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Street workers making a loud noise


I was out of the city for a couple of days to attend an important
business meeting and Maria stayed alone at home, she was
boring with nothing to do, so she decided to take advantage
of the good weather and was outside at the lounge chair near
the pool in her skimpy bikini trying to get some sun with
her headphones on and reading the newspaper, she noticed
that there was some building going on up the street, the
only one she could see was a brick layer and he was making
a lot of noise cutting the bricks with his big power saw,
he smiled at her but she didn’t smile back as she wasn’t
really interested on him, she just turned up the music to
compensate for the noise and returned to what she was doing
before while hoping that the noise would stop soon, so she
could barely enjoy the sun, hear her own music, and read
the news.

Then the noise stopped and Maria was quite pleased, but
for her surprise she looked up and she saw the brick layer
walking through her fence gate, he then stopped and told
her he was very sorry about all the noise he made and just
came to apologize for the inconvenience, grateful by his
attitude Maria accepted his apology, then she looked up
better at him, he has a very good look man on his middle thirties
and with a very well built body, suddenly interested Maria
said that he looked really hot and sweaty so she invited
him to join her for an iced tea, which he quickly accepted.

As Maria stood up he got a full view of her in her skimpy bikini,
she then served another glace of ice team to him and they
sat on the yard chairs talking , he introduced himself as
Johnny she noticed as he stared so obviously at her breasts
which were barely covered by her top, needless to say Maria
was pleased by his attention, her breasts were starting
to get red from the sun and Johnny mentioned that to her,
Maria giggled and said “Oh I already could see that you
like my breasts as you kept staring at them all the time,
but I think you are right I better put some lotion on them.”

So Maria got up and went inside to find the sun tan lotion,
she came back out and asked him if he would like to give her
a hand with the lotion, Johnny quickly got up and volunteered
to help her apply the lotion by saying “No problem, I’ll
do it, I will apply it everywhere on your glistening body,
but I think I would take both hands to do the job right.”
[image] Maria laughed and lay on her back, immediately Johnny started
applying the lotion, and as his hands were running all over
her chest and stomach spreading the tan oil, she noticed
a tent start to pop up in his pants, Maria decided to tease
him a little more and asked him if it would be better if her
top was off for him to apply the lotion on her, to make sure
it got everywhere so she wouldn't burn.

A little astonished at first but he gladly agreed it would
be better, so Maria slipped off her top freeing her firm
breasts, Johnny slowly and gently applied the lotion to
her bare chest rubbing it all over and over and paying special
attention to her breasts using both his hands to massage
it in, and then Maria noticed the tent was getting bigger
and bigger in his pants as he kept rubbing her breasts with
the lotion.

Maria started to get aroused with his lotion application
process, her nipples grew harder and harder as Johnny kept
applying the lotion to her breasts, so she decided she had
to see what was making that tent in his pants and she went
in for the touch, he didn’t resist to her move and Maria
was not surprised to find him already rock hard, Maria immediately
unzipped his pants and let his cock fly free, and as she was
expecting, she was pleasantly surprised as it was a pretty
big size, and was already hard as a rock.

By that time Johnny had replaced his hands on her breasts
with his mouth and had started sucking and caressing her
well-oiled up breasts and nibbling on her hard nipples,
as Maria had not stopped him he got even bolder and he carefully
slipped his one hand into her bikini bottom finding her
wet pussy and her tumid clit, Maria offered no resistance
to that and Johnny then began to gently stroke her clit and
that got her even more aroused.

Maria wanted more than his fingers to make her cum, she took
off her bikini bottom and asked Johnny to go down and lick
her pussy, which he happily did, so Maria was laying on the
lounge chair totally naked and getting her pussy eaten
out with long slow licks and his fingers probing her wet
pussy, she was loving all his attention on her pussy and
clit but it was not enough for her, since Johnny had gotten
her so aroused she wanted more than that, she wanted to feel
his hard cock inside her. [image2] Maria stopped him and told him to sit in the chair because
she wanted to fuck him and feel his hard cock inside her,
Johnny immediately sat down in the chair and Maria proceeded
to sit on top of him and immediately she started bouncing
up and down on his hard cock, as he kept sucking on her bouncing
breasts, then when Maria felt he couldn't take it any
more without exploding, she stopped and turned around
to give him her back and a different feel inside of her, and
in the hopes he wouldn't explode too quickly she rode
him up and down from the back while Johnny reached around
and fondled her bouncing breasts as they bounded up and

After a short while Maria felt his member get really hard
inside her and figured he just couldn't hold it any
longer, so she stopped and climbed on to the lounge chair
pulling Johnny over her body, his head into her soaking
wet pussy while she engulfed his cock all the way down her
wet mouth, so he continued to slowly lick and probe her wet
pussy while she began to suck wildly on his cock and as she
felt his balls got hard Maria knew Johnny was on the brink
of cumming , so she just took his full length down her throat,
speed up her sucks and within a couple of seconds spurts
over spurts of cum were loaded down her throat, out of breath
but ready to finish him off she made her best to swallow it
all, but a few cum was still dribbling from her mouth and
down her chin, but then Maria too couldn't hold it much
longer and she finally exploded under a violent orgasm,
her juices flowing all over his face and down onto the lounge

Johnny then thanked her and composed himself and said he
had to get back to work, but would check in on her tomorrow
if she wanted, and as they go to work very close to her yard
he would make sure the power saw wasn't too loud for
her if that was okay with her, Maria just looked at him with
a mischievous grin and said “Why not? And I will have beer
instead of iced tea. But are you working alone? Where are
the others workers?”

Johnny burst in laugh and then replied “So, do you want
my team to come with me tomorrow? Just have a few cold beers
ready for us.”

Morning after and when the builders arrived, Maria was
pleasantly surprised to see that there were four workers,
three black men and a white man, Johnny, she noticed he was
the foreman what didn’t surprise her, all were very smiling
to her and she even got a couple of whistles from them, she
was wondering if Johnny had told them something about the
day before and eventually about that day.

As the day progressed the temperature got hotter and they
stripped to the waist and stay there only in shorts, Maria
watched them and admired their muscular forms, and she
found herself getting quite turned on by the muscular ebony
bodies glistening with sweat as they worked, Maria took
them out cold drinks and Johnny introduced her to his co-workers,
Erik, Fred and Paul, they were all very kind to her but she
could noticed they were checking her body, Maria was still
intrigued if Johnny had told them that Johnny was fucking
her the day before.

As the hours passed, Maria watched Erik, Johnny, Fred and
Paul work, and on more than one occasion she touched herself
as she looked at them from her bedroom window, she stared
at the bulges in their shorts and imagined them fucking
her one after the other, Maria then took them out a few more
cold drinks, and then she began to show her body off by sunbathing
in the garden like on the day before, at first she didn’t
expose much of herself to their gaze, but as Maria found
herself getting more turned on she switched her swimsuit
for the bikini I bought her a few months ago, which she never
wore in public as it was very tiny and became see-through
when wet, Maria’s eyes were hidden by her mirrored sunglasses
so she could show off her body to them without them realize
she was not asleep. [image3] The situation came to a head when Maria lay on the sun bed
facing them and placed her feet either side of the bed exposing
her barely covered mound to their view as she pretended
to sleep, Maria’s pussy started to get very wet and then
she realized that her teasing had gone too far as the thin
strip of material had become see-through by her leaking
pussy juices soaked through the thin strip of material,
and by the whistles and laughs of the guys she was sure enough
they had noticed it.

Maria heard Johnny telling them to come closer and watch
her, her heart quickened the beats but she didn’t move,
still pretending to be asleep but watching them through
the mirrored sunglasses, they stood in front of her rubbing
their hands on their bulges in the front of their shorts
and Maria let out an involuntary gasp as the fronts of their
shorts tented out under the pressure of their erection,
it all happened very quickly, so they realized Maria was
not asleep, immediately Johnny dropped to his knees beside
her and placed his lips over hers, his kiss was so intense
as the day before, and their tongues entwined as Maria returned
his kiss.

Meanwhile Fred’s hands released the ties on the sides
of her bikini bottoms and his fingers entered her opened
pussy, Johnny‘s lips switched to her nipples which he
had already freed from her bikini top, then Paul dropped
his shorts, exposing his thick and long black cock to her
gaze, at that moment Maria was so turned on that she found
herself begging “Oh yes, please, one of you fuck me please,
I need a cock inside me.” [image4] Without needed to be asked twice Paul positioned himself
between her open thighs and as he pushed his black cock into
her, Maria took it full length all the way into her pussy,
then she grabbed Johnny’s cock and engulfed it all the
way down her throat, and feeling both cocks inside her she
came for the first time, Paul thrust into her pussy for a
few minutes and with a groan he emptied his balls into her
pussy, he then rolled off her, and in a flash Fred took his
place, Maria without taking Johnny’s cock out of her
mouth, looked down in awe as his massive black cock spread
her pussy lips and started to stretch and fill her, it seemed
that Paul’s thick and long cock had prepared Maria for
Fred’s monster cock and she began a series of multiple
orgasms as he began to stroke his enormous cock into her,
building up speed and pushing more and more of his cock into

As his balls slapped against Maria, Fred grunted and she
found herself pulling him deep into her and holding him
there as he pumped a massive amount of spunk into her pussy,
then with a loud plop he pulled his cock from her pussy and
in a flash Johnny withdraw his cock and pushed it into her
wet soaked pussy, he pounded deeply and wildly into her
making Maria gasp under another violent orgasm, he fucked
her for about ten minutes or so, before he too unloaded several
spurts of spunk into her soaked wet pussy.

When he withdrew from Maria she reached out for Erik, he
stood in front of her and asked “is this what you want?”

Maria’s eyes opened wide in amazement as she saw his monster
size, his cock was obscenely big with massive balls hung
low below him, she thought Fred had a really big cock but
she was mesmerized as she realized it was nothing compared
with Eric’s, knowing that Fred and Paul laughed with
her astonishment, then to help her taking his size into
her they hold her legs wide and Erik eased his massive cock
head into her pussy, Maria moaned in pleasure as he slowly
thrust more and more of his cock into her, Maria screamed
in ecstasy as he began to withdraw his cock, only to thrust
it back into her until she had taken all of his length inside
her, Maria could feel him entering her deep insides, her
orgasm was continual while she kept begging him for more,
until he could hold out no more, Maria then could feel him
throbbing inside her as he filled her pussy with waves over
waves of his spunk, he then pulled out of her and she lay there
completely exhausted, satisfied and well used. [image5] Maria slowly got to her feet and ran into the house, she could
feel the spunk leaking from her well used pussy as the guys
returned to work, she showered and stayed inside the house
relaxing, an hour or so passed and Johnny knocked on the
door and entered the kitchen, he asked if she was ok and Maria
smiled and answered a very OK, he grinned and added that
his co-workers said she was a very beautiful and sexy lady
and they were very happy to get the chance of pleased her,
but they were a little concerning if she was not happy with
them as she was inside the house.

Maria quickly replied a surely not, she was just recovering
from the great fuck session, Johnny then asked her to continue
as before, she agreed while kissing him softly on his lips,
then she dressed in a loose wrap over Indian style dress
with nothing on underneath it, Johnny whistled in approval
and she laughed, he returned back to his work and a few minutes
later Maria took out some refreshments to the guys, Johnny
whistled again as she appeared and they all were very happy
to see her back, Maria sat chatting with them for a while
and they made Maria blush with their compliments about
her outfit and their appreciation of her sex skills, what
made Maria feel very horny again,

As Maria got up to go back into the house, Johnny grinning
gave her dress a playful tug and it immediately loosened
and dropped to the floor, there was a split second of stunned
disbelief from the three black workers as her naked body
was displayed again to their gaze and then they surrounded
her and started to touch all over her body, hands were everywhere
and Maria found herself again reaching for the hard bulges
in their shorts and then completely aroused she told them
“Not here guys, just let’s fuck at home.”

They immediately took Maria in their arms and she was carried
into the house and found herself laid on her bed as the guys
slipped off their clothes, so four very hard and very erect
cocks, one white and three black, stood before her, again
it was Paul who slid between her willing thighs and thrust
his hard cock into her pussy, that time the proceedings
were much less rushed and Paul pounded her willing pussy
for about fifteen minutes while she grabbed and stroked
the enormous black cocks of Fred and Erik, then Paul grunted
and started thrusting deep into her as pumped his spunk
into her receptive pussy while she orgasmed again.

Johnny then turned Maria over and mounted her doggy style,
Fred and Erik positioned on each side of her and slapped
lightly their cocks on her face, and she started taking
turns on sucking one then another of their cocks, Johnny
pleasured her for the next twenty minutes while she kept
sucking alternately the cocks on her mouth, then with a
sigh of pleasure Johnny exploded into her triggering her
third orgasm of that session and her body shuddered as he
pumped his spunk deep into her wet warm pussy. [image6] Erik then pulled Maria onto him as he lay on the bed, she raised
herself up and impaled her wet soaked pussy on his enormous
black cock, Maria slowly ground down onto him, taking all
its length slowly by slowly into her willing pussy, gripping
his cock with her muscles to milk him as she rode him, then
Maria got his full length inside her and yelled in ecstasy
as another orgasm shook her body, a mind blowing explosion
that seemed to affect every part of her body.

As Maria recovered she realized that Fred had positioned
himself behind her and was rubbing his big cock head against
her ass, Maria have had anal sex for several times and quite
enjoy it so did nothing other than let him ease his big black
cock into her ass, he was very gentle and Maria was surprised
as she realized that he had found some lube in her bedside
drawer and had prepared his cock prior to inserting it into
her, smart guy Maria thought to herself, he eased into her
forcing his cock slowly by slowly until he get all his length
into her, and Maria was squealing with delight as she found
herself with two massive black cocks fucking her pussy
and ass.

Maria was in a constant state of multiple orgasms as the
two guys worked on her together, she could even feel their
balls slapped against each other’s as they double fucked
her, then Johnny and Paul positioned themselves in front
of her and Maria was able to suck both of them, she was making
turns sucking one, then switching to suck the other in a
permanent rhythm between both cocks, as she was double
fucked senseless, Maria then screamed out loud as she felt
first Fred cum into her ass and then Erik cum into her pussy
and as they pumped their potent black spunk into her ass
and pussy, both Paul and Johnny erupted, jetting their
spunk into Maria’s open mouth and all over her face.

Fred slid his softening cock from her ass and Maria felt
sideways off of Erik too, she onto the bed, thoroughly satisfied
and completely fucked, they all left the bedroom and sat
on the living room, she gave them a few more beers while she
took a quickly shower, she dressed back the same loose wrap
over Indian style dress, and as she was back the black guys
stood up and gave a big thanks to her, they told her that their
work was finished on the street and the day after they will
start another work on the other side of the city, then the
three black guys kissed her good bye and Maria escorted
them until the door and stay there waving to them as they
packed up and left.

Johnny the foreman stood in the doorway chatting to her
as Maria prepared some food and invited him to join her,
they talked about various things and Johnny was very full
in his compliments and on his thanks about the great time
they had with her, Maria got up to rinse the dishes and he
came and stood beside her, cupping her breasts under her
dress in his hands, rubbing her already very hard nipples
between his fingers as kissed her neck, Maria groaned and
her head dropped back as she gave him access to her body again,
and within a couple of seconds she could feel his cock push
against her covered ass as it became erect again, at that
moment the phone rang and Maria reached over to pick up her
mobile phone. [image7] Maria signed silent to Johnny with her finger over her lips,
then answered the call, it was me calling from the hotel
and as we chatted about my day, Johnny continued to stroke
her nipples and finger her pussy, then I asked what are she
doing, and Maria replied she was just standing there rinsing
the dishes, we kept chatting while Erik was fingering her
pussy and sucking on her nipples, I could noticed by her
breath that something was happening there, so I just laughed
and said “Well it seemed you are busy, but you can tell
me all about what is going on in there when I get back tomorrow
morning, as they are cutting my trip short, so see you tomorrow
and enjoy your day.”

“Yes, I’m busy, see you tomorrow, have a nice trip honey”
Maria replied giggling and then as she hung up the phone
Johnny lifted the hem of her dress and pushed his cock into
her ass and started to stroke his hard cock deeply into her
from behind, he was so turned on for being teasing Maria
while she was on phone with me, her, husband, so with a couple
of strokes he shoot his spunk into her ass.

He too said good bye to her, packed her things and left, as
he stepped outside Maria closed the door behind her by leaning
back against it, she was surprised after that incredible
fuck she wasn’t yet full satisfied, she was missing something
else, my phone call was on her mind and she just wanted to
have me closer to finish with her as we usually do.

Maria gave her dress a tug and it immediately dropped to
the floor, she then leaned back against the door again and
let her hands stroke her upper torso, first, she cupped
a breast in each stroking a finger lightly on her tits, she
rubbed her breasts against each other enjoying herself,
and then smiling with pleasure Maria began to work her fingers
faster on her breasts, then she brought her hands to her
pussy and slowly dragged the tips around her clit, the sensation
was maddeningly soft, just the way Maria like to tease herself.

Slowly, Maria dragged them upward, her fingers and then
her palms skimming over her skin, again, she cupped a breast
in each hand, her nipples had begun to tighten as they were
teased, she looked down to see the dark, turgid tips, they
were so hard that they were pointing almost to the ceiling,
then Maria’s head fell back against the door as she thoroughly
massaged her chest and she spent several minutes simply
caressing her skin, cupping her breasts, dipping a finger
or two into her pussy, and soon Maria couldn't resist
any longer, growing impatient, she pushed off the door
and strode through the house to the bedroom again.

As Maria entered, she walked around the bed to the nightstand
and pulled open the drawer holding her toys, lubes and lotions,
then a smile reached her face while remember how could Fred
discover the lube on her drawer, she grabbed her big size
dildo, it was very realistic with raised veins, rippled
flesh and a thick mushroom head, as soon as her hand touched
it, a bolt of heat shot to her core, and before long, her pussy
was soaked and Maria could feel her arousal seeping out
of her. [image8] There was a mirror next to her dresser, where we love to watch
each other during sex, it was already positioned perfectly
to give Maria a view of our bed, she lay back against the pillows,
and propped herself up so she could watch herself on the
mirror, her pussy was already soaked, her pussy lips were
already swollen, so smiling, Maria dipped a finger between
her pussy lips and scooped a bit of her own juices out, she
then brought the coated digit to her lips and sucked it deep
into her mouth, as she slid her other hand down to cup her
mound, again Maria slid one finger between her pussy lips
and the palm of her hand pressed upward to put pressure on
her pussy, her finger began gliding up and down the slit,
from her clit down to the weeping entrance to her pussy,
and Maria began moving her hips in time with her strokes,
unable to resist.

Maria’s other finger was still in her mouth, and she began
swirling her tongue around it, stroking it, sucking it,
even nibbling a little, she pretended the finger in her
mouth was a cock and she gave it a blow job, while her other
hand continued to tease her pussy which was already soaked
wet, Maria couldn't wait to start feeding her dildo
to her starving pussy, she slurped her finger one last time
before reaching for the dildo, she dipped two finger between
her pussy lips and scooped a bit of her juices, then she stroked
the dildo coating it with her own juices, and then Maria
brought the dildo down to the entrance of her pussy, and
slowly began sliding it in and out.

Maria groaned feeling the dildo slide slowly in and out
her pussy, soon her muscles began clenching around the
dildo as she increased the speed of her moves and moaned
regularly and loudly, her hips shifting to accommodate
the dildo inside her, then looked at the mirror she decided
she needed a better angle, so keeping the dildo in position
she shifted into a crouch and slowly, she started rising
and dropping on the dildo as her hand held it propped on the
bed, then Maria faced the mirror and watched as the dildo
began sliding out of her pussy and almost came from the sight,
and while she sank back down on it she groaned loudly as more
of it disappeared inside her pussy, soon, Maria was raising
and dropping at a furious pace, fucking herself on that

Maria watched through heavy lidded eyes as her breasts
bounced in time to her thrusts, as the dildo disappeared
and reappeared, then her skin began to flush and her hair
tossed wildly as Maria let out a loud scream and exploded
in a violent orgasm, her hips rocked back and forth, causing
the dildo to bump against her clit and eliciting another
violent orgasm, that one went on and on, and her moans were
uncontrollable, Maria was short of breath and gasping
for air as a third screaming orgasm rolled through her body.
[image8] Exhausted, Maria slumped sideways on the bed, her muscles
began working to push the dildo out of her pussy, she grasped
the base and began sliding it slowly backwards, when the
head reached the entrance, she gritted her teeth as it popped
free, then she let out another low, sexy moan and shuddered
as she lay in the middle of her bed, Maria allowed herself
a few minutes rest, and then she almost burst in laugh as
a crazy idea crossed her mind, she thought a little about
it and then she knew the way she would pick me up on the airport
the day after, so satisfied she felt asleep knowing the
next morning she needed to wake up early.

The day after and back to me I was flying back home from my
business trip and was glad when I heard the pilot say over
the system for the "Flight Crew, Please secure the
cabin for landing", minutes later, I heard the flaps
extend and the landing gear extended down, the plane banked
sharply and then straightened out and began the final approach
to the airport, once the plane was on the ground, I left the
plane, and headed to baggage claim to retrieve my bags,
I turned my cell phone on and sent Maria a text message saying
that I was on the ground on the way to the baggage claim, and
to expect me out in 15 minutes or so, as it had not been a long
trip I only had one bag to pick up, soon the bags started to
arrive on the turnstile, and not too long afterwards mine
came through the chute, I stepped up to the edge and picked
it up, checked the tag and headed to the door, on my way I called
Maria and said "I've already found my bag and
I am headed out to the arrivals loop."

Maria replied "I'm in the covered parking deck
level 1” and she gave the section location, I just replied
as I elongated my steps, "OK I'll be there in a
few minutes."

I took the escalators to the parking deck and walked into
the covered parking decks and up to level 1, usually Maria
would loop around and pick me up at the arrivals pickup area,
but that time she did it different, I wondered why she did
it as I walked through the aisles, then I saw our van and started
walking toward it, but as I approached it, I didn't
see Maria, she wasn't in the driver’s seat, so I walked
up to the rear of the van to put my bag inside, I heard the locks
release with a click and I twisted the handle to open the
rear window.

Then I was speechless as inside the van Maria was laying
down in the back, totally naked, with a dildo sticking out
of her pussy and she was pushing that dildo into her pussy
looking madly into my eyes, watching my face for my reaction,
I just closed the rear door and took my bag around to the side
and put it in the passenger door, and then I climbed inside
closing the door behind me, Maria had already removed the
back seat and the center passenger seat was folded down,
leaving a large space for a thick blanket to lay on.

I noticed all of that and I even had recognized her favorite
dildo, so I smiled thinking Maria had planned out her mission
very well, I quickly lay down next to her, putting one arm
around her, and putting my other hand down on the dildo,
I kissed her and pushed the dildo deep inside her steamy
pussy until she groaned into my kiss, then I slowly retracted
the dildo, feeling her pussy grab its sides as it came out,
I kept pressing the dildo in and out her pussy for a while,
then we broke our kiss and Maria said "I got here a little
early and decided to warm myself and get ready for you. Are
you already horny too, honey?"

I burst in laughs than I just could say between two laughs
"Yes, very, but really I never expected you to wait
for me on that way and ready to fuck me at the airport."
[image9] Maria giggled and said "You better get your pants
off then, I've been here about 45 minutes playing with
myself, and I’ve already cum three times on the dildo,
I like the way it really fills my pussy when I push it all the
way in, but now I want to feel your cock deeply inside me."

I quickly undressed, watching her push the dildo into her
again, her pussy lips firmly taking the dildo inside her,
slipping rhythmically in and out her pussy, I watched mesmerized
as her inner thighs and pussy lips were so soaking wet with
her own juices, but then I presented my cock to her lips,
Maria opened her mouth, her lips wrapped around my cock
and she sucked my growing cock into her mouth while driving that dildo in and out of her pussy.

I was really turned on, I didn’t know really what to do
next, I wanted to keep watching her and feeling her suck
my cock, I wanted to fill her mouth with my cum, I wanted to
feel her horny pussy swallow my cock while sucking her nipples
and kissing her, the only thing I knew was that something
I needed to do, so I reached down and slowly pulled out her
dildo, feeling her pussy grab it until the tip came into
view, and then I asked "Are you ready for me?"

"Sure, for a long time I was ready for you, what are
you waiting for?" Maria replied.

So I moved on top of her, sliding my cock over her pussy lips,
as I moved back up my cock lined up on her pussy and sank deep
inside her, Maria pulled her legs up and rotated her hips
and I drove the full length of my cock all the way inside her
hot and soaked wet pussy, and as I finally got all the way
into her until my balls slapped against her, Maria said
"Welcome home darling!"

I lowered my lips to one of her nipples and pulled it into
my mouth, I batted her hard nipple back and forth with my
tongue, while I started picking up the pace of my cock and
she kept her hips in perfect time, I was pulling my cock almost
all the way out and slip it back inside, over and over, Maria
put her hands on my hips and was pulling me down, driving
me deeper, I could hear her moaning quietly each time I bottomed
out, I knew she was approaching another orgasm, so I adjusted
my strokes, longer and harder each time, driving her over
the top.

Then with a loudly moan Maria reached a wild orgasm, her
body was shaking with the violence of her orgasm, and watching
her pleasure pushed me over the edge and I cum deep inside
her pussy, I drove my cock over and over into her, shooting
spurt over spurt of cum inside her pussy with each stroke.

I lay there for a few seconds, with my cock resting in her
soaking pussy, kissing her neck, fondling her tits, just
enjoying the moment, my spent cock slowly deflated and
withdrew from inside her pussy, then Maria giggled and
said "We better get rolling since they are charging
us by the hour here, my first three orgasms cost us already
a lot of parking money."

Reluctantly, I rolled off of her and gazed down her body,
past her tits, down to her pussy lips, where my cum was smeared
all around, Maria pulled on her top over her bare breasts,
her hard nipples making large bumps in her blouse, she stepped
out of the van wearing only her blouse, and then slipped
into her skirt, walked to the front passenger door and hopped
in the front seat and said "Come on! Now is not the time
to sleep!"

I got up and pulled my clothes back on and climbed into the
driver seat, I fired up the van and headed out of the parking
deck, everything seemed so bright, having been inside
the darkness of the parking deck for a while, I paid the parking
attendant and headed out on the main highway to our trip
home, as we went out from the toll plaza, Maria reclined
in the passenger seat and pulled her skirt back up revealing
the big dildo, still sunk deep inside her pussy and it was
coated with my cum and her juices, slick in the sunlight.

I said quickly as reaching his hand over and slipping a finger
between her pussy lips. "I think I need to taste this.
Hum you’re still wet."

"Of course, did you expect otherwise?" Maria
replied laughing

I laughed too then I looked back to the road and moved my hands
back to the wheel, Maria held the dildo in one hand, reached
her other hand up and gently pulled her pussy lips apart
and started moving the dildo again in and out her pussy while
opening her legs wide and exposing her glistening pussy
filled with the dildo, then spotting a couple of slow moving
trucks ahead, I sped the van up and slowly worked alongside
one of them, I then slowed just enough to stay right beside
it, just below the cab and paced my speed with the truck,
so we could drove side by side.

Lost in the sensations between her legs Maria didn't
immediately notice what was happening, but she noticed
as I slow down the van, so she opened her eyes and surprised
she noticed what I was doing, driving side by side with truck
cabin and exposing her to the truck driver, she laughed
and said “Wow, what a show I’m giving to him”. [image10] "Yes, don't move, stay just like that, let’s
tease him a little bit" I replied laughing too.

The thought of being watched like that always excited something
inside her, so Maria didn't move, in fact, she took
a quick peek up to see if the trucker had noticed her yet,
then she said "I don't think he has seen me."

"Just keep at it, he will see you soon enough, "
I said, accelerating just a bit and then easing off while
giving a honk so the truck was even with us again, Maria took
another quick peek and exclaimed gladly "Oh my, he's
looking now, I go to give him a show."

Excited by the observer, Maria continued moving the dildo
all the way in and out her glistening pussy, sometimes taking
it out and dipping the fingers of her other hand into herself,
then licking her fingers as taking the dildo back into her
pussy, just to spice up the show, needless to say that show
was making Maria very horny again and she began moving her
hips more and her breathing quickened.

Unable to see the truck driver, I kept the van traveling
next to the truck as I glanced back and forth between the
road and the amazing show Maria was putting on, hearing
her moans, I could feel she was feeling very excited, then
Maria arched her back with a loud groan, letting her head
fall onto my shoulder while she reached her orgasm, as her
movement calmed and she took the dildo out of her, I whispered,
"Just give him one more treat."

Knowing exactly what I was talking about, Maria took the
dildo and again slipped it up her still pulsing pussy, she
held it there a moment and then with an added touch of flair,
she leaned her head so she could see the truck driver and
then ran her tongue along the dildo, the truck driver honk
with the excitement and after a brief pause to let him watch
her sucking the dildo, I accelerated quickly pulling ahead
of the truck and in a few minutes the truck was far behind
us, then I reached over and took Maria's hand guiding
it to my hard cock, she just asked "Can you keep driving
if I blow you?"

"I can, but I just want you to hold it now. When we get
home then we'll do something to it, " I said giggling
while speeding down the highway, all the rest of the way
home, Maria was playing with that big dildo in and out of
her, it was a wild ride to try to keep my eyes on the road while
keeping up with the sexy scene going on in the passenger
seat, with one hand on that dildo and her other hand on her
clit, she got several orgasms, I really had no idea how many
orgasms she got on the way home but it was amazing, the only
thing I could do was joke with "Hey, save some of that
for me when we arrive home!"

Maria giggled and replied "I will, there is plenty
to go around, and I expect you'll be very hard again
and turned on by the time we get home, I already had lived
a great time yesterday, now it's time to get a great
time with you."

"Hummmm, what was that great time?" I asked

"You'll find out when we get home." Maria
replied giggling.

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