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Spring Ball



Please, let me introduce myself…

My name is unimportant, but I work for a very professional,
talent-infested company so the Bosses like to treat us
well in return. In a couple of weeks time it’s our Companies
"Spring Ball." They’re going the full nine
yards, renting a Manor for the day, Marquees out on the lawn,
magicians performing at our tables, black-tie dress code…
All very high-brow.

Unfortunately I don’t really get off on that sort of thing…
what’s even worse is that I have no date for the night yet.
Sure, there are a couple of women I could call, but no one
I really want to go with. I’m actually thinking about not
going, but then I thought… I wonder if you could come along
and make a very boring evening a whole lot more exciting?!

I can picture it now. I turn up at your house and you look simply
breathtaking. You have a little "strappy"
black number on, your beautiful, delicate shoulders exposed
‒ you tease! You know how I love to kiss your neck and you’re
really playing on my weakness tonight!

And you’re giving me "that" look too.

As I arrive you’re just finishing dressing and you ask me
to zip you up… Yeah, right! I’m really just going to do that
when you look so fucking gorgeous and I have you all to myself!
Maybe another man would ‒ but not me! I stand behind you while
you’re in front of your full-length dress-mirror. Stunning.
I run my eyes all over you, from your soft shiny hair down
to your long, feminine neck, along your shoulders, down
your back and hips… a feast for the eyes… a real Woman.

Your zip is the last thing on my mind and that’s why you like
me so much. I stand close behind you and kiss your shoulder
softly, reaching around you with my arm and cupping your
breast, the warm soft flesh in my hand feels wonderful through
the fabric.. fucking hell you’re making me hard already…

I kiss your neck passionately ‒ you don’t try to stop me ‒
you want me as much as I want you, so I lift the front of your
dress and slip my hand inside your thong. Jesus, you’re
always wet around me. I can feel how hot and aroused you are
as my hand pushes down through your pubes and brushes your
pussy-lips, parting them with the tip of my index finger.

"Oooo, we mustn’t! We’ll be late!" you say with
a trembling voice as I begin to tease your clit gently. I
only think the response "Yeah, well fuck them lady!
I’m right where I want to be right now" to myself - because
I’m too busy kissing you to use my mouth for anything else
right now. I also know you don’t mean it anyway, just shut
up and let me touch you… I have to touch you… You’re so fucking
hot Lady.

I rub you a little faster making you tremble a little as you
fidget and grind your hips against the unyielding, unrelenting
pressure of my finger on your hard, angry little clit. I
release my grip on you now and lead you to the bed, and sit
you there on the edge of it… at eye level with my hard-on.
No words are necessary, I know you love to take me in your
mouth, so your hand heads quickly to my flies. You unzip
me and after a little fiddling, you manage to pull my hard,
stiff prick out of there and slowly begin to tease and wank
it with your hand.

You pull me closer by gripping my shaft and leading me forward
by it, my reward for reacting the way you wanted to is your
well educated tongue ticking my balls. You kiss them from
underneath while slowly wanking my cock… you tease! I want
you to take it in your mouth! You start to run your tongue
along the underside of my hot, swollen member, kissing
it as you go. When you reach my nob, you kiss me and tease my
japs-eye with the tip of your tongue while looking up into
my eyes. Such a beautiful face, I want my cock in your mouth!!
You take just the end of my nob into your mouth, kissing it
sweetly and making me so hot. Please for God’s sake woman!
Take my cock in your mouth ‒ don’t fucking torture me like

Time to take control because I know that this is what you
want me to do, and I’m getting fucked off with being teased!
I run my fingers through your hair and take the back of your
head in my hand and I pull you toward me, forcing my cock further
into your mouth, but you push back, teasing me more ‒ making
me hot ‒ making me take control because that’s how you want
it. You want to be face-fucked and you’re going the right
way about getting it too. I’m too hot, too horny, can’t wait
anymore, time to leave The Gentleman back on the subs-bench
and get nasty!

I pull your head roughly, slipping my hot cock all the way
into your mouth, FUCK that feels good! A handful of your
hair in my hand and my cock in your mouth…

Far from pushing away now, you are feverishly sucking me
off, hard and fast ‒ the way you wanted it right from the start.
I push my cock in and out of your beautiful velvety-soft,
wet mouth and it feels like Heaven! You’re sucking me so
hard I’m going to cum soon, you can feel my legs begin to tremble
and shake as my orgasm approaches, but you don’t want me
to pull free and spunk-up all over your lovely black dress
and stain it, so you take control…

You grab my arse with your hands so tightly that I can’t get
away from you. You’re clamped onto me like a vice with my
cock in your throat wanting to taste my hot salty spunk.
As I begin to come you pull me in even further. Pulling me
in so hard that your arms shake with the effort. Fucking
hell! You dirty Bitch! I love it when you suck my cock baby,
you’re so fucking good!!

Now you’re going to get some of your own treatment! Two can
play the teasing game!!

I go to your bedside drawer and take out your vibrator…

I get you into a doggy-style position, but I have your arms
held behind your back in one of my hands, gripping you around
the wrists. I don’t lube the vibrator up, I don’t lick it
‒ I don’t even turn it on. You don’t need to be any wetter…
I push your dress up over you bum, pull your little red thong
to one side and simply RAM the fucker in there! All the way
in on the first push!

But that’s it. Once it’s in, I just hold it there… I don’t
fuck you with it.

"So you want to be a tease then? Okay… how’s this sound…
I’m NOT GOING TO MOVE IT AT ALL!! I’m going to keep it where
it is, crammed up inside your hole, all the way in, filling
you up, and I’m going to make you beg me to fuck you with it!
What do you think about that?!"

You begin you roll your hips and moan as you sneakily work
the vibrator around inside you a little… "Oh No! We’re
not having any of that you sexed up little Bitch. You are
not allowed to move AT ALL! Now beg me. Come on… Beg me!"

Your head is down low and you ask me to fuck you with it.

"Nope, asking is nice but it’s what nice Kids do to
Santa when they want a new bike. This is way different to
that. You have a big thick plastic cock filling your cunt
up and you’re trying to entice your dirty minded, cunt-torturing
bastard of a boyfriend to fuck you with it and make you scream
‒ that requires more than a "please" so now you
have to BEG!"

"Okay I beg you."

"Erm.. nope. Sorry, but I’m just not feeling that
honey, and stop trying to wriggle around on this thing or
I’ll go home right now and leave you here… and you know I will!"

"Please fuck me!"

"Okay, that’s a little better… still not enough though…
hmmm decisions decisions… Oh tell you what baby, let’s
compromise… I’ll just turn it on, at it’s lowest speed setting
of course, and see if that can inspire you to better things."
The vibrator goes on and you can feel its full length shaking
and rumbling away in side you! You’re thinking "Oh
GOD that feels good in there!! But it would feel so much better
if this bastard would slide it in and out of me a bit… I’d come
really quickly!!"

Yeah, well… guess what. That’s why I’m NOT fucking you with
it. I’m torturing you for being such a tease to me earlier,
and you fucking love it, don’t you Bitch! So many guys would
just get you off and take you to dinner. But deep inside you
know that you love me because I won’t.

You’re so wet and swollen now, all you want me to do is pump
this thing in and out of you a few times and get you off, but
I won’t because I’m me. Deal with it.

Your cunt is so swollen and oh so sensitive… all you can think
about is the torturous, bordering on painful, wonderful
sensations that are filling your mind and body. You try
to get yourself off and end this by thinking the dirtiest
thoughts you can, then by trying to relax your muscles,
go limp and give in to it to see if that helps with the hot burning
ache in your hole. That doesn’t work either, so you try to
clamp down on the thing with the muscles of your vagina’s
inner-wall. But that just makes it ache all the more. I have
you totally where I want you ‒ expertly held within a hairs
breadth of a massive, physical release. The only thought
in your mind: Just one or two pushes… come on you FUCKING
BASTARD, let me come! Please! Don’t make me beg for it like
a dirty little whore! Please!!… I’ll do anything you want!!
…oh GOD this feels good…

"Oh please fuck me!" the words escaping from
you more than being said. Your mind takes over, gets control
of your vocal-chords and simply speaks from your soul,
no conscious thought behind them, they’re just pure, base
instinct being vocalised.

"Well, that was sweet of you Baby, very polite and
all… but no, bitch. Not good enough… you can do better than
that." So I reach down and turn the speed up a little,
just one or two notches… yeah, you’re so right ‒ I’m a fucking
bastard aren’t I!!

Well, tough. I know you love this because your cunt is so
wet and swollen and slippery.. I’ve really got you going
now… seven inches of wide, heavily veined vibrator simply
impaling you and driving you fucking nuts because I won’t
move the fucker! You may as well try and convince the wind
not to blow. You are not in control here. I am, and you know

You start to moan, your face buried in the pillow. I do a very
cruel thing now and start to twist the huge plastic cock
around inside you, rolling it along it’s length inside
your tight, slippery fuck-hole so that the veins on it’s
surface tease and arouse you even more… So FUCKING close
to coming, but it’s just like one of those sneezes that you
can’t quite get out, so you stay there on the brink, never
quite making it that last step of the way… You’re whole body
is sweating and trembling and shaking... this aches so
much!!… Just one or two pushes PLEASE!… oh FUCK this is so

"Come on sweetheart… these are new batteries and
I really don’t care if this takes all night… you are going
to beg me to fuck you, I promise you that… You’d might as well
do it now and end this…"

"Fuck Me!"


"Oh FUCK YOU! Just FUCK ME! You teasing, dirty bastard!!!"

"Hmmm, better!" I’m really getting to you now…
I have an idea though. Let’s turn the speed ALL THE WAY UP
shall we?

Yeah, I think so… here goes!


"Why should I?"

You’re moaning now, grinding your hips, a total slave to
the huge, powerful vibrator inside you. You feel like you
might pass out soon if I don’t get you off, but lust is like
that, it fucks with your perceptions… guess you shouldn’t
have teased my cock earlier then, huh?

"Beg me."

"I’m not begging!"

"Okay, stay like this for a week then Bitch, I don’t
care." So I twist it inside you again…

"Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! You FUCKER!!" Your head
is down low, you’re biting the pillow and your hands have
grasped the sheets… your voice is trembling. You’re SO
turned on baby, so hot and sexy!!

"Oh, nice to get a reaction out of you sweetheart!"
and then I smile a cheeky grin… you’re SO wet and slippery…
I give it a quick twist, making you flinch.

"Aaaaaaah! You fucking Bastard!! Please fuck me,
it really hurts!!"



You’re almost in tears now baby, so horny and wanton. The
physical torture is bad enough, but the lust… Oh God, the
lust inside you right now!! You look so beautiful. So animal,
and wild. So totally out of control…

"Nah, I don’t think so…"

This is too much ‒ you can’t take it anymore ‒ you find yourself
screaming "OH FOR GOD’S SAKE F U C K M E !!!!!"
at the top of your voice,

"Okay, that’s better. Now I’m starting to believe
you… do you want to beg me to do it though?"

You whisper "yes" the tiny voice escaping in
a gasp…

"I’m sorry Babe, what was that? I can’t hear you with
all this "buzzing" going on in the background…couldn’t
make that out too clearly…"

"I said YES! I’m fucking begging you to fuck me!!"
You’re panting now, so close, so close… but I still won’t
let you…

"Say, Sir I am begging you! Please fuck me!"

"Sir." (Your breathing coming short, hot gasps
now) "I am begging you! Please fuck me!"

"Hmmmmm… you see the problem here is that you’re saying
the words but I’m not getting any of the feeling… could you
say it with a bit more feeling Babe? Sorry to be so fussy about
all this…"

The vibrator has been inside you for ten minutes now. Your
cunt is SO angry at me, your clit is so swollen… all it would
take is just one good, solid length slipped in and out of
you and you’d spunk up on it right now… instantly.

"Oh, you CUNT!!!… Sir, please!! I am BEGGING YOU!!
Please fuck me!!"

"Say it again."

"Sir I am BEGGING YOU!! Please FUCK ME!!" (You
voice is alternating from a whimper to a shout and back again,
your body needs to let go. You’re wound up so tight inside
you feel you may snap if this divine torture doesn’t end

"Again Bitch! And if you really make me believe you
this time, I WILL do it!"


"Okay, here goes!!! Oh… hang on a minute… would you
just look at the time! My my my… we really must be going sweetheart…come
on, time to make a move or we’ll miss the party!" With
that I give you my most Devilish smile, a little wink and
pull the vibrator out of you and turn it off.

Now you’re ready for a night out with Me…

Yeah, you bet your ass he’s a fucking unbearable tease!

As the cab arrives to collect us, we’re not on speaking terms.

I had to physically pin you to the bed to stop you wanking
yourself off and had to hold you there for five minutes until
the orgasm began to subside back within you.

I didn’t want you to cum, could make you orgasm anytime I
like to be honest and you know that. No, I want tonight to
be "special" because tonight I’m going to give
you what you’ve always wanted… a night you’ll never forget.
One that you will remember as you lay on your deathbed ‒ hopefully
many MANY years from now, but for me to give you this present,
I need you to be uncontrollably aroused. Rampant. In a state
of heightened sexuality . It’ll drop your barriers, the
invisible ones that stopped you from doing this long ago
by yourself. It’s for your own good, so I take the cold, frosty
silence from you knowing all too well that the night ahead
will have you forgive me a thousand times over and more.

The cab driver is no fool. He can feel the tension between
us as we pull away and he does his best to lighten the mood
with the usual, inane chit-chat that these guys live for
and by. You have a face like thunder, totally impervious
to his undeniable whit. He’s big Lad, early twenties ‒ unshaven
but he’s got the gift of the gab so I laugh at his jokes. Hey,
they’re funny, so no matter how much my laughter is annoying
you sweetheart, I won’t stonewall him even if you choose

At the end of a particularly long, uncomfortable silence
the young guy pipes up with the line "I hope you don’t
mind me asking, but is everything okay? Your Lady-friend
looks pretty upset?"

"Oh, she’s no Lady, my friend… that’s a genuine, 100%
Woman you have sitting in your cab tonight and they’re much
better than any "Lady" you may ever come to meet!
Just look at her… fantastic breasts, long elegant neck
and her beautiful face…. I bet you’d like to fuck her, wouldn’t

The young guy, more than a little shocked replies "Erm…
yeah, sure… look I was only asking if…"

"…Show him your breasts."

"No, fuck you! You fucking arsehole!" you reply

"Look, really" the driver stammers "I’m
a married man and I love my Wife and I really don’t… you know…
Jesus! All I was trying to do was help out!…"

"You are helping out, trust me." I reply.

Then I turn to you.

"This is going to be the most amazing night of your
life, and it starts right here and right now. You are going
to slip that dress away from your shoulders and you are going
to do it right now."

We exchange a long steely look.

I whisper to you, our eyes still locked "Drop that
dress away from your shoulders."

You look down and away, my dominance established ‒ no, more
like "re-affirmed" by your body language as
you sheepishly take one shoulder strap and then the other
and let them fall away, exposing your fantastic body to
me. Not just me though, the cab-driver can see too, I catch
his eye in the rear-view mirror as he looks you up and down…
Everyone else who’s on the streets of this built-up area
sees you too… they can ALL see you through the windows of
the slow-moving car.

"Jesus!" says the cab-driver "You’re
both fucking nuts! I’m going to have to let you out on the
next corner… Lady, please put your dress back up and cover
yourself up!"

"A Grand." I say to no one in particular, but
loud enough for all to hear.

"What?!" says the cabbie.

"A Grand… one thousand pounds. I have it here, count
it." and with that I throw an envelope that’s full
of notes onto the passenger seat.

"What’s that for? Are you going to pay me a thousand
quid to let you screw your girlfriend in my taxi?!"

"No. The thousand is for YOU to screw my girlfriend
right here in the back of your cab, while I drive the three
of us to The Mansion House ‒ I’m late already so we can’t stop,
you will just have to fuck her on the way there."

"You’re fucking crazy mate!…"

"…Two Grand." another envelope hits the passenger

"Look… mate… I am very tempted but I love my Wife…"

"I’m sure you do, and just imagine how pleased she
will be when she hears how you picked up some drunk American
oil tycoon in London today, and he left you a two-grand tip."

I turn to you.

"Show him your pussy."

"Baby, really I don’t think we should…" you

"Show him it, don’t make me tell you again."

You obediently lift your bottom up so that you can raise
your dress, and I have you move to the middle of the back seat,
so the driver can clearly see you through the gap between
the two front seats in his mirror.

"Now open your legs wide and show him your hot, slippery
little cunt-hole.

My earlier torturing of you has you broken… you’re so hot,
so wet and turned on now… you pull your feet up onto the seat
of your own accord and pull your wet, red thong to one side
and show him what you’ve got between your legs…

And I rub your clit slow and hard, immediately making you
throw your head back and give a little moan… "Aaaaahhh
shit!" you whisper…

"No, I’m not doing it." Says the driver. But
I can see his face as I continue to rub you and make you moan
and wriggle on my finger… his face is reddened, he’s hot
and flustered and you’re so fucking beautiful…

I take another envelope from my pocket…

"You see this?" I say to him, making sure he does
before I make my next move…

"This is another Grand. A fortnight for you and your
Wife in Florida… some money for a rainy day… if you add it
to the two you already have, perhaps it’ll even make the
deposit on a new cab because this one’s a shit-hole… It’s

But you have to go and get it."

I wind the window down and throw the envelope into the street.

(Hey, I had to get him to stop the car one way or another and
I’m a cunning bastard!)

It works, the cab pulls up quickly and the guy heads off down
the alley that the envelope ended up in.

When he gets back to the cab I’m in the drivers seat, and you
are fingering your cunt fast ‒ looking him right in the eye.
But you don’t look him in the eye for long… you vision strays
to the ridiculously big bulge in his jeans.

This guy is FUCKING HUGE and very very turned on. He stands
at the open door to the back of the cab and starts to say something
but it’s too late… as you wank your hot little cunt with one
hand, the other finds the massive bulge in his trousers
and rubs it hard. Jesus he’s big.

"Suck his cock." I say.

"But… people will see…" you reply ‒ wanking
faster and faster…

You’re right too, there a re a few people around and if you
were to pull the guys huge cock free of his jeans, people
would see! Perhaps you have a point… wouldn’t want to get

…but fuck it… let’s do it anyway.

"Suck his cock, and do it RIGHT NOW!"

You obediently unzip him, fumbling with his belt a little
because your hands are trembling and take out his huge member.
It’s fully ten inches long, heavily veined, thick and fully
erect. His nob is so big that you can barely fit it into your
mouth, but you do manage. You’re sitting in the doorway
of the cab with the straps of your dress let down exposing
your breasts, the bottom half of your dress is pulled up
so that everyone can see your slippery hot cunt, and you
have the best part of a foot of thick, heavy cock sticking
in your face. You’ve never looked so good baby.

You suck him feverishly and he crams his cock right into
your mouth, occasionally he pulls free of you and takes
his cock out and slaps your face with it, then he just crams
it back in there and pushes it in until you almost gag.

You’re waking yourself, you’re always wanking yourself
you bad girl! why are you always so fucking sexed up?!!

I love the fact that you’re always sexed up, and I get hard
watching suck this guys huge thick donkey’s-cock.

People can see quite clearly what’s going on, but they make
a point of ignoring it. Hey, they WANT to look, but they don’t
want to get caught looking. They lack a certain strength.
A pair of young lads walk past ‒ teenagers I’d guess ‒ and
they take a quick sideways look as they approach. But they’re
just kids and the best they can muster as they continue on
by is to look at each other and laugh nervously and say "Fucking
hell ‒ nice one Fella!" to the cabbie as you suck his
hot slippery prick.

Shame… if the boys had had the balls to stop and say hi, I’d
have made you suck their cocks too, but like I say, they’re
just boys. Well, that’s their loss.

I want to see that cock go into you. It’s so fucking big and
hard, I can’t help but wonder if it’s actually going to fit!

"Bend over in front of him and take his cock into your

I have your total obedience now and you simply get out of
the cab, put your hands on the side window, bend at the waist
and spread your legs like the dirty little whore you are,
so he can cram his monstrous cock into your gash and make
you scream.

You’re standing in the street. Everyone can see. Your dress
is a crumpled, your gorgeous tits are hanging out, your
hair is a mess and the whole world can see your slippery sexed-up
cunt if they want to.

You can hear an old couple walking down the other side of
the street.. the word "disgusting" makes it’s
way to you and you start to feel very very vulnerable and
exposed… this is wrong… I shouldn’t be doing this!… Oh God
this is so rude!!

Luckily enough before you have a chance to change your mind,
Mr Bigcock puts the tip of his huge prick inside you.

"Aaaaaah!!!" you cry as you drop your head down
low, you only have his nob in there, but he’s so FUCKING THICK
you think he’s going to split you!!!

"Cram it up her, don’t be gentle! I’m paying you three
grand to fuck her, and I’m telling you to shove it right up
into her, all the way in ‒ and do it rough, she likes it hard.

"Okay, if you say so!!" he replies as he takes
you by the hips and SLAMS his enormous throbbing shaft up
inside you!

"AAAAAARGGH FUCK!!!!!!!!!" You scream as
he fills you up with the first shove from his hips. Fucking
hell that hurt so good! It’s like being fucked by an animal
or something. He’s not subtle or gentle, he’s just fucking
you hard from the out-set with his enormous, almost ridiculous
looking, cock. You tighten and shake as he shafts you faster
and faster and so deep. Deeper than any man has ever been
before, he takes your shoulders in his hands and pulls you
roughly back, impaling you with his cock and fucking you
so, so hard. He’s so big, it so uncomfortable having that
huge cock in there! everyone is WATCHING… oh God he feels
so good inside of me!!!… Ah! Ah! AAAAAA.. Y E S!! FUCK ME !!!!!…
Your vagina trembles, you bite your lip, throw yourself
back onto him as hard as you can and like the dirty cock-hungry
slut that you are, you spunk-up on his cock.

Of all the people that are standing around shocked by your
outrageous behaviour, only one stands out.

She stands out because she doesn’t appear to be shocked,
she actually starts walking towards the car as you and taxi-boy
start to clamber back in.

He hasn’t come yet, but things are getting a little dangerous
around here so it’s probably best if we move on ‒ could do
without getting arrested really, not before the night
has really got going!

He climbs in before you do and lays across the back seats,
you lay along side him, in the classic "Spoons"
position. You lift our leg, and he simply pushes his huge
cock back up your slippery, cummy twat and you scream AAAAAH!!!

He’s so fucking big!… he feels so good all the way up inside
me… oh god… oh GOD this is dirty!! …he feels so good… I’m so
turned on…

The young girl, I’d say she’s probably 20, walks up to the
drivers window where I’m sitting and knocks on the window
just as we’re about to pull away. I wind the window down and
before either She or I can say anything, she takes the back
of my head in her tiny hand and forces my mouth onto her breast.

Even through the fabric of her blouse I can feel how stiff
her nipple is as I lick the fabric and tease her with my teeth.
She’s got an absolutely fantastic tight body as far as I
can see… beautiful long, raven-black hair and sultry Latin

I reach out of the window, grab a handful of her blouse, and
tear it open. She has no bra on as I’d guessed, so I immediately
engulf her beautiful young bosom in my mouth and she moans
as I suck, nibble and lick her ‒ all the time she is watching
you being fucked by taxi-boy. His huge swollen member slipping
in and out of your cunt… she watches you writhing around
on that strange mans pole and starts to rub herself between
the legs slowly as she does.

I think she wants that cock inside her, but I bought it for
you… shame. It’s a real pity we don’t have another cock around
here huh…


I pull her hair roughly, making her come down level with
my mouth so that I can kiss her. She has a tongue-piercing
and she works it feverishly around in my mouth as we kiss,
but I pull her away from me, look her right in the eyes and
say "Take your jeans off right now and get in the car,
I’ve got a job for you!"

And I release my grip on her hair.

She doesn’t bother trying to cover her exposed, very hard
nipples when she stands back up, she simply kicks off her
black high heels ‒ and starts unbuttoning her sexy tight
black jeans, right there in the middle of the road. All the
time watching you quiver and shake as you’re being fucked
hard and fast on the back seat.

She can see as I can that you’re about to cum again…

Taxi boy has your leg held as high as he can and he’s literally
throwing his hips forward and pounding you with his massive
prick, he has his hand over your mouth, the other hand working
your clit ‒ wanking you brutally as he shafts you ‒ and you
fucking love it.

I can see everything, I can see you wriggling and grinding
your hips and using every inch of his cock to make yourself
cum… He slips an arm underneath, and then around you, grips
you tightly around the waist and fucks you just as hard and
fast as I do, Immediately pushing you over the edge. "Ah!!
you shout, as your legs tremble and shake and you clamp down
on him hard with your cunt-muscles. You bite your lip, your
whole body spasms and bucks up against him, and you spunk-up
on his shaft for the second time in five minutes, you dirty
little fucker!

Our new Lady‒friend has now removed her jeans, put her black
high heels back on and has come around to the front passenger
seat to sit next to me. She’s naked from the waist down, has
a perfectly flat stomach and a gorgeous shaved pussy.

She pulls the door shut, I start the engine of the cab, and
we head off once again into the night…

You and Taxi-boy have changed positions now and he has you
sat astride him, bouncing up and down slowly on his cock.
You just happen to be sitting close enough to get a fantastic
"over the shoulder" view of what our stranger
does next…

She reaches quickly down into her handbag and pulls out
a long, thin silver vibrator which she immediately turns
on to the highest speed setting. She throws one leg over
the centre console where the gear-stick is, so that it’s
hanging limply over the top of my left leg, and she rams the
vibrator all the way inside herself and starts fucking
her own pussy furiously.

What a fucking slut! She just pushes it in and out of her cunt,
that’s got to be hurting, going so hard and fast straight
away, but she’s doing it!… Doing it and loving it too! I can
see her salty pussy-juice on the vibrator as she is bashing
it in and out of her gash… Both you and Taxi-boy reach over
one of her shoulders and start to roll her nipples between
your thumb and forefinger and pull on them. They’re so fucking
hard and she’s so beautiful, she lifts her bottom up off
of the seat a little and edges forward so that she can fuck
herself even faster and deeper with the shiny, viscously
shaking plastic cock.

She’s insatiable!!

"30 Seconds" I say flatly, pretending to be

I’m far from unimpressed. You’re enjoying slowly bouncing
up and down on your rented cock, but your legs are getting
tired now so you sit down and to GRIND back and forth on Taxi-boy.
Slowly, in and out of your slippery fuck-hole ‒ taking his
full length inside you and for the first time tonight, you’re
really coping with it because your fanny is so slippery
and lubed-up with your own cum juice.

I’ve never seen a woman fuck herself so hard as our new stranger
is right now. While she is slipping the vibrator in and out
of her hole with her right hand, she has the fingers of her
left hand wanking her clit too. She’s titling and grinding
her hips, breathing hard and groaning "Ahh! Ah! Aaaaahhh!"
As she shafts her tight little pussy for us. Her eyes are
shut as she goes about the business of brutally wanking
it cunt off and letting us all watch and enjoy the show.

Good girl!

"Fifteen seconds."

Her hand is a blur. Her clit is so angry at this brutal, viscous
assault she’s going to be sore for a week. Her head is back,
her whole body stiffens and I can see her fantastic flat
stomach start to tremble and quiver. Her legs twitching,
hips tilting up and down trying to get every last bit of sensation
that she can out of the quivering shaking plastic prick…
she gasps Ah! Ah! Ah yeah Fucking hell!!! Shit!! her head
pulls toward her stomach, her legs raise and spread even
further and she finally pushes herself over the edge.

With one final thrust, pushing the vibrator so far up herself
she loses her grip on it, she groans, throws both her hands
to the sides of the seat, grabbing handfuls of fabric so
tightly that her knuckles go white as she does so, she shakes
and bucks and squeals "Aaaaee!!!! yes, yes!! YES!!!
OH YESSSSSSS!!!" Experiencing an absolutely massive,
brutal orgasm that wracks her body with a viscous shaking
spasm. She cums so hard that the vibrator is easily pushed
out of her slippery little pussy and lands, still shaking
on the floor of the cab.

There she sits, absolutely stunning… a hint of a sheen of
sweat on her tanned olive skin, panting and shaking and
doing her best to recover from her huge climax.

Hmmm… we’re almost there now and taxi-boy still hasn’t
cum and I want to fuck our beautiful stranger… what to do,
what to do… hmmm

The answer presents itself almost as though it was just
"meant to be." A dark, wooded, unlit road peels
off to the right so I take the turning. It leads, after fifty
yards or so, to a small grassy area that’s obviously just
used by joggers and people out walking their dogs from time
to time ‒ it seems quiet here now though, being unlit as it
is I guess people stay away at night.

I park up and we all exit the taxi, but I go into the boot where
our luggage was placed when we were collected and get a bag
out… it’s full of interesting toys. but you don’t know that

I take you to the front of the car and bend you over the bonnet.
Your old familiar blindfold goes on, and I produce a pair
of handcuffs too ‒ which you’re NOT expecting, but I put
them on your anyway, cuffing your wrists tightly behind
your back so you REALLY can’t get out of them. I also tie your
legs to the front bumper of the car. Now you’re totally exposed.
Your legs wide open and you’re unable to see or move…

Then I gag you.

I lean over the bonnet of the car and whisper into your ear
"We’ll be back soon hun… don’t do anything I wouldn’t
do!" and with that we all walk off. You can hear our
footsteps on the shingle walkway as we go, and the odd laugh
from the sexy stranger drifts back to you on the wind, but
JESUS it’s really distant!!!

Shit! SHIT!! They’ve really left me here!!


I’m going kill that bastard when I get…

A sound interrupts your thoughts.

Sheer cold panic runs through you…

…that’s definitely the sound of footsteps approaching…

Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!! Someone is coming!!!! F U C K !!!!!!!

You try to wriggle free of your bonds, but I’ve done the job
well and you’re totally trapped. You try to call out for
help, but the gag works too and the best you can manage is
a muted moan…




coming straight towards you….

…sounds like one person, not three… FUCK!!!!

very close now, about twenty feet away…

they MUST be able to see EVERYTHING!! My pussy and arse and
my tits are hanging out Oh God!!!! Fuck!!




They all jockey for position in your mind…

Fear is winning.

The stranger comes closer…

Heavy footsteps.

It’s a man.


He’s right behind you now, within a foot of your bottom.

As far as you can tell, he’s right FUCKING behind you but
he has stopped.

Now, it’s a funny thing, but it IS true what they say… when
certain senses are taken away from you, your others compensate,
and become heightened…

That’s the only reason that you can now hear a zip fly being

Cold fear runs through you again.

This can’t be happening!!!!!

It’s just him fucking about with my head!!

It’s not a stranger at all… it’s just him! Hahaha! Very funny
you fucker!


What if it’s not him?!?!…

What if he’s fucking that tight-bodied Bitch we picked
up, somewhere in the bushes or out in the open on the grass?!?!


It’s not him is it!!!


You try to wriggle free once more ‒ knowing that you can’t
but so desperate to stop what’s happening… OH PLEASE GOD

You almost jump out of your skin as a hand touches your bottom.

It’s a big hand and it teases the perfect skin of your bottom

You SHOUT through your gag again, but to no avail! You’re
totally at the mercy of whoever this is touching you! FUCK!!!

The hand works down the inside of your leg starting at the
top of your thigh and going down to the knee…

Very, very gently….

your whole body is shaking and twitching as you’re wracked
with panic.

The hand continues back up your leg.



Whoever this is, he appears to be in no rush… his hand lingers
at the top of your thigh and rubs your shaking leg.

Then…his finger finds your pussy…

Oh GOD NO!!!! No! No!!! Noooo!!!!!!

Jesus I’m going to get fucking !!… oooooh, god that
feels good…

The stranger has you at his mercy.

Your cunt is DRIPPING wet, and open and his to use. There
is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that you can do to stop this.

He brutally RAMS a finger right up inside you.

"Aaaaahhh!!!!!" you scream into the gag, uselessly,
the sound exiting as a muffled groan that you can hardly
hear yourself, let alone have it reach anyone so that they
can come to help you.

He pulls it out slowly…

Then RAMS it back up your cunt!! Slamming his thick finger
all the way in.

He pulls it out slowly…

RAMS it back in.

Out slowly…

He teases your clit, but he’s rubbing it HARD and slow and
only for a few seconds, giving you no break from the tension
or arousal that’s building up inside you. No chance for
it to ease or subside or to give you a chance to think straight…
so confused… so hot… aching for his finger… disgusted by
your own lust… and then…

He RAMS IT right up your cunt again!!

Oh God! You dirty fucker!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!! P L E A S E!!!!!

He pulls it out slowly…

There is a small pause, just a second or two… a change of pressure
on your pussy lips as he re-applies his hand… OH GOD!… Two

The stranger eases them slowly into your sopping wet hole…
"Aaaaaarh!!" inching them in, filling you
much more this time… - Oh God Oh God!! Oh God!!! - inching
them in wonderfully slowly as his thumb finds your clit
and starts rubbing… you’re so wet.

Oh FUCK this man is getting me so turned on, this is WRONG!!!
I’m such a slut for liking this ‒ WON’T SOMEBODY P L E A S E STOP
THIS MAN FINGERING MY CUNT!!!!!!!!… i like it too much….

He fingers you faster…




Wanking your cunt brutally with two fingers, making you
shake and moan and you find yourself grinding your pussy
onto his fingers, hating yourself just a little for loving
his hand in there, but unable to stop…

it could be him… yes, it’s could be him!!! that would make
it okay, right?!?! I mean ‒ oh fuck that feels good ‒ I mean,
we are dating and ‒ oh finger my CUNT you BASTARD!!! ‒ if we’re
dating… this is just a bit of fun right?!?!? You begin to
breathe hard now, your breath coming in hot, short gasps…
OH GOD!!!!!! FUCK MY CUNT you dirty Bastard!!!… this is
exactly the kind of stunt that he’d pull tonight, the FUCKER!

Yeah… it’s Him. I’m sure it’s him.

…but what if it’s not?!?!… OH GOD!!!!!!!!

fingering you!

Faster and faster!

Fingering you hard and DIRTY the way you love to be fingered
‒ that FEELS SO F U C K I N G G O O D!!!!!!!!




"Ah shit!!! SHIT SHIT!!!! Oh God! SHIT!!! No!!!

it’s useless.

You don’t want to cum, but you just cannot stop this.

You’re too turned on.

Too hot.

Your Pussy’s too sensitive.

Too swollen, aroused afraid and excited…

You push your hips back as hard as you can, throwing yourself
onto his fingers.. you tighten! shake! spasm!….


…and then you cum all over his fingers ‒ you dirty little

But it doesn’t end there…

The stranger pulls his fingers out of you and leaves you
quivering and shaking for a moment, but he’s not gone long…
the next thing you feel makes your blood run cold through
your veins!!

A hot, thick cock has just been laid along the crack of your




you try to wriggle away…


you scream "SOMEBODY PLEASE H E L P ME!!!!" into
the gag…


…but, i want his cock…

The stranger starts to tease you now, slapping your arse
with his hard, heavy shaft. First one cheek, then the other,
whipping you with his stiff member… an unseen hand slaps
down onto your arse!

Owwwwww!! Shit!!!

The tip of his cock pushes up against you… OH GOD ‒ HE’S REALLY
GOING TO F U C K M E!!!!!!!!

The stranger simply takes your hips in his hands and brutally
SHOVES his big thick cock all the way into you!!

F U C K!!!!

Oh God that feels so good, you FUCKER!!!…

He pulls it out slowly, leaving only the tip inside you…

Another slap! HARD on your arse!

Owwwwwwwww!! FUCK!

The hand goes immediately back to your hip, he grabs you
firmly and CRAMS his cock back inside your trembling, slippery

FUCK!!! Ah! Ahhhh!!! Shit!… …I want more….

He pulls it out deliciously slowly once more, teasing you,
torturing you… you can feel the swollen lump of his helmet
easing its way out of your pussy… oh so slowly… that feels
so good…

Whack! Another slap on your arse, the hand is replaced on
your hip and RAM!!! You get another cunt-full of his cock.

SLAP! another smack, the hand on your hip… RAM! He drives
his erection all the way up into once more, earning a deep
animal groan out of you as you break into a sweat… Oh TAKE
ME you FUCKER! Fuck me like the little SLUT that I am!! STOP
TEASING ME and just fuck me HARD YOU WANKER!!!

He pulls out of you slowly yet again, you wait for your slap…
CRACK! but this one is a little softer… your arse is getting
a little sore now…why would he care?!…

…the hand goes inexorably back to your hip… and…




What’s he fucking doing?!

He didn’t come did he?!

…I want more…. FUCK ME YOU IDIOT!!! I’m YOURS!!

"Beg Me."

Ohno! That voice that came from behind you… thick Irish
accent… SHIT! FUCK OH FUCK!!!

…it’s not Him!!!…

"Beg me Bitch!"

Definitely NOT Hiss voice… oh FUCK!

Your train of thought is broken as he begins to rub his hot,
swollen helmet up and down the length of your Slit, twitching,
aching oh you so need that cock back in you…

He rubs.

Faster and faster.

Teasing your aching wet sensitive little cunt with his

Oh GOD I’m being !!… and I want his cock so badly… I’m
such a slut…

The guy behind you takes your hips firmly in his hands again
and buries his hard swollen member into your dripping wet
cunt, you groan as his balls squeeze against your bum and
he fills you full of cock once more.

…so deep!!!…

FUCK! come on then… FUCK ME bastard!! your mind racing…
so turned on by this… so aroused… this is so FUCKING DIRTY!!…I’ve
wanted this for so long…my dirtiest fantasy…I’ve always
secretly WANTED this…I’m such a DIRTY LITTLE WHORE!…I
always have always wanted this, but now I NEED it!…

He stands there, all the way inside you and you can feel him
lean forward. His body pressing down against your back,
his hands at either side of your face…

There’s some fumbling, but after a few seconds…

…the gag falls away from your mouth.

"Now, Bitch. You have a choice." he says.

"You can either scream for help ‒ in which case I will
leave you here tied up until someone comes… or you can beg
me to you some more and cum in your cunt. It really is
that simple."

Your mind works at a thousand mile per hour: Scream! Come
on you silly Bitch SCREAM!… but I don’t want to… YOU STUPID
HORNY, DIRTY LITTLE COW!! He’s fucking YOU!!!!…
S C R E A M!!!!

..I need to feel his cum inside me…

The guy starts to slip his cock in and out of you very very
slowly, causing you to drop your head and push back on him
instinctively… he’s so FUCKING hard!

…he feels so good…

"Beg me!"

"Come on you horny little FUCKER!!!."


Another hand falls on your arse, a solid slap that sends
tingles across your skin and makes you twitch your inner
muscles onto his cock "Aaaaaah!"

The first audible sound you’ve made for twenty minutes.

And it wasn’t a cry for help.

…I’m so dirty…

…and I’m so turned on…

His shafting is relentless.

Teasingly slow.


Refusing to give you what you want most of all.

Making you beg to be .

You want to cum ‒ you dirty little whore!

You’re grinding back against him now ‒ fantastic sensations
filling your body as you tilt your hips and succumb to the
animal side of your instinct… too hot… too aroused… He got
me so FUCKING horny, that FUCKER!!

"fuck me"

The words just "escaped" from your mouth.

Barely audible

Totally unbidden

But you said them.

He takes a handful of your hair and POUNDS your cunt, giving
you five quick, hard, deeply penetrating shoves from his
hips as a reward for your obedience..

"Aaaaah!!! FUCK!"

"Beg me."

He returns to his original pace ‒ slowly easing the full
length of his fat, swollen cock in and out of your juiced-up
little twat.

"Please fuck me!"

He pulls your hair and fucks you hard, this time giving you
ten long lengths of cock. Brutally using your cunt making
it wet as her you. Making your whole body shake and
tremble and ache…

"Ohhh! Ooooh YES!!! Fuck Me!"

HARD pounding thrusts! Many more this time, harder ‒ even
deeper pulling your hair with one hand and yanking on your
nipple with the other, rolling it hard between his fingers,
making your cunt ache and twitch.. rewarding you with more
sex the more you give in to his demands.

"AH! Oh yes baby! Come on! Fuck my cunt!!"

Both hands fall to your hips, he grips you hard and CRAMS
his hot, thick prick inside you… "OH FUCK YES!"
Beating his cock in and out of your hole ‒ fucking you ferociously!
Slamming his hips forward and back as you groan, banging
up against you hard and making your ass ripple as he takes
you over roughly from behind over the bonnet of the cab.

"I’m going to make you cum now BITCH!"

"I’m going to FUCK your cunt HARD and make you shiver
as you cum all over me. I’m going to you good and proper
and you’re going to love it, aren’t you BITCH!!!"

Another slap on your arse… the hardest yet.


He starts fucking you slowly again, such a FUCKING TEASE!!!
Come on… why don’t you just do it… FUCK MY HOLE!! USE MY BODY!!!

"Ask me nicely, and I’ll make you cum."

Fucking you.

He’s DEEP inside your cunt.

Relentlessly teasing and slipping slowly in and out.

You don’t want this…

…but you SO want this…



But you’re so FUCKING hot right now you could fuck a whole
coach-party of travelling football fans, taking each
one in turn…

slowly in

slowly out

An unrelenting, torturous pressure inside you…

"PLEASE fuck me!"

Two hard shoves.

"OH FUCK!!! that’s good."


Two more, driven all the way into you ‒ SO HARD!!!


Two more…


Two more.

The pressure’s building inside you as slowly give up the
last few threads of resistance to him…


Two more…


Two more.

The pressure’s building inside you as slowly give up the
last few threads of resistance to him…

He leans forward once more and whispers into your ear "Say
: Please Mr , I want you to fuck my dribbling wet cunt
and make me cum, because I’m a dirty little WHORE!"

Another hard shove, but oh so slowly withdrawn from you
‒ continuing the torturous teasing…


"Say it."

Another hard shove, out slowly ‒ driving his cock all the
way up inside you and then easing it back out of your aching

"Please fuck me." you whimper.

SLAP, a hard stinging blow falls to your already red ass…

"No, that’s not right now is it Bitch, you’re supposed
to say : Please Mr , I want you to fuck my dribbling
wet cunt and make me cum, because I’m a dirty little WHORE!
‒ aren’t you!"

And he started to give you long slow lengths, making you
grind your hips back onto him.

You’re so close now.

Your mind is swimming in a fog of lust, fear and total arousal…

"Please Mr …"

A hard quick shafting stops you in your tracks, half a dozen
more cunt-torturing thrusts that drop your head…


"Okay, that’s a good start, now what’s the rest?"
asks your assailant.

"I want you to fuck my dribbling wet cunt…"

Six or so more long deeply penetrating shoves from his cock…

"and, was there anything more?" he asks as he
holds you there, shivering and twitching and impaled on
his swollen prick.

"and I want you to make me cum, because I’m a whore."
you can barely get the words out, your breathing is ragged
and hot ad irratic…

"There’s a good girl, see that wasn’t so hard now was

And with that the stranger takes both of his hands, grips
your hips and starts to viscously drive his big cock in and
out of your hole. Yes, he’s fucking you hard now babe, taking
you. Your head drops as his thrusts get faster and faster
and faster. You can feel the orgasm building inside yourself.

Oh Fuck I’m going to cum whilst being !! That’s so wrong…

His cock is flying in and out of your now, you’re so wet and
aroused, he reaches around your waist and starts to rub
your clit while he’s fucking you. Pounding you with his
hot hard cock, rubbing your clit hard and it’s just all too

You grit your teeth, push back on him as hard as you can ‒ he
responds by taking you roughly in both hands and pushing
all the way into you and just cramming everything he’s got
inside your cunt, and then you feel him twitching. You can
feel him jerking and shaking and then pumping you full of
his dirty hot sticky spunk. Jet after long hot jet of his
semen is filling you up, and that’s what finally drives
you over the edge. You arch your back, scream "OH FUCK
YYEEESSSSSSSSS!!!" and you cum all over his spunky

It’s a HUGE orgasm, for both of you.

Wave after wave after wave of it passes through you as you
twitch and shake and clamp down on his member with your pussy-mucles.
Your whole body is rigid and alive and a thousand million
tiny little electric shocks run through you as you finally
drop, exhausted from your spasm, and lay face down on the
bonnet of the taxi.

Totally used up, spent and exhausted.

You can feel his cum starting to run and drip out of your pussy.

Fucked by a .

Oh God he was good.

I’m so ashamed.

He pulls out of you, and even more of your combined juices
run out of you as he does so. But then something you weren’t
expecting to happen, happens.

Your legs are freed.

Then your hands are released from their cuffs too.

The blindfold is removed.

And now you turn to him for the first time ‒ seeing who it is
that has violated you and broken you and forced you to beg
to be .

It’s Him.

I smile at you, cheeky smile that fills you full of fire and
ANGER at being played this way, and I say, still with the
same lilting quality to my voice…

"Do you like my Irish Accent babe?"

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