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It was a cold winter evening in mid December and I was looking
forward to getting home and warming up. It had started snowing
about three hours earlier and showed no signs of letting
up any time soon. I hated working late, but I had no choice,
I needed the money. I was thankful that my parents had taken
the girls to visit my grandparents for the weekend, it had
been a long time since I had had the chance to be alone with
my boyfriend Tony.
I got home just as the wind started to pick up and ran inside
the house shivering. It was very quiet and the peacefulness
was a welcome respite from the holiday havoc at the mall.
I hung my coat by the door and dropped my packages in the closest
chair. Sitting down to take off my boots I snagged the phone
just as it started to ring.
“Hello?” I asked breathlessly, hoping it was Tony.
“Hey Baby, You just get home?” came the much loved voice
from the other end.
“Yeah, the place was a madhouse!” I reply, “are you going
to be able to come over?” I ask hopefully.
“I was just checking to make sure that you were home, I’m
leaving now.” He replied cheerfully.
“OK, love, just be careful the roads ore horrible!” I cautioned.
“I’ll see you in a few, and I will be careful.” He said, “
I love you!”
“ I love you too darlin’.” I replied smiling as I hung up
the phone. I felt excited butterflies starting in the pit
of my stomach. I couldn’t wait to surprise him with my holiday
With a smile on my face I started to set up my surprise. I
intended this weekend to be a fantasy for both of us. I shifted
the furniture in the living room clearing a space in front
of the fireplace, laying the air mattress down and inflating
it. I piled on the pillows and started placing candles on
every available surface.
After I was done I surveyed my work, It looked perfect!
Humming to myself I slipped a CD into the player and adjusted
the volume. I then went into my room to prepare myself. I
dipped into my packages and lovingly laid out everything
that I would need. Then I slipped into the shower and quickly
scrubbed myself clean, getting out and briskly drying
off. I was moving quickly because I knew that he would arrive
soon. This had to be perfect! I hurriedly dried my hair and
brushed it out. Then I scurried into my room to finish getting
I quickly put the garter belt on and slip the lace stockings
on my legs, fastening them securely. Then I reached over
to grab the most important part of my costume. I slowly ran
the velvet through my fingers, loving the soft silky feel
of it. I reached up and placed the collar around my neck locking
the clasp and turned to look at myself in the mirror. It was
missing something. I reached into the bag and pulled out
the leash that went with the collar and clipped it on. Perfect.
I dashed out into the living room and got the fire going
in the fireplace. Then I made sure all of the candles were
lit and I laid the bottle of massage oil by the fireplace
to warm. I quickly went through the house turning off lights
and making sure that I was not forgetting anything. Nothing
seemed to be missing so I curled up in the nest that I made
to wait.
Twenty minutes went by and I was starting to get worried,
what could be keeping him? I was terrified that there might
have been an accident or something and I was getting ready
to start calling hospitals when I heard a car pull into the
drive. I quickly scurried back to the nest and knelt down
on the floor next to it. I laid the leash on the floor in front
of me and awaited his entrance.
I was kind of confused when I heard two voices come from
the entrance. He WOULDN’T have brought a friend, would
he? I was about ready to get up and go see what was going on
when Tony and another woman came through the door to the
room. I didn’t know who is more surprised me or them. I blushed
furiously and grabbed a blanket to wrap myself in.
“Uh, hello love, ” he said hesitantly “This is Jessica,
her car swerved off of the road on 12th and I offered to give
her a ride over here so she could call someone.” He looked
at me like he was afraid that I would attack him.
“Hello” came a very quiet voice from just slightly behind
him, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude….”
I was sure that I was blushing so much I was glowing, but
I had to try to be somewhat graceful. “It’s OK. I was just
really surprised.” I said in a voice that almost squeaked.
“I’ll show you where the phone is. I hope that you weren’t
hurt or anything.”
“No, I wasn’t hurt, but It scared the Hell out of me!” the
woman said with a shaky laugh. “I’m so glad that Tony happened
to be going by. I have no idea what I would have done otherwise.”
“I can imagine!” I said with a smile “the phone is right
here, and here is the phonebook” I said reaching down to
get it for her.
“Thank you so much” she said as she started thumbing through
I took the chance to get a better look at her, she was very
pretty. Not gorgeous, but her long brown hair formed waves
around her face and ran down to the middle of her back. She
had an average figure, about a size 12, with rounded hips
and a lovely ass. She had wonderfully rounded breasts,
probably about a C cup and her nipples were just barely visible
through her tight shirt. She looked to be about 23 or 24.
She quickly dialed the number for the tow service as I turned
around to talk to Tony.
“Baby, I am so sorry” he said, still embarrassed “ I had
NO idea that you had planned that!”
“it’s OK, I was hoping to surprise you” I said with a weak
grin “I guess it worked huh?”
“Yeah, I think I surprised you even more though!” he laughed
as he reached out to grab the leash that was hanging down
in front of me. He pulled me towards him and kissed me softly.
“I DO like your surprise, I just wish that I had known a little
ahead of time.”
“And what would you have done? Left the poor girl out in
the middle of nowhere in a snowstorm?” I laughed, “We both
know better than that!”
“OK, true. But I might not have brought her straight into
the living room with me.” He said smiling, “I don’t think
that I have ever seen you blush quite that shade of red.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and turned as I heard Jessica
curse and the phone slam down.
“DAMN!” She sat in the chair by the phone and put her face
in her hands. I immediately crossed the room and knelt down
in front of her.
“What is it?” I asked
“The tow place says that due to the weather they only jobs
that they can take are the emergency cases and wreaks. It’ll
be tomorrow at the earliest before they can get to it!” She
sighed and rubbed at her temples as if she were getting a
headache. “I was hoping to make it to Ardmore before I had
to stop. I have an aunt that lives there and I was going to
stay with her.”
“Well there is no way that you are going to make it tonight.”
I replied “It sounds like it is getting worse and you wouldn’t
make it far even if you did have a car.”
“I know” she sighed, “I’m really sorry for intruding like
this. I will call a cab and….”
“And what?” I asked when she hesitated “If you were planning
on staying with an aunt then you probably don’t have money
for a hotel. Do you?”
“No. I was lucky that I could come up with the money for gas.”
She said quietly. “I just don’t want to intrude any longer,
you obviously had…..plans for the evening.”
“True, but I know for a fact that there is no way that I could
enjoy them if I were worried about you.” I replied with a
smile “ you can stay here for the night and we will see about
your car tomorrow.”
“But…” she started to protest.
“No buts, you will stay here.” I said firmly.
“You had might as well agree, ” came a voice from behind
me, “If you don’t she will badger you until you do. She has
this thing about getting her way.”
“Damn straight I do, ” I responded laughing “and he is
right, I will badger you until you agree.”
“Well, then I guess I had better agree hadn’t I?” Jessica
replied with a smile. “Thank you, and I am still very sorry
for interrupting you plans.”
I heard a quiet chuckle from behind me as I stood and I turned
to look at Tony. As I turned he reached out and snagged the
leash and pulled me towards him in my surprise I let the blanket
that I had been holding against my chest loose.
“Oh, I think that we can find something that will keep the
three of us occupied for the evening.” He said smiling at
Jessica and me. “Well, that is, of course, if you are interested
Jessica. I already know Pegs thoughts on the subject. Don’t
I love?” he wrapped the leash around his hand and pulled
my body up against his. “I know that you have always wanted
to have a woman. I saw you looking at Jessica, and I can tell
that you like what you see.”
I looked at him in surprise, he was not usually so forward.
I glanced at Jessica to see her reaction, fearing that the
poor girl would panic or something. To my surprise I thought
that I saw a slight smile cross her face as she looked at me.
I blushed slightly when I realized that the blanket had
slipped down far enough that is was no longer covering much
of anything. I started to pull it back up, but Tony caught
it and pulled it out of my hands, letting it fall to the floor.
“I don’t think that you will be needing that love.” He said
with a smile as he looked me over. “It ruins the view.” He
“I thought that I looked good in green, ” I joked, trying
not to let my surprise get the better of me. “but since I am
the one wearing the collar you are the one making the decisions.”
I said looking him straight in the eyes.
“Very true, ” He replied, “very true. Well Jessica?”
he said as he turned towards her “Think that my wench here
has anything you might like? I assure you that she is quite
Jessica slowly stood up and walked toward us, “I’ve never…well,
I’ve never been with a woman. I mean….I have sometimes wondered……but”
she hesitated, looking at the two of us, “I don’t know what
to do.”
The poor girl was blushing now and I started to feel sorry
for her. So I unwound the leash from Tony’s hand and walked
over to her. I was careful not to get too close lest she bolt.
“To tell you the complete truth Jessica, ” I said quietly
“it would be my first too. I’ve always wanted to try sex with
another woman, but I’ve never had the opportunity. Tony
was right about one thing though, I was looking at you and
I do like what I see.”
I carefully reached out to caress her cheek, ready to pull
back if she flinched. She didn’t flinch however, she turned
her face so that my hand traveled across her neck and I felt
her shiver at the feeling. Her eyes closed and her lips parted
slightly, I could hear her breath coming a little faster.
By now my heart was racing and it took all of my control to
keep my hand from shaking.
“Why don’t we go make ourselves comfortable in the other
room and we can talk about it.” I said somewhat breathlessly.
“It’s not like there is any hurry or anything.”
“OK, that sounds good to me, ” she replied with a slight
quiver in her voice.
I turned towards the living-room and patiently stood
waiting for Tony to take the leash and lead me. He reached
out and took the cord standing back and gesturing Jessica
to proceed us and then led me to the pillow nest. I knelt in
front of him as he sat and made himself comfortable. Jessica
sat on the edge of the couch in front of me still looking somewhat
nervous but not like she had changed her mind.
“So Jess, where were you heading anyway? I mean besides
Ardmore.” I asked her, hoping to calm her nerves and put
her at ease.
“I was going home, to Dallas, for the holidays. I didn’t
want to ask my family for money to pay for a plane ticket so
I had no choice but to drive.” She sighed, “looks like I am
going to have to ask them after all. I am afraid to think what
kind of damage I just did to my car.”
“Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think. I don’t think that you
actually HIT anything.” Tony replied.
“I can only hope, but with the way that my luck goes I’m not
going to hold my breath.” Jess laughed.
I noticed that she seemed more comfortable and I decided
to see if I could move things along a bit. “Would anyone care
for something to drink?” I asked looking to Tony first.
“I would love something love.” He said grinning at me “How
about some of that eggnog? It is really good Jess, you should
try some.”
“Sure, ” she said looking at him strangely “if you will
kindly tell me why you are grinning like that. It makes it
hard to trust you.”
I laugh, “He is grinning like that because my eggnog has
quite a bit of brandy in it and I have the feeling that he was
hoping that you would drink some without knowing it!” I
say sticking my tongue out at him again.
“Oh, is that all!” she says with a smile “ I would love some!”
“I’ll be right back, ” I said as I hurried to the kitchen
to get three glasses of VERY spiked eggnog. I returned promptly,
serving Jess first and Tony second, and once again knelt
on the floor. Tony noticed that I was sitting quite a bit
closer to Jess than I had been earlier, but Jess didn’t seem
to notice. She took a sip of the drink and smiled at the taste.
“This is great!” She exclaimed “My mother used to make
eggnog for parties when I was a little girl, but I never got
any. I was always too young.” Laughing she confided in me
“Honestly, that never really stopped me! I was always sneaking
into the kitchen and gulping as much as I could before someone
caught me!”
“That sounds like something I would have done!” I laughed,
“I was a horrible child.”
“Me too, I was a total sneak.”
“But it was always SUCH fun!”
We continued to reminisce for a while and before I knew
it our cups were empty. We decided the we didn’t really want
any more and I took the cups back to the kitchen. When I returned
Jess was sitting on the air mattress and Tony had moved to
the couch. I took the hint and sat on the mattress next to
I had all but forgotten that I was mostly nude, but I suddenly
decided that it was only fair that Jess should be too. I reached
out and lightly ran my hand along her neck, slowly moving
lower to the buttons on her top. My hand traveled over the
curve of her breast and she let out a soft gasp. When I reached
the buttons I started slowly undoing them working downward
and enjoying the sight that was being exposed. Her breasts
were lovely, swelling out of her bra, rising and falling
with every breath she took.
I finished the buttons and eased the shirt off of her shoulders
moving forward slightly as I did so. I ran my fingers over
her shoulders and down her arms until I reached the swell
of her breasts. I heard her moan as my wrists brushed over
hard nipples and I slowly ran my hands over her breasts to
the hook and undid it. I pushed her gently back onto the pillows
and slipped my fingers into the bra to push it off, leaning
forward to lightly brush my tongue over her nipples. Her
back arched towards me and she moaned louder. I let my hands
run across her breasts and moved my tongue upwards to lick
her throat. I kissed her neck softly and kept moving upwards
to nip at her earlobe.
I could hear her breath coming faster and felt her arms
slip around me, one hand sliding up my back and wrapping
its fingers in my hair. I pulled back some and looked in her
eyes, looking for any signs that she wanted me to stop. She
returned my gaze calmly and pulled my head down towards
her. Our lips met and I felt her tongue slip into my mouth
lightly caressing mine. I moaned and ran my hands down over
her belly finding the fastening of her jeans and unsnapping
it. The zipper slid down at my urging and I slid my hand further
into her pants, moving slowly into her panties encountering
the soft fuzz of her mound.
I heard her gasp as my fingers lightly brushed the outer
portion of her lips. Her legs slipped apart further to give
me better access and I took advantage of it to slide a finger
down to caress her clit. She was so warm and slippery wet
and her hips pressed upwards at the touch. I continued to
tease her, lightly brushing a finger over her clit and then
withdrawing it when she started to moan.
I felt her free hand caress my breasts, lightly tweaking
my erect nipples. She pulled her lips away from mine and
started nibbling at my neck bringing a moan of pleasure
from me. I slid another finger down across her clit and her
hips rose in response. She was now incredibly slippery
and the thought of tasting her was driving me crazy.
I withdrew my hand from her pants and quickly pulled them
off of her, taking her panties with them. I took a moment
to enjoy the sight before me. Her pubic hair was glistening
wetly with her juices and her chest was heaving from her
rapid breathing. She reached for me and brought me back
down for another kiss. This time her tongue thrust into
my mouth passionately and her hands both twisted into my
hair. I slid my hand back down to caress her wet snatch and
heard her moan as her legs parted to let me in.
I slowly moved my fingers down to her wet hole and ran my
fingers lightly around it, feeling her hips twitch in anticipation.
She threw her head back and cried out softly as I slid two
fingers into her, pushing them in as deep as I could. I wiggled
them inside of her drawing another soft cry and her hips
thrust upwards to take my fingers in even deeper.
I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I pushed myself
off of her and moved down to taste her. She moaned loudly
as my tongue traveled lightly across her clit and I pushed
my fingers in deeper searching for and finding the g-spot.
Her legs spread even further apart and her hips thrust upwards
as her hands gripped my head. I nibbled at her clit as I thrust
my fingers in and out of her tight hole making her moan again.

I pushed her legs further apart and moved my tongue down
to slide across her anus and then up into her cunt. She cried
out again as I fucked her with my tongue driving it in as deep
as I could and fingering her clit. Her hips were thrusting
and her hands were balled into fists still tangled in my
hair. I slid a finger into her ass and she cried out loudly
her hips jerking wildly. I could taste her sweet juices
as she came in my face, but there was no way that I was going
to stop. I moved my tongue back you to tease her clit and two
fingers back inside her cunt. I thrust hard and fast and
nipped at her until she came again moaning and gripping
my head by the hair. Her juice was all over my face and my fingers
and I slid back up to kiss her as her hands went lax and released
her grip on my hair.
She reached down and took my hand, she licked all of the
juice off of it and then pushed me onto my back. She kissed
me passionately. I felt her hand slide across my belly and
down to caress my mound. I spread my legs a bit to allow her
fingers access and she teased my clit with the tip of one
finger. I moaned and spread my legs more as another finger
slid inside of me. She moved her lips down to suck on my nipple
and slid another finger inside me, pushing deep and pressing
upwards to hit my g-spot. I could feel my own slippery wetness
as her fingers slid in and out of me and I started to thrust
my hips to meet her fingers.
She pulled back as something landed on the mattress next
to us. Looking I noticed that Tony had brought my vibrator
out of my room and dropped it within our reach. Jess reached
out and picked it up, turning it on low and proceeded to run
it across my clit causing me to moan. Smiling she turned
the power up and watched me arch my hips as she ran it across
my clit again. She moved downward and I felt her tongue flicker
across my clit as the tip of the vibrator pushed into me.
The feeling was like an electric shock and I cried out.
I felt the vibrator slip in deeper as Jess turned it up even
higher. She nibbled at my clit and slowly withdrew the vibrator
tip from me. I moaned and pressed upwards wanting to feel
it inside of me. She pulled her face back and suddenly thrust
the vibrator deep into me hard and fast. I bit my lip to keep
from screaming as I felt it hit my cervix and then slip upwards
towards my g-spot. She continued to thrust it in and out
harder and faster, moving down every so often to lightly
flicker her tongue over my clit.
I could feel an orgasm building and thrust my hips in time
with the vibrator rising to meet it and take it in as deep
as I could. I was moaning and my head was thrown back in ecstasy.
I felt the orgasm wash over me and I cried out the vibrator
continued to thrust and Jess dove down to suck on my clit,
tugging at it lightly and causing another orgasm to follow
the first. I no longer had the energy to cry out, all I could
do was moan softly and wish that it would never end.
After what felt like an eternity Jess turned the vibrator
off and pulled it out of me, dropping it down on the floor
next to us. She moved up to kiss me and then collapsed with
her head on my shoulder. We were both breathing hard and
covered with sweat. I looked over to Tony and smiled. He
smiled back and moved to sit next to the two of us, lightly
running his hand through my hair. He had removed his clothes
at some point and I could see that he was hard as a rock, so
I moved a hand to stroke him lightly. He closed his eyes and
moaned softly at the touch.
Jess looked up at the sound and noticed what I was doing.
She smiled and shifted position to allow him to lie on the
mattress between us. The two of us snuggled our bodies up
against his, me bending down to kiss him lightly and her
moving a hand to caress his balls. We each started nibbling
on an ear and nipping at his neck, working slowly downward.
He moaned softly and his eyes closed. Jess and I looked
at each other over his body and shared a smile. There was
no need to discuss what we were going to do, we both knew.
We wriggled downwards and proceeded to run our tongues
over his shaft. She caressed his balls and I spread his legs
slightly so that I could run my finger over his asshole.
I pressed my finger into him, slowly, carefully causing
him to moan again. I pulled my head back to let Jess have better
access to his cock and she proceeded to take his entire length
into her mouth and down her throat. He gasped as her lips
reached the base of his cock. I gently wiggled my finger
inside of his ass, moving in slow circles I pressed firmly
against his prostrate and then pulled away again.
He moaned softly and shifted his hips causing my finger
to press in even further. I took the hint and carefully pushed
in another finger causing him to gasp. Jess teased the tip
of his cock with her tongue, flickering it lightly and then
sliding her tongue down to the base of his shaft. I bent down
and lightly licked his inner thigh bringing another moan
and then proceeded to suck on his balls taking them into
my mouth and running my tongue around them.
I could tell that he was getting close to cumming so I pulled
back and lightly touched Jess to get her to do the same. I
removed my fingers from his ass and he moaned, clearly protesting
the cessation of pleasure. He looked the two of us clearly
wondering why we had pulled away.
“Not quit yet love” I said smiling.
He reached and grabbed the cord hanging from my neck, I
had forgotten all about the collar. Then he pulled me towards
him and pushed me down on the mattress, angling his body
so that I was pinned beneath him.
“You forget who is in charge here, Darling.” He snarled
at me, “You are the one in the collar and I am the one who holds
the leash.” He jerked on the cord as if to remind me. “You
will do what I say, when I say it. Understand?”
I was shocked, he had never been this forceful with me,
but at the same time I reminded myself that this is what I
wanted. The whole reason for the collar in the first place.
I looked into his eyes and nodded my head to show that I understood.
“Good girl, ” he said smiling and running his fingers
across my cheek. He turned to look at Jess. She seemed a bit
surprised, but not afraid. “Remember that Jess, she does
what I tell her. I might even give her to you for awhile later,
I’m sure that you can find a use for her.”
I was even more surprised when Jess smiled at him, “I’m
sure that I could.” she almost purred. “I am sure that I could.
What do you have in mind for her now?”
He smiled at her and turned to look at me. He contemplated
me for a few minutes, looking me up and down, occasionally
caressing me lightly. He rose up onto his knees and pulled
me up with him, turning me so that my back was to him. I felt
his hand slide up the back of my thigh and he pushed my legs
apart. I felt him moving around behind me and then with no
warning he drove his cock into my ass. I screamed and would
have collapsed if he hadn’t grabbed me by the hair and held
me upright. He drove his dick in and out of me hard and fast,
wrapping his fingers in my hair and pulling my head back.
His free hand slid around my body to cup one of my breasts
and pinched the nipple causing me to cry out again. I closed
my eyes and surrendered myself to him. The momentary pain
of his entry dissapeared in the pleasure that engulfed
me, I could feel his shaft sliding in and out of me and his
free hand traveling over my breasts.
I felt another hand slip between my legs from in front of
me. Fingers started to flicker across my clit, caressing
and teasing. I moaned, my breath coming raggedly and my
hands clenched at my sides. I heard Jess chuckle and then
felt her fingers slip up inside of me as she started to bite
gently on my nipples.
I could feeling an orgasm building inside of me and started
to move my hips in time with Tony’s pounding. Suddenly I
felt a slap on the side of my ass and heard Tony growl at me.
“Don’t even think it Bitch.” He said in my ear, biting the
base of my neck, just below the collar.
I moaned again as he thrust forward even harder. Jess pressed
her fingers further into me and I could feel her caressing
Tony’s cock through my walls. He gasped and continued thrusting
hard and fast. I could tell that he was getting ready to cum,
he was breathing hard and biting on my neck, pulling my hair
hard enough to hurt.
He cried out one more time and I felt his cock spasm inside
of me, shooting his load spurt after spurt. The feeling
was to much for me, my whole body tensed as the orgasm washed
over me, I bit my lip to keep from crying out, but it escaped
me anyway. I fell forward as he let go of me, barely catching
myself before I landed on Jess. She rolled out from underneath
me and I collapsed on the mattress, turning so that I was
on my side. I moaned as I felt Tony’s cock slip out of my ass.
As I lay, still gasping, I felt Tony’s body lie behind me,
pressing against me. His arm wrapped around me and I felt
his lips kiss my shoulder softly. I squirmed backwards
to spoon myself against him and closed my eyes.
I was just reaching a drowsy half doze when I felt another
body slip down to lie in front of me. I lifted my head slightly
and encountered a pair of soft, sweet lips. Jess snaked
her tongue into my mouth and shifted her body to lie against
mine. I slipped my arm around her and pulled her as close
as I could, wrapping one leg over her. I ran my fingers down
her back from her neck to her waist, and kissed her passionately.
I felt Tony shift up onto one arm to look at the two of us, his
hand caressed my shoulder and reached in front of me to grip
the leash again. He pulled me over onto my back and reached
out to touch Jess’ shoulder.
“It’s your turn.” He said to her “What is your pleasure?”
She smiled at me and turned to straddle my face. Her cunt
was wet and slippery, I could tell that she was horny as Hell,
so I slowly licked her thighs, working my way inward towards
her sweet lips. She moaned softly and bent down to give me
the same treatment. I felt her fingers spread my cunt lips
wide and her tongue lick at my clit. I moved my arm around
to slip two fingers inside of her and started nibbling on
her thighs, not yet getting to her clit. She shifted backwards
to meet my fingers as the pushed into her and I snaked my tongue
to flicker lightly over her clit. She moaned again and attacked
my cunt with her tongue. I spread my thighs further to allow
her batter access and she pushed a finger inside of me. My
hips pushed upwards and I moaned, licking her and thrust
my fingers in even deeper.
I felt Tony take my free hand and guide it to caress his rapidly
hardening cock. I stroked his balls and ran my hand down
his shaft, squeezing lightly. His hand reached out to run
over Jess’ firm buttocks and then he reached over to remove
my fingers from her cunt. She moaned in protest, but ceased
when his fingers took their place. I licked at her clit and
then further upwards to lick the juices off of his fingers
as they pulled out. My tongue licked at the rim of her vaginal
hole as his fingers pushed forward again. She was thrusting
her hips backward to meet his fingers and he shifted around
so that he was straddling my head, behind her.
He pushed his cock forward just as he removed his fingers
from her cunt and I cried out as she bit at my clit. He started
thrusting into her, hard but slow and I shifted a bit to lick
at his balls along with her clit. She was moaning and writhing
now, trying to drive him in as deep as she could. Her licking
became erratic as her pleasure increased and I started
licking more, faster, running my tongue over Tony’s cock
as well as her. Her fingers were slamming into me and my hips
rose to meet them with each thrust, her teeth sank lightly
into my clit as I came moaning and thrusting my hips to take
as much of her fingers as I could.
Tony started thrusting faster causing Jess to moan even
louder. Soon he was fucking her hard and fast as I licked
her sweet juices off of him. I felt her whole body spasm as
she came and I savored the taste of it. Tony continued to
thrust moaning as he got close to orgasm. At the last minute
he pulled out and I reached up to wrap my lips around his cock,
feeling him shoot his load into my mouth I swallowed every
drop. I licked every bit of Jess’ slippery cum off of him
and felt her collapse on top of me.
She slowly shifted around to kiss me, and then pulled Tony
down for a kiss as well. The three of us lay down, snuggled
together, watching the fire flicker for awhile before
we all fell asleep in each others arms.

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