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Something New and Something Stupid 2 ( written months ago)


Jason had picked me up for work and filled me in on the conversation
he had with Melissa on the way to her house. She had questioned
him about me and if I was a player and If I was really single
or was creepin. (messing around behind someone's
back) She grilled him on where I was really from and asked
him how old I was, I had to be honest I was a little nervous
about Jason being my proxy. It's not that I didn't
trust him to make me look good, I just didn't trust him
to make me look good, ya know. When I asked him how it went
with Jazmin he just shrugged and told me she didn't
do white guys and she thought Jason was pure milk. When I
asked him about Briny he just told me they were taking a break,
I assumed that meant she dumped him cause he wouldn't

The night at the club was the normal mess of people and a few
scuffles but nothing overly exciting. Jai being the playboy
of middle aged women he was had made a date with Melissa's
mom for the next day and was trying to grill me for any info
I had. I had none for him but he did have a little tidbit for
me though, apparently Melissa had been all smiles when
she got home and told her mom she was excited to see me again.
Things are were looking up, and you know what they say "nothing
gets you over heartache like drowning yourself in denial
and something new"

My phone ran hours later while we were pushing people out
of the parking lot so we could close up shop. "hello"
I said into the receiver. "hey David I need to see you
tonight" she told me. I was thinking this was going
to be good "oh yeah why is that" I asked with a
smile. "you still have my license and I need to get
it back" she said matter of fact. The smile disappeared
from my face and I dug my hand into my back pocket and pulled
out her license and 23 bucks. "sorry about that, I
can bring this to you no problem" She gave me directions
to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids and gave me her number finally
to call when I got close.

Finding the hospital was no problem and after calling her
to let her know I was in the parking lot I found a parking space
close to the back doors. I waited for a short time when a little
dark figure in pink flowered scrubs and a bouncing pony
tail walked out the door. I jumped out of my Expedition and
met her half way from the doors and my truck "wow you
look cute as hell" I told her honestly. She flashed
me a smile and pushed down a piece of her hair. "I look
rough" she said rolling her eyes at me. I handed her
the id and cash and a thought came to my mind. "how did
you get to work and what's wrong with your car"
I asked looking around the parking lot for no reason. She
sighed and told me "my mom brought me and my busted
ass car just won't start"

Thinking I might be able to pull off some heroics I asked
her which car was hers and followed her pointing to a little
rough looking silver Honda CRX backed into to a spot at the
back of the huge parking lot. "what me to take a look
at it" I asked. She told me I could but that I would just
be wasting my time, Melissa went back in to get her keys and
I drove over to the car to get a look at it. Besides a little
rust and few dents and dings here and there it didn't
look to bad. After she appeared again with her keys I unlocked
it and popped the hood, right away I figured out what her
problem was. The battery looked like it was covered in white
flaky snow, the corrosion from the battery was blocking
the leads.

"Do you work tomorrow night" I asked her. She
shook her head no and told me she was off the next two days.
"If I get this started you have to let me take you out
on a real date tomorrow, I pick you up and dinner and whatever,
deal" She agreed skeptically and I turned and pulled
out a liter of coke and a plastic ice scraper from my truck.
She watched me severally amused as I poured the contents
of the coke bottle over the battery posts and scrapped the
white off. "Ok give it a shot" I told her. The
car started on the second try and I could see her clapping
behind the wheel. "let it run for a minute or two"
I yelled to her. She jumped out of the car and bounded over
to me "how did you do that" she asked amazed.
I knew nothing about cars really, only what my dad and brother
had taught me so I figured I would leave it mysterious. "Magic,
but you should get a new battery and cables really soon"

She looked around the parking lot as if looking for a spy
and then launched herself into my arms. "thank you"
she said smiling up at me. She closed her eyes and puckered
her lips, I bent down and gave her a quick kiss "you're
welcome" I told her. She told me that she had to get
back and that she would call me tomorrow when she got up.
So with a wave goodbye she ran back into the hospital and
vanished leaving me alone in the cool night air. I had to
laugh to myself that the coke thing actually worked, I was
going to have to call my brother and thank him for that little

I woke up around noon the next day to the sound of my house
phone ringing off the hook. I didn't have caller id
on my home phone and it was always a crap shoot when I answered
it. Jai was on the other line and he didn't wait for me
to even say hello before he launched into a grand idea he
had. Melissa's mom had told him about my planned date
with her tonight and he wanted to make it a double date. I
argued the negative parts of this plan and told him that
I wanted to hang out with Melissa alone. He used guilt and
the shame of being a bad friend to get me agree to think about
it. The thought of a double date with the girl I wanted to
see naked and her mother with a friend of mine who wanted
to see her mom naked was a unsettling to say the Jerry Springer

I decided I needed a workout so I left everything but my divers
license at home and headed to the gym. After a few hours of
trying to destroy my body and suffering through the pain
of my sore ribs I headed back home. When I checked my cell
phone I saw I had missed 9 calls from various people, but
mostly Melissa. I called her back immediately and was disappointed
when she didn't answer. I called everyone back and
a picture of what was going on slowly formed. "you
want to have a cookout where, in Minnesota, in September"
I asked Jai. He told me that Chris had called him and wanted
to get together later in the evening for a little BBQ. From
there people started to call one another and before you
knew it our entire 15 person security staff and a few of the
people we met through the club had committed. As the telephone
game continued it got out of control and it had gotten back
to Melissa and her mom who apparently thought it was my idea
so they agreed.

"So let me get this straight, you turned my date with
Melissa into a giant picnic filled with people I don't
even really know just so you could try and get in her mom's
pants" I probably would have been pissed if I wasn't
so amazed at what lengths he had gone too. "yeah that's
about it, but people are making food for it so we can't
change it now" Jai answered. "why do I even need
enemies when I have you as a friend Jai" He just laughed
and in his thick Louisiana Cajun accented voice told me
to just get ready for the cookout and bring something edible.
Even the freakin weather made it a good day to have a cookout
Sunday September, 12 2004 was actually like 88 degrees
and nice and sunny. It was too much to pray for a snow fall
so I was stuck with 2 hours left to buy or make something to

After buying a huge bowl of pasta salad and another of some
kind of potato vegetable thing I got on the road and headed
toward Fairview Park in North Minneapolis or Eden Prairie
where ever it was, the little cities confuse me sometimes.
I pulled up to the park at about 5 pm, the weather was still
holding strong in the 80's and a light breeze blew through
the trees. I looked for a person that I would recognize at
the few picnic tables I could see. Thankfully Jason's
large frame was easy to spot at a group of picnic tables surrounded
by at least 20 people. I grabbed my dishes and walked my way
toward the group scanning for familiar faces, "Kung
Fu" Jai called out making everyone look in my direction.

I just nodded in his direction and felt uncomfortable as
hell as all the eyes watched me approach. Most of the faces
I didn't recognize and the few that I did usually talked
more to Jai then me. Jason seemed to know a few more then I
did also and seemed comfortable sitting at a table full
of people. A strong smell of sweet slow cooking meat filled
my nose and instantly made my stomach rumble, as Jai took
the plastic containers from me I saw Chris over his shoulder
standing at a smoking in ground charcoal grill in a kiss
the cook apron. He was chatting up the girl that had been
with him at my house. He waved a spatula in the air at me hollered
across the group of people "sup big D"

I was introduced to everyone at the tables by Jai before
he put the dishes on an overflowing with food picnic table.
"now look who gots who out numbered" Chris laughed
as he came up behind me "black power" he yelled
making everyone laugh and in his usual way diminishing
the tension. Over the next half hour the guys that worked
at the club filtered in with girlfriends or with each other,
more people that partied at the club arrived as well. I made
small talk with a few people that Chris introduced to me
and just waited for Melissa to show up, I didn't have
to wait long. A little silver CRX pulled up next to my Expedition
blaring Jennifer Lopez and filled with Melissa, her mom,
and Jazmin. She stepped out of the car and the "Dream
Weaver" song ran through my mind when I saw her dressed
in a light blue polo dress will her black hair pulled back
into her fountain like pony tail and little white shoes.

The cotton dress clung to her muscled stomach showing off
her six pack as the light breeze blow over her. She flashed
a cute small and finger waved at us, her mom and Jazmin both
carried tinfoil covered glass dishes filled with something.
Melissa walked straight up to me and took my hand in hers,
she tugged on it to let me know I should follow her. "what"
I heard someone say behind me as we walked away from the group
of 40 or so people. When we were out of earshot she turned
to me and gave me another smile "this wasn't your
idea was it" she asked. "not so much, you would
have to blame your mother's new boyfriend" I
muttered. "I was starting to think you were scared
to be with me alone" she teased. "I'll show
you scared" I said and pulled her into a slow gentle

"wwwuuuu look at that chocolate vanilla swirl"
Chris hollered "get you some D, get it" Melissa
moved her hands to my ass and gave it a squeeze bringing another
round of laughter from everyone. I released her lips from
mine and smiled down at her. "so now what's up
with scared" I asked. She fanned her face in a mock
over heated way and said "oh nothing" We laughed
and walked hand in hand back toward the group, a few people
kept starring and whispering to one another but other then
that everything went back to normal. Chris and Jai served
up their concoction of Cajun Soul pork and steaks to everyone
and we all walked down the line adding what ever side dishes
we could carry.

Someone had brought a boom box and music played in the back
ground as we ate and laughed together at the tables. Melissa
sat by my side and occasionally fed me a little tidbit of
meat or a plastic fork full of some kind of salad. It was weird
that we seemed to get along like we had been dating for months,
It wasn't but a week ago she turned me down when I asked
her out for a drink and. After we ate the guys broke off in
to teams and we played a couple of games of pick up football
on the grass. The people that didn't play cheered us
on as we ran passed and tackled each other. I occasionally
glanced at Melissa and saw a group of girls around her laughing
as she told them some story. When they caught me looking
in their direction they burst into fits of laughter and
waved at me.

As the sun went down and the air got cooler we started to say
our nice to meet yous and goodbyes, Jason had made a new friend
named Destiny and was alone at a picnic table with her talking
in hushed tones. Jai and Tameka were flirting with each
other so much that I was surprised they hadn't just
fallen to the ground together. Jazmin was no where to be
found and either was a guy named DeAndre so that was easy
to guess. "So what do you want to do know" Melissa
asked as we tossed some empty plastic containers in the
trash. "I don't know" I said looking at
my watch, since it was only about 9 pm I figured we had plenty
of time to do something like go to a movie. " you want
to catch a movie" I asked. " Yeah lets go see Anaconda's"
She said excitedly. "you like scary movies"
I asked thinking about how much I don't "shit
yeah I love them, just be warned I may jump in your lap"
she laughed. Yup that was all it took for me to agree.

She gave the keys of her car to her mom and we made our way to
the only movie theatre that I knew how to get to. The parking
lot of the Maple Grove Arbor Lakes AMC was packed with cars
and people making it hard for us to find a spot. We had to park
all the way in the back with the air rapidly cooling Melissa
clung to me for warmth. We got stares from several people
as we made our way to the doors "you think they never
saw a black girl and a white guy together before" she
muttered. "I know right, I guess here you are only
cool if you date an Asian" I answered back. She laughed
so hard she snorted, It seemed like Minnesota was filled
with Asian girl and white guy couples, but see a black girl
white guy couple and you are shocked out of your Nike's.

I paid for our tickets and we just were able to get soda's
and a box of chocolate covered raisins before the movie
started. We walked into the half full dark theatre and walked
up the steps to the very back row of seats, since the row was
empty we had no problem getting to the very center underneath
the projector. As the movie started Melissa tucked her
legs under her and leaned into me putting her head on my shoulder.
I feeling a little brave let my hand fall onto her bare knee
making her jump in the process. Anaconda Blood Orchid was
definitely not the best movie but it got your blood pumping
every time a giant snake jumped out to eat someone. Melissa
squealed and muttered how stupid they were for going places
under her breath, before burying her face into my arm when
they got killed.

I couldn't help but laugh at how much she got into the
movie, with all of her jumping and shifting my hand had some
how ended up on the inside of her silky smooth thigh. I slowly
began to trace my fingers across her skin in tiny circles
enjoying the feeling. She didn't take her eyes of the
screen but her fingers dug into my arms and she shifted her
body so that her other leg wasn't impeding my motion.
As I slowly worked my hand up her leg I heard her start to breath
a little heavier and could feel heat coming from between
her legs. I moved my fingers up her muscled thigh and felt
my pinky brush against the cotton that covered her pussy.
Her panties were soaked as where the insides of her thighs,
not feeling her resist I started to rub her pussy over her

Her hands squeezed my arm tight and she gasped as I pushed
against her with more pressure. I looked around to see if
anyone could see us and was thankful that the closest couple
to us was 5 rows down. She opened her legs a little as I tried
to get my fingers underneath the elastic, the angle of the
way we were sitting and the tightness of her panties was
making it extremely difficult. "I have to use the
bathroom I will be right back" she whispered. She
stood up and smoothed down her cotton polo dress and made
her way toward the steps. I watched her dress cling to her
ass as she walked down the steps and out of sight leaving
me with a growing hard on and a happy feeling that tonight
was going to be a good night.

A few short minutes later she reappeared and made short
work of the steps settling back in her seat. She reached
over and grabbed my wrist and placed it between her legs
and giving me a shy smile and leaning back against the seat
with her legs open slightly. I moved my hand up her thighs
moving again in slow circles until I found my hand wet with
her moisture and pressed against her bare bald pussy. I
turned to look at her and saw that she was staring at the screen
smiling widely, I started to say something and was cut off
when she put her fingers to her lips "sssshhh"
I rotated and ran my fingers up her mound like I was strumming
a guitar letting my middle finger part her lips and slid
up her protruding clit. I could hear her suck in a breath
and hold it every time my finger tip touched her sensitive

Melissa grabbed my forearm and dug her finger nails into
my skin when I let my middle finger slip into her soft wetness.
Her soft tightness surrounded my finger as it sunk deeper
into her, her juices flowed out onto my hand covering it
completely. Wanting to taste her I pulled my finger out
of her and let it trail across her large clit before pulling
it out from under her dress and bringing it to my mouth. She
watched in fascination as I cleaned my fingers of her sweetness.
Her taste was sweet and slightly spicy at the same time and
had a gentle musk about it. I moved my hand back under her
dress, Melissa opened her legs allowing me better access
to her. I slid my finger easily into her pussy again and pressed
my palm against her clit. I squeezed my hand forcing my finger
up into her G spot and my palm down onto her swollen protruding
clit over and over again. Her hands clutched at my arm and
her nail furrowed across my skin drawing little trials
of blood.

Within second her body was racked by tremors, I could believe
she would cum that fast. Tiny high pitched squeaks came
from her as she fought against making any noise and giving
us away. As her orgasm took her body she started making little
chirping noises that kept getting louder and louder. She
let go of my arm with one hand and brought the back of her arm
to her mouth and bit down hard. Her full brown sugar lips
looked so sexy with her arm in between them. Every time my
palm was forced down on her clit she would jump in her seat
and bite down harder. Her muscles were spasming so hard
and her pussy so tight that with one last push she actually
forced my finger out of her.

The insides of her thighs and my wrist was coated in pure
wetness from her, wisps of her sweet scent reached my nose
inciting me even more. She was frozen in place as her body
tried to calm it's self down, my body at the same time
ached for attention. I tore my hand out from under her dress
and I pushed up the arm rest between us. I pulled her tight
body onto my lap and pushed her forward so that I could loosen
my pants. I pulled out my hardening cock and without even
thinking about anything other than her pulled her ass back
towards me burying my cock between her ass. I could feel
her wet lips drag across my balls and the lower part of my
shaft, Melissa's feet dropped to the floor and she
angled her body so that her left leg hung over my left.

She reached between her legs and and grabbed the base of
my cock and held me up in the air. She lowered her pussy to
the head of my cock and guided it inside her. The tightness
of her was amazing, if she wasn't soaking wet it would
have been an impossible task for me to slide inside of her.
She moved her hands to my knees to help support her as she
moved up and down a few times with me just a little way inside
of her before moving her leg off mine and putting her knees
together. Her fingers trailed up my balls as she forced
me all the way inside her tight little body.

She leaned back against my body and laid her head back on
my shoulder. Our lips met in a tongue twisting kiss as she
pushed her ass into my stomach burying my cock deeper inside
her. Her fingers dug into my left knee as we kissed breathlessly.
I moved my hand around her and down her stomach to her pussy,
I moved fingers over her clit and rubbed them across her
sending her body into a shiver. She opened her legs back
up draping her left over my left again. I moved my other hand
to her dress covered breast and gave it a squeeze. My hand
easily covered her tiny tit and I pinched her nipple between
my middle two fingers.

Melissa broke our kiss and leaned forward, she slid her
hand down her stomach to my hand and covered it with hers.
I moved both of my hands to her slight hips and lifted her
up and down, her hand moved to her own clit then to my balls
gently massaging both. With her body leaned forward I was
able to see her tiny brown ass as it slid up and down against
my white stomach. The contrast between our skin tone was
intoxicating, the differences merging to create a beautiful
collage. Each time she landed on me she let out a muffled
grunt, my rock hard cock tearing into her tiny insides.

Melissa moved her hands back to my knees and closed her legs
tight as I moved her body up and down on my shaft. Her impossibly
tight pussy stretched to it's widest to accommodate
my invasion of her loins. A torrent of juices flowed down
my balls and soaking the movie theatre seat. As our motions
got faster she had to grasp the seat in front of her for support,
her head dropped between her arms and she stared at the floor.
I couldn't take my eyes off her ass pressing against
my flesh. Since the slapping sound and her moans were getting
louder I knew we had to try something else a little less noisy.
I ground her hips into mine and started to move them in a circle.

Melissa understanding what I was asking her too took over
and put her weight on her legs and started to slide her ass
up and down my stomach. Her body rocked forward on her knees
grinding my cock into her pussy back and forth. After a few
seconds her body tensed and she fell back into my chest,
her hand shot to her mouth and she let out a not so muffled
scream. She buried her face into my neck and she rubbed her
face in circles on my jaw moaning as quietly as she could.
I felt her body quake and felt another flood of her cum coat
my cock and drip down my balls. She gave one last shiver then
sat up right and opening her legs, I put my hands on her sides
and lifted her up and down again.

She moved her hands to the tops of her thighs and used her
legs to ride me, the soft slap of our bodies drowned out by
a woman screaming while an anaconda tried to eat her. Melissa
twisted her torso to the left and put her hand on my stomach
looking back at me. The look on her face looked like a mix
of drunk lust and satisfaction, her fountain like pony
tail swinging behind her. The muscles of her pussy twisting
on my cock felt like she was trying to twist the head off like
a bottle top. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and
started to move up and down again.

Her shaky legs needing my help I grabbed her by the waist
again and helped me movement. She shifted her body back
to look forward and her head fell back as she looked at the
ceiling through closed eyes. Her legs getting stronger
she leaned forward and massaged my balls as she rode me up
and down. I moved my hands to her ass and squeezed in in both
hands. Her ass cheeks almost completely covered by my hands
and the supple flesh gave way to my fingers. I felt her first
two finger make a V around my cock as she plunged me into her.
My mind and body on over load and wanting to come I grabbed
her tight below her breast and slammed her body as fast as
I could up and down not caring about making noise. She lost
her battle with staying quiet and cried out "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

I don't know if the loud ending of the movie had covered
up her voice and honestly didn't care at that point.
Melissa moved out of my grasp and leaned her shoulders over
the seat in front of her on spread legs. Her tiny ass perfectly
in front of my face letting me see my white cock burying itself
into the black and pink of her tiny pussy. I could easily
see her tiny black asshole and moved my thumb to it putting
pressure on it as she rode me. When the tip of my thumb penetrated
her ass her body shook itself into another orgasm, I was
amazed that she could come so fast and so much. Her body slowed
down and she did the best she could to keep fucking me through
the intense sensation of pleasure.

Before she had a chance to finish her orgasm the people 5
rows in front of us started to stand up. She slammed her butt
down onto my lap and froze, I saw that the credits were starting
to roll and that mean the end of the movie and that people
would be up and paying attention. We did the best we could
to be sneaky and she slide off my lap with a loud pop as my cock
pulled from her opening. I hurriedly tucked myself back
in my pants and zipped up while she adjusted her self and
made sure she didn't have a giant wet spot on her light
blue cotton polo dress. We watched in fear as a few people
looked back up at us as they walked out, we hoped that no one
would say anything to us, or worse yet call a cop.

When the last of the people had left the theatre we burst
into laughter "oh my God David" I just shrugged
" sorry I guess I couldn't hold out any longer"
She looked at me with a weird far away look on her face and
didn't speak for almost a full minute. "I can't
believe you just laid it down like that" she said.
I looked at her not sure what she meant and since I didn't
want to look stupid I just asked her "you ready to head
to my house so we can actually be alone for once" She
gave both of her legs a squeeze and said " I hope I can
still walk" I just laughed and stood up holding out
my hand for her to take it. I helped her up and together we
walked down the dimly lit steps and out into the hallway.

We walked through the cool night air to my truck at the end
of the parking lot with her snuggling up as close as she could
to me. I helped her into the truck and slapped her ass on the
way in, she let out a Julia Roberts style surprised laugh
and sat down in the seat. I practically ran to the driver
side and vaulted in. Within in minutes we were in my drive
way, I jumped out and ran around to the passenger side to
help her out. When she stood up on the running boards I pulled
her forward and draped her over my shoulders. She laughed
and grunted as I ran to my front door, after almost breaking
my key in the lock we burst through the door and slammed it
behind me.

I set her down on her feet and on my way back up I pulled her
dress up and over her head almost ripping her pony tail out
of her head. Her body was unreal, as she moved I could see
every muscle in her toned figure. I had never seen a woman
that was as defined as she was, her dark toned skin making
it easy to see the muscles. Together we undid my buckle and
my pants and let them fall to the floor, my cock sticking
straight up with excitement. She pushed me down onto a armless
kitchen chair and stepping over my legs, she pushed her
pelvis against my stomach and reached behind her for my
cock. I looked down and saw her little black pussy lips open
like a butterfly with a pink center. She had a large pink
clit that was swollen and stuck out from under her hood.

I watched as she guided my cock between her lips and again
into her tiny tight pussy letting her fingers linger on
my shaft until her ass touched my balls.. I couldn't
believe that my cock could fit inside her tiny body with
out piercing her heart, it just didn't look like it
could fit. With her legs draped over my sides and her feet
against the floor she had complete control and she took
it. She moved my hands to her tiny waist and I moved them around
the small of her back as was surprised when my finger tips
touched even though my thumbs were still on the front of
her six pack stomach. Melissa moved her left hand onto my
right shoulder and let her right hand fall to her side. In
one motion she lifted herself up and moved her hips forward,
she tilted her body to the right and rolled her head back
in a giant circle before bringing her hands to my face and
her forehead to mine.

She stopped moving for a moment the gave me a gentle kiss
on my forehead, she smiled down at me the grabbed the back
of the chair with both hands. Her body erupted in motions
and sounds as she began to ride me faster and faster. "aaaaaaaahhhhh
mmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmmm ooooooooooh" she started
to scream. Her body rammed into mine with such force that
the chair was actually moving backwards across the carpet.
Her tiny breasts barely moved they were so small, her long
dark chocolate nipples stuck out and I tried on occasion
to get on into my mouth with no avail. She cried out my name
as she started to cum in a loud cacophony of moans and screams.
I held onto her sides and she switched from her up and down
to thrusting her hips forward. Her shaky legs gripped my
sides tight and in one last scream flooded us both with a
torrent of cum that ran down the insides of my legs and onto
the light wood of the chair.

Melissa let her head fall to my shoulder for a quick kiss
before she lifted her feet off the ground and let the tops
of her shoes rest on my knees. I reached forward and pulled
her shoes off so that the laces couldn't do any more
damage to me. She curled her feet to the insides of my legs
and moved her hands from the back of the chair to the back
of my neck. She laid her head back and thrust her hips forward,
I watched her stomach muscles stretch and contract as her
body rippled around me. "uh uh uh uh" she grunted
with each thrust. Her pussy squeezing my cock so tight that
it almost felt like she was pulling it off my body.

She was in total control and all I could do was hold on and
enjoy every sight and sensation this amazing woman had
to offer. "fuck fuck fuck" she cried out as she
started to cum again . I moved my hands to her ass and squeezed
hard urging her to fuck me faster and harder. By now sweat
had covered us both and our bodies were overheating with
the exertion and lust for each other. "ah hahahaha"
she cried out, her bodied tried to fold in on itself and she
shuddered as if a sub zero wind surrounded her all of the
sudden. She let herself relax for as second then dropped
her feet back to the floor.

Melissa stood up and pressed her stomach onto my chest,
she placed her hands on my shoulders and began to fuck me
in long up and down motions. We stared into each others eyes
as she rode the life out of me, her mouth hung open in a loud
constant mix of moans and screams. I thought about the contrast
of our skins and the sexy differences between us and just
felt the amazing sensations of her body joined with mine.
The pressure quickly built up inside me and I knew I was about
to cum. I gripped her sides hard and used my strength to slam
her little body down impaling her with my cock mercilessly.
"fuck I am gonna cuk" I breathed "yesss"
she hissed in response.

The pressure that built up in my stomach and balls exploded
from my body with such force that Melissa winced as the first
stream of cum shot deep into her. "yessss" she
cried out. I could only grunt as she her body pumped up and
down on mine. Stream after stream of cum shot inside her
pussy and mixed with her own I laid my head back and closed
my eyes and wave after wave of intense sensations rolled
over me. I don't think I had ever cum as much in my entire
life and she refused to stop until she had milked me dry.
I opened my eyes again and saw that she had closed her eyes
and had her head tilted to the side, her pony tail flopping
up and down and her mouth hung open. When I had finally shot
my last load of cum inside her and she had released her last
bit of cum on to me she gave one last shudder and opened her

She took my face in her hands and gave me the broadest smile
"damn I mean damn" she laughed. She stuck her
arms straight up in the air and tilted her head back to look
at the ceiling. " yay" she squeaked out and brought
her hands down covering her forehead. She brought her elbows
down to my shoulders and placed her hands on the back of my
hand gabbing handfuls of my short brown hair. She pressed
her lips on my forehead and laid a line of kisses down my face
to my neck where she gave me a wet slobbery kiss. She thrust
her shaky hips forward again and held it there for a moment
while she kissed me across my shoulder finishing it off
with a bite.

"I didn't think you were ever going to cum"
she said sitting up and squeezing her tiny tits with both
of her hands and smiling at me. "yeah sorry about that
it takes me a long time I have to force myself to cum sometimes"
I said honestly. "did you cum" I asked just wanting
to hear it. She threw her head back and laughed "you
can go longer are you fucking kidding me" Feeling
suddenly like the biggest stud in the world I nodded. "jaaaackpot"
she sang and took my face in her hands, she leaned in and brought
her lips to mine. Our tongues met as we started a passionate
kiss that lasted for the next 5 minutes at least, my only
slightly shrinking cock still pulsing in her tight pussy.

When we finally came up for air I asked her if she needed me
to take her home anytime soon "shit don't ever
take me home again" she said with attitude. We laughed
together and I stood us up still connected, she wrapped
her legs around me and looked down behind us. "where
are we going" she asked. "well I would say it's
time for round two" I told her with a smile. "oh
dear God in Heaven" she laughed.

To Be Continued..............

Not proof read sorry. old story written months ago

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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