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Stacy Wanted A New Man for Her Casting Couch


Sam was already two hours late when he pulled out of the truck
stop at Palm Springs. Picking up a load from a LA luxury retailer,
he was hoping to get everything to Phoenix before the warehouse
closed at 6pm. Sam thought about whether or not he could
make it and figured his odds were close to nil. Now that the
country was back to Standard Time, Phoenix was now 1 hour
ahead of LA, and this turned his two hours behind schedule
into three hours.

“What the fuck, ” Sam said to himself out loud as he merged
onto I-10 east towards Phoenix. “I might as well head to
Phoenix anyway.”

For the middle of the week, the road was pretty desolate.
Between Palm Springs and Phoenix there really wasn’t much
to see anyway; nevertheless, Sam enjoyed the ride because
the time gave him a chance to think and sort through his life.

Sam was a thinking man’s trucker. After graduating high
school, Sam tried his luck at a junior college and took a
number of business courses. Of course, his friends kept
distracting him during those days. Sam found life much
more exciting cruising around the country drinking, getting
high, and going to concerts. Studying just wasn’t his deck
of cards. Life was too short Sam always thought to himself.
And hey, what difference would an advanced education make

Unfortunately for Sam, one by one his friends exited his
life, and one day Sam found himself all alone working as
a ranch hand in Montana. His party days behind him, Sam once
again yearned for the open road. Working hard, he saved
a considerable amount of money, went to truck driving school
and bought a used 1997 Freightliner Tracker Trailer. Sam was now his own boss. He worked when he needed to and he
could continue his love affair with the western United

“Whoa, Shit!!” Sam screamed as he caught a small silver
roadster in his blind spot trying to pass a little too close
to comfort. Sam slowed down to allow the faster roadster
to blow by him.

Timidly, but quickly, the silver roadster pulled alongside
the left side of Sam’s cab. Sam was pissed and he looked over
to give the driver some daggers. However, when Sam looked
over, the driver was not who he expected. Sam was looking
for an obnoxious man, but instead fixed his eyes on a gorgeous
blond with a beautiful smile.

Sam’s daggers melted, and he found a smile instinctively
came to his face. As he smiled at this sexy woman, he waved
his finger at her like a father scolding his beloved daughter.

Sheepishly, the blond shrugged her shoulders, smiled
back and blew him a big kiss.

Sam caught the kiss, laughed some more and waved goodbye
to this beautiful creature.

Waving back and smiling, the woman then patted her chest,
just above her elevated cleavage, blew Sam another kiss
and hit the accelerator.

Sam could now see the roadster was a Mercedes Benz 350 CLK
hardtop convertible. While Sam wanted to catch her, he
knew the Freightliner was no match for the 350 CLK.

“Too rich for my blood, ” he thought to himself as the roadster
sped away. He laughed as he fantasized how much fun it would
be for a truck driver to make it with a rich bitch like the
blond in the Benz. He laughed some more as the silver bullet
turned to a speck on the horizon before completely disappearing
in the heat of the road.

Stacy was on her way to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I-10 to Phoenix
and then north to I-40 East. Never married, Stacy was just
north of 40 and was rebuilding her life. While in LA, she
worked for Universal Studios. Originally from Chicago,
Stacy left one big city for another in her twenties with
the hopes of making it on the business side of the movie industry.
The jobs were downright demeaning in the beginning. It
didn’t matter that Stacy had a brain, and wasn’t trying
to be an actress or a pinup. Even though Stacy was smart,
she also had great looks and a great body. In LA, any woman
with all that greatness just enticed men, and a few women,
of the business to constantly ask Stacy to meet them on the
casting couch.

And in the beginning, Stacy did just that. Taken in by the
money, the clothing and the atmosphere, the allure of the
rich, the famous and the powerful was too much to ignore.
And in exchange, Stacy enlarged her connections, and enjoyed
the gifts that accompanied spending time with these people.

Eventually, Stacy figured out the system, and transitioned
from casting couch slut to being a woman who controlled
her destiny.

One of her relationships lead her to the central casting
group at Universal. Starting in television and video shorts,
Stacy spent considerable time surveying, testing, and
selecting the fresh, the tenured, and those way past there
prime. Stacy would filter the thousands and thousands
of souls desperate for fame and fortune down to a select
few worthy of the ultimate nod. Stacy loved casting, and
now that she was on the other side of the couch, so to speak,
Stacy fancied at being able to take the “pick of the litter”
when it became her turn to use the couch for her benefit.

Yet, her job was a job. It was hard work, very political and
took its toll on her social life.

Needing a break, and with no love in her life, Stacy decided
to take a month off from casting and visit some friends.
Her first stop was an old friend from Chicago who had a horse
ranch in Santa Fe. Even by Stacy’s standards, Santa Fe was
a utopia when compared with the lights and the glitz of Hollywood.

Daydreaming at 80 miles per hour, the sign posts just blew
by her without notice. She barely even noticed the truck
to her right as she drifted across the blurring white line
that separated the two lanes…

“AAAAHHHHHH, ” blared the trucker’s horn shaking Stacy
back to reality when she noticed the truck dangerously
close to her precious Mercedes Benz. Stacy let off the gas
while turning the steering wheel slightly to the left to
get her car back in her lane. Slowing down, she shyly pulled
up to the trucker’s cab.

Pulling alongside, she looked up to see a rugged looking
and very handsome man. His dark hair, blue eyes, and chiseled
face was just what Stacy looked for in an actor, and she immediately
wondered if this guy was an actor who just couldn’t make

She smiled and waved to the handsome man in the cab and he
waved back.

“Mmmm, what a cutie!” Stacy thought to herself. “I wonder
what the rest of him looks like, ” she fantasized before
blowing a kiss. Stacy then moved her arms past her left breast,
thinking for a nanosecond if she should touch herself as
a way of saying hello. The thought past and she placed her
hand on her upper chest and patted it in a sign of relief that
she didn’t cause an accident.

Taking one more look at the dark haired trucker, this guy
gave Stacy an energy boost which she thought could last
a few hundred miles. She decided to blow him another kiss.

To her surprise, the man reciprocated with both a kiss and
a gorgeous smile. Stacy was pleasantly surprised to feel
herself getting wet between her legs. Thoughts of fucking
this guy back in her office danced happily in her head.

Stacy smiled, placed her hands between her legs to feel
her wetness, and thought, “Just like Hollywood!” She laughed
before resuming her cruising speed of 80 miles per hour.

Sam drove for another hour before pulling off at an exit
to get something to eat.

For a trucker, when it comes to food, the big question is
fast food, diner, or what’s in the fridge. Sam’s cab, like
so many out there, came with a small kitchen, and a small
bedroom. If he had a toilet he thought he could live there

Sam concluded dinner.

Exit 275, about 120 miles west of Phoenix, was home to the
Arrow Diner. A favorite of both trucker’s and recreational
travelers alike, the Arrow was known for giant arrows sticking
out of the ground. A vestige to the Indians of the Old West.

Parking the rig, Sam was walking into the diner when he noticed
the silver 350 CLK in the parking lot. “Hmmm, what would
a hot girl like that be eating here? Must have had to use the
bathroom, ” he said out loud.

Sam walked inside and looked around hoping to see his blond
friend. The place was only mildly crowded and it took only
a few seconds before Sam spotted her sitting in a booth near
a window drinking a cup of coffee.

He looked over and smiled at her, but Stacy never noticed
him as Stacy continued to look out the window.

Sam ordered an egg and cheese sandwich, and a salad to go,
plus a coffee at the counter while he waited for his order
to be ready.

Sam sipped his coffee as time went by. He looked at his blond
friend through the reflection in the pie case hung behind
the counter. He watched her stand up and leave some money
on the table before walking to the cash register to pay her
bill. Sam stared straight ahead and pretended to ignore
her. Sam wanted her. His cock grew quickly as he started
to think about what it would be like to kiss her, to take off
her shirt, and to press his body and his hard cock into her.

Stacy was at the diner almost 30 minutes before the stranger
in the truck drove into the parking lot. She was hoping he
would stop. For some reason, Stacy couldn’t get this man
off her mind. She was wildly attracted to him. Attracted
to his looks, attracted to the mystery of his past, and turned
on by the fantasy of the two of them together.

Looking out the window when the trucker walked into the
bar, Stacy watched him locate her and then stare at her while
he decided where to sit. She had to contain herself from
laughing while she watched this dating play unfold.

Stacy was a little disappointed when he sat at the counter
instead of walking in her direction. She knew he recognized
her, but Stacy thought maybe he was too shy or too much of
a gentleman to talk to her. Nevertheless, Stacy had that
bi city confidence and knew if she wanted it to happen, this
guy would become her sex toy. Her’s to fuck as she pleased.
Stacy liked that idea a lot.

Now, she was standing less than six feet from him as she stood
at the cash register waiting to pay. He continued to stare
at the pie case while she sized him up. Stacy was pleased
to see the man with the rugged face had a rugged body to match.
In his tight jeans and his boots, his button down shirt slightly
open to reveal a muscular and somewhat hairy chest, this
man would have made a great billboard Stacy thought.

Thinking she wasn’t looking, Sam turned towards Stacy
and their eyes locked. But before he could say anything,
the waitress walked out with his food.

“Egg and Cheese and a Salad. Is that all hun?” the waitress

Sam didn’t respond at first, hesitating…almost afraid
that if he turned his head this beautiful blond woman would
disappear. “Umm, hold on.”

“Ah…Hi, Do you want to some coffee or some pie, ” Sam blurted
out to the blond. “Wait, wait, i’m sorry, I’m Sam.”

Stacy smiled and blushed in a subtle way before responding,
“Hi, ” she laughed, “I’m Stacy nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, ” Sam said.

“Well, do you want something else?” the waitress interrupted.

“No, no thank you, ” Stacy said to Sam thinking how tight
his ass looked, “I really need to be going.”

“Here, let me get your check then. I feel really bad I almost
hit you way back there, ” said Sam realizing full well that
Stacy was the person who almost caused the accident.

“Wow, that’s really nice of you, ” said Stacy feeling bad
knowing she almost hit Sam and wondering if this guy could
even afford to pick up her $3.75 check.

She stood by him as he paid their respective checks. Stacy
watched his hands as they reached into his back pocket of
his tight jeans to take out his wallet. She wondered how
his tight ass would feel if she touched him. She wondered
how he would feel if she stood behind him, her pussy pressed
against his ass, and she reached around to slowly stroke
his cock.

Stacy looked at his strong hands and noticed while strong,
his skin appeared fairly soft. His nails were well cleaned
and nicely shaped. His arms were tanned and muscular yet
not overdone. This guy had to have a huge cock Stacy felt
to herself.

Sam was a natural man. Sam looked to Stacy like a man was supposed
to look. Not a Hollywood actor, but a real man. Stacy longed
for a real man.

Meanwhile, Sam couldn’t believe it. This woman was both
polite and gorgeous. He had no idea how all the moon and the
stars had aligned in his favor. But, a woman like Stacy intimidated
Sam. Beautiful, wealthy, and confident, he wanted her,
but she made him nervous.

He held the door for Stacy as she walked out of the restaurant.
He couldn’t help but take a peek down her shirt as she walked
by him. What did he care, in 5 minutes Sam would never see
Stacy again. Standing in the warm sun of a winter afternoon in Arizona,
Stacy turned to Sam, and asked, “I’ve always wondered,
where do truckers sleep? Do you go to hotels or sleep in your

Sam laughed, “That’s funny. To be honest, I do both. It just
depends on where I am when I get tired and do I want a nice big
bed or not. My truck’s nice, but it’s kind of cramped.”

Stacy just smiled and nodded. The two stood there for seconds,
but to Stacy the silence was an eternity. “Can I see your
truck? I’ve never been in a REAL truck before.”

Sam laughed again, “Of course, I’d love to host you. Now,
I hope you’re expectations are low. It’s not very fancy.”

“Oh that’s all right.”

“Well OK then, let’s go. I’m parked back here.” Sam pointed
to the truck lot.

The two of them walked a hundred yards or so to a row of about
8 or 9 trucks. They had some small talk on the way. Sam thought
Stacy walked way too close as they approached the truck
and she even bumped into him. Sam felt a little funny. Stacy
wanted to fuck this guy even more. She loved his shyness
and his strength.

“Well ma’am, here is it. Here’s my truck”

“Can we go inside?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, where are my manners, ” he opened the door, “Here
ya go, climb on it.”

Stacy laughed at the pun even though Sam probably didn’t
even realize what he said. Climbing into the truck, Sam
looked at her legs and her ass. Her skirt looked so light
and sexy. He wondered if this woman wore a thong or if she
wore any panties at all.

When Stacy entered the cab, she was immediately met by the
neutral smell of the interior. “At least this guy doesn’t
smoke, ” Stacy thought to herself. In the back was something
that looked like a couch or a mini bed against the wall. “Perfect.”
Stacy sat down in the passenger seat and looked at Sam’s
face as he climbed into the truck and closed the door.

He started the cab and the air conditioning cranked up.

“What are you doing?” Stacy was startled. “I don’t want
to go anywhere.”

“Don’t worry sugar, I’m just making it comfortable for
you. If I didn’t turn on the truck, we’d start cooking soon.”

She laughed, “I’m sorry. I thought you were going to kidnap

“Is that what you want?” Sam asked very coyly.

Stacy looked away and smiled before looking back at Sam.
Slowly, she stood up and moved next to Sam. Stacy was small
enough she could almost stand up fully erect next to Sam
in the driver’s seat.

Sam looked up to her. Their eyes locked. “Yes, ” said Stacy.
“Take me away, ” she whispered and then bent over to kiss

They kissed for minutes. Deep tongue kisses. She touched
his face. She touched his neck and slid her hands down the
exterior of his shirt. This man kissed her in a way she had
never experienced. He always felt he was different and
she was right for her. Sam was so genuine.

Sam suddenly realized he had the green light. He was always
slow with woman, but his cock was quick. His cock was rock
hard with her first kiss. As her hands slid down his chest,
Sam’s hands ran up Stacy’s legs. Feeling her firm and muscular
legs, Sam knew this was a woman who took very good care of

Stacy wanted more, and wanted more quickly. Bending over
she continued to kiss Sam while she unbuttoned her shirt.
Sam had no undershirt and Stacy enjoyed rubbing his hands
through his chest hair.

“Show me your bed?” Stacy demanded. Her pussy was so wet
she could tell she was already dripping precum down her
inner thigh.

“Let’s go baby!” Sam excitedly told her as he pushed her
aside to pull out a small board with a mattress imbedded
in the back of the cab. The mattress was thin, the sheets
looked clean, and there were even a few pillows. Sam felt
good that he kept his cab clean always waiting for this moment.

He turned around and grabbed her close to him. They once
again kissed.

Sam wanted her tits and wasted no time getting them. “I love
your fucking tits, ” he told her. “I want to slide my cock
between them. Mmmmm baby, I want to taste your tits, ” he
told her as he quickly took off her shirt and released her
bra. Within seconds, both his hands were on her tits. His
mouth followed as he intermittedly kissed, squeezed,
rolled and fondled her breasts and her nipples.

Stacy was in heaven. She ran her fingers through Sam’s hair
as he fondled her breasts. She pushed her head closer to
her body. Stacy made sure Sam heard her cry out and heard
her moan whenever Sam did something that she really enjoyed.

Slowly her hands moved down his back, her manicured nails
digging deeper into him. She didn’t want to hurt him, but
she wanted Sam to remember her touch long after she was gone.

Past the small of his back, Stacy ran her hands across Sam’s
ass. While his ass was as firm as she imagined, Stacy wanted
in his jeans. She wanted his cock. She wanted to be fucked.

Sam meanwhile, wasn’t ready to stop. Moving one hand off
her right nipple, Sam moved his hand down her stomach to
her pelvis. Running his hand around the waist of her dress,
he too wanted inside. Continuing his motion he worked his
hand down between her legs and up to her hot, wet pussy. He
couldn’t believe how wet this woman even though he hadn’t
even touched her.

Stacy had no panties and no thong. Sam reached up past her
clit to feel a small patch of pubic hair. Stacy kept a nicely
groomed pussy that drew men like a magnet. Sam was no exception.
He quickly spun her around and had her sit on his bed.

Stepping back he looked at this beautiful woman sitting
on a bed without her shirt. With her skirt rolled up, he followed
the line of her legs catching a few peeks of her feet in their
high heels. By this point, Sam’s shirt was off and he spread
his legs and began to unbutton his 505s. He smiled at Stacy
as he patiently stripped. With each button, Stacy caught
a further glimpse of Sam’s dark hair that framed what she
knew would be a great cock.

But before getting to Stacy’s prize, Sam stopped. Reaching
into his pants, he grabbed his cock and started to play with
himself behind the cover of his 505s. He never took his eyes
off Stacy’s face. Stacy never took her eyes off his cock.

“Sam, I want it. Show me. Show me baby. I want to see your cock.”

“Oh baby. So impatient!” he laughed. “Take off your skirt, ”
he ordered her.

Stacy smiled and did as he asked. Then it was her turn. She
dropped to her knees and started to rub Sam’s cock from the
outside. After a few seconds, she pulled Sam’s hand out
of his pants. “I’ll take over sweetie.”

Sam pulled his hands back only to watch Stacy finish unbuttoning
the 505s and pull Sam’s pants down to his thighs. She briefly
studied his cock. Using her fingers, she traced the head
and the shaft of the cock keeping her eyes focused on the
precum that was clearly visible at his tip.

Seconds later, she took his cock in her mouth in its entirety.
He filled her. As she fucked his dick with her mouth, her
hands played with his balls and his ass. She was so aggressive.
So hungry she couldn’t stop. Stacy was an animal with this
man, and he was powerless to stop her.

He immediately began to moan. His hips bucked. Stacy didn’t
let up. She fucked his cock fast, and then slow. She played
only with the tip, and licked between the slit, and then
again she would take the whole shaft.

Sam moaned louder and longer. He swayed, but steadied himself
within the crampness of the cab.

Stacy moved to his balls. Placing his sac in her mouth, she
was relentless in how she flicked her tongue against his
balls. As she did, one hand alternated between stroking
his cock fast and then slow. Separately, her index finger
from her other hand was tracing the crack of Sam’s butt,
teasing Sam with the thought she would fuck his ass too.

Sam could feel more sensations with this woman than he’d
ever felt before.

Stacy continued to lick, flick and suck his balls while
making long and quick stroking motions on Sam’s cock. As
the precum continued to flow, Stacy would continue to tighten
her grip on Sam’s cock.

“Oh god Stacy…I’m going to cum baby. Please stop. I don’t
want to cum yet baby. Please Stacy. MMMMMM. Oh god darling.
Oh…I can’t hold it.”

Lifting her head, Stacy spoke to Sam, “Cum for me Sam. Be
a good boy. I’ll catch all your cum in my mouth.”

Adding another strong lunge with her hand for emphasis,
she screamed at him, “Cum for Me. Give me your cum. Your cum
is mine. GIVE IT TO ME.”

With that, Stacy placed her head on his cock and spanked
his ass. Holding his hips with one hand and crushing his
balls with the other, Stacy was in a frenzy sucking Sam’s

“Oh…oh…..yes…yes….mmmmm….YES, YES, Here ya go Stacy,
all for you, all for you baby…ahhh, YES, ” Sam screamed
as his hips started bucking wildly against Stacy’s mouth.
She didn’t stop. She kept milking him.

Sam was dying. She fucked him until he hurt. “Please baby.
Oh, please baby, i need to sit down.”

Stacy looked up at him and stopped. Pulling away, she smiled
and Sam could see a bit of cum had leaked to the side of her

Breathing heavily, he pulled her up and sat her down on the
bed. Without hesitation he leaned into her and kissed her.
They both tasted his cum together.

Laying her back against the bed, he lay on top of her and kissed
her. He caressed her. He kissed her cheek and her neck. He
kissed her ear and then her forehead and then her lips again.
Stacy was in lust with this man.

After that amazing orgasm, Stacy thought to herself, he’s
still got energy. She even felt his cock grow slightly although
not to the hardness it once was.

Moving down Stacy’s body, Sam once again enjoyed Stacy’s
tits. So real and so firm. He would push her tits together
and squeeze both her nipples at the same time. He could feel
Stacy arch her back as he repeated this move.

Sam wanted her pussy.

Moving down her body, his hands began to pull against the
hairs above her clit. Stacy relished with the idea of her
hair down there being pulled. As Sam did this, Sam also kissed
around the lips of her clit.

He danced around her pussy, but didn’t touch her. While
Stacy was aggressive and forthcoming, Sam was patient.
He wanted her to really want him.

“Oh Baby, don’t tease me. Touch me darling. My pussy needs
you. Don’t make me wait. Please fuck me.”

“Stacy darling, you must be patient baby. You’re in the
country now.” And with that, Sam continued his torture.
Reaching his hand towards her breasts he again locked on
her tits and gently touched her.

Stacy was moaning with an incredible pace and Sam hadn’t
even touched any element of her clit or the lips of her pussy.
“Please. Please. Please. Please, ” Stacy repeated over
and over. “Please, Please, Please.”

Sam stopped and looked at her. Stacy was breathing amazingly
quick and short breaths. He knew it was time.

Without hesitation, he began licking and flicking her
clit. Immediately, she arched her back and tried to push
her pussy deep against his lips and his tongue.

Stacy reached out with a loud “AHHHH.”

With that, Sam took two fingers and drove them deep into
her pussy..fucking her with his hand as he tongued her hot
clit. It was now Sam’s turn to be relentless.

“Oh god. YES. That’s so good baby. I knew you’d be hot. I just
knew it, ” Stacy repeated. “YES, lick my cunt. Take my cunt.
I want to be your whore. God this is so fantastic. Use me Sam.
Use me anyway you want. I want to be your toy.” She paused
and then screamed, “Ooohhh…YES…..MMMMMM…MMMMMM… .YES…
YES… Lick it, Lick it Sam. That’s it. Good boy. You’re such
a good boy. Fuck your whore. Fuck me. OH YESS…AHHH YES….”
Stacy screamed as she came for Sam.

Sam continued until Stacy started laughing. With her laughter
he stopped and smiled. Sitting on his knees his cock now
hovering over Stacy’s pussy, he couldn’t stop smiling
at her. Stacy giggled and smiled back at him.

Sam started rubbing his cock. “Darling, you know we’re
not done yet.” He kept stroking his cock to return to full

Stacy sat up and helped Sam massage his cock. Without hesitation,
Stacy put Sam’s cock, covered with her cum, back into her
mouth and once against fucked him hard and fast. She knew
Sam’s cock would be inside her soon.

After 30 seconds of handling a man’s cock in a way that can
only be done by a woman, he pushed her shoulders back on the
bed. While still on his knees, Sam pushed Stacy’s legs back,
and drove his cock deep inside her.

“YES, ” Stacy yelled as he entered her. “Don’t stop baby.
Fuck me hard and fast.”

Once again Sam laughed at the impatience of this woman.
But, clearly she wanted it and he knew he had to comply. Using
his muscular legs, Sam worked up the pace like a freight
train. Slowly, slowly, slow, fast, faster, faster, and
faster, Sam was now ramming his cock into Stacy at an incredible
pace and with incredible strength. Stacy felt her body
slide backwards with each thrust followed by being pulled
back into Sam’s cock by his strong hands against her thighs.
Her tits bounced with each movement of his cock.

“Is this how you like it baby?” Sam asked. “Nice and hard.
Take it. Take my cock. You big city girls always love my trucker’s
cock. Now! Please me and cum! Be a good girl Stacy, and please
my cock.”

“Oh god Sam. Oh god. Fuck me baby. You’re so hot. Your cock
is so big. It’s so fucking big baby. Yes, YES, Fuck me! Fuck
me!” Stacy was again rather loud and sat up slightly on her
elbows so she could watch this man’s cock drive into her
pussy like a piston.

“OH YES…YES…YES…Such a great fuck!!” Stacy screamed over
and over again as she repeatedly came. “Such a great fuck!
Oh Sam darling. MMMMM. Such a great fuck!”

Sam collapsed on top of her and held Stacy. The two were very
hot and very sweaty.

While the trucks engines could be heard loud and clear on
the outside, the only sound on the inside was the slowing
respiration coming from the lungs of these two strangers.

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