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Stormy Sundays (FM: 1-on-1) Fiction


Stormy Sundays


Arthur E. King

It was another bland Sunday morning in Michigan. The sky
was that beautiful clear blue, the air was crisp and clean,
and the new spring grasses sprang into frantic life along
with all of nature after the winter season had ended. My
son was away visiting his grandparents for the long weekend,
which left me all alone for now. Time to catch up on some much
needed work.
Unfortunately, the blank page stared at me menacingly,
like some unwilling participant in some strange experiment
gone awry. Still, I typed furiously away, until there was
something to mar the perfect white complexion of the screen,
but it never seemed quite right, and I made liberal use of
the backspace key.
“Ugh!” I stood up in disgust, unable to concentrate. I
walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of orange
juice, coughing and spitting half of it up a moment later
when the doorbell rang. After taking a second to clean up
the mess, I went to check who it could be .
Tall... Nice Tan... Dark hair... Where have I seen him
before? I wondered to myself. I couldn’t shake the feeling
of familiarity, but neither could I place where it was I
had last seen that face... Still, I opened the door for him,
and I could see his face light up at the meeting.
“Shanna! I was hoping you were home!” The deep husky timber
of his voice caught me off guard as recognition suddenly
flooded into me. Aaron... The name echoed in my mind. He
smiled that self-same dazzling lop-sided grin that always
made him look like he knew more than he was willing to tell.
“It’s been a while, but I was in the neighborhood and thought
I’d stop by. You know, see how you’ve been and all that.”
Almost in a daze I stood aside and let him enter my home,
my inner sanctum. I tried to speak, but words failed me,
and so my jaw just hung there, open like a fool. My mind couldn’t
quite accept the reality of him, at least not yet.
As he brushed past me, I could smell the hint of that musky
odor he always wore, that damn cologne that always used
to irritate the hell out of me, now seemed different, like
a pleasant memory. In that brief second when his eyes slowly
surveyed the living room that stood in such utter disarray,
my eyes wandered of their own accord down his body, catching
sight of the broad shoulders that towered above me, down
his back hidden by the white t-shirt, to the tight buns and
slender muscular thighs that lay behind those blue jeans.
Self-conscious of my appearance, I straightened my rumpled
shirt, and pulled up the faded old jeans that were still
the most comfortable thing I owned. I quickly ran my fingers
through my dirty-blonde tresses, hoping to weed out some
of the snarls and tangles that my brush had missed this morning.
I’m still not quite sure why I wanted to look good, or really...
Why I was so afraid to have him see me how I really was.
“Hey nice place you got here. You must’ve re-arranged
the furniture a little. Looks nice. More open...” Slowly
he turned around, and I lifted my light blue eyes to meet
his deep grey ones. There was a smile there, a spark of something
unknown, but I couldn’t place it, and I looked away.
“Did you want something to drink? I’ve got some O.J. or
I could make some coffee, it’ll only take a minute.” I tried
to keep my thoughts ordered. It had been so long since I had
seen him last... And my mind wouldn’t let those memories
“No, I’m alright. I could use some water, but that’s about
it.” Something about that deep baritone voice just crawled
inside me, awakening something I didn’t even know existed,
but refused to acknowledge.
“I don’t suggest you drink the water, it’s brown on good
days, and that ain’t today.” I laughed then, well, more
of a giggle really. I couldn’t remember the last time I had
laughed, and meant it.
“O.J. it is then!” That easy charisma still got to me...

I took a few minutes to get him a glass, while he cleared
off a place at the table for us both to sit down. It still surprised
me that he knew exactly where I would have put everything,
but then again, Aaron was always like that. He always knew
me better than I knew myself.
We sat down, and it was several minutes before either one
of us said anything, we both just stared at the orange juice
in front of us, taking scattered glances at each other before
hurriedly looking away again. When we finally did speak,
it was of course, both at the same time. We laughed, he demurred,
and I took one deep breath to steady myself before speaking.
“So really Aaron, how long has it been? Two years? Three?
And you never called. Not even once. And suddenly you just
show up on my doorstep? Where have you been all this time?
And what are you doing back?” I tried not to bombard him with
too many questions all at once. Tried and failed. Nervousness
will do that to ya.
But he just smiled that same lop-sided grin, and took it
all in stride. “Two years, seven months and five days, give
or take a second. I never called because I lost your number.
I found myself a new job with a company, but it ships stuff
all across the country, so I’m never in one place for very
long.” He had kept his eyes glued to the table for the rest
of the conversation, but suddenly he lifted them up and
stared directly into my eyes, like he was seeing into me,
searching for something. “This has been the first time
I came back to Michigan, so I thought I’d ring you up.”
I opened my mouth to say something to that, when all of a
sudden, the power went out. It was only then, with the lights
off, that I realized how dark the sky had gotten. I took a
quick look out the window and could see the storm building
in the distance. Having been through this a number of times
before, I was prepared, and that part of my brain just kicked
“Oh darnit. It looks like it’s going to be a bad one. You
should probably stay here I guess, my basement is pretty
solid if there’s a twister warning.” I could tell my voice
had changed... It had grown an edge of steel to it, that he
had never heard before. I had always been the shy, compromising
one, and this change surprised him. Still, he listened
to me.
We locked all the doors and windows, closed all the shutters,
lit some candles and took them downstairs. The creak of
the stairs as his heavy booted feet thumped down upon them
was reassuring in many ways, but it reminded me of just how
flimsy this tiny house really was. The dust that fell from
the ceiling tickled my nose and almost made me sneeze, but
I managed to contain it as we descended into the inky blackness.
The basement shelter took on an oddly appealing appearance
as the flickering shadows flittered along the walls. The
darkness gradually gave way to a pleasant light as we lit
a few more candles than were absolutely necessary. Somehow,
Aaron found the old radio we kept down here and after a few
moments, tuned it into a news channel.
“There is a tornado watch in effect for Michigan state.
Please remain in your homes, and stay off the roads.” The
announcers voice came over loudly through the static.
Off in the distance I could hear the low rumble of thunder
as it rolled across the plains. A shiver ran down my spine.

“You always did love thunder storms...” I turned around
quickly, almost having forgotten Aaron was even there.
“I seem to recall you saying ‘There’s just something romantic
about a thunder storm, the way the lightening flashes,
the way the rain slaps against rooftops...’” There was
something in his voice that I couldn’t quite identify.
Fear? Anxiety?
It’s just a warning, it’s not like there’s really any danger...
But still, in my head, I knew that there’s always that small
chance that today might be the big one... The one that hit
home... My home. I shivered a moment, and Aaron took off
his jacket and wrapped it around me. It still smelled of
that same musky cologne, and a good honest sweat. It was
a warm comforting smell, and sent those shivers far away.
Still his arm lingered a while along my shoulder, and I turned
from him.
For a long time, we did nothing but sit there, waiting for
the power to come back on, not really talking, but listening
as the rain began to tap against the roof far above. The light
pitter-patter turned more forcefu, l and it soon became
a constant staccato of pin-drops, echoing in the empty
house above us.
Thunder crashed nearby, and I jumped, startled out of
my reverie for a moment. Still, I caught my breath and began
to concentrate, inhaling slowly, and exhaling slowly,
rhythmically, letting my fears wash away with the rain.
As I breathed in, I could smell the candle smoke, the damp
leather, and closeness of him. I almost didn’t register
the music as Aaron changed the station, turning the dial
until he hit something he recognized, one of the real oldie
The soft sound of Ella Fitzgerald sung out as the radio
played “Isn’t it Romantic” and I could feel Aaron’s arms
around my waist. It felt natural, normal, like it was something
that happened every day, rather than something that I had
forgotten how much I ached for. I began to swing my hips gently
to the music, and we just stood there for a long time, swaying
back and forth, not really dancing, but just letting the
music move us as it will.
I could feel the heat from Aaron’s skin as he leaned close
and whispered into my ear, “Do you remember the last time
we danced like this?” His deep rumbling voice was calm,
assured, and oh so very right.
I didn’t speak for a long time, not wanting to break the
silence with my words, but eventually, I needed to answer.
“Not really, ” I lied. “It was so long ago, I’ve forgotten
by now.” I had to close my eyes again... This time against
the tears that threatened to well up unbidden from the depths
of my soul.
“It was just before Christmas four years ago. We went to
the annual Christmas party. Your husband was off drinking
himself into a stupor like always, and I told you that a beautiful
lady shouldn’t be alone on such an evening.” He smiled at
the memory, and I could hear it in his voice... “You told
me that I had better go find one then, before they’re all
“And you told me you already had” I finished, smiling myself
by now. I turned around in his arms and held him so we could
dance properly. I looked up into his eyes and couldn’t help
seeing something there... Something that I still couldn’t
quite put my finger on yet...
“Why didn’t we ever go out?” He asked. I stiffened in his
embrace at the question, not quite sure where this was headed,
but I tried to answer honestly.
“Well I was married for one.” I tried to ignore the strong
hand that had slid down to the small of my back, pressing
me close to him as we danced slowly. I tried to ignore the
questions that were racing through my mind... Tried to
ignore the small bead of sweat that was slowly making it’s
way down my cleavage and itching like crazy.
He nodded at that, and was silent for a long while. The song
on the radio changed, but we kept dancing slowly. It was
just too precious a moment to waste on such petty differences.
“Well... You’re not married anymore...” He leaned in close
to me, and bent down, his hand turning my head up to meet his
waiting lips. I let it happen, in part because I needed the
illusion of love, and in part because I needed to feel like
a woman again.
It was a wonderful kiss, his lips were warm, and wet, inviting.
It was hard to let it end, but I knew it had to, and I broke away
from his grasp, ending the hypnotic swaying which had so
captured my attention. “We can’t do this Aaron. You know
we can’t.”
“Why not?” His eyes cried a thousand times in that moment,
hurt, broken, but accepting. He kept his distance, though
I knew it was killing him. “You know you want this just as
desperately as I do. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll
admit it.”
I shook my head, unwilling to accept that truth. “You’re
just going to leave again in the morning. Just like you always
leave.” I couldn’t stop the tears now, they filled my heart
and spilled over. “Every time we ever got close, you always
left. That’s why I married Dan instead of you. Dan was...
Stable.” Or at least, until the booze got him he was... But
I left that part unspoken.
“Not this time Shanna.” I could hear the emotion in his
voice, see it in his face, taste it in the sight of his tears.
“I lied before. I wasn’t in the neighborhood on assignment.
I quit.” He lifted his pain-filled eyes to mine, and stared
into me. “I came here because I wanted one more chance, to
see if what was between us ever had a chance, or if it was all
just wishful thinking on my part.”
I shuddered again. This time, not at the cold, nor at the
thought of losing my home or my child, but from trying to
suppress the sudden surge of desire inside me. It had always
been there, but I had denied it for so long, I had forgotten
what it felt like. Here is a man, willing to put everything
on the line for me... Why can’t I just accept him? Why do I
have to question everything?
Aaron took two steps closer to me, closing the gap between
us as the wind howled and raged just outside. The thunder
crashed again, startling me, and making me jump into his
arms, and this time, I didn’t pull away. Oh God, if this is
wrong... Please forgive me.
I stepped into his embrace, and pulled him to me, just holding
him close for a long time, letting the scent of him comfort
my fears, and when I lifted my head to gaze longingly into
his stormy eyes, he met mine with a need that echoed my own.
I saw myself in those eyes, saw the wonderful woman he saw
there, and for that moment, needed to be that woman. For
him, and for myself.
When we kissed again it was like lightning. Our lips sparked
as they met, but we ignored the surprise, laughed about
it, and kissed anyways. His tongue met mine for a brief moment
as I pressed my mouth to his, and I could feel my body melt
into his arms, needing him so desperately. My knees almost
buckled, but his strong arms held me up and I giggled around
his lips as I regained my balance.
“You know it’s been...” My voice failed me. I tried to speak
again, but his finger touched my lips, and I knew there was
no need. I just smiled, and licked his finger playfully,
to which he immediately withdrew the offending digit and
wiped off the spittle on his pants. Neither of us could stop
laughing for a while after that, but it was an easy laughter,
full of the quiet intimacy of friendship.
Still, we didn’t let go, our hearts and minds wouldn’t
let us. The laughter eventually subsided, and as it did,
I could feel Aaron’s hand making it way beneath my shirt,
and up my back. The feeling of it was frighteningly intimate.
I had a hard time accepting it, and a harder time to keep my
hands above his belt-line. Then his hands unclasped my
bra, and I didn’t care anymore.
While one of his hands undid my bra, the other wandered
down my back, and caressed me through my jeans. Meanwhile
I busied myself trying to unbuckle his belt while my mouth
examined his, tasting him with fervent passion. Somehow,
his unexpected appearance, the power-outage, the danger
of the storm outside, and the memories of our shared past
had kindled a fire inside me that would not be denied.
My breath began to come in short, sharp gasps, and I tried
to breath between our kisses, but I needed him more than
the air. I broke our tender embrace for the briefest of seconds,
and in moments, the white t-shirt I had been wearing lay
on the floor along with my white cotton undergarment. I
hadn’t been expecting anything like this, but somehow,
what I had been wearing in the moments before were unimportant
now. The only thing that mattered now was the feeling of
his hands on my breasts, and his lips so close to mine.
I arched my back slightly, my skin aching for the touch
of those strong calloused fingers, the hands of a working
man. Soon though, his lips left mine only to reappear a moment
later on my neck, gently nipping the tender flesh there
and exciting me, making me wonder what else lay in store.
His kisses traveled further down, and soon his skillful
hands were replaced by an even more skillful mouth, licking,
kissing, gently nibbling... It was as if I could feel myself
coming alive under his touch, as if everything before was
but a distant memory of touch, and this was the true, truest
expression of life.
If this is Hell, I don’t ever want to see Heaven... Was the
only coherent thought that made it’s way through all the
twisting tendrils of pleasure assaulting my brain at that
moment. Somehow, through the pleasurable distractions,
I had managed to unbuckle that terribly stubborn belt,
and for a brief moment feel with my own two hands, the effect
I was having on him. It was a surprise to see how hard he was
already, and we had barely begun... The thought of him inside
me was a joyful agony.
I tore his lips from my skin, just long enough to rip his
shirt from his body, revealing the toned, tanned muscles
underneath. My hands roamed free about his torso, and as
his lips brushed mine again, my hands clenched, my nails
digging into his back as if the sensation of his lips on mind
had no other release. I could feel his body tense with the
pain, but he just smiled around my lips as if it only heightened
his desire.
The next few minutes were spent frantically exploring
each others bodies as each of us struggled to relieve the
other of their clothes first. In the end it was a tie, as we
both ripped off our socks at about the same time. Who might
have been the victor was unimportant, because we were both
about to win.
Aaron took a blanket off of one of the nearby shelves, and
lay it out upon the cold floor, then he stood there a second,
his beautiful body framed by candle-light, while he saw
me in my nakedness. It was hard to maintain my composure
under that glare, those all-seeing eyes that could judge
from on high... “You’re so beautiful...” The words hadn’t
even left his lips before I ran to his waiting arms.
Our bodies met again, this time without the annoying impediment
of clothing, and my mind was assaulted by innumerable sensations
at once. The hard blanket-covered floor beneath my feet,
the cold storm air prickling my skin, the mouth and hands
that were by now familiar, now joined by the solidness pressing
into my stomach, and the blistering heat inside my body
that urged me on.
I cried out with the crashing thunder as his hand slid between
my thighs, feeling the wetness not caused by the rain. For
a long moment, I clenched my thighs together, not because
I didn’t want him to go farther, but because I needed to remember
this moment. Then when I finally relaxed, my legs couldn’t
hold my weight anymore and His strong hands helped me to
my knees. He smiled, and kissed me again, those wonderful
full lips pressing into mine.
Then ever so gently, he pressed me down, backwards onto
the floor, and willingly I complied. As my back met the solid
ground beneath me it steadied my nerves. At last, I had something
solid to rely on, it was a comforting feeling. As odd as it
sounds, it helped me to accept Aaron’s hands on my body,
when every other time I might have felt hesitant to allow
him to do what he will.
Somewhere in the storm, the outage, and everything else,
I had allowed myself to release the inhibitions that had
so held me back all this time. It was frighteningly freeing,
and intoxicating at the same time. The heady scent of his
old cologne had gone straight to my head, and left me unwilling
to say no.
And no was precisely the thought that I had in my head right
at that moment... No... Don’t stop... Kept repeating inside
me, over and over... And somehow, he heard those words and
complied... For soon, his head lay between my thighs and
I could feel the hot breath of him on my most sensitive skin.
The moist tendril of his tongue snaked it’s way inside me,
twisting inside, and eliciting all sorts of sensations
that I had forgotten even existed.
First inside, then all around, he searched, touching
and caressing, letting that warm wetness glide silky-smooth
upon me, pleasing me like nothing else could. The fires
within my belly that yearned for him swelled to greater
heights, searing my insides with their heat. It was a ferocious
need for him that his lips upon my body could never satisfy,
no matter how skillfully they were applied. Without words,
I let him know what I needed, above all else.
He heard my plea, but refused to comply. He just smiled
and returned to his feast, this time with renewed vigor.
When he finally placed those full, hungry lips upon my rose,
it was electric, and the shock was almost more than I could
bare. For a time I was lost within myself, the swirling chaos
within my mind echoing the hungry vortex that surely raged
outside these walls. For a blissful eternity I knew neither
sight nor sound, only the purest, most exquisite feeling
I had ever known, indescribably powerful, potent, and
immensely pleasurable all at once.
Only as my senses returned to me did I notice Aaron laying
beside me, watching the expressions on my face as I fell
down from my natural high. I could only imagine the expression
on my face as my mind changed from wonder, to awe, to excitement,
to joy, to gratitude and love all within a second. I could
feel my body shaking and shuddering as if from a great distance,
or perhaps as if it was happening to someone else. After
all, this had never truly happened to me before. Dan could
never have been this patient, this selfless, this giving,
and my body’s reactions showed that more truly than anything
else could ever have.
Slowly comprehension dawned on me that we were both laughing
once again, and I couldn’t precisely explain how or why,
only that it felt right. It felt more right than anything
had in so very long a time. I took the time to stop giggling
and catch my breath, all the time gazing longingly into
his eyes, the fiery passion within me not nearly sated.
My hand lay gently upon his chest, and I let it wander down
to feel him once more. He closed his eyes as I closed my grasp
about him, catching his breath at the sensation, but opened
them again smiling. I had to have him at that moment, and
damn the consequences. I rolled myself on top of him, and
guided myself down upon his throbbing member. As he entered
me I arched my back and caught my breath, my skin still sensitive
from the recent overload.
So I sat there astride him for an endless moment, just enjoying
the closeness, needing this as much as any other part of
the experience, and wanting to remember that feeling for
the rest of my life. Aaron merely lay there beneath me, his
hands upon my hips, gently steadying me and no more. I knew
I had to look quite the sight, still flushed from a moment
before, with my hair a disgrace and without any make-up,
but I didn’t care. Instead, I needed to return to him the
gift he had given me, needed him to feel what I had felt, to
go to that place, and come back to me afterwards.
And so I moved. Slowly at first, a barely perceptible motion.
Grinding my hips against his in slow, soft circles. Tensing
my body as he touched places inside me. One of those lovely
calloused hands slid slowly down my hips and he repeated
my own motions against the crux of my desire. Slow soft circles
with the pad of his thumb, circles that threatened to overwhelm
my senses once again.
I sped up my pace, and built up momentum in the process.
Soon, instead of slow and gentle circles, I ground myself
down upon him and pushed up until but the tiniest portion
of him lay within me, then I fell back upon him once again.
Each time, piercing myself upon him, I could feel his taut
muscles beneath me tensing, building with desire, gaining
momentum as I drove home upon him once more.
We moved as one, our rhythm matching that of the pounding
wind outside, and the pleasant beat of the music still emanating
from the tiny radio not far away. It was as if nature and coincidence
had made this moment just for us, two lovers lost in each
others arms. Both of us could feel the pressure of this moment,
the pressing need in both our hearts to have this one last
moment just for us.
The song was building quickly to a crescendo, and so were
we, miraculously I could feel something inside myself
building again. I had never experienced this before, and
in part it was a surprise that this could happen again to
me so soon, but I knew that this was a fuller, more intense
experience than ever before. Dan was the only man I had known
before, and it was a rare occurrence to break through that
dam a single time. With Aaron it was different, and I knew
it always would be.
As we pushed against one another, I knew it would not be
long before he could hold out no longer, and he sensed it
too. Wanting me to join him in that release, he hurried his
ministrations, his thumb doing wonders unlike any I had
felt before, as his other hand pulled me down for his kiss.
I could taste myself upon his breath as our lips met, the
salty tang a not unpleasant, but unfamiliar flavour. Our
kiss deepened, as if that kiss alone could satisfy our lust
for each other, as our motions took on a more frenzied note.
Then everything went to hell all at once. I could feel the
spasms of his release as I lost my mind once more, my entire
body on fire with the strength of our passion. At the same
time, there came a terrible noise, a vicious howling blast
of sound that carried our cries of pleasure away on winds
of fate. In some distant, logical part of my mind I knew what
was happening, but I was lost beyond all caring as we both
attained our goal in that brief, shining moment.
It might have been ten seconds, or ten lifetimes later,
when we finally came to. I could feel the wind upon my face,
and hear rain dripping down from above, and very little
else. The noisome twister had left a ringing in my ears,
and the candles had all been extinguished in the blast.
The cold draft that wafted around me sent a chill throughout
my body and raised a scattering of gooseflesh.
“Aaron...” I ventured. “Are you alright?” The laughter
beneath me told me all I needed to know.
“Not at all. I think I’m past being alright, skipping over
good and great, and moved directly into fantastic.” The
humour of it was infectious and I couldn’t help but laugh
“Damn it’s cold in here. Can you see at all? We gotta find
our clothes before we freeze to death.” Our hands struck
out in the darkness, searching for any clothing that might
be available.
“Umm.. That’s not your pants Aaron...” I said with a whisper
of patient annoyance in my voice, trying to ignore where
his hands had gone.
“True, but at least it’s one way to keep my hands warm...”
Ever the comedian.
In due course we finally managed to discover the bulk of
our clothing, although my bra and his socks were pretty
much gone for good. We managed to find a candle and a match
to light it with, and began to survey the damage, and a way
out of the predicament we were in. As we struck the match
and shone light upon our situation, we had a sense of the
devastation the wind had wrought upon my home.
Although the area of the shelter was still mostly secure,
when we finally emerged from the wreckage we knew just how
great the damage was. All that was left of my home was the
basement beneath it. Every other thing I owned lay strewn
about an area nearly a mile wide, from the picture of my family,
to the favourite couch I used to sit on. I knew that there
would be almost nothing I could salvage, and yet, somehow
it didn’t bother me...
“Oh no!” I heard Aaron call out. “My truck! Look at what
that twister did to my truck!” I glanced over to see the twisted
hunk of metal nearly cut in twain by a telephone pole. Somehow
it struck me as funny to see him so distraught over the loss
of his vehicle when I had just lost everything I owned, and
so I began to laugh. He stared at me for a long moment, thinking
I must be insane for laughing, but soon he saw my point, and
laughed with me.
Our laughter continued on for a long moment, and it ended
only as our lips crushed against one another once more.
All the possessions in the world made so little difference
now. The insurance would cover them, and we had found something
infinitely more valuable. Each other.

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