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Robert's invitation to complete a foursome for a wild
weekend had been a welcomed treat, as I drove up to the secluded
old house. I must admit I had second thoughts. My sex had
always been pretty straight but I was a bit apprehensive
about this "bondage" idea.

But what the hell - it couldn't hurt to try - could it?

Robert greeted me at the door and introduced me to Mary my

His wife Jill, I already knew. A dinner of steaks, wine and
small talk. We settled into the den and the almost immediately
an imperceptible mood change took place suggesting that
things were about to get started.

Robert explained that normally a system was used in their
games to determine roles, but that since this was my Friday
night, they would let Jill be "Mistress" to
Mary, who would also introduce me to Jill's instructions
to the game.

I could then participate or watch as I chose. After half
a dozen drinks, I was ready for anything, or so I thought.

Jill wasted no further time. She put her drink down, walked
across the room and pulled Mary to her feet. She produced
a pair of handcuffs, and without ceremony cuffed the brunette's
hands behind her back. She asked Robert to go and get the
toys as she began to play with her new captive. Standing
behind her she reached around to cup Mary's breasts
through her blouse and caresses them. She proceeded to
open the first few buttons of the blouse and then, forcing
her hand into her bra, began to cruelly squeeze Mary's
breasts and needing her nipples. The cuffed woman moaned
and tried unavoidably without success to escape the hands
that were causing her torment.

Robert had returned in the meantime with a box of devices
that would have made the Marquis de Sade weep with joy. I
didn't really know what most of the gadgets were, but
that my guesses were not far off.

"We want you to have a first hand demonstration of
some of our toys Richard" said Jill, "and Mary
is going to explain these toys to you as you use them on her
- just pick one and ask her."

She shoved the cuffed brunette back onto the couch and he
retired to his own chair.

I jumped into the game without further encouragement and
asked Mary about the small vice-like clamps that caught
my eye. She explained that they were nipple clamps. Jill
was not pleased.

"Explain to him in detail how they work - on you, or
you'll be sorry."

Mary proceeded to give me detailed instructions for her
own torment.

"They go on my nipples but you'll have to finish
undressing me" she explained.

I needed no further encouragement. I finished undoing
the buttons on her blouse, then reached behind her to unfastened
the bra. Her breasts were beautiful- topped with lucious
strawberry tips.

"Richard, you'll have to get her nipples hard
for the clamps to work properly" added Jill.

She was obviously enjoying role of spectator. I licked
and sucked the captive woman's nipples until they
were hard and distended. I picked up the first clamp and
opening it up, placed it over her left nipple flush against
her breast. The function was obvious as I began tightening
the knob, the metal clamp closing toward the nipple. Mary
flinched as the cold metal first contacted her nipple and
as I tightened further she began to squirm. I stopped as
soon as Mary moaned, afraid to cause any permanent injury,
but Jill was now totally adamant.

"Keep going, this bitch can take a lot more than that",
said Jill.

I complied until I was sure that the clamp would not cause
any real damage. The device squeezed the nipple until it
was fully engorged and caused the areola to fill with blood
and swell until it was fully unwrinkled and shiny. I then
repeated the process on her right nipple.

Mary was in real pain now, laying back on the couch with closed
eyes. But Jill had only just begun.

"Ask her about this little gadget" she offered,
as she handed me a contraption consisting of two curved
rod- like devices connected by a threaded arrangement.

Mary in response to the unspoken question let me know that
this was a labia spreader - not one of her favourite toys.
This too exposed her for further exposure of to the private
parts of Mary's anatomy. She blushed furiously as
I hiked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties down.
I could now appreciate her embarrassment and humiliation.
The rest of us were fully clothed as she lay in a semi-reclining
position with her breasts and lower body blatantly exposed.

I was getting into this and began to take the initiative.
I picked up the leg spreader and fastened her into it for
good measure. It attached to both legs just above the knees
and was adjustable. After tightening the straps I pushed
her legs as far apart as they would go and tightened the adjusting
screw. Mary really was a turn on, with her tits bare now,
adorned with two tit clamps I had left in place and her legs
spread as far as they would go. She was beautifully on display

I then proceeded to apply the pussy spreader. The device,
which Robert told me he had made was really just two elongated
clamps connected together. The clamps were designed to
fit on a woman's labia and then the threaded device
when used, forced the clamps apart. As I tightened each
clamp to her pussy lips, Mary inhaled sharply. It was not
until the screw-like device was actuated and her labia
began to open and fully stretch apart that she really responded
though. She twisted her ass on the cushions of the sofa and
then started bucking her hips - she wanted this device removed
from her most private place. Only Jill's further encouragement
kept me right on going. When Mary started to thrash in earnest
I stopped.

"Keep going - the bitch can still stand a lot more!"
, said Jill.

I complied, giving the screw another turn and watching
the captive cunt lips of the tied brunette's vulva
spread even further. Her pussy was now blatantly strained
and every inner minute detail was visible. But it did not
seem like she minded. In fact it seemed she was enjoyed the
whole game.

That was the scenario of last weekend's dinner.

A B&D Dinner - Part two of three

At any rate, it was Friday night again and the evening's
"gig" as we sometimes called it was about to

This time no change in choices were made and the drawing
was at random. It was simple - four cards were dealt for each

High was "Master" - Low was "Slave".

There was no preference in selection as to sex - I had already
learned that the homosexual aspect could be imposed added
to the control of the humiliation aspect and therefore
the thrill. Nor was there any true guarantee that roles
would not be duplicated, since each round was drawn separately.
Conceivably, one unlucky person could end up as the "Slave"
for three different people for one night, although obviously
the odds were all against that.

The first drawing Jill found herself the "Slave"
to Mary, a role that she had reason to be apprehensive about,
considering the way she had tormented Mary the previous

Nevertheless, the show goes on. We retired to take turns
showering, returning to the den with drinks in hand getting
ready to begin. Robert had already got the "toys"
out and they were spread out by Mary who was obviously trying
to decide how best to begin Jill's ordeal.

"Well, I guess it's time we get started, "
said Mary as she walked over to the seated blonde, took the
drink out of her hand and led her to the centre of the den.

She put a leather trainer cock gag in Jill's mouth and
fastened in back of her neck with an attaching collar and

The straps of the harness surrounded Jill's head and
part of her face and were arranged so as to spread the ball
gag deep into her open and waiting mouth. Jill was starting
to suffer total humiliation now.

Mary then began to slowly and seductively undress her victim
that was arousing to us all and surely causing some Jill
further embarrassment. She unbuttoned the helpless blonde's
blouse but took time to massage her breasts through the
bra, squeezing and kneading the twin mounds cruelly. Jill
moaned from under her gag. Mary reached behind Jill to unfasten
the bra and zipped it away to reveal Jill's full breasts.
The nipples had already hardened from the attention they

"Look at the SLUT!, " said Mary as she again
tweaked the tips of her nipples roughly, " she turns
on like a Bitch in heat when you play with her tits!"

She continued to undress Jill, unfastening the skirt,
letting it drop to the floor and leaving the handcuffed
blonde standing in the middle of the room in her panties,
half open blouse and dishevelled bra.

Mary reached down and began to slowly massage Jill's
pussy through her panties, cupping her hand over the mound
and rubbing along Jill's love lips. She paused only
long enough to peel Jill's panties down, telling her
to step out of them, leaving the girl completely exposed
below the waist.

"Spread your legs Slut!" ordered Mary.

Jill obeyed, spreading her legs as far as she was able without
losing her balance.

Mary began to play with Jill's pussy while the blonde's
legs were spread, giving us an in depth description she
went on.

"Jill has a tight pussy for the Slut that she is, and
she loves to have it toyed with".

She no more than touched it; it was dripping wet.

"She enjoys finger fucking as you can see already".

And sure enough as Mary had one and then two fingers inside
her slit, Jill began to rotate her hips almost voluntarily
as a result of the stimulation of her sex.

"She seems to enjoy this, but I don't think she'll
be as happy when I use a short whip on her pussy later on".

"Well on to more interesting things, " said

"I think we'll warm little Jill up with a couple
of our toys, and then see just how obedient she really is".

She led Jill over to the same chair that she herself had been
fastened over and in like manner tied Jill's feet wide
apart to the back legs. She removed the handcuffs so that
Jill's clothes would be completely removed, then
refastened them behind her back. Jill was forced forward
and stretched by a strap threaded through her collar and
pulled down to the front of the chair. To increase her discomfort
her hands were pulled up tight by a short strap connected
to the back of her collar.

After she had the her securely fastened, Mary with obvious
enjoyment continued her humiliation in front of us. Stepping
behind the helpless blonde's she began to torment
Jill's cruelly exposed vulva - alternating between
gentle caresses and the cruel twisting of her pouting pussy.

The way that Jill was fastened left her wide open to this
unwelcome position - her legs were fastened so widely apart
that the lips of her pussy were in fact beginning to gape
on their own. From time to time Mary interrupted her caressing
to grasp a lip of her pussy between a thumb and forefinger
of each hand and pull them wide apart, clearly exposing
the innermost lips and pink flesh of her wanton vulva.

The whole thing was a turn on, simply because of the humiliation
Jill had to be experiencing at having her sex so intimately
exposed and so handled in front of Robert and myself while
she was fastened helplessly in a wide open position that
left her completely vulnerable. Mary began the girl's
torment in earnest by fastening a wooden clothespin on
each of her obscenely exposed labia lips, and on each of
her now large and engorged nipples.

"We must get Jill all clean and pretty now!"
said Mary as she removed the clothespins.

Mary produced a razor and can of shaving cream and then began
washing Jill's V-crotch and with warm water, getting
her skin all soft and ready for shaving.

"Were going to get that pussy all neat and shaved clean
for Richard, " said Mary.

She began by smearing the cream all over Jill's pussy.
With the precision of a master barber she then began to shave
all of Jill's pussy removing all of her glistening
thick pubic hair.

"I want you to be especially clean for Richard tonight, "
she said.

She shaved the blonde clean leaving not a hair in sight.
Jill's pussy was bald and her skin was soft to the touch.
Mary then finished her off by tonguing her first with only
light licks up and down her pussy and then by blowing on her
clit and vulva. The effect was indeed magical, as I could
actually see Jill's clitoris swell and rise until
it was hard and erect. Her clit had protruded away from both
the inner lips until it was moving and pulsating outward
with each deep breath she took.

She unfastened the neck strap and then slipped off the gag
by blatantly sliding the cock in and out of Jill's mouth.
It was like Jill was performing fellatio on the gag.

Jill stood up straight and as Mary fully removed the gag,
much to her relief. But before she untied her legs, Mary
now fastened Jill into the leg spreader bar, which had the
effect of spreading her ankles three or four feet apart.
She then untied Jill's legs from the table and hobbled
her over to the low table at the other side of the room.

"Jill hates to have her titties whipped, "
said Mary as she picked up a short whip with silken thongs.

"This little whip may not look like much" she
said, "but on a girl's breasts it feels like liquid
fire, although it can't do any real damage".

"Jill has always hated it, especially when I concentrate
on the nipples and the underside of her breasts."

"Isn't that so Jill?"

Jill grimly answered in the affirmative, resigned to the
fact that her breasts were going to be subjected to punishment
at the hands of Mary and that cute little whip.

"But I'm going to give you a chance to save your
pretty tits from a little punishment, " said Mary.

I'm going to let you play with yourself in front of Robert
and Richard, and the faster you make yourself come, the
sooner I stop whipping your possible. You get one stroke
every five seconds until you come and then I stop.

"Oh please moaned Jill - I can't come in front
of Richard and Robert. Please don't make me do that!"

The whip sliced down on Jill's right breast, the thongs
flattening the nipple and making the breast bounce and
shudder, bringing a gasp of pain from Jill.

"You'd better get started, or your tits will
ache for a month, " said Mary as she swatted the whip
down to make the left breast share the right's agony.

Now I could appreciate the ingenuity of the position Mary
had fastened the blonde into. Jill could not move to avoid
the whip; her body was stretched so that her breasts were
most prominent and most important, her right hand, chained
to the belt was such that while she could not use her hand
to shield her breasts, she could reach her widely exposed
pussy as the whip struck her right breast for the third time,
Jill reached between her legs and began to massage her inflamed
labia. First, playing her fingers only on the outside,
but soon spreading the outer lips, working their way to
the now exposed clitoris, which she began playing with.
Each time the whip struck one or both of her breasts she cried
out, and increased the tempo of her masturbation. Finally,
wildly rubbing her clit with her thumb and with three fingers
inserted in her vagina she managed to achieve an orgasm
that brought her ass off the table and straining herself
against the straps holding her down.

"Not bad Jill - I always knew you were a shameless SLUT, "
teased Mary as she lowered the whip.

Jill breasts had reddened from the punishment they had
received, but it was obvious that no real damage had been

"Now for an instant replay, but this time you get to
eat my pussy and wait until your clitty catches fire again
until I come".

Mary stripped off her slacks and panties, picked up the
short leather whip and brought it whistling down on Jill's
shaven mound without further warning. Jill screamed and
writhed in pain as her unprotected pussy received the snapping
thongs. She immediately began licking and sucking Mary's
clit which was presented to her. As Mary straddled her head
and as the thongs struck the poor blonde's vulva the
second time, the scream was muffled by Mary's own clit
pressed against Jill's face. Jill feverishly sucked
and licked at Mary's clit, trying to stimulate her
swollen clitty as much as possible. The sooner she was able
to bring Mary to orgasm the sooner the torment of her own
clit would end.

Finally Mary shuddered in orgasm and dropped the whip to
the floor. Jill just lay and moaned. I couldn't resist
a closer inspection of the tied woman's labia and as
looked I could see several welts over the her swollen pussy
lips, also by the reddened streaks where on several lashes
the thongs had found their way between Jill's pussy
lips as Mary had cruelly punished the tender insides of
her vagina.

After pausing briefly to fix herself a drink and arrange
her clothes, Mary returned to Jill still strapped to the

"That poor little pussy of yours has really suffered
tonight, but I'm afraid the worst is yet to come".

She unfastened Jill from the table and with the spreader
bar still holding her legs far apart led her to the centre
of the room once again. With leather cuffs and a chain running
through a pulley fastened to an over head beam Mary soon
had Jill standing helpless on her widely spread feet with
her arms stretched tautly over her head.

"Don't worry, I won't keep you here long
- it's just such a convenient position to keep you in
while I get you properly trussed up. Mary put a length of
narrow chain with links that ended in protruding metal
ends. No matter what she did she was in considerable pain.
Not yet satisfied, Mary began to sensuously play with the
bound Jill's breasts and nipples, licking and sucking
each one in turn. When both nipples swelled she then calmly
fastened a tit clamp onto each one. The two clamps were fastened
by a short lightweight chain, to which a leash was attached.
Mary then removed the spreader bar from Jill's legs,
leaving her standing with her hands tightly pulled up into
her back and in obvious pain from the tormenting devices
assailing her breasts and clit. As though by way of demonstration
she led Jill around the room, which was any thing but a pleasant
experience for the woman. Every step she took obviously
caused the barbed chain to dig into her already abused vulva,
while any sign of hesitation resulted in a sharp tug on the
leash and in turn the clamps on her swollen nipples. After
leading her around the room several times, Mary removed
all devices except the handcuffs, to Jill's clear

"Since it looks like I only have a short while left
with you, I want you to share some of the same game you had
me play with Richard last weekend, " said Mary.

She led Jill to the corner of the room, Robert had built an
old fashioned set of stocks on a type of pedestal. The stock
had two hinged pieces with cut-outs for a neck and hands.
The level was adjustable on the stand and before placing
Jill into the stocks, Mary lowered the height to almost
waist level. The effect was clear - the prisoner would have
to bend over to an exaggerated degree causing a great deal
of strain in the bent over position. I had to give Mary credit
- she didn't miss a trick. She led Jill to the stocks
and before placing her in it, snapped cuffs on her ankles
which she then attached to widely spaced rings in the floor,
leaving Jill standing in front of the stocks with her legs
spread wide open.

As she unfastened Jill's handcuffs she bent her over
the open stocks placing her head and wrists in the cut-outs
provided, as the top section was lowered and locked into
place. Jill a true sight to behold, as she stood with her
legs widely spread and bent over as far as Mary could get
her. Standing behind her I had a beautiful view of her ass,
with her cheeks slightly spread from the strain, and below,
the pouting lips of her vulva were now on display. Her legs
were spread and actually causing her vulva to spread open
slightly. Mary picked up a whip and then casually walked
to the front of device so Jill couldn't see behind her,
nor could look at Mary.

"You don't have to have that cute clit of yours
whipped any more, if you just do as I say. If you don't,
I'm sure you won't be doing any loving for at least
a month. Do I make myself clear?"

"Oh yes Mistress, " said Jill "just tell
me what I have to do".

"As explicitly and specifically as you know how you
will ask Richard to play with your tits and pussy. You will
instruct him in detail to provide you with an appropriate
degree of torment. I want you to end up with clamps on your
nipples and the pussy spreader on your pussy as a result
of your very specific and detailed instructions when I
tell you to ask for it. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mistress - I understand, " said Jill.

"Very well, then begin and I suggest you provide some
inducement to Richard because if he doesn't do what
you ask, you still get your sweet little pussy whipped raw.
"While it's entirely up to Richard what it will
take to make him help you, I would think a good penis sucking
would be a rather minimum incentive. Get started, "
she said, and by way of the lash brought the whip crashing
down on Jill's ass in a diagonal stroke that resulted
in the tip nipping the tied blonde's widely exposed
vulva and bringing a scream from Jill.

A single stroke of the whip had the desired effect of inducing
instant co-operation.

"Please Richard, come help me avoid having my pussy
whipped any more, " implored Jill, clearly without
any sarcasm.

"Tell me what to do Jill, and like Mary said, make it
worth my while, " I replied.

I almost felt sorry for the girl, but as said before, was
starting to get into these games. Besides, there was no
doubt that were the roles reversed, and they almost certainly
would be sooner or later, Jill would not be cutting me any
slack either.

"Please play with my titties and pussy the way I ask
you to and I'll lick that gorgeous cock of yours like
it's never been sucked before".

"Sounds OK to me, " I said.

As I walked to the front of the stocks I exposed my erect and
throbbing penis forward to Jill's open and waiting
mouth. She either enjoyed giving head or was in real fear
of the torture she would receive from Mary. Failing to do
as she was told, because I couldn't remember the last
time she had sucked my rigidness with so much enthusiasm
by fully engulfing my shaft to the hilt. She sucked hard
for a few minutes and I decided to play the game before coming
in Jill's pretty mouth. I withdrew my penis and walked
around behind Jill and the device that held her in place.

"Tell me what you want pretty lady and I'll see
what I can do".

"Please Richard, play with my titties and pussy".

Mary moved up, unnoticed by Jill and quickly bought the
whip across Jill's exposed ass.

"You'll have to do better than that Bitch!"
, she hissed.

"He knows he's supposed to play with you - you
tell him how!"

Not wanting to risk another painful stroke of the whip,
Jill immediately obeyed.

"Please Richard, stroke my breasts with the palm
of your hand, rub them gently. Oh yes that feels good, "
she sighed as I did, lightly rubbing her dangling breasts
with a circular motion, squeezing each nipple hard between
my fingers.

"Umm, that feels nice, " she purred.

I felt her nipples harden under my touch.

"Rub the nipples with your fingers, " she said,
and again she moaned with pleasure as I did.

I slowly ran each finger around both nipples pausing from
time to time to cup a whole breast in my hand, rubbing and
stroking. The effect had Jill breathing more deeply and
hard in spite of her strained position.

"Suck them - suck the nipples!" , implored Jill.

I reacted by kneeling beside the outstretched blonde and
taking first one swollen nipple and then the other into
my mouth.

"Run you tongue over them - now flog my nipples with
your tongue!"

I wasted no time in doing just that and Jill was now slowly
moving her satisfied ass back and forth in obvious arousal.

"Bite the nipples!" , she hissed, "bite
them hard!"

She groaned as I responded, taking each nipple between
my teeth and biting down until I thought she was going to
have an orgasm.

"My Pussy, Please rub my PUSSY!" she moaned.

I did her bidding for her by reaching behind her and started
rubbing her hairless pussy.

"Play with the outside first, " she begged,
"Rub the moist lips - pull on them - Oh, that feels so
good" she moaned.

I took each lip of her vagina between my forefinger and thumb
and pulled them wide apart.

I began playing with her pussy lips in earnest. I palmed
her entire bare slit, rubbing it slightly from side to side,
which she seemed to enjoy judging by the motions she was
making with her outstretched ass. She moaned as I continued
to massage the outside of her unshaven pussy.

"Work your finger in between the lips now!"
she pleaded with me.

Once again I needed no further encouragement as I permitted
my middle finger to gradually insinuate itself between
her puffy and slightly pouting love box. The effect was
immediate as she rotated her ass to meet the fingering I
gave her and she moaned very loudly.

"The Clit - play with my CLIT!" she responded.

I reached and found her clit as hard as a rock and began to
arouse it with my fingertip as she strained against the
device holding her, pushing her vulva and clit harder against
my hand. Not wanting to let things get any further out of
hand and also wanting some more pleasure from the bound
and stretched blonde I stopped my exploration of her vulva
and walked back around to the front of the stocks where she
could now see me.

"Oh, why did you stop, " she asked.

Her question was quickly answered when I silenced her by
flicking her nipples as a way of reminding her of what Mary
had told her.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot, " answered Jill.

"Please put the clamps on my titties, put them on as
tightly as I can stand. I did so immediately, first rubbing
the strawberry aureolas to their former state of erection.
Jill groaned as the tit clamps tightened down first on one
nipple and then the other. Both nipples were now fully engorged
and protruded from within the clamps. I finished her nipples
and picked up the pussy spreader.

"Yes, " she gasped in pain as her red nipples
were becoming a purplish colour now, "Put the spreader
on my pussy, stretch my pussy wide open - make it Hurt!"

I fastened the pussy spreader on her exposed labia, as I
had done with Mary during our first session. After fastening
each lip securely within the device, I began turning the
screw and watched the blonde woman's pussy begin to
gape and spread obscenely. Jill's gasp at the pain
and jerking in her restraints told me that her labia had
almost been stretched to their physical limits.

I left the nipple clamps in place as I moved back to in front
of the stocks and once again thrust my penis up against her
mouth. Instantly she responded, arching her head as far
back as the stocks would allow her head to move and again
took my throbbing member in her mouth.

I let her keep working at it and was amused to see Mary calmly
pick up a short black tasselled whip and without warning
strike the flesh between Jill's widely spread legs,
making the lashes slap on the bound woman's pussy.
Next Mary got a new "toy"- it was a penis-shaped
latex dildo.

The cock had a battery operated vibrator located in the
base for Jill's pleasure. She rolled a rubber tickler
sleeve over the long shaft. First, she began by touching
the tip of the dildo on Jill's moist slit. Jill began
moving her ass in tight circles. I knew Jill was enjoying
the whole thing. Mary slid the dildo down along Jill's
outstretched clit, and pressed the tip first on one side
of blonde's shaven pussy lip, and then other cunt lip.
Jill was now ready and willing to obey anyone to the buzzing
sound of that throbbing vibrator. Mary proceeded to remove
the labia spreader since it was blocking the entrance for
her new "toy".

Mary lubricated the dildo's shaft to get it all wet
and slippery. She didn't really have to do this because
Jill was already oozing her juices down the insides of her
legs. Mary began by inserting only the tip of the dildo into
Jill's sopping wet pussy and rotated the shaft slowly
in one direction and then the other. Then she pushed the
dildo with all those pleasure "fingers" along
the sleeve deeper into Jill's waiting and wanting

I had reached behind Jill's head bringing my cock deeper
into her mouth. Now both women were loudly moaning and groaning
from the total ecstasy of this moment. Poor Mary had already
begun fingering herself wildly, getting herself hotter
and more into her role of the Dominatrix. I could tell that
she too was badly in need of cumming.

The leg spreader had done its job well, spreading Jill's
pussy lips wide apart. Then Mary, the Bitch that she can
be, began fucking her with that dildo slowly at first, and
then sliding the vibrator in further and further, as she
violated Jill's vagina.

"Keep going, Richard, this Bitch can take a lot more
COCK!" , moaned Mary.

The prickled rubber "fingers" of the latex
sleeve were flicking back and forth on the walls of Jill's
vagina as Mary continued working that buzzing dildo further
and further into Jill's gapping cunt.

Robert had now decided to join into the fray. He slid an inclined
type sofa under Mary's stomach so she was leaning forward
and down on her belly with her legs and pussy spread open.
He began by inserting his hard and erect cock and was fucking
her with long strokes doggy-style. I could hear his balls
slapping up against her clit. It didn't take him long
to ooze his juices and cum all over. Mary was still laying
down on an angle on her stomach on the sofa and still dildoing
Jill. Robert slipped his limp dick out of Mary's wet
pussy and then just sat down and watched.

Jill muffled a cry out around the base of my cock which was
already deep in her mouth sucking it for all she was worth.
Again and again, Mary pumped that dildo in and out of Jill's
gapping pussy. The effect as she responded to the pain was
the most best cock sucking experience I've ever had!

I exploded into violent ejaculations sending hot cum deep
into Jill's mouth, causing her to gag while Mary buried
that dildo to the hilt. As my orgasm subsided Mary withdrew
the dildo and turned it off and with hesitation untied Jill.
Jill said "I'll bet that's the best head
you've ever had".

"It's amazing how enthusiastic I become when
I sucking cock and when I'm getting my pussy vibrated
at the same time".

"I confess I do even better when Mary fucks my pussy
- she seems to have a better knack for it or I'm more sensitive
or something, at any rate with my legs spread open using
that dildo up my pussy it seems as the multiple orgasms make
me want to do anything. I can't make it stop, unless
I'm sucking a cock, a pussy, an asshole - anything".

I had to agree that the dildoing of her exposed pussy had
certainly produced positive results.

"Well, I'm afraid my time with Jill is about up, "
said Mary almost sadly as she untied the blonde's legs
and opened the of the stocks that held her captive.

Almost as though she had not been tormenting her just moments
before, Mary put her arm around Jill to help her up.

"Sorry if I gave you a rough time sweetness, but it
is ever so delightful to make you scream and make your ass

Turning to me she explained "The important thing
about our game is to always remember that we all care very
much about each other - the fun and sex are great, but we never
do any permanent damage or cause really severe pain and
most of all, after each bondage session, we are the best
of friends!"

And sure enough, as the two women relaxed there on the couch
there was no animosity and it was clear that they were indeed
the closest of friends.

Each couple then gave each other a tender kiss before I departed
for home. I thought about dinner next weekend and the games
to follow.

A B&D Dinner - Part three of three

On this Friday's "gig" when I arrived at
the house it was very dark.

I was beginning to think no one was home. I rang the doorbell
and Jill opened the door. As I followed her into the dimly
lit dining room I hoped this would be another enjoyable
and wild weekend. This was my beginning impression anyway.
The room was totally lit by candlelight giving it a dark
and almost ominous and sinister-like appearance.

The dinner was another excellent meal of steaks with a great
red wine. We followed it with dessert with some coffee and
cake and finished with the usual small chatter about work
and then of course the conversation shifted to my favourite
subject "sex" and servitude.

We all individually showered and waited one at a time as
a group for each other in the living room. I was first and
of course, I guess I had too many glasses of wine. I was getting
very light headed even before I had dinner. Then Robert
came out with his robe on, followed next by Mary. I noticed
Jill had been gone for awhile now. I wondered where she had
disappeared. Jill had always been the quiet submissive

I couldn't hardly wait for the night to get started.
Mary got dressed in the most seductive white corset with
a small boned demi-bra pushing her breasts so they were
jutting forward and outward. Her garter belt held a pair
of matching white stocking hose, even her boots were white.
The boots had a set of full heels and the height of the boot
tops ran all the way up her legs and well above her thighs
and nearly touched her bare and hairless vulva. I admit
at this point she looked very eatable.

"Well, I guess it's time we get started, "
said Mary as she walked over to the me and took the drink out
of my hand.

"Hey, wait a minute I said aren't we going to draw
cards or something to see who is the "Slave?"

"Well Richard, " she said, "You gave
us such a time last weekend that I thought it was only fair
for you to pay the price this time."

"Oh, I guess so, but I haven't seen you actually
perform the male slave role on Robert yet, " I said.

"Oh, don't worry we won't hurt you much and
you'll really enjoy yourself, " said Mary.

"And besides Richard, all this time you thought only
the women were slaves- C'mon now enjoy yourself!"
said Robert.

I must say that if I knew what was going to happen I probably
would have turned around and left for home. But it was too
late for that.

They led me downstairs to the cellar. I'd never been
in this part of the house before. It wasn't damp or musty,
but very warm and comfortable. I must admit it was making
me even a bit more dizzy due to the heat of the dungeon-like
atmosphere and maybe all the wine I drank. Mary called this
the training room where all fun begins.

Mary then handcuffed my hands behind my back. She began
by tying my stretched dick with a length of cord one end went
just under my crotch and the other was wound tightly around
my balls. I must admit the sight of her in that outfit was
already getting me hot and into a state of excitement as
my penis grew to an erection.

"OH, no Richard, not yet" said Mary as she led
me around the room tugging on the cord, walking me around
like a dog.

The pulling sensation on my penis caused me to quiver in
pain as we circled the room a few more times. I was starting
to hurt as I was being paraded around the room like a puppy
dog. Then Mary said, "Enough of this Slave, STOP and
let's get you a bit more comfortable."

She unfastened the cuffs and led me over to the other side
of the room.

Mary and Robert placed me on a short waist-high examination
table like the one's used in a doctor's office.
Only this padded table had a head harness and metal rings
to which they securely strapped my hands. Mary then attached
and locked a set of outriggers into the foot of the table
where my legs were also strapped and buckled. The outriggers
held my legs in an open V-like position totally exposing
my cock and balls.

"There how does that feel NOW you worthless Slave, "
Mary quipped.

"OK., I'm fine, " I said, but as the words
came out of my mouth she pulled hard on the ball cord causing
excruciating pain in my scrotum.

"We'll see Richard, if you too can take some punishment, "
hissed Mary.

She untied the cords from around my genitals, squeezing
my balls hard between her fingers causing me to grimace
in pain as my degradation and training as an obedient slave

She attached this new "toy", which fastened
over my cock and it had a spring-like device with a pointer
and a graduated scale.

As she pulled on the device the spring stretched my penis
and moved the pointer to a marker on the scale.

"See Richard, that was a six."

"Do you want feel what a ten feels like."

I begged her to stop but it only aroused her further. Now
I felt my cock beginning to hurt. I couldn't tell if
I had an erection now or it just felt hard. I couldn't
see I had a hard-on or if it was limp. I wasn't very comfortable
at all wearing this new "toy" and Mary presumably
knew it.

She then removed the scale from my penis and the painful
feeling it produced. I waited a minute for the pain to subside.

Next Jill came into the room. I must admit the sight of her
caused my sore and limpid penis to quiver with a little more
than excitement now. Jill was dressed in one of those black
rubber bondage suits from her neck right down to her toes.
Not a bare piece of flesh was visible, yet the outfit was
so damn skin-tight I could see the her stiffened nipples
and her bulging vulva right through her latex rubber pants.

Then both women moved to the table and removed the outriggers,
causing my legs to droop and my prick to harden.

"O.h NO Richard, it isn't time for you to get a
hard-on yet, " said Jill.

The Bitch actually slapped me on the head of my cock, causing
it to retract a bit.

"See that's for being a bad boy. "Now wait
until we tell you to get it hard- NOT before, " said

I couldn't get my eyes off of Jill in that outfit. She
was the sexiest woman I've ever seen in any type of bizarre

As Jill unsnapped the breast covers off her suit. Her tits
just stuck straight out displaying her lucious pink areolas.
Both of her titties bulged out cropped by the cut-outs of
the rubber bra. Mary tweaked both of Jill's nipples
hard between each of her thumb and forefingers. Mary stooped
over and took each nipple one at a time in her hot mouth, as
she flayed over each aureolea, tonguing and lipping each
of Jill's nipples. Jill's nipples had really
stiffened now and I must admit my own erection was hard and
up again. Then Mary slapped my penis rather hard again to
bring me back to reality.

"No Richard, not until we do a few things more first, "
said Mary, as she too noticed my pecker has stiffened again
as my eyes were still fixated on Jill in that kinky rubber

Mary came over to the front of the table and like a Bitch shoved
her wet pussy in my face and said, "Start Licking SLAVE!"

I instantly began lapping my tongue up and down and over
her clit getting her all hot and excited in the process.

"Faster slave, I want you to lick my pussy clean like
you did Jill last weekend, " said Mary.

I was licking for all I was worth, but sucking and licking
didn't seem to phase Mary one bit. She buried her clit
still deeper into my face, almost suffocating me as she
raked and squeezed my own nipples as a form of severe punishment.

Jill picked up a wide leather belt and slipped it under and
around my waist. She snuggled up the belt tightly as she
set the buckle in place. The belt had a set of handles on each
side of my hips. I couldn't figure out what the purpose
of this device had. I was took busy thinking of Mary and eating
her pussy for her. Then Robert was attaching a leg spreader
above my knees spreading my legs still wider apart. My feet
were supported and securely bound and held in place by a
pair of those doctor's stirrups which he locked into
the foot of the examination table. My ass jutted over the
very edge of the leather cushioned top. Then Mary strapped
my head into a leather harness which bent my head backwards
so my head reclined at about the height of Mary's pussy.
I was sweating and Mary knew I wasn't very uncomfortable-
but she just laughed it off.

Robert brought out an enema bag attaching it vertically
to the table. Mary filled the bag with fluid and greased
and inserted the tip of the hose in my anus. Mary released
the valve on the tube and the warm quart ran down into my colon.
Mary quickly inserted a butt plug to hold the fluid from
escaping. Everyone then left the room and I felt my bowel
start to growl as the pressure built up. When they returned
Mary pulled the plug from my ass. I couldn't hold back
the force of the enema as it spurted[color
black] into the pan as Robert held it beneath my ass.

"There Slave, " said Mary, "now you're
clean for the evening", as she washed me off.

Robert excused himself and left the cellar, probably because
he was too embarrassed by this whole affair. I felt he too
was in a state of total humiliation too. I thought my discipline
couldn't get an worse.

Mary stepped aside now as I caught a glimpse again of Jill
as she stepped forward again closer to me. She had unwrapped
a condom and she was slipping it over my penis, uncoiling
it down the length of its shaft. She had a tough time getting
it completely unrolled all the way down, so she finished
by unrolling it by using only her mouth and lips. That was
too much for my semi-rigid pecker and my cock hardened as
I started to reached another full state of erection. Mary
had my full attention now as my cock swelled as she swirled
her tongue on my cock.

"There now, how does that feel NOW Slave, "
Jill asked.

I just nodded.

I saw her bend over and do something I'll never forget.
She unsnapped her leg covers off her outfit to reveal the
kinkiest pair of latex boots which ran all the way up the
length of her thighs. She was totally bare between the bottom
of the latex rubber corset and the top of her boots. The sight
of Jill's skin-tight outfit and my own fetish for rubber
had caused my cock to stiffen and it just throbbed with excitement

As I lay bound and waited, Jill was now getting something
out of her "toy" bag as she brought it closer
and stood directly in front of me.

She inserted a flesh coloured latex dildo into a hole in
the base of the triangle of her waist harness. The dildo
snapped to the inside of the triangle that fitted over her
crotch. The wide-bands crossed down and around and attached
securely to the front of the belt. The base had its own nubbed
wedge to afford Jill pleasure all of its own to her erogenous
zone. I knew it was made to stimulate both her vulva and to
press on her clitoris as well. As she slipped it in place
she opened the petals of her vulva and let it snap against
her clit. The butt end of the wedge had knobby studs to excite
her clitoris even further and the dildo even looked like
a real cock. It had soft foreskin that rolled up and over
the end of the uncircumcised head as she firmly masturbated
it in her outstretched hand. The semi-rigid dildo protruded
straight out from her crotch now. Jill heeled forward on
her black pumps inching the tip of the soft shaft closer
to my helpless and wanton asshole. I saw her pushing the
dildo hard up against her own clit as she twisted the shaft
with her hand. I knew she could feel those nobby studs as
they pressed and stimulated her own erect clitoris as well.

She lubed the shaft and with a desensitising lubricant
as she put some of it on her fingers and greased my rectum
as well. She pushed hard as moved the tool hard and firmly
against up to my anal opening. I swear this dick was nearly
a full eight inches long and two inches thick. I could see
the tip of the cock head glistening under the dim candlelight.
I saw her rubbing and rolling the foreskin up and down over
the tip, and getting it all HOT!
She was a like a Bitch Goddess in heat with that dildo strapped

She slapped me hard on the ass a few times to check out my reflexes.

"There Slave, feel the hard thick COCK I have for you!"
, said Jill.

She was attempting to push that latex cock past my outstretched
loins as my numbed asshole presented itself as a hot target
for her cruel and sadistic pleasures. She again lurched
the tip forward again trying for initial penetration.
The tip just butted up against my bunghole without gaining
an inch as her spiked-heels clicked loudly again on the

"NO, it won't go IN I told her, " straining
in my bid for freedom.

"Be QUIET Slave- JUST let it happen, " she said.

She stepped back and she slapped my ass again and again.
My asshole was totally numb by now. She grabbed me tightly
by those love handles, squirming and inching closer in
her bid for anal fornication. She was grunting like a real
Bitch now as she squeezed and pushed harder on the shaft
of the dildo in her right hand. As she squeezed the shaft
this actually caused the head of the dildo to grow and swell
in size. She let go and the pecker returned to its original
size but just kept sticking straight up and out. She was
grasping me by those waist handles real tight again as she
tried again vainly to insert the just the tip of the anal

"No, I pleaded with her, please STOP!" as I tried
to move but knew I couldn't.

She kept forcing and inching forward trying to bury more
and more of the rigid pecker deeper into my ass. I was totally
These delays only infuriated her further as I felt the total
length of the latex dildo bend nearly in half as the tip finally
slopped in. I could feel the rigid curvature of the shaft
as it slipped in deeper. Now Jill undulated her hips with
short strokes as she tried vainly to step in closer perched
on those five inches heels. She was grunting now and she
was gaining momentum with every thrust, clicking her spiked
heels up and down, again and again, on the floor in her bid
for sexual gratification.

Mary grabbed to my head and was panting, "Suck my cunty
hard again, Lover!"

Frankly, I had no choice, I was helpless and couldn't
move a muscle. I looked like a bird waiting for a worm with
my mouth hanging helplessly wide open. I was bound flat
on my back with my legs tied high in the air. Her pleasure
and domination had become my punishment.

Mary was pumping my cock with both hands. I was on fire as
she milked my cock up and down.

"We don't want you shooting cum all over the place
and getting things all messed up!" , she said.

My sphincter muscle was responding in pain as it tightened
around the base of the dildo. Jill was squirming hard in
and out of my ass with short firm strokes and gasping for
air as the dildo slid in further. I felt my sphincter again
constrict on the base of the shaft as Jill savagely fucked
my ass. She tugged harder on those love handles as the rubber
member had found its mark. The dildo had slid all the way
in now and was buried to the hilt as I felt the raised studs
on the bottom of the flared shaft. The fury and momentum
of her strokes increased. My pain was also deeply intense,
and I had never experienced anything so uncomfortable
in my whole life!

"Well how do you like it now, SLAVE!"

Jill commanded.

"It hurts Mistress, please STOP!, " I muffed,
but I continued to suck on Mary's clitoris.

I could hardly breathe now as she sat on my face, pushing
her hot eager vulva deeper and forward onto my tongue. I
could feel her total wetness now flowing down my face. Her
juices were flowing down along the sides of my cheeks as
my oral worship continued.

"FASTER Slave, " said Mary, as I could feel
her clit pulsating as she pulled my face harder into her
pussy by my ears.

I could tell her clit had grown hard and she was near a HOT

"Well how do you like it now, SLAVE!"

Jill gasped.

"Do you like getting FUCKED in the ass."

I was suffering insurmountable pain now as I felt Mary's
erect clitoris, exploding, knowing she was getting ready
to cum and experience an orgasm. I had tears rolling down
my cheeks as I was gagging from her wet juices as she continued
to grind away.

Mary was jerking my cock hard up and down and trying to get
me to cum. I admit her rough treatment of my sore penis with
that condom on was a bit too much for my rigid pecker and the
rubber split wide open. She was pumping my cock with one
hand in long full strokes now as I ejaculated my juices up
the air and all over my belly. This could have been a memorable
experience aside from the fact that my sphincter was still
pulsating to the rhythm of Jill's dildo as she continued
to pound me in the ass.

I spurted out more thick heavy
ribbons of cream again and again. Both women began smearing
that sticky cream down over my belly and nipples. Mary kneaded
and roughly pinched my own nipples as she finished me off.
I knew Mary must have had one of her hotter orgasms. Jill
stopped and let go of the love handles. My asshole was still
undulating to the rapid thrusts of the dildo and aggravated
by the knobs on the base of the shaft. Jill was panting hard
now as her face was covered with beads of sweat.

Then Jill slowly backed the cock out from within my asshole.
I yelled a cry of pain as the tip of the cock head's slipped
out past my reddened and inflamed sphincter. The cock head
had a full rounded tip and a wide split head as I saw it for
the first time. My sphincter was erupting now in violent
spasms to all that pain and erratically it was still moving
all by itself opening and closing like a camera shutter.
Jill had now pulled completely out of me and moved over and
was standing directly in front of me with that latex member
sticking straight up and out of the waist harness. She was
teasing me by waving the dildo around in my face.

"There SLAVE we hope you remember this for a LONG while!"
she panted.

Jill walked around and pushed the dildo right down in my
face and forced me to kiss the bulbous end of the cock head
for her.

"There that's a good Slave, " she said.

Both women washed me down and cleaned me all up. Then they
left the room.

I just laid there trying to catch my breath from the ordeal
I just experienced. It must have been twenty minutes before
I regained back my own strength and composure as both women
re-entered only clad in their robes.

When both women removed all the straps and belts which secured
me in place, I was still a bit dizzy, probably from all that
wine. I sat up and slowly scooted up off the table and almost
sank to my knees from the ass-fucking I had received at the
hands of Jill. She certainly knew how to play the role of
a real dominating Bitch and deal out punishment.

The women then helped me stand upright and sat me down on
the table. We touched each other softly with hugs and kisses.
When I returned to normal, I thanked each of them with the
strongest tongue lashing I could produce on their reddened
and inflamed pussies. I guess this was a way of thanking
them for the slave training they had just put me through.

I hoped at the next Dinner I would never be the Slave again!

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

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