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Sondra's Day


Sondra's Day
(An original erotic story by Paul Fatiour)

Sondra was bored. It was her birthday and she was bored to
tears. "Birthdays should never fall in the middle
of the week." She thought. Her twenty-ninth birthday
and she was spending the evening sitting in the living room
watching TV with her husband sleeping in the next room.
"What a life!" she thought. She should be out
dancing or something. Sondra thought she should be all
dressed up, not wearing the five-year-old summer dress
she wears for chores around the house. At the very least,
she should have gotten her hair done. She looked pretty
enough in a pony tail and actually preferred the style,
but it would have been nice to get spoiled and pampered at
the salon, she thought. She had spent the better part of
this so called "Special Day" doing all the chores
expected of a modern wife and mother: the laundry was done,
her Volvo was dropped off at the shop for its much needed
brake job, the grocery shopping was done for the week, and
little Timmy was spending the night at her parents house
(like she promised her mother weeks ago). Sondra even found
sometime today to spend on the phone with her lover, but
she always found time when it came to Ty.

Ty and she worked the same shift at the Marriot, that's
where they met about four years ago. They've been close
friends ever since. That in of itself seemed unusual. Sondra,
the classic Nordic princess with pale blue eyes, high cheekbones,
and almost platinum blond hair that shimmered and seemed
to scream "ARYAN." Sondra, who growing up in
Colorado had thought of black people as almost abstract;
a character on television, a sports figure, or the occasional
repairman. This same Sondra now, and for the past three
years, considered Ty to be her best friend.

It wasn't just that Ty was black, Ty was dark. His skin
was a smooth rich mahogany color, a Wesley Snipes color.
Actually Ty favored the famous actor a little, now that
she thought about it. Only Ty's large roman nose and
the surname Materro betrayed his mixed Latin heritage.

It was the contrast between the two of them that stood out
the most. Sondra had to learn to ignore the attention they
drew when having lunch together or holding hands at the
park. The stares and whispers never seemed to bother Ty,
nothing ever really seemed bother Ty. It still bothered
her sometimes, though she tried not to let it show, but Ty
was the greatest lover she had ever known and more importantly
the best friend she ever had. She wasn't about to let
the prejudice of others jeopardize that.

She loved Ty. He was kind, gentle and sensitive to her feelings
without appearing weak. Sondra was of strong character
and valued strength in others. Ty was also probably the
most intelligent man she ever met. Not scholarly, though
he was certainly well read, but just plain smart.

When she had a problem, she couldn't solve, she'd
sometime go to him. Ty would dissect the problem, get to
the core and offer a solution. More often than not it would
be the perfect solution. Not that Sondra was in any way dependent
on Ty. Sondra wasn't dependent on anyone. She had come
a long way beholding to no one, but like any good manager
Sondra would use all available resources and Ty was an excellent
Ty was a special kind of man all right, but what made Ty really
unique was his nonjudgmental nature. Sondra knew she could
tell Ty anything and his love and friendship would remain
unconditional. Ty made her feel special even if she didn't
fit another's idea of what special is.

Her opinion of Ty wasn't universal. There were others
at work that found Ty somewhat intimidating. Sondra could
understand that. Ty with his six-foot muscular frame (an
interesting contrast to Sondra's petite figure),
his dark piercing eyes dominating a dark and unblemished
face that, though certainly mature, showed few signs of
his thirty-three years. He carried himself with a "Don't
fuck with me!' confidence, acquired growing up in
the Bronx, New York City, that he could turn on and off at
will. Ty could seem intimidating to many, but not to her.
She liked him from the first night they worked the reception
desk together, long before they both got promoted to different
departments. Sondra probably fell in love with him the
first time she saw him smile. He had a smile that made you
feel everything was right with the world. It was a smile
that came from his soul. It was Ty's smile that kept
her from being paralyzed with guilt. The guilt of cheating.
She loved that smile and she loved the man.

The rumors of Ty and Sondra started almost from the beginning.
Tame rumors at first, wilder ones following as her special
bond with him became apparent, but it wasn't until
eight months ago that any of the rumors could be considered
true. Eight months ago Ty and Sondra became lovers. Eight
months ago she had taken him inside of her. Eight months
ago she became his.

Their affair had been one of legend. It made the lovers from
the movie "9 ½ Weeks" appear like Mormons by
Ty and she had done it all. All her fantasies, all her desires,
all her passions had been fulfilled . . . Well, almost all.
There was that threesome thing. For as long as she could
remember, she's fantasized of a threesome, of a Menage
a tois, of two men and her fucking the night away. She and
her husband John have joked about it for years. It was a fun
little fantasy . . . till Ty came along.

With Ty things were different. With Ty, she talked so openly
about her passions, felt so secure in her sexuality under
his gaze, that every fantasy seemed to intensify. Every
sexual thought she had seemed to take on a concrete validity.

Ty was the first person she ever told about a recurring fantasy
involving her, John and another woman. It scared her at
first to be sexually attracted to women. After all, she
wasn't a lesbian. She couldn't be. She loved men.
She craved men, her wild past attested to that fact. Still
the feelings were there, she could not deny that. She never
told John about those feelings. Even though John was very
understanding, sometimes she wasn't sure if John
appreciated her wild nature anymore. Sometimes she got
the feeling that John would be happier with a wife that was
a bit . . . Tamer? Anyway John already thought Sondra was
freaky enough, but Ty was different. Ty made everything
seem so natural. With Ty she would let all her fantasies
engulf her like fire. Her fantasies would burn hotter with
Ty fanning the flame.

The threesome fantasy had taken on a life of it's own
lately. It occupied most of Ty and Sondra's phone sex.
The phone sex, which had always been great, was getting
better. Ty had a talent for description. With his words
she could almost taste another woman. Through his voice
she could feel the warmth of another woman's pussy
on her face or feel the cum of two stiff dicks creaming together
on her ass and her open mouth. With Ty, she could feel all
these things without shame or guilt. Ty's voice and
narrative would take her places she would never go alone
(or it would appear, go to in real life). Ty had become her
guide to her own basic instincts.

He even wrote her a short story once. It described a sexual
encounter between her, Ty, and a beautiful black girl.
He had given her the handwritten story over a month ago.
She kept it hidden from John in her panty drawer and still
masturbates every time she reads it. At times she'd
read it two or three times a day. Ty was special to her all
right. How different things might have been if they had
met each other before she met John? How different?

Sondra's thoughts are suddenly interrupted by the
sounds of John stirring in the bedroom. He had laid down
for a nap after work. They had planned to celebrate Sondra's
birthday on Saturday with some friends, but tonight was
just another quiet evening at home, as far as John was concerned.
Sondra, startled from her daydreaming, realizes she has
been unconsciously touching herself. She couldn't
believe it! She was sitting here on the living room couch,
with her husband sleeping in the next room, thinking of
another man and rubbing her clit.

Sondra looks down at her flowered sundress hiked up past
her thighs and at her own fingers moist from her own very
wet pussy with embarrassed disbelief. Feeling herself
starting to blush, she composes herself quickly and pulls
her hemline back down to where the designer had intended
it to be worn, just as John enters the room.

Sondra looks at John in the doorway; still groggy, wearing
an old pair of 501's, barefoot bare-chested, and tousling
his wavy jet black hair. She feels a wave of exhilaration
as she thinks to herself; "He's such a sexy man."
"Hey, how's my birthday girl?"; John asks
sleepily as he makes his way to the couch to give her a kiss.
John leans over her as she's sitting on the big overstuffed
leather sofa with his lips puckered. Sondra surprises
him with a hard, wet passionate kiss as she pulls him down
by the waistband of his jeans. John, momentarily losing
his balance, falls seated on the big couch next to Sondra.
Sondra lets out a giggle as she turns towards John. Hiking
up her sundress again, Sondra straddles her man. Already
she could feel his big dick starting to bulge through his
jeans. Sondra can feel her own juices start to soak through
her panties.

Despite the fire in her heart (and other organs) for Ty,
she still loved John and, after nine years of marriage,
still got turned on by him. John was after all a very handsome
man. John possessed most of the features lots of women found
attractive: rugged good looks, broad shoulders, a masculine
build, and of course, one of Sondra's preferences,
a very big dick.

John had the biggest dick she'd ever felt inside of
her, before Ty. It wasn't that Ty was bigger than John
or visa versa, They just both happen to pack some major league
meat in their B.V.D.'s. It made Sondra wonder about
her sense of priorities sometimes.

Sondra who was now straddling a seated John, firmly presses
her crotch on his rapidly swelling bulge and lies: "I've
been thinking of you." she whispers. "Hmmmm"
John replies, his eyes focusing as the sleepiness ebbs

John's hands slowly start to caress Sondra's
back, shoulders and breast through the thin fabric of the
sundress. Sondra, relishing in the attention of his hands,
responds. Hooking one hand behind John's head, she
gently pulls him to her bosom. She undoes the string that
cross laces the top of the sundress. The string gives way,
revealing two very stiff and erect nipples. Nipples on
breast that, despite her twenty-nine years and the birth
of her son, have remained firm and full.

Sondra, feeling her sexuality bubble like boiling water
in a cauldron, bites her bottom lip and lets out a short gasp
as John's mouth finds a nipple and kisses it gently.
With a patient and practiced intensity, John's tongue
circles the pink areolas, causing shivers in her every
time it brushes against one of the strainingly erect nipples.
She pulls on him more forcibly now. Sondra's nipple,
areola, and most of her sensitive tit engulfed in the moist,
warm cavern of John's mouth. Sondra releases her hold
of him and, sandwiching her breast between her palms, feeds
both tits into John's eager and waiting mouth.

John's hands continue to work magic as they move down
under her panties and past her tan-line to her firm, round
and shapely ass. Sondra can feel the strength of his arms
as he palms the fleshy mounds of her ass in each hand and guides
her hips back and forth. She can feel the strength as her
clit rubs and presses against the swollen shaft of his cock
through the thick material of the 501's. Sondra feels
the familiar rush of abandon overtake her as she anticipates
getting fucked and getting fucked hard.

John is talking to her, but Sondra's too hot to hear
him now. "Damn!" she thinks " I'm
on fire! I want this dick." With one hand Sondra reaches
down and strokes John's throbbing prick through the
crotch of his jeans. "DAMN!" she thinks again
"I'M TAKING THIS DICK!'. Sondra, feverish
with passion, starts to undo Johns pants. John says something
again. Sondra's fingers frantically fumble with
the button fly of John's jeans.

"Someone's knocking." she finally hears
John say. "What?" she says, not sure she'd
heard him correctly." Sweetheart, someone's
at the door." John answers. Feeling as if she just
awoke from a great dream, she stares blankly at John. "
The front door, Baby. Someone is knocking on the front door
. . . Heelllooo!" John says, his amusement at her disorientation
Sondra sighs, her shoulders dropping as if deflated, her
face scrunched in a little girls pout. She listens for a
second till she hears the knock. "Perfect Timing!"
she says in a sing-song voice oozing with sarcasm. "Alright,
I'll get it, but don't you move , Lover. "Oh,
that's one thing you don't have to worry about."
John replies a little too smugly, Sondra thinks, as his
hands instinctively reaches for the television remote
control. Sondra lets out a long breath to catch her composure
and stands up. She pushes her breasts back into the sundress
and adjusts the cross lace as best she can. She gives her
hair a quick finger brushing and heads for the door.

As Sondra approaches the door, she hears the knocking again.
To her surprise it startles her just a little bit. "I'm
coming!" she says, smiling at the irony of that statement,
as she straightens out her sundress one last time. "Who
is it?" Silence greets her from the other side of the
door. She repeats: "Who is it?" this time a tinge
of annoyance finds its way into her voice. A familiar and
unmistakable voice finally replies: "IT'S

Sondra"s heart sinks down into the pit of her stomach.
She turns around and looks back at John with a quizzical
expression, she hopes is hiding the sudden panic she feels.
"Open the door" John says, over enunciating
each word to lovingly mock her apparent indecision. John's
playfulness makes her wonder; what it is she is so worried
about? After all Ty and her were co-workers and friends.
John knew that much. As a matter of fact John knew Ty.

The three of them had been to all the usual gatherings together:
company picnics, Christmas parties, . . etc. Hell, Ty Materro
had even been to the house for a barbeque or two. There was
even that time when John and Timmy went to a Marlins game
with Ty and his son Josh. Ty and John weren't exactly
friends, but they were friendly.

For all she knew Ty was here to drop off some paperwork from
the job or most probably to wish her a happy birthday. "
That's it! Sondra thinks to herself. "It's
my birthday! He's here to drop off a card or something.
No big deal." Sondra takes a deep breath and opens
the door, ignoring the voice in her head asking "Why
didn't he call?"

There he was standing in the doorway. His muscular build
obvious in one of those tight black tee shirts she loves
on him and a stylish pair of loose fitting jeans. There he
was his dark black skin smooth and seamless, his body language
oozing with confidence and self assurance. There he was
in the doorway of her house, . . of John's house.

"Can I come in?" he asked, removing his wayfarers
and flashing that smile that melts her every time. "Sure."
she replies, hoping to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Ty enters, his graceful swagger telling Sondra Ty is in
an especially good mood. "What's up, John?"
Ty asks, nodding in the direction of Sondra's husband.
"Same old, same old." John answers lazily,
his interest suddenly focused on Robert Stack and some
unsolved mystery. "Surprised to see me?" Ty
asks, his attention back on Sondra. "Well . . .yeah."
she replies hesitantly.
Sondra moves slightly, positioning herself so her back
is to the couch, to Robert Stack, but more importantly to
John. She whispers to Ty: "What are you doing here?"
more a mouthing of the words than an actual whisper. Ty answers
her in an exaggerated and surprisingly loud whisper: "It's
OK, relax."

With that, Ty quickly and with inherent grace steps closer
to her. Placing one hand behind her neck and the other around
her waist, he pulls her close.. Sondra feels a sudden rush.
It's all she can do not to melt in his arms. She recovers
instantly and tries to pull away, but Ty's powerful
arms hold her fast. She turns, wide eye and with uncertainty,
to look at John sitting on the couch. John is watching them,
but he's smiling. It doesn't make any sense to
her. John looks at her and, in the same exaggerated and loud
whisper that Ty used, says: "It's OK, relax.".

At this point Ty turns Sondra's head toward himself
and kisses her hard, hot and passionately. For a moment
she's lost, but manages to tear her lips away. She looks
back at John as Ty starts to kiss her neck. Ty's hands
now caress her, her body, her breast, her ass, her pussy.
Ty's hands pour over her like caramel on an apple at
the Youth Fair.

Sondra watches John the whole time expecting an outburst,
a yell, something, but John's gaze is not one of anger.
Unless she is very, very wrong, John is . . . is . . . No! She's
not wrong. She's seen that look a enough times to be
certain. Her husband John is turned on! It's then that
she notices that John is steadily rubbing his crotch. It's
then that she notices that John's dick is hard, very

Ty continues his passionate barrage on her body. His hands,
exploring and re-exploring the landscape of her figure.
His mouth busily working across her neck, chest, and shoulders.
Unconsciously her body moves rhythmically in sync with
his touches. He gently bites her nipples through the fabric
of the sundress. She moans softly: "Ooooh."

Sondra looks at John; his pants now unbuttoned, his cock
stretching the cotton of his colored briefs, his hand underneath
his waistband slowly stroking his massive member.

Ty's hands move to her breast. He cups them though the
sundress and then firmly grasps the dresses neckline with
both hands. RRRRRRIP! The fabric gives way. Her breast
feel the coolness of the room. RRRRRRRRIP! Ty continues
to tear the front of her dress. Her breast , stomach, legs,
all exposed to the room, to Robert Stack, and to the gaze
of these two men. Ty pushes what's left of the dress
over her shoulders as if removing a sports coat. The dress
silently falls to the carpet.

She stands there naked, vulnerable. Her body quivering
with apprehension, uncertainty, but most of all anticipation.

Ty quickly pulls her panties down in one smooth motion.
She lifts her feet one at a time to allow him to remove them
completely. He tosses them across the room.
She looks again at John who's jeans and underwear are
now pulled down to his thighs. John's hand stroking
his cock now in full view. His eyes hungrily surveying her

Ty, having removed and discarded his tee shirt, gently
grabs her behind the neck and pulls her face to his now naked
chest. tentatively, she kisses, she licks. Her mouth leaving
a glistening trail of saliva across his black torso. Ty
guides her head downward. She surrenders to Ty's will
and allows herself to be led. Ty guides her gently down.
Her tongue lapping at his smooth black skin as it passes
down across his chiseled chest and his muscled stomach
and lower. She kneels before him. Her face inches from the
imprint of Ty's rippled cock on his jeans. Ty undoes
the top button of his pants and ceremoniously pulls the
zipper down. Sondra's eyes widen with anticipation.
He pushes down on either side of his waistband. His pants
edge down past his hips, past his thighs, and over his muscled
buttocks, revealing his large, dark, throbbing cock to
Sondra's fixated stare. Sondra's head instinctively
inches closer to the dark head of Ty's rigid love muscle.
The slight aroma of musk intoxicates her as it reaches and
invades her nostrils. Sondra, with lips parted, extends
a snakelike tongue to meet the moist head Ty's dick.

She glances at John now completely naked. The head of his
cock pink, tight, and smooth, almost reflecting the light
from the television and the table lamp beside him. Sondra
is momentarily mesmerized by the fluid motion of John's
hand as it strokes slowly, up then down, up then down, up
then down, the entire length of John's solid nine inches.
"He want's me to do it! He wants to watch me do it!"
Sondra thinks to herself, unexpectedly thrilled by the
idea of swallowing this black dick for John's hungry

Grasping the shaft of Ty's dick in one hand, Sondra
circles the head of his cock with her tongue. Sondra's
tongue teasing, swirling, lapping as her mouth starts
to take first the head and then more of this dick into her
mouth. She lays her tongue flat. Ty's cock now filling
and stretching the sides of her mouth. Sondra tongue massages
the sensitive underside of his dick as it inches deeper
and deeper and deeper still past her lips. Ty's hips
begin to gyrate slightly as Sondra's head begins to
bob back and forth. Sondra, placing her hands on Ty's
ass, relaxes her throat, opens her mouth wide and pulls
him closer to her and deeper into her mouth. She hears Ty
groan as the head of his dick passes into her throat. Ty's
ample cock all but disappears into her tanned face as she
angles her head from side to side, making room for this thick
slab of black meat. Ty's body tightens as Sondra's
mouth takes in more and more of him. With both hands, he holds
her head and thrust his hips forward. Sondra fights off
a gagging reflex as her lips nearly touch his curly pubic
hair. Sondra's head pulls back, slowly revealing
Ty's throbbing cock, wet and glistening with her saliva.
She catches a glimpse of John from the corner of her eye.
John, his legs extended, his muscles tense, unashamedly
and with voracity, strokes himself. The sight of John sends
quivers through Sondra's labia.

She grabs Ty's buttocks again with both hands and furiously
bobs her head back and forth. Ty's cock passing effortlessly
now beyond her lips to the far regions of her throat cavity.
Ty continues to pump his hips forward. Sondra, her hands
firmly on Ty's ass, opens her mouth wide and allows
the fucking of her mouth, her face, her head. She moans as
electricity shoots through out her body. "Yeah Baby!"
Ty's voice punctuating his thrust. "Yeah Baby!"
his acknowledge of pleasure exciting her even more.

Sondra, her passion rising rapidly, feels a pair of arms
lift her up, sweeping her up. It's John's arms.
Sondra's lips caress Ty's dick on exit as her mouth
is pulled away with the rest of her. Carrying her like a newlywed
across the threshold, John takes her to the bedroom.

They cross the into the bedroom. " Why didn't
he make the bed?" the thought strangely creeping
into Sondra's head. She discards it quickly as John
lays her down on the bed, her back flat against the unmade
sheets. Kneeling on top of the bed, John positions himself
near the side of her face. His cock hovers and bobs above
her parted lips.

Turning her head towards him, Sondra cups his scrotum in
one hand and angles his dick down with the other. Sondra
takes John in her mouth.

John looks down at her and with one hand he undoes her pony
tail. John gently pulls off the terry cloth band that held
her shimmering hair at bay and lets it fall. The sudden looseness
of Sondra's hair enhances her feelings of freedom.
In her minds eye, she sees the last of her inhibitions fall
to the floor with the terry cloth band.

Sondra attacks John's dick with a gluttonous intensity
that surprises even her. Her head, mouth and hands work
together in an energetic symphony of fondling, licking,
and sucking. She listens to his moans and feels his fingers
through her hair. She uses these to gauge his pleasure,
to gauge her delivery of that pleasure. John's free
hand caresses her breast, adding to the already incredible
bliss of the moment.

Sondra and John both feel the closeness, the in syncness
that comes from loving and making love to each other for
all these many years. Sondra loses all sense of place and
time. Her universe consisting now of her man and her man's

It's with that dreamlike detachment that Sondra starts
to realize her legs seem to be levitating off the bed. Her
knees rising, up first and then back toward her. "It's
Ty!" she realizes through the amorous fog. Ty, at
the foot of the bed, his hands behind her knees, pushes her
bent legs up and back toward her torso. Sondra's hips
and ass roll up and point themselves toward the slowly rotating
ceiling fan, exposing her glistening hole to Ty's
hungry stare.

Her legs wide, her knees nearly touching her breast, Sondra
feels Ty's hands part the firm mounds of her backside.
Ty's tongue, thick and wet, runs the path up the crevice
of her ass. From her tail bone, to the tender tissue of her
pink anus, across the sensitive bridge of flesh, to her
wet and pulsating pussy, and finally up to her cravingly
erect clit. Ty's tongue paints across the canvas of
her genitalia with skill and patience as he leaves a trail
of warmth and saliva across Sondra's most erogenous
zones. Sondra moans and murmurs with approval, her mouth
still filled with John's engorged beast of a dick,
as Ty's tongue proceeds to invade and conquer her most
private of private parts.

Ty lightens his touch and starts to use the tip of his tongue
to etch, outline, and taste all of Sondra's wet and
wanting pussy. Every flap, every fold, every inch of Sondra's
cunt seems to cry out in ecstasy as the fluid dance of Ty's
tongue continues. The lustful ballet of licking and probing
sends tremors throughout Sondra's body. Tremors
that seem to shake her very core. Her pale blue eyes close
as she moans softly in response to Ty's gentle touch.
Sondra's free hand finds it way behind Ty's head
and, pulling as she raises and spreads her legs even more,
buries his face firmly between her legs.

The mixture of sensations assault her, capture her, release
her from her body and bring her back again. Her mind and body
reel in the smorgasbord of taste and texture. The hardness
of John's cock in her mouth, the soft playfulness of
Ty's rapidly flicking tongue on her clit. "Oh
yes! She thinks. Sondra feels the steady throbbing of the
fat cock within her throat. She feels how it competes and
combines and intensifies against the wanton unpredictability
of the long and talented tongue darting, licking, and plunging
deep into her plumb, wet pussy. "OH YES! OOH YES!"
Her senses heighten as she wallows in the soothingness
of John's fingers running through her hair and the
comfort of his hand on her breast. "OH YES! OH GOD YES!"
Her body tenses in chorus with the deep quivers of her pussy
and anus as they wrap themselves around Ty's thick
and probing fingers.

Sondra continues to moan, soft and low, as her muscles begin
to contract involuntarily. Her body arches and then gives
way. Sondra is cumming. She feels her body ride a flowing
wave of tension and release. Every muscle, every nerve
ending, all of her shudders and tingles in the force of her
climax. A momentary feeling of complete drain envelopes
her as the climax subsides and slowly ebbs away. The feeling
of fatigue dissipates instantly as she feels her own lust
starts to rise anew.

"It's time." she thinks. "Now it's
time." Sondra, gently kissing the head of John's
cock, meets his incredible amber eyes. She says in a voice
that is both surrender and demand: "Fuck me, Baby.
Fuck me now."

For the moment time seems to stand still. Sondra's
words hang in space like the scented air in a "Victoria's
Secrets" shop. John is the first to move. Making his
way to the side of the bed, John dismounts and stands beside
it. He extends a hand to a laying Sondra. Taking his hand
in hers, Sondra allows him to guide her toward him as Ty stands
also and moves silently away.

John and Sondra, both by the side of the bed, look deeply
in each others eyes and embrace. John's swollen cock
rubs against her pubic bone and clit as her body slowly gyrates
within his arms. The feel of him, the scent of him, the presence
that is him, makes her feel something deeper than mere lust,
deeper than just passion. Sondra feels John's love.
Not the love of poets and songwriters, no, a much deeper
love. Sondra feels the love of time, of their time together.

John gently begins to push her down toward the bed, but Sondra
resists, wanting to prolong this moment of tenderness
just a little longer. She kisses John as she gently guides
him around her, their embrace intact like two figure skaters
twirling in each others arms. Sondra looks in John's
eyes and saysquot;It's OK, now you relax."

With John's back now to the bed, Sondra pushes him down
tenderly. John, offering no resistance, first sits on
the edge of the bed and then lays back under Sondra's
gentle force. John lays with his back on the unmade sheets,
his legs hanging off the side, his still hard dick standing
straight up and pointing toward the ceiling. Sondra pauses
for a moment, drinking in the sight of her man.

With the feline grace of a jungle cat, Sondra, slowly and
with deliberate titillation, climbs onto the bed and mounts
her husband. Her knees on either side of John's hips,
Sondra uses her hand to guide his long member into her tender
moist opening, A short gasp escapes her as the bulbous head
of John's cock begins to enter her slowly. Sondra gingerly
begins to move her hips downward. She feels the familiar
sensation of his fat cock as it passes her dripping wet labia
and begins to fill her insides. The powerful dick slowly
inches into her. Sondra thinks about how good John feels
inside her, about how good he always feels inside her. Sondra's
shapely, tanned-lined ass begins to slowly to dance up
and down on the big dick. The friction in Sondra's pussy
builds as John's cock is swallowed into her on every
down stroke. John moans as Sondra rides his prick like the
actress Debra Winger rode that mechanical bull in the "Urban
Cowboy" movie. The look on John's face betrays
his entrancement and confirms the sweetness of Sondra's
tight pussy.

John's hands grab and squeeze Sondra's firm ass
cheeks tightly. "God how I love his hands on my ass!"
Sondra thinks as she hears John's breath quicken.
Sondra starts pushing her ass down harder on John's
cock as she listens to his moans become more and more grunt
like. "I got you now, Baby." She says, increasing
her force on every downstroke. "You like this pussy,
baby?" Sondra asking what she already and has always
known. "This is your pussy, Baby! Tell me how much
you like your pussy, Johnny. . . Tell me!!!" Breathlessly,
John responds in a guttural rasp, his body beginning to
succumb to the primal sensations within: "Oh Baby!.
. It's so good!. . Give it to me! . . Give me that pussy!"
John's words elevate Sondra like applause to an entertainer.
Sondra increases the length of her movements, being careful
not to change the deliberately slow and fluid pace. Perspiration
now forming on both of them, Sondra raises a hand to her face
and pushes her golden colored locks back behind her ear,
It's then she sees Ty.

Standing a few feet a way, he's watching her, watching
her ride her husband, watching her fuck. Sondra again increases
the force of her strokes, her ass moving as if on ball bearings.
She watches Ty who slowly strokes his long, black dick.
She continues her slow sensual gyrations, conscious of
the effect her performance on the dick inside her cunt and
the dick before her eyes.

She knows in her heart Ty has stayed back to allow her and
John this moment. Sondra leans forward, her face close
to John's ears, and softly says: "I love you."
"I know." John replies "and I think we
both love you." Sondra lifts her head, brushes the
hair away from her face, and looks at a naked, muscled Ty.
Her eyes motion for him. Ty approaches the two lovers slowly.
He places his hand underneath Sondra's hair, behind
her slender neck. He glides his hand down the length of her
back slowly, pushing slightly as Sondra leans forward
toward John. Ty's hand comes to rest on Sondra's
slowly gyrating ass as she continues to ride John's
big prick. A shudder runs through Sondra's body as
Ty's hand finds its way between her firm buttocks and
his fingers to her tight pink, (and until now) neglected

Ty using the pad of his finger, begins to massage Sondra's
"other" hole in small concentric circles.
Sondra moans as his finger , wet from her excess juices,
spirals into her anticipating anus. Ty continues to work
his finger into her slowly, as Sondra's pussy rises
and falls on John's concrete like cock. "Do you
want it, babe?" John asks, his voice soft and low.
"Yes!" Sondra murmurs.
"Tell me you want it! Tell us!"
"Tell me, Baby!"
"YES! OH YES! I want both of you! Fuck me! I want to feel
you both in me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!
Sondra hears the drawer of the nightstand open. Looking
back, she sees a bottle of flavored lubricant, the kind
sold in sex shops all over. Ty holds the bottle in one hand
as he smears the jelly like substance between her ass cheeks
and on his throbbing cock with the other. The jelly feels
cool between her ass as Ty smacks it on liberally. Sondra
leans forward again. this time as far as she can. Her breast
press against John's chest as she feels Ty begin to
massage the sensitive opening of her asshole with the blunt
swollen head of his long dick. Sondra pants as the head penetrates
slowly, Ty's cock parting and stretching her tight
and twitching anus. Sondra can feel her asshole conform
to and engulf the big dick into itself. "AAAAAAAAH!"
Sondra moans as the penetration continues slowly, deeper
and deeper. Ty's cock enters her completely and begins
to steadily drive itself back and forth. Sondra, her ass
rapidly growing accustomed to the black intruder, begins
to arch and un-arch her back, her ass and pussy now rocking
between the two stiff dicks. The feeling is overwhelming
to her. The two large cocks in harmony within her. One in,
one out, the other in, the other out.

John starts to thrust his pelvis upward. His cock now driving
into her pussy with renewed force. Ty grabs her hips. He
slams his dick to the ends of her insides. A gasp escapes
Sondra as Ty rams his huge cock completely into her tight
asshole again and again. Sondra feels the force of both
her men, of these men she loves, of these two men that love
her. "Ooooooh!" She murmurs. The two cocks
churn in her like mechanical pistons. "OOH MY GOD!"
Sondra exclaims loudly as her hands grip John's shoulders
"Ooh fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!" Sondra's
voice builds as the men fuck harder and harder still. "I'M
GONNA CUM! OH SHIT! I'M GONNA CUM!! Sondra now yelling.
The men pumping her with primal intensity. She grips John's
shoulders tighter. Her entire body quakes with each thrust
of the two hard dicks. Sondra's body contracts with
a force she never dreamed possible. "OOOOOH! I'M
explodes in an almost blinding convulsion. She feels herself
swoon then build and explode again. Sondra almost loses
consciousness as waves of rapture plow over her, around
her and through all that is her. "OOOOH SHIT!"
Sondra screams. She shuts her eyes tightly and rides the
roller coaster of her own body. Sondra continues to cum
and cum again and then again. Her body seemingly imploding
on to itself over and over again. Sondra shivers and shakes
as the last wave of her incredible orgasm subsides and finally

She hears Ty's voice echo in her ears; "I'm
close, Baby. I'm fixin to cum!" Ty's voice
sounding far and distant through the thick veil of sensations
within Sondra's body. Sondra, her body still shuddering
As the last trickles of orgasmic euphoria ebb away from
her body, feels her body start to regain control of itself.
Her adrenalin still high, she scoots backward with surprising
quickness. Dismounting John and the bed and dislodging
Ty' cock from her ass. She stands flatfooted on the
carpeted floor.

Sondra bends at the waist and leans her face over John's
ready to burst cock. "Put it back in!" She orders
Ty. "Hurry! Put it in!!" the urgency in her voice
clear and undeniable. Ty quickly complies, his large black
dick entering easily now into her yearning asshole. Ty
begins to pump her ass with ferocity as she feverishly works
on John with her hands and mouth. Sondra furiously strokes
John's cock, his muscles beginning to tense. "Cum
for me." Sondra pleads. In one smooth motion, her
mouth devours his dick whole. She hears Ty's groan
and feels his grip on her hips tighten. "I'M GONNA
CUM!" Ty yells.

Sondra again takes John's cock deep in her throat.
John's body begins to arch. "Cum for me! Cum for
your Baby!" Sondra continues to stroke his dick desperately,
her open mouth hovering around the engorged head in anticipation.
Ty continues his assault on her ass, pumping as if possessed
by the spirit of some jungle beast. The slapping of his thighs
against her ass resonates around the room. "OH YEAH!
I'M GONNA CUM!!" John yells this time, his entire
body tensing and arching. Ty groans loudly as he pulls his
monster from her ass. "AAAAAAAAAGH!" Ty screams.
His cock twitches, throbs and explodes. Ty's body
cramps and trembles as hot cum spews from his cock in large
globs. The feeling of fullness in Sondra's ass is suddenly
replaced by the warmth of Ty's love cream oozing on
her lower back. Simultaneously, Sondra hears John yell,
his voice strained and breathless: "HERE IT COMES!!"
She sees his face contort and feels his body tighten. John's
cock erupts in her hand in a voluminous shower of hot jism.
Sondra's mouth pounces on John's mammoth dick,
sucking, pulling, milking out all he has to give. Sondra
feels all the tensity subside from John's body as the
warm, milky man juice coats her face, lips, throat, and

John, with a long sigh blowing past his lips, lets his body
fall and go limp like an old discarded rag doll. Sondra continues
to rub his rapidly shrinking penis across her lips and chin.

Sondra, John, and Ty remain motinless now. All three lovers
still and quiet, for what seems an eternity, lingering
in the aftermath of the most remarkable sexual experience
of their lives. The sound of their combined breathing the
only disturbance to the suddenly deftly silent room. Each
of the lovers remains deep in their own thoughts, yet somehow
connected each to the other. Each one dealing with the obvious
awe of the moment in their own way.

Sondra is the first to stir. Tranquility drapes the room
as she softly crawls onto the bed beside, a spent and exhausted,
John. Sondra gingerly lays her head across his chest. John
places a comforting arm around her as she snuggles closer.

Her head restfully across her husbands body, Sondra looks
across the room to see a tired naked Ty sitting on the carpeted
floor, his back resting against the closet door. Ty meets
her stare with a tired boyish smile and winks at her. Sondra
smiles back, love and contentment shinning through her
pale blue eyes, that are suddenly very, very tired. Sondra
lets her eyes close as she wonders to herself: "Could
it all be a dream?". The thought lingers as Sondra
drifts off to a very deep and welcomed sleep.

Ty was just about dressed when Sondra awoke. The clock radio
brightly displayed 1:39a.m. from its place on the nightstand.
Sondra, careful not to wake a lightly snoring John, eases
herself out of bed. She darts into the bedroom quickly and
emerges wearing a white satin robe undone in the front,
the sash lost long ago.

"How's the birthday girl?" Ty whispers.
"Woman!" Sondra whispers back, participating
in their running gag about Ty's lapses into chauvinism.
"My bad." Ty replies, smiling at the little
things they share together. Ty kneels down to tie his shoelace.
Sondra approaches and sits cross legged on the floor in
front him as he does.

"How ever did you pull this off?" Sondra asks
quietly. A huge grin appears on Ty's face as he shakes
his head. "What's so funny" Sondra ask,
Her brow furrowed in a look of confusion. "You got
the wrong guy, Doll. That's the man you wanna talk to."
Ty says, pointing at a still sleeping John. "What?"
Sondra ask a bit too loudly. "Shhhhhh."Ty makes
makes the sound through puckered lips, one finger held
across them. Sondra instinctively cups her hand to her
mouth and glances back at John. His figure remains still,
his light snoring steady and unbroken. Sondra turns her
eyes again toward Ty, grateful her unexpected outburst
didn't wake her husband from such a peaceful sleep.
Ty stands up and whispersquot;Come on."he motions
towards the living room with his hand and Sondra stands
and leads the way.

Once safely out of earshot, they sit on the couch and Ty proceeds
to talk. Ty tells her of how John had called him about a week
ago and asked to meet with him. Ty relayed that, dispite
some serious reservation, he agreed.

John and Ty met for lunch the following day. Over chicken
wings and Corona, John confessed that he had known about
Ty and Sondra's affair for over a month. Sondra eyes
widen at this information. "How?" Sondra ask,
suddenly feeling like her whole life just suddenly crashed.
Ty said he didn't ask. That he thought it was more prudent
just listen till he knew where John was going. Ty continues
to tell the story: "He never told me how he knew, but
he did say he went through the whole catalog of emotions
when he found out. Denial turning into depression. Depression
turning into anger. Anger turning back into depression.
Basically John said he felt like shit."

Sondra looks down toward the floor ashamed at the pain she's
caused someone she loves so much.

Ty continues: "Well, John tells me he goes through
all this emotinal stuff and then something changed. John
described it as a sort of revelation. He told me a question
just popped into his head while he was trying to decide what
the hell he was going to do. He told me that no matter what
he did the question would not go away. It kept playing in
his head like a broken record."

Ty interupts his story, smacks his lips dryly and ask: "Got
anything to drink?" Sondra's mouth drops open,
amazed at his casualness. "Yeah, in the fridge. Help
yourself." Sondra finally says as Ty already heads
for the kitchin. Ty retuns to the couch with a glass of Kool-Aid
from the pitcher she made that afternoon.

"Okay, where was I?" "The Question."
Sondra answers him. "Oh yeah. The question"
Ty continues: Well, John looks me straight in the eye and
he asks me: "If you change the thing you love into something
else, will you still be able to love it as much?" John
told me that it was that simple question that put it all in
perspective for him. He told me that all at once he realized
that you mean everything to him just the way you are."

Tears start to well in Sondra's eyes as Ty continues:
"John told me he knows, in his heart, that your lust
or even your love for another doesnt affect your love of
him. It wasn't too far of a leap in logic after that to
decide it shoudn't change his love for you either."

Ty stops and looks at his wristwatch: "Shit Babe!
I got to go!" "But? Sondra starts to say as Ty
gulps the last of the Kool-Aid, stands and heads for the

"Wait! What about what we did tonight?" Sondra
asking as she follows after Ty. "Tonight. Tonight
was John's idea. He said he needed someway to prove
he loved you more than he needed to posses you. As far as my
part is concerned, I just agreed and showed up on time.
" Prove? Prove to who?" Sondra asks.
"To you doll, and I think a little to himself too"
"So he did this all for me?" Sondra asks, wiping
her eyes and knowing the answer in her heart.
"Looks that way. Even though, he didn't seem
to be suffering the sacrifies all that much. Know what I
mean?" Ty says, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Dispite the tears in Sondra's eyes she can feel a giggle
churn inside of her at Ty's sense of humor. "Go
on. Get out of here. Go on home." Sondra hugs Ty tightly
and pats him on the behind as he turns to leave.

Ty opens the door. Turning back toward Sondra, he says:
"You got a special guy there." "I know,
very special." Sondra replies, a warm feeling eminating
from inside her. Ty nods his head, then turns to the door
and leaves.

Sondra locks the door behind him. She stands there for a
moment contemplating the last few hours. She thinks of
the night, of Ty, of herself, but most of all of John. She's
lied to him. She'll never do that to him again. She Knows
that in her heart, but can she make it up to him? She thinks.
"I'm sure as hell gonna try!" Sondra says
to herself outloud.

With that Sondra turns away from the door and bounces toward
the bedroom. Sondra feels happy. John truly loves her and
she's very, very glad. "Honey, wake up!"
Sondra says as she enters the bedroom. John groggily rubs
his eyes and, props himself up on his elbows and looks at
his wife.

Sondra sits on the bed. She reaches out with one hand and
brushes the cowlick from John's forehead. Sondra
looks deeply into the eyes of the father of her child, her
husband of nine years, and the man she just fell in love with
again and says softly: "Lets talk."

The End

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