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I didn’t realize right away that I was going to develop into
a full-blown Slutgirl. I mean, I started off the same as
everyone else. I had a Mom and a Dad, divorced of course,
and brothers and sisters with whom I fought over territory
and possessions. Nothing particularly noteworthy. I
could have turned into one of those boring, lay on her back
and yawn through sex ladies, but nope, it wasn’t in the cards.
I was always drawn to the sexual. I always sought out the
perverse. I remember having a notebook I filled with a lot
of dirty words and I got in trouble when Mom found it in the
sock drawer. My sister never thought to do anything like
There were these strange twists of fate. From the beginning,
I didn’t seem destined for monogamy. It just didn’t come
up for me. I lost my virginity at thirteen when a group of
boys gang me. The lesson learned was that Nothing
Ever Happens the way you Expect It To. I don’t remember much
about it. They held me down and pulled at my clothes and I
squeezed my eyes shut tight the whole time. I remembered
I laughed when one of them couldn’t get it in. I just wanted
it over with. Seemed to me the fastest way to be able to leave
was if they just did their thing and finished. Then came
the rumors. Oh God, what vicious rumors. Rumors and gossip
hurt me far worse than the .
And funny, but the ones who gossip are the least likely to
be able to understand how a could happen, and the most
likely to fear something like that happening to them. Then
when they gossip, they start all sorts of ideas in other
boy’s minds, like maybe they could have something like
that happen and get away with it. Like maybe the girl they’re
all talking about would do it again.
At any rate, my MOTHER learned I was sexually active. Never
mind that it wasn’t my choice. She hauled me to the doctor
and I had to sit humiliated with my feet sprawled in the stirrups
and they took “cultures” out of my vagina with swabs and
wooden sticks and I vowed NEVER AGAIN.
But I liked boys. Oh I liked the boys. There was this one guy,
later that summer, and I chased him when I finally got the
guts to wear a two-piece swimsuit (with my 36C’s jutting
all the way out to HERE). We took Red Cross Lifesaving together.
He was already a lifeguard. I was in advanced swimming.
He used to come to me under the water and hold my hand. We’d
swim side by side, under water. Like mermaids. I fell in
love with him and wrote him passionate thoughts and poems
until one day when he tried to have sex with me in the back
of his car. He’d heard all sorts of things about me and how
promiscuous I must be to have those rumors fly. But in reality,
I was trying to do the “born again” (at least by persistence
and denial) virgin thing. I told him “no, I musn’t.” Of course
I couldn’t. I was trying to be a good girl. But when he held
me in his big, strong arms and kissed me with his tongue pressing
into the back of my mouth and his erection pressing into
my thigh, I was a good girl with a throbbing coming up through
my loins and very, very wet panties.
It wasn’t long after the “no, I musn’t” that he told me he
was serious about a girl his own age (he was eighteen) and
he was going to marry her. He gave me the “let’s be friends”
hug, and told me that I should go out with his little brother
who was my age (fourteen).
So heartbroken, I gave his little brother a call. A little
brother was better than nothing. Or was he? The brother,
Mark, was sweet. A little too sweet. I was more interested
in the other brother, Ward, who had live crickets jumping
around in his room because they’d run for their lives when
he’d tried to feed them to the gecko. I went over and watched
the Gong Show with Mark. We sat together on the couch with
sweaty palms, giggling and making smart remarks about
The Unknown Comic. Then after Mark went to work and I was
waiting for my ride home, Ward pulled me into the room with
the crickets, and put me on the top bunk. My heart was racing
so fast, I decided I wasn’t going to be a good girl anymore.
I peeled off my pants and he put it in, and I closed my eyes
and he rocked my world. The wooden frame of the bunk bed whack!
whack! whacked against the wall until his fingers gripped
my upper arms. I held my hands gingerly on his ass, wanting
to push him deeper inside. Then it was all over too fast and
there was the stickiness that he left on my crotch.
Wow! This was my first time it was consensual. There was
chemistry, and it felt good! He rolled over, wiped it off
with a sock, and stumbled into the bathroom. So much for
I stopped seeing Mark not long after that. I didn’t need
to be messing with my “boyfriend’s” brother. Just seeing
a glimpse of Ward would make me feel more alert, the sky seemed
bluer, my hearing more acute. I couldn’t explain any of
that to Mark. So I just stopped seeing him.
Then I was alone again. I had no release for the sexual tension
I was experiencing. My mother never made me feel it was okay
to explore myself on my own. It always felt so dirty, so shameful.
I lay awake at night, listening to the crickets. It would
make me so horny, thinking about that time we had up on Ward’s
bed. I would slide my hand just inside the waistband of my
pj’s, just to the point where I could reach inside the folds,
not to do anything, just to touch. I would lay a finger against
my bump, checking to see how aroused it got, how engorged
with blood, how easy it would be to key it up. Then I would
slip the finger past that bumpy bulge at the start of my vagina
and remember, just imagine, how fabulous it’d felt when
he slid his lanky, slender penis inside of me. My hands felt
so stubby in comparison.
I so wanted to stroke the fire out of my cunt! I prayed for
God to deliver me from evil. I stayed awake for hours, tossing
and turning, punching my pillow, then exhausted‒I’d settle
two fingers down on the wetness and rock my hips until I could
finally fall asleep.
Then oh my goodness! There he was at the fair! Ward found
me at the fairgrounds that one summer day and with him was
his best friend, Jimmy. Ward had told Jimmy all about our
little tryst on the bunk in his room, and what with the embellishing
he did, it must have sounded pretty damn hot. I was blushing
outright to think of what Jimmy must think of me.
Ward told me that Jimmy was still a virgin, and he asked me
to do them both. Shit! I had to think about it. I mean, I was
the girl. They weren’t going to get the reputation. I was.
But then, there was that whole gang hysteria, and oh,
I pretty much already had one. This wouldn’t change a thing.

It was one thing to have an undeserved reputation. It was
quite another to embrace it.
I told them I at least wanted a ride on the Ferris wheel. They
plunked down some tickets and the three of us got into the
little white car. The carnival dude with no front teeth
hooked down the safety bar and winked at the three of us.
I’d sat in the middle and before we could even get up and out
of sight, both of them had their arms around my back and were
feeling the side of a tit. Holy shit! Now no one ever prepared
me that this could all be the way it worked. Here I was, naively
thinking I was supposed to end up with one steady boyfriend
and he was supposed to be too jealous to allow any other fella
to lay a hand on me. This new version of reality was blowing
my mind. This boyfriend wanted to share me with his friend!
What the hell?
We began the ascent to the top, cars lurching to the top as
the Carnie stopped each time to let in a new batch of people.
I looked over to see if Ward was really okay with all of this
and he kissed my mouth. Then Jimmy wanted one too. I still
wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but I wanted to be a good
sport, so I gave him a little peck. A moment later, he had
his tongue probing against my lips. I kind of shook him off.
Then Ward had his hand sliding up my shirt. I’d no more put
his hand back on his leg when Jimmy had his hand creeping
in on the other side. Was this okay? I was completely torn.
I really wanted Ward to have his hands all over me (okay,
maybe a little more privately), but he really seemed to
want Jimmy in on our arrangement.
At the fair, anything seemed possible. Anything. The cars
lurched a couple more times, then the Ferris wheel started
going. Well if they could touch me, I could touch them! My
heart racing, I reached over and pushed the bulge forming
in Ward’s jeans. It made me tingle to know that I was touching
his hard-on. Oh God. I avoided looking at his face, or looking
at Jimmy to see if he saw. But he saw. No doubt. His hand was
reaching for my nipple, which was doing the ole “Hi, how
you doing?” salute, poking completely through the layers
of my bra and my clothes. Next, both boys had hands slipping
inside my thighs, and Ward pinched my pussy.
“Cut it out!” I giggled.
The man running the ride was enjoying the show. When it came
time to change riders, he skipped our car. Surprised, I
looked down at him, and his eyes flashed. We had an audience!
I don’t know what was getting into me! I felt both giddy and
exhibitionist at the same time. It was wonderful to be getting
all this attention from three different guys! What the
hell? I put my hand behind me under my shirt. I unfastened
my bra. I passed the strap through my sleeve and popped my
arm through that strap. My bra came out the other armhole.
All this underneath my shirt. They guys looked at me like
I’d just done a magic trick.
“Oh shit, ” they said in unison as my boobs sprang loose.
At once, I had both boys all over those 36C’s like flies on
a hamburger. Jimmy pulled my top up to look at my nipple.
I clapped the shirt down, but not fast enough. The carnival
guy caught an eyeful! He started laughing. Jimmy tweaked
my nipple. I felt a spark of excitement shoot though my body,
stirring my abdomen. I could feel actual drips of my juices
seep into my panties.
I felt a gust of wind and looked down at my blouse. It had come
unbuttoned. Ward’s glance followed my eyes, and he laughed,
"What have we here?" His hand crept under my
shirt, cupping my breast in his hand. Suddenly, I was a million
miles away and totally oblivious to everything in the world.
The ride started going again, so the boys felt more courage
and their hands roamed across my tits, pressing and exploring.
An “I dare you” look flashed between the boys. Ward held
me back and Jimmy slipped a hand between my thighs. I couldn’t
help it. I wanted to spread my legs and let him stir up my animal
instincts. But I wasn’t supposed to like this! What would
my mother say?
My nose was wide open. I smelled the salty scent from the
back of Jimmy’s neck and my pussy was hot! His hand buried
between my thighs, all the way up against my puss, he said,
“Wow!” I knew that my smells were seeping through the fabrics
and if he pressed his hand to his nose, he would smell everything
I had.
This time when the ride was over, the carnival guy let us
out. I felt incredibly flushed. If he didn’t see everything,
it definitely was written all over my face. Not to mention
that my 36C’s were swinging under my shirt. I wasn’t quite
sure what happened to my bra. The Carnival guy suggested
that all of us go into his trailer later on, he would get a
break around four thirty. My heart raced a thousand miles
an hour. He looked so skanky! Thankfully Ward had words
to say, "No, Man. Not this time, " and we darted
off, laughing.
What was I getting myself into?
We went through the 4-H booth then. I walked a little ahead
of the boys, still trying to figure out what to do. On the
one hand, having sex with two boys at the same time would
be a total thrill. But how were we going to get away with it?
Where were we supposed to go?
At the dairy barn they were giving away sample Frosties.
We each got a cone, swirled with vanilla ice cream. I know
I was trying to look all cool and collected, like this sort
of thing happened to me every day. My mind racing, I asked
the boys if they’d ever been to the reservoir.
Next, the three of us were hiking up the road, hand in hand,
arm in arm, if no one was driving by. I was totally getting
into the idea of having sex with both of them, out here in
the sunshine, where I could study their erections and try
giving head. Both Jimmy and Ward were walking awkwardly,
occasionally pinching at the bulge. I tried to be casual
about brushing against Ward. I wanted to feel his boner
through his jeans. Oh my God! It felt so wiry, like a spring.
It wobbled somewhat, and returned to the exact spot it had
been before I had touched it. I was dying of curiosity. How
exactly did that thing work?
We got up to the reservoir, and under the cover of some trees,
we found a brushy area that we ducked into. Jimmy took his
sweatshirt off and laid it out. Apparently it was supposed
to protect me from the elements. My hands were shaking.
I figured I should undress, but I didn’t exactly know how
to get naked in front of two guys. I mean, this didn’t just
come natural to me. One time, I’d gotten restricted from
TV for a week because my little brother let me see his cock.
Girls are supposed to behave themselves. No matter what.
Mother did try to teach me right from wrong. I had to give
her that.
I was feeling self-conscious, but the guys just peeled
off their clothes, like they did it every day. They thought
nothing of whipping it out right in front of each other!
Both their dicks twanged right up as soon as they slid out
of their tidy whities. Boiiiing!
I was embarrassed. It was my turn. I didn’t want to just pull
down my pants and have them both looking at my puss. What
a double standard, huh? I mean, I wanted to stare at them.
I hadn’t even realized how their pubic hair would stick
out like a tuft of grass. Ward’s pubic hair was reddish brown,
and Jimmy’s was definitely darker. More like mine. Oh my
God. The thought of them just looking at my pubic hair made
my mouth go dry. I remembered that Ward had sort of seen me
before, that time on his bed, but that was so quick. Almost
pointless. This time, I was doing it with TWO guys. If Mother
found out, my life would be fucking over. I might as well
just chalk it up, draw the silhouette of my body on the pavement
and dive for the location off the tenth floor.
At least I was going to go out with a bang.
Nervously, I unzipped my jeans and wiggled out of them.
My panties came down with my pants. I clapped my hand over
myself and looked at them and giggled. “I can’t believe
I’m doing this.”
Ward said, “You’re doing fine.”
I just knew they were staring at my stomach, how the cellulite
kind of bubbled out below my navel. I pulled my shirt down
over my gut, hoping it would hide something.
“I think you look good. Awesome.” Jimmy declared.
Well I sure the hell didn’t believe him. These two were just
out here to get a piece, not to be honest.
But he sounded sincere. And I have to say I wanted to eat it
up, his compliments, his attention. You see, we girls do
not believe you are serious when you say you want to be with
us. We really, in our heart of hearts, believe you are just
doing us to practice for the cheerleader, for the gymnast,
for the gal you really want to fuck.
I looked at Jimmy’s cock. He kind of had it in his hand, like
he was holding it at bay. I wondered if he was thinking, “Down,
Well I didn’t know what to do. I lay down with my back on the
sweatshirt that Jimmy had spread out, and I opened my legs.
I felt their eyes searing through me. Jimmy taking it in
for the first time. I wondered if he’d seen a dozen magazine
girls, and if he was sorely disappointed. Was he thinking,
“so that’s all there is?”
But somehow my insecurities didn’t make sense with what
was going on. Ward laid down on my left and Jimmy laid down
on my right. They gingerly put their hands on me. Ward reached
to unfasten the buttons on my shirt. My breasts were splayed
out to the sides. Good grief. Were they supposed to stay
perky? All pointed straight out. Maybe I should sit up to
give them a different angle. I mean, after all, these guys
could see everything. Every mole, every pore, every goosebump.
My nipples were acting funny. They were mooshed, like one
of them got caught behind a button or something. Jimmy didn’t
seem to notice. He just put his mouth over it and started
What a strange sensation? I mean, I knew I could push my breasts
up and catch the damn thing in my own mouth, but this was different.
It felt completely wild to be the recipient. To just lay
down and let them take me. A jumble of different songs went
swirling through my head. “Afternoon Delight...Take
me, take me, take me....Mama’s got a squeeze box, Daddy
never sleeps at night.”
I closed my eyes and I could feel their things pressing into
my thighs. Ward on my left, Jimmy on the right. I wanted to
look down, to compare them, to see who was bigger. What if
one of them was really huge? I opened an eye and squinted.
They were laying on top of them and I couldn’t see a thing.
I tried to be at one with my thighs. Which one was bigger?
Ward’s was, I thought.
Maybe I could get a good look at them before we were finished.
Ward started kissing my mouth. He was all over me. I could
feel his tongue exploring my teeth, flitting around, over
my tongue, under my tongue, back to my teeth. He sucked a
little and pulled my tongue into his mouth. He tasted funny.
But it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t like he had bad breath or anything.
Then Jimmy put his hand down on my puss. Right against the
bare skin. Oh my God. I wondered if he was just looking at
it, touching it with one hand, holding his thing with the
other. I was busy kissing Ward, and I was dying to know what
Jimmy was thinking. Did I smell okay? Would he put his mouth
on me? Was I going to like this?
I felt him pushing my legs apart. He smoothed my pubic hair
down. Then he pulled my labia apart! Oh God. I hardly dared
to look at that myself. No one had every really looked close
up at my pussy, except I did that one time when I was in the
house by myself. I got out Mom’s compact and opened it and
perched on the toilet and looked. The folds were kind of
purplish, at least more than I expected them to be. And the
hairs grew all over the place, even down the crack! I pushed
my finger around the ridges and it felt tingly. That one
little bumpy part in the front was almost too sensitive
to touch! I definitely didn’t want him messing with that
little bumpy part.
But he didn’t. Jimmy just sat and looked at my puss. I felt
so self-conscious. Like he could see through me. Like I
was invisible. Or maybe I was suddenly ultra visible. I
wished I had one of those photographers to air brush me.
I tried to remember if I had any zits. God, I hoped I didn’t
have any fucking zits.
Whatever I had or didn’t have, the boys didn’t seem to mind.
I did notice they seemed to keep one hand on their thing.
I wondered if it felt weird to have dicks just dangling there,
all vulnerable. Were they feeling self-conscious too?
Maybe they didn’t want each other staring at their dicks.
Maybe they didn’t want me staring. Maybe they didn’t care.
“Can you lay down here a minute?” I heard myself ask. I patted
the sweatshirt and moved out of the way. Ward scrambled
under me and laid on his back. His cock didn’t poke straight
up like I thought it would. It kind of swung down in an arch
that almost hit his belly button. It veered off to the right.
I wanted to touch it. Would he let me?
Tentatively, I put my fingers on it. I didn’t want to hurt
him. I knew that if I accidentally hit his balls I could cause
him some real grief, but I didn’t know where the line was‒the
line between pleasure and pain. What if it was just all super-sensitive?
The way my little bumpy part was. I mean, I didn’t really
want them messing with that, not because I thought they
would hurt me, more because I thought if they did anything,
it would make me piss all over everything. Sometimes when
I masturbated, I hit that bump a little, and one time for
sure it made me want to pee. I went to the toilet and tweaked
it persistently. Then I peed, and the heat from my urine
washed down over my hand. I really liked the way it felt,
but I didn’t want to have a burst of piss shoot out in the middle
of our threesome. Most of the time, hitting the bump felt
okay, but I still wasn’t sure how everything worked down
“Tell me if I do anything you don’t like, okay?”
“You’re doing fine.” Ward said. His voice sounded a little
funny. Maybe he felt as weird as I did. Maybe that time on
his bed was his very first time? We hadn’t ever talked about
it, we just did it.
While I was leaning over him, Jimmy was behind me. Suddenly
I felt his hand on my inner thigh. Right beside my butthole!
Oh my God. He wasn’t going to look at my butthole, was he?
I turned and flashed him a grin. “Be careful back there.
I’m a little nervous, okay?”
“I think you’re beautiful.” He mumbled.
Yah, sure.
I went back to touching Ward’s cock. It looked weird. For
some reason, I was reminded of E.T., the way his head kind
of bulged out over his neck, the funny way the skin wrinkled
up around him. I didn’t want to push the skin around too much.
What if it hurt? To be honest, I didn’t really know what the
hell I was supposed to do.
“Here, ” Ward said. “Watch me a sec.” And he put his hand
over his thing, and he rubbed it up and down a few times. It’s
funny, because as scared as I was to move the skin around,
that’s what he seemed to like. “It’s not going to break, ”
he said, “believe me.”
I wanted to put my mouth on it. The way I’d heard the wild girls
did. Guys were really supposed to like it when you put your
mouth up and down on it. I’d been a thumb sucker, so I wasn’t
really phased by putting it into my mouth. So I did it. I slipped
it into my mouth, my hand still firm on the shaft. I heard
Ward suck in real hard, and I pulled off at once. “Am I hurting
you?” I asked, panicked, wiping my mouth with the back of
my hand.
“Hell no. That’s just right. Keep it up. Try sliding your
mouth up and down.”
He pushed his pelvis forward, trying to guide his thing
back into my mouth. Sweet Mother of God, I was so worried
I was hurting him! I tried to settle back down on it, pushing
it back into my mouth, but this was my first time giving a
blow job. Oh my teeth! He's hitting my teeth! What if
I scrape him? And, what was this taste? His smell seeped
into my nostrils, and I stopped just short of snuffing and
snorting like a new puppy to figure out what it was. (Girls
don't smell like this!) It wasn’t so much a taste, but
his sweat, all up in my nose. It was so carnal, and I was totally
going for it, but it was unlike anything else I’d encountered
Then everything all ran together. Jimmy was back there,
you know, by my butt, and I don’t know what the hell he was
doing, but he started pushing stuff around back there,
rubbing my puss, and oh hell was I wet! And from that angle.
Oh my. I just kinda jutted my ass back at him and oooh Lordy,
was he messing with my head! Euphoria swept up over me, like
a bank of fog in the valley. I couldn’t see what I was doing.
I kept looking for a way out. But when you’re in a fog, all
there is to do is to pay attention to exactly what is before
you, and that, as you know, was Ward’s twitching cock.
Now if you’re thinking about doing a threesome yourself,
all I can tell you is that first time, it was totally overwhelming.
When I could pay attention to what I was doing and bob my face
up and down on that arching cock, he started writhing and
moaning. Then I was distracted from sucking what I was supposed
to be sucking.
Then Jimmy started doing his thing back there behind me.
At first he was just making sure everything was wet enough
to slide himself in. Then when he first stuck it in, especially
with me on my hands and knees bent over Ward, well oh my God,
there was nothing I could do to make myself keep focusing
on Ward. I backed up on his dick, and felt him resist, ramming
against me. It slid so much deeper than my finger ever reached.
I mean, there was that one time I’d stuck a nail polish bottle
up in there, then I got chicken that it would get stuck, so
I pulled it right back out. Jimmy’s dick didn’t feel like
that. There were no edges, he just merged into me. For some
reason I was struck that he was the exact temperature I was.
It woke something inside, and suddenly, I couldn’t get
“Oh! Oh, oh oh, oh!” I called out after a few moments.
“Hey Man, she’s liking that. Whatever you’re doing, keep
it going, Man.”
“I don’t know how long I’m gonna last...” Jimmy panted.
“It’s feels too damn good.”
“Then pull it out, Man. Give yourself a break.”
Jimmy pulled it out. I yelped, startled by the sudden change.
I wanted some more. I looked back over my shoulder and he
was standing behind me, kind of stroking it, kind of just
pinching it.
Ward scrambled up from underneath me, “I want some of that
Then he was behind me and pushing it in. Yes. He definitely
went in a little deeper than Jimmy, and oh my goodness, I
don’t know what the hell he was pushing up against inside
of me, but oh it felt so, so good. I arched my back and closed
my eyes. I put my hand down between my legs and kind of held
it there. Like I said, all of this was new, and I couldn’t
tell if I needed to pee. I kind of thought I needed to, but
then it felt okay. Jimmy watched where I put my hand. In a
minute, he put his hand there too, right there on that bumpy
part and he started to rub it. Ward kept pounding away from
“Ah! Oh, oh, oh, oh...” I couldn’t help it. The sounds were
sudden, and coming out of me almost against my will. He was
hitting on something, something glorious. I felt a momentum
building up, but I didn’t feel afraid that I was going to
pee anymore. It was different than that. Jimmy kept twitching
his hand back and forth across my puss, and whatever it was
he was doing, I didn’t want him to stop.
All I could think was Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Jesus, I
was DONE trying to be a good girl, trying to fight these animal
urges. I was fucking done. I had my butt arching up and down
on that great angle of his dick and he was really sticking
it to me. Jimmy actually rolled under me, there with his
head in the sticks and the dirt and he pushed up against me
and put his mouth on my puss! His tongue lolled around, flitting
here and there, staying persistent in the folds. I was loving
it! I was loving every fucking minute of it.
I mean, there I was, a moment earlier, afraid to take it out
of my pants, hardly able to do more than unzip and pull. Then
here I was, just a few minutes later, grinding my puss up
and down on one guy’s face while the other one rode me from
behind! It was wonderful!
Ward’s cock seemed to be swelling to a new size! I knelt down
on my forearms, arching into it, and I could feel it sliding
up and down against the lateral walls, friction, friction,
friction. Oh it was good! Jimmy was working his hand, then
his mouth. Quite honestly, I didn’t know WHAT he was doing,
but he was hitting something right. Exactly right. I squeezed
Ward with my cunt, gripping his great dick with the walls
of my pussy, and wonderful warm feelings washed over me.

I clapped my hand over my mouth to keep from yelling. “Oh
Then Ward groaned aloud. I was surprised to hear him so close
to my ear. He pulled out, and I felt him squirt stuff all over
the cheeks of my ass. I reached back to feel it, and it was
all sticky. I licked it off my hand. Oh Goodness! I wasn’t
expecting it to taste like THAT. I reached into my pocket
for a piece of gum while I decided whether I liked it.
“Let me finish, okay?” Jimmy asked, and backed out from
under me. He pushed it in, I was quite slippery by then, and
it only took him a moment before he fired it off. “Ah, ah,
ah, ah!” he called out as he shot his load.
I ended up wiping their cum off my ass with my cotton panties
and tossing them under a tree. Hopefully my mother wouldn’t
be looking up when I came into the house, and wouldn’t ask
me where my bra and underpants disappeared to. I was feeling
euphoric, and when I felt like that, I got a little too mouthy.
It was sure to set her off. I was sure she’d send me to my room.
If she did, I determined, then I would strip, lay back on
the bed, and masturbate. Stir all these good feelings back
up. Then I’d go take a bubble bath. What she didn’t know wouldn’t
hurt her.
When I stood up and started walking--I don’t know how to
describe it--I just felt opened. I felt like my pussy was
pulled out to its real size, and there was no going back.
Whenever I moved, I was acutely aware that I had just been
PROBED, and it felt marvelous. Like a secret I didn’t need
to share. I had a real cunt, and it was all mine.
Later, we all noticed scratch marks on each other where
we didn't have scratch marks before. Suddenly, I feel
quite nervous like of course the whole world would KNOW
what we’d been up to. I spent time tugging on my clothes,
pulling sticks out of my hair and my socks. When we got back
to the fairgrounds, we went our separate ways. I needed
to go home. I smelled like sex and I needed to put on a bra.
Even though Ward, Jimmy and I all promised to find each other
again some time, so far it hasn’t happened. Meanwhile,
they stirred up an appetite inside of me that I didn’t know
how to keep up with. I so wanted to have another meeting!
My puss was on fire, and I was masturbating two and three
times a day...
Slutgirl was awakened.

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loved your story and hope you have more to tell thanks