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Something New and Something Stupid ( written months ago)


My dreams had become my worst enemy in the follow days after
Danyka left for Canada. I kept dreaming of the women that
had come in and out of my life over the last three years. The
dreams had become so vivid that I would wake up sweating
and confused. Like a kaleidoscope the faces would rotate
in my thoughts through situations that they weren't
even in. Tyler and I getting married, Jacie moving away,
Tara kissing some other guy in a dark club, Danyka having
a horrible accident. None of it ever made sense or matched
up to the right time or situation. I was wondering if I was
finally going crazy and thought maybe I needed to start
taking medication.

However instead of going to the head shrinker I started
self medicate with alcohol. The next few days after she
left I would come home late from work and open a new bottle
of wine, sometimes even two and drink until I passed out.
Music even turned against me, certain songs would remind
me of the times I spent with someone and how they seemed to
all turn to dust. I had to remind myself to eat and sometimes
forgot completely going with out food for a day. By the time
Thursday had rolled around I had a full trash can full of
wine bottles and had lost 5 pounds. I wasn't complaining
about the weight loss, I was hoping to get a six pack back
instead of the 4 pack I was stuck with. I got dressed in my
red collarless 3 button security shirt, black jeans and
Hi Tech steal toe boots I wore during my time as a fireman
and heading toward Jason's house.

When I arrived at his apartment complex I found him outside
arguing with a very upset Briny. They were yelling things
back and forth and she was clutching the box that I had given
him full of Tyler's things. I waited in my Expedition
for things to wane and hoped that Briny wouldn't throw
some of her animosity my way. Jason saw me and held up a finger
telling me one minute, I would have given him 30 if it meant
I wouldn't get caught in the crossfire. They seemed
to come to some sort of agreement and they ended it with a
5 minute long kiss the equaled their earlier anger with
passion. Briny gave me a little wave and a weak smile and
walked toward her car.

Jason opened the passenger door and jumped in "sorry
about that man" he apologized. I backed out of his
complex and got out on the road headed for Gabby's.
"need to talk about it" I asked. "I don't
think you would want me too" he answered back. I put
two and two together and I figured that it had something
to do with me and Tyler so I let it go.

We spent the rest of our travel time talking about how much
better the Huskers were compared to the Golden Gopher team
Jason had played defensive end for. I won the argument easily
but lost style point as he pointed out that since I didn't
play for the Huskers I really was only an arm chair observer
and not a qualified proponent. My only response was that
I was busy saving lives on the fire department while he was
busy trying to take them on the football field. "makes
me a better human being" I told him.

Pulling into the club we were surprised to see a large group
of cars in the parking lot. When we got through the doors
Adam stopped us and told us we needed to radio up and get to
the club ASAP. Not really sure what was up we did as instructed,
our DJ was pumping out the "Cha Cha slide" a little
earlier tonight I noticed. As I rounded the DJ booth I saw
why Adam wanted us to start right away, a group of about 50
people or so filled the tables on one side of the dance floor.
Most of the women wore sparkly hats or tiaras that said "Happy
Birthday" On the dance floor was a mix of old ladies
in suit dresses with matching jackets and young women dressed
like the club was used to seeing.

Amongst them was Melissa dressed in a skin tight one piece
jean strapless shorts jumper thing and matching denim
high heels. She had done her hair in big sweeping curls that
bounced with each move of her body. I couldn't help
but stare at how the tight denim stretch over her tiny bubble
butt and narrow hips. Her muscular thighs and calves flexed
as she turned on the 4 inch heels. She threw me a small smile
as Jason and I dodged them on the dance floor and took up our
positions on the stage steps.

I did my best to not make it obvious that I was drinking in
every last ounce of her, but I was no better then a deer in
headlights. The song ended and they all took their seats
again and made a toast to a little old lady dressed in a bright
pink sequined jacket and skirt combo. It dawned on me that
it must be her birthday they were celebrating tonight and
I was assuming a relative. I kept my eyes trained on Melissa
as she broke away from the group and walked the short 20 or
so steps to the base of the stage. "Hi" she said.

"Hey wassup haven't seen you for a couple of weeks"
I replied. She nodded her head and told me that she had been
kept busy with her job and tonight was the first Thursday
she had off. "so it's your grandma's birthday"
I asked thinking that the woman couldn't have been
over 65 or so and I hoped it wasn't her mom. "my
great grandmother" she answered. I took a closer
look around the table and noticed that two women had a very
close resemblance to her. They both looked way to young
though to be great grandma and mom but I have been wrong before.

"ah well tell her I said happy birthday" I told
her. Melissa asked me if she had missed anything good while
she was gone. I gave her a quick recap of a fight or two and
just pretty much rambled on with what ever I could think
of. She seemed to be attentive to the things I said and her
smile flashed and disappeared in time with my explanations
of something funny that was said or had happened. Melissa
even gave me the classic playing with her hair thing, I saw
all the signs of "I am into you" so I went for broke.

"so would you like to go out for a drink sometime"
I asked fully expecting her to say yes. A cloud formed over
my head as a look of pure amusement spread over her beautiful
ebony face and she burst into fits of laughter. "I
don't date white boys" she laughed. "I
don't think my friends or family would be down with
that". I don't know if it's my being from
Nebraska or just the way I grew up, but I never thought that
I would ever hear that. I had no racial preference and stigma's
to me were ridiculous, so to hear her say that was a hell of
a shock. I wasn't sure what to say to her after that,
I mean what do you say?

"Well actually I am adopted so you never know"
I retorted a little hurt. She got her laughing under control
and smiled brightly back up at me. "well since your
adopted maybe I will think about it" she said. "I
should get back to the table" she said pointing back
at her raucous family members. "stay out of trouble"
she cooed to me and ran her slender fingers over mine sending
a shiver up my spine. I watched her little bubble but sway
back to the table wondering if I would ever get a chance.
The night went on as usual and I split time watching the crowd
and Melissa's family in turn. At about 10pm one of our
new guys showed up giving us an extra guy so Adam told me to
float around the club the rest of the night.

I squeezed through the throbbing tightly packed crowd
saying hi to a few people I had gotten to know and stopping
at each bouncer station to BS. As if on a schedule a scuffle
started to break at the two pub tables in front of the DJ booth.
The DJ turned on his big blue flashing KMart style light
and a porch spotlight that hung on the outside wall facing
the steps telling everyone there was a fight going on. I
forced my way through the crowd and came up to the dance floor
in time to see one of our bouncers get floored by some guy.
His buddy and him started to kick and stomp on our bouncer
as he lay in the fetal position on the floor.

I knocked over someone on my way to them and launched myself
through the air aiming for the two guys. I misjudged the
distance and my speed and slammed into them so hard they
fell backwards to the brown parquet dance floor. The blow
knocked the wind out of all of us and we lay in a heap on the
floor trying to catch our breath. I was starting to get to
my knees when I felt a shoe connect with my rib cage, pain
erupted through my body as I was spun on my knees by the force
of the kick. The guy in front of me was lining up for another
kick when he disappeared in a flash of red.

Still a little dazed I turned my attention back to the two
guys who were starting to get up off the floor. One of them
was quicker getting to his feet then I was and nailed me with
an over hand right. I was able to partially block it before
his fist connected with my jaw in an explosion of bright
stars behind my eyes. I don't know if it was the pain
or if it was a shit ton of backed up anger but I got white hot
angry. Despite the pain in my ribs and face I shot to my feet
and threw a punch that started in California and would have
ended in Tokyo if his nose wouldn't have stopped it.

In a sickening crunch his nose flattened beneath my fist
and he was thrown back into the watching crowd by the force
of my swing. His friend had gotten to his feet and was off
to my side a little, so with out waiting for his attack I spun
my body around and landed a spin kick straight to the gut.
He was knocked back on his feet and doubled over in pain.
I moved forward consumed by an angry rage and gave him and
uppercut to the forehead splitting him open and almost
breaking my hand in the process. He flew backwards and landed
unconscious in pile at the feet of none other then Melissa's
great grandmother. Still angry as hell I spun on my feet
looking for something else to hit. I had never been as angry
or had wanted to hit something in my entire life, it was like
something snapped inside me like a rubber band.

The rest of our guys had shown up and were grabbing the three
guys in vice like grips. They struggled with them through
the crowd and started to lead them down the steps. The broken
nose guy managed to break free and lurched toward me plucking
a beer bottle off a near by table as he went past it. My mind
had shut off and my instincts kicked in as he swung the bottle
at my head, I threw my hand up and caught the bottle with one
hand and threw a punch with the other. Remember what I said
about real life fights? Well as the bottle hit the palm of
my hand it shattered sending glass flying into the crowd.
My punch glanced off his shoulder and he slammed into my
body knocking me off balance.

We struggled against each other awkwardly as we each tried
to get the upper hand. He managed to get a few punches in on
my already sore ribs before I was able to bring my elbow up
in a vicious upper cut to the chin. I felt his body sag, and
his face clouded over before he crumpled to the floor at
my feet. I stood over him defiantly and tried to catch my
breath. I looked down and him and willed him to get up, I wanted
to hit him again and again until there was nothing left of
him. The throng of people around the dance floor cheered
and called out somethings that the throb of blood in my ears
didn't allow me to hear.

Jason and Jai had reappeared after depositing their guys
in the office and together scooped the unconscious man
off the floor. They both gave me an appraising look and disappeared,
I was frozen in place and just did my best to regain composure.
I felt a small hand on my shoulder and a voice through the
pounding in my heart "Dave are you ok" it asked.
As if a release valve was opened all the anger flushed from
my body and I came back to reality. Melissa moved in front
of me and took my face in her hands, she looked me over with
a concerned look in her brown eyes. She frowned as she lightly
traced her fingers over my sore jaw "are you ok"
she asked again.

All I could do was nod, I wasn't sure I would be able to
speak without a shaky voice. "come on" she said
and grabbed my wrist before leading me toward the club doorway.
I let her pull me down the steps to the landing, I could hear
the 3 guys throwing insults back and forth behind the closed
office door as we heading down the second flight of steps
to the restaurant. Melissa led me to where our pool tables
sat and and gently pushed me onto a barstool against the
wall. A light hung above me giving her a chance to look me
over, the look on her face told me I probably didn't
look at that great. She ran her fingers over my face making
me wince when she hit the sore spot on my jaw.

Her hands moved down my neck to my chest and she ran her hands
down my sides to my ribs letting her fingers feel for broken
bones. Again I winced in pain when she hit a sore spot "sorry"
she said. Finally able to speak I thanked her for her concern
over me. "you ever fight one on one or do you just like
being out numbered" she asked. I laughed out laud
and immediately regretted it "oowwww" I moaned.
She frowned at me and put her hands back on my ribs "I
think you should go to the hospital and get checked out"
I just shook my head "It's not even 11:30 yet I
still got a few hours of my shift left, If I need to I will go
then" I assured her. "that's stupid"
she scolded.

I hate doctors, and they wouldn't do anything but tape
me up and tell me to relax anyway. Jai and Jason came looking
for me, when they saw me Jai called out "Bruce Leroy
what's up big kung fu daddy" He was beaming while
Jason looked a little freaked out. "dude that was
some fucking awesome movie style shit" he laughed
"where did you learn that" I suddenly felt stupid
and wondered how dumb it must of looked when I did the spin
kick. "TV" I said embarrassed. Melissa clucked
her tongue "you stupid" and laughed. "Adam's
looking for you" Jason boomed. I nodded and told Melissa
thanks again and made my way toward and up the steps to the
office landing. "Big Kung Fu Daddy" Jai yelled
after me.

By the time I had gotten to the office the cops had already
hustled the three combatants into the back seats of police
cars. Adam told me that the two guys were cousins and were
trying to beat the guy up because he had not listened when
a girl cousin of theirs had said no. I felt a sudden guilt
come over me and felt bad for what I had done. Adam and a sergeant
asked me if I wanted to press charges against them for assault
and assault with a weapon. I thought for a moment and asked
if I could talk with them before I made up my mind, amazingly
the cop agreed and we walked out to the car. He opened the
back door where they sat handcuffed side by side and I got
my first view of the damage I had done.

They both had huge bumps on their heads and chins, the guys
nose looked like a flattened pancake and dried blood covered
his shirt. I asked them if the other guy had really
their cousin, they both started to tell me the story at once
and it was obvious they were telling the truth. I turned
to the cop and told him I didn't want to press charges.
The two guys in the cop car shut up immediately and listened
to the cop try to convince me that it would be a good idea if
I did. I stuck to my guns and he relented, as they pulled out
of the parking lot they both nodded at me through the back

After changing into new and unripped shirt and cleaning
myself up in the bathroom I went back to my floating through
the club. It was only a matter of seconds before Melissa
and an older woman came up to me. "so you really are
going to stay" melissa asked still looking concerned.
"yup, I am good to go" I told her. She let out a
sigh and shook her head before introducing me to her mom.
Her couldn't have even been 40 year old yet mom. I shook
her hand and said "Hello" Tameka was her name
and she was very nice, she asked how I was and told me I had
impressed her, then out of nowhere she asked me "you
trying to take out my baby" I was taken aback and stammered
out a yes. "this ain't no curiosity thing is it"
she asked giving me an evil eye.

"no maam" I stammered completely off balance,
I looked at Melissa for help and saw that she was giving me
the same look. "she wouldn't be the first"
I blurted out. This seemed to satisfy her a little bit and
she looked me up and down. Tameka reached out and squeezed
my biceps in her hand "you is cute for a white boy"
she teased. "you got a brother" Melissa playfully
slapped her mother on the arm "ma come on". Her
mom shrugged and said "hey mama gots to get some sugar
too baby" I couldn't help laughing and came up
with an idea, a strange idea but an idea none the less. Tameka
was a little thick in the hips and was short like her daughter,
she had big tits and a booty and was just up someone's
alley. "Jai can you meet me by the DJ booth please"
I said into the mic on my collar.

Jai showed up at my side and I figured that her mom had a crazy
sense of humor so I thought why the hell not. "Maam
I would like to ask your daughter out, and as a gesture I would
like to offer you this gift to win your approval" I
said pointing at Jai. Tameka looked Jai over and smiled,
she moved to his side and wrapped his arm into hers. "Jai
where you from baby" she asked. We all laughed and
Jai looked incredibly happy to oblige me. I looked at Melissa
and with my sudden new bravery "when should I pick
you up". Melissa laughed and pulled her cell phone
out of her jumpsuit pocket. I gave her my number and she promised
to call, I told her that I better get back to work and after
saying a nervous smile filled goodbye started floating

Thankfully the rest of the night went well and that gave
me a chance to rest my sore body. We had cleared the club and
were doing our walk through the parking lot to clean up beer
bottles and try to stop the parking lot pimpin when I ran
came up on Melissa's group. "here he is grandma"
Tameka said as she grabbed my hand and walked me to the birthday
girl. The little old lady looked at me through blurry eyes
and said the obvious "he is white" Melissa's
mother laughed "he wants to take out your great grand
baby" The little old lady walked up to me and gave me
a one eyed blurry stare. " We couldn't date whites
when I was coming up, but days have changed" she slurred.
Of all the uncomfortable positions I had been put in this
was one of them.

Adam called out my name to rejoin the group and I told them
it was nice to meet them. As I looked around at Melissa's
family I saw that I was probably alone in that. I turned to
say goodbye to Melissa and was surprised when she got on
her tip toes and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "I
will call you" she told me. I rejoined the group and
after clearing everyone and having an after shift beer
and recapping the fight headed home to sleep.

The next night was a little rough on the rubs but not too bad,
by midnight I was ready to get the hell home and pass out.
As much as I hated to fight I had to admit they made the night
go faster, and I was tired and bored and needed some kind
of excitement. "Kung Fu, check your cell" Jai's
voice told me over the radio. I pulled out my Verizon and
saw that I had missed a few calls from an unknown number.
I walked outside and listened to my messages. Melissa voice
told me that she was getting off her shift early and was going
to make it for last call, and wanted to know if I would be able
to do breakfast afterwards. I tried to call the number back
on the phone but it just went to a Mercy Hospital switchboard.
It was a little confusing and I realized I never asked her
what she did for a living. "cool a nurse" I thought
to myself.

She showed up at about 1:15 looking hotter then the sun in
a black tank top, short denim shorts and black high heels.
Her muscular legs flexed amazingly as she walked, and my
mouth almost started to drool. Her hair hand been pulled
back and was sticking up in a ponytail that looked like a
fountain black hair. Jazmin was with her and could have
killed somebody with her short denim skirt black high heels
and tight white tank top. "Jesus" came a voice
over the radio as they wove through the dance floor in my
direction. "I need a drink" she huffed. "rough
day at work" I asked. She let out another deep sigh
"you don't even know" she said in a frustrated

I flagged down one of our waitress and ordered two of their
usuals a piece. "thanks" she sighed "anything
exciting happen to you" she asked looking for more
bruises. "it doesn't always happen to me"
I laughed. "not what I heard rocky" Jazmin threw
out. "lies" I told her "all lies"
I was about to ask Melissa if she was a nurse when Jai showed
up with a shit eating grin on his face. I suddenly remembered
that he told me to check my phone. "hey how did you know
she called" I asked bewildered. He looked at me like
I should already know "Tameka told me" I couldn't
believe it, Jai was such a poon hound that he was actually
trying to tap Melissa's mom. I meant it as a joke and
yet they took it as an opportunity, granted Jai was almost
30 and she couldn't have been more then 10 years older
it was still weird.

The waitress came back with the girls drinks and then downed
them in mere minutes. Melissa handed me her license and
money and asked if I would hold onto it for her while she danced.
I agreed and snuck a look at it when she wasn't looking.
Melissa Muckleroy, age 22, 5'4, 110 lbs , black hair,
brown eyes and her address. I was astounded that her picture
actual looked good and tucked it into my back pocket. I watch
her shake her ass to Snoop Dog and Pharrell's "beautiful"
and immediately fell in lust with her. Jason moved up behind
me and asked "so what are we doing tonight" without
looking back I said "going to breakfast then my house
for drinks hopefully"

"yeah I love you, have I ever told you that" he
said. "Just give me presents and we will call it even"
I responded."car work" he asked "Aston
Martin Vanquish" I told him "have it by Monday"
he finished and he walked back to his station by the bar.
I laughed as guys moved in behind them and tried to dance
with them, each time she would either push them away or point
at me and say something to them. I tried to puff up as big as
I could, while not making it obvious. Life was starting
not to suck again and I was excited to find out where all this
was going to go. The time flew by quickly and the lights popped
on and the DJ played "Happy Trails" as usual
to let people know it was time to get the hell out.

Some how Jason had conned Adam into letting Jazmin and Melissa
stay in the restaurant while we cleared out the club. They
sat downstairs and sipped on foam to go cups filled with
booze and patiently waited for us to be done. After everything
was done we headed out to the parking lot to find our cars,
I looked around and saw only cars I recognized. "where's
your car" I asked Melissa. "we took a cab my piece
of shit car is dead at work" she complained. "well
then lets do this, Jazmin follow me" Jason said leading
the way to his Black Eclipse Spyder convertible. She looked
back to Melissa with an unsure glance before following
Jason to his car. "the bus is mine" I said pointing
to my blue Ford Expedition.

I opened the door for her and held out my hand to help her in,
I could help but steal a glance at her ass as she bent over
the seat. "Jesus" I said under my breath. I jumped
in and started up the engine, as I started to pull out of the
parking lot following Jason she went for my radio. (what
is it about women and the radio?) "let's see what
you rockin" she said and pushed buttons cycling through
my cd changer. She stopped at Cam'Ron with Juelz Santana's
"Oh Boy" She started to gyrate her body in the
passenger seat "oooh yeah that's my joint"
she told me. The ride to the Perkins restaurant on HWY 394
and Wayzata Blvd was a little tension filled for me, I was
more then happy to let her work the radio instead of talking.
I don't know why but she intimidated me a little bit
and I was struggling to find things to say. We went from nothing,
to a kiss, to her trying to take care of me, to her family,
now breakfast. It was a whole lot in a short time and I didn't
know the first thing about her.

We got to the restaurant filled with hammered and hungry
people that had come from different bars all over Minneapolis.
We got seated right away in the middle of the restaurant,
I could feel peoples eyes follow us and I don't think
it was just cause the girls were sexy. Jazmin and Melissa
thankfully started talking about everything and anything
leaving me and Jason to just listen and laugh. It wasn't
long until I heard a familiar voice singing ebony and ivory
behind me. I turned to see Chris from Gabby's with a
scantly clad thick black girl hanging off his arm coming
toward us. "What's up yall" he said. They
ended up getting the table next to us and soon everyone but
me was talking across tables to one another, apparently
Chris's girl knew Jazmin and Melissa.

A few minutes later Jai and a couple of other bouncers walked
in and came over to talk to us. Before I knew it we had 3 tables
pushed together and we dominated the center of Perkins.
Melissa leaned close to my ear and whispered "what
just happened" I shrugged and said "I collect
people sorry about that" She sent a shiver down my
body when the hot breath of her laugh covered my ear. "It's
cool" We had breakfast and laughed as people told
funny stories about Gabby's or other places. I looked
around the table at all the people and thought we looked
like a poster of either the worst Da Vinci "Last Supper"
painting you had ever seen or a misguided Rainbow coalition

"you don't say much" Melissa said searching
my face with her brown eyes. "Yeah sometimes I get
shy I guess" I agreed. She turned her body toward me
and laid her hand on my knee sending the blood flowing to
my lower parts. "what's after this" she
asked. Things were really starting to come together "My
house is just up in Plymouth you guys want to come over for
a few drinks" I asked hopefully. She turned toward
Jazmin "hey Jaz you want to get some drinks after this"
Jazmin said "hell yeah" and Melissa turned
back to me "that's what we are going to do then"
Yeah life was starting to look up indeed, however there
always has to be a monkey wrench and mine would be Jai.

"Party at Dave's house tonight, count me in"
Jai said loud enough for the whole damn table to hear. Jason
and I stayed quiet as a few bouncers and Chris shouted out
they were in too. "lovely" I muttered. Melissa
let out a tiny laugh as she saw the look of horror on my face.
"we don't have much alcohol left" Jason
spoke up knowing himself that this would be one big cock
block. "you know me playa, I got that covered in my
trunk, we cool" Chris said a little to joyfully for
me. So there it was our 4some suddenly became a shindig and
I doubted that I would make any progress what so ever with

I pulled into my drive way with 4 cars in tow and took a deep
breath before speaking to Melissa "sorry I had no
idea this was going to happen" She laughed at me again
and said "trouble just follows you around huh"
I nodded and got out of the car to join the rest of the growing
crowd on my lawn. I let them into my place and the fun began
in grand Gabby's style. The girls made a b line toward
my stereo and soon Nelly's "Shake Ya Tailfeather"
flooded my town home. If my neighbors hated me before this
would really make sure they did. We fixed ourself drinks
and Chris brought in some Bombay Sapphire gin and Hennessy.
The next few hours we watched as the three girls made their
bodies move in ways I didn't think possible on my living
room floor while we sipped our drinks and watched.

Melissa and I flirted a little more comfortably now that
the liquid courage ran through my body. It helped that all
Chris did was talk about race and how normally a black man
surrounded by this many white guys was not a good thing.
With the racial remarks it had temporarily erased and tension
allowing us just to hang out. We joked about her mom and Jai
and talked a little bit about each other. It turned out she
just graduated from nursing school and was in her first
year at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. She asked me about
my job and she looked impressed that a lowly bouncer actually
had a decent day job. All in all it went pretty damn well for
us and I felt that maybe this party wasn't such a bad
thing at all.

Jason tried his damnedest to impress Jazmin, but just couldn't
get the light bulb to go off over her head. He tried to be funny
and then tried to impress her with his job. She didn't
seem to care about anything really but the music and the
alcohol. God Bless his little heart though he didn't
stop trying, I don't know whether it was the booze or
if he had finally gotten through but she certainly was smiling
more by the end of the night.

The sun was coming up by the time people started to pour themselves
out of my door. I was in no pain and Jason was down right loopy,
Melissa was nothing but smiles and Jazmin looked as if she
was going to pass out at any second. Finally when the last
of the people had left and Jason and Jazmin where passed
out on the couch Melissa and I were left semi alone. "I
can't believe you are still awake" I told her
thinking that she looked wide eyed after the long night.
"I work nights so I am used to being up" she replied.
"makes sense" I said

She helped me clean up my kitchen and toss away the empty
bottles. When we had cleaned off the counter tops she turned
and hoped in the corner next to my stove. She looked at me
with a serious and alcohol face fogged face "so why
haven't you tried to kissed me all night" she
asked out of the blue. My liquid courage took over and I moved
in between her legs grabbing the back of her neck pulling
her toward me at the same time. Our lips smashed together
in an awkward kiss and out teeth met with almost ping sound,
we broke apart and started to laugh. "ok hold still
and let me try that again" I told her.

She sat still and smiled wide as I moved in to kiss her full
brown sugar lips, they felt so soft and supple against my
own. I inhaled her spicy vanilla scent and and tasted her
lips, my tongue slid slowly into her mouth and was met by
her own tongue. As we kissed her hands snaked under my arms
and found their way to the tops of my shoulders. She pulled
me forward and her legs wrapped themselves around my waist
holding me tight and forcing my swelling crotch into the
corner cabinet. I moved my right hand to the small of her
back and slid the other along her cheek. "mmmm"
she moaned. Our tongues slowly fenced one another as our
moist lips twisted and turned against one another.

My body was rapidly heating up and our movements were starting
to get frantic, her legs jerked and slammed my unexpecting
body harder into the cabinets. Melissa's long nails
dug into the tops of my shoulders as she struggled to pull
me to some unknown destination. Without out any kind of
warning her arms wrenched themselves out from under my
arms and shot to my waist. She made short work of my buckle
and button and was tugging at my zipper when we heard a voice
"girl you ready to go, I got to get home" Melissa's
lips slipped from mine and her head dropped to my shoulder
with a little thud. "mmmmmmmmhhhhhhh" she
groaned in frustration.

Flushed from the heat of our kiss and the anticipation of
what almost could've and should've happened
I looked at Jazmin's sleepy and still drunk face. "can
J take you home" I asked hopefully. She shrugged and
turned toward Jason's slumped form "Jason wake
up!, take us home" I heard Jason moan something that
I couldn't make out, hopping it was a yes. Melissa sat
up straight and grasped my forearms with her hands, she
looked at Jazmin with a withering stare "do we have
to go now" she said through clenched teeth. Jazmin
fluffed her hair and struck a defiant pose "yes, now
kiss your little white boy good bye and lets go"

Defeated and frustrated I searched for a way to turn this
around, and just when I thought I had a solution that involved
locking Jazmin in a closet when Melissa spoke up. "I
guess we gotta bounce, will you take us" she asked.
"I got it" Jason said appearing behind Jazmin
"I should get going anyway I have to stop by work"
And with that all hope of exploring Melissa's depths
so to speak evaporated. Jason and Jazmin disappeared leaving
us still tangled together " I had fun last night David,
sorry about Jaz she gets bitchy in the mornings" Without
answering her I pulled her into another passionate kiss,
her legs pulled me tight against her again. I lifted her
light body off the counter sending blinding white pain
from my ribs through my entire body and we stood kissing
until Jazmin's complaining voice urged us to hurry

After collecting all of their things I walked with them
out to Jason's car to say my goodbye's. Melissa
promised to see me again soon and told me she would call me
on her break later that night. I watched as Jason's
brake lights turned the corner and turned back to my door.
I passed out on my couch and didn't wake up again until
almost 5 pm that evening. I hurriedly washed my shirt and
got showered up for my Saturday night shift and hoping to
somehow have another chance at seeing Melissa again soon.
"I really got to get that girls number" I thought.

To Be Continued................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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For those of you who have never read my stuff here is a little
help. They all pretty much go in order and continue from
one to the next. To the best of my memory these are real stories.
I have posted some pics in my blog as so helpful tools lol.
(proof too) i guess you could say. anyway I haven't
written anything for a while so I may be a little rusty in
the beginning so bare with me please. As always i am grateful
for any emails you might want to send or any critiques. Hope
you enjoy what will be coming next.

Thanks flyingsolo

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Nice so far, on to part 2...