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Some Favor


When a man comes home to his wife and a houseful of women,
it's either really good or really bad, especially
when the conversation stops as soon as the door opens. And
most especially when the women looking at him have those
expressions suggesting they know something he doesn't
(and of course they do -- it's always that way). His
wife stepped forward and walked toward him.

"Hi honey, " she said as she put her arms around
his neck, "How are you?"

"Hey Em. I'm ok. What's up with you guys?"
he said and released her, looking at the other two women.

His wife, Emily, smiled up at him. Her rich, chocolate brown
eyes were framed by shoulder length wavy brown hair, and
full lips. She was slender but not skinny, and leaned to
the athletic side of things; attractive by anyone's
standards, especially for a 40 year old. In fact, Ryan thought,
the whole group of her friends were well above average.
Cat was her best friend, tall, with shoulder-length, full
red hair and green eyes, a voluptuous body, curvy and soft.
Ryan had always thought she was among the sexiest women
he had ever met, and she had a coy, seductive personality
to match. Allison was the shortest of the three, maybe 5'3",
with sandy brown hair and blue eyes, thin, but with a large
chest that caught men's attention even through a winter

Emily glanced at her two friends. "We were just gossiping."

"Any good stories?" Ryan asked.

"Just the usual stuff." She answered.

Allison reached out and put a hand on Emily's shoulder.

"I have to get going and feed my dickhead husband.
I'll talk to you tomorrow morning."

Cat told her, "Don't take any shit tonight, "
as Allison headed out the still open door.

Ryan watched her walk out and asked "Everything alright
with Allison? She seems pissed. Is Brad being a dick again?"

"Just the usual crap. Bitching about nothing."

Ryan crossed into the kitchen and poked his head into the
refrigerator, trolling for a snack.

"Where's Ashley tonight?" he asked, emerging
with an apple just in time to catch on those "for women
only" looks flash between Emily and Cat.

Emily spoke first. "She's at home, being morbid.
She didn't want to come over in case she some fun."
A note of sarcasm.

"Yeah, she was afraid the sun would turn her to stone.
Fucking Medusa, " added Cat.

Ryan chuckled, "Cat hon, wrong myth. Medusa was the
one who turned men to stone for her garden."

"Smart men make me sooooo horny, " Cat fired

Ashley had gotten divorced about 9 months earlier and had
had a hard time getting over it; her ex-husband had left
her for another women, which, thought Ryan, was rather
odd since Ashley happened to be a rather stunning, intelligent,
and genuinely nice woman.

"You guys should give her a break and quit being so
intolerant, " Ryan advised, biting into the cold,
pithy apple. "Shit, this apple sucks. I hate mushy

Emily looked at Ryan closely. "Listen Ryan, we have
a favor to ask of you. It's going to sound odd, though."

Cat gave Ryan a seductive half-smile, "But could
be fun."

Ryan's brow wrinkled, "Shit. What?" He
figured someone's car was broken and they needed a
ride, or some kid needed babysitting. His wife and her friends
always came to him for help; in truth, he was the man in their
group of friends they could turn to. The rest of the husbands
by-and-large ignored their wives and made their presence
known only when it suited their needs. This fact often put
Ryan in the crosshairs when the girls needed a hand, but
it also routinely left him as the only man in a group of beautiful

Emily continued, "I'm not sure how to ask this,
so I'll just come out with it. We think Ashley needs
to get laid."

"No, " Cat interrupted, "She needs to
cum. Hard."

Emily shot Cat a look that said "this is hard enough,
so shut the hell up".

Ryan let out a small chuckle towards Cat. He shared her rough
and rather blunt sense of humor. "So how hard could
it be for Ash to find a willing guy? It's not like she's
nasty and has crabs. Well, maybe she had crabs... I'll
try to think of someone from work we could set her up with, "
said Ryan.

Cat returned Ryan's giggle, which perturbed Emily
even more. She never did like it when Ryan and Cat flirted,
especially in front of her.

"Ryan, I think you're missing the point, "
said Emily

Cat giggled louder, and ended up letting out a snort, which
sent her and Ryan into laughing fits. Emily waiting until
their laughter had nearly subsided. "You're
not helping, Cat."

Cat continued to grin. "You want me to just tell him?
Maybe it will be easier that way. Ryan- Emily, Allison and
I think that-"

"Cat!" Emily cut in. "Ryan, we think that
it would better for Ash if she was put into a comfortable
position, that's all."

Ryan's eyebrows raised a bit, "Ok, so..."

"So we, the three of us girls, thought you could help
her, " Emily said.

"Yeah, help her back in the saddle, " Cat added
with a sideways glance to Ryan, "In all seriousness,
Ryan, she needs the confidence, and you're the nicest
guy any of us knows. She's comfortable with you. We
all are. Plus, " Cat snuck a look at Emily, "we
hear you're not half bad in bed, which is better than
we can say for the rest of our husbands."

He looked confused, his heart pounding, "Emily...?"

"Ryan, " Emily said as she walked over to him,
"I know where our marriage stands and it's ok.
I've thought about this for a while, and in fact it was
my idea. We already have it all set up. Ash knows and is willing
to try." She put her arms around his neck and whispered
in his ear "I'll make it up to you. I promise."

Ryan arrived at the hotel that night -- the girls knew this
had to happen before anyone could change their mind. Ryan,
Emily, and Cat had talked it over, and laid out the boundaries
-- this was for Ashley and Ryan had to respect that, but they
all knew he would treat her like a queen, and that's
why they had asked him to do this. Emily had told the girls
that he was slow, gentle lover; that he always made sure
to take care of her needs. Still, it was an odd feeling for
him to be meeting another woman, especially one he knew
so well, after being with only Emily for so many years. Part
of his mind held the suspicious thought that this was a set
up to test his fidelity in the most difficult conceivable
situation, but deep-down he knew the girls where right
about this. And of course, there was the little man-part
of his brain that painted the picture of the perfect fantasy...

The interior of the hotel was warm and dry after the cool,
rainy fall afternoon, and very nice. Ryan found the elevators
and pushed the button for the 10th floor -- the top level
of the building. The door slide open and he stepped onto
the penthouse floor.

"The girls haven't missed a trick, " he
thought as stepped out of the elevator onto the suite floor.
He knocked lightly on the door marked 1001, his nerves starting
to make themselves felt as he realized how long it had been
since he had touched a woman other than Emily. The door opened
and Ashley stood looking at him, nerves clearly getting
the better of her as well. Her appearance sparked a fresh
round of anxiety in him; she was dressed in a form-fitting
black cocktail dress that stopped mid-thigh, showing
the rest of her tanned and athletic legs below it. It was
low-cut and sleeveless, letting her gym-shaped shoulders
have their maximum effect on him, and her small, firm breasts
were accentuated by the cut of the dress. Her hair was dark
brown, approaching black, and cut just past the shoulder,
framing the smooth, tan skin of her face. Her dark, almond
shaped eyes and full lips gave her a sensual look, almost
with the barest hint of Asian ethnicity.

Ashley stepped aside to let him in and said, "I wasn't
sure what to wear for an arranged fucking. I hope this is
ok." Her wry, forced smile making it clear that she
was trying to lighten the situation, an effort Ryan appreciated.

"Me either, but you look amazing." He was wearing
light tan pants and a long-sleeved shirt the color of burgundy.
Typically, he didn't pay much attention to coordinating
his outfits, but Emily and Cat had "dressed"
him the afternoon, and made sure that his shoes, belt, and
watch worked together. He was of medium height, close to
6 feet, and his trim build was a product of long bike rides,
which he often took with Emily and sometimes with her group
of girlfriends. His eyes were a rich gray-blue so striking
that they often caught people's attention, who invariably
commented on the unusual steel color. His light brown hair
was kept short and he gave it almost no consideration, so
that it often looked like it had just lost a fight with the
wind. What the girls in Emily's group of friends found
most attractive, though, was his easy smile that put people
at ease, made them feel comfortable, like whatever problems
they had were not that important after all. His laugh showed
in his eyes, turning them up at the corners and providing
a little glint with a contagious effect that could always
get the girls giggling over nothing at all.

The suite Ryan entered was more akin to an apartment than
a hotel, with a living room and kitchen in front, and a large
bedroom in back. Through the door into the bedroom, a fireplace
was visible, with a stack of wood sitting on the hearth.
The late afternoon sun sent diffused light through the
cloudy sky that left the room with a gray pallor. Ryan set
his small travel bag down on the hotel-issue desk and took
out a bottle of still chilled chardonnay and two glasses.
He and Ashley were the only two in their little group of friends
of that liked chardonnay, and so he had gotten the best wine
that he could find on short notice.

Ashley looked at the bottle, "Oh my God, thank you
so much, " and rested a hand on Ryan's shoulder
while he opened the bottle and poured two glasses. The feel
of her hand sent a fresh wave of butterflies through his
stomach, but excited him at the same time. It wasn't
like he had never thought about what it would feel like to
be with Ash, her skin against his, the taste of her lips,
her hands caressing him. He had to almost physically shake
himself out his reverie, a daydream that was rapidly turning
into reality.

"So I'm not exactly sure where to start, Ryan..."

He handed her a glass and motioned for her to sit on the couch.

"Let's just have a glass of wine. We don't
have to do anything, you know. This is for you, however you
want it to go. We can sit and get drunk, if you'd like.
I'm just here as you're kept-man for the night, "
he said, smiling that disarming smile.

Her gratitude was clear in the smile she returned. They
sat and slowly sipped their wine, chatting about life,
politics, marriage, anything that came to mind. The wine
warmed both them, and Ashley's face had taken on the
barest sheen that made her look a bit like she had just finished
a workout. Ryan set his glass on the table and put his hands
on her shoulders, turning her so that her back faced him,
and began to massage her shoulders and neck, using gentle
pressure and small circular motions. The feel of her skin
was like cream under his fingers as he worked every inch
of exposed flesh. His hands skimmed down her arms to her
hands, raising gooseflesh and leaving her nipples hard
under her dress. He could feel her breathing quicken and
knew the exercise was having the same effect on both of them.

She turned her head back to look at Ryan. "You're
going to finish the job you came for just by doing this..."
Her voice had taken on the slightly husky edge of lust.

He leaned in toward Ashley, and realizing he was taking
a chance, kissed her lightly on the corner of the mouth --
a kiss that fell tantalizingly between one for a lover and
one for a friend. She let the lids of her dark brown eyes sink
closed and turned her head back around in a clear invitation
for Ryan to continue his exploration of her body.

"So, " he thought, "we're going
through with this after all." He wove his fingers
through her hair and began to massage the sensitive skin
of her scalp.

Through her closed eyes Ashley said, "Ok, Ryan, you've
seduced me now. Just be gentle, it's been a long time
since I've done this."

"Don't worry, Ash. I promise, " and he
kissed the back of her neck with light butterfly kisses
before standing from the couch, "Hang on for a just
a minute, ok? I'll be right back."

Ryan entered the room dominated by a monstrous king bed
with an excess of big, soft pillows stacked three deep.
The walls of the room were painted soft beige and hung with
large prints showing art galleries from around the world;
the Louvre, the Met, the National Art Gallery. He pulled
the brash maroon and gold bed spread back to reveal sheets
bleached to a shocking white. That done, he turned his attention
to the fireplace. Sitting on the grate inside was a prepared
combination of kindling and paper ready to light and a pack
of wooden matches left nearby, all part of the hotel's
penthouse experience. He squatted on his haunches and
lit the paper, small yellow flames tinged with green getting
larger as they poured up the paper and began to consume the
thin kindling, giving off small, satisfying crackles
as the fire established itself on the wood. He added a small
log to the growing flame, making sure it settled in just
the right place before adding a second.

"Are you almost ready?" Ashley said from the
doorway. Her voice carried a slightly mocking tone that
really asked why a beautiful, willing, and enthusiastic
woman was being made to wait.

Ryan stood, turning his back on the fire that snapped at
the two fresh logs. Ashley was leaning on one side of the
doorframe, a hand idly stroking her thigh, slightly shifting
the hem of the dress up her leg. She was lit by grey light from
the last vestiges of the rainy day mixed with flickering
yellow from the fireplace. The effect caught him completely
by surprise, and he could do nothing but stand and stare.
She stepped into the room and slowly came to Ryan, moving
as close as she could to him without touching, their bodies
separated by only the barest sheet of air. The fire gained
strength behind them and its yellow glow grew bolder, fighting
the coming night for control of the room.

Ashley's eyes were half closed and her mouth slightly
parted. "Don't move, " she whispered.

She let her lips brush his, tickling both their senses,
and her tongue traced the lightest outline of his lips,
still not letting any other part of their bodies touch.
All thought of uncertainty that either of them had carried
into the hotel had been chased off into the night. Ashley
let her herself lean almost imperceptibly forward and
Ryan could feel her hard nipples teasing his chest through
his thin shirt as she stated to sway slowly across his body.
She stepped back then and turned her back to him, letting
her ass brush his crotch as she turned, feeling his hardening
cock confined in his pants. Ryan reached out and let his
fingers roam across the exposed skin of her shoulders and

He found the zipper to her dress and slowly started to move
it down, stopping every inch to kiss the newly exposed warm
skin of her back. Her head hung forward, hair cascading
around her face, and Ryan took advantage of the bare skin
with light kisses and fingertips that covered her neck
and back. The zipper reached it's nadir at her lower
back and Ryan could see that she was wearing nothing underneath
the black cocktail dress. His hands slid down her back and
caressed the soft skin just above her ass, letting the feeling
draw itself out. Her hands reached back and found his hips,
pulling him close, letting his hard cock nestle in the crevasse
of her ass.

Ashley turned her head and kissed Ryan, their tongues mixing,
his hands exploring her breasts though her dress. A small
moan escaped her and she stood up then, letting the dress
fall to the floor, leaving her naked in the cool air. Ryan
gently moved her to the edge of the king bed, and she bent
over, bracing herself on her hands, her ass in the air. He
stepped to the side and one hand slid along her stomach while
the other grazed down her ass, eventually meeting over
her now-wet pussy. His fingers grazed the lips, barely
flicking her swollen clit, eliciting whimpers of pleasure
from Ashley. Her hips gyrated, looking for a way to press
his fingers to her clit.

"Slow down, Ash, " Ryan whispered, "I
promise you'll cum."

Her voice was breathy now, steaming with lust. "I
don't think I can wait much longer."

Ryan let his fingers dance over her, teasing her, brushing
her clit, probing just into her wetness and then back. He
could feel her clit swelling, hear the pace of her breathing
picking up. His left hand moved up her body, finding a nipple
between thumb and forefinger at the same time he increased
pressure on her clit, his finger running circles around
it. He kept the pressure steady for several seconds while
Ashley's back arched and her breath caught.

"I'm going to cum in about 5 seconds, "
Ashely hissed. She turned and let their eyes meet. Ryan's
hand moved faster between her legs, now using two fingers
back and forth across her clit, pinching a nipple gently
with his other hand.

Ryan leaned into her and whispered in her ear, "I want
you to cum for me now."

Ashely kept her eyes on his. "Ok" was all she
was able to moan. Her body tensed and for a long moment she
held her breath clenched in her chest and then "Yes,
oh God. Please don't stop. I'm cumming right now."
Her moans were soft and the most erotic thing Ryan had ever
heard. It was the sound of a woman completely immersed in
a sea of pleasure.

He started to alternate sliding his two fingers into her
pussy and then back across her clit in a slow, deliberate
rhythm. He let his other hand slide back down and start massaging
her clit, adding to the sensation.

"Ryan, " she gasped, "Hun, I'm about
to cum again." He continued to stroke her engorged
clit. "Oh fuck, here it is..." She bucked her
back and started to moan as he continued to work on her pussy,
her voice coming in gasps as her climax rolled over her.
Her orgasm this time was longer and more intense and Ryan
kept his movement constant until he felt her body relax
under him.

She looked at him through eyes glazed with the last film
of her multiple orgasms, finally letting her body lay flat
on the big bed. Ryan slid the comforter up over bare body,
and let his hands massage her shoulders and upper back.

"I've never cum so hard before. Is this what it's
supposed to feel like every time?" she asked.

He let out a little laugh. "Ash, if I tell you that,
it'll spoil you for other men. But I'm glad you
enjoyed it."

Ashely rolled over, the light of the fire giving her a soft
reddish glow as it washed over her bare breasts. Her eyes
traveled down his body and settled on the bulge in his pants.

"Ryan, " she purred, "do you want to fuck
me?" Her voice still dripped with lust, and stirred
a new round of arousal in him.


"Ryan, " her voice silky, "I want you
to fuck me. Nice and slow. I want to cum with you deep inside
me. You're allowed to do that tonight, aren't
you?" He noticed her hands had slid under the comforter,
her eyes half-lidded, lips gently pursed.

He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor, stepping
out of them while he unbuttoned his shirt. She watched him
undress, her hand moving slowly beneath the sheets, her
tongue wetting her lips, breath still short and quick.
As Ryan shed the last of his clothes, carefully selected
for the evening by the girls, she started to sit up, but he
gently held her down, bending down instead for a long, slow
kiss. His lips trailed off her mouth to her smooth neck and
down to her chest. His gentle kisses around her hard nipples
brought a low sigh from Ashley, or perhaps it was her finger
teasing her own clit that started her climb back up to the
peak. Ryan kissed down her stomach, letting his hands trail over
her breasts, gently moving her arm out from under the covers.

He stopped to look up and say "That's my job tonight."

He kissed her sensitive inner thigh, stopping to drag his
fingernails along the length of her upper leg, her arousal
evident again. His warm breath washed over her pussy, and
she had to stop herself from begging him to go faster. Ryan
let his tongue brush her swollen lips, tracing a circle
around her whole pussy, and she responded by arching her
hips, trying to push herself to his warm mouth.

He stopped. "The more you move, Ash, the slower I'm
going to go."

"You're driving me crazy, " Ashley said.

His flicked over the tip of her clit, side-to-side, sending
a wave of pleasure up through her body. She started to moan
with each rapid breath. He kept the pressure as light as
possible, just grazing the clit, teasing her, while he
slowly slid two fingers into her, curving the fingers up.
His tongue started to circle her clit, fast but with barely
any pressure, her hips started to move in time with his tongue.

"You're not getting ready to cum yet, are you?"

She lifted her head to look down at the man between legs.
"I'm close. Just make me cum."

Another moan as he pressed his tongue flat against her clit
and moved it in circles, his fingers sliding slowly in and
out of her. "God, I'm right on the edge."

Then he stopped. His fingers slid out of her, stood, and
lifted her hips to shift her body so that her legs were on
either side of him. She could feel the tip of his hard cock
just brushing her wet pussy. She wanted to feel him slide
all the way into her so badly now, but his hand held the base
of his shaft and he ran the head up and down the slit, letting
it bounce over her clit. He let the tip slide in just far enough
so they could both feel it inside her, one hand slowly caressing
her inner thigh. The other started to slide the length of
his shaft, bumping against her with each stroke. He looked
at her face, black hair spilled on the bed, her brow furrowed
either in concentration or pending orgasm, arms spread
wide, inviting him to finally enter her.

He let go of his cock, and slowly entered her, letting the
electricity build. She gasped as he filled her and began
to withdraw. Slow, deliberate thrusts, guiding her back
to the edge. She moaned with each penetration now, and he
felt his own orgasm starting to build. Her hand snaked down,
forefinger and thumb forming a circle around his slick
cock, squeezing gently so that it had slide through fingers
and pussy.

His pace was faster now, neither of them able to delay any

"Ash, I'm getting close."

She looked up at him and in a ragged, sex-filled voice said,
"I am too, hun." A moan and then, "Fuck
me hard now."

Her fingers tightened down on his cock as it pounded in her,
immersing itself in the wet heat of her box. He could feel
her pussy start to clench, and heard her breath catch, and
then a long, loud moan as her orgasm grabbed hold of her.
He continued his pace, not letting up, driving the pleasure
through her entire body, bringing his own release closer.

"Ryan, cum inside me, " was all she said, but
it was too much for him. He could feel his legs get weak as
the rush of cum sped along his cock and fountained into her.
Her hand released his spent cock and started to rub her clit
as she rode her pleasure. The feel of her own fingers running
circles around her clit and his cock filling her kept her
orgasm going, and she savored the slow coast back down the
mountain of pleasure they had climbed.

They lay in bed, watching the last of the fire spread warm
light through the room.

Ashley rolled over and looked at Ryan. "Thank you."

He gave a small laugh, wondering what he was supposed to
say at a time like this. "You're welcome?"
and they both giggled.

Part II: The reward

Ryan walked through the front door, checking his watch.
Just after 8:00 in the morning. He carried mixed emotions
from the night before home with him -- regret that he wouldn't
be with Ashely again, an intense feeling of satisfaction,
and some guilt. Despite the fact that the night was Emily's
idea, he figured they would need to talk through this.

A note was waiting on the kitchen table: "Good morning
-- Cat and I are at breakfast. Be home about 10. Love, Em.
PS. I hope you're ok -- don't worry", and
farther down the page in a different hand was scrawled,
"Hope you drilled her good." Ryan laughed and
knew that was Cat, probably written after Emily had walked
out. His trepidation lightened considerably with the
note, and he thought coffee and a shower were in order.

Ryan was in the kitchen when the front door opened, coffee
in hand, wrapped in a white bathrobe, one that looked strangely
like it belonged in a hotel.

"Hey guys. How was breakfast?" Ryan felt stupid
even asking such an inane question.

Emily kissed him, first on the cheek, then on the mouth,
wrapping her arms around his neck. "It was fine, thanks."

She stepped back and surveyed him. "New bathrobe?"
They laughed and the let the tension start to drain away.
Ryan looked at Cat, red hair and all. Their eyes met and he
she gave him a quick raise of her eyebrows as if to let him
know they were all on the same page, that Emily was fine and
he should be, too.

"Hey Ryan, " Cat asked, "Guess who we
talked to this morning?"

Ryan held his chin and pretended to think. "Hmmm..."

"Holy shit! Three times? I always thought you had
it in you, but Emily never tells us shit, " Cat burst
out, a big smile on her face, "Nice work, Ryan."

Emily said, "Ashley said to tell you thanks, she had
the best time and hasn't felt this good about herself
in years."

Ryan nodded, not knowing quite what to say. A quirky smile
started on his face.

"What's that for? Reliving last night, stud?"
Cat asked.

"No, it's just that this is kind of strange. I
mean, I never figured I'd screw some other woman, must
less my wife's friend, and be thanked for it. The world
has definitely taken a turn for the surreal."

"Yeah, well, in for a penny, in for a pound, "
Emily said.

"Huh?" Ryan looked at her, "What's
that mean?"

Emily stood in the front of him, "Well, Cat and I were
talking at breakfast, and we figured things couldn't
get much weirder. Not in a bad way, just unexpected. We decided
that it would be a good day for everyone to live out a fantasy.
Ashley got hers last night, we all knew that and don't
lie, you know she's had thoughts about you."

Ryan felt a surge of arousal, although in way that he couldn't
immediately describe, he wasn't surprised by this.
Cat moved up beside Emily, her green eyes looking at him

" who's next? I can't believe I just
asked that, " Ryan said.

Cat gave a Cheshire grin. "You are."

She turned to Emily, lightly held the other woman's
cheeks between her hands, and kissed her. Lightly at first,
just on the corners of the mouth, letting brown and red hair
mix. Emily closed her eyes, her hands snaking around Cat's
waist, pulling her closer. Their kissing grew in intensity,
tongues flicking together, Cat's hands weaving through
Emily's hair, moving it back to give Ryan a better view.

"So have you guys done this before?" was all
he could think to say.

Cat pulled back, leaving Emily with her face up-turned
and eyes shut. "No, " she said, "Now no
more questions."

Emily reached over and loosened the belt on Ryan's
robe, letting it fall open. He was half-erect from the thought
of what he hoped might come next.

Emily said, "Just relax and enjoy us, " as she
dropped to her knees and ran her tongue along the length
of his growing cock, her hands steadying his hips. Cat stepped
forward and lightly kissed him, finishing the kiss by tracing
his lips with her tongue. She whispered in his ear, "What
do you want me to do?" In answer, he glanced down at
Emily, and Cat slowly lowered herself to the floor. Her
mouth joined Emily's, both women painting him with
warm tongues, swirling over the head and back down the shaft.
One at a time, they took his cock in their mouths, blowing
him hard and fast, then slowing down before the other took
her turn. The feeling of the women alternating was sending
Ryan to the edge -- he was unprepared for how different they
felt, how much they complimented each other.

Cat slid her shirt over her heard, and pulled the black,
lacy bra down, letting her breasts spill out. Her mouth
slowly worked Ryan's cock while her hands kneaded
and pinched her nipples. Emily bent and took one of Cat's
nipples in her mouth, sucking hard, and Cat let out a soft
moan. Her green eyes met Ryan's.

"We haven't done this before, but it's not
like Emily and I haven't talked about what we like.
She knows just how I like to be satisfied, " and she
stood, helping Emily up after her. Ryan stared her half-naked
body. There was something irresistible about a woman in
jeans and nothing else -- it immersed him in lust and the
worry that he might cum simply standing there flashed through
his mind.

Cat led Emily and Ryan to the sofa. She pushed Ryan down and
knelt between his legs, grabbing his cock and sliding the
swollen head in her mouth. One hand slid up and down the shaft,
the other gently squeezed his balls. He glanced at Emily,
who was behind Cat, reaching around to unzip her jeans.

She whispered to Cat, "He's going to cum soon.
He loves getting blown like that."

Cat took his entire cock in her mouth, slowly pulling herself
along it's length before stopping, leaving him close
to orgasm. She stood and let Emily slide the jeans down her

"No panties. Nice touch, " Ryan thought. He
saw that she was trimmed but not clean shaven like Emily
and had the desire to plunge his tongue into her. She pushed
him back down, straddling him, letting her pussy slide
along his cock.

"That's a taste of what you'll get later.
When I decide to let you fuck me, " Cat looked into
his eyes as she said this. She stepped over him, still facing
the sofa. Her arms braced on the back of the couch so she was
bent over, ass in the air, legs spread in open invitation.
Emily slid down to sit on the floor between Cat's legs,
her hands grabbed Cat's ass and pulled her pussy to
her face. There was no subtlety left between the two women,
and Emily let her tongue flick Cat's clit, back and
forth, teasing her. Cat started to moan, trying to arch
her back against Emily's hands, while her tongue continued
to work her clit.

"God, Em, I never imagined. This feels so good, "
Cat looked down at Emily, red hair spilling around her face,
"Do you want me to cum?"

Emily started to slide a finger in Cat while her tongue traced
light circles around her clit. She started to finger her
faster, bringing Cat closer to climax. She looked over
at Ryan, still sitting on the sofa, slowly sliding his hand
along his cock.

"You can fuck me now, " was all Cat managed to

He stood behind Cat, straddling his Emily, and pressed
his cock against her swollen pussy. Emily grabbed him and
licked his head, holding the base of his cock.

"Slowly Ryan, " she said, "Make her last."

He started to enter Cat from behind, just the head, while
Emily tongued her clit with the gentlest pressure.

"Shit, could please just fuck me? You guys are killing
me here." Her head rolled from side to side, breasts
swinging below her as she moved herself over Emily's
face, trying in vain to find more satisfaction.

Ryan slid more of himself in, and now he could feel the light
flickers of his wife's tongue alternating between
his cock and Cat's clit, while her hand still held him
back. She held him like this for several seconds before
letting him slide the rest of himself inside Cat. The feeling
of being filled by Ryan and Emily's tongue working
her clit sent her over the edge.

She let out one loud moan, "Yesss..."

Ryan could feel her clench on his cock, and Emily loosened
her grip.

"Now fuck her hard, Ryan. Keep her cumming."

He slid all the way out and back in, cock sliding first through
Emily's fingers and then Cat's pussy. Cat started
to moan again, louder with each penetration, and Emily
started to lick her clit again, bringing a second orgasm
to Cat. Her moans were too much for Ryan, and he pulsed deep
inside Cat, grabbing her hips for one final thrust as he
spent himself inside her.

They sat like for several seconds, Cat letting the waves
of pleasure recede slowly, Ryan letting the last of orgasm
drain into Cat, and Emily giving the lightest brushes of
her tongue on Cat's now sensitive clit.

Cat turned and looked at Ryan. "Two down, one to go."

Part III: She who waits longest gets tied up.

Cat stood, naked, her face flushed with sex. She looked
down at Emily.

"Your turn, " she said, helping her up off the
floor, "but in the bed." She kissed Emily hard,
unbuttoning her blouse, letting her small breasts peek
through her bra and started to lead her upstairs before
looking back at Ryan.

"Oh, hun? We're going to need you for this."

Ryan followed the two women up the stairs and his now half-hard
cock felt new stirrings of life. Their bedroom was simple
-- the only extravagant piece was the four-posted bed.
Emily and Ryan had talked about tying each other up, spread
eagled on the bed, at the mercy of the other, but had never
found just the right moment. Cat began to strip Emily, kissing
her neck as she reached around behind her to unclasp her
bra. Moving down to suck each nipple, giving Emily little
nibbles as her hands unbuttoned her pants. Ryan knew that
Emily would be wet, her pussy swollen with desire by now.
He knew that she had always wondered about being with another
woman, and he also knew they both found Cat irresistibly

He moved behind his wife, running his fingers gently over
her back, moving his hands down her hips to hook his fingers
under the elastic of her panties. Slowly he dropped to his
knees behind her, pulling her thong down, caressing her
thighs as he kissed the backs of her legs. Cat knelt in front
of her and her tongue darted in and out of her mouth, sending
shocks of pleasure into Emily's clit.

Cat peeked around and said, "Ryan, find me some scarves,
hun." She stood and took Emily by the hand and led her
to the bed, kissing her again before she gently pressed
her to her back. They looped a scarf around each of Emily's
hands and the other ends to bed frame. Cat knelt between
her legs and slipped her tongue into Emily. Emily moaned
and lifted her legs over Cat's shoulders.

"Naughty Em, " Cat said, "Now we'll
have to finish tying you up."

The morning light spilled over Emily, dappling her athletic
body in alternating bright and shade. The vision was intensely
erotic for Cat, the beautiful Emily bound to her bed, waiting
for whatever they had in store for her.

Cat stood on the side the bed, reaching with one hand to massage
Emily's clit and the other to pinch a nipple, hard enough
for Em to whimper. She held this for several seconds and
then both hands stopped.

"Don't stop..." Emily begged.

Cat moved close to her head and whispered in her ear, "A
tied up woman is in no position to make requests, is she?"
and her tongue traced Emily's lips.

Ryan stood beside the women, not sure of his role, afraid
to disrupt things. Cat knelt in front of him and slowly took
his cock in her mouth, giving Emily a clear view. She was
slow, deliberate, letting her tongue trace elaborate
patterns over the head, taking him all the way in.

"Do you like to watch me suck him off? Should I make
him cum? I can and we all know it, " she purred, "I
can't imagine how much you must want him to fuck you
right now."

Cat reached under the bed and pulled one of Emily's
vibrators out her "toy box" -- a large purple
one that drove her crazy when Ryan used it on her.

She stood, giving Ryan a wet kiss and said, "Sorry
hun, you'll have to wait, too."

Cat sat on the edge of the bed, "Maybe you'd like
to watch me use your vibrator on myself?" She slid
the vibrator in her slick, wet pussy and turned it out, sending
a flash of pleasure through.

"Emily! This one is nice. Oh my God, I'm gonna
lose it in about 5 seconds, " her head leaned back
as she started to pump the vibrator. Ryan stepped up and
began to rub her clit with a finger.

"Ryan, stop before I cum, " Cat hissed, and
caught her breath.

She pivoted around and brushed the vibrator over Emily's

"How's that, sweetie?" asked Cat before
sliding it in her pussy, watching as Emily strained against
the scarves that held her down.

Cat stood, leaving the vibrator buried deep in Emily and
said, "Ryan, show me how she likes her pussy licked."

Emily's breath became ragged as the vibrator worked
inside her, her hips ground forward, trying to press her
clit against the shaft. Ryan bent down and pressed her hips
on the bed, lowering his head between her legs. He started
to move the vibrator in and out of her, fucking her with it's
purple length. His tongue found her clit and ran circles
around it, teasing her, keeping just off of it. Ryan glanced
up and saw Cat climbing onto the bed, throwing a leg over
Emily, straddling her chest.

Emily moaned as Ryan let his tongue flicker back and forth
across her clit, slide the vibrator in and out. She struggled
to move, but the feeling of helplessness heightened the
sensation of pleasure.

Cat moved forward until she was over Emily's mouth,
throwing her head back as Emily ground her tongue against
Cat's clit, sending a fresh round of heat up through
her body.

Ryan could tell that Emily was on the edge, straining against
the scarves that held her against their lust. He stopped
his tongue and slowly withdrew the vibrator, letting it
buzz across her clit before it was out. He climbed on the
bed between Emily's spread legs and bucking hips and
pressed his hard cock against her pussy, sliding it slowly
in, grinding his pelvis against her clit before pulling
all the way out. In front of him, Cat's moans became
louder, more animal, as she neared her orgasm, Emily driving
her tongue across her clit.

Ryan couldn't hold himself back any longer. He began
to pump his cock into Emily, the heat, the wetness of her
massaging him with each thrust. Her pussy began to clench
in spasms on him and he knew she about to cum.

"Emily, I'm cumming right now. Oh fuck..."
Cat moaned.

The sounds of Cat's orgasm and the feeling of Ryan rhythmically
fucking her sent Emily over the edge and she came as his own
orgasm exploding into her. She lifted her hips, letting
him grind into her, waves of pleasure pounding through
her as he continued to thrust, milking her orgasm.

The three of them spent the next few minutes in silence before
Cat discretely loosened the scarves, letting Emily put
her arms both of them.

Ryan looked at his beautiful wife, "Don't get
me wrong, I loved this, but I guess I'm not sure who's
fantasy was who's"

WCLIK has spoken

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