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A Christmas Story

“ LadyJ”

She was glad to be home.

The weather was deceptive, the sun was shining brightly,
the sky was blue and it was a brisk thirty-four degrees.
This is what she missed most about being away from home,
the weather; there is none like it, and this was the best
time to be here, during the holidays. She stood in the window
watching the people below and she decided to join the bustling
crowd, putting on her black boot cut jeans, a T, hoodie and
ankle boots, she locked up walked towards the bridge and
twenty minutes later disappeared into the crowd.

Downtown was alive with shoppers. As she made her way through
the crowds she couldn’t help but laugh as she watched the
children and the looks on their faces as elves passed out
candy canes and popcorn balls, an elf walked up to her wished
her a Merry Christmas and also gave her a popcorn ball. The
stores were packed so she decided to window shop instead,
entering only if she saw an interesting window display.

He was browsing in a store when he happened to look up and
saw her, she was standing at the window and it looked as though
she was looking at him, but she wasn’t. He made his way towards
the front of the store but when he got through the crowd,
she was gone. So he made his way to the coffee shop for a large

She was starting to feel the chill so she crossed the street
to the coffee shop, once inside she ordered a large mocha
latte then walked outside to the square and sat down pulling
the popcorn ball from her pocket she took a bite. “Beautiful
isn’t it?” a voice said “yes it is, I love it!” she answered
then turned to look into the bluest eyes she had ever seen
and she smiled. “ My name is Jonathan but they call me Jon.”
“Nice to meet you Jon, I’m Adena, they call me Dena” she said
extending her hand.

They sat, people watched, talked and laughed. “So, what
are your plans for the rest of the evening?” he asked, “ Well,
it’s exciting are you ready?” she said, “ I’m going shopping
for four poinsettias then I’m walking back across the bridge
and going home.” “ WOW! Be still my heart!” he said laughing.
He went with her and watched as she picked out five of the
most beautiful plants he had ever seen and then she handed
him the fullest one and said, “ You have a Merry Christmas
Jon.” and turned and walked away.

He was touched immensely by the plant and carried it to his
car; while he drove he couldn’t help but smile. He had a great
day and an even better night. He was glad he decided to go
out after work instead of sitting at home, he couldn’t stop
thinking about how soft her hand was and how he didn’t want
to let go, the sound of her laugh, her voice…then it hit him.

“DAMN! I didn’t get her number.”

As she walked home she thought her day was perfect, she got
a chance to get out, buy her poinsettias and had a nice conversation
with a great looking guy. As she walked upstairs she realized
he didn’t ask for her number and what was worse she didn’t
offer it.

The next day she dressed made some calls and a little after
three she made up her mind to go back downtown for Winterfest,
tonight was the orchestra, fireworks, choirs, movies
and the tree lighting to officially kick off the Christmas
season. She started walking towards the bridge and thirty
minutes later she was a part of the crowd. As she approached
the square she could hear the choir singing Christmas carols
so she started humming along and decided to do some gift
shopping. While she was walking around doing a little window-shopping
she stopped to get a cup of coffee then she heard the orchestra
warming up, so she made her way through the crowd and found
her a spot where she could see everything. The square went
pitch black then the music and fireworks began; she sipped
her hot coffee as the crowd “oohed and aahed” and children
squealed. “The next cup is on me, ” a voice said from behind
her, she turned and there were those eyes again. “Hi Jon”
she smiled “ it’s spooky running into you again, it’s fate.”
he said “ More of a Christmas miracle that you could pick
me out of this crowd.” she answered “ No it’s fate, you stopped
in front of me.”

They stood there and watched the last of the fireworks then
the lighting of the tree, as the crowd cheered she felt how
close he was to her, it was almost like he was touching her
without putting his hands on her. “So, what are your plans
for the evening?” he asked, “I’m going to get some dinner
and then, go home!” they both started laughing, “do you
mind if I tag along?” he asked “of course not.” “So what are
we having?” “Well, I was in the mood for Szechwan” “Then
Szechwan it is, but, with one stipulation” “and that is?”
she asked raising her eyebrow “I pay for dinner.”

Dinner was casual and laid back, the conversation was light
(they did more laughing than anything) and she discovered
he had a great sense of humor, he was easy to talk to, he paid
for dinner she bought the coffee. They spent the evening
walking around, talking and taking in the sights and sounds
of the season. They had walked and talked for so long that
they had lost track of time and didn’t realize it until the
lights were dimming and the music became softer, almost
sensual. They were one of the few couples still walking
around. “I have really enjoyed spending this evening with
you, ” she said softly kissing the corner of his mouth “
I had a great time.” Bowing deeply he smiled and said, “Why
thank you Madame, I hope you know that I’m not about to let
you walk across the bridge in the dark, so, follow me.” He
took her hand and led her to the parking lot, he was parked
a couple of rows from the entrance and he was still holding
her hand as he opened the car door, she stepped forward to
get into the car, so he pulled her to him and kissed her…and
of course she kissed him back. The kiss was very soft, very,
passionate and she fell deep into it but then commonsense
kicked in and she slowly pulled away placing her head against
his chest and listening to the rapid beat of his heart. He
couldn’t breath, he wrapped his arms around her and held
her to him hoping he wouldn’t have to let go…and so did she
but after a few moments he let go so she could get into the
car. While he made his way through traffic he was trying
to think of a way to keep her close to him just a little longer,
turning down her street they slowly approached her house.
“Well, this is where I live and this” she said with a smile
handing him a slip of paper, “is my cell number, give me a
call when you have time.” “Dena, we don’t have to end the
night, would you like to go for a drive?” “Sure” she said,
not ready to leave him yet. He backed out the driveway and
headed down the street.

As he drove, a light snow was falling and he had no idea where
he was going, all he knew was that she was with him and he wanted
to keep her as long as possible. He looked at the woman sitting
next to him with her head leaned back against the headrest
singing softly to Anita Bakers “You Bring Me Joy”. Her skin
was a beautiful shade of brown. He touched her with the back
of his hand, she turned to him and smiled… his soul went weak.
“You Bring Me Joy” was one of her many favorite songs by Anita
Baker and hearing it now at this moment she felt the words,
then, he brushed her cheek and she went warm all over. She
watched him as he drove, then she placed her hand on his wrist
and as if it were a signal he took her hand laced his fingers
through hers and kissed her hand, it felt right. “ Did you
really drive to Mentor ?” she asked laughing, he answered,
“ I didn’t know where to go, I just started driving. To be
honest, I just wanted to spend more time with you, ” he said
as he pulled into a mall parking lot. The snowfall had become
a little heavier “would you like to go and look around?”
he asked “sure” she said and before she could get her coat
zipped, he opened her door and took her hand as she stepped
out, and held onto it. As they walked through the parking
lot they fell into a get to know you conversation, she learned
that he was married once and ran his own business, his favorite
color was hunter green and he enjoyed music and football.
He learned that she had also been married, worked in the
home care business, favorite colors were red and black
and she enjoyed football and music,

After they were done walking through the mall, she stopped
at a window that had a Leo diamond display, “Aren’t they
gorgeous? I don’t care for jewelry let alone diamonds,
but I love his! I figure that if I keep to my budget, I should
own one of those in five maybe six years, nothing flashy,
just one simple stone.” she said “It is lovely, which setting
do you like?” he asked her looking at her reflection in the
glass, “I don’t know, I’m torn between the pear shaped and
the Marquise, maybe if I wait ten years I could get them both.”
She laughed and he smiled at her. They made their way to the
exit, then stopped dead in their tracks, the parking lot
was completely snow covered. “Oh my God, ” she said softly
as they walked to the car and tuned the radio to a news station.
The sudden snowfall had caught the city off guard, the snowplows
hadn’t been assigned yet and they didn’t know when they
would be able to get the roads cleared. “I’m so sorry, ”
he told her as he slowly drove through the parking lot. “
I didn’t know, I should have watched the weather, ” he explained.
“No, it’s ok, ” she reassured him “ you didn’t know the weather
was going to change so suddenly. I can’t believe I’m stranded!”
softly he said, “I wouldn’t let that happen, I have a place.”

After making it slowly through the snow he turned into a
beautiful neighborhood that looked as if it had stepped
out of a Currier & Ives portrait, all of the houses were
perfect! He slowly drove halfway down the block then turned
into a driveway, pressed a button and the garage opened
driving in he announced, “ We’re here.” stepping out and
opening her door. “ We’re where?” she asked “ My parents
home.” He opened the door and told her to make herself comfortable,
“make myself comfortable? How am I supposed to do that?
I am in a strange house with a man I’ve seen exactly twice!”
she thought to herself. He came in with his arms full of wood
and went into what looked like a family room, “Why are you
still standing here, come on have a seat.” He said taking
her hand and leading her to the room. She sat on the couch
and watched as he stacked and lit the logs in the fireplace,
he told her to relax and disappeared for a while, when he
returned he had a bottle of wine and two beautiful glasses.
“I was assuming but if you would rather have coffee or tea
I could get that for you.” he smiled, standing to take her
jacket, “ this is fine.” she smiled nervously. He walked
to the fireplace adjusted the logs, replaced the screen
and turned on some music, “ Is there something wrong?” he
asked sitting on the couch. “ It’s too late for music, you’ll
wake your parents.” He laughed “My parents can’t take the
northern winters anymore, so they winter in California
they won’t be back until the spring. So I stay here and housesit
for them until they return, plus during the winter I don’t
have a long commute because I live outside of Painesville
.” He told her.

He picked up the bottle of wine and the glasses took her hand
and they walked into the living room, the soft scent of burning
wood, the crackling fire and the music made her feel warm
and less nervous. She sat down and he handed her a half glass
of wine and sat beside her. “ To the beginning of many more
great evenings…without snow, ” he laughed as their glasses
touched. “Here, Here.” she laughed taking a sip of wine,
it made her warm and more relaxed, as they slid back on the
couch they realized how close they were sitting and just
leaned into one another, she laid her head on his shoulder
and curved into him, He was in Heaven! His arm was around
her and this made her head tilt up slightly and then he kissed
her. He softly pressed his lips to hers, then he felt her
lips part, he slowly ran the tip of his tongue along the inside
of her mouth, his probing tongue found hers and it was as
if he got an electric shock. He caught her off guard but she
enjoyed it, she softly held his face she tilted her head
and as his tongue sunk deeper she swirled hers around his.

She placed her hand into his lap and gently rubbed her palm
over the half grown lump in his pants and as she gave his penis
a squeeze it rose higher. He placed his hand under her shirt
lifted her bra just enough for his hand to cup her breast
and his thumb to rub her nipple, he pushed her bra above her
breast, licked her nipple then placed it in his mouth. She
felt his hand pull on the zipper of her pants and felt the
warmth of his hand as his thumb found her clit; she nearly
lost consciousness as his fingers slid between her wetness.
She stroked his penis and felt the stickiness of cum as it
oozed from its tip, she matched her stroke to his slow steady
stroke and felt his breath quicken but he kept his pace.

Every since he met her she occupied his mind, his every thought,
all he wanted to do was to be near her, touch her. He hadn’t
meant for it to go this far, but he couldn’t help himself,
he could have waited he wanted to wait but then he kissed
her and that was all it took, the smell of her skin, the taste
of her mouth, it was just something about her and he wanted
more. He moved her hand from his throbbing penis and slowly
made his way down her body, easing her pants off as he kissed
his way down her body pausing long enough at her navel to
run the tip of his tongue around it before he let it dip in,
he slid her down to the floor, with his hands on her hips he
lifted them gazed up at her then watched her face.

She had never done anything like this before, it wasn’t
like her to give in to passion like this, she had always been
the voice of reason during a time of insanity and this was
insane. His hands were all over her and she loved it, it was
as though he knew what she liked, what she wanted and how
she wanted it, each touch felt like fire on her skin. She
looked in his eyes and felt her body quiver, as his fingers
massaged her wet pussy, she saw a slight smile cross his
lips and she let out a moan, as his tongue circled her hard
clit he slowly slid his fingers in and out and she knew he
controlled every movement of her body.

Holding her ass in the palm of his hands he gently sucked
her clit and felt it grow harder as she squirmed at his touch,
he slid his tongue down into her wet pussy and was determined
not to move until he got what he was after. His tongue licked,
tasted and enjoyed every inch of her, with each moan she
made the deeper he went, he placed his thumb on her clit and
each gentle rub matched the stroke of his tongue bringing
her closer to orgasm. When he knew she was on the edge, he
let his fingers take over, sliding back up beside her and
kissed her never missing a stroke, then whispered in her
ear “look at me, I want to see you cum.” She opened her eyes
looked at him and moaned breathlessly “ make me, ” knowing
that she was on the verge. He kissed her once again and increased
his pressure on her clit, as her hips rose to meet his hand
she moaned. Moving his fingers inside her he felt the first
tremor of her body, looking into her eyes thrusting deeper
and quicker he asked “ will you cum for me?” “Yes” she moaned,
“then open your eyes and show me.” She looked into his eyes
arched her back and her body shook with the force of her orgasm,
he smiled, kissed her deeply and pulled her close to him
and held her until her breathing slowed and she fell asleep.

She was satisfied, she had been five years celibate and
had forgotten how good it felt to be with a man, she laid her
head on his chest and ran her fingers slowly through his
chest hair, as she listened to the beating of his heart she
fell asleep. She felt very comfortable and warm and dreamt
that she smelled coffee, opening her eyes she bolted up
realizing that she wasn’t home and this wasn’t her bed,
she remembered the snow and being on the floor. She looked
down and seen she had no clothes and they were nowhere to
be found grabbing the quilt she started to wrap it around
her then she saw a robe, picking it up she slid into it, when
she turned around he was walking towards her in a robe smiling
with cups in his hand, setting them down he kissed her “Good
morning baby”, “ Good morning” she said softly smiling
remembering last night and slightly blushing.

“I have some good news, ” he said “ the roads are finally
cleared so I can take you home, I took your things and put
them in the laundry so you could have fresh clothes when
you got out of the shower.” “Thank you so much” she smiled
“but first I fixed us some breakfast, there’s juice, bagels,
sausage and of course coffee. I’ll scramble the eggs when
we go downstairs. How did you sleep?” “Very well thanks,
how did I get up here?” she asked, “I wanted you to be comfortable, ”
he said, “so I carried you up and held you in my arms all night
until I fell asleep, then I got up to listen to the weather,
do laundry and plus I wanted to fix you breakfast to thank
you for last night.” “I should be thanking you” she smiled
as she took a sip of coffee. “Make yourself at home, I’m going
to jump in the shower.” He kissed her on the forehead and
walked down the hall. Closing the door behind him he stood
in front of the mirror, ran the sink full of water and started
to shave, he thought about taking her home although, he
didn’t want too but he knew the time was coming and he would
deal with it then. Turning the shower on he adjusted the
water just as he liked it, as the hot water fell over his shoulders
he couldn’t stop thinking about Dena and last night then
he felt the throbbing of his dick. She was standing by the
tub, dropping her robe to the floor she slid the door open
and stepped into the shower, he turned to her rubbing his
hand over his face to remove the water, she looked up into
his eyes “I was coming to keep you company then I thought,
why waste water taking two showers” she stepped closer
to him picked up the soap and started lathering his body.

As her hands rubbed his chest she moved closer to him, he
could feel the heat coming from all over her body, she placed
her hands around his neck and pulled his face to hers, rubbing
her face against his she sucked on his earlobe then kissed
him on the neck and across his cheek until she reached his
lips then she slid her tongue into his mouth. He backed her
against the wall slid his hands over her breast rubbing
her hardening nipples, taking his mouth from hers he put
her nipple in his mouth and sucked it hungrily, his other
hand slid between her legs and he placed his fingers into
her hot slippery pussy. She pushed his hand away smiled
at him and started massaging his hard dick, she dropped
to her knees licked the tip of his dick and it disappeared
into her mouth. Looking down at her he watched as his throbbing
dick disappeared into her mouth, he couldn’t believe what
she was doing or how hot her mouth was, it took everything
in him not to cum. She pulled his dick from her mouth pushed
it up against his stomach and placed his balls into her mouth,
his legs shook. She licked the purple head of his dick, pulled
the skin back and popped it back into her mouth; the suction
of her mouth combined with the rhythm of her hands and tongue
drove him crazy. He tried to pull away but he couldn’t, she
cupped his balls in her hand and with her middle finger massaged
the vein between his balls and his rectum. She felt his balls
tighten in her hands so she increased the pressure and her
rhythm, he looked down at her head bouncing back and forth,
laid his head back on the shower wall and a growl escaped
his throat as he exploded into her mouth. Breathing rapidly
he pulled her to her feet and kissed her as if he were a starving
man and she was his only nourishment, she looked up at him
smiled then stepped out of the shower and dried off.

She went into the bedroom placed her hair in a ponytail and
dressed then went down into the kitchen and poured herself
a cup of coffee and stared out of the kitchen window, she
couldn’t believe what had just happened, what she had done?
she had never been the type to have sex with a person that
she knew nothing about, she had always been cautious. He
stood in the kitchen door and watched her, he felt that they
were a part of each other and he hated to have to take her home,
but for now they could enjoy each other’s company for breakfast.
“So, ” he asked “how would you like your eggs?”

They had a nice leisurely breakfast, then they cleaned
the kitchen, then came the part he dreaded, he had to take
her home. He helped her with her coat wrapped his arms around
her waist and kissed her neck, and then they went to the garage
and backed out of the driveway. The roads were in good shape
so they had no problem getting through the city. “Would
you like to get together later?” Jon asked, as he drove down
her street that was still snow covered “I’m sorry” she said
“ I have two clients the next two weeks, I won’t be off until
the week of Christmas.” He backed into her drive, so she
wouldn’t have far to walk through the snow, he got out walked
around to open the car door then walked her to the door. “Thank
you for last night” she said smiling shyly looking down,
he lifted her chin where he could see her eyes, kissed her
and said “No, thank you for this morning.” Then kissed her
again. He got into the car, drove off and they both regretted
him leaving.

She went in and checked her voicemail, she had calls from
her son, uncle and the daughter of one of her clients who
wanted to know if she could stay a couple of days with her
mom for extra pay of course, while she left on business,
so she returned the call, showered, packed a small overnight
bag then called her family.

Grace was one of her clients she had known what seemed like
forever, they became fast friends the moment they met and
kept in touch even when she was in Columbus talking twice
a week on the phone for hours, when she told her she was coming
back, Grace was ecstatic about having her old caregiver

When she arrived at her clients home she let herself in and
went straight to her room to put up her things and wash her
hands stopping in the kitchen she checked the freezer to
see what she would be preparing for dinner then she went
into the living room. “Graacie, ” she called “Deena” was
the reply that came back to her followed by laughter, as
she turned the corner there sat Grace, her daughter and
son in law “Dena, I am so glad you’re staying here for a couple
of days, give me a chance to win back my money I lost last week.”
Grace said smiling “Not in this life old lady, I always bring
my A game.” Dena retorted. They talked about the coming
holidays and what Dena had done on her day off, Dena told
her about her going to winter fest for two nights and how
she met Jon. “I would like to meet him, “He’ll be alone for
the holiday, so, why don’t you invite him here for Christmas
dinner with us, we’ll have a nice relaxing meal.”

She couldn’t stop thinking about inviting Jon to Christmas
dinner, but she was skeptical so she decided that if he called
she would ask him. She hadn’t heard from Jon so she figured
it as being two people who just needed company and found
each other, she poured herself into her work. The Sunday
before Christmas she returned home after working all-night
and lay across her bed while checking her messages when
her cell rang.

“This is Dena, ” she answered “This is Jon” was the reply.
“Well, hello stranger, how are you?” she asked a little
breathless. “ Let me start by apologizing to you, I had to
leave town on business, that’s why I haven’t called, but
not one minute passed that I didn’t think about you, us,
and I would like to see you if it’s possible.” “I would love
that” she said softly “but I am still working some odd hours
until the twenty-third but after that I will be off until
the eleventh.” Then she felt the courage to ask him, “ Would
you like to join me for Christmas dinner with a few friends?”
she asked scared he would say no. “ I don’t want to impose
on you and your friends” he said “you won’t be, you were already
invited, but if you have plans I’m sure they’ll understand.”
“No, ” he answered “I would be happy to, if I have to wait
a few more days to see you, then I will wait.” Great!” she
said smiling, “ could you pick me up at nine Christmas day?”
“Sure.” He said, “I’ll see you then, I can’t wait to see you
again” he said softly “I can’t wait to see you either. Goodnight”
She said then she hung up.

Dena couldn’t believe that she had actually invited him
to spend Christmas with her and one of her clients, what
in the hell was she thinking? She had second thoughts and
started to call him back to cancel but once again common
sense took over and told her everything was going to be ok,
she pushed it from her mind and began preparing for work.
She went grocery shopping for her house and did some shopping
for the dinner they were going to have, picking up chicken,
turkey and other things then dropping them off at Graces
since all the cooking was being done there, she cooked the
cornbread for her dressing at home then put it together
once she got to the house. The next week seemed to pass in
a blur. Before she knew it, it was Christmas Eve so she started
preparing so she wouldn’t have to be rushed in the morning.

She spent the morning getting things she needed packed
up and on the porch so when Jon came he wouldn’t have to wait
on her to get ready, then she jumped into the shower. She
was standing in her bedroom trying to decide what she was
going to wear when she heard a knock on her door. Opening
the door she was shocked when she looked into Jon’s eyes,
“Good Morning Baby, Merry Christmas!” he said with a smile.
“You’re early!” she said shocked clutching her bathrobe.
“I know I couldn’t wait to see you, I put everything in the
car. Forgive me?” she couldn’t help but smile and say, “of
course I do but I’m not dressed so, come in and warm up.” He
followed her in, she took his jacket then went into the kitchen
and got him a cup of coffee and some hot cinnamon buns then
she excused herself and went to get dressed, after fifteen
minutes she stepped out of the room with her jacket and announced
“I’m ready.”

When they got to the bottom of the stairs he opened the door
and just as she went to walk past him he grabbed her and kissed
her, he smiled “mistletoe, ” “What mistletoe?” she asked
then he opened his hand, “you are sneaky” she laughed. When
they were in the car she gave him a little background on Grace
and her family so there wouldn’t be any surprises. They
arrived a little before nine a.m taking her key she let herself
in, they stepped into the kitchen and all the holiday smells
hit at once, “it smells fantastic in here” Jon said taking
in a deep breath, “ is that homemade bread I smell?” Yes it
is, ” she said. After all introductions were made the men
were shooed from the kitchen with snacks and drinks in hand
then the women took over. It was a great dinner with lots
of conversation and lots of laughs and she found herself
staring at him and when he looked at her she couldn’t help
but to blush and smile.

After the kitchen was cleaned and plates were made to take
home everyone exchanged phone numbers and said their goodbyes,
Jon hugged Grace and Marie, patted Sean on the back and made
plans to get together for new years for brunch, dinner and
of course football. Driving back to her house they talked
about how much fun the dinner was and how much everyone loved
him. They made it to Dena’s and got everything out of the
car, then sat down to actually talk to one another one on
one. “I hope you didn’t have other plans, ” she said “ I didn’t
mean to occupy your entire day.” “Believe it or not, I didn’t
have any plans for today because with work I actually forgot
about it being Christmas until you invited me and I am so
glad you did. “He said taking her hands “I am too.” She smiled
kissing him softly on the lips. “ I have coffee, coco, spiced
and regular tea, so pick your poison.” She laughed “I leave
it totally up to you.” He said kissing her hand.

She went into the kitchen and when she returned she had hot-spiced
tea, a dessert tray, a bottle of Jack and a shot glass. “I
didn’t know if you wanted a little extra kick to your tea
or not.” She laughed. They sat on the couch drinking their
spiked tea laughing, wrapped in each others arms talking
about every and anything, “I almost forgot, I’ll be right
back.” She said jumping up walking out of the room, when
she returned she had a small wrapped box in her hand, “I have
a habit of noticing things about people, ” she said handing
him the box “I noticed that you don’t have a watch, it’s nothing
extravagant or anything. He stared into the box then he
looked at her, “I lost my watch on a job site and I never took
the time to replace it, ” he explained pulling the watch
from the box, “it’s perfect, thank you.” He said as he placed
it around his wrist “You’re so welcome, Merry Christmas.”
She smiled. When they were through laughing and talking
it was after two so they kissed and said their goodnights.

She spent the next few days taking down her Christmas decorations
and getting ready for New Years Eve, her tree was stripped
until all that was left were the bows and lights, she placed
her poinsettias around the base of the tree then she took
all the lights from around her windows and replaced them
with electric candles. She grabbed her totes and walked
over to the Westside Market and found some beautiful white
poinsettias. Walking through the market she could her
parents telling her she need to cook some pork, black eyed
peas and greens for good luck in the coming year and she couldn’t
help but smile, so she bought a pork roast, some greens and
some white beans (she couldn’t stand the taste of black
eyed peas) then she went home. She cleaned, washed and soaked
the beans she washed the roast and cut a small piece off to
cook with the beans then she marinated the rest of the pork
roast wrapped it and placed it in the refrigerator… then
the phone rang.

“Hey old lady!” came the voices in unison from the other
end and she laughed, “Hi bad children” she answered back
to her daughter, son-in-law and son. They called to thank
her for the gifts and to send love, she told her daughter
that she would be sending the boys Valentines Day through
the mail but she would be bringing Easter because she wanted
to bring the boys back with her to stay the summer, with that
said and talking to each child it was time to talk to her boys.
“Gramma!” came the voices over the phone and her eyes filled
with tears, “Hi babies! How’s grannies boys?” she asked
fighting back tears as they began to roll down her cheeks,
they began thanking her for trucks, cars and bicycles,
then it was time for goodbyes and sending kisses through
the phone. She told all five children that she loved them
and told her son-in-law to wish his parents Happy New Year
for her and then she hung up.

It was New Years Eve, so she decided to by a couple of bottles
of champagne because she always wound up with company,
the sounds of Kenny G’s “Millennium" played in the
background as she went into the kitchen turned the T.V on
with closed captioning to the news and started cooking,
she decided to make a red velvet cake along with some deviled
eggs and potato salad. When she was done, she went into the
dining room and loaded her CD changer with Temps, Smokey,
Luther and Cole, then tossed in Aretha and Anita and her
music was set for most of the evening she turned up the music,
went into the bathroom ran a tub of hot water and slid down
into it, the combination of water and the fact that she was
tired took its toll and after a few moments she dosed off.
In a distance she heard ringing, then she tried to figure
out why she was wet, opening her eyes she saw that she was
in the tub and her phone was ringing, grabbing her towel
she stepped into the kitchen to answer the phone whoever
it was had hung up and she had forgot to turn on the answering
machine before she got in the tub.

Music wafted through the apartment, she went into the bedroom
put on lotion, slipped into a pair of shorts, sweatshirt
and thick socks picked up her book went into the living room
and curled up on the couch to read. She was about to dose off
when she heard someone knocking on her door, “Just a minute.”
she called out as she went down the stairs, she opened the
door and Jon was standing there “Happy New Years Eve” he
said smiling “ hope I’m not disturbing you.” “ No, you’re
not I was just reading. Come in. “ she told him. As they walked
up the stairs he said “It was close to New Years and I just
took a chance and came by hoping you’d be here and also hoping
we could bring the year in together.” “Of course we can”
she said smiling. They went upstairs and into the kitchen,
put the champagne on ice, got snacks then went into the living

They set up New Years Eve camp on the living room floor where
they listened to music, ate, laughed, and talked as midnight
came closer Dena went into the kitchen and grabbed the champagne
then turned the T.V on so they wouldn’t miss the countdown,
poured them some champagne. They danced to all the songs
doing all the dances they could remember from their childhood
trying to see who had the worst ones, they were laughing
so hard as they fell on the couch tears were rolling down
Dena’s face, Jon took her face in his hands and wiped them
away then he kissed her on both cheeks, as the countdown
began she pulled him to her and kissed him just as they announced
the year two thousand nine. She didn’t know what had gotten
into her, but she had to have him, as she kissed him she placed
her hands under his shirt and didn’t take her mouth from
his until his shirt was under his chin, as she raised the
shirt she started kissing his chest and once the shirt was
off she went back to his lips, he quickly started pulling
on her sweatshirt and she wiggled out of it and he noticed
she wasn’t wearing a bra and he wondered what else she was

She straddled him pressing her breast to his chest as her
tongue slid deeper into his mouth, she started unbuttoning
his pants then pulled at his zipper, as it slid down she pulled
his dick out and he placed his hand into her shorts a moan
escaped from her lips and he discovered how hot her pussy
was and she wasn’t wearing underwear and that made his dick
rock hard. He pulled her shorts down when they were at her
knees she opened her legs wide enough to where she could
slide down onto his throbbing cock, once she was all the
down she leaned back slightly placing her hands on his knees
and slowly hip rocked him, he put his hands on her waist and
felt his cock grow harder as he watched her pussy slide back
and forth on his cock. He had never experienced anything
like it, the contrast of his white cock sliding in and out
of her brown wet pussy had him mesmerized and he took his
thumb and started rubbing her clit, she smiled.

She took his hand placed his middle finger in her mouth and
sucked it as if it was his dick swirling her tongue around
the tip then she placed it on her clit and he slid into her
wet pulsating pussy and eased it in and out. She was on the
verge of coming and so was he, she eased off him took his hand
and led him to her bedroom, he sat on the side of the bed and
pulled her to him kissing each breast then her stomach she
bent down, kissed his mouth, chest then lowered her mouth
to his hard cock, she looked up at him and said “Watch.” He
watched as his cock disappeared into her hot mouth, her
hot mouth felt so good on his cock that it took everything
he had not to thrust or cum, he ran his fingers through her
hair guided her head up and down, she felt his muscles tighten
but she didn’t want him to cum she wanted to feel him cum in
her, without taking her eyes off his, she pulled his dick
from her mouth kissed the head, laid beside him on the bed
put two fingers into her hot wet pussy and said softly “Fuck
Me!” as she got on all fours pressing her chest into the mattress.

He pulled her to the edge of the bed, she was in the perfect
position, and then he rubbed his dick between the lips of
her wet pussy and damned near lost it as he entered her. She
was so wet and felt so soft that he had to fight the urge to
cum, he couldn’t, not now because he had dreamt of this from
the moment he laid eyes on her and it was more than he imagined,
the way she felt, moved… it was ecstasy. He leaned over her
back and cupped her breast massaging her nipples as she
moaned at his touch, he ran his tongue along the center of
her back and when he reached her ass he smacked it with the
palm of his hand, she responded with a sharp intake of breath
and a soft “Yes Baby.” He very slightly increased his speed
and he could feel her muscles milking his shaft, he didn’t
want her to cum not yet. He turned her over slid the length
of her body and attached his mouth to her clit while he tongue
fucked her, he took his hands and pushed her thighs as far
apart as he could and buried his face between them, licking
and sucking gently as he rolled her clit between his fingers.
He wanted to see her face, replacing his mouth with his fingers
he moved them inside her watching the wetness from her pussy
cover them, her eyes were closed but her face had a glow about
it, she ran her tongue across her lips opened her eyes and
smiled at him and shuddered.” No, don’t cum yet.” He whispered,
he pushed her knees back and entered her almost losing control,
she was a perfect fit, tight enough that he could feel her
vaginal muscles contract but it also felt like it was cradling

Breathing heavily she rose up on her elbows, laid her forehead
against his then kissed him, she took her hand and wiped
the sweat from his face, then looked down between them and
watched him fuck her. The brownness of her hairless pussy
swallowing his hard white cock excited her even more, placing
her lips close to his ear she whispered, “ See how well you
fit in me, ” and she wrapped her legs around his waist, that
was all it took. He smiled, and then kissed her, each time
he rammed into her she moaned, “Fuck me.” His pace intensified
his thrust quickened, he couldn’t hold out any longer,
the wetness of her pussy, the milking of his hard cock was
sending him over the edge and his pace grew harder, raising
her legs over his forearms he went deeper, she arched her
back and he heard her moan his name and then it happened,
her muscles contracted so hard that when she came so did
he. She felt his cock jerk then hot cum shot from him, he buried
his face in her neck and as she put her hand between them gently
squeezed his balls and massaged his throbbing cock as it
shot wave after wave cum.

She was sleeping peacefully. He had watched her all night,
running his fingers through her hair and he had to have her
one more time, pulling the cover back he eased down the bed
gently pushed her thighs apart and buried his head between
them. Spreading the lips of her pussy he lightly licked
her clit then gently began sucking, her pussy was getting
wet, he moved his fingers in her softly and she stirred in
her sleep, he moved his fingers in and out as he sucked her
clit, she started to move to the rhythm of his hand, he moved
slightly quicker and so did she becoming wetter and wetter.
He slowly removed his fingers and started to tongue fuck
her, she moaned and thrust towards his mouth, she felt warm
all over, opened her eyes and saw his head between her legs,
he looked up at her pushed his fingers inside and smiled
“Good morning, ” “Good morning” she moaned. He moved up
towards her not missing a stroke and whispered in her ear
“ would you do me a favor? “Yes” she said breathlessly “Cum
for me.”

There was a far and distant ringing sound then she heard
a voice softly say “Hello?” rubbing her eyes she sat up and
leaned against the head of the bed just as Jon entered with
a tray.

He stood in the doorway, smiled and said “Good Morning Beautiful”
walking towards her with a tray of coffee and some Danish,
sighing deeply she smiled and said “Good Morning Sexy”
as he sat the tray down and bent to kiss her “I’m sorry tried
to get the phone before it woke you I was on my way upstairs
with my suitcase when it started ringing” he explained
“it was Sean calling to remind us about brunch and today
the men will be cooking dinner so the women can relax.” “OK!”
she laughed, “when did you leave to get a suitcase?” she
asked trying not to sound like she was prying.

“I never left, I travel a lot for my job and sometimes I have
to leave in the spur of a moment so I learned the hard way to
keep a suitcase packed and in the car so I don’t have to drive
all the way home pack then rush for a plane… I can just leave
from work.” He explained, “that’s smart, I would have never
thought of that.” She said

After they had their light breakfast and showered they
lounged on the bed wrapped in each other talking and laughing,
at some point she fell asleep, he held and watched her then
dozed off. She was awakened by kisses on her neck and the
whisper of, “Hey baby it’s ten we have to go.” “Awww baby,
do we have too?” She asked turning over to kiss him softly
on the lips. “As much as I hate to say it we do.” He answered
rubbing his thumb back and forth across her hardening nipple
as she pulled his tongue into her hot mouth.

Despite their late start, they arrived at Sean and Marie’s
in time for New Years brunch, they were having such a great
time laughing and talking, Marie and Dena tossed pillows
on the floor, sat down with their coffee and talked about
everything under the sun, including Grace’s care. Jon
watched her; he loved her smile, her laughter, he couldn’t
help smiling to himself, then Sean came up with the idea
to catch a movie and a late dinner… both women cheered. After
dinner and the movie they went back to Sean and Marie’s for
the car and said their goodnights.

After arriving at Dena’s, they sat in the car laughing and
talking about the day and about how much fun they had, they
went upstairs and gathered his things she fixed few things
for him to take with him. He kissed her and didn’t want to
let her go, he loved the way she felt in his arms, it felt as
if this was where she belonged right in his arms… and she
felt the same way. He hated working after the holidays,
everything always seemed to be backed up plus the days never
seemed to end and to top it off this time he was spending a
lot of time traveling back and forth and a lot of time on the
phone talking to Dena at the end of the day.

Dena had three more clients added on to her schedule along
with Gracie so she was busy but she made time for phone calls
from Jon, she missed him being around…Hell, she just missed
him, she didn’t realize how much he had become a part of her
life…and her his. For the past two weeks she was extremely
busy with work and barely had time for conversations with
Jon, calling now and then to find out how his day was and how
he was doing. She finally got the weekend off and a chance
to go grocery shopping for a few things, she had been so busy
that she hadn’t realized it was Valentines Day until she
was half through the store, she had bought more than she
had intended and had to call a cab to get home. She paid the
driver after he had helped her get her bags to the porch,
she grabbed three bags and climbed the stairs grabbed three
more placed them on the counter “Happy Valentines Day Baby”
she turned…and there he was smiling at her holding the rest
of her bags. She couldn’t move, her heart skipped a beat
and all she could do was look at him and smile. He sat the bags
down, opened his arms and that was all it took, she slowly
walked to him looked up at him smiled and said “Hey you.”
He took her hand and pulled her to him and kissed her, he missed
her so much, the taste of her mouth, the feel and smell of
her skin and when he touched her it made his heart ache and
he was going to make sure she knew just how he felt.

He pressed his throbbing cock against her while his hands
rubbed her ass, she leaned against him so he could feel the
hardness of her nipples and ground her pelvis into his hard
cock, lifting her shirt over her head he was happy to see
that she wasn’t wearing a bra; pulling her pants at the waist
he eased them down her thighs stopping to kiss her on each
cheek of her ass, turning her to him he kissed her as he lifted
her to the edge of the counter, his hands was all over her
and she loved it. Her mouth never left his as she unzipped
his pants and let her hands slide over his hard throbbing
cock, she heard him inhale sharply and slid her tongue deeper
into his mouth, he lifted her from the counter moving to
the table, pulled her to the edge and entered her, she was
so wet that he almost lost it. God, how she had missed him,
his touch and at this moment all she could do was think about
how good he felt in her. She felt so good, he pulled her legs
up higher and slid deeper into her… “Jon” she whispered,
“fuck me” that was all he needed to hear, he couldn’t get
deep enough into her and he wanted it to last a little longer
but her moans affected him as he drove deeper and harder
into her, with each stroke he felt her hot wet pussy contract
around his dick knowing she was on the very edge of orgasm.
He sat in the chair and pulled her on top facing him and watched
as she fucked him, she wrapped her hand around his dick stroking
him while she rhythmically slid her wet pussy back and forth,
she raised his face to hers, kissed him looked into his eyes
and increased her rhythm. She was in control now, she knew
he was on the verge of cumming and she wanted to keep him there,
she softly licked his lips and slid to her knees placed the
head of his dick into her mouth and sucked him gently, she
felt his body shift and start to stiffen, she stood up straddled
him and slammed her hips into his. His eyes never left hers
as she ground her hot pussy on his willing dick, he felt her
shudder and a loud moan escaped her lips and as if it were
orchestrated they came. “Welcome home baby” she kissed
him “I have something for you” he said softly against her
lips, without moving her he reached inside his pocket and
when he opened his hand there was a beautiful half karat
ring set. “I’m not asking you to marry me, ” he said placing
the rings on her finger “I’m asking you to think about it
as a possibility in the very near future.” “I will, ” she
said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

She stood up shakily and as she walked towards the shower
she paused, looked over her shoulder and said breathlessly
“don’t forget to bring your suitcase in.” He smiled, he
wasn’t planning on leaving soon…not without her.

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