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Sodomizing hannah


He could hear them coming into the church. They were talking
and laughing, turning on lights and pulling out chairs;
they were getting ready to be good children of God. Well,
most of them were. He eyed his telephone for the hundredth
time in the past three days. His hand twitched to pick it
up, and he nearly did. The laughter echoed through the darkened
church again. Her laughter. He found himself standing
and gathering the evening's lesson almost mechanically.

Just one more night, what would one more night hurt? He could
be with her for another night of the sweetest agony a man
could know and in the morning he would call Springfield
and request to be removed. It's not like he'd ever
touched her. He'd never said a single improper word
to her. There was nothing outside of his head to indicate
that he'd be the least bit unpastorly to a member of
his congregation. Even the elders had no clue what evil
sins were running through his mind.

"Pastor Mike! Sandy brought sugar cookies."
Sandy's brother shoved the plastic box full of sugar
cookies in his direction. He smiled politely and took one.
Allan had been pushing Sarah in his direction since he arrived
at the church. Allan would like nothing better than to see
his sister as Mrs. Pastor Mike. Sandy smiled at him; she
looked exactly like a half-blind cat he'd once owned.
He can't say they hadn't warned him at seminary.
Any unattached pastor was open season, particularly if
he wasn't flat ugly. He smiled blandly around the room
and took his seat at the head of the table. Sandy was still
doing her half-blind cat thing and Allan was sharing sugar
cookies with Hannah. Hannah . . .

His eyes managed to linger just long enough on her lithe
body to imprint the swell of her breasts under the blue gingham
into delicious memory, but not long enough to cause anyone‒
even Allan‒ the suspicion that he'd noticed. He cleared
his throat and flipped through his book. The page was marked,
but he wanted a few precious seconds to think about her upthrust
nipples. They pressed so plainly against her dress that
he wondered if she wore a bra.

All things considered and nipples firmly entrenched in
his mind, the study went well. He waded through the Roman
Road without once using the word nipples. He'd been
terrified that he would make some glib slip of the tongue
that would completely give him away. Instead, he was the
perfect pastor who still had the perfect secret.

Allan, as always, stayed to help clean up and insisted on
doing everything himself so Sandy would have another chance
to make her move. He wasn't in the mood to put up with
either of them. He thanked Allan for his help and went to
his office before they could corner him. He shut the door
politely in Sandy's face. He leaned his head silently
against the cool wood and listened to the siblings arguing
for a few minutes and then the door slam shut behind them.
He relaxed against the door and sighed all the way from his
toes. Now he had a few moments alone with his thoughts of

"Pastor Mike?"

He slammed his head against the door. He must be dreaming,
Hannah's voice? The lamp on his desk clicked on, confirming
that it wasn't a dream. She was leaning against his
desk, smiling at him. He rubbed his eyes but she didn't
go away. "Hannah?"

She smiled at him and his gut wrenched. "I wanted to
talk to you in private for a few moments, if you don't

He cleared his throat and nodded. He tried to keep his eyes
on her face. Anywhere above her neck. Just as long as they
were off of those nipples. They were poking against her
dress still. The fabric molded them perfectly, two little
points sticking straight out from a pair of beautifully
rounded breasts. Her nipples cast twin shadows in the lamplight.
"Wh-what did you want to see me about?"

"I'm going to commit adultery."

His eyes slapped to her face at that. The shock must have
exploded across his expression because she giggled. Hope
blossomed and so did a nasty curl of guilt. "But, but
your husband. . ."

"I've made up my mind, Pastor Mike. I'm going
to do it." She licked her lips and dropped her eyes
to his waist.

"Hannah, as your pastor I must counsel you against

"I know what you have to do." Her hands twitched
by her sides, then abruptly went to the buttons at her neckline.
Her voice dipped, turning into a husky version of what was
already liquid sex. "I know what you want to do."

"Hannah. . ."

One button gave way and then another.

"You can't do this. I won't let you."

Another button flicked up. One more and her lapels would
sag enough to reveal the slopes of her breasts. "You
want to fuck me, Pastor Mike."

The coarse word grated across his conscience and shoved
his dick against his trousers. "No, I don't."

She laughed again, that smooth as a swig of old Kentucky
whiskey laugh of hers. "You can go to hell just as quick
for lyin' as for stealin'."

"Hannah, this is wrong. You're married. I'm
your pastor. We can't do this." His five-year
virgin penis wasn't listening either. It was steadily
feeding a growing spot of wetness on his pants.

"I'm not wearing underwear, Pastor Mike. Do
you want to see my titties?"

"Hannah. . ." He didn't know if it was protest
or reverence.

"Come here, Pastor. I'll show you my nipples.
They've been hard all night because they've been
rubbing against my dress and I knew you were looking at them.
You look at my titties a lot, don't you? You like my nipples?"
She pulled her dress open enough to show him one proud breast
and the thick, hard nipple that capped it. His mouth went
alternately dry then wet. He was lost. Her thumb and forefinger
circled that bit of brownish pink flesh that he wanted so
desperately to suck and tugged on it. He watched as gooseflesh
erupted over her arms and she moaned deep in her throat.
"Do you like my breasts, Pastor Mike?"

"Oh God, " he groaned, but it was too late to
save him.

"Do you want to see my pussy, Pastor Mike?"

"Yes." More than anything.

She smiled at him, undid another button on her dress, and
pulled it open all the way. Both of her breasts hung in the
cool air of his office, just waiting to be touched. "Get
on your knees and I'll show it to you."

"What?" He wanted to touch but didn't dare.
It had been too long, it was too wrong, if he did he'd
cum in his pants and it would be over.

"Right here, get on your knees right in front of me
so I can show you my pussy. I want you to see it. I've been
wanting to show you my pussy for months now, but I never had
the courage to lift my dress during services."

He shuddered at the thought of her lifting her skirts to
show him her most private areas in front of the whole congregation.
Instead of fizzling him out with the thought of the reprisals,
it turned him on even more. His knees bent and dropped to
the thick carpeting in front of her. His face was so close
to the piece of heaven between her legs that he could smell
her. She smelled like earth, woman, and creamy sin.

The dress inched up past her knees. He wanted to rip it off
of her and bury himself as deep inside of her as he could get.
She wiggled her hips and lifted it farther, until the lamplight
shone through the wet curls covering her sex. He stared
in complete awe. The inner lips were bulging and swollen;
he could see them peeking through the hair. Somewhere she
had a little clitoris that he wanted to lick. He'd never
seen a woman so wet in his life. Of course he was limited to
a few quick fumblings in college over five years ago, so
he didn't have much experience to rely on.

"Do you like my pussy?" She sounded a little
uncertain, perhaps afraid that he wouldn't.

"I love your pussy." He loved saying the word.
He relished the feel of it on his lips and the meaning behind
it. The only thing better was the real thing laid out in front
of him. "I love your beautiful pussy."

She wiggled some more and then shoved the dress down all
the way. He looked up past the softness of her belly to her
jutting breasts. His cock twitched and it was all he could
do to keep from ripping his pants off and ruining his descent
into sin with a quick orgasm.

"Hannah. . ." He didn't know what to say.
She didn't seem to mind though. She edged onto his desk
and spread her legs until he could see all of her cunt and
even a part of her rosebud. Her fingers reached between
them and pulled the lips apart, sliding through the wetness.

"I can't believe how wet you make me, Pastor.
All I have to do is hear you say my name and I cream my panties.
See?" She wasn't lying; her fleshed gleamed
from it. Her fingers slipped into her pink hole then up through
the labia to tickle her erect, little clit. Her body jerked
and she swallowed a groan. "I like saying dirty words
to you. I like masturbating for you. I think I'm going
to cum soon."

"Me, too." He watched her fingers dance and
had no doubt that he would go off like a rocket. Her hips jerked
reflexively and she let out all of those sexy little grunts.
She fell back across his desk, scattering papers everywhere,
and arched her entire body. He needed to slap his hand across
her mouth and shut her up, but he wanted to hear every sound
she made echo through his office and the rest of the church.


In the end, he just jumped to his feet and ripped his clothes
off. She was writhing on his desk and he couldn't stop
himself from joining her, even he'd wanted to. His
cock was ready to blow up in his fist when he stepped between
her legs. He didn't think that she'd even noticed
him until she lifted her head and screamed his name. That
was all it took. He didn't even get inside of her. Her
pussy lips kissed his dick and he came.

Even though he hadn't done anything, he was panting
like a winded horse. His dick was still a little interested
and his sperm dripped off of his fingers. He felt like the
biggest piece of shit in existence. He wanted to cry, to
scream. He was ready to break out the flog and change his
name to Arthur Dimmesdale. There was nothing too horrible
that he could do to repent.

Her legs moved, closing against his side and then sliding
down his body like a pair of heated, loving serpents. She
sat up, a lazy, contented haze in her eyes. Her lips touched
his, clinging to him in a kiss that seemed ridiculously
chaste and incredibly loving all at the same time. It was
like being with a girl for the first time all over again.
He closed his eyes and steeled himself to push her away.

"Mmm, that took the edge off." Her voice caressed
his lips. He could feel her breath, taste her life. It was
incredibly sweet to be this close to another person, Hannah
in particular. Her hand wrapped around his penis, still
sticky from both of their orgasms, and any thought of pushing
her away flew right out of his head.

He wasn't quite sure how it happened, but one moment
he was standing and the next he was leaning against his desk
and she was kneeling between his feet. His dick stuck out
obscenely next to her face and he thought he'd never
seen a woman look sexier. Then she opened her mouth and touched
the head with her tongue and he couldn't think at all.

He'd had high school blow-jobs from scared girlfriends,
but they were nothing compared to this. Hannah took her
time and relished what she was doing. The lust in her eyes
was a clear as the rock hardness of his erection. She loved
his dick, he could see her getting off on it. Watching her
do it was almost more exciting than feeling her delicately
lick along the shaft. Her tongue wrapped around it then
lapped at it. Licks were interspersed with nibbles. She
gave him a wicked smile then opened her lips and drew him

Hot, wet, suction greeted him. The inside of her mouth was
as welcoming as a steam bath. She sucked him, drawing his
pre-cum out to sweep away with slow licks from the broad
side of her tongue. His world narrowed to a few inches of
penis and the burning cavern of her mouth. She took more
of his dick inside, pressing the tip of her tongue against
the sweet spot on the underside, just below the head. His
saw stars.

She pulled him deeper insider of her, devouring his cock
and the tatters of his resistance. Whatever she wanted
him to do, he would do. Her magical mouth worked his dick
over until it was so hard it hurt. Then she swallowed. The
muscles of her throat squeezed the head of his penis and
drew it down even deeper. He wondered, momentarily, how
she could breathe past his meat, but he couldn't hold
onto that thought with her nose pressed to his belly. She
sensed his orgasm before he did and yanked her sweet mouth
away from his needy dick.

"Please. . ."

"I want you to cum in my pussy, not my mouth, Pastor

"Hannah." He breathed her name like a sacrament.

She pushed things out of her way and bent over his desk. Her
beautiful rump stuck upwards, a naughty testament to sin
of the most delicious sort. He licked his lips and palmed
her ass cheeks, savoring the feel of them. He didn't
think he'd ever get to do it again and he wanted to remember
the smooth skin and firm curves for the rest of his life.
She wiggled, shoving against him. "Do you like my

"I love your ass, Hannah." He hadn't said
ass out loud in well over five years. It felt wonderful to
say it to her. He leaned down and bit it, then licked it. She
squealed and thrust it at him. He pushed his cheek against
the soft skin and breathed in the heady scent of her cunt.

The damp slit between her legs drew him like bees to honey.
He wanted to touch it, rub his face in it, press his dick into
it, he just wanted to be a part of it. She reached behind her
and grabbed the flesh on either side of her pussy and pulled,
opening it up to him. "Fuck me, Pastor Mike."

He didn't need to be invited twice. His dick wanted
to renew its acquaintance with those pussy lips and he wasn't
one to get in the way. He knew he should slow down and back
off. He should do a little foreplay and pussy licking to
get her off first. A gentleman always made sure the lady
was satisfied before claiming his own. He nudged the head
past her labia and grabbed her hips. It was too late to hop
off of her. He had to slide his cock inside or he would explode
embarrassingly all over her pussy again. He couldn't
have stopped himself if half the congregation walked in
on them right then. Not even the thought of Sandy and her
wall-eyed stare could stop him.

"Oh, God, Pastor Mike, fuck me!" Her ass wiggled
and her pussy swallowed a little more of his dick. His hips
jerked and sank him in almost to the hilt. He pulled back
a little for another lunge at it. She threw her head back
and cried out. The glorious sounding of a woman in heat echoed
through the sanctuary. She lifted her butt to meet him,
gasping when he bottomed out. He reached around and grabbed
her breasts, kneading them his fingers. She arched her
back and rode him in ways he'd only dreamed of.

"That's it, Hannah, ride my cock. Fuck it."
He said more things, but they were lost in a snarling haze
of lust. He quit pawing her breasts to hold her hips in a vice
grip. He pounded her hard, moving fast enough to send the
stuff on his desk careening across the carpeting. He didn't
care either. All he cared about was the exquisitely tight
channel squeezing his cock like a boa constrictor devouring
lunch. His dick felt huge and swollen inside of her. He could
almost feel every bump and squeeze her inner muscles made
with each thrust.

She grunted with every downstroke of his cock. He had the
fleeting idea that it would be great if she came with him,
but he didn't have the coordination to accomplish
that. His entire body was focused on the few inches of erection
inside of her. He couldn't feel anything else, just
his dick. Her pussy spasmed on it, squeezing him. She cried
out again and he lost it. He shoved his cock in as far as it
would go and roared. His entire being jerked reflexively,
trying to insinuate as much of himself as possible inside
of her pussy. He felt like his soul was shooting through
the tip of his cock into the center of her being.

When his brain finally returned to Earth she was sprawled
on his desk and he was on top of her. His dick had shriveled
and her pussy slowly pushed it out. The scent of cum was heavy,
drowning out the usual overpowering smell of lemon furniture
polish. His penis flopped wetly against his thigh and adulterous
juices, both hers and his, trickled down his skin. The weight
of regret settled between his shoulder blades and shoved
straight down so hard he could barely breathe. He choked
on his guilt, trying to swallow it. Dimly he felt her shuddering
underneath him. The sound of a woman's tears penetrated
the fog in his mind and he wanted to die.

"Hannah. . ." He didn't know what to say.

"I never knew it could be so beautiful." She
pressed her forehead to his desk. "I never even knew
it felt so good."

"But you didn't cum!" He pulled back and
clutched at her hand.

"You made me feel, Pastor Mike. It felt so good."
She threw herself into his arms and held him. "I felt
like a real woman."

Despite the all encompassing guilt, he suddenly felt like
the world's greatest lover. He was Don Juan, Casanova,
and Romeo all rolled into one. And she hadn't even orgasmed.
It wasn't too late, he could still make her cum. Then
she would be truly satisfied. No. Sodomy was as against
God's law as well as adultery was. It was bad enough
that he'd let her suck his dick he wasn't going
to make things worse.

"Pete says I'm frigid, but I never felt anything
before. You were wonderful."

"You're not frigid. You're warm and loving."

She laughed, the sound merrily wrapping itself around
his heart. "I can't orgasm."

If that wasn't a challenge to his maleness, he didn't
know what was. "Who told you that?"

"Nobody. I just can't. Pete's tried for
years, even bought my a vibrator. I just can't."


Her eyes widened and she giggled. "Pastor Mike! Don't

He tried to swallow his laugh, but it came out of his nose
anyway. "I just fucked myself stupid with you and
you're worried about a little word like shit."

"I've never heard you say things like that."

"I've never seen a prettier pussy." She
looked just as pleased as she was embarrassed. He didn't
know what ol' Pete was doing wrong, but he knew he had
to rectify the situation. He would worry about his immortal
soul tomorrow, when he resigned and joined an order of monks
that lived on top of mountains where women didn't exist.
"Why don't you lay down and let me get a good look
at the pretty little cunt?"

Embarrassment warred with lust across her eyes. Lust won.
Her knees drooped until the touched the carpet, then she
eased onto her back. Her legs crossed each other, a testament
to her uncertainty. It's not too late, the angel in
him whispered, repent and let her alone. So far he'd
only fucked it, he hadn't gotten intimately acquainted
with it. Just looking at her from a respectful distance
was intoxicating, what would happen to his soul if he tasted
her fully?

Nervously she licked her lips then spread her legs. One
foot slid to the right, propping itself up so the knee bent.
The other followed suit. She was hot and wet enough to permeate
the air with the smell of her sweet pussy. His nostrils flared
and the angel lost whatever control it ever had over him.
He dropped between her thighs and inhaled.

"Pastor Mike? What are you doing?" She propped
herself on her elbows, apparently ready to pull away from

He grazed his knuckles over the wet pubic hair. "Do
you know what my favorite thing in the world is?"

"Sugar cookies?"

He met her eyes with his and smiled. It hadn't taken
Sandy long to figure that out. She had that information
the day he arrived and a fresh batch ready two hours later.
He didn't think Hannah had noticed. "Not quite.
My favorite thing in the whole world is pussy and you've
got the sexiest one I've ever seen."

He had the satisfaction of watching her nipples get agonizingly
hard while she gasped for air. He slid his fingers inside
of her, then spread them. He liked the way her lips clung
to him and the way they gleamed in the lamplight. They were
wet and a little sticky, just the way he liked them. He opened
the wider so he could see the delicate pink slopes disappearing
into her body, more importantly so he could taste it.

"What are you doing!" Her entire body jerked
against him. He couldn't answer because his mouth
was full of pussy. She whipped her hips, trying to unseat
him, but he held on stubbornly. "It's filthy!
You, you, you, you knowed in it!"

He lifted his head and grinned at her. He sincerely hoped
she could see their juices on his cheeks. "So dinner
is a little creamier. You're delicious. I've
been dreaming of licking you like this since I first saw
you. I love your pussy, Hannah."

"But, but. . ."

"Some men like tits, some like ass, some like legs.
I'm a pussy man myself. Send me to heaven, baby, rub
that pussy in my face." He didn't know where the
wild man had come from, but he liked it. A lot.

"Pastor Mike!"

"You have a sexy pussy, Hannah. I'm going to eat
it until one of us passes out."

"You're trying to make me cum, aren't you."
He didn't like the sadness in her voice.

"I'm trying to lock lips with you pussy."

She relaxed against the floor, her knees splaying in bored
resignation. "You won't make me cum. We could
make love again."

"I'm not hard." Adultery, sodomy, breaking
every church law in the books about female parishioners,
what was a lie on top of that? "Just lie back and think
of England."

She snorted and he grinned into her pussy. Her body shifted
a little, settling itself more comfortably on the flat
floor. It also slid her labia across his nose. He shuddered
and followed it back down. Those lips were so inviting,
so full and wet, just perfect for kissing. He traced the
edge of one with his tongue and then sucked it into his mouth.
The heady flavor of her juices made him want to stick his
dick into her all over again. Later, oh yes, later he'd
bury himself into her as far as he could go, right then he
was going to savor her.

He slipped two fingers inside and pulled her gently open,
stretching her vulva wide enough to peer into her body.
She shivered delicately against him, the first encouraging
sign he'd had. He wiggled his tongue deep into that
sexy hole and tasted them both. He lapped at it, going after
every drop he could find. With every sweep of his tongue
her pussy made more juice. He slid his fingers inside and
rubbed her. She gasped, her hips jerking.

Smiling a little, his slid his tongue along her slit until
it met up with her clit. That little knob of flesh stood erect,
begging to be kissed. A gentleman should never say no to
a clit. He nuzzled it with his lips, getting familiar with
the hardness covered by soft skin. His fingers found a rhythm
with her hips, one sliding in as the other slid out. His tongue
touched her clit and slowly made rounds of the tip. Her legs
spread open a little wider and her butt tilted up, giving
him far more access. It also brought her little rosebud
right into the open. He pulled a finger from pussy and sucked
the juice off it. He looked up to see her staring at him with
glazed eyes. The Ice Queen was melting.

He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and tilted her hips up
more firmly. She grabbed her legs and let her head fall back.
She had such a beautiful pussy. He gave it long lick before
touching his tongue to her ass. She jerked and nearly got
away, but he held her firmly, running his tongue all over
the tiny hole. She didn't put up much of a fight, though
he figured she wanted to. He stuck his finger in his mouth
for a moment than introduced it to her butt. She squealed
when he pushed it inside.

"Am I hurting you?"

"N-no. . ."


He slid his tongue over her clit again. A few moments of that
and her ass loosened enough to take all of his finger. He
touched her pussy with his free hand and she groaned. One
finger slowly fucked her ass and another one slowly fucked
her pussy. Her hips moved with him, sinuously chasing the
fingers. He sucked on her clit, then used his tongue like
a boxer. She gasped again, the sharp edge of it teased him.
He added another finger to her butt and her load cry echoed
through the church.

She sank her fingers into his hair and alternately pressed
him closer to her clit and tugged him farther away from it.
She wiggled under his mouth as if she couldn't decide
if she wanted him to continue or not. He added another finger
to her pussy, twisting it slowly for a few moments. She all
but screamed when he hooked his fingers and found her g-spot.

"Oh my God, " she howled. Not quite God, but
he was happy enough with that. Her pussy convulsively squeezed
his fingers and coated his hand with delicious female juices.
His tongue was getting a little sore, not even sermonizing
prepared him for this workout. Her ass jerked upwards,
her pussy nearly broke his fingers, and her screams filled
the entire building. She pulled on his hair until he thought
she'd rip it out and shoved her clit into lips and rubbed
it. Pussy juice was everywhere.

He slammed his dick deep into her pussy before she could
stop cumming. Her body writhed beneath him for a moment
and her wails picked up speed again. She squeezed his cock
so beautifully, milking his entire length hard enough
to make his eyes cross. He jerked out before he did cum and
ruined everything. She reached for him, but he flipped
her over instead. That ass was staring him right in the face
and he intended to have it. He'd never been inside one
with his dick before and that was going to change.

He pried her cheeks apart and stuck his tongue right into
her tight little hole. She was still riding the crest of
her orgasm so she didn't bother to protest. He didn't
bother to wait long enough for her to get the mental acuity
to stop him either. His fingers worked her pussy like a pair
of two stroke pistons and his tongue chased the clenching
rosebud. He brought the wetness from her cunt to her hole,
pushing it in with his fingers. He worked that hole, stretching
it, getting it ready, until he thought his head would explode.
He couldn't wait another moment to sink inside of her,
he just hoped she could take it.

She was on her knees, panting from the force of her orgasm
when he lost all self-control. Her butt was the perfect
height and her hole was the perfect target. He had enough
brainpower left to shove himself into her pussy and hold
his dick there for a moment before pushing it against her
ass. He waited for a second, but she didn't stop him.
She probably didn't know what he was doing. He felt
like a hormone driven teenager and a complete jerk, but
nothing could stop him from fucking her ass. Maybe not even
if she asked him to. He hoped to God that she didn't.

He found the hole with the head of his cock and pushed. She
squealed again, coming up off the floor. He pushed harder,
not stopping until his head broke through that tight ring
of muscle. She shrieked. "That hurts!"

"I know, baby, I know." He wanted to move, to
fuck himself in deeper. She wasn't asking him to pull
out, not yet, please don't ask. He reached around her
hips and found her soaked pussy. Her clit was still hard
and throbbing, but hopefully not too sensitive to touch.
She didn't object when he took it between his fingers.
His dick slid in a little bit more.

God, she was so tight and so hot. He'd never felt anything
like it and that was just the first inch or so of prick, too.
"You're so hot. So tight. Please let me fuck you,

He rocked his hips slowly, gaining a little more ground
in her backdoor. She whimpered and rocked against him.
"Tell me it feels good, baby. Tell me you like my dick
in your ass." He had no pride, he didn't care that
he sounded like a man pleading for his life. He felt like
he was. He couldn't stop himself, he flexed the long
muscles in his ass and shoved. "Oh, God, Hannah."

She was shaking beneath him, her ass had swallowed most
of his cock. So far she hadn't stopped him, but he thought
that she wanted to. Her pussy was starting to dry up as well.
He lunged again, and followed up with a few tiny jerks, seating
himself fully in her rump. He leaned his head against her
back and listened to her heart beat wildly. "Spread
your legs, baby, let me at your pussy."

Her body quivered and she shifted her weight. He groaned
and jerked, her ass was squeezing him deliciously. He sank
his fingers into her pussy, looking for juicy wetness.
She groaned and he found it. Deep inside her pussy was still
soaking. He pulled it out and anointed her clitty. He held
himself still despite the tremendous need to pound her
ass. She needed to catch up with him. He pulled more cream
from inside of her and played with her clit. He could feel
her starting to loosen up around his cock and her body slowly
relaxed beneath him.

His weight pressed her into the carpet and straddled her
legs. She lifted her butt to him, squeezing him with her
inner muscles. He groaned and licked her shoulder. Her
hand pushed his out of the way and took over on her pussy.
"Can I fuck you, baby?"



He moved on her, easing his dick outward and then pushing
it back in. "Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want."

She moaned deep in throat, a sound as full of lust as he was.
"Fuck my ass, Pastor Mike."

"Oh God, " he groaned, even though he knew God
wouldn't approve.

She wiggled her butt against him, enticing his prick with
her tight little channel. "Fuck my ass, Pastor Mike.
Fuck me hard. Make me cum."

He braced himself and rode her ass. She kept talking to him,
telling him exactly what it felt like and how much she loved
it. Her voice broke a few times and she whined in her throat.
He loved hearing those words from her: cock, pussy, asshole,
fuck, clit, and his personal favorites, "Oh God,
Pastor Mike, I'm cumming!"

He knew how nicely her pussy spasmed when she came, he had
no idea her ass was like an all encompassing, hot, wet fist
milking his dick with mind-blowing strokes. He eyes crossed
and his back arched. She screamed with a new rush of orgasms.
His balls contracted against his body and he fought against
it. He didn't know how many more years he'd have
to wait to get inside an ass, probably never again, and he
wanted to savor every single moment he could. She gyrated
under him, riding her orgasm like a bucking bronc. She felt
so good, so tight.

He couldn't hold it back any longer. He shoved himself
as far into her ass as he could, trying to force all of himself
into her. His grunts mingled with hers and danced sinfully
through the church. His cum flung itself through the end
of his cock and bathed her insides. He felt like he was pouring
himself into her with each blinding spurt. His entire body
tingled and all of his concentration centered on the flesh
of his dick and the squeeze of her ass. He bellowed her name
and jerked like a puppet; his cock was the string and she
held it firmly.

Some time later-- probably months, he couldn't tell‒
he stirred himself enough to get off of her. Her ass had pushed
his cock out and he imagined that his cum was leaking out
of her ass, too. "Hannah, " he began, but couldn't
think of anything else to say.

"I love you, Pastor Mike. I know you don't love
me and that I'm married, but I love you anyway."
She wouldn't look at him.

There was only one thing to say to that. "Same time
next week, baby?"

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that was hot. i came so hard reading that.