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Special Therapy


Teresa finished her work for the day and glanced at the clock.
She was confident that she would be able to get to her physical
therapy appointment on time. It took just a few short movements
to toss the last of her paperwork in her out box and gather
her things. She headed to the door walking on her sore knee.
She thought about the accident for a few moments as she walked
and was thankful that things weren't worse.

The heel of her shoe trapped her foot for a moment as she had
been caught in the escalator at the largest department
store in town. She managed to free herself at the bottom
of the conveyance before anything really bad happened
and lost the heel of her shoe in the process. The damage came
when she was on her way to the ground. Her arms were holding
several packages and she pushed her arms forward to catch
herself as she fell. The metal edge of the off ramp from the
escalator held firm against her kneecap and seriously
damaged the cartilage.

Doctors had done as much as they could. They used the least
invasive operation they could do to repair the damage.
The department store gave her a new pair of shoes and paid
for all of the doctor bills but there was more too it than
the money. Teresa's leg was held immobile in a cast
for several weeks while she healed up. She had to use crutches
for a while and was really happy when it came time to remove
the cast. That was four weeks ago.

She was encouraged to get some physical therapy and visited
the therapist twice a week. Tonight was the second appointment
for her that week. She was getting used to the scheduled
event. Teresa looked forward to seeing her new friends
at the clinic and hurried along her way. The drive was easy
and in only a few minutes she walked through the door right
on time.

"Hi Cathy." Teresa said to the receptionist.

"Hi Teresa. How are you doing tonight?" Cathy
said with a broad smile and a look in her eyes of concerned
empathy that was well practiced from greeting patients
who were at less than their very best.

"I'm doing well. Just a little soreness but things
are loosening up just fine." Teresa replied meaning
that her knee was moving better even though it acted up when
it got tired.

"Well I have some good news and some not so good news."
Cathy said and put a questioning look on her face to prepare
Teresa for a slight change of plans.

"Okay." Teresa said and paused patiently for
the rest of the story.

"Mike is going to work on you tonight." Cathy

"I take it that is the good news." Teresa said.

Mike was a six foot four beautiful man who literally lived
in a gym and possessed a physique that was chiseled like
a Greek god. The women exchanged glances and smiled at each
other. Cathy had already answered all of Teresa's
questions about Mike. He was single but went out quite often
with a few regular friends. He was very good at his work.
Something Teresa didn't need to be told about because
she loved his large hands on her skin when he massaged her
thigh and calf and moved her through the therapeutic movements
she required.

Cathy also told Teresa a little about Mike's sex life
and how she knew that Mike sported a cock nine inches long
and at least two inches thick. Teresa listened closely
as Cathy had spoken about the time that she and Mike "worked
overtime" one evening and the sex they had was incredible.

Teresa normally wouldn't have sat still to listen
to this type of information but there were extenuating
circumstances which lately peaked her interest. Teresa's
husband James had been after her for years to have sex with
another man and come home to him with her pussy all hot and
used for him to pleasure himself with. James explained
that it turned him on to think of her doing really sexy naughty
things with other people on the condition that she came
home and told him all about it.

Teresa didn't mind lately engaging in some of his fantasies
but she never planned to actually do anything remotely
as naughty as he wanted her to. While she was recuperating
from her injury she couldn't perform in bed as they
normally did. Teresa was quite good in bed and James and
her made love at least three times a week nearly all of their
married life together. Even having kids didn't stop
them for long. They loved each other and played often and
openly with each other. Teresa was amazed at how horny she
got when the sex was placed on hold even for such a short time.

James tried to keep her contented and she found a few things
that they could safely do together but nothing satisfied
like the real thing. After years of asking and suggesting
she relate sexy stories to him Teresa relented and with
a cast on her leg she watched as her words excited James right
in front of her. She made up a story the first time and elaborated
very little but James got so hot for her as she spoke that
he masturbated in front of her and shot his load on her naked
tits all from a simple story that she told.

A few day later Teresa found herself at the proverbial water
cooler with a co-worker discussing something that could
be turned into a sexy story. Teresa used her imagination
that night when they went to bed and James pleasured her
with his fingers in her sweet pussy as she related the story.
Teresa found herself getting just as excited as James and
the two of them shared a loving mutual masturbation session
that was hotter than some of the sex they had over the years.

The patterned continued for the weeks while she was immobile
and the sex they had gained new and glorious dimensions.
It was Teresa who started inventing things for James to
get him all hot and bothered. She early on decided that chatting
with some of the women and even some of the men at work and
in other social situations gave her some of the best inspiration.

Teresa liked doing this after just a few attempts. She found
it was easy to get them talking and was amazed that they really
weren't interested in her private life. She didn't
need to expose her intentions to them or share anything
of a personal nature. She found that people just liked sharing
sexy and naughty stories about themselves and their friends.
Most of the time the events the people explained was accompanied
by laughter and enthusiasm. Teresa had never imagined
herself like the people who told her of their adventures
but learned to admire people who could be bold in private.

James came to enTeresa what Teresa told him and made sure
she was pleasured as much as he was when she told her tales.
For him it was almost like being there. She found his interest
in having her relate her stories was more than selfish small
prurient ones but a sharing that they had never known. The
thoughts she needed to have just to relate an interesting
story gradually became her own. Teresa found herself healing
from her knee surgery in a most interesting way. She also
found out more about herself than she could ever imagine.

"So what is the not so good news." Teresa said
to Cathy and held her breath just a little waiting for the

"Mike isn't here right now." Cathy said
and paused probably just for the dramatic effect to watch
Teresa's face as the news sunk into her mind. "He's
building a therapy room in his house and you are going to
have to go over there to keep your appointment."

"Where does he live?" Teresa asked feeling
just a little adventurous. She had always been professional
about things with everyone. It was quite new to actually
be interested in where someone with whom she had had a professional
relationship lived. Teresa looked forward to seeing Mike
again and her imagination began to encourage her feeling
of adventure.

They had always had other people around when he worked with
her during a therapy session. This time she would have him
all to herself.

Cathy smiled with her eyes knowing that Teresa would be
alone with Mike for the first time as she gave directions.
The women exchanged pleasantries and Teresa moved through
the door of the clinic on her path as explained to her.

She walked across the parking lot through the gate in the
fence behind the building. Down the stone path between
two houses she walked and turned to her right looking at
the house numbers and the lovely mature trees which lined
the quiet street. She turned right again onto the walkway
up the green house with the brown trim. The knock on the door
she made was not urgent or demanding but after waiting a
half a minute she had to laugh at herself. The laugher came
out and she pushed on the doorbell instead just as the sign
under it requested.

Through the glass in the front door she could see that a light
flashed inside of the house as she pressed on the doorbell.
She forgot for a moment that Mike is deaf. She could have
knocked on the door all day and never been heard. She stood
waiting still smiling at herself.

Mike noticed the light indicating the front doorbell and
dropped what he was doing to go answer it. He was dressed
a bit more casually than he usually was at the clinic. The
white shirt and pants were still hanging in the closet.
He was dressed in a grey sweat shirt with the sleeves cut
out and red gym shorts. He was barefooted and walked quickly
across the glossy hardwood floors to the door.

"Hi Mike." Teresa said and smiled at him as he
held wide the front door for her to enter.

Mike nodded approval at her arrival and gave her a large
gesture with his arm bowing deeply as he welcomed her to
his house. Teresa walked slowly through the door and Mike
closed it after her. He held his hand out indicating the
way down the hall for her to walk. Teresa moved in the indicated
direction and easily found the large room that he was making
into a therapy studio.

Teresa looked around the large room full of therapy equipment
and was surprised to see a young man standing near the whirlpool

"Hi I'm Tony." He said walking across the
floor toward her. Tony extended his hand for her to shake
and she obliged and smiled at him.

"Are you a therapist too?" Teresa asked.

"I'm just helping Mike out. We're almost
set here." Tony said and looked around the room that
he and Mike had built for the therapy work. "I'm
just a friend not a professional."

"Oh." Teresa said and looked back at Mike.

He was standing behind her and just to her left side watching
Tony introduce himself. The two men signed to each other.

"He wants me to ask if it is okay with you to come here
instead of going to the clinic today." Tony said.

"Sure. No problem. It's a short walk."
Teresa said and nodded toward Mike to let him know it was

Mike picked up a white erasable slate that they used to communicate
and wrote on it then turned it so Teresa could see the words.

"I'll show you were you can change." Mike
had written.

Teresa nodded in agreement and went with him to an adjoining
bathroom for her to change clothes. Mike pushed the door
open and Teresa went inside closing the door behind her.
She kicked off her shoes and slipped out of her skirt and
pulled off her pantyhose. She left her blouse on since Mike
only worked on her legs and wrapped the terry cloth kilt
around her waist covering her panties and fastened the
Velcro to hold the cover up in place.

Mike was standing next to the massage table when she came
out of the bathroom. Teresa walked over to him and took her
position sitting on the end of the table. Mike had placed
the reclining end of the massage table up so she could lay
back while he worked on her leg. She leaned back and held
herself in place with her hands to keep from sliding down
the table. He touched her thigh and shin with his large warm
hands and went straight to work to relax her muscles before
they started moving her knee around.

Teresa watched him and almost forgot that Tony was still
in the room until he spoke.

"What happened?" Tony asked.

"Escalator, fall, knee didn't bounce. It caught
all of my weight. Surgery, cast, and now this. I'm almost
healed." Teresa quickly related.

"And such lovely legs they are at that." Tony

Teresa almost took exception to the unprofessional tone
in Tony's voice but she was flattered that a young man
appreciated her.

"How old are you?" Teresa asked and gave him
a skeptical look.

"I'm eighteen. How old are you?" Tony said
and smiled really big. He knew that women didn't like
to give away their ages. He doubted she would tell the truth
if she answered at all.

'I'm none of your business years old." Teresa
said and smiled at him.

"It's just that you have such nice legs I find
it hard to consider you an older woman." Tony flirted

"Sure, sure." Teresa said shaking her head
at the obvious flattery. She was enTeresaing the touch
of Mike's hand on her leg and the flattery that Tony
was dishing out even if it was insincere.

"Mike likes you." Tony said and paused to watch
her response.

Teresa looked down at Mike who had his large fingers of both
hands around her thigh. She looked back up at Tony and he
nodded his head up and down for her. Mike hadn't looked
up until that moment. He glanced up to gage her response
to the pressure he was putting on her leg. It took him a moment
to realize that Teresa was talking to Tony. He hadn't
seen her lips move but her attention was obviously cast
in Tony's direction.

Mike twisted around to see what Tony was doing. Tony signed
something to Mike and the two of them exchanged glances.
Tony had just told Mike through sign language that Teresa
wanted to see his big cock. Mike laughed it off and returned
to work. Tony insisted that he thought they should fuck
Teresa and made it clear that he intended to do just that.
Mike cautioned Tony to not make her mad. After all she was
a client.

"What are you saying?" Teresa asked.

"I told him that you like him." Tony said.

"I do not!" Teresa objected.

"You want me to tell him you don't like him?"
Tony said and smiled big once again as he put Teresa on the

Mike returned to his work and used both hands to move Teresa's
knee and lower leg through the proper range of motion exercises.

"No not like that." Teresa replied to Tony's

"So you like him. Did anyone tell you about his...
you know." Tony said and pulled up and down on the front
waistband of his blue gym shorts.

"Oh!" Teresa said acting like she was shocked
and embarrassed by the question.

"It's nine inches long and at least two inches
across." Tony said and pointed his index finger toward
his open mouth.

Mike put Teresa's leg down and stood up to adjust the
massage table. He lowered the table to flat and Teresa moved
back to lay down all the way. Mike massaged her thigh and
calf not only of her injured leg but her other leg which for
some reason needed attention as well. Teresa closed her
eyes and let him work. He pushed the terrycloth kilt up and
nestled it between her legs as he oiled up her skin and moved
his fingers into her muscles.

"He's got magic fingers doesn't he?"
Tony asked.

"Yes he does." Teresa said. "I think you
had better stop talking like that."

"I envy him. He gets to touch your beautiful body and
I don't." Tony said.

Teresa almost offered to let him when Mike was finished
but she was embarrassed that she was enTeresaing herself
as much as she was and censored her thoughts before they
became public.

Mike's large fingers made her muscles yield all of
the soreness of the day. She felt weak and relaxed. She hadn't
ever had more massage from him than he had done for her legs
but she imagined as her eyes remained closed how his hands
would feel on other parts of her body.

"He can you know." Tony said.

Teresa let a very long pause go past before she spoke and
asked about what was being suggested.

"Can what?" Teresa asked not completely sure
that she really did want to know the answer.

"Massage the rest of you. He will make your body feel
like Jell-o." Tony said accurately predicting her
thoughts. He moved so Mike could see him sign and told Mike
that a full massage is in order.

Tony then walked to the side of the table and boldly took
hold of the front of Teresa's blouse. He began to unbutton
it and she opened her eyes and clutched at the light fabric
of the material covering her torso.

"It's okay. You need to expose your skin to him.
You can cover up with this sheet." Tony said and produced
a flannel sheet from a shelf within reach of the table. "I'll
get you ready."

Surprisingly Teresa removed her hands and let Tony finish
unbuttoning her blouse. He carefully moved the fabric
together after the buttons released their grasp to cover
Teresa's body from his view. He then covered her with
the sheet and held it against the table with his hips and
lifted it like a tent over her body.

Mike moved his hands back and out of the way. He signed to
Tony to ask Teresa to roll over. Teresa anticipated their
request and without being asked pulled her blouse open
and rolled over careful not to hurt her tender knee. She
lay on her front and used her hands to unfasten the Velcro
of the terrycloth kilt at her waist. Mike reached under
the sheet and pulled the kilt off of Teresa's body.
She got excited knowing he was close to her as he was.

Mike move a step and reached under the sheet. He unclasped
her bra and helped her wriggle out of it. Except for her husband
she hadn't had a man's hands on her with nothing
but her panties on in a very long time. She was surprised
when she felt Mike's large fingers slip into the sides
of the waistband of her panties and move to slip them off
of her.

Teresa reacted by holding on to them with both hands. Mike
looked at Tony and shook his head from side to side. He had
his doubts that Tony would get his wish.

"It's alright Teresa. We'll take good care
of you." Tony said almost hypnotically.

Teresa released her grasp on the last wisp of fabric covering
her private flesh. Mike slipped her panties off of her hips
and down her legs. She felt them brush over her toes as they
left her body and pressed her nipples hard into the soft
table beneath her in hopes that she could hide her arousal
from the men who had just stripped her. Tony let the sheet
fall softly against her body and they all seemed to stop
everything for a long moment as the sheet settled over Teresa's

Mike oiled up his hands and Tony pulled the top of the sheet
back to expose Teresa's back. Mike went to work rubbing
the oil where it was needed and began to press into her one
small area at a time. Soon Teresa was lost in the pleasure
of his touch. Tony kept saying things softly and Teresa
didn't really hear every word. She was intent on the
pleasure that Mike was providing.

Mike moved over Teresa's body. Tony continued to flatter
and sooth her with his voice and suggestion. The sheet got
moved around to keep her mostly covered except where Mike
was working on her. She gradually became drowsy and drifted
off as Mike finished the back portion of her massage. He
was working on her feet when she realized that Tony was suggesting
more than a massage. Her attention went directly to him
when he asked her to turn over for the massage on her other

Teresa gladly complied as Tony again held the sheet like
a tent over her as she rolled back onto her back. He folded
a towel lengthwise and slipped it under the sheet and over
her breasts. Teresa let it cover her and positioned it so
she could hold down the towel with her arms as they lay at
her side. Once she was discreetly covered Tony let the sheet
fall over her again and rolled back the top for Mike to continue
with the massage at her neck and shoulders.

"You are probably ready for the special treatment
by now aren't you?" Tony said softly.

Teresa paused for a moment before answering him. It took
her some time to realize he expected a response.

"What's that?" Teresa asked.

"While Mike finishes..." Tony said and stopped

Teresa was expecting more words to follow but instead he
showed her with his actions. Tony slipped the towel covering
her breasts down just enough to get his lips on the top of
her areola and gave her a light kiss on the top of her breasts
and slipped his tongue over her areola and nipple. He began
sucking lightly and Teresa automatically brought both
of her hands up cupping Tony's head in a tender response
to his genuine appreciation of her flesh. She caressed his head and hair in her fingers as he suckled
her breast. Soon the towel was out of her mind and off of her
body. Mike's fingers had relaxed her completely.
He was moving down her legs to her feet and she was ready for
as much as these men could give her.

Tony moved his mouth over to her other breast and she kept
caressing his head and neck. Soon she realized that his
shirt kept his young body from her touch and pushed on it
firmly. Tony took the hint and he pulled his shirt over his
torso and up to his neck. Teresa let her fingers wander across
his back. He moved quickly to get the shirt off of his neck
over his head and went immediately back to suckling her
smallish breast.

Mike used his hands to relax her feet and lightly suckled
her toes into his mouth. Teresa had never had anyone suck
her toes and the erotic feeling that went through her body
were entirely new to her. The feeling of anyone using her
feet in such an unusual way was immediately arousing to

Tony slipped one hand down Teresa's tummy and began
to rub lightly just above her pubic hair. Back and forth
his hand moved slowly. Her soft flesh melted against his
touch. The light tickling that no other man had ever done
to her made her want more from him and she took hold of his
hand to direct it to her waiting pussy.

Tony slipped one finger over her clit and down to the entrance
of her vagina but did not penetrate her. Instead he moved
up and down the length of her inner lips. The moisture was
undeniable. She was ready for anything. Tony let his finger
slide over her clit again and again as Mike sucked her toes.
Tony continued to make her breasts feel very alive.

Soon he decided it was time to move to another level and slipped
her breast out of his mouth. He moved his head up next to her
ear and lightly pulled her ear lobe between his lips. Teresa
shuddered all over with the sensation. She moved both of
her hands to her own breasts and pressed her fingers into
her tender flesh then rubbed her hard nipples with her thumb
and finger on each breast.

Tony slid his mouth over hers and let her kiss him as he held
still over her face. She let him slip his tongue into her
mouth as his fingers toyed with her pink inner lips. As they
kissed Tony moved two more fingers into her wet flesh spreading
her vulva with tenderness. Teresa moved her knees wider
to let him have his way. Mike let go of her toes and walked
to the side of the massage table. He let his shorts fall to
the ground and pulled his sweatshirt over his head.

Mike took hold of Teresa's hand as it caressed her breast
and laid it on the table with her palm up. He slipped his hardening
cock into her hand and Teresa responded by trying to put
her fingers around it. Tony could feel her gasp right through
their kiss and pulled his head back to let her move.

Teresa bent her neck to try to look at the large meat in her
hand but couldn't see it very well. Tony smiled and
slipped his other hand under her back to help lift her up
enough to see Mike's large cock.

"Oh Gawd!" Teresa exclaimed as she brought
her full attention and both hands to Mike's cock.

Tony stopped fingering her pussy to let her enTeresa what
her eyes beheld. She let him just for a moment then released
Mike's cock with one hand to grasp Tony's had and
put it back to work in her sex. Gladly Tony moved inside of
her and she gasped again as she felt two fingers that were
not her husbands enter her vagina for the first time in such
a long time. As she felt Tony inside her she realized that
he was an infant or possibly not yet born when another man
was inside her other than James.

Teresa closed her eyes just for a moment to let him reach
inside her and pulled her feet closer and knees wider as
she sat up in his hand. She could easily see and touch Mike's
cock and while Tony finger fucked her she stroked and toyed
with the long manhood toy in her hands.

Teresa moved her hand along Mike's flat six pack stomach
and up to his powerful chest. He was any woman's dream
of a man. She was taking the moment to appreciate him fully
and made a serious decision that she would not leave until
she was completely satisfied. She moved her head down to
try to take Mike's cock into her mouth but it was too
much of a stretch with Tony's had in her pussy.

Mike saw the problem and lay her torso back onto the massage
table again. He used a stood at the head of the table over
her letting his cock dangle down into her face. Tony kept
using his hand and fingers now using his other hand on Teresa's
clit as he fingered inside her with his other hand.

Mike slipped his cock slowly over Teresa's lips. She
guided it with both hands into her open mouth and let the
semi hard meat fill her orifice. No sooner did the head of
Mike's cock touch her tongue than she had an orgasm
that rocked and shook her body all over.

Teresa was completely past anything she had ever imagined
herself capable of. It was a surprise that she orgasmed
so quickly but she was determined to get more from the men
than they had yet given. It was time for her to become more
aggressive with them. She pulled on Mike's cock and
tried to move her head up and down the shaft but the position
she was in prohibited her full pleasure.

"This isn't working." Teresa said

Mike was completely aware that the best position for them
would be with her on all fours and them kneeling on either
end of her filling her pussy and mouth with their cocks.
The problem of course was that her injured knee wouldn't
allow that to happen. It was time to get creative.

Mike used sign language to tell Tony what he had in mind.
They used small movements to position Teresa where they
needed her but gradually got what they wanted. Teresa didn't
really realize what position she was in by the time they
men finished moving her around but she didn't care
at all. All she wanted was what they were giving her.

Mike had rolled her over on her side and turned her at a slight
angle across the table. Tony had raised her injured leg
up safely. He held her leg supporting it against his shoulder
and let his cock slip into her wet pussy. Her other leg dangled
between his legs and she occasionally wrapped it around
his leg as if to pull him to her. Teresa felt good about the
new position as Mike was able to get his cock into her mouth
and as she moved and he pressed forward it slipped down her
throat occasionally gagging her as they moved together.

Teresa didn't like being gagged by the big cock but
she couldn't put it down. She had to have it and kept
doing what ever it took to keep it in her mouth. Mike's
cock grew harder as she sucked and stroked it with her hands
and mouth.

Tony's young cock was welcome in her body. Teresa had
forgotten what a young man felt like and was pleasantly
reminded how hard and energetic an eighteen year old man
can be. Tony fucked her hard and kept her injured leg safe
from harm as she took his cock again and again into her wet

Tony took great pleasure in anal play and gradually pressed
against Teresa's rosebud of her ass as he thrust his
cock into her wet pussy. She was very aroused and another
orgasm ran through her body as they fucked and sucked. Tony
took the opportunity as her body shuddered with orgasm
to slip his finger deeper into her ass. He began to move it
in and out and soon was moving his cock and finger in a steady
rhythm in both holes.

Mike was almost ready to shoot his load into Teresa and hesitated
thinking it was not where she wanted it. He moved to pull
away just before he came.

"No! baby I want this." Teresa said and pulled
on the big cock. She hadn't realized that she called
Mike baby and it would be something that she thought about
later on her drive home but for now she wanted his sperm and
would have done anything to get it.

Mike relented and stuck his cock back into her hot mouth
to let her have his man juice. It took only a few more strokes
and a little help as Mike reached down to pull and pinch on
Teresa's nipples as she took the spurts of his sperm
into her mouth and down her throat as Tony fucked her pussy
and fingered her ass.

"Fucking great!" Tony said as he watched Mike's
face work at his orgasm.

Tony continued to work Teresa from the bottom as Mike completed
his ejaculation down her throat. Mike slipped his cock
out of her mouth and Teresa continued to stroke and pet and
lick it for a long time until she could feel the orgasm from
fucking Tony shoot through her body. She began to shake
and Mike bent his head down to take one breast in his mouth
and hold the other one with his large hand. Mike used his
other hand to slide down Teresa's tummy. He positioned
the tip of his large second finger right over her clit and
gently but firmly circled and pressed on her button.

Teresa kept going from one peak of orgasm to another and
another and finally Tony let her have spurt after spurt
of his hot sperm. Teresa felt the liquid hit her deep inside
and that touched off the most powerful orgasm she had ever
had. She shook uncontrollably in the hands of the men. They
supported and caressed her lovingly and let her enTeresa
the full pleasure she was having. Mike gently suckled her
and even after Tony's cock fell out of her body Mike
replaced the empty vagina with two large fingers just holding
them inside her as she shook and shuddered and yelled out.

"Oh gawd, oh gawd. I can't believe..."
Teresa yelled and writhed in their hands.

She very gradually and slowly came down from the highest
peak of orgasm feeling safe in Mike's control. He let
her feel his enTeresament of her body and lightly kissed
her face and lips and breasts and tummy all the while holding
his hand still in her wet pink sex.

Tony picked up one of their water bottles and they all shared
a drink. He gave some to Mike and held Teresa's head
up enough for her to swallow enough to wet her dry throat.
Mike moved Teresa back onto the table fully and she lay back
feeling totally satisfied and relaxed from the massage
and the fucking.

Mike took hold of Teresa just behind both knees and gently
slid her down to the end of the table. He knelt on the floor
and pulled her pussy to his mouth. Tony put down the water
bottle and replaced Mike's hands with his to support
Teresa's legs under her knees. Her toes dangled in
the air but were supported by the men. Mike let Tony hold
her knees high and wide and went to work with fingers and
tongue on the pink flesh between the dark hair around her

Mike licked every millimeter of the pink flesh sucking
in all the wet cum she added to Tony's sperm. The licking
Teresa was taking was gentle and enthusiastic. She began
to get very aroused again and used her own hands on her breasts
as her nipples hardened.

"This is Mike's favorite part I think."
Tony said. He didn't tell Teresa that the two of them
have shared their sperm between them and the women in their
lives many times. He didn't go into detail about the
others. He felt it would be rude to mention other women knowing
that Teresa already felt special from their attention.
He wanted her to continue to feel special as indeed she was.
"You are a beautiful woman Teresa. Really beautiful."

Teresa opened her eyes to look at the young man for just a
moment and smiled then closed her eyes again and let Mike
have what ever he wanted between her legs. She knew she was
in the hands of experts. Her mind wandered and one image
that came to her was that of the face of her husband James
when she related one of her sexy stories to him. She laughed
to herself at the look he might have if she told him about
this adventure. It was something he said he wanted her to
do for years and years. Now that it was happening she wondered
if he was going to regret what he wished for as so often happens
when we get what we asked.

After a long licking session and two orgasms from Teresa,
Mike stood up. His long thick cock was erect again and he
was ready to split Teresa wide open. He took control of her
legs from Tony and they turned Teresa on the table again
at a little angle. Tony helped Mike slip his fat cock into
Teresa's wet pussy. Mike moved slowly into Teresa's
body and she shuddered just a little as she felt him filling

Tony moved around to hold her head and make his cock available
to her. She wanted to watch Mike as he fucked her and asked
Tony to hold her up so she could see. Tony obliged and Teresa
watched Mike standing naked between her legs with his perfect
body slip his cock in and out of her already used pussy.

She had trouble believing what was happening was true but
indeed it was. She was truly enTeresaing being fucked by
another man. The pangs of guilt she thought she would have
if she ever dared to do such a thing just weren't present.
She was lost in the enTeresament.

Even if she might regret it later which never really happened
she was too much involved in the sensations and pleasure
the men were providing to analyze her morals. Teresa was
truly enTeresaing herself.

"I want your cock." She said looking up at Tony.

He let her head drop down and she took his cock into her mouth.
The young eighteen year old cock was hard again and she accepted
it even more quickly than she had Mike's longer and
fatter cock. Tony was more like seven inches long and about
an inch and a half thick. Teresa actually enTeresaed his
cock in her mouth better than Mike's because she didn't
gag on it as often. Mike was fucking her with steady strokes
and Tony felt her lick the taste from her pussy from his cock
as she took it down her throat.

Tony leaned over and used his free hand on Teresa's
breasts and nipples to please her. She wanted him to suck
on them again and tried to pull him down to her but his torso
was too long to keep his cock in her mouth and suckle her tits
at the same time. Mike noticed the problem and bent down
as he fucked her taking a breast into his mouth. He didn't
begin with the nipple but instead sucked and kissed all
around the smallish mound of her flesh around her chest
and left the nipple for last. She was feeling very loved.
Mike moved to her other breast and continued to fuck her
as he lovingly kissed and suckled her.

Tony's cock was nowhere near ready to shoot a load into
her face but she could tell that Mike was getting excited.
His fat cock seemed to be getting harder inside her and he
stood back up straight to begin stroking into her wet tunnel
faster and faster. Teresa was not surprised when she felt
the orgasm shoot through her and didn't mind at all
shaking in the hands of the two men. She was enTeresaing
herself much to much to be bothered by her natural responses.
She knew they would take care of her and protect her. She
just lost herself in pleasure until Mike shot his load into
her body.

Teresa welcomed his cum and felt it fill her. Mike let his
cock slip out of her and Tony withdrew his cock from her mouth.
They moved her back onto the table and Mike supported her
legs again like last time. This time it was Tony who knelt
at the end of the table and put his tongue into her pink wetness.
He used his mouth to suck out her juices and Mike's cum.
Teresa felt another orgasm at the licking Tony gave. She
wanted more and more from these men and gave herself over
to them completely.

After a few minutes Tony took hold of Teresa's legs
at the back of her thighs and Mike moved over to the side of
the table. He leaned over and suckled all around and over
Teresa's breasts moving slowly once again as Tony
continued to eat her pussy to orgasm. When she was fully
orgasmic she cupped Mike's head in her arms and he moved
to share a kiss with her. At first their lips touched and
they opened their mouths. Mike let his tongue with the taste
of her and Tony's cum still on it enter her mouth. Teresa
was excited and fully engaged in the passion and their tongues
played in their mouths together.

She felt her breasts being handled by Mike's large
hands and pulled him closer with her fingers running through
his hair as they kissed.

"How are you doing?" Tony asked.

Teresa didn't want to answer right away. She was busy
enTeresaing everything in the moment. There was nothing
she lacked and everything was perfect. Slowly Mike and
her broke their kiss and lightly kissed their lips together
several times in thanks before she spoke.

"Everything is perfect." Teresa replied.

"Would you like to do this again?" Tony asked.

"Yes!" She said looking into Mike's eyes.

"Let's see." Tony said. "I'm
busy Friday, how about Saturday? Can you come by here around

"I'll be here." Teresa said and they all
saw the light from the doorbell flash.

Teresa was surprised that Mike left the room to answer his
front door without putting anything thing on over his naked
body. She thought to herself that it must be someone they
expected. In a few moments Mike came back with Cathy the
receptionist from the clinic. She entered the room and
found a place to drop her purse then began immediately to

"My turn." Cathy said. In just a few moments
she was naked and used her hands to caress her breasts just
for a moment after her bra came off of them. She lightly slipped
her finger along the length of the slit of her pussy and walked
toward Teresa who was positioned on the table just the way
she wanted her.

Without a word Tony and Mike each took hold of one of Teresa's
legs holding them comfortably. They both bent down and
took one of Teresa's breasts into their mouths suckling
her gently. Cathy put a towel on the floor at the end of the
table and knelt down. She first used her fingers to touch
Teresa along the back and inside of her soft thighs then
pressed her vulva apart revealing the pink inner lips of
her pussy surrounded by the dark hair which encircled it.

"You have a very pretty pussy my dear." Cathy
said to Teresa and she began to use her tongue and fingers
expertly pleasuring Teresa with her touch.

There was a difference in the touch that Teresa felt from
Cathy that gave her an understanding of why women like to
be together. She had never had a woman nor imagined having
a woman touch her the way Cathy was doing but there was something
more intimate about it than she experienced with the men.

Cathy knew exactly how hard to touch and where the little
spots were that the guys missed with their larger digits
and tongues. Cathy moved over her like a surgeon with precision
rather than the bold forceful passion that she shared with
the men. Teresa was overcome with pleasure once again from
all the attention and she had another orgasm.

"I can't take any more of this." She said
as she came down from the peak of her pleasure.

"It is probably time to take a short break and get you
home." Tony said. "I have a favor to ask."

"What's that?" Teresa replied not knowing
what she could give them that they hadn't already had
from her.

"I know you are satisfied. It shows in your lovely
face but I want you to go home and make love to your husband
as soon as you walk in the door." Tony said and paused
to see how she would react to the suggestion.

Cathy continued to lick Teresa's pussy as the men held
her legs up but they stopped suckling her breasts and looked
down at her waiting for her response.

"I don't think I can. I'm sore and not horny
at all." Teresa protested.

"We want you to do this for us. We want you to come back
on Saturday and tell us all about how you made love to your
husband after this. We want to hear what you and he were feeling
when you told him what we did here and he makes love to you
like never before." Tony said as if he had read her
mind. "Saturday I will bring my fiancé Cheryl with
me. She will love eating your sweet pussy."

Teresa was overwhelmed with images of what would happen
with her and her husband James and imagined that Cheryl
would be young like Tony and fresh and naughty. The thoughts
of what might yet be to come boggled her mind. Then reality
set in again when she felt the pangs of orgasm from Cathy's
tongue begin just under her clit and shoot through her tummy
and chest and neck and legs down to her toes and out the top
of her head again. "Oh gawd!" Teresa cried out.

The men lowered her legs to the table letting her feet dangle
off of the end. Cathy stood up and walked over next to Tony.
They embraced and shared a naked kiss pressing their bodies

"Thanks for leaving a little for me." Cathy

Mike gave Teresa a hug and wrapped his arms around her. He
pulled her off of the table and gently set her down on her
bare toes in front of him. They held each other for several
moments before he let her go. He ran his hands down her shoulders
and arms to her hands and took them both in his then bent to
give her a small kiss on the lips.

Teresa looked back into his eyes and down his perfect body.
She knew that she had to have him again. She made a bargain
with herself to enTeresa him as often a possible and gave
him another hug before she looked for her clothes to dress
and leave.

Cathy and Tony spread out the flannel sheet on the hardwood
floor as Teresa and Mike gathered her clothes. Teresa went
into the bathroom to dress and get ready to go. When she came
out the men had Cathy on all fours with Tony's cock in
her mouth and Mike's long fat cock deep into her ass
from behind fucking slowly in and out of her chute.

Teresa was impressed with the sight of their lovemaking
and realized that it could just as easily be her between
them as Cathy if only her knee was in better condition.

"Remember. We want to know all the details when we
see you again." Tony said.

Teresa went over to each of the men and gave them a kiss of
thanks. She ran her hand over Cathy's back and ass watching
carefully as Mike's cock slipped in and out of her well
lubricated anus. Teresa was amazed that Cathy was comfortable
with the position and situation. It baffled her but intrigued
her as well that anal sex was an enTeresaable option.

"Thanks Cathy." Teresa said not expecting
a response.

Cathy couldn't say anything but used one hand to reach
out and stroke along the inside of Teresa's leg up past
her knee to just inside her thigh under her skirt. Teresa
hadn't put her panty hose back on and the bare flesh
being touched tenderly by the woman's hand sent goose
bumps all over Teresa's skin.

Teresa walked out of the room leaving them all behind. Walking
down the hallway and out the front door, down the sidewalk
to the parking lot where her car was parked she smiled and
thought about all that had happened. It was much more enTeresaable
and amazing than she ever imagined something like this
to be.

Teresa drove home and put the car in the garage. She went
straight to the refrigerator and found something to eat.
She tossed her purse on a table as she passed and went into
the room where James and the kids were enTeresaing some
television eating as she went.

"You're home late." James remarked.

"I had a physical therapy session. I told you about
it." Teresa replied.

"Oh yeah. That's right." James admitted.
"How did it go?"

"Better than I could have hoped for, I'll tell
you all about it when we go to bed." Teresa said and
smiled as she chewed.

James looked at his wife of many years and noticed a sparkle
in her eyes which gave away her thoughts. Teresa nodded
to let him know she had been taken by another man.

"Really?" James asked to confirm that he had
gotten his wish.

"It was a wonderful session. My knee is feeling very
good and I am more relaxed than I have been in years."
Teresa said as she finished her food and returned to the

"Time for bed kids!" James said and they protested
in the usual manner that children do when it is time to go
to sleep.

Teresa tucked in the kids and went to their bedroom. She
didn't shower or clean up in anyway but instead slipped
out of her clothes and into a short robe that she knew turned
her husband on. James was already naked and laying just
under the covers of the bed when she turned off the light
and walked over to their dresser. She lit the candle and
turned to him. She stood for a moment feeling beautiful
and desired by her loving mate. She let him drink her in with
his eyes and slowly walked toward him letting her robe open
and the edges of her breasts expose to him gradually. He
couldn't help but look down at her triangle of hair
which covered her pussy and notice some of it was matted
with cum.

Teresa walked up to the side of the bed and leaned down to
whisper in her husband's ear.

"Make love to me?" Teresa asked knowing he would
be more than happy to do just that.

"Tell me what happened." James asked impatiently.

Teresa walked around to the other side of the bed and lay
down on her back. She left her robe around her shoulders
and half covered her upper torso but brought her feet flat
on the bed and her knees up then dropped her knees wider and
ran one finger across the slit of her well used pussy.

"Eat me and I'll tell you." Teresa teased.

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That was one hot story. Hope there is more to come. Thanks
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