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Slave Action


Chapter 1

Penny was nineteen; a pretty little thing, her slim body
attracted maleattention. She looked like a Florentine
madonna with pale face and sensuallips framed by magnificent
chestnut hair that glinted red in the sun. Theimpression
was confirmed by the innocent expression in her clear,
blue, doll'seyes. It was a month since she had left
school to look for work. The aunt, whohad previously kept
her and paid for her studies, had been killed in a caraccident,
and Penny was making contact with the hardships of life.
On that particular morning, she was on her way to an address
given her bythe Students' Employment Bureau. When
she arrived in front of the ratherluxurious building to
which she had been sent, she took out the visiting cardand,
for the last time, checked the name of the man she had come
to see.Victor Jennings, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Third
Floor. As she walked up the stairs, the child began to pray
that this time shewould find a job. Her efforts so far had
been a resounding failure because ofher youth and lack
of training, and the little store of money was dwindling.Trembling,
she rang the bell. The door opened to reveal a young woman, elegantly
dressed, who smiled curiously at Penny. Penny explained
that she hadcome to apply for the post of secretary, that
is, if it were still vacant. The woman, who appeared to be
about thirty years of age, looked at Pennywith undisguised
interest, and invited her into the lounge. "Do sit
down, Miss Harvey. I'm Mrs. Jennings. I expect my husband
at anymoment. But, if you don't mind, I'll ask
you some questions first? That maysave us some time. How
old did you say you were?" "Nineteen, ma'am."
"Oh! how young you are. But anyone can see that by your
baby face." "Am I too young?" asked Penny,
almost in tears. "Not at all, not at all. On the contrary.
Victor is looking for a youngsecretary. What training
have you had?" "None." "Well, that
doesn't really matter. We can soon teach you, unless
you'restupid, and you don't look it." "You
think I'll suit, ma'am?" asked Penny timidly.
"I'm sure of it, " laughed the young woman.
"But it's my husband who has todecide."
"Perhaps he'll think me too childish, "
sighed Penny. "Not at all. I'm sure he'll
find you greatly to his liking." said Mrs.Jennings,
smiling mysteriously. At that moment, they heard the noise
of a key turning in the lock, and adistinguished, handsome
man of about forty, wearing a well-cut suit, came intothe
lounge. "Ah, here comes my husband, " the women
cried gaily. "Darling, this is ayoung lady, who has
come about the post of secretary." "How do you
do, young lady. Well, Carola, send her into my office, andwe'll
see what we can do." "You know, dear, I've
already had a long talk with her, and I think she'lldo
very well." "Well, we'll soon see if that
is so." They moved into a very comfortable office
where Mrs. Jennings ushered Pennyinto a deep armchair.
Mr. Jennings, standing close to his wife, began toquestion
Penny. After a few minutes, he smiled at the child. "Well,
I think we'll get along very well together, but I have
one lastquestion to ask. Have you any family in Paris?"
"No sir. My aunt died a month ago and all I have left
is a godmother livingin the country." "No fiance?
No boyfriend?" "No sir, " whispered
Penny, blushing like a rose. "Victor asked you that
because if you're going to work for him, you cancome
and live here, " said Carola, smiling at the young
girl's embarrassment. "Well, Miss Penny, this
is the way it would work, " the lawyer went on. "Youwould
help Carola with her secretarial duties; my wife will teach
you how totype. You will have your own room here, take your
meals with us and receivethirty thousand francs a month.
Are you interested?" "But... but... but..."
Penny was overwhelmed. "This is marvelous. You'retoo
kind. I don't know how to thank you..." "Don't
try, my dear little Penny. You'll allow me to use your
Christianname, won't you? Besides, I count on your
being friends with my wife, who isalone a great deal. Now,
if you start tomorrow, that gives you all today toprepare
your affairs, and tomorrow morning. I shall come and collect
you atyour hotel in the car. Then you will settle in here.
Does that suit you?" "Oh yes, " cried
Penny, radiant. "But Victor, darling, " the
interruption came from the lawyer's wife. "Youforgot
to warn Penny about the condition." Penny's
heart sank at these words; so there was a condition; she
shouldhave realized as much. It had been too good to be true,
and she probablywouldn't be able to fulfil the condition.
She hung her head in despair andmissed the significant
look exchanged by the other two. "True, very true, "
said Mr. Jennings. "I don't quite know how to
explainit. Let's see... Miss Penny, I'm sure
you'd be a perfect secretary, but evenso, I'd
expect you to make mistakes from time to time." "My
husband is very fussy about that, " added Carola
with a smile. "I havegood reasons for knowing it."
"As I was saying, " the lawyer went on, "you
will probably make somemistakes. Now in some firms each
mistake earns a black mark and a warning, until finally
the person gets the sack. But my methods are different,
I thinkit is unkind to sack a young girl who is, after all,
doing her best. I find itmore natural, to inflict a corrective
punishment for each offense. Don't youagree with
me?" "Ye... yes sir, " murmured Penny,
who really didn't see what he was drivingat. "Secretaries
are generally women. What, then, does a man do when he wantsto
punish a woman?" "I don't know, sir."
"He smacks her bottom, as if she were a little girl.
Isn't that right, Carola?" "Oh yes, "
replied the young woman, laughing. "I've been
through it oftenenough to appreciate your famous system."
"Well, young lady. Do you think you'd be able
to stand your employer'shidings?" "I...
I... I don't know, sir, " Penny stammered out.
"I'll try, " she saidwith a shy smile.
`I'll not turn down a good job for that, ' she thought.
She'd had enoughwhen she was a kid, and it couldn't
be too bad from a nice looking fellow likeher new boss. "I'm
so pleased you've accepted, " said Carola,
putting her arm around thechild's shoulder, and kissing
her on the forehead. "Now you'll share thehidings
that I had to take by myself before. You'll soon see,
dear. We'll bereal friends. I like you very much, you
know. You're very pretty, isn't she, Victor?"
"It's true. The young lady is pretty, and I, too,
like her very much. Weshall get on well together.

Chapter 2

The next day, Penny settled into her room, which was right
next to that ofher new friends. They had been so kind that
she considered them more asfriends than employers. The
first few days went well. Carola taught her totype and explained
the work to her. But Penny couldn't help noticing thatCarola
was becoming more and more affectionate. She was no longer
the lawyer'swife speaking to a secretary, but a gentle
woman, spoiling her little friend.Penny was at first embarrassed,
and then amused. Finally, however her tenderlittle heart,
already attracted by the tall brunette, reached out to
meetCarola's advances. She understood perfectly.
At school she'd had a greatfriend, a girl who had been
in love with Penny's body and covered it withcaresses,
daring or not, depending on the place. Carola, noticing
that her advances were no longer rebuffed, grew bolder.One
day, as Penny was putting away the clothes she had just ironed,
the womenentered her room. "Are you happy her, dear?"
she asked. "Oh yes, Carola. You and Mr. Jennings are
so kind. I don't know how to showyou how happy I am."
"But that's not difficult, " replied
Carola her voice suddenly hoarse. "Giveme a kiss
with your lovely mouth. I've been dying for that since
I first sawyou." "There, " said Penny
with a nervous laugh and, playing the innocent, shekissed
her friend on the cheek. "Are you stupid or trying
to be clever?" asked Carola as she took her facebetween
her hands, and without leaving time for a reply, she pressed
herfleshy, burning lips on to Penny's fruity mouth.
Carola slid her wet tonguebetween the child's teeth
and, forcing the mouth open, began to caress Penny'spalate,
covering her tongue with caresses and warm saliva. Heated
by thislabial contact, the two women pressed hard against
each other. Penny, breathless, at last managed to tear
her face away from Carola's voraciousmouth. "It's
not right, " she whispered gently to her friend.
"You have yourhusband who loves you, and if ever he
found out..." "Sweetheart, " murmured
Carola, caressing her cheeks. "Oh! how you pleaseme.
Oh! how I love you, my darling. Don't worry -- Victor
knows my tastes andrealizes that if I have a girlfriend,
it doesn't stop me from loving himmadly... Besides,
he indulges all my whims." "All of them?"
asked Penny maliciously. "All of them, except when
you haveto have a hiding." "That's right."
Carola burst out laughing. "I can't get out of
that." "He can't be so bad, " said
Penny, a note of interrogation in her voice."He's
threatened us two or three times already, but it's
never come toanything." "Are you in such a hurry?"
asked Carola banteringly. "Don't worry, littledove,
it'll come. It won't be long before these pretty
little buttocks blushunder his blows and my little darling
cries a bucket." "Never, " exclaimed
the sweet young child. "I'll take the hiding,
but I'llgrit my teeth. I won't cry!" "What
a brave little thing, " mocked Carola, "I guarantee
that if Victorwants to make you cry, he'll do so. You
don't think you're braver than I am, do you? Well,
when he wants to, he makes me cry and beg like a child."
"You're frightening me, " whispered
the little girl. "No. No, darling. You'll see.
It's a bit hard to endure, but afterwards, when his
huge hands caress the buttocks he has just beaten, it's
wonderful." "I'd be so ashamed, "
exclaimed Penny, carrying on with the task of tidyingher
room, putting her laundry away. Carola comented. "Why
Penny! You're still wearing knickers!" and
she pickedup a bit of white cotton and looked at it in scorn.
Penny, ashamed, babbled: "They're old, but
I'm still wearing them because Ican't afford
silk or nylon." Carola was touched. "Poor little
thing, come into my room. I'll give you afew that I don't
use anymore. You can try them on. Come on." Mrs. Jenningsdragged
the girl into her own room, and, opening a drawer, pulled
out a dozenbriefs in all shapes and colors. "Look,
Penny dear, I'll give you that one and that one, and
look at thisbeauty." She held up a lovely pair of pink
panties edged with white lace."Look how cute it is.
Try it on." "I...I...I don't dare, "
stammered Penny, as she watched Carola advancingtowards
her with shining eyes. "Would you like me to help?"
whispered Carola, and lifted the child'sskirt. First
a gradual epiphany of long thighs sheathed in transparentstockings,
then the clips of pink suspenders and velvety, milky flesh.
Achaste covering of cotton knickers molded her sexual
triangle, limning theoutline the scarcely concealed
slit beneath. Carola's cheeks were red as sheexamined
the round little bottom imprisoned by material stretched
to the pointof bursting. "Hold your skirt up, "
she whispered to the little girl, who blushed inconfusion.
"I'll pull your knickers down as if you were my
baby." Carola knelt and put her arms around the curving
rump. She pressed hermouth to the material over the swelling
mount of Venus and savored thedelicate odor that came from
under the warm knickers. In her excitement, shecaressed
Penny's groin with her tongue and tried to slip an inquisitive
fingerunder the panties. They were too tight for lascivious
curiosity to besatisfied. Her hands rose to Penny's
waist and hooked the elastic. She rolled themslowly down,
her eyes fixed on the girl's abdomen. Carola moaned
when thefirst hairs appeared. Suddenly brusque, she pulled
the cotton down to thegirl's knees. Penny, cheeks
aflame, still held her skirt up and pantedslightly as she
allowed herself to be admired. The bronze fleece was abundant
for one so young. The red thatch and thepale blue veins under
her skin emphasized the milkiness of her complexion.Intoxicated,
Carola pillowed her burning face against the silky, perfumedcushion.
But that was not enough; she rose and kissed the girl passionately
onthe mouth, forcing her hardened tongue between her teeth.
Then, standing away, she took her arm and tried to drag
her towards the bed. Penny stumbled, forthe knickers around
her knees prevented her from walking. Carola helped hertake
them off, then threw her on the satin counterpane. "No,
no, " Penny protested feebly. "What if your
husband came back.... andweren't we to try on your
panties?" "Don't be frightened, my love, "
whispered Carola. "Victor will be gone fora long
time, and you can try on the panties afterwards.... I want
you toomuch; I want to caress you, lick you, suck you."
She opened the young girl's unresisting thighs. Hidden
in the mass of hair, Penny's quim smiled at her greedy
friend, the plump, pink lips a pretty, vertical mouth.
Carola lay down between her secretary's thighs and
parted thethick lips with delicate fingertips. The bright
pink interior was damp withdesire; from it rose the heady
musk of a young girl's excited pussy. Thenymph's
insides flushed a brighter red and looked like a baby's
mouth. Carolapulled harder on the outer lips, yawning
the cunt. The damp slit of the vaginastood revealed while,
higher up, the tiny opening to the bladder seemed togrimace
below the delicate clitoris which pointed its little pink
nose at thecorner of the inside lips. Carola stuck out her
tongue and began greedily to lick the open flesh, intoxicated
by the gentle contact of the damp membranes, savoring the
salty, acid taste. With slobbering tongue, she covered
the sex with saliva, thenhardening it into a point, she
thrust it into the vagina, entering and leavinglike a little
penis. Finally she abandoned this pleasant play, and began
tojab with her tongue at the erect, prominent button, then,
and began to suckand titillate it so gently that Penny began
to purr with pleasure like someplayful kitten, while her
little belly slapped against her friend's face. "Carola...No...No..."
she stammered confusingly, feeling pleasure rising inher.
"Stop, Carola, stop...I'm so ashamed!"
But these ecstatic groans and murmured plaints only encouraged
Carola whospeeded up her caresses. Suddenly Penny's
body arched like a bow; her sexbegan to pulse and a mellow,
unctuous liquid flowed from her sticky lips whilea pleasurable
rattle escaped her half-open mouth. Carola rested her
faceagainst the child's thigh while Penny recovered
from the wild joy that hadjust shaken her, then, when she
felt that Penny was more composed, sheskillfully lapped
up the excess liquid that had dribbled onto the redhead'sthighs.
Then she lay down beside her, and taking her face in her hands,
shekissed the heavy eyes and smiling mouth with passion.
"Tell me, darling, " she asked timidly, "would
you like to caress me alittle too?" "Oh yes,
Carola darling. I want to return all the joy you gave me, "murmured
Penny. "Thank you, sweetheart. You are a love."
She rose and began to slide out ofher dress and underskirt.
She took off her brassiere, revealing twomagnificent
breasts, then pulled off her black nylon briefs and offeredherself
to Penny's admiring glances. Naked now, Carola helped
Penny to finishundressing. When both were naked, they
embraced, rubbing their burning bodiestogether. Carola
stretched Penny out on her back. Swinging one muscular
thighover the girl's head, she sat astride her, head
to foot, and lowered her pussyonto the pretty face. Carola's
black fleece was short and curly, a velvet muffaround two
greedy, red-brown lips, slit deep and wide. The huge clitoris
wasstiff and scarlet, shining with anticipation. The
young woman lowered herbottom, and covered Penny's
mouth with her wet and hairy shell. The sweetchild, recalling
the caresses of her boarding school days, began to flickerher
inquisitive tongue. Meantime Carola was kissing her belly
and thighs, whensuddenly she seized Penny's legs
and turned her rump around towards her, sothat she could
get at the young bottom. With both hands she separated theplump
buttocks and licked the deep, damp slit. Then she uncovered
the littlehole, which she dampened with saliva, before
placing against it her tongue, stiff as a penis, and trying
to drive it in. Penny trembled with pleasure at this unknown,
exciting caress, but her anushad contracted with shame
and refused to let Carola's tongue pass. The lattermoved
her buttocks forward and sat harder on the young girl's
face, and Pennyrealized that her friend was asking for
the same caress. With both hands sheseparated Carola's
large buttocks, and uncovered the brown slit, at the bottomof
which lay the secret opening, that Penny found somewhat
enlarged She placedthe tip of her tongue on the round hole
and felt it open, and her tongue onthe round hole was drawn
in by muscular contraction, several inches of itdisappearing
between the burning walls of Carola's rectum, while
Carola purredwith delight. At the same time, Penny groaned
slightly, for Carola had changed hertactics. After sucking
her index-finger, she drove it slowly into therebellious
anus. Inspired by this perverted penetration, Penny revengedherself
by nibbling on Carola's clitoris. Carola drove a second
finger intoPenny's dilated hole anus. This time Penny
cried out, for it hurt; she wasstill a virgin on that side.
Carola ceased her assault a nd returned to thedribbling
quim. Soon, in a crescendo of groans and panting cries,
the twocharming friends rolled over on each other, quivering
with delight and wettingeach other copiously. When they
arrived in the bureau an hour later, fresh from their toilet,
Mr.Jennings, who had just come in, smiled sardonically
at their eyes ringed withpleasure. From then on, Carola
let no opportunity pass to caress and suck her littlefriend,
who accepted it with lascivious pleasure.

Chapter 3

Two days later, Penny had her first hiding. It was very hot
that afternoon, and the storm in the air made everyone
irritable. Victor Jennings had takenoff his coat, and
it was in his shirt sleeves that he worked on a thickdossier.
Carola was typing a letter and Penny was filing some post.
At onemoment, as she raised her head to throw back her heavy
hair, she saw thelawyer's eyes were fixed on his wife's
table. Busy with her work, andirritated by the heat, Carola
had raised her dress half way up her thighs, andhad opened
her legs to refresh her pussy. The sight she offered was
lasciviousin the extreme. Her long bronzed thighs, opened
wide, revealing the narrowwhite strip of her tiny briefs,
whose indiscreet wrinkles betrayed theswelling of the
mound. Such a sight was not calculated to calm the lawyer'snerves,
and his eyes shone with more and more brilliance. "Bring
me the letteras soon as it's finished, " he said.
"Here it is, " sighed Carola rising and taking
her work. Mr. Jennings read it from one end to the other,
then in a gentle voice, hesaid, "Tell me darling.
Do you really think I'm going to send this letter?There
are at least ten mistakes in it. What are you thinking of?"
Caroladropped her head without answering, and he continued
in a voice that wasslightly husky;"You know what
I said yesterday? That the next time I would beintransigent?
Well, you can't get away with that, darling. Prepare
your prettylittle bottom. It hasn't been smacked
for some time. I think it misses it." Hetook Carola
by the wrist and dragged her over to a leather armchair in
onecorner of the room; he sat down and said, "Now pull
up your dress and getready." "Victor, I beg
of you. Forgive me just this once. I won't do it again,
Ipromise." "Hurry up, Carola, " said
Victor, as if he had heard nothing. "You know themore
you make me wait, the harder I am." The young woman
groaned and pulled up her skirt, revealing a curving bottomunder
snow-white panties. Victor seized his wife and threw her
across hisknees, her rump well in evidence, her legs hanging
down one side, and her bustdown the other. He slid her little
panties down and over her thighs, revealingthe round buttocks.
For a second his fingers caressed the velvety globes socool
to the touch, then, raising his hand, he opened it well out,
and broughtit down with all his strength on the pretty bottom.
The blow, echoed and lefta scarlet mark on the buttocks
that sank under the pain, then another blow, and another
and another on the wriggling bottom. Carola moaned, but
remained passive, offering herself to the sadisticamusement
of her husband, who beat the burning, peony-red globes
with botharms. Victor straightened himself slightly
and spoke to Penny, who waswatching her friend's punishment
with frightened eyes. He said to her, "Passme the
ruler that's on my desk." "No...No...not
the ruler, I beg you Victor, not the ruler." But Victor
was deaf to his wife's plea and took the ruler that Penny
heldtremblingly out. It was in plexiglass, twenty inches
long and one and a halfinches wide, very thin like a drawing
ruler, Victor raised the instrument andin one dry stroke
brought the transparent weapon down on the burning rump.
Itmade a dry, smacking noise and brought a tearful cry from
his victim. A largescarlet strip marked the hemispheres
that were contracted in pain. Two, three, four, six times,
the horrible noise was repeated. Now Carola was crying
andhiccuping like a child, but remained still, as if she
were enjoying her ownhumiliation. Then the man laid the
weapon away, and his long slender, intellectual'shands
began to caress and massage the bruised flesh. The young
woman's tearscalmed themselves, as her husband's
hand glided between the open thighs tocaress the damp sex,
for Carola, in her masochistic excitement, had come. Hersoaking
wet fleece bore witness to this. "Now you can see,
Penny, " said Mr. Jennings with a large smile. "What'sawaiting
you if you make a mistake." The young girl blushed
with mingled shame and apprehension, and turned hereyes
away from the embarrassing sight of Victor caressing his
wife, who waspanting with pleasure. Then he stood her up,
and kissed her on the still dampcheeks. Carola was still
holding up her dress as if she were afraid of thecontact
of the material on her red and burning buttocks. Victor
picked up thewhite briefs and handed them to her with a smile.
Penny looked again and suddenly blushed when she saw the
way her employer'strousers was jutting out between
his thighs, for the lawyer was in fullerection, and Carola
had confided in Penny that his weapon was really huge, thick
and long, well over the average. Since Carola had told her
about it, Penny could think of nothing else and dreamed
of seeing the thing, for up tillnow she had two lovers only,
both students and of average size. Carola went off to the
bathroom to wash her face and refresh her fieryposterior.
When she came back, calm and smiling, she went over to her
husband andkissed hem passionately, before making her
way to her desk. On the way shepassed her hand over Penny's

Chapter 4

Work started up again, interspersed with the usual jokes
and pauses;everyone felt better. Suddenly, about an hour
later, Mr. Jennings who was deepin a pile of papers, raised
his head and asked abruptly; "Who was in charge ofthe
Avely file?" "I was, sir, " replied Penny,
in a troubled voice. "You is it?" Well, I can't
congratulate you. You mixed with it a petitionfrom the
Boreham case, that comes up in a few days time. Do you realize
whatwould have happened if I hadn't noticed it? In
court, I'd have looked for iteverywhere and I might
have lost the case. Come her this minute." Poor Penny,
terrified, walked slowly over to her employer who was smilingin
anticipation. Carola was watching careful to miss nothing
of the spectacleand trembling with pleasure at the thought
of what was going to happen to herpoor darling. When she
arrived at his desk, Penny, pale as snow, stood still.The
lawyer took her hand, and drawing her towards him, sat her
on his kneesand asked gently: "Do you realize how
stupid you were? Tell me, little one, what sort of punishment
do you think it deserves? No answer? Well, we'll leaveit
to Carola to decide. Darling, it's up to you to pronounce
the sentence.This time I'll follow your advice."
Poor Penny looked pleadingly at her friend, but Carola
did not want to bedeprived of such an exciting spectacle
and she laughed as she said: "In myopinion, she deserves
a good hiding, and as it is the first time and must bean example
to her, I think it should be a very sever one." A cry
of despair escaped Penny when Victor rose and dragged her
over to thearmchair reserved for this purpose. He trapped
her between his knees and beganlifting her skirt. Underneath
she was naked because of the heat, and when heraised the
skirt up to her waist, there she was, red with shame, her
longwhite thighs pressed together, and her little bottom
hiding modestly in asweet little pink brief that Carola
had given her. Without paying anyattention to her protestations,
Victor slowly lowered her panties and freedthe bottom
that was chubby as a baby's. He had never before had
the occasionto admire the intimate charms of his secretary
and his prick sprang erect atthe sight of the tender globes
offered to his caprice. He threw her over his knees so that
her rump was right under his eyes. Indismay, Penny felt
the stiff hard prick that pressed on her pubis through thetrousers.
Without bothering about her modestly the lawyer caressed
herbuttocks ecstatically, then he separated the white
globes abruptly to revealthe little rosette, creased
like a little daisy. Penny protested in anguishand tried
to get up, in order to escape from the lewd looks of her employer, but
he struck with all the weight of his arm. The poor child let
out a cry; it felt to her as if a burning iron had beendropped
on her buttocks. Her muscles contracted automatically
at the pain, butno sooner had she relaxed again than a shower
of blows martyred her posterior.The blows smacked cruelly
off the poor little bottom which soon glowed like abeacon
and burnt like embers. She cried and wept without any control
overherself. In vain she tried wriggling her buttocks
to ease the pain. Then Carola rose, all excited, and held
out the flat ruler to Victor. Hetook it with a sadistic smile
and thrashed her across the buttocks with it, again and
again, then at the bottom of her rump, at the beginning of
thethighs where the flesh is most tender. The poor darling
sobbed away. She feltas if her skin were peeling off, and
as Victor with infernal joy continued tofuatigate her
pitilessly, she could no longer hold back her screams and
beganto kick her legs in all direction without any idea
of the obscene spectacleshe was offering the perverted
pair. Indeed, by her despairing efforts to avoid the punishment,
she opened herthighs, revealing the pink slit that yawned
deep in the mossy nest. At eachstroke, her rump weighed
down on her torturer's knees and then, in reaction, sprang
into the air, her thighs apart, her anus, contracted with
pain, showing. Her disordered jerks bounced off the lawyer's
weapon, who was nearhis orgasm. Her buttocks burnt so much
that she didn't even realize thatVictor has stopped
beating her. She continued her bawling and pleading, wetting
the carpet with her tears. At last the burning died down
a little, leaving just a feeling of warmththat spread over
her whole body. His hands were busy with calming, lewdcaresses.
He massaged her rump with cool, refreshing hands, then
his fingersopened the furrow caressing the wrinkled rosette.
Her reddened buttocks cametogether modestly, so his wandering
hand played with the curly fleece and anadventurous finger
glided between the open lips. The prostrate body quiveredwith
pleasure and the thighs opened insensibly, so Carola,
who had beencontent with the role of spectator up till now,
knelt down by the armchair, and while her husband held
open the child's legs, she glued her greedy mouthto
the quim revealed from behind and began to suck the damp
and burning slit.Penny felt her body, broken by pain, melt
in a headiness she had never knownbefore. She groaned and
panted gently, moving her rounded belly to better feelthe
stiff weapon that seemed ready to run her through. Then
suddenly with along rattle, she came with a burning joy
that left her limp and happy. Victor and Carola helped her
to rise, and the lawyer kissed herpassionately on the mouth,
saying that she was an adorable child and that ithad given
him great pleasure to punish her. "You're a big
bully. You hurt me very much...I hate you, " declared
Pennysulkily. Carola took her off to the bathroom where
she anointed the sorebottom with a calming lotion then
powdered it until it looked like a baby'sbottom. Nevertheless,
Penny was very tided and after dinner that evening, shewent
straight to bed, leaving her friends listening to a program
on the radio. She couldn't say how long she had been
dozing when suddenly she sat up inbed, wide awake, in spite
of the obscurity. Unconsciously she listened to themuffled
noises that came from next door. In her curiosity, she got
out of bed, and with bare feet, dressed only in her pale
blue nightgown, she tiptoedacross the room and held her
ear against a slit in the door frame. Her littleheart began
to beat faster, for now she could hear the conversation
of thecouple as well as if she were in the same room. "That
aroused you a bit, to see Penny's buttocks, didn't
it, you old goat, "said Carola jokingly. "Did
you see her gorgeous baby arse? I swear that justthe sight
of it wriggling under her dress makes me all wet."
"Bitch, " came the lawyer's deep voice.
"I don't suppose it took you long toposses her
eh? Tell me, does she like it? Does she like being sucked?
Has shesucked you?" "Of course the little darling
likes it. And if you knew how nice she is tolick and how smooth
her tongue is when she does it...I tell you I'm in lovewith
her." "Oh! I don't like that, " the
lawyer bantered. "I'm going to be jealous...Itlooks
serious to me." "Don't be silly, darling.
No one could ever take your place with me. Thetoy you have
between your legs is indispensable." "We'll
talk about that later. Is she still a virgin?" "Of
course not. She lost that some time ago. She has had two lovers,
bothstudents, but they can't have done much with her;
she's still almost new andas narrow as a kitten. I noticed
that while caressing her. And something elseyou'll
like you dirty old man. If she's a woman in front, she's
still a childaround the back. Her anus is still virgin."
A wave of heat flowed over Penny's body as she heard
her most intimatesecrets being revealed. She was ashamed
and thrilled at the same time. Victorseemed to want her!
Her train of thought broke off here, and she listenedagain,
for Carola was saying with a laugh: "I say, darling,
I'm going to bejealous too. You sound very eager. Tell
me, perverted darling, would you liketo deflower Penny?
Take that virgin arse?" "Be quiet, "
grunted Victor, "look what a state I'm in."
"What a size, " exclaimed Carola. "You
know, darling, even though the fiveyears since we were
married, every time you show me your huge penis, I'mamazed
as I was the first time you forced me to look at it. How lovely
it is.How hard, " she murmured ecstatically. "Darling
I love you so much, I'll tryand satisfy you desires.
I'll persuade Penny to let you watch our Lesbiangames.
That way you'll end up by fucking her." "Especially,
the back way, " declared the lawyer. "Feel
how it quivers atthe very thought." "All right.
You can bugger her too, but you must promise me to do itgently.
I love her to much, and with your elephantine penis!...and
her hole'll have to be careful."
"Don't worry, darling. After all I have a certain
experience. Right?" "True. But even with me,
and God knows I'm used to it, it hurts when youwant to
impale me, so as for Penny, who is still a virgin, I don't
want you toruin her." "Don't worry, darling.
I'll be gentle. What worries me more is whetherPenny
will be willing for me to operate. Perhaps she doesn't
like me. PerhapsI seem old to her?" Penny smiled tenderly
in the obscurity. If she had dared, she would havecried
out to him not to worry about that. She'd let him do anything
he liked.She found him marvelous with his hair graying
at the temples and his sardonicair. She like him madly,
and was dying to see at last the huge weapon of whichher friend
had spoken and which haunted her dreams. Of course, it's
size worried her a little, when she thought of itpenetrating
her, but she had decided to put up with that to please himalthough
she realized it would probably hurt very badly. On the other
side of the door, the conversation continued: "Don't
worry, darling, " declared Carola. "I'm
sure she'll accept, once I've got her allworked
up. Besides, I"M sure she finds you to her liking;
she has alreadyasked me several questions about you...and
your accoutrement. I'm sure thatwhen she's had
one taste, she'll be mad about it. But I don't want
to lend itto her tonight, " she groaned. "I
want it all for me. Darling, please give itto me, put it in
me." "Alright. Open you legs wide. That's
right. How do you want it, slowly orall at once?" "Drive
it in at one go; I want to feel you enter me, " said Carola,
hervoice broken with desire. Penny heard the bedsprings
groan, then a stifled cryfrom Carola. Trembling with excitement
she slipped a nervous hand under hernightgown and into
her slit, as she realized that her friend had been impaledat
one go. Now the springs were creaking in rhythm. Victor
punctuated thepiston and woodcutter, betraying the brutality
of the operation. Carola panted like a madwoman, giving
out little meaningless cries.Occasionally she lowed
in joyous agony when the prick entered her too savagelyas
a maddened Penny masturbated, trembling at the thought
of Carola's quimstretched around her husband's
elephantine weapon, which must be driving inand out of
the quartered lips like a huge piston. Suddenly Carola
screamed aloud while Victor bellowed like some animal
andall the bedsprings complained. Then the disturbing
love serenade grew calm andsilence fell in the room. Penny
staggered over to her bed, worn out and withdripping thighs,
for the pretty little bitch had come at the same time as thetwo
lovers. She began to think about the marvelous prick that
was hangingbetween her employer's thighs, then worn
out by the excitement, she sank intoa sleep inhabited by
lascivious dreams, in which she offered her body to asatyr
with a penis like an ass's and who was driving his phallus
into her inevery conceivable way.

Chapter 5

Two days later her prayers were granted. There was nothing
urgent on thatafternoon, and Victor had taken the two women
out for a drive. The evening waslight-hearted. They dined
at a little restaurant on the river bank and madetheir way
home in high spirits after the pleasant relaxation. Once
home, Victor felt like a liqueur before going to bed and
the two women left himlistening to the news and went off
to their rooms. But that night, instead ofkissing Penny
as usual and letting her go to bed, Carola dragged her into
herown room. "Come here, darling, " she whispered.
"I want to caress you a little." "But if
your husband came, " said Penny worriedly. "Don't
let that worry you. He'll be downstairs for some time.
Come on, darling. I'm all worked up this evening as
you'll see." she added with a smile. The young
girl was quite excited too. After so much white wine, and
she letherself be dragged over to the wide bed. In febrile
haste Carola threw off herclothes then naked, she began
to undress her sweetheart too, punctuating hergestures
with heady caresses on the parts of the body revealed during
theprocess of stripping. When Penny was left with only
her tiny briefs they fellinto each others arms on the bedspread
and began to kiss each others mouthseagerly while Carola,
whose state of erotic excitement was betrayed by herheavy
breathing, slid the tiny briefs over Penny's thighs
and off. Then shestretched out on the young body offered
up so shamelessly; the two sexes, glued together, mingled
Carola's black fleece with Penny's golden one.
Theyrubbed against each other lasciviously, then Carola
raised herself up on herforearm and , with her fingertips,
caressed the hard nipples of the youngergirl, and this
gentle friction of the raised roses tore sighs of ecstasy
fromboth of them. Then Carola, obeying and uncontrollable
impulse stretched out in theopposite way from Penny whose
legs she opened wide and in this span sheinserted her own
open thighs. The two bodies were held in a double scissors, and
in this unusual position the two yawning quims crushed
each other. Thecaresses of the two dampened membranes
rubbing against each other occasionedsuch intense sensations
that the young women screamed deliriously. The dirtynoise
made by the two cunts was most exciting; it sounded like
a cupping glasssticking and coming away again. Then Carola
changed her position again, and, kneeling between the
infant's thighs she glued her greedy mouth against
theburning quim of the secretary whose hairs, damp with
desire, were stuck to hergroins. Carola's tongue
licked the red, flesh of the gaping quim. Penny, almost
at her orgasm, purred with pleasure, her half-open mouth
emittinglittle cries of pleasure, her eyes shut on her
intimate reactions, whensuddenly, she felt two hands
grip the little breasts pointed upward to theceiling.
Opening eyes misted with pleasure, she saw Victor naked
at the bedside, smiling gently as he caressed her trembling
breasts. Penny startled in shame, tried to cover herself
with a sheet, but the lawyer prevented her with agesture
that was gentle but firm. Realizing that the moment of which
she haddreamed so long had come, the child looked at her
employer's athletic body;her eyes drawn invincibly
towards his lower abdomen; a cry of mingled horrorand delight
escaped her when she saw the dart that had been haunting
her. Itseemed incredible that a man should have a phallus
so huge, so thick, so long. The huge gland was completely
uncovered and the fine scarlet skin shonelike satin, the
orifice was as large as an eye, the enormous stalk was veinedblue,
and the base of the weapon, larger still, was lost in a tuft
of curlyblack hair that continued up to his chest. As for
the balls, they were as bigas fists and dangled between
his muscular thighs. How could a woman stand anassault
from such a spear without being ripped open, but, thought
Penny, if itsucceeded in penetrating what joy it must give.
Victor leaned forward, and while Carola, at the foot of
the bed continuedlicking and sucking the tiny clitoris,
he seized one breast in his huge mouthand began to caress
it, nibbling at the stiff and sensitive nipple. When Pennybegan
to moan, he lay down beside her and forced her hand to close
around hisburning prick that quivered with delight at
the touch of her childish fingers.In the heat of the emotion
procured by Carola's tongue and Victor's mouth, Penny
lost all ideas of shame and began to caress the huge plaything
that shecould hardly grasp. She began to rub it gently,
conscious of the ringed muscletwitching in her grasp as
the fingers moved up to the large gland, titillatingthe
enormous head, where one opaline drop appeared. Then she
began to excitehim; she knew how for her lovers had taught
her the rudiments of masculinemasturbation, though with
them she had a far more modest contribution in hand. All
these caresses had to lead to something. Victor leaned
over her anddrove his tongue into her mouth, as if he wanted
to reach her throat. Thisbrutal manner of kissing set off
her final shudder, and Penny rolled over onthe bed, the
more so because Carola, when she felt her darling's
vaginapalpitate, stuck her finger into the rosebud hidden
between the buttocks.Victor drank in Penny's joyous
moans, as with her mouth pressed against his, she shared
her pleasure. At the same time her hand and thigh were drowned
in awarm, viscous flood, spurting out of the lawyer's
quivering prick. After a few minutes' rest, the three
disengaged themselves and Victor stoodup, his huge, wet
tail dangling limply on the hairy balls. Carola came over
tohim and pressed against him while watching Penny, who
was sitting on the bed, looking in amazement at her hand
dripping with his sticky sperm. "Well, " said
Carola with a laugh: "At last you've met my husband's
prettytail. I can see you have been watered copiously,
but don't look so surprised, my child. Wait until
he comes in your mouth and you have to swallow it; you'llfind
that you have to be quick if you don't want to stifle."
The little secretary's face was red with confusion,
but the lawyer took herin his powerful arms and kissed her
tenderly, asking if she wanted to be hislittle mistress.
As she didn't dare say yes or no, Carola embraced her, cajoling
her with a gentle voice: "Do say yes, my darling. It'll
be marvelous;you'll see how well he makes love; we'll
be his two little wives." "But Carola, "
stammered Penny. "Won't you be jealous?"
"No, no, my love. On the contrary. I want you to say
yes. I want to see youmoan with delight in his arms. I love
you both so much and anyway, " laughinglyshe held
up her husband's penis, "there's enough
for two, you know." "That's just it, "
said the little girl, red as a beet. "I'm afraid
it'llhurt." "Don't worry kitten, "
said Victor, cajolingly. "I won't hurt you.
You'llsee how well I can do it and how good you'll
feel." The couple lay down, one on either side of Penny,
and began to caress theredhead's tender body, and
she opened her legs like a pretty little tart.Victor asked
if she wanted to taste his tongue; she smiled her consent
and thelawyer took up a convenient position for admiring
the adorably pussy that hadexcited him for so long. His
sensual lips came to rest on the welcoming slitand his tongue
began its work. Carola masturbated gently as she watched
herhusband. Penny was soon palpitating with pleasure
for the hard male tongueexcited her less subtly perhaps
than Carola's but the sensations had a sharperedge.
Her employer had a novel method of driving his pointed tongue
into hervagina, but she like it less when his sadistic instincts
drove him to nibblethe lips of her pussy. After a little
while he rose, and tried to role herover on to her stomach.
Penny was frightened but was reassured by Carolaquot;Don't
be alarmed, my sweet. He only want to do a rosebud. Wouldn't
you likehim to lick the hole?" Docilely, Penny lay
on her belly, offering her plump rounded rump to heremployer.
He was panting as he devoured this lovely little arse with
his eyes;he was determined to penetrate it with his enormous
weapon before the end ofthe night. For the time being, he
kissed the buttocks as chubby as a child'sthen placing
his hands on the satiny mounds, he separated them, paying
noattention to her modest effort to escape. The sweet wrinkled
hole was minuteand he understood why Carola had recommenced
prudence and gentleness inbuggering their young friend.
Indeed it would be difficult to introduce such agigantic
key into such a tiny lock. He began by licking the little
buttonholevery tenderly, and it folded up like a daisy
at the touch of the fascinatingtongue. He hardened the
tip and tried to drive it into the tiny hole, but shestiffened
and his tongue came to grief against her sulking anus. After
threeor four attempts, he smacked her across the buttocks.
"Let yourself go. Openup, you'll see how good
it is." He began licking the little hole again andfelt
the child relax. The furrows opened out a little allowing
an inch of histongue to pass through. He renewed his ardor,
sucking, titillating andeventually seizing the buttonhole
between his lips and milking it as if he hadbeen at his mother's
breast. Penny was shaken with emotion and raised herscarlet
face from the pillow, panting with pleasure. Realizing
that she was ripe, Victor stopped the caresses and prepared
tofuck her. An excited Carola kissed the young bottom before
helping her friendinto the best position for first contact
(lying on the back, legs apart, and apillow under the rump).
Victor was kneeling. His huge penis was jutting outlike
a ship's mast. To make it easier, Carola leaned forward
and covered theweapon with a layer of saliva that would
lubricate the vagina, and when it wasdribbling with spit,
she took it between two fingers and placed it betweenPenny's
lower lips. Penny trembled in apprehension when she felt
the hugegland at the entrance to her body. Victor leaned
over her, and, leaning on hiswrists, gave a slow thrust
with his hips in an effort to push in hisstallion-like instrument.
Slowly but surely, without and jerks, the gland, well
prepared by Carola, insinuated itself between the angry
lips, but evenso, it was too big to be easy. The narrow passage
blackened the neck of thegland. Victor thrust forward
violently, and Penny exclaimed in pain thatseared her
when the huge weapon half-disappeared into her vagina.
With littlejerks, the lawyer succeeded in pushing his
weapon a little further in, but theshaft was too wide; and
when he tried to force it in, Penny wept with pain. Then he
began to move gently, in a slow come-and-go movement, withdrawinghis
dripping organ up to the base of the gland, then driving
it back in a slowpenetration that only inserted two thirds
of his weapon. The huge penis wasdelightful compressed
in the narrow muff and grew bigger with each thrust ofVictor's
rump. He was moaning huskily at this hitherto unknown pleasure.
Thethought that he was fucking a pleasant child of nineteen
drove him mad. Pennywas panting and groaning at the attacks
of this burning spear which wasdriving deep into her belly.
The pain of the insertion had yielded to anindescribable
pleasure. How different it was from the clumsy efforts
of heryoung friends. She took pleasure just in the sight
of this powerful man withgreying hair laboring above her
and in the terrific sensation she got from themighty organ
tickling her vagina. With her hands holding her breasts,
shehiccuped and stammered incomprehensible words. Carola,
masturbating madly, followed the movements with lascivious
eyes. She knelt down at the foot of thebed to relish the sight
of the two sexes, and she groaned in ecstasy when shesaw
the gigantic penis planted between Penny's legs.
Carola came back to sit beside Penny to see if she enjoyed
being mounted inthis way. The young girl was groaning childishly,
her eyes were turned backand a sliver of saliva rolled down
from her mouth contorted in a rictus. Herhead rolled madly
from right to left. Carola leaned over this unknown face
andlicked the spit that dribbled down her darling's
mouth. Then she lookedlovingly at her husband, fucking
away. His brow was covered in sweat and hisheavy breathing
betrayed his excitement. Huskily he murmured: "Oh,
Carola, ifonly you knew how good it is to fuck her; she's
as tight as a glove, but hercunt is a sweet as honey. Look
how she's enjoying herself. But my tail isn'tall
inside her, though I feel like driving in all in."
"No, no darling. Restrain yourself; you'd only
hurt her. Take it easy. Bitby bit, you'll enlarge her
and you'll put it in her the way you put it in me, up to
your balls." As she said it, she caressed the swollen
testicles thatswung against Penny's little cunt,
dripping with the liquid from her vagina.In a frenzy, now,
Victor bellowed his and discharged his sperm into Penny'spalpitating
vagina, accompanied by her broken cries. When the gland
waswithdrawn from the bruised lips, a flood of sperm and
liquid poured out of hervagina and flowed slowly between
her legs, dripping onto the sheet. Penny lay exhausted
in the same position, eyes shut one arm over herscarlet
face, the wide open legs revealing the scarlet slit and
the fleecethick with sperm. After a moment, she opened
her eyes, and, seeing Carola'sand Victor's eyes
fixed on her abdomen, she placed one hand modestly on thesticky
flesh, then shyly asked Carola to take her to the bathroom.

Chapter 6

A quarter of an hour later, after the ablutions, the three
friends metagain. Penny suggested timidly that she should
leave them alone and go to bed, but Carola cried out: "NO
question of that, darling; you'll sleep with us.Look
how wide the bed is? Do you think there isn't room for
three?" "That's right, " cut in
the lawyer, already in bed. "Now you are my twolittle
wives. Unless Penny would rather go to her own bed? Didn't
you likewhat I just did to you? Don't you love me even
a little?" "Oh, I love you both, " cried
Penny happily. "I love you. You're so kind tome.
I'd never have believed that I could be so happy."
As the night was young, there was still time for them to amuse
themselves, particularly as the stifling heat did not
dispose towards sleep All threenaked, they smoked a cigarette
and chatted gaily, but soon the lawyer wasseized by desire,
and his limp penis began to swell and assume impressiveproportions
beneath the amused regards of the two women. Soon it was
quiteerect, the gland uncovered, the veins bulging. From
time to time, Victorfidgeted and then his prick started
violently, slapping his hairy abdomen witha dull squelch,
then rising again, stiff, vertical, like a stake awaiting
itsvictim. Penny stifled a laugh. Her little angel face,
nailed to the mattress by the enormous spear thattravelled
with slow, deep thrusts, was soon streaming with tears,
the mouththat was distorted and gagged by the huge, hard
prick, could proffer no sound, only her heavy breathing
and stifled grunts escaped from her flutteringnostrils
every time that the gland struck the bottom of her throat.
When hefelt himself coming, he withdrew his prick only
to discharge in a manner evenmore lewd. He placed Carola's
hand around his weapon and told her to stroke itover Penny's
face. "Open your mouth, chicken, " he said
to the child. "I'mgoing to come and you're
going to swallow." Seizing his prick, Carola, allexcitement,
masturbated it firmly. Suddenly it stiffened and the first
drop ofsperm appeared. Carola slowed her movements and
squeezed more tightly, andevery time her hand pulled downwards
a flood of sperm spurted forth. The firstejection thickened
Penny's mouth and splashed over her cheeks and forehead.Carola
pulled again and another squirt spread a viscous layer
over the child'sface. The last drop fell on her neck,
and Victor fell back on his couch, completely emptied,
while Carola, at the peak of her fever, threw herself onher
mistress and greedily licked at the coating of sperm that
covered thepretty little face. The two women sucked each
other and when they had calmed down, the three ofthem laid
on their couches and prepared to sleep. Victor was already
dozingwhen he heard stifled sniffs coming from the blanket
beside him. He stretchedout his arm inquisitively and
met Penny's face, streaming with tears.Thoroughly
upset, he lit the lamp and leaned over her; "What is
it, mydarling? Why are you crying. Have you got a pain? Are
you unhappy?" But thepoor child started off worse
than ever and Victor turned around to wakeCarola: "Penny's
crying, but she won't tell me why, " he said to
his wife, whowas looking at him through bleary eyes. That
woke Carola up completely, andshe came over to Penny to
try and help her. They covered the poor pet withkisses and
caresses, until finally Penny avowed in a tearful voice:
"You don'tlove me." "Darling, how
can you say such a thing? You know we both adore you."
"Not true, " sniffed Penny. "Victor
doesn't love me. He's just amusinghimself with
me; he doesn't think about me; he goes to sleep without
botheringabout me." "Poor little poppet, "
said Carola with a smile. "Just think of that. Herlittle
cunt in heat and she wants a good pricking." Victor
smiled and took his young mistress in his arms. Kissing
her tenderlyon the swollen eyes and little pink ears, he
whispered: "My little dove, youknow perfectly well
I'm madly in love with you. If I went to bed withoutbothering
you it's because I thought you'd had enough with
Carola and that youwere tired because of the country air,
but if you want to, I'll fuck, you mypet. I'll fuck
you thoroughly. You'll see what is coming to you. Happy
now? Doyou want my prick?" "Oh yes, "
mouthed Penny in delight. "I want it." "What
do you want, " asked Victor teasingly. "Tell
me what you want." "I want...I
me, " "Do you want me to put it all in tonight?"
"Oh yes please. But be gentle...don't hurt me
too much." "Don't worry poppet. On the
contrary, you'll like what I'm going to do."With
that he shifted onto his knees and shook his huge prick in
Penny'sdirection, saying: "Just look at the
huge helping your slit will get tonight, my love. Prepare
her a little, " he added to Carola, who, with her saliva, lubricated
copiously Penny's cunt, before lying down, hand in
hair, ready tomasturbate an accompaniment. Victor had
taken position between Penny's thighs, and with his
fingertipsparted the velvety folds to open her vagina.
He placed the huge penis at theentrance. He thrust forward
and quivered with delight when his prick punchedpast the
thick lips and penetrated the velvety blackness. Then
he seizedPenny's ankles and raised them in the air
until her legs were vertical, andwith her in this position,
he began to drive his weapon in with slow powerfulthrusts
that shook the poor child who was clinging to the blanket
to resistthe brutal blows of the horse-like weapon that
was opening her flesh andpenetrating her panting belly.
Soon she could not control her plaintive moans, for the
prick was becoming more and more merciless, trying to penetratecompletely,
but the narrowness of the vagina prevented this. Victor
pushed ather legs until she was folded in two, her thighs
on her breasts like someinverted frog, and he forced himself
slowly into the prominent cunt. A long, moaning cry escaped
Penny when the stallion penis disappeared up to the hairs.It
felt as if it were coming out by the navel. She hiccuped and
screamed ateach thrust, two trickles of sweat on her forehead.
Pretty Penny had it all, this time, all the huge penis whose
movements seemed to tear her in two andtore from her screams
of delirious joy. She turned her congested face towardsCarola
and uttered with difficult: "I've got it all.
I've taken all his prick.He's driven it all in,
the way he does with you." Victor thrust on. He could
feel the gland buried in her matrix. It squeezedhim like
a velvet tong, his balls brushed against her raised buttocks.
He no longer withdrew his prick, leaving it well in, screwing
imperceptiblyon the spot. At last, with a series of groans,
he felt his sperm flood out hermatrix, drowning her most
secret flesh, while Penny let forth yells of joy, dribbling
at the mouth, fists clenched and eyes turned back.

Chapter 7

The next morning they set out for a long walk in the woods,
until theyreached a little waterfall where they bathed
to the accompaniment of joyfulcries and piercing laughs
that re-echoed through the leafy forest. Afterpicnicing
in the little clearing, Victor led them by a hidden path
to a minutegrassy grove lost in the undergrowth. The afternoon
sun played through theleafy branches, and diapered the
green grass. "How lovely, " exclaimed both
women. "You'll find it less attractive later
on, " hissed Victor. In the middle of the clearing
lay a tree trunk and Victor sat on thisnatural seat, drawing
his darlings to him. "My sweet, " he said to
Penny. "You know I promised to punish you today. Thetime
is now and the place is here." The little redhead turned
an imploring regard to the lawyer, but she'd havehad
more chance of winning over a tiger. Victor's sadistic
side was uppermostfor the time being. "Take down
your knickers, " he continued with a smile. "And
you can sit onthe grass, " he said to Carola. "It's
your turn after." When Penny had takenoff her shorts
and panties, he ordered her to sit astride the tree trunk.
"Nowlie down, " he said and pushed her shoulders
by way of encouragement. With ahandkerchief he bound her
wrists under the trunk, and treated her ankles inthe same
way with the scarf that Carola wore around her breast. "Why
has he tied me up like this?" asked Penny in a frightened
voice. "I'mafraid, " she snivelled.
"Come close to me Carola. What is he going to do?"
"I don't know, darling, " whispered Carola.
"A good thrashing, I suppose;you must be brave, my
love. But don't you feel a kind of thrill at the ideathat
he has you at his mercy? that you're the victim of his
lewd desires?" "A bit, yes...but I'm so
afraid." "So am I...but I'm wet just the
same." "Where is he?" asked Penny, turning
her head with difficulty. "I don't know. He's
around somewhere. Oh, let me kiss your poor littlebottom,
to give it courage." At that moment, Victor reappeared
in the clearing. In one hand he washolding twenty or so rushes,
that he had picked near the stream. With theother, he was
carefully holding a bunch of nettles, wrapped in a handkerchief, that
he placed out of Penny's sight. "Look at these,
my pretty, " he sniggered, shaking the blades in
front ofher nose. "Look what's going to punish
you for your refusal." "Oh no, Victor, not that,
not that. It will hurt too much." begged Penny."No!
No! If you like, you can bugger me, only be gentle, but not
that." But she was in no condition to dictate to Victor,
and he burst outlaughing. "Oh no, my little nanny-goat,
you can't have my prick. I'm reservingthat for
Carola. You're getting the whip." With that,
he stood behind thechild who was offering him her defenseless
rump, and with the tips of therushes he caressed the frightened
globes, before lashing at her rump. A dozenred weals appeared
on the milky skin and Penny screamed with pain. With atwist
of his wrist, Victor struck again, then again, and covered
thehemispheres with an uninterrupted rain of blows which
soon transformed thelily-white flesh into a sea of red.
Penny's face was dripping with tears, and piercing
screams issued from theopen mouth. Victor continued to
whip away, not bothering about his victim'smoans.
Now her poor little bottom was like a poppy in bloom, and
the lawyertook advantage of her wriggling, which revealed
her cunt, to strike hardbetween her thighs. The rushes
beat on the poor little cunt and on the thicklips of her sex,
and a cry of agony escaped the unfortunate Penny. He struckher
three or four times between the thighs then threw away the
batteredrushes. Next he seized the nettles and caressed
the burning buttocks with thevenomous plant. At first
the freshness of the leaves relieved Penny, but soonher
buttocks were covered with pimples and swellings, and
the hellish itchingdrove her mad. Victor enjoyed the frenzied
contortions of his victim and hishuge prick palpitated
with pleasure at the sound of her screams. Indesperation,
Penny rubbed her buttocks together in a vain effort to relievethe
dreadful itchiness on her rump. Her cries were no longer
human, her mouthfrothed, and her tortured face was covered
with tears and sweat. At onemoment, through nervousness,
a flood of urine that she could not control, poured out
of her fiery cunt and rolled down her thighs. Victor could
no longer contain himself. He dragged Carola over to the
treeand made her take up the same position as Penny. Docilely,
Carola placedherself across the tree behind Penny, with
her bottom in her face. "Lick her, " said Victor.
"It'll relieve her." But Penny had fainted.
The lawyer moved behind his wife and placed his huge phallus
between herbuttocks, and without preparation, without
lubrication, he began the task ofbuggering her. The enormous
gland bounced off as the tiny hole contracted infear. He
move it back into position and weighed on it with all his
strength, pushing brutally at the rectum. Slowly, ferociously,
he shoved into his wife'sdry arse, ripping the delicate
membranes of her anal canal. Now the clearingechoed with
Carola's plaintive cries. Fortunately her husband's
excitement hadreached its paroxysm; he had scarcely begun
to screw the narrow muscular ringwhen an orgasm floored
him in a copious ejaculation. After he had rested a little,
he picked her up and bore her off to thestream, where he helped
her to bath her suffering anus; then he ran back tofree Penny,
and brought her to the stream. He sat her squarely in the
waterand the contact of the icy water on her burning buttocks
brought life back tothe charming victim, who recoiled
in fright when she saw Victor standing overher but he reassured
her tenderly and asked her to forgive him if he had beentoo
unkind. The child refused to reply and turned her silky
head towardsCarola who was bathing her bruised flesh.
When Penny had fully recovered theywere back to the tent,
where they rested while Victor packed their belongings.
The next day both women were still sulking and repulsed
all Victor'sadvances, but they could not resist that
evening when he came home laden withpresents, that they
opened with gay laughs. The apartment, which fortunatelywas
soundproof, resounded the cries and groans of pleasure
occasionallymitigated by erotic pain.

Chapter 8

At the beginning of the winter, the lawyer received a letter
which was toinfluence Penny's destiny. He had scarcely
begun reading it when he jumpedwith joy and brandished
the piece of paper towards Carola. "Louis is back
fromParis, " he cried. "He says he'll
call tomorrow evening." "Wonderful, "
cried Carola. She turned to Penny: "You'll see
how handsome heis. He's a great friend of ours..."
When Victor had left for town, Penny came to sit on Carola's
knees andwhile Carola caressed her breast she asked inquisitively:
"Who is he exactly, this type?" "You'll
see, darling. He's wonderful. So kind and so distinguished!
He'sfrom Barbados." "A negro?"
said Penny, in surprise. "Not quiet. He's mixed...his
skin is hardly tanned. He's really terrific, you
know. As tall as Victor, but slimmer...and so elegant!

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