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State Dinner


Senator Gerrold didn't have many connections yet
on Capitol Hill, but through a little bit of wrangling in his first few weeks
he managed to get assigned to a premium table for his first
state dinner. He had looking forward to the monthly event ever
since securing his position in the senate, and he was ecstatic
when he finally took his seat at the table. Jezebel's court had been cleared of its standard furnishings
of plush couches, beanbags, and other leisure items, and
equipped with fifty large round tables, each seating seven guests.
Gerrold's table was near the stage and was one of many
tables reserved for senators. President Jezebel's seat
was only two tables away, although Gerrold could not actually see her
from where he was sitting. He was seated with Senators Zoe, Kendra
and McKinney, a fine group of friends that he had worked with
recently, and a few other senators that he had not yet had
the pleasure to meet. Ever since first working with Senator Zoe at an armed combat
tournament, Gerrold had been completely captivated by
her beauty. Sitting right next to her for dinner was extremely distracting,
but it only helped to make the experience exciting, since
senators were not bound by the traditional restrictions against
sexual relationships between co-workers. Zoe was dressed like
all of the senators in the room, topless with a knee length black kilt
and tall black boots. Her full, curly hair flowed over her shoulders,
nearly concealing her tiny breasts. The short silver strings
of diamonds that hung from her nipples sparkled intriguingly
through her thick ringlet curls. She had one of the smallest waists
that Gerrold had ever seen and he could barely go two sentences
between sneaking peeks at her diamond pierced navel. They had been
sitting for about ten minutes after the formal introductions,
making idle conversation, when the Speaker of the House
erupted over the court's loudspeakers, beginning the entertainment.
"Ladies and gentlemen, if you will please direct
your attention to President Jezebel's stage, we would
like to present our door prize lottery." The only two senators currently
on duty appeared two female senators that Gerrold had not yet met
in person. They both had a very similar look and had apparently
been assigned to work together intentionally because of this.
Both were very tall and thin, with a very pale skin tone and extremely
long, jet-black hair that nearly matched the color of their
black kilts. Both were so thin that they appeared more than a little
bony and underdeveloped, with extremely small breasts
that seemed dwarfed by the thick gold rings hanging in their pierced
nipples. Each of these senators led a female slave behind her with
a thin chain leash. Each leash forked into two branches and
was hooked into the nipple rings that the slaves wore, so that
they could be led around by their nipples. The slaves were wearing
the traditional white silk robe uniform, parted in the front
to reveal their full breasts and to allow passage for the leashes.
Even though both slaves wore a white silk blindfold, Gerrold
could tell that they actually were twins, they both had identical
muscular builds, identical tanned skin tones, and identical short,
straight blonde hair. Their hands were handcuffed behind their
backs, shoving their tits out in front of them, and they were walking
slowly and cautiously, since they could not see or balance.
Their breasts were obviously very firm as well as very full, since
the senators were pulling very hard on the leashes clipped
to their pierced nipples without causing their breasts to stretch
very much. Gerrold had seen some slaves' saggy breasts
stretch out disgustingly when yanked on in such a manner, he didn't
like it much at all when that happened. The obvious firmness of
these slaves' large tits aroused his curiosity and actually
managed to distract him from Zoe's navel for a moment. "President Jezebel is proud to present tonight's
", the Speaker of the House boomed, "the world-famous
artist Brutus!" A very profoundly muscled man strode onto
the stage opposite the twin slaves and their senator keepers. He
stood about two meters tall and had an incredibly broad chest,
with giant muscled arms and thick shoulders. He wore a bright
blue kilt that was short enough to reveal rock-hard calf muscles
and Gerrold was close enough to hear the thunder in his steps,
even on the marble floor of Jezebel's stage. He stopped in
the center of the stage and faced the audience, drawing his fists together
in front of him in a classic bodybuilder's pose. He clutched
at the waistline of his kilt and ripped it away, revealing a monstrously
huge cock. Body hair of any kind was very unfashionable,
and it was extremely rare to see an uncircumcised penis, but Brutus
was both uncircumcised and naturally bushy. His unusual primitive,
animal look was part of his popular appeal. His cock was
almost certainly artificially enhanced, it was twice as large
as the biggest natural penis that Gerrold had ever seen, probably
four times as big as Gerrold's own. It was the size of Gerrold's
forearm and fist combined, he estimated, with giant testicles
the size of billiard balls. Since modestly proportioned bodies
like Gerrold's were the fashion, Brutus was a shocking
exception, a giant hulking life-support system for a ridiculously
medically enhanced cock. He began to stroke himself to stiffness,
using both hands. As he succeeded in erecting his monster, Gerrold
noted that he might have even been underestimating. The
head of Brutus' cock was at least the size of the fist of a small
woman. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's door prize
is slave 34862, " the Speaker intoned, "the winning bet will win her
for the duration of the evening, to do with as you please. The only
rule is that she must be terminated before you leave tonight."
One of the raven-haired senators yanked hard on her leash and
led one of the twins forward to the center of the stage. Leaving the
slave's blindfold in place, she ripped the girl's silk robe
away, revealing her voluptuous, hairless body. The handcuffed
girl did not make a sound and had no visible expression. The bony
senator yanked the slave around and showed her meaty ass to the audience,
jerking her toward the rear of the stage where an 'X'
frame was waiting. She spun the slave girl around and began to strap
her to the frame, spreading her arms and legs and exposing the
girl's every fold and crevasse to the audience. The senator removed
the slave's blindfold so that she could see the show
and the audience saw her entire cute virgin face for the first time.
Her eyes scanned the room and then fixed on the other slave girl
that still stood at the front of the stage with her breasts jutting
out in front of her. "The target of tonight's will be 34862's
identical twin sister, 34863. Both slaves are virgins, having been raised
for 16 years in the presidential slave farm at Camp David specifically
for this event tonight." The second vamp senator
roughly jerked her slave forward by her nipples and positioned her in the
center of the stage. She ripped the slave's silk robe off with
a flourish, revealing nothing surprising. 34863 predictably
had the same delicious figure as her twin sister. The second pale
senator arrived and removed the slave's handcuffs, but left
her blindfold in place. "Now that you have had a chance to appraise the both
and the victim, please begin to place your bets. The person
who most accurately guesses the time that it takes for Brutus
to violate all three of this slave's virgin entries,
ejaculate, and then dispatch her with his bare hands wins the door prize.
Remember that Brutus is paid according to how quickly he
can achieve his goal. Complete records of Brutus' past
performances are available in the court datacloud." Gerrold paused to consider the spectacle. He had never
personally witnessed a show with such a famous and
successful artist. The at the local coliseum in his home
town were lucky if they could a slave and kill her in less
than seven minutes, but the slaves in those cases were not 16
year old, farm-raised virgins, and the were not giant muscle-bound
cocks with bodies attached. Brutus stood on stage lubricating
himself with a bottle of gel. Gerrold had never seen a man
that had to use two hands to masturbate because his hand wouldn't
reach all the way around his dick. He couldn't decide if the
gigantic tool hanging from Brutus' pelvis would help him or
hurt him speed- wise, but he could only assume that the giant man's
huge iron muscles would be an advantage. Without bothering to look
at Brutus' past athletic records, he touched the icon
on the place mat before him to activate the network interface and placed
his bet at five minutes and thirty seconds. Gerrold sat back
and watched Zoe as the excited murmur of the rest of the room
making bets went on. She carved into her place mat with her slender,
graceful fingers to place her bet, drawing her ringlets
off of her chest and fully exposing the tiny breast and perfectly
smooth shoulder nearest Gerrold. He decided at that very moment
that he definitely needed to court her. Aggressively. The show was drawing near. The Speaker of the House
prompted the stragglers, "Please finish placing
your bets within the next 15 seconds." Brutus had achieved what Gerrold
assumed was a full erection and stood facing his victim, who was
still blindfolded. He stood firmly, spreading his legs apart
slightly and placing his hands on his hips, his enormous phallus
extending before him like a primitive fertility statue. The female
senators circled behind 34863 and worked on untying her blindfold,
still holding it before her eyes. "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, betting is now
closed. We will now present the victim with her fist glimpse of her
and murderer." The senators pulled the slave girl's
blindfold over her head and 34863 blinked, disoriented. Her eyes
darted around the room and focused on Brutus, slowly evaluating
his hulking form from top to bottom, stopping at his grotesque,
tumescent cock. Her eyebrows raised in surprise, but her
expression showed no fear. The victims in the shows
that Gerrold had seen in the past had always expressed mortal
fear, but they were generally cheap discarded slaves from local
industry who were wholly unprepared for the experience. It was interesting
to see a victim that had been trained from birth to anticipate
her inevitable fate. Her body was tense and her breathing rapid,
breasts heaving, but she did not seem to be nearly as afraid
as one would expect of someone condemned to be brutally
and killed in the next few minutes. The slave girl that waited
bound to the 'X' frame at the rear of the stage was appraising
Brutus' giant dick with much the same resolved expression that
her sister had. Gerrold had seen documentaries on the life of the slaves
at Camp David and had always been fascinated by the stories.
They spent their days absorbing videos of the , torture
and snuffing of other slaves until they were fully resolved
to their fate and determined to do a good job when their chance came.
Some were taught advanced suicide techniques and advanced
snuff techniques, about ten percent of the slaves never left
the camp because they were killed off or killed themselves off as
examples during demonstrations. Some had sex constantly to train
them to satisfy their masters, while others were preserved as
virgins to enhance their value when they were finally used in snuff
shows or as gifts or prizes. The camp purchased about 14, 000 infant
slaves each year so that it could produce hundreds of snuff victims
each month. The very best of those ended up in Jezebel's
court, either as performers, toys for guests, or as dinner. The two pale senators retreated from the stage with the
slave girl's robe, handcuffs and blindfold as the clear
glass wall that defined the boundary of the large, round ring rose out of
the floor. The ring surrounded 34863 and Brutus, isolating
them. 34863 knew that she would not leave the ring alive, but she
appeared ready to put up a good fight, as she knew that she
was expected to. She shifted her weight from side to side, causing
the leash that was still clipped to her nipples to sway gently.
From where Gerrold was sitting he could see that the lips
of her virgin pussy were puffy and swollen. Brutus had lubricated
his cock so that he could shove it into her whether she was excited
or not, but it could only help if she was ready to go. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, at the sound of the
buzzer the mighty Brutus will begin. Brutus, are you ready?"
Brutus wiped his lubricated hands on his buttocks and bowed his
head affirmative. "Very well, begin!" A buzzer
rang out and Brutus pounced forward. A digital clock materialized in the air
above the stage, counting the time since the buzzer. Brutus thundered
across the stage toward the slave girl, who turned and fled.
She was much faster than the hulking giant, and seemed to have
an advantage. She reached the glass wall behind her and paused
for a moment before turning and running along the edge of the
wall. Brutus took advantage of that pause and zeroed in on her,
leading her along the curve of the wall. The clock above the stage
showed that ten seconds had passed since the buzzer. 34863 ran
directly toward Brutus, breasts and buttocks bouncing as she ran.
Just as she looked as though she was going to run into his arms, she
abruptly halted and scooted off sideways. It was an admirable
move, designed to confuse her pursuer's perception
of her speed and direction. It probably would have worked too, but as
she flitted past him Brutus reached out and snagged the leash
clipped to her tits. As the clock reached fifteen seconds 34863 reached the
end of her leash. She apparently did not realize that Brutus had
grabbed the lead behind her because a shocked expression painted
her face as the leash tightened and yanked her breasts to her side.
She spun around and tried to stop herself, but her forward momentum
was enough to rip one of her nipple rings out, slicing her
nipple in two and straining her other tit even more. She howled
in pain and drew her hands up over her head, thrusting her tits forward
toward Brutus to relieve the pressure on her remaining
ring. She stopped moving completely and her eyes darted around,
obviously trying to figure out what to do next. Brutus started gently
pulling her forward with the leash, careful not to lose
his grip on her by pulling out the other nipple ring. She stumbled
forward a step and dropped her hands to her sides, but as the clock
reached twenty seconds she clenched her fists and started
to shake. She glared straight ahead, meeting Brutus'
eyes. A trickle of blood ran over her breast from her split nipple.
Gerrold had to admit, it was a much more interesting show
with a decently trained victim than the shows that he had
seen where a local coliseum would just toss a waitress slave
into the ring with a local . He had been to dozens of shows where
the victim had simply sat down and cried when the buzzer
went off, allowing the to violate her without defending herself
other than maybe a little bit of token slapping or clawing. Half
of the time the audience was relieved when the finally
snapped the victim's neck, simply because it brought an end to
the incessant bawling. Gerrold snuck a glance at Zoe, she was watching
the show intensely. She had picked up the habit of constantly fingering
her nipple rings from President Jezebel, as many women
in the country had, and was absentmindedly running her fingernail
around the nipple nearest Gerrold. Her tiny, girlish breasts
were in sharp contrast to the large-chested slave on stage. Brutus had reeled 34863 almost to within reach when she
suddenly made her move. Tightening her body, she pulled
briefly forward and then launched herself backward against the
leash. Her breast stretched grotesquely but her nipple ring held.
Frustrated, she reached up with her hands and fumbled at
the leash, grabbing it and pushing downward. Brutus, confused,
clutched at her leash, thinking that she was trying to pull
it away from him. With a desperate jerk, she yanked the ring
from her nipple, tearing her second nipple in two. She spun around
and tried to flee, but the sudden release of the tension in the
leash threw her off balance and she fell to her knees. She tried
to scamper away but Brutus had finally had a chance to react
and he ran forward and tackled her. Brutus obviously outweighed the young slave girl by at
least twice, and in the absence of her speed advantage the show
began to go downhill for the beautiful virgin. Her short blonde
hair covered her face as Brutus pinned her to the ground with
his chest. She drew her splayed legs together behind her to
prevent entry, but Brutus shoved his mighty knee to the ground and
forced them apart. He reached to his sides and wrapped his huge
hands around her elbows, forcing them to the ground and drawing
himself up in a push-up pose. His giant erect dick was aimed at her
ass and he thrust heartily into her. Since their heads were
toward the audience, Gerrold and the rest of the audience had to
watch a giant screen that floated over the stage that showed a reverse
angle. The camera zoomed in to show Brutus' giant cock
sliding into the slave girl's virgin pussy from behind. As
the clock reached thirty-five seconds the girl was no longer a virgin,
and a bell rang out signifying that Brutus had achieved one of
his goals. 34863 cried out in pain and surprise as her pussy
stretched wide all at once to make way for the intrusion.
Brutus pulled back and shoved the monster into her again, ramming
it as deeply as it would go and most surely tearing her previously
untouched hymen. He was so huge at even though he was brutally
shoving into the slave with all of his strength, he could
still only get about a quarter of it into her. According to the rules, in order to get credit for fucking
the slave's pussy, Brutus had to keep at it for at least
thirty seconds. An additional clock appeared that counted down
from thirty. Brutus was famous for putting on a show as he worked,
and this would be no exception. He pulled out of the girl,
restarting the clock and losing precious time. He slid
his hands down her arms to her wrists and pulled them behind her back.
Holding both of her wrists in one of his massive hands, he
stood on his knees between her legs and grabbed her by her thin,
blonde hair. Holding her hair in one fist and her wrists in the other,
he pulled her backward off of the stage and onto her knees
in front of him. She wriggled in protest but she was completely
powerless to escape the giant man, as Brutus pulled her
head back the audience could see the agonized expression on her face.
When he had her fully upright he lowered her twisted body onto
his waiting phallus, tensing his muscles to guide his huge
dick into her small, bald pussy without using his hands. The bell
signifying entry rang again and the clock started counting
down from thirty, this time starting at around the one-minute
mark. The slave girl's identical twin sister watched dispassionately
from the rear of the stage and Gerrold thought about how
cool it would be to win her. Seeing the girl and killed and
then getting to do the same with her identical twin yourself
would just be too cool, he thought. Brutus had positioned the slave with her back arched sharply,
thrusting her tits toward the audience and forcing her
pussy out so that the people in the first few tables could see every
detail of her tortured crotch. Her face was stretched so far backward
that Gerrold could see from the reverse angle screen that
Brutus had her positioned so that she was staring into his face
as he her. Brutus was holding her up in the air so that her
knees barely touched the stage, and her splayed feet wriggled
futily as he began to pump her up and down on his huge dick. She was stretched so wide that Gerrold was reminded of what a pussy
looks like when you fist a woman. He suspected that it was rare
that Brutus found voluntary sexual partners, since the nation
could see on C-SPAN what happened to a woman's pussy when he impaled
her with his fist-sized cock head. Blood trickled from both
of the slave girl's ruined nipples as Brutus pumped her up
and down. When the thirty second clock had counted down to zero, another bell rang out indicating that Brutus was free to
mount his assault on a different entry. He pulled out of her and pushed
her forward onto her chest again. He released her wrists and
was reaching for her shoulders when she suddenly flipped over
onto her back and brought her legs up to her body, kicking out sharply
with her right leg and nailing Brutus with a sharp kick to his
giant testicles. The kick was decisive and Brutus hunched over
in pain as she tried to crawl away from him. She managed to get about
a meter away before Brutus was able to react. He snatched
her ankle as she fled and dragged her whole body under him with one
mighty tug. When he had her positioned under him he reeled his arm
back and delivered a single mighty punch to her belly. Her entire
body tensed with the blow and her eyes bulged out as she struggled
to breathe. She lay stunned and defenseless and Brutus took
advantage of her helplessness, fetching one of her hands
in his and squeezing. From his table Gerrold could hear a popping,
louder than a cracking knuckle, as the delicate bones in
her tiny hand were crushed. She tried to hold her other hand away
from him but he drew it in and did the same to it, crushing it with both
of his mighty hands, while she still struggled to breathe.
The clock was just reaching the two minute mark when Brutus
clutched the slave girl's bangs, pulling her off of
her back to a sitting position. He reached for her crotch and shoved
his fingers into her stretched pussy, wriggling four of his
massive fingers into her. He picked her up into the air by her hair
and her pussy and held her at waist level. Her diaphragm continued
to flutter and struggle to recover and the reverse angle screen
showed that her pussy lips were colored with blood from
her hymen, or possibly just from the abuse. Her ruined hands hung limp
at her sides. Brutus swung her back and flung her into the glass
wall at the edge of the ring, venting his anger for the kick
to the balls. Brutus had lost some of the firmness of his erection when
34863 kicked him, which could be a disaster for a artist,
especially since he had not yet her ass. As Brutus
walked toward the slave, Gerrold noted that his dick was hanging,
rather than standing on its own. She had landed in a heap and was
lying with her back to the wall of the ring, still struggling to
breathe. Brutus knelt in front of her head and grabbed her
by the ear and by the hair on the top of her head. He was obviously
planning on her mouth and she knew this as well as
everybody else. She clenched her teeth tightly closed
and clamped her eyes shut. Brutus held onto her head by her hair and forced
his fingers between her lips. He clutched her lower lip
and yanked it downward harshly, forcing her mouth open. Once
her mouth was open he forced his fingers behind her teeth and
yanked her jaw open, shoving the giant head of his cock into her
mouth. Even partly flaccid, his dick filled her mouth like Gerrold
had never seen before. A bell sounded, signifying entry, and
another thirty-second countdown clock began as Brutus began thrusting
his dick in and out of her stretched mouth. The ridiculous blow job looked wholly futile since such
a small fraction of Brutus' dick actually fit into her
mouth, but it seemed to be doing something for him since he was regaining
his erection again. As his giant cock stiffened and regained
its girth the slave girl's jaw stretched further and further,
looking painfully distended. Her now opened eyes revealed her
pain and her legs jerked around, seeking a foothold. Her position
allowed her to see her twin sister at the rear of the stage and the
two stared deeply into each other's eyes as Brutus
her mouth. She seemed to be trying to bite the mighty cock, but to no
effect. She clamped her eyes closed in pain as Brutus made his last
few strokes, shoving his cock so deeply into her mouth to interrupt
her breathing. The bell rang, signifying that he had
her mouth long enough to get credit for it, and he pulled out.
The clock had just passed three minutes. Gerrold exchanged a smile with Zoe, who seemed to be very
interested in the show. He had never seen her in action other
than in the show when he had worked with her, but he had heard
rumors that she could be very brutal with slaves when she
wanted to. Brutus stood over the slave girl, considering her for
a moment, perhaps giving her a sporting chance to do something
for herself before the inevitable anal . He grabbed her
bangs and shoved his fingers into her crotch and heaved her into the
air again, throwing her in a heap into the center of the ring.
Without being able to use her hands to break her fall, she
landed gracelessly on her face. Brutus walked over to her as the
clock reached three minutes and fifteen seconds, and stood over
her. She made no effort to retreat. Brutus reached down and rolled
her flat onto her belly, pulling her arms to her sides. He grabbed
her by the hips and pulled her ass into the air, setting her
on her knees and on her chest with her head facing forward toward
the audience. He experimentally let go of her to see if she would
stay in that position by herself, and he seemed highly amused
when she actually sat that way without being forced to. Brutus
turned at grinned at the slave girl's twin sister, who simply
stared at the victim's raised and waiting ass. He took a
position on his knees between her legs and wrapped his arm around her
belly, taking his huge, stiff cock in his other hand and guiding
it toward her asshole. He pressed the head of his dick against her ass and pushed,
but he couldn't seem to get it in. It was like trying
to thread a needle with a screwdriver, Gerrold thought, the giant
organ pressing against her tight, puckered, virginal asshole.
Brutus wriggled the head of his dick around a little but it was not
making any progress at all at getting into her. He moved
his dick out of the way and shoved a finger into her ass. He worked
it in and out a few times and then added another finger, then another,
then another, till he was forcing all four fingers in and
out of her ass. Finally reacting, the girl's eyes opened
and she grunted in pain, but she still put up no resistance. Brutus shoved
with all of the strength of his huge arm and stretched her asshole
out by shoving his entire hand into her ass. He withdrew and
shoved his dick against her again and this time managed to pop the
head of his dick into her asshole. The entry bell sounded and
the slave girl groaned in pain as the clock passed the four-minute
mark. Gerrold turned to Zoe as Brutus began pumping into the slave's ass. "Ever taken a man that big?",
he asked her. "Fuck no, I like normal dicks", she said with
a grin, "yours is a good size." "When have you seen mine?" He had been to a few
orgies since his arrival at Capitol Hill, but as far as he knew he had never
been to one that she had attended. "When you snuffed that slave girl at your first court
audience, don't you remember?" She grinned
and glanced from Gerrold to the stage. "Ahhh, okay. Sometimes I forget that the whole country
watched that." "Well, it was a really good show", she said playfully,
"I know that Kendra and I liked it. We both fantasized about
fucking you after that." She smiled and made direct eye contact
with him, leaving no doubt about what she meant. "Really? Wow, well I'm flattered. Would you
be interested in coming over to my place later, maybe get to know each other
a little better? I'm still a little short on friends
around here." "Well, only if you promise to fuck me. You've
been staring at my tits all night, I don't want you doing that all
night and then not fucking me." Gerrold couldn't have been more pleased and excited,
"Hmmm, well okay, deal. Right after dinner tonight. You want me
to bring Brutus over with me? You think you could take him?"
"Fuck no, Gerrold, do you think that YOU could?"
Her devious grin was the sexiest thing that Gerrold had seen in weeks.
He didn't even answer, he just grinned and went back to
watching the show. Brutus had fucked the slave girl for longer than he
actually needed to in order to get credit for her ass, but
he was going for broke now, thrusting away rapidly to try to bring
himself to orgasm. The reverse angle screens showed that
he had drawn blood from her asshole from thrusting so hard and
stretching her so far. The clock was just passing five minutes when he started
breathing harder and harder, pumping faster and faster.
His huge balls made a very loud slapping noise against the girl's
thighs as he drove into her. Finally with a roar he pulled his dick
out and pushed her ass to the side, flipping her over onto her back.
He started to spew, giant gobs of white cum spraying all over
her bleeding tits. He reached down in the middle of his colossal
orgasm and grabbed her hair, pulling her to him and shoving
his erupting cock into her defenseless mouth. She was far beyond
putting up a fight and she allowed him to shove it in. After
a few seconds she was gagging on his jism but he held her head
on his dick, not giving her any relief. Brutus jerked and spasmed
for several seconds, finally calming down and relaxing
with his softening dick still planted in the slave's mouth.
His giant nuts and presumably similarly enhanced prostrate had produced
an unbelievable flood of semen. It was time to kill her. A new screen materialized in the
air over the stage, showing a live graph of 34863's
heart rhythm. Brutus pulled his prick out of her mouth and stood up, clutching
at her hair and pulling her to her feet by her scalp. He clutched
her by the throat and lifted her into the air above his head,
shaking her violently. Gerrold noted that the clock was
just passing five minutes and fifteen seconds as he glanced
to the rear of the stage at the door prize, who was watching expectantly
as her sister suffered through the final moments of her life.
34863 flailed her broken hands and kicked her feet desperately as Brutus choked the life from her helpless
body. Brutus held her aloft and shook her, jiggling her bleeding
tits. Blood trickled from her bald pussy and her torn asshole
and ran down her inner thighs. Her heart rate increased even more,
ticking away at more than 160 beats per minute. After choking
her for show for a few more seconds, Brutus flung her to the ground
headfirst. She landed hard on the back of her head and a crack
echoed through the court. Her heart monitor skipped a beat
as cerebrospinal fluid leaked from her ear. Her arms tensed
and she reflexively raised her broken hands to shield herself.
Brutus pounced on her, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her
head and then slamming it into the ground, producing another satisfying
cracking sound. The back of 34863's head caved in and
her arms fell limply at her sides. A pool of blood began to form around
her head and her heart monitor slowed, stuttered, and then
finally flatlined. Her heart had stopped beating. The clock froze
at five minutes and thirty-one seconds. 34862 gazed at her
sister's corpse with the same dispassionate expression that she
had been wearing for the last several minutes. Brutus raised his fist in victory as the Speaker of the House
praised his performance, "What an amazing show!
The fastest time ever recorded at a show in Jezebel's court!"
The ring wall descended into the floor and the two pale female senators
appeared, carrying a towel and a robe for Brutus. He accepted
the towel from one of them and grabbed her, throwing his arm
around her waist and pulling her into him, forcing a kiss on her.
He ran his huge hand up her pale, thin torso and clutched at her
naked breast, squeezing her pierced nipple between his thumb
and forefinger. Surprised and off-balance, the senator paused
before throwing her arms around his waist, one of her hands wandering
down to caress his giant cock. Well okay, maybe he doesn't
have problems finding volunteers to have sex with him, Gerrold
thought. He had a vision of Brutus' colossal phallus plowing
into the unnaturally skinny senator's pussy for a moment and
dismissed it immediately as unnatural and impossible. "And the winner of tonight's door prize, with
a bet of five minutes and thirty seconds, is Senator Gerrold!"
Gerrold heard his name and reacted with a start. He had forgotten about
his bet in the heat of the moment. The pale senator that was not engaged
in making out with Brutus walked to the rear of the stage
and began to free 34862 from her bonds. "Senator Gerrold
will be free to enjoy 34862 in any way that he wishes tonight, in public
or in private, as long as he arranges for her to be terminated
before he leaves the dinner." Gerrold remembered his fantasy
of fucking the girl after seeing her sister and snuffed, and grinned.
Zoe caught his eye, she had a similar expression on her face.
"What are you planning on doing with her?",
she asked. "Uhhhh, well I don't know, I hadn't thought
about it very much. Any suggestions? You want to help?" "Well", she mused, "it would be a shame
for a hottie like that to die a virgin, so you just HAVE to fuck her. Just don't
use it all up on her, I want some later." "Hmmm, okay, well that sounds about right",
Gerrold said as the pale senator led 34862 toward their table by her tit
leash, "how do you think we should snuff her, then?"
The slave didn't even look down at her sister's corpse as she walked
by. "Mmm, well I've always been fond of depth charges."
Zoe's evil grin confirmed what Gerrold had heard about her brutal
treatment of slaves. Gerrold had never used a depth charge
personally, but he had always wanted to. The pale senator
arrived with Gerrold's prize. "Senator Gerrold", she said, "may I present
you with your prize, 34862, a virgin to pleasure you until her death."
She smiled politely and handed Gerrold the leash. "Is
there anything else that I can do for you?" "Yes, actually", Gerrold said, "if you
could bring me a depth charge, I would really appreciate it." The slave
girl inhaled sharply when she heard the words 'depth charge',
learning the exact mechanism of her death for the first time. No doubt
videos of slaves getting snuffed with depth charges had been a
part of her training at Camp David. Perhaps she had even seen some
of her classmates snuffed with them in class demonstrations.
"Of course, Gerrold, I'll be back in just a moment."
The pale senator walked away. Senator McKinney caught Gerrold's eye, "Hey
man, nice door prize you've got there!" "Thanks", Gerrold answered, "trying
to figure out what to do with her now." Gerrold didn't want to fuck her
because he wanted to save himself so that he could impress Zoe after dinner.
He decided to take the slave's virginity by fucking her
just a little bit but not coming in her, and then using the depth charge.
"So", he said to the slave girl, pulling her
down into his lap so that she faced Zoe, "what can you do?"
He tugged gently on her tit leash, amused at the notion that he knew exactly
how hard he had to pull on it to rip her nipples apart, glancing at
her sister's bleeding body with both tits ripped open.
The slave girl looked troubled by the question. "I'm
a virgin." "Well yes", Gerrold answered, "we know,
but weren't you trained in sexual technique or something?" "No, sir, I was meant to be ." Gerrold rolled
his eyes and looked at Zoe. She shrugged and eyed the slave up and down. "Well,
I guess there's not much that I can do to help you if she has no
training. I still think that you need to fuck her though. You like those
big tits?" "Fuck no", Gerrold said with a chuckle, "I
like normal tits. Yours are a good size." Zoe grinned and reached out to caress one of 34862's
breasts. "Well sorry little cunt", she told the slave
girl, "nobody here even wants you. I guess we'll just enjoy killing you."
The girl's face showed nothing but disappointment. Gerrold
admired Zoe's cruelty, but even he thought that it was kind
of a harsh thing to say to a slave that had lived her entire life to give
him pleasure in her dying moments. "Oh, don't listen to her", he told her,
"I'll fuck you, here, sit up on the table." He picked her up and placed her
on the table with her legs hanging off, then he pulled his chair
up between her legs and sat down again. "Now you just
sit there, okay, I'm going to taste you for a sec." The slave girl was definitely a virgin, she seemed to have
no idea what he was talking about. She sat a little nervously
as he glanced at Zoe and then dove in, reaching into her hairless
pussy with his tongue. "Go Gerrold!", Senator Kendra cheered as he
went down on the slave girl. He flicked his tongue around playfully for
a few minutes, just enjoying the taste of the excited girl, and
then he finished up by finding her clitoris and biting on it. He
didn't bite hard enough to cut it off, but it was enough to surprise
her. Gerrold stood up and pulled his kilt up, his dick was ready
to go underneath. Zoe glanced down at his prick, then up
at his eyes, and smiled slyly. He was a lot more excited about winning
her over than he was about winning his door prize. He grabbed
the slave's shoulder with one hand and his own dick in the
other and penetrated her virgin cunt. She was incredibly tight,
and he could actually feel the pressure as he tore her hymen apart
with his dick. He locked eyes with the slave and began to thrust,
ignoring McKinney's wolf whistles and the applause
from the table behind him. After holding her eyes on his for a few thrusts
she closed her eyes and began to sigh heavily with each thrust.
Gerrold looked over at Zoe as he fucked. "It's time to order, Gerrold", she reminded
him , "are you going to be able to?" The dinner slaves had started
circulating through the room, offering themselves to the diners. "Ungh, unhh... ummm, yeah, unfh", he struggled
to answer, "I, ungh, I was thinking about a tit tonight, unff,
what... were you going to, ungh, have?" Zoe giggled at his preoccupation, "I want a big dick
after seeing that Brutus guy, but a tit wouldn't be bad either.
I don't know, it depends on what I can find. You want me to pick out
a tit for you?" "Umhh... ungh, yeah, unhh, that would be great, thanks."
He clutched at his slave's big tits and squeezed them
hard. He had definitely been correct about her tits being very firm.
Her eyes flew open and she draped her arms around his head. He thought
about her sister's broken hands for a second as she
did. Her pussy was getting looser as he fucked, but not nearly as
loose as her sister's pussy had been with Brutus' giant
cock buried in it. "Well, do you want a big meaty tit like one of those
you're grabbing there", Zoe asked, "or maybe a couple
of small ones like mine?" She spread her arms wide and flicked her curly
locks back over her shoulder, thrusting her tiny chest forward and
jiggling her diamond piercings. Gerrold nearly blew his load into the slave right then and
there, Zoe was so sexy. "Oh, shit, Zoe, ungh... Oh,
man, you are so fucking hot, Zoe. Ungh... unfh, ummm, no, I was thinking
of just one big one actually. Lots of, ungh... Lots of fat."
"Okay, hang on." She turned and snapped her
fingers at one of the wait staff. "You there, with the big tits, come
here." A waitress that had been walking by with a tray of water glasses
approached. She was completely naked, so that the guests
could examine her body and order appropriately. "Yes, my lady? How may I serve you?" She had a
shapely body, with breasts only slightly smaller than Gerrold's
door prize. "Have you been ordered yet?", Zoe asked her.
"No, my lady, not yet." "Hmm, okay, well come stand over here so that Senator
Gerrold can see your tits." Zoe grabbed her by the shoulders
and pushed her to the table. The waitress set her tray of water glasses
down on the dinner table and approached Gerrold, thrusting
her chest out to him. "My tits have been inspected and
labeled Grade A, as has my ass. The high fat content of my tits would go well
with a mushroom gravy sauce, but we have a wide selection
of other preparation methods to choose from. My tits are each approximately 850 grams before cooking. If you are interested
in meat, my ass will produce steaks up to approximately 1000
grams before cooking." "You want one of those, Gerrold?", Zoe asked.
Still fucking away, he reached out and fondled the waitress'
breast, slapping it, pushing his fingers into it, and twisting
the nipple. "Yeah, ungh... that looks good, unfh...
cut that right one off for me... I like the mushroom sauce idea. You want
the other one?" "No", Zoe answered, "I still think I want
a cock instead. Dear, could you do us a favor and send the biggest white cock
that you can find over here and then go and have that tit of yours
cooked up for us?" "Yes, my lady", the waitress answered, "Of
course. I have just the waiter in mind." "Thank you, I really appreciate it. Will you be serving
us later?" Often waiters and waitresses with non-critical
parts removed would serve their own flesh to diners. "Oh no, my lady", the waitress smiled politely
at Zoe, "I will be beheaded as soon as I slice my breast off for Senator
Gerrold so that my liver can be used in the hors dourves."
"Oh really? It's a shame to waste your entire
body for just that one tit. Maybe I will have the other one." Zoe
eyed the waitress and prodded her left breast. She considered the
idea for a moment, but then changed her mind again. "Well,
no, I really do think I want a cock." "Yes, my lady, there are plenty of us, it's okay
to waste a few bodies. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.
I'll send your waiter over right away. He will take the rest of your
order. You wanted my right breast, correct sir?" Gerrold
grunted an affirmative, his door prize still wrapped around his stiffie.
The waitress cheerfully nodded and then picked up her tray
of water glasses and walked away. She had a word with a very
tall waiter that was walking by, who made a beeline for Gerrold's
table. He proved to be hung like a horse. Nowhere near as
large as Brutus, but much bigger than Gerrold, and his dick was
natural. He was clean-shaven and circumcised, his cock was very
clean and tasty looking. He had a smooth voice too, greeting Zoe with a refined charm.
"Yes, my lady, how may I serve you?" "Have you been ordered yet?", she asked, cupping
his balls in her hand. "No, my lady, I have not." He tilted his pelvis
forward slightly, pushing his dick closer to her. "My dick
and balls together are 350 grams of meat, flaccid. We have a wide selection
of preparation methods, I would personally recommend
the cheese stuffing for my shaft with my balls still attached. We have
many other options with my balls on the side, but the cheese stuffing
with the balls still attached produces an erection effect
that is very attractive, and I'm told that the cheese stuffed
shaft is delicious. For as large a dick as mine it's a preferred
recipe." Zoe continued to fondle him, playing with each ball, squeezing them in turn. "What about other methods?"
"Well, my lady, if you like, you could have my dick
marinated in a lemon pepper sauce and grilled, served over pasta.
If you order me that way then I would recommend ordering a second
dick as well, one grilled cock alone can be fairly small, even a
large one like mine." His dick was growing as she fondled his
balls, and she began to stroke it. "Hmm", she pondered, "well okay, I'll
have you stuffed with cheese like you suggested, with your balls still attached."
"Yes, my lady. Can I bring you something to drink as
well?" Rather than answering, Zoe clutched his dick in both hands,
leaned forward, and went down on him. She made a ring with
her fingers and began to stroke him as she viciously sucked.
Gerrold, distracted by unexpectedly seeing her sucking off the
waiter, blew his load into his slave girl door prize with a groan. Zoe came up for air. "Did you just come, Gerrold? You'd
better have more for me later." "Unhhh, yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to, you just
looked too good blowing that meat." He pulled his door prize
off of the table and into his lap so that she wouldn't get his semen
on the tablecloth. "Oh, well", she giggled, "I just wanted
to taste this dick while it was still alive. I always like to do that, it's
more fun to eat it afterward that way." The waiter smiled and
continued to thrust his fully erect cock forward for her to stroke. "Alright,
now run along and have that cooked up for me, please, and
send somebody over here with some more beer when you can. Are
they going to decapitate you and use your liver in the hors dourves
too?" "Yes, my lady, if I can manage to castrate myself and
submit your order in time." "Well then", she pushed him around and slapped
his ass, "You'd better get going." "Yes, my lady. Thank you for ordering me, I hope that
you enjoy my dick." "Oh, I will, now get moving, cut that thing off."
Zoe abruptly turned back to the table, dismissing the waiter.
"Well, Gerrold, you ready to snuff this cunt?" 34862, recovering from her first fuck, was startled at
mention of her. Gerrold noticed a depth charge on the table,
the pale senator must have brought it quietly while he was fucking
his door prize. "Hey, her depth charge is here",
he said, "I'm pretty beat now though, let's make her snuff herself."
"Mmmmm", Zoe crooned, "I like you more
every minute. Sounds great to me." She snapped her fingers, "Hey
you worthless little cunt, you know what to do with that depth charge?"
"Yes, my lady", 34862 answered respectfully.
Gerrold pushed her off of his lap, slapping her ass as she
went. She stood clumsily, weak in the knees. She had Gerrold's
semen and her own blood running out of her pussy and down
her thighs. "Well", he told her, "you heard
us, strap that fucker on." He pulled his kilt back down to his knees, dusting
himself off, still trying to catch his breath. 34862 bowed respectfully
and reached for the depth charge. The depth charge was a pair of black panties made of a special reinforced nylon material, with a dick-sized
tube attached to the inside of the crotch and a small control panel on the
outside. 34862 slid the panties on, clumsily working the
tube into her sex-stretched pussy. The tube was made of metal
and was open and capped with plastic on the top side. It was filled
with plastic explosive, a measured amount specifically designed
and packed to send a fatal charge upward and into the body of
the condemned slave that wore it lodged in her pussy. Her big
boobs pushed together as she leaned over to work the tube into
her cunt, producing impressive cleavage. She finished working
the tube in and pulled the sides up over her hips, standing awkwardly
and awaiting the next command. "I want everybody to be able to appreciate this",
Gerrold said to her, "so get up on the table to do it. We'll
get a new tablecloth after you get it bloody." She obediently
started to mount the table. "Oh, wait, wait. First, I enjoyed
your sister's nipple rings ripping out so much that I wanted to do that
to you before you snuff yourself. Come here." She cooperated as best she could, presenting her tits to
Gerrold, reaching for her own tit leash and handing it to
him. He took the leash from her and guided each of her hands to his
shoulders, leaning her over slightly and pushing her big
breasts into his face. He glanced over at Zoe, grinning, and tugged
gently on the leash, stretching his door prize's nipples
toward him. The slave girl grimaced in pain as he pulled the leash
tighter and tighter, until her entire body was shaking
in pain. Finally he let the leash go slack and yanked all at once with
all of his strength. Both nipple rings tore free and the slave
yelped in pain. She hadn't been tortured much, he realized.
Oh well, too late now, time to snuff her. "Okay, thanks, that was great, now get up there."
She again obediently mounted the table, delicately searching for
footing among the salad bowls and glasses of beer and wine. "You
guys don't mind if I drop this slave's body on the table,
do you?" The other guests at Gerrold's table, curious, all agreed
that they could just get a new tablecloth, since she had already leaked
semen and blood on it anyway. They instructed her to make
her way to the center of the table. By this time, the entire room was focused on the condemned
girl as she made her way to the center of the table, wearing
the black depth charge. Fresh blood trickled from her destroyed
nipples as she found her spot and stood proudly upright
in the center of the large round table. "Okay, you worthless little cunt", Gerrold
growled, "after you activate your depth charge you will have a fifteen second
delay before you blow. Press your activation button and
then assume the position that you want to die in. Make it something
that shows off your tits." Gerrold sat back and watched
the girl as she did her thing. She would be dead in a few seconds, he
always enjoyed the anticipation of a slave's final
moments before death. Without any apparent fear, 34862 reached between her legs
and decisively pressed the activation button on the control
panel of her depth charge. It emitted a long and loud beep, and then
a shorter beep every second. Once the device was activated
the slave girl faced Gerrold and Zoe and pressed her legs together.
She stood tall and spread her arms out to her sides, opening
her palms and arching her chest to push her tits upward and outward.
She stood in her Christ-like pose, waiting for the device
lodged in her cunt to explode and shred her vital organs into pulp.
She closed her eyes in anticipation as the crowd around
their table chanted along with the beeping. "...TEN!!
...NINE!! ...EIGHT!! ...SEVEN!!" Gerrold felt his dick rising
in excitement again. "...SIX!! ..FIVE!! ...FOUR!!
...THREE!! ..TWO!! ..ONE!!" The crowd cheered together "BANG!!" as a the
depth charge went off, producing a powerful dull thudding noise and
sending a sharp ripple through the slave girl's body. The pressure
momentarily pushed her abdomen outward about ten centimeters.
She spasmed violently and stumbled backward, kicking a plate
off of the table with one foot and crushing a wine glass into the
skin of her other heel. Her eyes flipped open in shock and she emitted
a horrible, gurgling, pitiful gasp. She stumbled again,
this time forward, stepping in a salad bowl. Gouts of bright red blood
flowed from her mouth and she clutched at her chest, clawing
at her belly with one hand and tearing at one of her already
bleeding breasts with the other, leaving bright red claw marks on
her own skin. She dropped her chin to her chest, her eyes wide in
panic, and stared with a terrified, shocked expression at her
torso. Gerrold could only imagine the damage that the depth charge
had done to her guts, she was apparently completely destroyed
inside. A river of blood pouring from her crotch was evidence of
that. She teetered and fell forward, slamming onto her chest
in front of Gerrold, her head landing almost in his lap. Gerrold rolled her over and looked at her face, curious
if she was dead yet. Her eyes were still open and her body was
still twitching. She blinked and her mouth seemed to be struggling
to form a word, but he couldn't understand what it was.
Finally her mouth filled completely with blood and her eyes glazed
over, lifeless. Her body twitched gently with aftershocks.
"Well shit, that was fun", Gerrold exclaimed
to the table in general, "now lets get this table cleaned up so that
we can eat!"

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