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Slutty Teresa


Teresa gave the small clock a quick glance. The hour was
growing late and she still wasn't quite ready yet.
She turned back to the mirror, puckering her full lips and
applying a generous coating of cherry red lipstick. It
contrasted sharply with the pale powder she had applied
to her cheeks, and she smiled at the effect. Her wavy tresses
were already in place, and the highlights she had so recently
applied were brilliant. Finally finished in the bathroom,
she hurried out to her closet to complete her ensemble.
She already had most of it together, starting off with a
sheer black top over one of her favorite bras.

While it enhanced her figure, she knew that if all went well,
by night's end, no one would notice or care. Teresa
has selected a tight black mini as well, and although it
wasn't her shortest skirt, the straps of a garter peeked
out from below. Seamed thigh high stockings completed
her outfit, and she searched her closet for a pair of spike
heeled shoes to top it all off. Once she found them, she slipped
them on and took a long look in her full length mirror. Her
trim physique took to the outrageously sexy outfit well.
Not bad, not bad at all, she thought as she gave herself a
once-over. Under the right circumstances, someone might
mistake her for a particularly sought after prostitute
and that suited her needs well. She picked up her purse and
tottered out the door, gleefully anticipating the night
yet to come.

Teresa knew this evening's destination well, and
thoughts of what were bringing her there occupied her mind
as she drove down the street. It had only been a few days ago
that one of her girlfriends came to her with the news that
her fiancée’s bachelor party was going to be a wild affair.
That was no surprise to Teresa; in fact she herself had insisted
that the stag party not be the night before her wedding.
After all, she didn't need to deal with a hung over groom
and ushers. Besides, she wanted to hear about how wild it
was before having her own final fling, and she had already
vowed that she'd gladly match any debauchery her Nate
could come up with. He knew this and had agreed to it, yet
one of her friends had discovered that his brother was attempting
to obtain the services of a young lady for the evening, and
it wasn't going to be just for her dancing skills. At
first, Teresa had been royally steamed, but after confirming
that the guys weren't able to score a call girl for the
night, she set her own plan into action. There still existed
the possibility that the guys might be able to arrange for
a hooker, but she tended to doubt it. No matter how depraved
they might be, stooping to pick up a girl from the gutter
was beneath even them. A high class escort on the other hand,
was not out of the realm of possibility, and it crossed the
line as far as what she would allow. Letting Nate and the
guys enjoy one last drunken party and ogle a stripper or
two was one thing, planning on getting sucked or fucked
was something else entirely. Teresa smiled as she imagined
their faces when she came walking through that door. Nate
was going to pay!

When she arrived, it looked like she was just in time. Several
guys who she knew were friends of Nate were leaving, but
there were also several cars she recognized still parked
out front. Teresa circled the block, finding a discreet
place to park, and checked her make up in the mirror one last
time. Satisfied with her appearance, she collected her
purse and started towards the house. By this time, a few
more guys were leaving and one or two of them cast glances
in her direction, but that was all. Teresa reached the driveway
just as a frazzled looking young lady and her escort was
leaving. They were dressed similarly, although the other
girl's outfit was a bit simpler. She smiled as she greeted
Teresa as they met in the darkened driveway. "Hey,
sister, how's it going?"

"Oh, not too bad, " smiled Teresa. "How
was it in there?" she gestured towards the house.

The other girl laughed. "In there? They're animals!
Those guys were all over me, " she paused and looked
over Teresa's outfit. "I was wondering if they'd
be having someone like you come around, they sure could
use it." Another laugh. "But I guess they're
all warmed up for you sweetie, good luck!"

The two women parted, but as the stripper noticed her escort
was out of earshot, she darted back to Teresa. "Tell
you what, if it wasn't for that big lug, " she
gestured towards her escort, "I don't think
I'd mind doing what you're doing. Lots of money
to be made that way. Are you with an agency?" Teresa
shook her head. "Well, we ought to hook up for something
like this sometime. Freelance." A knowing wink.
Teresa simply smiled back, and went on her way.

A last couple of guys were leaving as she strode up to the
door, and their eyes were all over her as they watched her
enter. One of them toyed with the idea of going back in for
some more, but his companions steered him to a waiting car.
All eyes were on her as she closed the door behind her. Her
fiancée was there, talking to his brother, and Teresa recognized
a couple of guys she knew pretty well in attendance. There
were two more guys discussing something in the corner,
but that conversation was forgotten as they beheld the
sight of her as she entered the room. A smoky haze floated
near the ceiling, and the reek of beer was omnipresent.
To Teresa, it was quite obvious that a lot of heavy partying
had gone on, and she had nearly missed out. She walked over
to where Nate and Al were talking, and interposed herself
between the two. "Have you guys been behaving?"
she asked pointedly. She continued before they could answer.
"I saw the whore you guys had in here, was she any good?"

Nate tried to slip an arm around his fiancée, but she deftly
avoided him. "Baby, you know we were partying, but
it wasn't like that at all, " he began explaining.

"Teresa, he's right, we didn't do a thing, "
chimed in Al.

Teresa noticed they were staring at her exposed cleavage
while they spoke, which suited her just fine. "I don't
know guys, doesn't look all that innocent in here."
She whirled her head around, scanning the room, nodding
to Eddie and Sam when she noticed their interested stares.
Those weren't the only ones she was getting, but her
acquaintance with the other guys, Jack and Rudy was much
more casual. Teresa smiled as she coyly traced a finger
along a countertop. "I think it looks like you guys
were partying pretty hard." That drew several sheepish
nods, but then Nate spoke up.

"Hey, wait a minute. Let's look at you for instance."
He pointed a finger. "Look at the way you're dressed,
have you been out partying too?"

She cracked a thin smile. "No, not yet, " she
purred as she made her way to the stereo. They all watched
her go. With a flick of a button, one of her favorite dance
tunes came on. "But it looks like this place could
use a little livening up, right?" The guys all nodded.
Teresa started a slow, seductive dance as she made her way
back to Nate. "But just to make things interesting,
I think I want you to sit here." She gestured to a chair,
and her fiancée obligingly sat down in it. Even as her body
moved in time to the music, Teresa sat on his lap, reaching
her hands around him. Nate brought his hands behind his
back with hers, nuzzling her cleavage as she pressed against
him. He was so preoccupied; he didn't notice her hands
wandering down into her purse, until he felt her snap steel
handcuffs around his wrists. The way he was seated, and
the way she cuffed him left his arms entangled in the chair
and unable to free himself. His friends all laughed when
they saw his predicament, and Teresa did too, stripping
off her top and whirling it around as they all gathered close
by. Teresa's sexy body swayed in time to the music and
the cheers she was getting from the guys. Even Nate joined
in, although his range of motion was extremely limited.
As she wiggled her butt seductively before them, she slowly
undid her skirt, until only her hands were holding it in
place. The guys were begging her to let go, and she did, kicking
it off in Eddie's general direction. Hoots and catcalls
filled the room as they beheld the sight of her clad only
in her sexy lingerie, but Teresa was far from finished.
Her attention was focused on Nate now, but everyone else
had a clear line of sight to her as her impromptu dance number

For a few moments, Teresa did a wonderfully sexy bump and
grind in front of him. Every time Nate struggled to reach
out to her, but he was still bound. Whenever he struggled,
she coyly drew away, laughing all the while. The other guys
managed to paw at her a bit, and Teresa did nothing to stave
off their advances. In fact, she whirled closer to them
for a little, teasing them mercilessly as she drew away
and turned her attention back to Nate. This time, as she
approached him, Teresa tugged her bra up and over her breasts,
giving him an unobstructed view. Ever the tease, Teresa
waved them in his face, and then pulled away when he lunged
forward with his mouth agape. She kept her bare nipples
tantalizingly out of reach of Nate's tongue as she
pursed her lips and blew kisses to him. Sensing that the
guys wanted to see more, Teresa casually asked if the girl
they had in there before her went so far as touching them,
or letting them touch her. She knew the answer she was going
to get, of course, and with a coy glance towards Nate, announced
that she was going to do her little show a tad differently.

This left them all puzzled, but just for a moment. Teresa
took the opportunity to slowly back away from Nate, and
as soon as his eyes rose to meet her, she pounced. No one expected
her to move so quickly, and they all nearly missed it. In
fact, Teresa nearly stumbled in those spiky heels she was
wearing, but in the end, it didn't matter. She landed
right on Nate's lap, just as she intended, pressing
her surprised fiancée’s face into her breasts. He wasted
no time in getting his mouth and tongue all over her and he
greedily sucked on her beautiful breasts. This got a rise
out of the other guys as they closed around to see better,
and that was exactly what Teresa wanted. She arched her
back, thrusting her breasts harder against Nate's
mouth, and scanning the other guys in the process. One of
them seemed to be just close enough, and as luck would have
it, he had pulled his chair in closer too to enjoy the little
show she was putting on. Little did he know that Teresa intended
to make him a part of it, and soon. For the moment, she was
enjoying the familiar feel of Nate's mouth all over
her breasts, and the desired effect it was having. Sure,
it was getting Teresa all hot and wet, and she had a strong
feeling that it was getting all of these guys rock hard as
well. She knew Nate was, for as she rubbed her crotch against
him she could feel his cock hardening, and the same would
almost have to be certain for the other guys as well. A quick
look down at the expression on Nate's face told Teresa
that he was indeed getting turned on by all this, and she
had a sneaky feeling that he wouldn't mind more, or
the other guys watching her. She hoped he wouldn't
mind anything else that might happen either.

Teresa took another look at Jack, who was definitely enjoying
the show, and things started to fall into place. Nate disengaged
himself from her breasts momentarily, and she took advantage
of it to back away from him again. This time, Teresa made
sure her ass was pointed directly at Jack as she slipped
down to her knees before Nate. The guys all crowded in closer,
anticipating their show getting even hotter, and Teresa
didn't disappoint. She moved her head down into Nate's
lap, making a great show of undoing his pants in front of
everyone else. Somehow, she managed to sway her ass in time
with the music, much to Jack's delight as her panties
had ridden nearly all the way up on her. Teresa could feel
this, and it suited her as she smiled and looked Nate in the
eye as she reached in for him. For a brief instant, her fingers
caressed the hard shaft of his cock and she licked her lips
in anticipation. Slowly, Teresa lowered her head so that
he could feel her breath on his cock, and Nate's entire
body stiffened in anticipation. His eyes closed as he waited
to feel her hot mouth devouring his cock, and the idea that
all his closest friends would be there to watch lent an additional
thrill to it all. Nate waited, and he waited. Puzzled that
Teresa was taking so long, he opened his eyes to see something
utterly amazing.

Much to Nate's surprise, she had her mouth wrapped
around a hot cock all right, but it wasn't his. As things
turned out, as soon as he had closed his eyes, Teresa made
a beeline for the nearest of the guys watching. Much to Jack's
delight, the honor had fallen on him. With a practiced stroke,
Teresa had started out by shaking her breasts in his face
while her hands went to work much lower on him. He was so preoccupied
with her lovely tits being offered to him that he concentrated
all of his attention on sucking them as Teresa undid his
zipper. His cock shot out of his pants like a rocket, hard
and stiff in Teresa's skilled hands. She gave Jack
a few long strokes as she nuzzled his face into her breasts,
and then lowered herself towards him. All the other guys
loved it when she expertly squeezed her tits around the
shaft of his cock. Jack could feel those two soft mounds
pressing against him as she stoked his cock between them.
The wild cheers of the guys grew louder and louder as she
teased her tongue out at the swollen head of Jack's
dick, coming tantalizingly closer and closer each time.
He eagerly thrust his hips forward, wanting to feel Teresa's
hot mouth on him. As his cock plowed through her cleavage
and touched her lips, she parted them. The guys let out a
collective gasp as they watched their friend's fiancé
going down on another man. This was no mere playful touch;
she had made the change from a titty fucking to an all out
blow job. Jack didn't seem to mind as he leaned his head
back, enjoying the sensation of Teresa's mouth sucking
him in. Her hand was stroking his cock into her mouth while
she sucked, eyes open and locked on Jack's. Teresa
knew that Nate must be getting an eyeful of her nearly naked
ass while she wiggled it in his face, and she was glad he wasn't
protesting a thing. In fact, she heard him goading her on,
encouraging her to suck Jack off, and she smiled, and then
proceeded. Jack's shaft was slick as she stroked him,
plunging her mouth all the way down until she reached his
balls. Through it all she purred, sort of like a cat getting
stroked, even though it was she who was doing the stroking!
Of course, the vibration it caused in her mouth drove Jack
absolutely wild as Teresa continued to suck.

This was her intention, for while she truly enjoyed the
feeling of his cock in her mouth, there was just so much more
Teresa had planned. Her hand flew over the shaft of his cock,
knowing full well that all the guys were watching intently.
She kept her open mouth above Jack's cock, reaching
out to tease him with her tongue while she tried to finish
him off quick. That certainly didn't seem to matter
all that much to Jack, but he did manage to push her head slightly
lower right before he came. Teresa hadn't quite gotten
her mouth around Jack's cock again when he came. She
was just about to when the first spurt of his cum shot out
of him. It splashed onto her waiting tongue, and then dribbled
out of her mouth before she could swallow. Moving fast,
Teresa tried to get her mouth around Jack's cock for
the rest, but she wasn't quite fast enough and he spewed
his load all over her lovely face. This didn't stop
Teresa, and she finished off the blow job by going down on
Jack one last time, sucking in as much of his cum as she could
before smiling to her admiring audience.

They were certainly appreciative of the show she had just
put on, most of all Jack, and somehow they knew that she was
just getting started. Teresa gave Jack's cock a lingering
suck, and then kissed the tip as she pulled it from her mouth.
A thin streak of his cum strayed across her chin, but she
didn't seem to mind. Neither did Eddie as Teresa sashayed
her way over to his chair. A devilish look was in her eyes
as she straddled him where he sat and reached down between
his legs. This was not uncharted territory for either of
them, for they had shared a brief but torrent affair a few
years back. It had been some time since they'd last
been together; however they managed to get down to business
right away. Eddie had made no secret of his lust for Teresa's
perfectly formed tits, and he wasted no time in burying
his face between them. For her part, Teresa's hands
quickly freed the throbbing cock she knew was waiting for
her, and it didn't take her any time at all to know Eddie
was ready for her. A few short strokes of his cock was all
she needed to get him to concentrate his attention on her
pert nipples, and then Teresa was able to take a hand away
from his cock. Much to the delight of the others, she snaked
her hand between her legs to find the soaked material of
her panties wedged tightly in her crotch. She massaged
her pussy through her panties, paying special attention
to her clit while Eddie busied himself with her breasts.
He was squeezing them in his hands now as well, and he tried
in vain to tighten his grip on them to keep Teresa pressing
them against his face. Instead, she slowly backed away,
wiggling her ass in the process and lowering her mouth onto
his cock. Eddie groaned as he felt her mouth wrapped around
his cock, and he shuddered as she sucked him hard, just as
he had always enjoyed it.

His cock was thicker than most, and Teresa had always enjoyed
the feel of it as it slid between her luscious lips. One of
Teresa's hands stroked his cock into her mouth; with
the other she was furiously rubbing her cunt until she could
stand it no more. In a swift motion, Teresa tugged her panties
away, exposing her gorgeous ass and soaking wet pussy for
all to see. This was accompanied by a gleeful cheer from
all of the guys, who'd been dying to see all of her the
entire evening. What a sight she was there, clad only in
a garter and stockings, on her hands and knees with Eddie's
cock in her mouth and her fingers dipping deep inside her
own pussy. She finger fucked herself while sucking Eddie
only for a short while, for while it felt so good to have a
cock in her mouth and her fingers inside her pussy, Teresa
wanted more. Carefully, she eased her fingers out of her
dripping pussy as she sucked up on Eddie's shaft. Gently,
she eased her mouth off of him and moved into his lap, pushing
her tits in his face again. Eddie was quite eager to continue
sucking her tits, and he nearly didn't notice as Teresa
eased her body down on him, impaling her waiting pussy on
his cock.

It was impossible not to notice, of course, and Eddie felt
the hot, wet pussy he wanted so badly inching its way down
on his cock. He stopped sucking her tits for a moment, just
savoring the feeling of her cunt taking him, and he thrust
his cock upward to meet her. Teresa pressed her body down
on him, forcing Eddie back into his seat as she slowly began
to ride him, pulling him tightly into her tits. Teresa rode
him expertly, nearly pulling herself off of his cock each
time she rose up, then slamming herself down onto him again,
forcing his cock in deep. The feeling of his shaft inside
her cunt once again was incredible, and Teresa couldn't
help but moan. Eddie hadn't lost his touch for sucking
her tits, and the fact that they had an audience this time
simply added to the experience. A quick look around the
room told her that they were all turned on by this; even Nate
was sporting an obvious bulge in his pants from watching
her taking them on one by one. Another one of the guys, Rudy,
was surreptitiously stroking his cock in his pants while
watching the show being put on in front of him. If any of the
other guys noticed that, they certainly didn't seem
to mind, and Teresa made a mental note to try and take care
of him next. For now, she was content to ride Eddie's
hard pole, feeling him taking her as deep as he could. Ordinarily,
Teresa would have slowed her pace down a bit to savor the
moment, but there was just so much more she wanted to do.
Her fingers had found their way to her clit and she was rubbing
herself furiously as she bucked up and down in Eddie's
lap. He was supporting her back with his hands now, although
he somehow did manage to keep his mouth on her tits while
they fucked. The ongoing hoots of the guys as they watched
the two of them fucking gave way to Teresa's own cries
as the combination of her own fingers and Eddie's cock
drove her wild. She came on his cock hard, bending her head
down over his shoulder as she screamed out in sheer delight
before ramming him inside her once again. Her pussy was
so very wet with her own juices now, and she pounded on Eddie
fast and furious, screaming for him to cum all the while.
Cum he did, for his former lover's hot pussy was too
much for him to take, and with a low gasp he shot his sticky
load into her waiting cunt. Globs of his cum spurted out,
filling her pussy and coating the shaft of his cock as she
slid down on him and Eddie pulled down on her shoulders,
forcing her all the way onto his cock. He could feel his balls
constricting tight as they pumped out his cum, and it was
with a bit of disappointment that he felt her slowly pulling
herself away from him. Slick pussy juices mixed with his
own cum on his cock, and they tasted so good as Teresa gave
his softening cock one last long suck to clean him off. She
drew her fingers across her snatch one time as well, dipping
one inside to get herself one more taste of Eddie's
cum before she turned to face the rest of the guys. A trickle of cum oozed out of Teresa's pussy and onto
her stockings as she made her way back towards Nate. His
eyes lit up as he anticipated fucking his fiancé’s hot pussy,
but she wasn't quite ready for him yet. With a mischievous
grin, she took another of the guys she was intimately familiar
with by the hand and led him over to where Nate was still all
tied up. She stopped right in front of him, and got down into
a squatting position again. Nate's eyes were ablaze
with lust as he took in the sight of his beautiful fiancé
before him. Her high heels had her perched up at an angle,
and with her legs spread, Nate could clearly see Eddie's
cum dripping out of her hot little fuck hole. She reached
into his lap as a tease, stroking his cock briefly before
turning to Sam and reaching for him. Nate got a full close
up view as Teresa tugged his stiff member free and brought
it to her waiting lips. Back before Nate was a part of her
life, she had a torrid relationship with Sam as well. The
feeling of his stiff prick in her mouth brought back memories
of endless nights of wild passion, but nothing that could
compare to what she was doing now. Her hands and mouth were
all over Sam's cock, sucking him harder and harder
while the others watched. He had his hands in her hair, pulling
her head down on him like he'd always done, clearly
enjoying every thrust of his cock into Teresa's hot
mouth. She took his thrusts like a pro, running her hand
over his shaft, stroking his cock as it made its way into
her mouth and down her throat. Even though his wasn't
the first cock she'd sucked all night, Teresa gulped
him down hungrily, sucking and stroking faster and faster.
Through it all, she kept her dark eyes focused on his, except
for those times she shot glances over at Nate. During one
of those times, Teresa saw Rudy out of the corner of her eye,
and she motioned him over. After all, he clearly had his
hand in his pants, and she saw no reason to let any go to waste.
As soon as he reached her, she freed his cock and placed it
in her mouth.

While he had been watching, Rudy had done a great job of stroking
his cock hard. Upon feeling her hot mouth surrounding him,
he relaxed a little and enjoyed her technique of sucking
and stroking. He had been too excited to wait for his own
turn, but having Teresa alternating between his cock and
Sam's suited Rudy just fine. The fact that she used
her free hand to gently stroke the cock she wasn't sucking
on didn't hurt either. As she switched back from Sam
to Rudy, Teresa got up on all fours, wiggling her sexy ass
at the guys. Incredibly, Sam was so engrossed in watching
her sucking Rudy's cock; he didn't react for a
moment. But as soon as he came to his senses, Sam moved around
behind her, into a position that he had once been intimately
familiar with. While he was doing this, Teresa concentrated
her efforts on Rudy's cock, pumping it in and out of
her mouth without any interruptions this time. That is,
until she cried out when she felt Sam's cock slipping
inside her pussy. His thick cock had always slid in so nicely,
and tonight was no exception. Teresa's pussy was well
lubricated from the fucking Eddie had given her, and it
yielded to Sam with no problem. Besides, the man had a penchant
for always driving his long member deep inside her, and
tonight would be no exception.

He grabbed her by the hips and thrust deep into her cunt,
causing Teresa to moan before she was stifled by Rudy's
cock shoved into her mouth again. Now she was sucking him
even harder, allowing herself to be driven down onto his
cock each time Sam thrust into her. He was taking her hard
and fast, keeping a tight grip on her ass the whole time.
Meanwhile, Teresa's hands flew over Rudy's saliva
coated shaft as she sucked and sucked, tasting the first
drops of his pre-cum and knowing he wasn't going to
last much longer. Sam's thrusts were growing harder
and faster too, he was wasting no time as he rammed his dick
into her cum soaked pussy again and again. It was almost
a race to see who could cum for her first, and in that Teresa
had a bit of a hand. When Sam's thrusts were reaching
a feverish pace, she switched to stroking Rudy only, licking
the head of his cock as she did. This let her moan out loud
freely as Sam fucked her, and she squeezed down on Rudy tighter
and tighter as she milked his cock. That was all he needed
to achieve release, and with a shudder and a gasp he shot
off his load. Teresa was more or less ready for him, and she
caught most of his cum on her waiting tongue and in her mouth
before swallowing it down. Between his body shaking and
Sam still thrusting into her, she wasn't able to catch
it all however, and streaks of his cum decorated her pretty
face by the time he was done. Still, he'd managed to
shoot off a sizable load for her, quenching her thirst for
cum for the time being. Before he staggered away, Teresa
went down on him one last time, sucking long and slow to get
every last drop of his sweet cum that she could before allowing
herself to cum for Sam.

Her orgasm was quite real as she screamed out during Sam's
final thrusts. He took her hard and fast, pounding his cock
in and out of her well worn cunt over and over again. The grip
he maintained on her ass was very tight as he plowed into
her, stretching out her pussy with each successive stroke.
Teresa looked so slutty like that, cum dripping off her
face while another man fucked her from behind. Her face
was contorted into a mask of absolute delight as she felt
every inch of Sam's thrusts and her eyes were screwed
shut tight. Without even seeing, she opened her mouth to
take in yet another cock as Sam bucked into her harder and
harder. The firm member in her mouth felt so good as she willingly
sucked, and her hand moved into place to stroke its long
shaft. Just as Teresa opened her eyes to see who it was, she
felt Sam's cock ramming into her one last time as he
groaned, shooting off his cum in the process. He thrust
his cock into her deep, pulling her hips in tight against
him as he unloaded his balls into her cunt. Through it all,
Teresa could feel his hot seed filling her pussy, and then
spilling out a bit as Sam withdrew his cock. He'd always
been an intense fuck, and to tell the truth Teresa had missed
his intensity since they'd parted ways. She was quite
glad that she'd gotten the opportunity to be his bitch
one last time. He gave her a playful spank as he pulled his
spent cock from her, and even took a moment to enjoy the sight
of his cum running out of her pussy before moving over. She
didn't see that, of course, for she was quite busy sucking
on Al's cock while his bound brother watched intently.

This was almost too much for Nate to take, seeing his brother's
cock sliding in and out of Teresa's mouth. While he
had been extremely turned on by watching her suck and fuck
the other guys, watching Al getting a good sucking when
he couldn't do anything was taking things too far.
He rattled around his chair to get everyone's attention,
and Teresa looked up from sucking Al's cock long enough
to ask if they should finally let Nate loose. The guys teased
him for a moment, but then they agreed that the guest of honor
should have some fun at his own bachelor party. Teresa motioned
them over to her purse, where she'd secreted the key
to Nate's cuffs, and then returned to the blow job she'd
been giving Al. Rudy did the honors, ending some of Nate's
torment, and as soon as the cuffs were off he flipped them
away and rubbed his sore wrists. He glanced over at Teresa
for a moment, and then moved his crotch in front of her face,
undoing his jeans in the process. She took one look at his
stiff cock being waved in her face before pulling her mouth
off Al and finally taking Nate down her throat. The feeling
of her soft mouth wrapped around his cock brought a sense
of relief to Nate, he thought that he might never feel it
tonight, and he sighed contentedly as Teresa started to
suck. Al watched his brother finally getting his, and while
the hand Teresa was using to stroke his cock felt good, he
needed more. With a nod to Nate, who was lost in his own blissful
trance, Al worked his way behind Teresa, eyeing up her gorgeous
rear. Her ass was framed nicely by her garters and the seam
going up the back of her legs on her stockings was downright
seductive as she turned her full attention on Nate's
cock. He moved in closer to her, giving his cock a few strokes
of his own to keep it up, then pressed it against the small
of her back. Teresa kept sucking Nate, but wiggled her butt
at Al, wordlessly agreeing to what she knew he had to want.
Al slowly let his cock trace down between Teresa's
raised cheeks, pressing his head down between them. As
soon as he felt her giving a little, Al thrust his hips forward,
feeling his cock slipping into her tight little ass.

Even though Teresa was focusing all of her attention on
Nate's cock, there was no way she could ignore the stiff
cock penetrating her ass. For a brief moment, she took her
mouth off the cock she was sucking, her face contorted as
she squeezed her ass tight for Al's cock. A bit of pain
showed on her face, but as soon as she got used to the feeling
of the hard cock in her butt, she smiled and returned her
attention to Nate. His cock slipped between her lips again,
and she reached a hand around his shaft to stroke him as Al
started to thrust himself slowly inside her. His cock was
a tight fit in Teresa's hot ass, but he was moving slowly
enough so as to not hurt her in the process. She actually
enjoyed the feeling as a change after letting the other
guys have her mouth and pussy, and she moaned her pleasure
accordingly. By this time, Al had a firm grip on her ass while
Nate pushed her head down onto his cock. The two men moved
back and forth in unison, each of them pumping Teresa for
all he was worth. With each thrust, Al loosened Teresa's
ass just a bit, making it easier for the next one and so on.
For his part, Nate was trying not to cum just yet, which wasn't
all that easy after the hot show she had put on in front of
him. Teresa could sense that he was holding back, and she
didn't force the issue. While she kept sucking his
cock, she stopped stroking him to help him hold back, and
allowed herself to enjoy Al's rapidly increasing
thrusts. He was taking her deep now, driving his cock hard
into her tight little ass, butt fucking Teresa as hard as
he could. From Al's vantage point, her stockinged
legs looked so sexy, and the patches of cum splotched on
her thighs drove him absolutely wild. He hadn't been
sure how receptive she'd be to him taking her like this,
but from Teresa's reactions, she certainly didn't
seem to mind. Harder and harder he thrust into her, making
her squeal with delight. Every single hole on her body had
been violated now, and he aimed to finish off before letting
his brother fuck her brains out.

Her ass was quite ready now, and Al wasted no more time. Sure,
he enjoyed the sight of Teresa sucking madly on his brother's
cock, but her ass was his now. Teresa kept her buns pointed
up in the air at him as he reamed her tight little hole, straining
to drive every inch of his cock into her. She was grunting
and moaning now as Al fucked her. He was taking her hard now,
thrusting into her as hard as he dared, feeling her tight
ass clenching around his cock with every thrust. Nate had
told Al what a great fuck Teresa was on more than one occasion,
but never did Al suspect he'd get to experience her
first hand. Getting to take her like this was something
that went beyond even that, and Al knew he'd be forever
in his brother's debt. Teresa was hot, she was steaming,
and Al tried to keep his mind off of her as best he could, but
that gorgeous ass she was giving him was too much temptation
for him to bear. He could feel his balls tightening against
his body as they prepared to explode, prompting Al to drive
his cock into Teresa's ass deep one last time before
gasping and letting go. His cock pumped his cum deep inside
her, and Al groaned as he shot off wave after wave for her.
Getting to ass fuck Teresa had been a real treat, and he knew
he'd always remember this night as he pulled his cock
out of her and made room for his brother.

No sooner had Al pulled his dick out of Teresa's ass
when she pitched forward a bit onto Nate's cock. He
immediately took her by the shoulders and flipped her onto
her back, spreading her legs in the process. Cum dripped
out of Teresa's pussy and ass, and more streaks of it
still decorated her lovely face. She splayed out her legs
in preparation for what had to come next, and brought her
hands up to caress her tits. By the time Teresa had her nipples
between her fingers; Nate lovingly guided his cock into
her cunt. She was steaming hot and soaking wet from the guys
who had fucked her before, but that just turned Nate on even
more. Effortlessly, his cock slid in deep, Teresa's
pussy a well worn path that took him in easily. She was so
well lubricated from her own juices and from other men's
cum that Nate was buried all the way in before he knew it.
As he withdrew his shaft to prepare for another thrust,
he could even see some of their sticky cum coating his cock.
Coupled with Teresa's moans, that excited him even
more. In an uncharacteristically rough move, Nate pushed
her legs up onto his shoulders and started fucking her intensely.
With everyone else in the room watching intently and closing
in on them, Teresa's moans grew louder and louder.
"Oh! Oh, God, fuck me, fuck me!" she cried. That
got Nate thrusting even harder into her, and Teresa continued.
"Is this what you wanted, baby, is it? I knew you wanted
to fuck a nasty little whore tonight, so do it!" she

"Ungh, yes, yes!" replied Nate as his cock slammed
deep into her again.

"Oh, that's it, you know you want it. I bet my hot
pussy feels so good after those other guys fucked me...they
fucked me so good, used me up like a nasty little whore, I
bet that makes you want to too!"

Talking dirty like that was something that Teresa knew
drove her man absolutely wild, and it showed. Nate was ramming
his cock into her deep and hard, fucking Teresa harder than
he ever had before while she screamed out in sheer ecstasy.
It seemed as if her entire body was crying out as she came,
giving in to all the wild passion that had filled her that
evening. Her head arched back as she felt Nate's cock
pounding its way deep into her well fucked pussy. His thrusts
were slamming into her hard, jiggling her tits each time
his cock pumped in and out of her hot pussy. Teresa kept her
legs spread wide apart, allowing her man to fuck her as hard
and as deep as possible, and also to give the other guys the
best possible view. As they gathered around, three of them
moved over towards Teresa's head, and Nate somehow
managed to grunt out his approval. They moved quickly,
each of them stroking as they watched Nate fucking Teresa.
She noticed as well, and licked her lips in anticipation
of what they had in mind. That got them stroking harder as
they inched closer to her, nearly touching Teresa as she
flailed around with Nate's cock buried inside her.
He was fucking her furiously now, feeling her hot cunt drawing
him in deeper and deeper with each stroke. His balls slapped
against Teresa even now as they drew up closer to his body
for one final instant before Nate exploded. With his final
thrust into her, Nate pulled Teresa's hips tight against
him as he poured his hot cum into her waiting pussy. His balls
had ached all night for this release, and his entire body
trembled as his sticky load filled his lover's pussy
before dribbling out of her. Even as he slowly withdrew
his spent cock from her, a reflexive squeeze on her part
caused more of the mixed cum in her pussy to ooze out from
those swollen pussy lips. The mere sight of that was enough
for the guys who were stroking as well.

Even as Teresa straightened out her legs, she arched her
head back to see the three cocks aimed directly at her. The
guys stroking were really going at it hard now, fueling
their passions with long glances at Teresa's cum soaked
body. Somehow she had managed to keep her garter and stockings
on; despite the workout her pussy had been given. From the
angle they were at, they could clearly see the cum dripping
out of Teresa's hot cunt. Sweat glistened on her flat
tummy as she lay before them. She was caressing her breasts
with her hands, even going so far as to tweak her own nipples
as she waited for their cum. Closer looks at her revealed
the faint sticky trails of cum that had run off her face and
chin, leaving shiny little streaks down Teresa's
chest as testimony to the night she had enjoyed so far, and
they all wanted to add to it. Nate, Al and Sam stood close
by, eyes riveted on the other three. Teresa's eyes
met theirs as they masturbated, and she blew kisses towards
them and flicked her tongue out over her lips to encourage
them even more. It wouldn't be long now, and she turned
her head towards big Rudy's cock, mouth open in anticipation.
He leaned over her, letting the tip of his cock barely grace
her wet tongue right before he came.

Just as he had before, Rudy managed to give Teresa quite
a load of cum. Most of it found its way onto her face, coating
her smooth skin with its pearly droplets. The rest Teresa
was able to catch on her tongue and in her waiting mouth.
Barely had she begun to swallow it down when Rudy rubbed
her face and lips with his shaft, smearing his goo all over.
That drew a smile from her, and as she gave his cock one last
kiss, they both felt Eddie's cum showering down on
them. The sensation was a bit disturbing for Rudy, but the
few drops of Eddie's cum that landed on his cock were
quickly licked up by Teresa. That cum shot was quite a surprise,
and the majority of it landed on Teresa's face. By now,
she had more cum splattered on her face than she did dripping
from her pussy, but there was a quick solution to that. Before
Jack had his last turn, Teresa scraped some of Eddie's
generous wad onto her fingers and seductively sucked them
clean. That was almost as sensuous as watching her sucking
on a cock for Jack, and he moaned as he brought his cock closer
and closer to Teresa's mouth. She brought her head
down to meet him, teasing him playfully with her tongue.
All it took was a slight touch as she stroked her tongue along
the underside of his cock as he jerked it off for her. With
that, Jack pressed his cock against Teresa's lips
and let go, grunting and shooting off a rather impressive
load of his cum on her. A lot of it poured into Teresa's
throat, and she uncharacteristically let most of that
dribble out of her mouth. Creamy white cum bubbled up over
her lips and down her chin as she smiled for all involved.
Then, as one final tease, she licked the cum off her lips
and savored the taste while she swallowed it down. Visually,
the effect was spectacular, as the guys got one last look
at Teresa with a completely cum drenched face.

Nate gallantly helped his fiancé to her feet, and the guys
knew that the party was over. They'd all had a blast,
and more than one of them secretly hoped this wouldn't
be the last time Teresa crashed one of their 'guys only'
parties. Cleaning up after her little escapade was going
to take some time, but as Teresa and Nate watched the last
of the guys leave, they knew that they'd be up for quite
some time on this most special evening. As they went up the
stairs, Teresa led, letting Nate take in the lovely sight
of her pussy and ass dripping with cum. That alone was enough
to get his cock stirring again, and now that she was already
warmed up, Nate knew that he was in for quite a finish to his
bachelor party.

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