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Snow storm opens up possibilities for trio


Snow storm opens up possibilities for trio
It was early Monday evening when news of the impending storm
first reached us. I remember the weatherman on the television,
his puffy face contorted into what he must have imagined
to be a very serious-looking frown, rambling on in great
detail about it while I was making dinner, but I was only
halfway listening. Dinner wasn't much--a steaming
bowl of Spaghettios, in fact--but no one ever really pays
attention to weathermen anyway; they fuck up your plans
often enough and you just start to tune them out. Out the
film-streaked window of my apartment, the January sky
was cold and gray over Fifth Street, but no more so than might
be expected for the time of year.
"Yeah, whatever, smart guy." <br>
I sighed and flipped the button on the set, sending Mr. Weatherman
and all his well-meaning concern spiraling away into blackness
as I collapsed onto the sagging couch with my text book.
Storm, shmorm. I had a calculus test tomorrow regardless.

By the following evening, Mr. Weatherman and Mother Nature
had managed to prove me wrong; the flakes were coming down
in one thick, blinding mass by the time I scurried back from
the math building. I nearly slipped on the walk outside
my building, arms flailing wildly in the air before I caught
myself, and I cast a quick glance around, embarassed, to
make sure no one had seen me. Few things are worse, I think,
than falling down in public. Fortunately, the few other
students about were so busy trying to find their own way
through the pelting white that they'd taken no notice
at all, it seemed, and I gave a little sigh--half relief,
half annoyance at the weather's unpredictability
and general fickleness. Quickly, I darted inside, brushing
snow from my wool coat and my long, black hair, and began
to ascend the stairs.
You know, everyone says the dorms are the place for that
party atmosphere and the general, mindless irresponsibility
of the college experience. That's not untrue. I moved
out my junior year to get away from all that, not because
I disliked it but because, quite frankly, I wasn't
going to be a student much longer if I didn't leave.
Too many all-nighters and drunken frolics were taking
a toll on my grades. It was a good idea in theory, anyway.

The building on Fifth Street, a big, ancient, brick monstrosity
from somewhere around the turn of the century, did save
me from the torture of another year of dorm food, but other
than that it wasn't a whole lot different--there were
still at least five stereos blasting various bass-heavy
beats as I made my way up the stairs, and if it was after eight
o' clock, there was usually at least one person vomiting
in the hallway trashcan. All the same, I had managed to correct
my academic situation, much to my relief--the later classes,
like my five o' clock Calculus, did make it easier not
to ditch--and so in a way I had the best of both worlds now.
And despite my near wipeout on the walkway, I was in a good
mood tonight. I'd done well on the calc test and, with
the snow coming down like it had been all day, classes tomorrow
would most likely be cancelled.
Inside my apartment, I tossed my coat and bag into the closet,
flipped on the TV, and made myself a frozen pizza. The light
on my machine was flashing so I checked it.
"Bess, this is Gina. Look, I know we were gonna go out
tonight, but the weather sucks and I don't want to drive.
Is it cool if we do it another night? Call me back."
I erased my sister's message and shrugged to myself.
Yeah, no problem there, I agreed, glancing at the darkening
window. I flopped down on the couch, kicking off my shoes,
and propped my feet up on the table. Oh well. Guess I was going
to have to find some local entertainment. I glanced at the
clock, glanced at the TV, and twisted a lock of hair around
my finger.
At a little after seven there was a resounding thump as of
something crashing against my door, followed by the creak
of my old and often-maligned hinges. My building is not
exactly well-maintained; one day soon I imagine my door
is simply going to fall down and what I'll do then I'm
not sure. Laugh and/or cry, probably. Ray, the fifth-year
senior from across the hall, was my friend, but he was also
that annoying neighborhood kid who was always coming around
uninvited, wandering in and snuffling around my kitchen
like some kind of stray dog looking for scraps or pawing
through my collection of CDs. It was he who sauntered in
now, dragging his old acoustic guitar behind him, and cast
me an endearing, lopsided grin. He could do this for one
reason, and that was that he was terribly fun and entertaining.
Aside from that, he was also, though I didn't like to
admit it, a fine, fine-looking individual who I would most
willingly have fucked if given the opportunity. Come to
think of it, I didn't know why we hadn't yet, but
that was neither here nor there.
"Hey, you know there's a handle on the door, "
I remarked passively.
Ray shrugged, the muscles in his back flexing sinewously
under the thin fabric of his black tee-shirt. He's
one of those skater guys and he tends to wear loose-filling
clothing; even now, he sported a gray thermal knit beneath
his tee. All the same, nothing could hide the appeal of his
lean, well-muscled body, of which I had quite frequently
taken notice. He turned to the pizza on my counter now and
I took a moment to regard his backside.
"I use the handle, " he replied, trying hard
to sound indignant. "It's your door. It's
fucked up." He turned about, munching happily on
one of the remaining slices, and caught me looking at him,
but seemed not to notice and/or care. "Hey, can I eat
this?" he asked and took another bite.
"I don't see why not, since you already are."
"Good. Thanks." He smiled winningly and ran
a hand through his disheveled brown hair, which stood up
at interesting angles as though it had recently been slept
on. Out in the hallway, someone was yelling something indecipherable
out the window. People were always doing that, it seemed.

"So . . . you think classes will be cancelled tomorrow?"
"I don't know." He flopped down beside
me on my sagging couch. "I'm not going either
way, so what does it matter?" <br>
"You know, that's the kind of dedication that
makes you such a leader on this fine campus. Let's see
. . . this is what? Your sixth? Seventh year here?"
"Fuck you; it's my fifth. If engineering was
easy it would be your mom." <br>
I punched him half-heartedly and turned my attention to
the TV. The reception had grown considerably fuzzier over
the past few minutes and I frowned.
"Oh, come on, " I sighed, standing up to fiddle
with the controls. Nothing happened. "What am I going
to do with myself if the TV goes out? What will I have left?
TV is my reason for living . . . " <br>
"That's not really going to help it, you know."
I shrugged and turned a random dial. "I know. But it
makes me feel productive." There was no improvement;
in fact, the reception continued to get worse. In another
moment, the screen had dissolved into a blur of white static
reminiscent of the snow outside. In frustration, I punched
the power button and fell back onto the couch. As if mocking
me, the wind outside picked up, howling around the corners
and through all the little cracks, and the old building
groaned like a two-dollar whore.
"Well, fuck a duck." <br>
I turned to Ray, who was slowly and absently licking his
fingers clean of grease in a way that was oddly seductive,
though I don't know if he meant it to be. He regarded
me with interest with his large, dark eyes. He hadn't
shaved today, I noticed, and a slight hint of stubble shadowed
his chin and jaw. For a minute I thought about reaching out
and touching it.
"All right. So you have to entertain me now. You ate
my pizza; you owe me something." <br>
Ray moved as if to stand, shaking his head slowly from side
to side. "Dude, I can give it back if that's what
this is about. I'm not your fucking jester. What do
you want?" <br>
"Tell me a story. Or play me a song; I don't care."
Ray shrugged and hefted the guitar which was resting against
the side of the couch. He strummed a few random chords as
I stood and disposed of the pizza waste and eventually lapsed
into a tune that he knew I liked. One good thing about Ray
was that we shared the same taste in obscure, indie music
and he had a good voice; listening to him sing was nowhere
near as bad as my neighbor next door who fancied herself
the next country superstar. I wondered once more why he
and I had't gotten together.
"Hey, we should get drunk, " he remarked thoughtfully
when he was done. "What do you have?" <br>
I shook my head, dropping the scissors I used to cut the pizza
into the water-filled sink. "Nothing; it's
all gone. My sister was down last weekend. We got kinda happy.
Anyway, don't you have anything? Or were you just hoping
to mooch everything off of me all at once?" <br>
Ray grinned. "I was kind of hoping." He paused.
"No, I don't have anything either, but Jerry
does. Suzie's over, but she's all about studying
tonight, so I know they're not drinking it. Hold on."
Jerry, Ray's roommate, was another frequenter of
our dysfunctional social circle. Suzie, Jerry's
girlfriend, was a good friend of mine.
Ray bounced up from the couch with the sort of enthusiasm
that only the procurement of alcohol could inspire--if
he were a laborador, his tail would have been wagging ecstatically.
I turned and watched as he scampered out of the room, unable
to resist another quick peak at his ass through the folds
of his oversized pants. God, what was with me tonight? I
felt like a dog in heat, and adding alcohol to the mix was
probably not the wisest idea. Fortunately, my desire for
a good time won out over any semblence of practicality,
and when Ray returned, arms laden with a bottle of JD, two
six packs, and a jug-o-wine, I happily helped him with the
"God, you're like the resident liquor store.
I don't know why you even need to mooch off me."
He sat the wine down on the coffee table and popped a can for
each of us from the first six-pack. I took it agreeably enough.
It'd been a while--almost a week and a half--since
I'd had any beer, and I found that I was very much in the
mood. Ha, ha, practicality be damned.
"Jer's gonna come over in a second. Suzie's
writing a paper; I don't know why she even came over.
He's as bored as we are--I told him to come join us, being
that it is his shit." <br>
"How generous of you." I paused. "Well
let's play cards or something. I can't just sit
here and get shitfaced, although I probably will anyway."
"Sure you can." <br>
I went to the drawer in my desk and withdrew the worn deck.
In addition to getting drunk, watching TV, and eating pizza,
playing cards was a favorite passtime for Ray, Jerry, Suzie
and myself. Yeah, I thought to myself with a wry smile, it
sure is a good thing I got away from the distraction of the
dorms. But really, what else was there to do in a blizzard
with no TV?
Five minutes later, the door was pushed open again and Ray's
roommate, Jerry, came slinking into the room. Jerry, who
had once been on the university's soccer team and still
had the physique to show for it, was probably the biggest
stoner I personally knew, and like Ray, had established
for himself some alternative academic schedule whereby
he was currently enrolled in, I think, three classes. Needless
to say, he didn't much understand his girlfriend's
fervor for studying, but then, he had no aspirations of
becoming a journalist either, as she did. Instead he was
content to spend much of his day stoned off his ass and fill
the remainder with various combinations of sleep, food
consumption, alcohol ingestion, and the occaional accidental
stumble to class. You had to respect that kind of ambition,
which seemed to be sort of a theme for the residence across
the hall. Needless to say, Ray and Jerry were roommates
for a reason.
"Hey, " I said, nodding. "You lose your
ball and chain or something?" <br>
Jerry smiled, revealing the row of perfectly symmetric
white teeth that made all the sorority girls cream despite
themselves. He gave a little nod in return. "Yeah,
something like that." <br>
I could get away with shit like that because Suzie and I were
good friends. Anyway, I had my own academic ambitions back
an track as well, so it's not like I didn't know
where she was coming from. But that was about all the remaining
thought I wanted to dedicate to school matters tonight.
I pulled another beer from the pack and tossed it to him.

"Here, have one of your beers." <br>
Ray looked up. "Oh. Yeah. Thanks, by the way."
"Play Asshole, anyone?" I was methodically
shuffling and reshuffling the deck in anticipation. Jerry
sat down. Ray finished his beer and opened another one.
I began to deal.
Needless to say, after two hours or so we were all pretty
good and on our way. The six packs of Budweiser had given
way to the jug of wine (which was actually Suzie's),
which had, in turn, given way to a shot or two of Jack. Ah,
good old Jack. My dear friend.
Also somewhat redundant is to point out that alcohol tends
to decrease inhibitions, whereas it tends to heighten
sexual desires. These forces were quite obviously in full
effect tonight, and when Jerry made his newest rule in accordance
with the principles of the game, it struck none of us as particularly
unusual or inappropriate.
"Okay, okay. From now on, Bess, anytime you say the
word 'you" --he paused here for emphasis and
took a swig from his wine glass-- "You gotta give one
and/or both of us a kiss. And I'm not talking about a
And Ray" --he paused again-- "Anytime you say
it, you have to lick my shoe. If I say it, I'll just be
continuing to drink, thank you." <br>
He finished with a beaming grin, supremely proud of his
Asshole inventiveness. Ah, the witiness of drunks. Ray
and I looked at each other--for a moment, something seemed
to flicker in his wide, dark, somewhat inebriated eyes,
but then it was gone. I shrugged.
"Wow, Jer, that's very creative of you."
As soon as I had said it I realized what I had done, but it was
too late. "Shit." I made a show of slapping my
forehead, but inside, my hormones were leaping about frantically
like pirrhana in a bowl. I could think of quite a few things
worse than this punishment . . .
"God dammit, " I sighed without much feeling,
sitting up a little so I could crawl across the carpeting.
Jer was laughing but took a moment to down the rest of his
wine and compose himself as I closed the distance between
us and pressed my mouth to his. What the hell? I thought,
and slipped him a little tongue. His eyes widened appreciatively
and he kissed me back.
After that, I slid over to where Ray sat leaning back against
the base of the couch, absently clicking the little, silver
stud in his tongue against his teeth as he waited. His eyes
followed me intently as I siddled up to him and wrapped my
arm about his neck.
"Come here, lover, " I laughed and pulled him
to me.
The feel of his lips, soft and warm and pliant against mine,
sparked a well of something inside me that sent all hints
of self-consciousness spiralling away into the dark recesses
of my mind. He tasted good. He tasted damn good, my brain
sputtered in surprise. Letting loose entirely now, I slipped
my tongue between his parted lips and found his own, which
quickly entwined with mine and began a slippery, swirling
dance. My eyes fluttered closed as our mouths worked hungrily
at each other. Finally, after a long, drawn-out moment,
we drew apart and my eyes opened again, filled with a smoldering,
impatient ache.
Jerry was looking at us, his jaw hanging slack. Two of his
cards had dropped unnoticed from his hand.
"Close your mouth, Jer." Ray gave him a little
nod. He paused to contemplate what he had just said. "Aw,
fuck." <br>
Fortunately, just then Suzie came wandering into my apartment,
saving Ray the horror of licking Jerry's shoe. She
took a quick look at the three of us and shook her head in wonder.

"Well, I see we've been having a good time, then."
Jerry grinned. "What, are you done with your paper
already?" He grabbed the bottle of Jack and offerred
it to her.
Suzie shook her head and declined. "No, just thought
I'd see what you dorks were up to. Anyway, I started
looking outside and I think you're right. Class is
gonna be cancelled tomorrow; I mean, there's gotta
be at least three-four feet of it out there. It's crazy."
"Really?" I stood and wobbled over to the window.
The room wasn't exactly spinning yet, but it was somewhat
less than stationary. My stomach spoke up and reminded
me to pace myself. Outside, I could see that she was right;
great, driving heaps of snow had collected up against the
building and were halfway covering the first floor windows
of the apartments across the street. It continued to drop
in amazing quantities from above.
Unable to resist the temptation, Suzie changed her mind,
quickly poured herself a shot, and downed it, wincing a
little. She was in the process of drawing up another one
as she spoke. "So what the hell have you guys been doing?"
she asked.
Jerry took the opportunity to fill her in as I sat back down.
"Well, just before you walked in Ray and Bess were
going at it like bunnies. You should have seen it; it was
fucking crazy." <br>
Suzie cocked an eyebrow and regarded the two of us. I grinned
a little and shrugged. "Really?" she asked
with marked interest.
Ray picked up an empty beer can and tossed it half-heartedly
at Jerry's head. "Oh, shut the fuck up and drink
your wine, bitch, you just said 'you' like a hundred
times." <br>
"So did you, " I pointed out helpfully.
Ray frowned. "Fuck that. I'm not licking his
shoe; he works as a janitor." <br>
"So did you, Bess, " Suzie chimed in sweetly.
"Playing Asshole, I see." She downed her second
shot and glanced down at her watch.
"Oh, " I remarked, my thoughtful frown giving
way to a seductive, cat-like smile as I realized she was
right. "In that case, I have something else you can
lick." <br>
No longer a slave to my inhibitions, I was on top of him again
in no time flat, my tongue hungrily probing the recesses
of his delicious mouth. The stubble on his chin was scraping
lightly across my skin; the friction of it was very, very
nice. Ray kissed me back just as eagerly, and in a moment
his hands had found the small of my back and he drew me closer
towards him. It felt decidedly good to finally be acting
on all of those urges I'd been having. This was turning
out to be the best game ever.
"Wow, you weren't kidding, " Suzie remarked,
a healthy amount of approval apparent in her voice and expression.
A devlish gleam flickered in her cool, green eyes and she
stepped a little closer. "Hey, now, " she said
playfully, "I gotta get back to my paper, but I want
some if you get some, Bess. Come on, Ray, give Suzie some
sugar." <br>
Ray laughed and extended an arm to the petite redhead, drawing
her into our tangle of arms and tongues. He kissed her lightly
on the mouth, then more forcefully, the silver stud in his
tongue flickering in the dim lighting as his tongue darted
between her lips. Maybe it was the healthy dose of alcohol
coursing through my blood, but there was something profoundly
erotic about watching the two of them like that.
Jerry was mesmerized again, staring openly but not with
any particular disapproval as his girlfriend engaged
in a quick make out session with his best friend. I had to
give Suzie some credit; unlike the rest of us, she wasn't
even drunk yet. But academically-oriented or not, I wasn't
surprised, Suzie was like that. After a long moment, she
drew away, wiping absently at her moist lips, and shook
her head.
"Okay, kids, I gotta get back to work, fun as this is."
She paused to walk across to her boyfriend and give him a
kiss upon his upturned forehead. "Have a wonderful
good time without me. Don't do anything I wouldn't
do." <br>
"You know, that doesn't rule out much, Suz, "
I remarked as she passed by me towards the door.
She smiled sweetly and patted the top of my head. "I
know." Another second and she had gone, closing the
door behind her.
For a very long moment the three of us just sat there and looked
at each other, not exactly sure where that left us. The CD
in the stereo had finished so I reached over and slipped
in a new one. Next door, I could hear my neighbor singing
to herself, so I cranked the volume a notch or two. When I
sat back up, Ray and Jerry were exchanging a quick glance
over my back; they both turned their eyes then and looked
intently at me. I wasn't exactly sure what I was seeing
there; whatever intentions were swirling below the surface
I could not decipher, but I had a strange, fleeting idea.
I wondered if they were thinking of the obvious possibility
here, as I was.
"What?" I asked with mock innocence.
Ray grinned a little and extended a hand to me. "Bess,
come here." <br>
I scooted across the floor until I was beside him, my cool,
blue eyes swimming in the depths of his dark ones. He blinked
thoughtfully and began to finger the lower edge of my shirt,
gradually easing it higher and exposing more and more of
the smooth, white skin of my stomach.
"What would you . . . what would you do if I did this?"
he asked conversationally as he lifted the edge of my shirt
upwards and slid the garment off over my head.
For a moment I said nothing. The room was cool and the air
against my bare skin felt good. Finally, my eyes met his
again and I regarded him pointedly. "I don't
know, " I said deliberately. "It's hard
to say. Nothing, I suppose." <br>
He bit his lip and looked at me for a second. On my other side,
Jerry had slid across the carpet as well so that he was now
right beside me. I could feel the heat emanating from his
"Huh." Ray's hand had returned to me; now
his fingers were trailing lightly across the flesh of my
stomach, running up and down, up and down from waistline
to the lower edge of my black lace bra. "So what about
. . . if I did this? What would you do then?" <br>
His fingers slid higher, dancing lightly over the swell
of one breast, brushing the delicate material tentatively
at first. When I didn't move, they became bolder, until
after a moment he was actually cupping my breast in his hand
and rubbing gently over the nub of my stiffening nipple
with the ball of his thumb.
There were far too many raging hormones, and far too much
alcohol, in me to not react to that. I sighed with pleasure
and let myself fall backwards against Jerry, who caught
me up in his strong arms and held me there.
"Shit, " I sighed. "This, probably."
Ray continued to massage my breasts, both hands on target
now, and after a second his fingers slipped around and
found the hook to release them. He slipped the thin black
straps from my shoulders and eased the lacy cups free, revealing
my milky white 34Ds. I have very puffy areolas and my nipples
themselves were standing up pink and erect, giving the
impression that they were reaching out for him, yearning
for his touch as a flower yearns for the sun. As he dove back
in, first simply rubbing and sqeezing them and then adding
his mouth to the equation, kissing and licking his way down
from my collarbone, I could feel Jerry's mouth at work,
kissing the shiny black waves of my hair and the smooth skin
of my neck as he held me. Oh god, I had never experienced anything
so erotic as these two fine young men. I paused to silently
congratulate myself for having such attractive and horny
friends, and to be thankful that Suzie was so open-minded,
then I was swept away once more as Ray's mouth closed
over my left nipple and he began to suck.
"Oh, god, " I moaned softly. His tongue danced
around it, sucking, flicking, swirling. I arched my back
up and into him. Along my side, Jerry was stroking his wy
down over my ribs, finding my hip and then reaching around
to cup a handful of my ass through my jeans.
"God, you've got nice tits, Bess, " he
was whispering in my ear. "You should see yourself."
I turned and met his lips with mine, leaning back, eyes closed.
I kissed him hungrily as Ray continued to suck on first one
tit then the other. Jerry held me against him, my arms raised
up over my head and wrists clutched in one hand, so that I
imagine I could not have moved even if I wanted to, although
I had absolutely no desire. I was in complete bliss--this
was the kind of shit I only dreamed about.
I shivered in eager anticipation as I felt Ray work his way
down across my stomach to the button on my jeans, which he
deftly slipped. He paused to remove his own shirts, pulling
them up and off and discarding them against the couch, and
I paused to get my first good look at his sexy body. He was
cut in all the right places, his arms lean and sinewy and
his stomach hard and flat. A tattoo over his left pec caught
my eye and I sat upright and leaned forward to kiss it. Ray
sat still and let me, as I licked my way down from the tattoo
to suck at his own nipple, which was small and hard beneath
my lips. My hands found his sides and I began to stroke across
his flesh as I kissed and licked him. Behind me, Jerry was
kissing his way down my back as he reached around to unzip
my jeans.
Outside, the storm was raging, but none of us noticed. The
dim lights in my living room flickered but held. I kissed
my way down Ray's delicious body as Jerry eased my jeans
free, discarding them in the growing heap of clothing.
He had removed his own shirt as well. Now the only thing remaining
on me was my little red thong, the crotch of which had a visibly
growing wet spot. As I found the button on Ray's baggy
pants and slipped it, Jerry was kissing his way up my thighs.

In another moment, I had slid Ray's pants down over
his hips and followed them with his blue plaid boxers. His
cock, already half hard, sprang free, the vein on the underside
large and pulsing beneath his swollen, purplish head.
A glistening drop of precum dribbled from the tip and I extended
my tongue to catch it. Then I set to work, first kissing and
licking lightly at the head and then sucking in as much of
him as my mouth would allow. Once his shaft was sufficiently
lubricated with my saliva, I began to pump it with one hand
and knead his plump balls with the other, continuing to
swirl my tongue lazily about the head and paying special
attention to the sensitive underside. In no time he was
hard as steel and he began to buck his hips into me a little,
fucking my mouth.
Meanwhile, Jerry had reached the tops of my thighs and was
gradually kissing his way inwards, pausing to lightly
blow air on the saturated strip of fabric. His hands gently
kneaded the creamy white globes of my ass, alternately
spreading my cheeks and then pressing them back together.
My pussy was quivering with anticipation. Finally, his
fingers brushed across my lips, working the little strip
of cloth down between my puffy outer lips and exposing them
to view. I kept my pussy completely bare of hair and I think
the sight of my smooth, pink lips pleased him. He leaned
forward finally and drew his tongue lightly across them
and I moaned, my mouth full of Ray's cock.
After another minute or so of teasing, Jerry finally slid
my thong down and pushed my legs apart, spreading me wide.
I felt like some kind of sex-crazed animal, sprawled here
naked on my hands and knees with Ray's fat cock in my
mouth and my pussy oozing juice as Jerry prepared to eat
me out. More importantly, I didn't care that I felt
like an animal--I had never been in such a state of bliss
before. When Jerry's tongue finally attacked me in
earnest I moaned again, almost gagging myself on Ray's
meaty shaft, and rocked my hips backwards, grinding my
pussy into Jerry's face.
I imagine that Suzie is a very satisfied woman, because
Jerry ate pussy like it was his goddamn profession. He sucked
my clit into his mouth, making a sort of suction around it
with his lips and teasing it mercilessly with little flicks
of his tongue. At the same time, he plunged first two, then
three fingers deep into my tight, little hole and began
to fuck me with them. I was quivering on the edge in no time.
He paused for a moment to lick at my pink, puckered asshole
then returned his attentions to my clit, sucking and nibbling
with abandon as his fingers continued to pound me.
I was in heaven. Eyes closed, moaning in absolute ecstasy,
I continued to bob up and down on Ray's cock, taking
him all the way in until the head of his hot, throbbing member
was pressed against the back of my throat and his balls banged
against my swollen lips. He was really into it too, fucking
my mouth with short, powerful thrusts of his hips, and I
knew he couldn't go much longer.
"Oh, god, oh, shit, " he breathed, his hands
on the back of my head and grinding me deeper onto his cock.

All at once I felt myself slipping, spiraling over the edge
as my orgasm came crashing over me. It was like electricity
as every muscle in my body clenched and clenched, my pussy
spewing juice as it clamped down on Jerry's thrusting
fingers, my tits jiggling as my whole body shook. I literally
cried out, and the vibrations of my voice on his cock was
all it took; in another second Ray was coming too, spewing
load after load of creamy, hot cum down the back of my throat.
I wanted all of it, every last drop, but he pulled out of my
mouth and shot the last two spurts onto my upturned face,
catching me across the cheek and in my long, dark hair. I
rubbed it in eagerly like it were some kind of new conditioner,
my eyes never leaving his.
"Shit, " he breathed, sinking back finally
onto his haunches. His breath was coming in ragged, little
Jerry was still behind me, and he reached around now and
began to massage my tits with both hands, his breath hot
against the back of my neck. "You're not done
yet, are you?" he whispered.
I reached behind me and felt the rock hard protuberance
pressing against my lower back through the material of
his cargo pants. "Hell, no, " I sighed, beginning
to rub him, "I'm just getting started."
He laughed a little at that and began to kiss me.
In another moment, Jerry had slipped free of his pants and
was leaning back against the couch, his cock standing at
attention like an enormous, purple sun dial. I didn't
need any more invitation than that. I slid across the floor
and climbed on top, straddling him with his cock pressing
eagerly against the oozing lips of my swollen pussy. It
took some maneuvering to work it in, but slowly we managed,
forcing it inch by delicious inch. It felt impossibly huge
inside of me, as though I would simply split in half from
the girth of it, and the sensation was absolutely incredible.
With his balls pressed up against my ass cheeks, I began
to ride him, slowly at first but gradually building in momentum,
his dick sliding in and out with slippery slurping sounds
as I bucked up and down. I reached down and began to finger
my clit.
Ray was standing up now, watching hungrily as my tits bounced
up and down with each thrust. He moved to my desk, where I
keep a bottle of hand lotion for easy access on my way out
the door, and squeezed a hefty handful, which he began to
slather on his rejuvenated dick. He appeared to be completely
hard again; I was convinced of this fact when he eased up
behind me and I felt his well-lubricated cock pressing
up against my ass cheeks.
"What are you--?" I managed.
"Shhh; it's okay. You'll like it. I promise."
He reached around and gave my left nipple a little tweak.

I had never been penetrated that way, but I figured what
the hell? I was always up for new experiences. He went slowly,
timing himself to coincide with my thrusts up and down on
Jerry's cock, and slowly managed to insert the tip
into my tight, little sphincter. As I slowly relaxed, he
was able to insert the whole head. It felt absolutely massive,
this throbbing, rock hard intruder, but in a strange way,
it felt incredibly, incredibly wonderful as well. He thrust
forward gently and in another moment he was all the way in.
My god, it was delicious. Speared between two huge, throbbing
cocks, I had never felt so filled up. We began to rock together
in unison.
In no time flat I was moaning and thrashing about, my head
whipping about wildly and my hair going everywhere as Ray
pounded into my ass and I ground down on Jerry's thrusting
cock. My eyes were closed; Ray's hand was buried in
my hair, drawing my head back while the other groped my breast,
squeezing and pinching the swollen pink nipple. Jerry's
hands gripped my hips, balancing me, as I bit my lip and worked
at my pulsing, red clit. It was so incredible. We were a quivering,
moaning mass of sex of which I was the center.
"Oh, fuck, " I panted. "I'm gonna
. . . fuck, I'm gonna cum." <br>
Before I'd even had the chance, Jerry's cock was
exploding inside of me, filling me with his white hot seed.
The sensation sent me over the edge, my muscles spasming
and contracting as my pussy gripped him like a glove and
I cried out with the sheer pleasure of it. As my body clenched,
my ass muscles clamped down on Ray's throbbing tool
and he climaxed at once, biting down like an animal on the
smooth, bare skin of my shoulder as his cock pumped me full
of creamy, hot jizz. It was the most amazing feeling, and
as my orgasm rocked through me in wave after blissful wave,
I wasn't sure if I wanted to die right then or live forever.
When it all finally passed, we collapsed into a sticky,
spent heap on the carpet, panting like we'd just run
a marathon. For several long minutes, none of us said anything.

"Oh my god, " I sighed, looking around at my
two lovers who lay on either side. "That was . . . wow.
That was fucking crazy." <br>
"Shit, " Ray sighed. "Yeah. I wish the
TV would go out more often." <br>
I sighed again. It occurred to me that I suddenly felt very
tired. I poked Ray gently in the belly and climbed over so
that my head was resting upon his chest. I think we all realized
that things were going to be somehow different now; not
that that was at all a bad thing. I reached across and took
Jerry by the hand, gazing into his eyes with a mixture of
exhaustion and peacuful bliss.
"Suzie really missed out tonight, " I sighed.
He smiled and let my hand rest upon his belly.
"Well, there's always tomorrow, " he
replied. "No classes; we'll probably be pretty
bored . . . " <br>
I smiled back now, my mind spinning with all of the possibilities.
"Hey, you're right." I rolled over, staring
up at the cracked and peeling ceiling, and smiled to myself.

Yeah, things were definitely looking up.
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