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Some Business, Some Pleasure


Mr. Marcus's family life takes a new turn - Harriett
gets a job. Will this give Harvey more time to cavort with
the young ladies, or inundate him with chores while she's
away? In this episode, Harvey accompanies Harriett on
her first business trip. California, here we cum!

* * * * * * * * * *

Ants in his Pants

After years of donating her time to what she considered
worthy causes, my wife Harriett finally tripped over a
way to make a salary for essentially the same work. While
at some do-gooder facility, she met a representative from
a not-for-profit consulting company. No, the consultants
aren't not-for-profit, just the opposite. They help
not-for-profit companies do what they need to do - raise
funds, raise more funds, or raise even more funds. How not-for-profit
companies ever make enough profit to pay the consultants
is beyond my feeble financial skills.

Anyway, Harriett landed herself a consulting position
and a nice five-figure salary. Not enough for me to quit
my job, although I was still considering doing just that
whenever the first Zenellis checks rolled in.

On her first business trip - oh, didn't I mention? Harriett
has to meet with the clients at their locations, all over
the country. That would leave me at home. Alone. Well, hopefully
not alone too often. Many of Annie's friends were attending
local colleges and universities.

So, for her first client visit, Harriett's new boss
plans on accompanying her, to make introductions and smooth
the way. And since the client is in San Diego, he's bringing
his wife and daughter.

"So, do you want to come?" Harriett asked.

I always want to cum, but she didn't have to ask twice
if California was the destination, particularly San Diego.
Annie, busy with school work, took a pass.

When Harriett and I arrived at the airport, I expected to
see a threesome, but there were only two. Ed, my wife's
boss, explained that his wife Evelyn was sick and had to
stay home. On his arm, hugging the blood out of it, was his
daughter Erica. She was chunky, at least what I could tell
from her baggy clothes. She barely lifted her head, clinging
to her father and sucking on a Tootsie Roll Pop that she infrequently
pulled across her lips and stuck back in. I wondered if she
was ever tempted to bite before she'd finished licking?
Often, she dragged her hair from her face to avoid getting
it on her lips' object of affection.

I sat on an aisle seat, Harriett in the middle, with a snoring
slob at the window. Across the aisle, Ed was at the window
seat with Erica practically in the seat with him. He seemed
uncomfortable about her physical closeness, pulling
at his collar and wiping his forehead with a hankie. All
the while, she consumed more Tootsie Roll Pops. In the cab,
I sat up front with the driver, a skinny man in print shirt
and shorts, while Harriett sat with the conjoined father
and daughter in the back seat.

At our hotel, a nice upscale building facing the ocean,
a bellcap wheeled all of our luggage up the elevator. He
unlocked the door and announced, "This is your room."

Room, singular? The momentary thought of Ed, Harriett,
Erica and me all in the same bed brought on a half-erection.
I'd never done a foursome. Hell, Harriett won't
let me get within pricks distance.

"The room" was a suite with a large living room
and two bedrooms, one on each side. A wall of glass to the
balcony, and mirrored walls on both sides, gave the place
an expansive feel.

Erica demanded to go shopping, but Ed demurred. Always
ready with plastic in hand, Harriett volunteered to go
in his place. Ed slumped onto one of two facing sofas only
after the two ladies disappeared. In a rebound, he was at
the in-room bar, twisting open a miniature bottle of hard
liquor. "Want something?"

"Maybe a Cole and some pretzels." Who knows
what beans I'd spill if I was inebriated with Harriett's
boss. Not worth the risk for a pint-sized drink.

Ed had opened one bottle and chugged it straight down. He
held three more between his fingers. We sat around on overstuffed
sofas, facing each other, consuming goodies Ed had retrieved
from the snack bar in the corner.

"I want to apologize for Erica's behavior, "
Ed said. "Quite embarassing, right?"

I remained silent.

"You've got one daughter, right?" he asked.

"Yes, Anna. In college."

"Erica has applied, reluctantly. Doesn't seem
to want to make anything of herself."

Why did my mind jump to the thought of making it with Erica?
She wasn't all that pretty, what I could see of her face
behind shoulder-length brunette hair that almost constantly
covered her face. And who knows what kind of body lived inside
those droopy clothes? Never mind, I make it a rule never
to sleep with the boss's daughter, or my wife's
boss's daughter. Shit, I did fuck my boss's niece.

"She'll decide what she wants, eventually, "
said Ed. "Gotta give them space and time, right?"

Wasn't this guy sure of himself? Then why did he keep
asking me for confirmation of his thoughts? I nodded.

He cleared his throat. "Tell me, does Anna ever walk
around your house, uh, less than fully dressed?"

Hold on! Where was this going? None of the stories I had were
any of Ed's business! "Sometimes. Why?"

"You saw her!" His finger pointed to the door
to the suite. "Whenever her mother isn't around,
Erica clings to me like, well, a wet shirt. She parades around
the house, sometimes in bra and panties, sometimes nightgowns
that show, well, everything. It's quite unnerving."

His little princess was hot for her daddy! "I'm
sure its harmless. I mean, she hasn't done anything
else, has she?" No way was I going to expose my secrets,
but if good old Ed wanted to unload after four miniature
bottles of booze, why not?

"Not yet, but who knows. I'm scared to go to bed
tonight, afraid I'll wake up with her in my bed. Oh God!
She's going to try and seduce me on this trip, I just
know it. And that's wrong, right?"

My answer came almost too quickly. "Right!"
So, what would be so bad? After all, doing it straight out
would be better than if Erica showed up in a Betty Boop outfit
and Ed didn't know it was his daughter. Except, would
I have fucked Annie if she'd simply come into my room
and peeled off her nightgown? Interesting question.

"Would you do me a favor? Both bedrooms have twin beds.
Can you and I share a room, and Harriett and Erica can have
the other?" asked Ed.

I almost proposed that Erica and I could share a room, but
that would leave him with Harriett, and I didn't dislike
good old Ed that much. At least, not yet. "Sure, if
that's what you want. After all, you're picking
up the tab on this outing."

"Great! I feel so much better." Ed slumped so
hard he almost disappeared between the couch cushions.

I moved my stuff to Ed's room, and he dragged Erica's
luggage to Harriett's. Wouldn'tit e a stitch
if Erica came to what she thought was her dad's room,
only to find me naked in bed? Nah, never happen. Too many
people around.

We sat watching sports, because Ed likes sports, and he
was paying. I consumed all of the pretzels and salted nuts,
waiting for the ladies to return so we could have lunch.
When the door opened a couple of hours later, Harriett and
Erica were chatting up a storm, practically giggling.
Harriett had a bag from a store whose name was unfamiliar.
Erica had two small bags, labeled "Out of This World
Novelties" and "Barb's Bikini Boutique."

Ed jumped up from his couch and shuffled to his briefcase
on the eating area table. He pulled out a piece of paper and
waved it. "Where is my head? We have a client meeting
in less than an hour."

"But daddy, I want to go to the beach." Erica
had perfected the Annie down-turned lip.

"Sorry, snookums, but work comes first."

"Well, I'm not going to sit here in front of the
TV until you get back." She headed towards the door.

"Harvey, would you take Erica to the beach?"
asked Ed. "I don't want her to go alone."

Erica pulled her hair back to expose her face and smiled
at me for the first time. "Great! I'll change
and be right out." She ran towards the bathroom, the
two small bags waving behind.

"You'd better put your swim trunks on too, honey, "
said Harriett. "There might not be changing rooms."
I nodded, went to the bedroom with my suitcase, and replaced
my skivvies with my baggy swim trucks. I'd learned
that the loose ones will often successfully hide my erection
that becomes painfully obvious in a tight suit. When I came
out, Harriett and Ed were at the door, about to leave.

"Our meeting is in one of the small conference rooms
on the mezzanine, so you can use a rental car. Just charge
it to the room, " said Ed.

Erica came out dressed exactly like she'd gone in.
"I gotta pack, " she sung.

"Don't forget towels. I packed two oversized
ones for us, " said Harriett.

"I don't need one. I'll just take one from
the room, " said Erica.

Harriett got a wave from me before she left. Ed got a bear
hug and noisy kiss from Erica.

In a moment, she came out with a big floppy hat, sandals,
and a shoulder tote with a giant rainbow across the side.
All the way down the elevator, through the rental process
and the drive down the coastline, Erica peppered me with
questions about Annie. What was our relationship like?
Harriett had told her the two of us were close. How did I feel
about her? I knew what Erica was looking for - any justification
to jump her old man's bones. Correction, boner. Well,
I didn't provide one. She'd have to rationalize
sex with her father herself.

"Here!" Erica cried. "Park here!"

There was a narrow path between some palms, and a dirt parking
lot. If there was a beach, it wasn't very popular or
very crowded. I parked and we both grabbed our stuff. A large
sign read "CLOSED."

"Let's keep going, " I suggested.

"We're not going in the water anyway, so like
who needs a lifeguard?" Erica asked.

I shrugged, gathered my tote with towel and sunburn cream,
and followed a bounding Erica down a wooded path to the sand.
Nobody around, no benches, not even a lifeguard tower.

"Perfect!" Erica cried. While i removed my
shoes and socks, I stared as Erica pulled her t-shirt top
over her head. Nestled in a tied-in-front bikini were two
large breasts, which would have been hanging lower without
the hammock-style top. Her cleavage was wide enough for
my fist, but I daydreamed about my dick rubbing between
them instead. When she slid her pants off, I confirmed her
chunky status: thick thighs, round ass, almost no waist.

I prayed she wouldn't ask me to apply sun lotion. I was
sure to get frisky, touching her bare skin. "Can I
help you with sunscreen?"I asked.

"No thanks. I've got spray." She pulled
a pump bottle and spritzed liquid all over. Her skin gleamed.
She took out a book and laid face down on her hotel towel.
In profile, her ass stood out, hanging out from the modest
triangle that made no attempt to cover her buttocks.

She was all into her book. I was just the chauffeur, not someone
to interact with. To hide my erection, I laid down on my towel,
a couple of yards away. At that distance, there'd be
no way to accidently roll over and make body contact.

I must have dozed off, because awakening was sudden and
painful. My crotch burned and itched. I cried out in pain,
reaching for my trunks.

"Don't touch!" Erica shouted. She stood
over me, giving me a not unwelcome view of her bikini bottoms
pulled tight against her cunt. "Pull your trucks

I didn't think about it and just complied. The area
around my penis, now at three-quarters hard, was red and
itched like the dickens.

"You've got sand mites!" she cried. "Keep
your hands off or they'll spread. Quick, come with

Erica extended her hand, bending slightly. Her breasts
undulated in their confinement. She pulled me towards
the water. I tripped and stumbled forward, my swim trunks
at my ankles.

"Dunk yourself, " she ordered. "That
will get them off."

I took one step into the water and froze. Literally. The
ocean was like freshly melted ice.

"You've got to be kidding!"

From behind, Erica pushed me deeper. My steps were constrained
by my trunks. Soon, I was knee high, already affecting my
circulation. With a shove, I fell forward, hands preventing
a complete submersion. However, most of my lower body got
dunked, including my privates. My dick shrunk and my balls
pulled up, seeking warmth within my torso. However, the
burning and itching stopped, almost immediately. I stood
and ran towards shore. Erica was waiting, hands on hips.

"Good thinking. Thanks, " I said. The fact
that I was bare from the waist down didn't seem significant
at the time. "I'm glad to be rid of those little
bastards. How did you know?"

"We studied them in biology, " she said. "But
we have to be sure, to prevent a recurrence."

She dropped to her knees in front of me, her head directly
in front of my shriveled dick. "I can't check
for sand mites when you're like this." She cupped
my stub with her hand. "Can you make it big again?"

It wouldn't take much fondling for her to get her wish.
Already, I felt my blood flow diverted. Standing above,
I had a great view of her tits, soft and squishy like water
balloons. My prick was bigger than her palm now, stretching
towards full length.

She pulled back her hand. "Wow! That's pretty
big. Time to check." She cocked her head left and right.
"I can't tell by looking." Using two fingers,
she stroked my dick up and down. It was throbbing now, desperate
for friction against her hand, between her tits, inside
her pussy. "I need something more sensitive than
my fingers." She dragged her tongue up one side. I
leaned forward, then retreated. Now the other side. I couldn't
control my hips. "So far so good, " she announced.

"What happens if you find one?" I asked. Wouldn't
it bite her?

"I'll spit it out, of course."

Oh sure. Dumb old Mr. Marcus.

She bent my dick forward and licked the top. Then, she stroked
her tongue from the base of my erection all the way up to the
tip, lingering at the head for just a moment. "All
clear outside, " she said. "But some of those
little buggers may have crawled inside." Her lips
were over the tip of my prick, sucking. Oh yes, this girl
had good technique. Not more than the head was inside her
mouth, and I could already feel myself on the verge.

She pulled back and spat onto the sand. "Think I got
some. There may be more." She returned to sucking,
even harder. If there were sand mites inside my dick, I wanted
them out. Then it dawned on me that if I came, that would clear
the pipe so to speak. My knees were getting weak from all
of her attention to my penis. I placed my hands on her shoulders,
to steady myself. She rocked back and forth with a steady
rhythm, taking incrementally more of my prick in her mouth,
towards her throat. This was a terrific blow job, even if
it was preventative. Every time she shifted, her breasts
jiggled. I noticed that the front bow of her bikini top was
slipping. A chance to see her breasts, fully exposed? That
would make my day and get me off good. To help the knot along,
when she'd lean forward, I'd hold gently onto
the shoulder straps, adding tension to the failing tie.

I was just about ready. A few more sucks, and I'd be spurting.
Just in case there were sand mites deeper down, I didn't
want Erica to swallow. One more, two more, three more sucks.
I pushed Erica's shoulder back, removing her lips
from my dick.

"Huh?" Startling upright, the bow gave way.
The bikini top fell aside, and her breasts flopped out,
swollen and succulent.

I grabbed my dick, gave a quick jerk, and threw my hips forward.

One stream, then another, hit Erica between her tits, just
as she raised her hands.

"You wasted it!" she cried.

"I didn't want you swallowing any sand mites, "I
explained. "I know how bad they are on the outside.
Just imagine what they would feel like if -"

"There are no sand mites." She scooped a blob
of cum oozing down her cleavage and sucked it from her fingers.

"Then what caused the burning and itching?"
I asked.

She got up, her knees red from kneeling all that time, and
visited her totebag. She returned with two dark glass bottles.
"Instant Hot and Instant Itch. I was going use them
on Daddy."

Goodies from that shopping outing, I supposed. "But
he didn't come -"

"But you did!" She scraped and swallowed another
runlet of sperm. "So you were my guinea pig."

Little devil! Her old man was correct. Well, the least I
could do was help her along. No reason for Erica to be frustrated
in her attempt. "Damn! I screwed things up for you."

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"Your father asked me to room with him, and put you
in with Harriett."

"Shit!" She clenched her fists on stiff arms,
her unfettered tits swaying on her torso.

"We'll figure it out."

"You'll help me? Oh, thank you!" Erica
ran over and threw her arms around my neck. Her sticky lips
pressed against mine. Below, my dick danced against her

"I hope Daddy is as well hung as you are, " she

Would she accept me as a substitute? Nope, I can't ask.
If she agreed, I'd be violating her and the "don't
fuck" rule at the same time.

"Time to get back, " I said. "Their meeting
is probably over, and we have some planning to do."

Erica stuffed her top into her tote and pulled her t-shirt
on. As the car swayed gently on the road back to the hotel,
my attention was divided between Erica's wobbling
tits and the road. How could I assist her in seducing her
father, with Harriett around? This would take a miracle.
On a business trip to California with his wife Harriett,
her boss Ed, and Ed's daughter Erica, Mr. Marcus got
a world-class blowjob from Erica. But Erica's sights
are set on her father Ed. So Mr. Marcus and Erica conceive
a plan to get the pair together. The best laid plans of getting
laid . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Emergency Incest

Erica and I plotted as we drove back from the beach in the
rental car. Despite Erica's recent blowjob, the sway
of her tits under her shirt had me half erect before we'd
gone a mile. Her father would be a lucky guy. Erica wasn't
attractive like a model, all slim and shapely, but her thick
torso was ready to be ridden, and I suspected she'd
appreciate someone who rode her hard. Too bad my rule "Don't
fuck the boss's daughter" extended to my wife's
boss's child.

"What's on the schedule for tonight?"
I asked. Ed and Harriett only shared information on a need-to-know
basis, and that meant learning the details or commitments
with scant time to prepare.

"We all have dinner out with the client. Some snooty
place in the 'burbs, I think." She pulled another
Tootsie Roll Pop from her bag and started sucking.

I was no longer jealous of the candy treat, since I'd
experienced those lips personally. I thought of Los Angeles
as a suburb of San Diego, but that was just me. "Okay
then, we'll need to get you alone with your father,
if you're intent on getting him into bed."

"Oh yes!" shouted Erica. "Tonight's
the night."

Wiggling in the seat accentuated the tumbling of her tits.
Why didn't I just pull over onto a side street and fuck
the daylights out of her? Because, like Annie wanted me,
Erica wanted her daddy. Not rational, but understandable.

"This is simple, " I said. "You'll
pretend to have stomach ache." I pulled the candy
from her mouth. "From too many of these. That will
leave you alone with him while Harriett and I go out."

"Sounds terrific. You came up with that so quick.
Do you do this a lot?"

Plot ways for young women to get laid? Yes, but it's
usually me doing the laying. "Not really."

I pulled into the hotel lot and tossed the keys to an attendant.
Erica ran around to my side of the car as the attendant pulled
away. I got a sudden hug and a kiss, flat on the lips. My hands
dangled hesitantly, scared to pull her closer. I might
throw off my self-imposed constraints and fuck her there,
standing up, for everyone in the lobby to see. Her lips,
sweet from candy, lingered much too long.

"You find me attractive, right?" she asked.
"Not too fat?"

Nothing but the truth. "Yes."

"Your hard-on gave you away."

That was true. Although Erica wasn't the athletic
or thin body type I was usually attracted to, the combination
of a attractive face and overwhelming tits caught my attention
and imagination. She wasn't my usual conquest. Hell,
she was no conquest at all.

Erica bounced towards the hotel while I walked at normal

As I showered, thoughts of Erica in her bikini stoked my
dick to attention. Somehow, I got soft enough to dress for
dinner. In the common space of our shared suite, Erica was
in pajamas that showed nothing. Our plan underway, she'd
evidently claimed to be too sick to go to dinner. Ed thought
the two of them staying behind was a great idea, to put Harriett
in the prominent position with the client. "In the
driver's seat" was his phrase. I hoped Erica
got her father into the driver's seat while we were
gone. With her sexually satisfied, there'd be less
chance she'd come on to me, and less chance I'd

Dinner went well. The clients and their wives were charming
and fun. We decided to go dancing after dinner. Harriett
and I never go dancing. Close bodily contact upsets her.
The wives in the group took turns dancing with me instead,
as the husbands did with Harriett. Several of the wives
dragged me onto the dance floor for slow numbers, and made
sure to hold themselves tight against me. Soon, they were
taking turns, every one of them feeling the protuberance
between my legs, rubbing themselves the right way. Not
that I'd get the chance to do any more than that, mind

When we got back, Erica and Ed were in their separate bedrooms.
Ed was particularly quiet. A half dozen miniature booze
bottles decorated the counter. Everything was not fine,
but it wasn't my role to probe. Ed for information or
Erica for, well, just probe. I opened my mouth anyway. "Did
you guys have something to eat?"

"I had room service, " said Ed.

"Where's Erica?" asked Harriett.

"In bed. Her stomachache got worse. I offered to phone
the house physician, but she refused. Just sulked. I don't
understand her, I really don't. What does she want
from me?"

Your dick, dickhead! No comments about her coming on to
him, or undressing. Hmmm. Kids are inscrutable. And unscrewable,
if you're Ed.

* * *

With more meetings scheduled for Ed and Harriett the next
day, Erica and I were alone.

"Let's go to the beach. I didn't exactly
get any quality tanning time, " she said.

She came out in the same bikini, and then pulled on a t-shirt
and shorts. Once we were safely buckled in a rental car,
Erica spewed her side of the previous night's story.
"We started out watching some TV together, and I sat
real close, almost on his lap. I couldn't order anything
from room service, or it would have spoiled my upset stomach
excuse. He turned off the TV, and we talked like what seemed
to be forever. I slipped off my pjs, kind of subtle, not just
whoosh." She wiggled her shoulders, her breasts
wobbling. "I was in bra and panties."

Maybe since Ed was inebriated, she'd been successful.
"So, did everything work out?" Boy, am I a letch!

"I got his pants down, after a lot of protest and took
his dick in my mouth. It only got this big -" She indicated
about four inches. "I sucked and sucked, him muttering
the whole time. It never get any bigger, and then he came."

"Great!" At least with Ed, she got to swallow.

I pulled into our private parking lot at the closed beach
and got out. I held the door for Erica to do the same.

"Not great, " she said. "When I pulled
off my bra. He turned red and screamed about being humiliated
and that I should go to my room and not come out for the rest
of the evening."

So no real sex, at least by Bill Clinton's definition.

"I fucked up real good, " she continued. "Now
he won't even look at me, let alone hug. I really screwed

I put my arm around her, to console her. We walked down to
the sand that way, hip to hip. We dropped our bags but not
each other. Her arm came up behind me and drew me closer.
Her mouth reached up to mine, in our side-by-side embrace,
mouths open, tongues searching.

This was getting too steamy for my own good, or Erica's.
I pulled my face back, leaving Erica's tongue wagging
in air. "I know you feel like you've been rejected

"Feel like? He pushed me away, for chripes sake. When
I was naked! You like my body! Why didn't he? Is there
something wrong with these?" She pulled the string
that opened her top. Those two breasts I'd dreamt about
all night hung loose. "Here!"

She placed my hand under one. I hefted it gently. I'd
only touched her back in our previous beach visit. Now I
held one breast, now both, in my palms. They squished and

"When Daddy ran his hand over one nipple, shit, I almost
came right there. They're sensitive. Try it."

Erica said Ed had looked at her breasts, not touched them.
What was the truth? It didn't matter. I was holding
and palpating her flesh, not Ed. I tested her theory by flicking
her nipples, one at a time.

She inhaled sharply and bucked her hips forward. "God,
I need something down there. She reached down for my dick,
which was at attention. She thrust her hand down my trunks
and stroked with a fury.

"Hang on. Slow down." It wouldn't take
much more, and I'd be on top of her, giving her what she'd
asked for. And as desirable an outcome as that was, it wasn't
going to happen.

"No." She continued her onslaught. "I
want someone in me. I want you in me."

I pulled her hand out of my pants. No way was I going to be second
choice to Ed. "I'm sorry it didn't work out
with your dad. Some men can deal with their daughters intimately,
and some can't."

"Can you?" Erica asked. "Did you do your
daughter?" Now one of her hands was in her bikini bottoms.
Her hips continued to rise and fall, as she fingered herself.
It was none of her business, despite the fact that she'd
had my prick in a jackhammer lock. She dropped to the sand
on her back, her reaction intensifying. She was frigging
herself good, with at least two fingers. "Are you
going to put that big dick of yours in or not?" She slid
down the bottoms, exposing her needy pussy.

No way was I going to violate the "don't fuck the
boss's daughter" rule, even if on a technicality
that Erica was my wife's boss's daughter. Close
enough. "Not." I knelt down, my dick out of her
reach, and placed my face at her cunt. "How's
this instead?" I stabbed at the opening with a stiff
tongue. Then I licked up, stopping to suck in the vicinity
of where her clit should have been.

"Oooh God! What are you doing? Don't stop!"

I had no intention of stopping until Erica had come at least
once. The lower half of my body rubbed against the beach.
Was this the origin of the phrase "pounding sand?"
I licked and slurped and drove my mouth deeper onto her pussy.
She pushed my head tight, preventing retreat. I was smothering
in pussy, hot pussy, riding her wild movements like a cowboy
in the saddle. So why didn't her father climb into the
saddle with her, and give her a good fucking? Was it my quick
negative reply to his question? Did I cause this girl's
plan to bed her father to fail? Certainly I was complicit,
if not guilty.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I want Daddy to fuck me!"
Erica growled a song of animal lust. "Uugggh. Ugghhhh."
She collapsed, chest rising and falling. For the moment,
she was satisfied. Her father would be a lucky guy to fuck
her to orgasm.

I sat back, waiting for Erica to return to the world of the
coherent. She raised up on her elbows, tits sagging to the
sides. "I have to find a way to get Daddy to fuck me."

"Do I have to do anything, like shoot him up with some
drug or tie him up blindfolded?"

Erica laughed. "No, silly. Just lend moral support."

For an immoral act of Incest? Sure thing! We packed up and
piled back into the car.

"Just curious, " Said Erica. "Would
you like to do it with me? I mean, have sex?"

"Sure I would. But I have a rule."

"But you've made love to other girls, besides
your wife, right? I mean, with a dick like that, you probably
have to beat them off."

Some of them had beaten me off. Even Erica had.

"What if Daddy and Harriett both agreed to let you
do me?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? There's no way they'd
ever give their permission."

"But if they did?" asked Erica. "Would
you fuck me if they said yes?"

"Sure." Why not agree? "But only with
their approval." Which will never happen.

Why did she ask? I mean, she was plotting to get her dad in
the sack, not me. Was I her backup? Certainly her father
would fuck her before allowing me to do the dirty deed. And
Harriett? Give me a break. She'd rather cut my dick
off than have me use it with anyone, let alone her boss's
daughter. Ridiculous concept! Erica was sneaky, but that
result was way out of her league.

When we entered the lobby, a nice looking young man at the
end of the registration counter raised one hand. Erica
returned the gesture.

"That's a nice looking young man. How about making
love with him?" I asked.

"Rene? He's the evening services manager. We
had a long talk at breakfast yesterday. He's gay. By
the way, he thinks you're cute."

I glanced back. Rene waved and winked. Oops.

The elevator dinged and its doors opened. Erica touched
my arm. "I have something to do. I figured out a way
where Daddy has to fuck me." I got a peck on the cheek,
totally unexpected.

* * *

Upstairs, Ed and Harriett sat on opposite ends of the couch.
Empty booze bottles littered the end table next to him.
Harriett left the room almost immediately without a word.

"Where's Erica?" asked Ed.

"She had an errand. She'll be up soon, "
I said.

"I've got reservations at a five-star -"
Ed stopped when Erica walked in. Her face was flushed.

"Daddy, I think I'm sick."

As she went weak in the knees, he put his arm around her. She
grabbed him in a bear hug. "Daddy, don't let go.

She wasn't just hugging; she was rubbing her body against
him, up and down. A nice sex simulation, with their clothes

"Splash some cold water on your face. I'm sure
you just got too much sun." He had to peel her off and
turn her around. I got a surreptitious wink as she ran for
her bedroom. Harriett came in from the kitchette, munching
an apple. "Fruit is a good appetite suppressant, "
she mumbled.

Moans and groans came from the women's bedroom. We
all ran to the door, but Ed got there first. Erica was under
the sheet, writhing side to side. Her t-shirt and shorts
were on the floor. Her knees, spread, elevated the sheet.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Oh, Daddy, I can't help it. I'm all hot,
and I itch."

Ed turned to me. "What happened at the beach today?"

"Nothing, " I said. I just ate your daughter
to orgasm, because she was so horny after you wouldn't
fuck her. "We just laid out and got some sun."

He sat next to his daughter. Her knee kept thumping his arm.

"Make it go away, " she cried. "Make it
stop." Tears streamed down her cheeks.

"I'm calling the house physician." Ed
dialed the number with no hesitation, which meant he memorized
it, or it was displayed on the plastic card adorning the
phone keypad. "Could a doctor come up right away?
My daughter is, well, she's not feeling well."

We stood and watched Erica thrash under the sheet, which
was now slipping down. Erica didn't seem to notice,
but Ed kept pulling it back up.

There was a knock, and Harriett ran to answer. In walked
Rene. Aha, here comes the ruse! Guy even had a black bag.
"What seems to be the problem?" he asked.

Erica came out of her mindless babble. "Doctor! Oh,
please. I'm hot and I itch. I can't stand it! Make
it go away. Pleeeeze!'

Erica sounded like Annie when she wanted something real

"Let me take a look." Rene pulled down the sheet
Ed had tried so hard to keep in place. Erica's breasts
were bare, sagging to the sides. Her hand had a firm grip
on her thighs, as she bucked her hips, bikini bottoms on.

"Harvey, look away!" commanded Harriett.
Yet, she hadn't turned, staring at the plump young
woman, so I didn't turn away either.

Rene put on latex gloves and slid Erica's panties down.
Erica thrust one, perhaps two, fingers into her pussy,
poking and out at a furious pace. Without sufficient lubrication,
she'd be irritating the hell out of herself. And, raw
pussy is no fun. At least, from the female's perspective.
Rene pulled Erica's hand from her privates. Her cunt
lips were bright red, and not just from finger frigging.

"Don't touch yourself down there. It will only
make things worse." Rene ran a swab through her cunt
lips and held it up, coated with juices he'd taken from
Erica's leaking pussy. "I can send this to a lab,
but I know what your daughter has. I've seen the symptoms
before. Furor Uterinus."

"What's that?" asked Ed.

"Uncontrolled libidinous feelings, manifesting
themselves physiologically. Classic case. High temperature,
inflamed genitalia, itching."

We all looked at each other. I struggled to turn my withheld
smile into a shocked expression. Erica's act was an
award winner. If I didn't know better, I'd have
believed her display of physical distress.

"What causes such a thing?" asked Ed.

Harriett stood frozen. At least she wasn't throwing
her hands over my eyes.

"It is a psychosexual disorder, which must be treated
as such, " said the phony doctor.

"How?" Ed asked.

"Eventually, therapy. But now, she must have a significant
orgasm, like the kind achieved through sexual intercourse."

Ah-ha! Erica must have persuaded Rene to intercept the
phone call to the house physician and deliver this news
to her father. Brilliant! Now Ed would have to do the deed.

"You must be joking!" Ed paced back and forth,
pulling at his shirt collar. The sweat on his forehead rippled
down his face.

"I am not. There is considerable physical and emotional
stress overwhelming her young body. An orgasm will dissipate
both. Failure to achieve orgasm will cause physical damage
leading to complete exhaustion, driving her into a mindless
stupor, perhaps a coma."

Boy, this Rene was good!

"So go ahead. Give her an orgasm, " said Ed.

Oh, like it was so simple. Guys with four-inch dicks should
know better.

"Now it is you who are joking." Rene shook his
head, plucked off his gloves and packed up. "I'm
sorry, but you ask the impossible. I could lose my license,
even go to jail. No, you must deal with this yourself."

This was Erica's plan all along, to have her father
fuck her. Rene's suggestion made the issue immediate.
All Harriett and I had to do was leave and let nature take
its course. I took a step towards the door. Harriett didn't
stop me.

"Do you have one of those vibrators?" Ed asked

Her hand whipped across his face." How dare you?"
She crossed her arms over her chest.

"An artificial device probably will not work, just
as her own self-stimulation will not be effective."
Rene packed up and walked to the door. "If she passes
out, act quickly or call 911. The paramedics can try to prevent
brain damage if it goes on too long."

"Brain damage?" Ed cried. He buried his face
in his hands.

Rene had laid it on thick. Now, would Ed lay Erica, like she

Ed stood, head slumped forward. "I can't."

He headed out of the room, but Harriett grabbed his shoulder.
"You can't let this get any worse. Do something."
Erica's thrashing was reduced. "She's
getting tired."

Ed sighed. "Good, then she'll fall asleep -"

"And slip into a coma. Didn't you hear what the
doctor said?" Harriett shook Ed, but he was unresponsive.
Erica's plan was failing, and she was tiring from all
of the hip thrusts and simulated convulsions.

Erica moaned "Daddy."

"I can't have sex with my daughter."

"Well, someone has to, " said Harriett.

Ed's eyes were on me immediately after the words had
escaped Harriett's mouth. She turned and looked.

"What?" I asked. I knew, but I was not going to
go easily.

"Harvey, would you please have sex with Erica?"
asked Ed.

"The hell he will, " Harriett interjected.

"So, Miss Uppity. It's okay for me to commit Incest,
but not okay for your husband to save my daughter's
life? How can you be so hypocritical?" Ed took out
his wallet and fumbled for something. "Here, I kept
this handy, just in case. Never had the opportunity."

It was an old, metal foil wrapped condom. I glanced at the
expiration date. Over a year past. The thing would probably
rip to shreds with the first friction. Then I noticed it
was a SMALL. Hell, wouldn't even fit.

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