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Spanish holiday


I stray into the arms of an older man and have my first threesome
experience with another woman.

It was only a few weeks ago now that I blurted out through
tears that I
had been unfaithful to my partner whilst I was overseas.
We had
discussed marriage in one of those long after sex cuddles
when you feel
warm and full of love endorphins. He had volunteered the
that he had a ‘fling' with a girl he met at a party and
spent the
weekend screwing her. I realised that had been the weekend
when I too
had fallen from grace and I had been unable to contact him.
We both
forgave each other and after many tears and extremely hot
and guilty
fucking session we resolved to use this experience to strengthen
than weaken our relationship.

So really this story has come about partly as a kind of confession.
Those of you who know me through the emails and chat room
will know that despite the sexy erotic wanton behaviour
of my
characters in particular my xtcnymphs I am actually a girl
who holds
relatively monogamous values. What I mean by this is that
I've dated lots of guys, I've had lots of very hot
sex and I've even
written about my experiences here, I had not actually been
to a long term partner ever. Until recently that is. Also
it may
disappoint readers to know I haven't really had much
sex with older
men- until now! Certainly when I was 17-20 I dated guys in
thirties and even one in his late thirties but I'd never
really had sex
with a seriously (my Dad's age kind of guy). Until now!

I hope this honesty doesn't turn people off my stories
or reduce the
credibility of them but for the purpose of this story, which
is a true
one I needed to set the scene. As a catholic girl who has grown
up in a
stable and loving family of three girls and parents who
expound these
kinds of monogamous values it seems kind of appropriate
that I should
share those beliefs. So while I have been in relationships
with boys
and men since I was about 14 or so when I ceased being quite
so flat
chested I have always remained a one man Gal. Most of my life
I moved
from one relationship to another relatively seamlessly
and on a few
occasions I remained a solo person and enjoyed lots of one
night stands
and shorter and multiple partner relationships too but
each of these
was when I wasn't committed to a relationship.

So it has been through a mixture of intense experimentation
with sex in
relationships and practice of seduction when not that
I have evolved as
a woman who loves sex and the erotic narratives and games
that surround
it. I like sex every day. So when I parted from my long-term
partner to
go overseas last year on a work assignment in the UK I was
not looking
forward to months of abstinence or even masturbating together
on Skype.
As it turned out I survived two months in the UK being hit
on by guys
at work and at clubs of course and even an almost sexual encounter
my older boss who took me to dinner before I left. He left
me very
horny and I think back now I probably would have fucked him
if he'd
asked but he was a perfect British gentleman.

On the way home from the UK I visited Europe and as I was on
a budget I
stayed with Dutch and Swedish exchange students I had met
as a student
and called on my parents network of lunatic musicians and
When I went to Spain I stayed with an old friend of my father's
who I
had met as a teenager some time before. I remember meeting
Paulo as a
teenager because I distinctly remember the flurry of flirting
centred on him when he visited with his young wife. From
my mother down
to my youngest sister I remember how we constantly competed
for Paulo's
attention. He was a classic Spanish male with dark hair
made more
distinguished by age. He was tall and pleasingly muscular
with deep
brown eyes that sparkled. I should have known way back then
that this
young wife he had with him was one of a succession of beautiful
sexy young women that came through his life. Nevertheless
at 16 with an
older and younger sister I competed for his attention and
was as
disgustingly overt about how little I wore around the house
as my
sisters. Paulo took it in good humour and was obviously
use to the
attention of women.

When I arrived in Madrid Paulo picked me up from the airport
and took me
back in his Alpha to his city apartment. I was tired from
clubbing in
Amsterdam and only barely noticed that he was not with his
partner. We smiled a lot and reacquainting ourselves humorously
with the stories of
my families flirting. When we arrived at his apartment
he carried my
bags into the spare room and showed me the bathroom to let
me freshen
up before a Spanish evening meal, which was about 10pm.
I showered and
rested for a while and came down to the dining room to notice
how bare
the apartment looked. It wasn't minimalist style
it was bare! Much of
the furniture had gone and only rudimentary stuff remained.

At dinner over an excellent gazpacho and salad with Spanish
red Paulo
poured out his story of divorce. Anna the partner who he
had been with
him when they stayed in Australia had left him and taken
much of the
stuff in the house. Paulo was a music academic and didn't
earn a great
deal but at least owned a fabulous apartment overlooking
a Piazza and
had retained some rudimentary belongings. I sympathised
with him as
best I could and secretly wondered whether Anna had become
sick of his
philandering and left or if she too had taken a younger lover.
we drank wine and commiserated about love and relationships
and I made
a point of telling him I was in a long term relationship and
how much I
missed my boyfriend perhaps to keep him from turning his
charms on me as I would be alone in his house for a week.

The next morning I greeted Paulo wearing my skimpy white
tank top and
boyleg panties and let him go to work. He had given me a key
and Metro
instructions so I could do a gallery cruise and check out
the Picassos
and modern art that I love. The way he looked at me in my underwear
quite exciting and it made me feel just horny enough so that
after left
I retired to the bedroom and fantasised a little about him
until I felt
wet and then manipulated my clit thru my panties until I
came. I came
quite noisily I'd imagine because I imagined I was
alone. I stripped
off my top and panties and walked down the hall naked to the
and there in the hallway to my surprise was a pretty young
woman coming
out of the bathroom dressed in a robe with her damp hair in
a towel.

‘Oh you must be Tiffanie! Paulo said you would be 'ere.
I am Sofia I
am... a friend of Paulo's I am a student and he teaches
me. ‘

She was about 19 or so and a stunningly pretty young woman
possibly of
South American origin judging by her deeply olive skin
and shiny black
shoulder length hair. She had piercing green eyes and high
like so many of the South American Miss World winners. Her
figure was a
males fantasy slender waist curvaceous hips, large full
breasts that
overflowed proudly from the tight satin robe she wore and
long shapely
legs that would have drawn continuous male attention.
I wondered what
it was Paulo taught her then remembered he was a music teacher.

‘ Senor Paulo teaches me the flute and I repay him by looking
after his
house. He is a generous man.' She smiled a cheeky grin
that confirmed
my suspicion. I had to admit I was slightly jealous that
Paulo had
moved seamlessly from a long-term relationship to fucking
a vivacious
and glamorous young girl. I had slept so soundly the previous
night I
perhaps didn't hear her join him enjoying his ‘generosity'.

Anyway Sofia and I got on like a house on fire. We shared breakfast
coffee and chatted about the same girlie things I might
have done at
home with my younger sister. She gave me tips on riding the
Metro and a
few useful phrases in Spanish and we both dressed and left
the house.
She went off to the university where she was studying to
be a teacher
and I navigated the Metro to find Reiner Sofia where I hoped
I would
immerse myself in great Art. I wasn't disappointed
but come 1pm I had
exhausted my visual input and wow factor repertoire and
decided to head
home for a light meal and a siesta.

I arrived at the apartment at 2pm proud of my ability to navigate
Metro system and find my way back home. As I opened the door
I was
immediately greeted by the sound of a woman squealing in
orgasm. On the
floor in the tiled hallway was a trail of hi heeled shoes.
I entered
the hall cautiously not wanting to disturb my host and what
recognised to be Sofia's excited voice moaning and
saying things in
Spanish rapidly. I closed the door quietly and thought
I might go for a
walk but then curiosity go the better of me and I crept down
the hall
towards the lounge dining area and peeked through the crack
in the
door. I heard Sofia squeal again from a further distance
that I
realised was the bedroom. On the floor in the lounge was
the tight
little red mini dress that Sofia had worn earlier this morning,
pretty black lace D cup bra followed closely by a matching
G string
obviously hurriedly removed only a minutes before. I tiptoed
into the

She squealed repeatedly. ‘Tan grande' which I later
found out meant ‘so
big' and I gathered the other words were similar I could
hear ‘bueno'-
good lots. I was intrigued I had hadn't really heard
others making love
before apart from my sisters adolescent indiscretions
when I was at
home. The door to the bedroom was open and I crept to it and
peeked in
side. Luckily they both were facing the courtyard window
and making so
much noise they didn't hear me.

Sofia was kneeling on all fours on the bed her pert round
young ass taut
and quivering. Paulo was inside her his giant balls slapping
her clit
and what appeared to be a very large cock sliding into her
over excited
wet pussy. The air was full of her delighted screams and
the slap of
his balls against her as he rammed her from one shivering
orgasm to the
next. He paused and adjusted his angle of entry after each
orgasm and
slapped her pretty ass a few times but rarely missed a stroke
unless he
intended to tease her, which he did often. He would pull
his cock from
her until it almost escaped, he would let a gush of her plentiful

wetness dribble down her inner thighs and then when she
wriggled and
squirmed as she ached for him to fill her he plunged back
inside her
hard and deep to elicit still more screams from her. Age
had not slowed
him down. Paulo was in his late forties perhaps even fifty
perhaps but
his body was beautifully toned and muscular, grey hair
now peppering
his body hair.

As they shifted position they eventually moved to the bed
and she
climbed on top of him and rid him bouncing like a kangaroo.
He leaned
forward and suckled her magnificent breasts. She bounced
herself into
another succession of loud and dramatic orgasms before
he flipped her
onto her back and began to moan as she wrapped her legs around
him and
he grunted and pushed his swollen cock inside her tight
wet hot young
pussy. I could see his ass clench as he came and she encouraged
him and
stroked his swollen balls with her long brown fingers milking
him for
all he was worth.

I was immediately conscious of my eyes meeting hers as she
stared in
orgasmic bliss toward the crack in the door which I was peering

through. She had a proud satisfied expression on her face
that I read
as a ‘look how much fun a good girl can have.' Then she
moaned again
sexily and bit his neck and raked his back with her nails
as his cock
obviously throbbed, swelled and shot inside her again.
Paulo collapsed
on her exhausted and she ran her fingers through his short
speckled hair sending shivers through him and kissed him
like a woman
possessed. There was no doubt she enjoyed what he did to

I was immediately conscious of how wet I was. My tiny soft
cotton hipster bikini panties were soaked. I have written
a fair bit
about what I imagined a voyeur would feel but most of my characters
been men and for me that meant voyeurism was a kind of gratification

postponement. It was a strange feeling I have watched porn
with my
boyfriend and enjoyed it but we tended to touch each other
or ourselves
while watching. I was extremely wet and I hadn't touched
myself at all.

I turned and tiptoed down the hallway to my room and closed
the door.
The moment I did I slid my fingers beneath the short hipster
skirt I
wore and down to my panty front. My pussy ached to be touched
and the
moment my fingers touched the soft cotton triangle my clit
tingled. I
felt the outline of my labia stretch the cotton as I urgently
moved my
fingers around the damp fabric. I began to pant and shiver
as I became
more excited. In my mind it was Paulo who was touching my
pussy. I fell
to the bed and with one hand I fondled my breasts through
the thin
cotton tank top I wore. Each nipple responded by hardening
and I
pinched them roughly until the nipples were long and hard.
I slid my
hand beneath my top and massaged each breast feeling the
firmness and
weight of them in my hand the way a man would do. All the time
fingers on my panties circled my clit until my panting became
gasping. I let go of my body for a moment and clutched a pillow
to my
face and kissed it passionately then resumed touching
my breast. I slid
my panties aside and attacked my clit directly, feeling
the wetness
gush from me and an immediate rise in my excitement.

Thos e who know me and my writing know I love being fucked
doggy style
and I adore keeping my panties on while I'm doing it.
I crouched on all
fours and slid my panties aside and rammed two middle fingers
into my
sopping pussy, imagining Paulo teasing the rim of my sex
with his cock
and then plunging inside me. I was desperate for a cock inside
me. Over
two months of abstinence seemed to coalesce around that
moment. Sure I
had masturbated and fantasised before, I had even had some
sessions on
Skype with Steve my boyfriend but nothing felt as intense
as this. It
was so real I was almost there and he was inside me fucking
me hard and
deep like he had Sofia. I pushed my face into the pillow to
muffle my
moans as I cam, wriggling my ass sensuously as I shivered
and shook in
orgasm my fingers wriggled against my G spot and triggered
wave after
wave of pleasure and wetness.

Somehow in that frenzy I collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.
The kind
of post-orgasmic sleep we all enjoy. I awoke and it was still
light but
the clock in the room indicated that it was 7-06 pm. The house
silent. The Spanish tend to work late and have an evening
meal around
ten. I got up and showered and dressed in a cute little halter
dress with no bra and a pair of hot pink string bikini panties.
I had
bought the dress in Amsterdam and it fitted nicely around
my tits
clenching them into a sweet little cleavage and lifting
my small B cup
offering into a more substantial looking display, spilling
out sexily
into the open halter but held tightly in place. The fabric
showed the
faintest outline of my nipples. I was still horny. The pink
dress was
tight around the bodice but flared into a beautiful but
short skirt
that floated just covering my ass and panties. It was one
of those
dangerously short dresses that give the impression that
you might show
some panties at anytime. I liked it and it got me some interesting

looks. I always made sure I had the equally cute panties
on underneath
just in case. I have always been a tease and always loved
attention and
this dress accomplished that.

I swirled in front of the mirror to catch a glimpse of my panties
reassure myself of the tease value and heard the sound of
the door
opening. I rushed down the hall hoping to see Paulo and tell
him about
the Galleries. I was surprised to see Sofia carrying groceries.

‘Olla Tiffanie, Paulo is at the office for a few more hours.
I will make
something for us all to eat. Would you like that?'

I nodded and smiled. I had a different impression of this
young woman
now I had seen her in action. She was stunningly beautiful
and she
could cook and clean for him and turn Siesta into a sexy pastime.
chatted as I helped her prepare a salada and a selection
of antipasto.

‘That is such a pretty dress where did you get it? You look
lovely in
it? Ooooooh but it is so short you can see your underwear.
You are a
naughty girl just like Sofia! No? Can I touch it?'

I smiled and let her run her fingers over the fabric she smiled
and felt my breasts and the nipples erupted stretching
at the fabric. I
gasped but didn't pull away. She was so beautiful it
felt strange but

‘Mmmmmm you do not need to wear a bra with this dress do you?'
giggled and let her fingers clasp my tits then fingered
the cleavage as
she continued to laugh.

‘ You are wearing very pretty underwear. Do you mind I like
to see nice
lingerie? Paulo buys me some. He loves to make love to me
in it.'

I didn't seem to mind what she did. I was conscious that
I was still
horny or that the encounter with this pretty young woman
made me even
hornier. All I could see playing over and over in my mind
was Sofia
being fucked wildly by Paulo and the look of bliss on her
face. She
caressed my panties feeling the warmth of my skin beneath
the sheer
silk fabric my ass cheeks seem to blush like the ones on my
face and I
gasped a little then she touched the front and ran her fingers
across the smooth silk triangle over my shaved pussy.

‘You miss your boyfriend a lot don't you? Perhaps you
need a Spanish
lover. But I think you probably need it soon.'

She leaned forward and kissed me and I just melted and kissed
her I was
so unbelievably horny. Her sweet gentle kiss sent chills
through me. I
had never kissed a girl before. Her fingers began to wriggle
inside my
panties and within moments I was wantonly thrusting at
her fingertips
and kissing her like an addict craving for a fix. I came wildly
shivered over and over again.

She broke the kiss and slid to her knees and held my hips guiding
towards her. I leaned back against the kitchen bench and
spread my legs
as she pressed her lips against my hot aching pussy, I orgasmed

immediately then she slid my sopping panties aside and
tongued my labia
teasing droplets of my wetness from my pussy until they
ran down my
thighs. She lanced my open vagina with her able tongue and
flickered it
across my clit until I was feint from excitement and the
intensity. She
slid three fingers inside me and as she suckled my clit rammed
at my
pussy until I was a shivering, panting wreck. I had lost
count how many
times I had cum. I almost lost consciousness I was so overcome
pleasure. When Sofia finally let up on my pussy and stood
and smiled it
was past 9 o'clock. We didn't really discuss it.
It was the first time
I had ever been with another woman. I didn't feel remotely
about it in fact I enjoyed it immensely. I still ached for
a cock
inside me, perhaps even more now. I may have also felt like
that to
confirm my heterosexual feelings. Like most things in
sex my values
have always been that if it feels good and hurts no one then
I was
happy with it.

Paulo came home shortly after 9-30pm and I was conscious
of how
passionately Sofia greeted him at the door grinding herself
against him
and kissing him like she wanted to go to bed with him immediately.

Paulo was a bit disturbed by her open display but took it
in good
humour and when she had finished making him impossibly
hard and
uncomfortable they both returned to the dining room where
I had
finished laying out the Paella and salad. We sat there eating
drinking for several hours. I had lost count how much I drank.
I am not
usually a big drinker and I had exceeded my usual 3-4 wines
in the
first hour. I was quite drunk when we finished the meal.
Paulo had been
looking lustily at me most of the evening and several comments
made about my ‘sexy dress' and how you could see my panties.

At the end of the meal Sofia cleared the dishes and I staggered
down the
hall to the bathroom. I felt a little dizzy from the alcohol
and I was
quite unstable as I returned down the hall. Paulo was in
the hall and
just as I began to feint or pass out. He came forward and caught
scooping me up into his arms, his hands beneath my dress.
He took me to
my room and laid me on the bed where I began to regain consciousness

but I was babbling something about missing Steve and how
everyone was
getting sex but me. Paulo was bemused by my drunken ravings
and took my
shoes off and stroked my forehead like a concerned father.
I don't know
what came over me. Perhaps it was the horniness of the day
but I
suddenly sat up and put my arms around his neck and kissed

I felt no resistance to the kiss on the contrary he kissed
me back with
enthusiasm. His hand caressed my breasts and I felt like
I was in
heaven. I ached for him to touch me. I ached for him to fuck
me. I had
no inhibitions. I slid my hand down to his trouser front
and felt his
cock grow beneath my touch and listen to him moan in appreciation.

Expertly I unzipped him and unfurled his manhood. He was
big, very big
and I loved the feeling of his cock hardening and thickening.
We kissed
passionately his fingers squeezing my nipples until they
were hard and
long. I ached for him to touch my pussy but he seemed to resist
insistence of my longing. I was becoming so entranced by
the sheer size
and girth of his cock flesh in my hand that I felt my juices
freely without touch. This was what I missed more than anything.
ached for it to be inside me. I wanted to worship it with my
mouth and
feel it throb.

I broke the kiss and slid to the floor on my knees and he sat
on the
edge of the bed as I brought my head towards his cock tip.
He quivered
as I touched the tip of his cock with my moist lips. I licked
the head and peeled back the remaining skin around the shiny
tip and
traced an outline with my tongue across it until it glistened
from my
saliva. I scooped his balls in one hand and grazed them tenderly
my fingernails gently. With my left hand, the one that years
of playing
cello had made my most articulate I stroked and teased his
thick shaft. My lips and tongue glided across his tip erratically
he was writhing and shivering with desire. He grabbed my
head and
pushed his cock down my throat insistently and I swallowed
as much of
his giant as I could slurping and containing my gagging
reflex as he
moaned. I pulled his cock from my mouth and resumed my teasing
time swallowing him after each teasing titillating tongue
and lip bath
deeper and deeper. I could taste his pre cum and feel his

I was so engrossed in my sucking I didn't notice at first
that Sofia had
quietly entered the room and removed all of her clothing
except for her
panties. When I opened my eyes after a hot sucking session
her legs
were beside me. I could see her perfect body above me she
was kissing
Paulo. His cock throbbed as he wrestled with two woman wantonly
themselves at him. I reached one hand upwards to her panties
and felt
the dampness there and caressed her pussy feeling a moan
appreciation emerge muffled by his kisses. I let go of Paulo's
cock and
stood up and removed my dress. They both watched me as I hung
it on the
bedpost. Paulo broke from the embrace with Sofia and came
up behind me,
pressing his urgent flesh against my buns. He caressed
my breasts and
kissed my neck gently. I lolled in and out of drunken consciousness
it seemed each time I opened my eyes a new scene greeted me,
each time
I closed them I felt the pleasure and warmth of sexual desire.

This time when I opened my eyes I could see and feel Sofia
in front of
me suckling my nipples as Paulo held each breasts to her
face. His cock
throbbed halfway up my back it was so big. I pressed back
against it
and wiggled my ass so that the soft shiny diaphanous silk
teased his
thick shaft. She slid to her knees as she had done earlier
that evening
and kissed my panties. At the same time I felt Paulo slide
my panties
aside from behind and manipulate the magnificent head
of his cock so
that it encountered my ample wetness. Almost at the same
time as he
rubbed my rim to gather the moisture around his tip Sofia
nibbling and sucking at my clit through my panties at the
Through half closed eyes I could see her slide beneath me
as I bent
forwards to receive Paulo's cock. The moment her lips
triggered my
orgasm Paulo moved his thick cock inside me and I felt my
pussy stretch
to take him. It felt so good I screamed and begged for him
to push it
deep inside.

Paulo knew what made women melt. He held his cock a few inches
me, knowing where my G spot resided and his short gentle
strokes drove
me wild with desire. I came and squirted probably all over
Sofia's face
and then he moved deep inside me like I had hoped for, it was
long and
deep and sooooooo thick. I wiggled my ass against him until
I felt I
had consumed him completely and held it there my orgasming
clenched him like a wet velvet vice pulsing around him,
his balls hard
against my ass cheeks where Sofia licked them in between
sucking at my

Somehow we moved to the bed where I crouched on all fours
with Sofia
continuing to service both me and Paulo and Paulo standing
at the edge
of the bed pounding his cock inside me like I had seen him
do some
hours before with Sofia, I orgasmed frequently and intensely.

Eventually Paulo tired a little and laid on the bed where
I promptly
mounted him and Sofia straddled his face. She leaned forward
touched my breasts again and then we kissed again as I orgasmed
and she
came for the first time beneath his tongue and mouth.

‘ Sofia's turn now!' she insisted and we changed
positions and I felt
the wonders of Paulo's tongue and mouth as she bounced
wildly on his
cock until she came. Her firm round large breasts bouncing
heavily as
she shivered on top of him. We rested for a while on the bed.
My head
was still spinning from the alcohol and the orgasms filled
me with
endorphins. I still wanted more. I wanted him to cum in me.
I kissed
him again and rolled onto my back and he positioned himself
on top of
me opened my legs and slid his cock into me once more. I loved
feeling of his thickness stretching my pussy walls and
the involuntary
squirts of wetness that accompanied his entry. I was conscious
of his
cock throbbing and swelling, of Sofia licking at my asshole
suckling his balls as he began to move slowly but intensely
inside me.
I felt the orgasm well up inside me but he kept it on the edge
with his
slow deep strokes until I think I saw stars. I was dizzy and
drunk but
felt my heart rate accelerate as he began fucking me harder
and faster.
He pushed my knees aside spreading me wider and pounding
me with his
hugeness. Then it happened I orgasmed screaming and felt
my pussy
contract around his cock and his cock swelled and throbbed

uncontrollably. He moaned long and low. I felt a shot of
cum burn hot
inside me then felt his cock leave my pussy and enter Sofia's
mouth. I
looked down in the haze and saw her swallow his cum and quickly
his cock and then it was inside me again and pummelling me
in fast deep
strokes only to come to rest deep inside me and spill forth
more of his
hot cum. He left it inside me as I orgasmed again and again.

It was some time before he pulled his cock from me and he lay
exhausted on the bed. Sofia busied herself masturbating
and licking his
cock clean and I just lay semi comatose on the bed and eventually

passed out. Each time I woke I saw Sofia and Paulo fucking
in some
position or other but it wasn't until I woke up late
the next day that
I realised they had gone back to their room.

I had tried over several days that weekend to contact my
either through Skype or the five Euro phone card that is
the travellers
best friend but to no avail. It was only much later that I
found out
that he had met a girl at a party and screwed her at around
the same
time as I was in hot embrace. Needless to say the week I spent
Paulo and Sofia didn't end with the drunken orgy that
it started with.
We spent most evenings fucking and some days I found out
the joys of
meeting lovers was what siestas were all about. And whilst
for a time I
regretted my indiscretion I was thankful that I had such
a good time on
my holiday and developed a very different kind of relationship
with an
older man and had my first threesome. If nothing else my
for erotic story writing has been stimulated.

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