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Stewarts Virgin


Stewart was dozing in front of the TV. Camille, his wife,
was away on business and Paula, their daughter, was at her
senior prom. Poor Paula. She'd sulked as she got ready
for the prom. All the other girls were wearing deep-cut
and figure-hugging dresses and Paula's was not only
pink, it hid every feminine part of her body. Nobody could
see her small waist or her lovely rounded hips, and there
was no cleavage showing off her ripe d-cup breasts. Stewart
remembered the fight the previous weekend when Camille
had made Paula take the lovely black number back to the shop
and get this instead. Stewart had tried to talk some sense
into Camille, but she'd just played the old "She's
my daughter" card again. It was true that Camille
had given birth to Paula before she met Stewart, but as far
as Paula was concerned, Stewart was the only father she'd
ever known. He'd been there to hold her hand when she
learnt to walk, he'd taught her to ride a bike, he'd
built her a tree house and he'd been there to comfort
her the first time a boy broke her heart.

Things hadn't been going well with Camille. They'd
been a couple for 18 years now, but they never did anything
together anymore. Camille spent all her time in her shop
and travelling on business. He didn't remember the
last time they'd fucked and it didn't matter.
Camille had been a dead fish in bed for the last few years.
She was 55 now and of the opinion that sex was for the younger
generation. He'd never felt the age gap as strongly
as he did now. When they met she'd been a vibrant 37-year
old with an appetite for life in general and sex in particular.
He'd been 22 years old, fresh out of college and amazed
that there were women like Camille. He'd fallen for
her hook, line and sinker and he'd proposed to her within
months, despite his family's protests. Until now
his only regret was that they hadn't had any children.
He loved Paula with all his heart, but he'd always dreamt
of having a big family. Lately he'd been thinking more
and more of leaving Camille and starting a new family before
it was too late. He hadn't done anything about it because
he knew how devastated Paula would be. But Paula was going
off to college soon. It was a time for changes and it was time
for him to start looking for a new life.

The sound of the ringing phone woke Stewart from his dreams.
He looked at the clock. It was eleven. Who would be calling
at this time of night? It wouldn't be Camille and all
of Paula's friends were at the prom. He wasn't
on call so it wouldn't be the clinic. He answered the


"Dad, " Paula was sobbing into her cell phone.

"Yes, baby, " he said in a worried tone. This
didn't sound right. "What's wrong?"

"I want you to come and pick me up, " Paula continued

"Sure thing, honey. Where are you?"

"I'm in the car park at the Rose Motel, please

"I'll be right there, sweetheart. Don't
you worry. And call me on my cell if you need me!"

He was wide awake now. He grabbed his car keys off the table
and ran out to his truck. The Rose Motel? What the hell was
she doing there? The prom was at the Excelsior Hotel. He
broke every speed limit to get there. When he pulled into
the car park he saw a pink bundle hiding in a dark corner.
He stopped the car and ran straight out to her.

"Paula, " he said as he wrapped his arms around
her shaking frame. "It's alright. Daddy's
here. I'm gonna take you home."

He stood up and tried not to notice how her ripped dress showed
off a naked breast as the bra had also been torn. He slowly
walked Paula to the passenger side and helped her in. He
got back in the driver's seat and drove home in silence.
Paula was still sobbing when they came home.

"Should I call the police and have a doctor come and
do a kit on you?"

Paula shook her head. "It didn't go that far."

Stewart breathed a sigh of relief. Whatever had happened
to his little princess tonight would be repairable. She
hadn't been scarred for life.

"You get out of those clothes and have a shower. I'll
have some hot cocoa ready for you when you come back downstairs."

Paula shot him a grateful glance for not yelling at her or
blaming her for getting in trouble, like her mom would have
done. He heard the water running upstairs and he made two
cups of cocoa. He put a few extra marshmallows in Paula's
cup and then he sat down at the kitchen table and waited for
her. He didn't have to wait long. Paula soon reappeared,
looking much better. Gone was the smeared makeup, the tussled
hair and the torn hair. She was wearing cotton pyjamas and
her long red hair was tied into a wet ponytail.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" he said
as Paula started sipping her cocoa.

"Billy Taylor's parents are out of town this
weekend so we were all heading to his place for a party at
the end of the prom. Linda had thrown up because of the alcohol
in the punch and Sarah had a fight with Chris so I was alone
in the limo with Dean, Chris and Scott."

Stewart watched her take another sip of cocoa. He could
picture the three boys, whom he'd known since they
were toddlers, slightly drunk and alone with a girl in a

"Dean started fooling around, kissing me and stuff, "
Paula continued. "Then he slipped his hand under
my dress and started feeling me up. Chris and Scott were
watching so I told him to stop, but they told him not to and
then they wanted to join in. Chris grabbed hold of my arms
and Scott tore my dress to fondle my breasts while Dean pulled
my panties off. I struggled as much as I could and told them
to stop, but they didn't listen. Dean got his cock out
but he couldn't get between my legs so he let go of them
while he repositioned himself. That's when I saw my
chance and I kicked him in the crotch. He screamed and Scott
stopped what he was doing so I bit his hand. Chris then let
me go and called to the driver to stop. That was outside the
Rose Motel. They threw me out of the car and drove off."

Stewart swore inside his head. He really wanted to get in
the car and drive over to the Taylors' house and show
those stupid boys a thing or two. But he knew it didn't
solve anything.

"Are you OK now, baby?" he asked softly and placed
his hand on Paula's.

"Yes, " she smiled back. "Thank you,
daddy. I'm glad mom's not home tonight."

So was Stewart. Camille would have found a way of blaming
Paula for getting herself in that situation to begin with.

"And you know what the most stupid thing is?"
Paula looked at him.


"It's that I was gonna let Dean go all the way tonight.
I'd decided that prom night was going to be the night
I lost my virginity. I'd even bought condoms."

Stewart held back a smile. He was glad that creep Dean wasn't
going to get his baby girl's cherry.

"Thanks for being so understanding dad, "
Paula kissed his forehead. "I'm off to bed now."

"Good night, darling, " he said and watched
her lovely ass sway as she walked away. He decided it was
time for him to hit the sack as well. He wasn't scheduled
to work tomorrow, but he had plenty of paperwork to get through
this weekend. He'd finally decided. He was going to
sell his share of the veterinary clinic, apply for a divorce
and move back east where his family was. His parents were
old and his brothers and sisters had families that he'd
never met. As soon as Paula's graduation was over he
was going to make his move so it was high time to get his paperwork
in order.

Stewart woke up with a start. He looked at the alarm clock
next to the bed. It was 2 a.m. What was that noise he'd
heard? Now he heard it again. It was Paula. She was crying
out for someone to stop. He jumped out of bed and ran to Paula's
room. There was no-one there. Just Paula, tossing and turning
in her sleep, crying out for help. She was having a bad dream.
He sat next to her and shook her lightly.

"Paula, sweetheart, " he whispered, not wanting
to frighten her. "Wake up! You're having a bad

"Daddy?" Paula opened her tear-filled eyes
and looked at him. "I was dreaming that I was in the
limo again."

"I know, baby. I know." Steward wrapped his
arm around her and stroked her hair. They sat like that for
several minutes until Paula's breathing calmed.
Slowly it dawned on Stewart that Paula slept in the nude.
Her firm breasts were naked against his chest and all of
a sudden he was very aware of her erect nipples. Even worse
than that, he was in the habit of sleeping naked when Camille
was out of town and he'd run into Paula's room without
remembering to put on a dressing gown. He could feel his
cock stirring, reacting to the feeling of Paula's
firm breasts and lovely hard nipples.

"Dad..." Paula pulled back in his embrace and
smiled at him. "I love you."

"I love you too, pumpkin."

Paula leaned against him again. First her breasts hit his
chest and then her luscious lips started caressing his
lips. Tentatively at first, but then more demanding and
he could feel Paula's tongue trying to make its way
inside his mouth. He resisted for a moment, but then he gave
in. She kissed him deeply, playing with his tongue in his
mouth. Her hands caressed his arms and his back and he allowed
his own hands to cup her breasts and his thumbs teased her

"Oh yes, daddy, just like that! Don't stop!"
she panted and he had no intention of stopping.

This time he kissed her. His tongue started feeling its
way around her mouth. Her response was delightful. As he
played with her young, firm tits she ran her hand down his
chest, lightly caressing his stomach and then wrapping
around his rapidly hardening cock. He pulled away and gasped
at the feeling of her soft hand around his meat.

"Baby..." he started, but didn't know
what to say next.

"What is it dad? Am I doing it wrong?"

"We shouldn't be doing this. I'm your father."

"And the only man I've ever loved, " she
said honestly. "Please don't stop. Please help
me chase these bad memories away."

With those words Paula slipped down and wrapped her lips
around his cock head. He felt her tongue licking off the
pre-cum inside her mouth and he gasped with pleasure. Her
mouth was wonderful. He couldn't remember the last
blowjob he'd been given and he moaned with pleasure
as she traced the veins in his now hard cock with her tongue.

Stewart leaned back and watched Paula's pretty red
head bobbing up and down over his crotch. The sheet had fallen
off and he could see her rounded ass and her glistening pussy
in the wardrobe mirrors. He kept hitting the back of her
mouth. She had one hand cupping his balls, another hand
around the base of his shaft, and then her mouth. Her beautiful
mouth tried to swallow more and more of him. Then she swallowed
and he felt himself disappear deep into her throat. She
swallowed again. She was a woman possessed around his meat.
He started moving his hips to meat her. It was suddenly unclear
if he was fucking her mouth or if she was blowing him. He wanted
to stay like this forever, but he couldn't hold back
anymore. He let out a roar of extreme satisfaction, pulled
her head real close and shot his load down her throat.

"Sweet pea, " he said when he finally withdrew
from her mouth. "That was fantastic."

Paula moved up to kiss him, he could taste his cum on her tongue.
"I enjoyed that too, daddy."

"Now I guess I should give you something in return, "
Stewart said tentatively, wanting Paula to have an option
to get out now before they went too far.

Paula rolled back to the middle of the bed and suggestively
parted her legs. His sharp intake of breath when he saw her
neatly trimmed red triangle made her smile.

"Are you hungry, daddy?" she said a bit insecurely,
reminding him that even though she was great at playing
the seductress, she was still a virgin.

"You bet I am, " he replied and moved to between
her legs.

He caressed her legs. He softly moved his fingers from her
calves to her thighs, stopping to gently massage the insides
of her thighs with his thumbs. She writhed with pleasure
and he could see her juices slipping through her slit. He
moved his head down and kissed the inside of her thighs while
parting her legs wider. He didn't stop until her swollen
pussy lips parted themselves before him. Her pussy was
opening itself like a red rose and he breathed in deeply
to smell its sweet perfume.

Paula moaned out loud as she felt his tongue on her clit.
He teased it and moved away. Then his lips came down on hers,
kissing her pussy deeply, letting his tongue invade her
wet hole. He had to use his hands to keep her hips still. He
looked up and she was kneading her tits with pleasure. He
sucked on her clit and then he tongue fucked her again. Her
juices were flowing freely and he slurped up every drop.
With one hand holding her hips in place he moved his other
hand down to where his mouth was. He started sucking hard
on her clit, flicking his tongue across it to tease it further.
He entered her pussy with one finger, then two fingers and
then he finally managed to get a third finger in. She was
deliciously tight. He finger fucked her furiously. Her
juices ran into his hand and he looked forward to drinking
them. He sucked and flicked her clit. Paula's moans
got louder and louder. She'd never experienced anything
like this and the pleasure was taking over her body. She
soon cried out in joy and released her first orgasm. Her
body was shivering and her cunt was gripping Stewart's
fingers tight as he kept pumping and sucking her clit until
she finally stopped shaking.

Stewart gently withdrew his fingers and licked up all of
Paula's juices. Then he crawled up next to her, cupped
one of her breasts and teased the nipple with his thumb as
he kissed her deeply, letting her taste her own pussy on
his lips and tongue.

"Thank you daddy, " she whispered. "That
was amazing."

He smiled at her, aware that his cock was now hard again and
pressing against her thigh. "I'm glad you enjoyed
it, darling. Do you want to go to sleep now?"

"I can't do that!" she exclaimed with a

"Why is that?"

She wrapped her hand around his hard shaft again. "You
haven't fucked me yet. Please fuck me daddy. I want
to feel your hard meat inside my cunt."

Her choice of words surprised him slightly and delighted
him even more. Yet he took his time. "Are you sure this
is what you want?"

"I've never been surer of anything in my life.
I love you daddy, please fuck me!"

He couldn't say no to such a sweet plea. His lips left
Paula's and travelled down to her firm d-cup tits.
With one nipple safely resting between his thumb and index
finger he descended his mouth on the other. He sucked her
nipple hard. He ran his fingers lightly around her tits
and sucked and bit the sensitized nipples. Paula's
breathing got heavier. He reached down between her thighs
and scooped up fresh pussy juices. She was as ready for him
now as she'd been when he'd invaded her with his
tongue and fingers. It was time for her to feel what a man
felt like.

Stewart placed his legs between Paula's parted thighs.
He ran his pre-cum covered head up and down her juicy slit.
She moaned and raised her hips, showing him how much she
wanted him inside. He applied a bit of pressure and his cock
found its own way inside her tight hole. They both gasped.
Paula couldn't believe the size of the meat that was
invading her virgin cunt and Stewart couldn't believe
how deliciously tight she was. He slowly inched his way
inside until he reached a stop. He leaned forward and caressed
her tits. She moaned for more. He slowly pulled out a bit.

Without warning and with enormous power he slammed his
hips into her wet cunt. Paula screamed out in pain and he
put his weight on top of her and kissed her tears away. It
didn't take long for her to adjust to his size and forget
the pain as her cunt now throbbed with pleasure around him.
He slowly slid out, making sure she felt every inch of his
cock as it moved around inside her. When he was almost completely
outside he slid back in. She moaned and met him with her hips.
She wanted him deeper. He didn't let his cock leave
her wet cunt as he moved her legs up on his shoulders, bringing
her ass off the bed and giving him tighter and deeper access.

Paula tugged and kneaded her tits before his eyes as he started
pumping her cunt. He moved faster and faster, inching deeper
and deeper inside. They were both sweating and breathing
heavily. They fitted each other perfectly. His thick cock
was like a hand in an incredibly tight glove. He knew that
this was where his cock belonged. His balls slammed into
her pussy juice wet ass and his pubic bone sent shivers through
her clit every time he thrust himself inside her. He was
going at an unstoppable pace. The only sounds in the room
were the creaks from the bed, the wet slams of fucking and
their heavy breathing.

She started to lose control first. Her eyes went blank and
she started shaking underneath him. He leaned forward
to kiss her and shoved himself deep as her cunt convulsed
around his fucking shaft. As she cried out her pleasure
he finally allowed himself to cum. He made a final thrust
into her tight cunt and let out a roar of satisfaction. He
emptied his balls deep inside her throbbing cunt and collapsed
on top of her.

They lay like that for several minutes until Stewart managed
to move again, slowly sliding his cock out of her warm cunt.
He gathered her in his arms and kissed her.

"I guess I did lose my virginity on prom night after
all, " Paula smiled at him.

"I guess you did, baby, " he kissed her deeply
then stopped.

"What's the matter, daddy?" Paula asked

"We didn't use a condom, " he said.

"But I'm not worried about catching any diseases
from you, " Paula smiled.

"You don't have to worry about that. But I might
have got you pregnant. How far into your cycle are you?"

"Two weeks."

"Two weeks?" It suddenly dawned on Stewart
that his virgin daughter had been absolutely ripe for pregnancy
tonight. "What will we do about college if you're

"I don't want to go to college, " she blurted
out. "Not now anyway. You spent 18 years raising another
man's child, it's about time someone gave you
a child of your own."

"And who would raise it?" he asked tentatively.

"You and me, " she looked him straight into
the eyes.

"You know what your mom would do if she found out we've
been fucking?"

"She'd probably throw us both out. Is that such
a bad thing?"

Stewart kissed Paula deeply. "I don't think
so. You can't tell anyone this, but I'd decided
to leave your mom after your graduation anyway."

"Is there another woman?" Paula asked insecurely.

"There wasn't one until tonight, " he
said honestly. "But now I know who I want to spend the
rest of my life with. We should get married as soon as possible.
I don't want our baby to be born out of wedlock."

"I'd love to marry you, " Paula kissed
him. "But what if there isn't a baby?"

Stewart thought about it. "Then we better make sure
there is..."

He rolled over on his back and swung Paula on top of him. "Ride
me, baby!"

She could feel his cock growing hard between them. "Yes,

He laughed. "You better stop calling me daddy, sweetheart.
I'm selling my share in the clinic and taking you as
far from here as possible. I want us to have a normal life
as husband and wife."

Her hand had jerked his cock hard again. She placed it at
her opening and slowly slid down. "OK daddy, sorry,

With his cock inside her she leaned forward and kissed him.
"I love you, Stewart"

She started riding him and he played with her bouncing tits.
He raised his head to suck on them as he felt his meat being
fucked by her wonderful cunt. He looked down briefly and
saw his cock, wet with cunt juices, disappearing into her
widely spread lips and then appearing again. He reached
down and started massaging Paula's clit. She moaned
with pleasure as she felt his finger there. He sucked her
tit and massaged her clit. She was moaning out loud now.
He knew he was cruel, but he wanted her to cum quickly in this
position so that he could change. She didn't disappoint
him. She soon stopped pumping and froze with him deep inside.
The next moment her body convulsed all over him. She shook
violently as she came.

Stewart didn't wait. He pulled her off him and placed
her on her hands and knees. Her naked hole gaped wide where
he'd just pulled out and he entered her again. With
long deliberate strokes he started fucking her doggie
style. His balls slammed into her clit and she moaned as
she met each stroke. She seemed as insatiable as he was when
he was inside her. They both wanted more. He pulled her up
by her tits and started sucking on her neck. He whispered
his love in her ear as he fucked her faster and faster. He
had finally cum home. He was fucking the wonderfully tight
cunt of the woman who'd once been his daughter and was
now going to be his wife. When he decided he couldn't
hold back anymore he reached around and fingered her clit.
She'd been waiting for him. The moment he felt her cumming
around his pumping cock he released yet another load of
spunk into her wonderful cunt.

It was getting light outside when they finally collapsed
with each other. Stewart pulled the sheet up to cover them
and they fell asleep in each other's arms. After their
good morning fuck Paula once again panted in Stewart's

"Do you still want to do this, Paula?" he asked
her. "Do you want to be my wife and come with me when
I leave after your graduation."

"I love you, da..." she stopped herself. "Stewart.
I love you Stewart. I want to be yours forever."

He kissed her deeply and told her what would happen next.
The next couple of weeks went by quickly. Stewart found
a buyer for his share of the clinic and put an offer to buy
a clinic 15 miles down the road from his childhood home.
It was accepted. Camille didn't suspect a thing. She
was busier than ever and spent more nights away than at home.
This didn't bother Stewart and Paula, they were happy
to be able to sleep together and fuck without worrying about
Camille. Paula was a keen student and quickly learnt new
ways of pleasing her step father, her husband-to-be.

Two weeks after they first made love, and a week before they
were due to leave town, Paula came crying to Stewart's
office at the clinic. Her mom was home this weekend to prepare
for the graduation party.

"What's the matter, sweetheart?" he asked
her, worried that Camille had found out about them and thrown
her out.

"My period started this morning, " she hiccupped.
"I'm not pregnant."

"We'll just have to try twice as hard this month, "
he kissed away her tears.

"You mean you still want to marry me, even if I'm
not pregnant?"

"Of course I do. I love you. You'll get pregnant
eventually and then we'll have a big family."

They kissed deeply and Stewart felt a stir in his pants.
It was Saturday afternoon and there was nobody else in the
office. He opened his fly and took his cock out. Paula knew
what to do next. She got on her knees and sucked him into her
mouth. Her tongue worked expertly on his cock. In the last
two weeks she'd learnt exactly how he liked to be sucked.
She sucked him hard and she sucked him deep. She swallowed
around him. Her tongue moved against his thick shaft and
he heard himself moan. When he couldn't hold back any
longer he pulled her head real close and started fucking
her mouth, deep into her throat. She moaned around his cock
when he finally released his load. As always she swallowed
every drop of it.

He pulled out, tucked his cock back into his boxers and kissed
Paula. He called his lawyer and confirmed that everything
was ready for him to file for divorce the next week.

Paula's graduation went off without a hitch. As she'd
gone off to celebrate with her friends he brought out the
divorce agreement he and his lawyer had been drawing up.
Camille wasn't surprised and she didn't seem
upset either. Camille got to keep the house and her business.
Stewart kept the new business that he'd bought and
where he was going to start working the next week. They quickly
decided on who got what furniture. They didn't mention
Paula's room. Camille assumed that it would stay as
it was, Stewart knew otherwise.

The weekend went by. Paula and Stewart desperately wanted
to announce their engagement. On the Monday morning Stewart
and Camille went to the court and filed for a quick divorce.
They both signed all papers and Camille went back home to
pack for another business trip. She told Paula that she
had to go and stay with her grandparents after Stewart left
for the east coast. Stewart promised Camille that he'd
make sure that Paula was safe.

Paula and Stewart spent the afternoon packing. That evening
he gave her an engagement ring and she proudly wore it to
say goodbye to her friends. When she came home Stewart was
naked. He pulled her into his arms and within the blink of
an eyelid she was naked too. He treaded her onto his erect
cock and walked upstairs to the bed. Landing on the bed,
with Paula underneath him, drove him deeper inside and
they soon exploded. He shot his load inside her as she convulsed
around his shaft.

"Straddle my face, baby, " he said as he rolled
off her. Paula was quick to comply. Her red lips parted just
over his mouth and he sucked up his cum that was mixed with
her sweet juices. With his hands in a firm grip around her
hips he proceeded to eating her.

Paula wasn't slow. She leaned forward and her breasts
hit his stomach like ripe grapefruits. She started licking
her juices off his shaft and he soon grew hard in her mouth.
They sucked each other for a long time. Stewart started
moving his hips up and down to get more of Paula's sweet
mouth. When she finally let go and showered his face in her
wonderful juices he released his load. But something was
wrong. He'd always shot his cum into her throat and
she'd always drunk it like the thirsty little thing
she was. This time he shot into thin air, just as he heard
Paula gasp.

"Mom!" she gasped as she saw the figure in the

Stewart couldn't stop cumming. He shot his spunk in
Paula's face. "Camille!" he looked at
the woman in the door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing in MY
bed, " Camille shouted as Paula climbed off Stewart
and he wrapped his arms protectively around her.

"We thought you were going to be away all week, "
he said to his wife of 18 years.

"That's obvious! So what's this? A goodbye
fuck? How long has this been going on for?"

"It's not a goodbye fuck, mom, " Paula
said. "We're celebrating our engagement."

"You're WHAT?" Camille cried out.

"I'm taking Paula out east and we're getting
married, " Stewart explained.

"But she's your daughter!"

"No, you've reminded me often enough that she's
YOUR daughter. Now she's going to be MY wife!"

"Oh no, she's not. I will not allow it."

"I'm 18, mom, " Paula stepped in. "I
can marry whoever I want. And I want Stewart."

"I'm going to report this, " Camille threatened.

"Report what, Camille?" Stewart stepped off
the bed and walked up to her. "Report that you were
never home. Report that you used me as a babysitter because
God knows that I haven't been your husband for years.
Report that Paula and I, two adults, fell in love and want
to get married."

"I want you and your little whore out of here first
thing in the morning!" Camille shouted and slammed
the door behind her. Shortly afterwards they heard the
front door slam shut.

Stewart returned to the bed and kissed Paula's tears
away. "She was never going to accept our love."

"I know, but it still feels sad. I want her to be happy
that I'm happy, " Paula sobbed.

Stewart wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. He kissed
his way down her throat and stopped for several minutes
on her breasts. He kissed her stomach and parted her legs.
He kissed her lips. Despite the confrontation she was still
wet. He moved himself between her legs and rested his cock
against her slit. He ran his cock head up and down, getting
harder by the minute. As soon as his cock was hard enough
to part her pussy lips he leaned forward to kiss her. This
made his cock slide between the wet lips and into her tight
cunt. He continued kissing her as his hips moved up and down,
fucking her slowly with long deliberate strokes. She responded
wonderfully, wrapping her legs around him and digging
her nails into his back.

They fucked for a long time. It was a slow and gentle fuck,
slowly teasing them both. Then Stewart picked up the pace.
The fuck noises got louder and louder. He slammed harder
and harder. They panted louder and finally Paula squealed
with delight as her body submitted to the pleasure of being
taken. She trembled in his arms and her cunt quivered around
his meat, signalling to him that he could finally give in
and release his load.

The next morning they woke up early and had a quick, hard
fuck against the cold tiles in the shower. They then started
packing Stewart's truck and Paula's car as the
moving van came. The moving men were done within two hours.
Stewart and Paula pulled their house keys off their key
rings and threw them on the floor before letting the door
slam shut behind them.

It was a long drive to get to the east coast. The first night
they forgot to eat dinner, they were so hungry for each other's
bodies. No foreplay was needed. The moment the door to their
motel room closed Stewart pulled Paula's shorts down
and then her panties. He pulled his own pants down and entered
Paula from behind. Her soft folds welcomed him as he penetrated
her. He moaned out loud as he felt how wet she was around him.
He started pumping deep and hard. He grabbed Paula's
hair and pulled her up to meet his lips. This was fucking
at its most primitive. They had primal urges that needed
to be satisfied, fast. They could hear the traffic outside,
but the squishes of his thick meat tearing through her tight
cunt deafened that noise. Steward fucked harder and harder.
Paula moved her hips back to meat his every thrust. They
wanted it to last forever, but it never did. Soon they both
knew they couldn't last any longer and Paula's
cunt squeezed his cock as tight as it could and milked him
of his entire load.

The next day as they were driving along Stewart's cell
phone rang. It was Paula.

"Guess what?" she said in a teasing voice.


"I'm not wearing my shorts or my panties."

Stewart couldn't believe what he heard. "What
did you say?"

"You heard me, " Paula laughed back. "Look
in your rear-view mirror."

He did as he was told and saw Paula holding two pieces of clothing
out her window. He recognised the colors that she'd
put on that morning. He didn't need more encouragement.
He indicated and pulled over to the side. The highway was
virtually deserted. Paula pulled over behind him. He was
out of his truck by the time she stopped her car and he pulled
her out. He pulled her around to the passenger side of her
car and placed her on the bonnet. He quickly dropped his
pants and parted Paula's legs. Her cunt was so wet.
He shoved his cock inside her hungry cunt. He pulled up her
t-shirt and released the clasp on her bra. Paula wrapped
her legs around him. They were fucking furiously. Ever
so often a big truck would go by and honk encouragingly,
but they didn't notice and didn't care.

Paula came first. She almost had a fit with her orgasm and
her cunt seized a tight grip around Stewart's fuck
meat. He didn't stop. He waited until she was done cumming
and getting turned on again and then he released himself.
He could feel that it was a big load that he shot inside her
and a new idea formed in his head. When he was done cumming
he pulled out slowly and held Paula's legs up high.
He let the bra hang loose and pulled her t-shirt down to cover
her tits. He tucked his cock back inside and then he lifted
Paula and carried her around to the driver's side.
He was careful as he opened the door and placed her on the
seat. He reached across her and grabbed her shorts and panties.
He then parted her legs and saw his white spunk leaking out
of Paula's pussy. He wished he had time to fuck her again,
but he didn't. The spunk formed a pool under her pussy.

"I'll take these, " he waved her clothes
in front of her. "And you drive the rest of today with
your cunt dipping in my cum."

He didn't allow her to reply. He walked up to his truck,
threw her clothes in and then started driving. That night
they fucked like animals. The people in the next motel room
even started banging on the walls for them to fuck more quietly.
When Paula had fallen asleep Stewart snuck out and came
back an hour later. Paula was sound asleep.

They set off again early the next morning. This was their
last day on the road. Tonight they'd be fucking in their
own bed in their new home. They stopped and had lunch at 1
and as Paula was getting ready to get into her car again Stewart
stopped her.

"You were a teasing little slut yesterday, "
he said and caressed her tits through the bra. "Do
you know what happens to teasing little sluts?"

"They get fucked by their step daddies?" she
teased him back.

"That's true, " he laughed. "But
they also get punished. Every time you tease me, I'll
tease you twice as bad back. Lean forward."

Paula did as she was told and Stewart undid her shorts and
pulled them down with her panties. She got wet, expecting
him to fuck her right in the car park. Stewart went to his
truck and got a parcel that he'd bought the night before.
He opened it and pulled out a dildo. "Do you know what
this is?" he asked and showed it to Paula.

"It looks like a dildo, but it looks kind of small, "
she said.

"That's because it's not just any dildo.
It's designed to go inside your cunt and keep you thinking
about me all day as you go about your business." With
those words he slid it into her wet cunt. He'd bought
lube just in case, but there was no need for it. She was dripping.
He secured it with his finger and then pulled it out and let
Paula lick it. He pulled up her panties and shorts and waited
for her to do the buttons up. He could see from the dazed look
on her face that she was feeling every inch of the shaft in
her cunt.

"You'll drive with that up your cunt the rest
of the way, " Stewart said and patted her bum, making
her pussy contract around the invasion inside.

After an hour Paula called him on his cell phone. "Fuck
me, please!" she begged him. He didn't reply.
He finished the call and continued driving.

It wasn't long before Stewart recognised the landmarks
they passed. They were almost there now. They first stopped
outside his parents' house. He introduced his fiancée
to them, and conveniently left out the fact that he'd
raised Paula as his daughter. His parents seemed a bit shocked
at the age difference between their son and his wife-to-be,
but they'd learnt 18 years ago that he didn't go
for the obvious choices. They ate dinner together and he
chuckled inside as he saw Paula's pained expression.
She needed his cock badly.

"I think Paula needs to go to bed, " he said as
they finished eating.

His mom looked at the pretty girl next to her son. "I
think you're right. She looks like she can hardly keep
her eyes open. It's been a long drive."

It was a short drive to their new house that was integrated
with Stewart's new clinic. The movers had already
been and left their belongings. Paula's double bed
stood in the master bedroom. Stewart carried her all the
way upstairs and put her down before her bed. He pealed off
her clothes and made her part her legs. With a little teasing
of his finger the dildo dropped out. He licked it thoroughly
and then he placed Paula on her back on the bed. He stripped
slowly and realised that his cock was rock hard.

He slid straight into her hot cunt. She was so ready that
she orgasmed within minutes. When she'd finished
cumming he started fucking her faster and deeper. Her hips
met his as they fucked for the first time in their new home,
on the bed where he'd taken her cherry only weeks ago.
When they finally came together Paula wrapped herself
tight around him. It was their most powerful orgasms yet.

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I wish i had a step daddy like that


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Well written!


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girls i will be your daddy


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Well hell I will volunteer also.


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That was well written short story, the best i've ever
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