ‘lick!’
he said.

After a few minutes he lifted off and moved over to Brunette,
and again said, ‘lick.’ He went back and forth between
Brunette and Blonde’s faces, sometimes he pushed his
cock into their mouths, or demanded they slurp at his balls.
Then he straddled them the other way. ‘Lick my arse.’

He moved around the bed and got on top of Brunette, forced
her legs apart and fucked her, fingering Blonde at the same
time, and then switched over and fucked Blonde and fingered
Brunette, who groaned. ‘Be careful girls, nobody is
allowed to cum just yet.’

Then he said, ‘Get your mouth over to my cock Brunette, ’
Blonde felt the other sub struggle on the bed next to her.
Soon she could hear Master groaning. Then he moved Brunette
up the bed so her bound tits were above Blonde’s face.
He grabbed one of Brunette’s tits and forced the nipple
into Blonde’s mouth, in and out sucking and licking.
He continued to fuck Blonde and force Brunette’s tightly
squeezed tit into her mouth.

He rested a while and then ordered Brunette, ‘Open your
pussy.’ Blonde felt Brunette move around – Master
guided the blinded sub into position, and then pulled his
cock from Blonde and shoved it into Brunettes cunt. After
a while he switched back to Blonde, and for a few minutes
swapped his cock between the two open vulvas.

‘Move again Brunette.’

Master got up and pushed the women into a 69 position with
Brunette above Blonde. He positioned above Blondes face,
‘Brunette, you fuck and Blonde, you lick.

Masters long cock pushed into Brunette’s cunt as he pushed
her backside down to press her body onto Blondes mouth,
her tongue licked at Brunette’s clit with Master’s
cock sliding in and out of her. Lick my cock as it goes in and
out, ’ He ordered.

Master groaned with pleasure but withheld his orgasm.
He relaxed as both subs remained in position.

‘Time to move again, ’ He said. He untied Blonde’s
tits, and then her hands and moved her to the top of the vast
supersized bed. He re-tied her hands to the head board and
opened her legs and tied her ankles to her wrists, so she
was spread open with her legs wide apart – her thighs were
giant hams either side of her exposed inner flesh, like
a butcher’s display.

Then he tied Brunette in the same position, but to the opposite
end of the bed, the result was their cunt’s and asses were
pressed against each other.

‘Fabulous, ’ said Master, and for the next few minutes
he played and teased the compressed cunts simultaneously.
Sometimes he demanded the subs suck his cock, other times
he straddled them and lowered himself to fuck one of their
cunts whilst his balls slapped the other.

Master then got an enormous vibrating wand from his bag,
and plugged in the trailing power cable to the nearest socket.
He knelt next to the bed and placed the broad head of the toy
between the subs, touching both clitorises.

When he switched on the power there was an immediate reaction
from the women, Blonde yelped and Brunnette said ‘Oh
my god.’

He kept the vibration setting to low and moved the wand’s
head up and down slowly from the clitorises, stimulating
the labia and vulva of both women simultaneously.

He continued stroking them, and gradually increased the
intensity of the vibrations, and the women responded.
Their breathing gave way to moaning, and straining within
their bounds they pressed their cunts together trapping
the source of their pleasure. Soon the buzzing of the wand
was drowned out as the moans suddenly gave way to shrieks
as the women climaxed pressed hard against each other.

It had taken barely five minutes to bring them both off at
the same time. He removed the wand and took a break, leaving
the panting subs in position. He made a gin and tonic from
the mini bar and enjoyed watching them for a while until
it was time to untie them and move them around into new positions.

Sometimes he tied them, at other times he let them be free.
He had them both lie on their backs, stacked on top of each
other and fucked them, swapping one to the other. He made
one suck him and the other lick his asshole. He lay one on
her side and fucked her from behind whilst the other licked
at his shaft as it slid in and out. Between deep thrusts he
would pull out and force a face hard into the other subs gaping
wet pussy.

He pushed Blonde into a seated position on the bed and pulled
Brunette close. He put a hand on the back of Brunette’s
head and pulled Blonde’s body closer and forced her cunt
onto Brunettes’s mouth. ‘I love to watch you lick each
other.’ He made them swap positions and tied them into
a 69, across the bed, using his hands to force their heads
into gaping crotches.

After ten minutes he said, ‘Stop moving your heads, but
keep those tongues inside those pussies, ’ – he had
another G&T, and sat on the bed with his feet resting
on the helpless subs. He watched TV as he drank.

An hour had gone by and he decided they had worked hard for
him and deserved a reward. So he untied them, and removed
their blindfolds.

‘Bring your faces over here, ’ he made them kneel on
the floor, their cheeks pressed together, his cock was
a few inches above them. ‘Say, please cum on our faces
Master, ’ he said.

The women complied in unison as he masturbated above their
upturned faces.

‘Now open your mouths and stick out your tongues.’

He demanded they lick and suck each other’s tongues,
and use their hands to play with his balls and perineum.
Quite soon Master ejaculated thick white globs of sperm
which splashed over the touching outstretched tongues
of both subs, further spurts overshot their twitching
tongues and draped strings of cum over their mouths and
noses. Master grabbed his cock and rubbed the sperm over
their faces, savouring the slimy sensation.

Master was satisfied and happy, and when he let go of his
cock the subs fell back, drained and exhausted.

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Paragraphs next time maybe?


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This is a bugbear. Every story is correct at the time of upload,
but I always have to edit later to get the paragraphs and
even end of the lines format right. Thankyou for your comment,
it gave me the opportunity to vent my frustration. I will
continue to edit the stories so they look as good as I hope
they read. Rgds CF