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Straight Into The Deep End


It all started the night of our 30th anniversary, married very young we were both in our late 40's at the time. Not really drinkers but some wine with dinner and a couple drinks at the bar afterwards we were both feeling no pain.

Having pulled out all the stops we return home in the red sports car that was my anniversary gift to her, honestly she was due for a car anyways. We showered and went straight to bed, sleep not on our minds. We've enjoyed a very good sex life and she has always been a willing partner to whatever I had in mind. I'm not saying we've done everything in the book but the list of have nots is much much shorter.

Maybe it was liquid courage that night but I finally brought up something that had been on my mind a very long time, and that was having sex with another couple. I was surprised and encouraged by her first reaction, maybe to booze speaking. But come the next morning the thought was as cold as the winter morning.

I didn't give up and with time and many pleas on my knees she finally agreed to give it a try. Looking over all the other horny people was surely an aid and others commits on my wife's sexy body got us both in a frenzy. Now serious we set out ground rules, we picked our favorite four from those interested to see if there's overlap. Someone our age or older, starting off in life so young we found far more in common that way. Also not a couple nearby, if things didn't go well we wouldn't want to run into them at the market and surely not church!

Dumb luck or not, one couple meets all demands set forward. Older couple we find sexy, same likes and surely not local. Fact being they were in the next state. The only mismatch was they were both bisexual, but the clearly stated they also play straight so we felt comfortable with that.

Finding an open weekend in our busy lives took some time but we used that to get to know them better via email etc.. Finally I'm off, my wife has no commitments so we're good to go. We set out on a Friday night directly after I got home from work, it's a five hour drive so no time to waste.

Normally very talkative only the roar of the motor filled the cab as we raced forward. When we crossed the state line my wife reached over squeezing my hand, I know she was nervious and so was I but I did my best to not show it. In the state, in the town, to their offramp, on the street and now in their driveway!

We sat there in the car a moment, long enough for them to come out and greet us from the porch. I turned to my wife saying "we only do what we want" then it's when I informed her I've made a room reservation local just in case. That's when she found courage to open her door.

The girls give a round of welcoming kisses on the cheek and we followed them in. To the back of their lovely home, they must of done well for themselves. In the Great Room sitting on sofas facing eachother is where the small talk started. It wasn't long before we felt like old friends catching up instead of frighten rabbits.

Still catching up she breaks in saying "I'm sorry but I've noticed the both of you keep stretching your necks, are you okay?

I replied we were and it's because of the long drive after a longer week. Then thanking her for asking.

He tosses his two cents in asking if a hot shower might help.

That sounded too good to pass up so I agreed it just might. A moment later we're following them down the hall. They offered their master room shower as its plenty big enough for two. After setting out towels they turned and left.

The warm water was just the thing and now while cleaning ourselves we can refocus on why we're here. My wife asks if I liked her, I reply yes she's very sexy. I ask how about you? She smiles meaning no words needed.

My wife reaches at me, what's this? As she grabs my stiff cock. I'm weak kneed as she strokes it with her soapy hands. It's then in the corner of my eye I spot that our hosts have returned. She's leaning into him in the doorway with her hand up her skirt. He has her still clothed large breasts cupped in his hands.

I lean in a whisper in my wife's ear informing her we're being watched, her grip on my cock grows harder with excitment. I spin my wife around pressing her upper body against the glass wall. Her boobs smashed and in full view of the others.

My cock finds her pussy hot as hell and already dripping, no warm-up strokes needed as I plunge my cock in her hard and fast. I'm careful not to loose myself there and then and when I look back I find they're gone. Odder was when we find our clothing missing. Wrapped in our towels we leave to investigate, it's a short trip when we find them now in bathrobe laying upon their bed. The answer was short too, they've tossed them in the wash so they'd be clean to put back on when needed.

That settled they ask if we felt better, I said "it surely helped some"

Well then how about a massage they asked. Not ones to pass up such a kind offer we laid upon their bed, our towels placed across our bottoms. Starting at my feet she began while he mirrored the same with my wife. It felt great and our laughter that started in the other room carried over and aided in relaxing.

I reached my hand over grasping the towel coving my wife, tossing it to the floor and exposing her beautiful ass to all. She yelled "hey" then quickly followed suit exposing my I'm guessing less beautiful bum. I can feel her moist pussy on the back of my thigh and the thought of his cock laying between my wife legs excited me.

Now mid back she presses hard, an attempt to work out a knot that's been there ever since a scaffold accident years earlier. Unsuccessful she calls for help, I feel her lifting off of me and then the thump as she's now a top of my wife. My eye catches him rounding the bed still in his robe but his erect penis swiping side to side as he walked.

My face buried in my pillow he reaches over me, two hands pressing like resuscitating someone back to life. I life my head only to find his hard cock just inches away. Not in the game plan but it settles a long thought wonder I reached out my hands drawing him closer and his cock into my waiting mouth.

Not skilled at this end I repeat in my head over and over again, no teeth. Still insure but something must of been right and he's loudly moaning. This catches the attention of my wife, she jumps up all but sending her masseuse to the floor. I'm not sure who's enjoying it more, me with my first cock or my wife who is masturbating as she watches on.

He pulls away telling me to turn over. While doing so I notice our wives are now in a 69, which was his idea as he wrapped hid lips around my hard cock. I feel the cool puddle of precum I left on the small of my back. I take him in my mouth only stopping to sneak a peak at our wives.

We're broken up when our wives call out demanding cock, I'm in his wife while he's fucking mine. Oh what a perfect storm, the night in general, all this and now the fact she must Kegel like crazy. Her hot pussy gripping down hard on my cock. Normally long lasting, infact too long my wife might say. I find myself about to cum.

Saying so she tell me to bring it to her, she wants to taste it. I place myself next to her on my knees and it only take a heartbeat until I fill her mouth with my seed. She licks her lips then kisses my wife, sharing any leftovers to be found. My wife who has cummed countless times buy now announces she has an idea.

All ears turned toward her she points as she confides "fuck him" that finger in my direction. I must say in our sex life on occasion my wife has used a strap-on with me. Honestly on occasion only because she complains it's too much work.

With everything else tossed to the wind I think fuck it and get on all fours. His wife jumps in lashing her tongue at my backside, my god I love that. Then the feel of cold as lube is slathered across my manhole. Not being my first rodeo I relax my body, ready if it's invader. Quickly finding that as much as I liked my wife and her toy, warm flesh even so much better. The wives watch as they touch eachother, I was a good but short show as I felt him pull out uncover his cock and blast his load on my lower back.

Needless to say our room across town laid empty that night, infact the whole damn weekend.

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Ummmm, getting some anal soon


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Great story, lucky man to find someone that all four get along with.


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Great story. I'd love to experience that with my wife.


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love that story, I hope to read more from you


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What a naughty lady you are for writing such hot erotica! I'm ready to cum all over your boobs.


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I think my favorite so far....what a Wonderful Imagination!!


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More a retelling then story but thanks either way.


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wow, kinda a mystery even thrown in


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That was an awesome story to hearr about the rest of the week end.


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Great way to experience your first time, would love to experience the same very soon


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hot story, what luck to find such a great couple for your first


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I would love to be in that endeavor


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Wow what a hot story. I wish my wife was like that. She has used a strapon on me a few times and I loved it. Now she has no interest in sex and I am left to fantasies. Thank you for sharing.


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Another great descriptive tale - awesome