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Skinney Dippin With My Aunt!


A Story of Sexual Discovery
by Day Dreamer

After my parents got divorced, I lived with Mom. She had
a good job and apparently was well paid because we never
seemed to lack for any necessities. She got a recent
promotion, though, and now she has to travel quite a bit.
Although she seems to really like her job, having to leave
alone bothers her a whole lot. I'll have to hand it to Mom--
she's very conscientious and seems to worry considerably
about being a good parent. More than anything else, she
worries that I won't get proper care during those times
has to be out of town. She doesn't seem to realize that I'm
a fifteen-year-old boy who is well able to take care of
himself. No matter how much I plead and argue my maturity,
she simply will not agree to leaving me alone by myself
overnight. When those occasions arise that she has to be
away, she arranges for me to stay with Aunt Sue and Grandpa.
I stayed there at night couple of times before school was
out, but now that summer's here, I stay all day and all
night. This time I've been here a couple of days, and will
probably stay a few more before Mom gets back in town.

Aunt Sue is Mom's sister. Even though she is several years
younger than Mom so can't be too old, Mom once referred to
her as
a maiden aunt. When I asked what that meant, Mom said it
meant that she had never married, and since she was stuck
the farm taking care of Grandpa, probably never would.
I told her I thought "maiden" meant "virgin, " and Mom said,
of half-laughing, that with Aunt Sue's limited opportunities
probably did. That puzzled me because I couldn't see where
marriage and virginity had anything to do with each other.
sure didn't want to get married, but that didn't keep me
wanting to stop being a virgin. I certainly wasn't a virgin
choice--I just had never had an opportunity to make it with
girl. My virginity was a condition I hoped to change the
first chance I got. When that time might come, I had no idea.
had never even felt up a girl, much less done anything else.
Thus far, the closest I had come to sex was the Playboy

Aunt Sue and Grandpa live on Grandpa's farm just outside
town. It only takes about thirty minutes to get there, so
having to stay at their place isn't that much of a problem.
The main difficulty is that they have only two bedrooms
and I
have to sleep with Aunt Sue in her big double bed. I have my
own bedroom at home, and getting used to sleeping with
someone else wasn't easy--particularly when that someone
was a pretty girl like Aunt Sue.

Although I complained about having to go to Aunt Sue's,
really didn't mind it very much. Grandpa kept beer in the
refrigerator, and sometimes he would let me drink a bottle
when he did. Aunt Sue would fuss, but Grandpa would tell
to leave us alone, that we are about "men's business." Of
course, that would make me feel ten feet tall. Even though
she put on a show, Aunt Sue wasn't really concerned about
and never told Mom.

Despite her mock scolding about my drinking beer, Aunt
and I became good friends. She insisted that I call her
simply "Sue, " that "Aunt Sue" was too formal. She
laughed, her face turning a little red, and said if we were
going to sleep in the same bed, we should at least be on a
first-name basis.

With respect to sleeping in the same bed, that the arrangement
was beginning to cause me a problem. The problem is that
in bed with Sue makes me terribly horny. (Not that it takes
much, anyway. Being horny is a steady-state condition
for me.)
I was very much aware that right next to me was a female, a
who had big breasts and a pussy. Sue usually dressed in bulky
loose-fitting clothes --even her night clothes were loose
baggy--so I could only guess at what those parts of her anatomy
might look like. Even so, knowing that all that separated
probably virgin pussy from my definitely virgin cock was
just a
few inches of bed space made me ultra-sensitive to our sleeping
arrangements. I went to sleep many a night with a hard-on
had erotic dreams about girls. To make it worse, the girls
in my
dreams looked like Sue.

Although the extra travel involved with staying at Sue's
place during school time was a little inconvenient--she
to take me to school and pick me up--staying there in the
summer was a breeze. Even though all of us still referred
to it
as "the farm, " it really wasn't one anymore. Grandpa quit
farming years ago, and now it was simply pasture land he
out for grazing a few head of cattle. Sue had a little vegetable
garden, but other than that it was just a lot of open space.
a boy of fifteen, though, it is a wonderland. There are lots
areas that I still haven't explored, and staying there
in summer
gives me opportunity to just roam around, laze in the shade,
generally goof off.

Sue is a great lover of the outdoors, and sometimes when
weather is especially nice, she goes to extra trouble to
carry all the food out to the big picnic table under the oak
tree so we can eat in the wide-open. It's always a lot of
fun, the three of us laughing and making a festive occasion
out it. That is, until Grandpa gets sleepy and decides it's
his nap time. He always takes a nap after lunch, and even
the fun of eating outdoors doesn't deter him from his daily
schedule. He always put in a good two hours of log sawing,
and thunder, lightning, or even a earthquake couldn't
him until he has his nap out. He sleeps just as soundly at
night, too. Sue said that on several occasions she had tried
to wake him, but it was next to impossible.

One morning when I was in the kitchen with Sue, she asked
if I had ever been down to the creek at the far end of the
farm. I had never explored that part of the farm and had no
idea there was a creek there. I told that I hadn't but now
that I knew it was there I would go explore that part of the
farm. She said that she had an even better idea--that the
two of us would carry a lunch basket and have a picnic there.
She indicated that Grandpa wasn't up to walking that far,
she would feed him his lunch and while he was taking his nap
we would go there and have our picnic. That sounded great
me. It combined two of my favorite things--exploring and
eating--and I waited impatiently for lunch time to finally
get there.

Shortly before noon, Sue called to me and said she was just
about ready. I went back into the kitchen and found Sue and
Grandpa there. I was more than a little surprised by what
else I found--Sue dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee
shirt. Seeing her dressed like that, I was mystified about
why she hid herself in such full, baggy clothes. She had
super figure: long-legged, slender-waisted and big-boobed.
couldn't keep my eyes off her and my cock twitched in my
pants at the sight.

Sue set out lunch for Grandpa and told him to have a nice nap
afterward, that she and I were going down to the creek and
have a picnic. He didn't pay much attention, just told us
"kids" to have a good time. Sue pointed to the picnic basket
and said that a big strong guy like me should be the one to
carry it.

Since Sue knew the way, she took the lead and I followed.
Walking closely behind her, I couldn't help but notice
way the cheeks of her ass moved as she walked. Her shorts
really short-shorts, and after she had walked a little
way, they
worked upward on her ass so that the bottoms of her ass cheeks
showed. I could see the edge of her white panties peeking
from under the shorts, and the sight worked on me like waving
red flag excites a bull. I had been excited from seeing some
Sue's hidden charms revealed, but getting a peek of panties
my cock get rock-solid hard and bulge out the front of my
I was relieved I was behind her so that she couldn't see
the effect she was having on me.

By the time we finally arrived at our destination, I was
about as horny as I had ever been in my entire life. Having
watched Sue's firm ass as it squirmed and twisted for the
last twenty minutes had my cock throbbing and aching. My
horniness, though, was almost secondary to my frustration.
The realization that the ass I had been watching, indeed
whole of Sue's beautiful body, lay beside me each night,
close yet so far away and untouchable, made me gnash my
teeth. I couldn't help but groan and give a big sigh of

The place where Sue had taken us was really nice. The creek
had a limestone bed and was surrounded by grass that was
almost like a lawn. Big oak trees shaded a lot of the area
and made it so quiet and restful that I could easily see why
Sue considered it a good place for a picnic. At one time,
someone had dammed the creek so as to make a pond, and even
though part of the dam had washed away, there was still a
nice-sized pool. The water looked cool and clear, ideal

Sue spread a tablecloth and laid out the food from the
basket. Seeing and smelling the food made me realize how
hungry I was, and I dove in with relish. Sue seemed to have
a good appetite, too, and between the two of us we quickly
disposed of the picnic lunch. Feeling full and relaxed,
stretched out on the grass and gazed up at the sky. Sue laid
down beside me, and together we just lay there silent,
enjoying the peace and quiet of the warm afternoon. I
shifted positions a little, and when I did my hand came into
contact with Sue's. She didn't move her's so I left my hand
where it was. It may have been just an accidental touch,
it was electrifying to me. Seeing Sue in her scanty clothes
had caused me to become infatuated with her woman's mature
body, and being able to touch her, even if only with a mere
touching of fingers, sent little shivers through me.
After a while I sat up and looked at the water in the pool.
"That sure looks like a good place to swim, " I said.

"Yes, it is, " Sue said. "When your mother and uncles and
were kids we used swim here real often. I was the littlest
of all, so about all I got to do was stick my feet in. We
all went skinny-dipping, back then."

"You went swimming naked?" I asked.

"Yeah, we sure did, " Sue said with kind of an embarrassed
laugh. "None of us owned a bathing suit."

"Was it fun? Swimming, I mean."

"Oh, yes. Course, we didn't keep it up too long. After we
got old enough to know what the difference between girls
boys meant we had to stop."

"Do you ever go swimming now?" I asked.

"Well, sometimes I still sneak out here and take a dip."
"You skinny-dip?"

Sue laughed, her face flushing just a little, and said,
"I still don't own a bathing suit."

"I sure would like for us to go swimming right now, " I said.
"Well, I've told you I don't have a bathing suit and
you don't have one, either, so I guess we're just out of

"We could go skinny-dipping, like you say you do."

Sue's face turned red and she said, "Donny, I sure know the
difference between girls and boys now, and a good-looking
like you surely does, so we couldn't do that."

Undaunted and still practically panting to see more of
body, I said, "We could swim in our underwear. That wouldn't
show any more than a bathing suit does."

Sue's eyes kind of narrowed and I could tell she was thinking
about my suggestion. Finally, she said, "Well, maybe we
could. You're right, the way bathing suits are today, our
underwear would cover more than they do. Okay, we'll do
But not a word about it to your mother. She'd skin me alive
if she knew we did such a thing."

I took my hand and made like I was zipping my mouth. "Not a
word. You have my solemn oath."

Having made up her mind, she was almost like a kid, eager
get on with it. She stood up and pulled the tee-shirt over
her head and unbuttoned the waist of her shorts. The shorts
were tight and she had to wriggle her hips to get them off.
Seeing her there in her panties and bra, her hips squirming
like that made me forget that I was supposed to be undressing
too. Sue saw me staring and said, "Now cut that out, Donny.
I'm already embarrassed--don't make it any worse."

I pulled off my shirt and started lowering my pants so that
would be dressed in just my Jockey shorts. I realized then
that I had a real problem. My cock was hard and throbbing
and my state of arousal would be obvious to Sue. Turning
back, I managed to cram my cock down into the crotch of my
shorts so at least I didn't look like I had a fat saugage
pole stuck in my shorts. Some bulge still showed, but maybe
Sue would just think I was well developed.

Half way presentable, I ran down to the water and waded in.
Being in first would give me a change to look at Sue without
appearing to be staring. I turned around and watched Sue
she carefully inched her way to the water, wincing a little
as the rocks hurt her feet. It was a good thing I had my
cock tucked in secure because just watching her coming
me, white panties and bra on, would have turned the front
my shorts into a tent. "Come on in, the water's just great,
I said. Talking to her required me to face her, and that's
exactly what I wanted to do. This was the first time I had
ever seen a girl in her underwear, and even though I couldn't
see any more than I could have if she had on a bathing suit,
just the thought of it's being underwear excited me beyond
any point I had been before then.

Sue waded out a little way and sat down in the water, sub-
merging herself to a level that her breasts were just at
water line. They bobbed up and down, as if they were
floating on the surface, and my hands itched to reach out
feel them, to discover for the first time what it felt like
to put my hand on a girl's flesh. I knew, though, that doing
that would probably make her more than a little angry, and
that she would want to get out right then. All I wanted was
to stay there with her as long as possible, drinking in the
sight of her creamy skin and reveling in the idea that I was
so close to an almost-nude girl.

I dog-paddled over to her and sat in the water alongside
She was smiling so I knew that she was having fun. I said,
can see why you like this place--it's a super swimming hole.
it deeper in the middle?"

Sue said, "Yeah, quite a bit. Come on, I'll show you." She
paddled out a ways and stood up, the water almost up to her
neck. I came out by her and stood, too. We were so close
that when she turned toward me her breast brushed my arm,
firm weight pressing against it. She didn't seem to pay
attention, and I was very happy about that. She said, "It's
even deeper than this right out here, " and stepped toward
middle of the pond. Suddenly, she went completely under,
head disappearing under the surface. Instinctively,
reached out for her, my arms and hands extended, to pull
back up. I ducked under the water and grabbed her under the
armpits and lifted her up. When I did, she fell back against
me and my hands slipped around to her front, each hand
cupping one of her round, firm breasts. I couldn't help
myself--I squeezed and kneaded them, gently massaging
through the fabric of her bra.

Sue went stiff in my arms, her body straightening out so
she stood full erect. Her hands came up and covered mine
for just a few moments we remained frozen in that position.
She turned around then, dislodging my hands from her breasts,
and said, "Wow, I guess I stepped in a hole there. Thanks
for being so quick and pulling me up. I'd better get back
the shallow water where I'll be safe."

Sue waded into shallow water and sat down, her legs apart
extended in front of her. The water came up to only the tops
of her thighs and it was so clear and clean that I could see
all the way to the bottom. The bottom, though, wasn't what
was looking at. Sue's panties, which had been opaque when
dry, were completely transparent now that they were wet.
could clearly see the full extent of her swatch of black
pubic hair and even distinguish the top of the cleft that
down the middle of that dark triangle. My breath caught
my throat and I became dry-mouthed. I had longed to see a
girl's pussy, and now I was getting at least a partial look
at Sue's. My cock worked its way out of its tucked position
and completely bulged out the front of my shorts.

I immediately turned around and went back out to deeper
where I could readjust my cock without Sue being able to
what I was doing. Once again presentable, I came back to
and sat next to her. I couldn't tear my eyes off of Sue's
sexual area. Since she was beside me, she couldn't see how
my eyes bored into the space between her thighs. I was so
distracted by the sight that I couldn't even carry on a
decent conversation, just saying "Uh-huh" and "Yeah"
whatever she said. After a while, she stood up and said that
it was getting late and she needed to get home to start
supper. Even though I tried to turn my eyes away in time,
she caught them zeroing in on her crotch. Looking down at
herself, she said, "Oh, God, just look at me. I thought
underwear was safe to wear, but I might have well have gone
skinny-dipping. Come on, let's get out of here and get
dressed." We got out and put our clothes on over our wet
underwear and headed for the farmhouse.

That night after Sue and I were in bed, she said, "Donny,
since my wet panties showed so much that I might as well been
naked, if we go swimming tomorrow we can skinny-dip if you'd
like to. But, again, absolutely no word of it to your
mother. Understand?"

I could hardly keep from stammering as I answered, "Yeah,
like to go skinny-dipping. And as far telling Mom, I've
already made a blood oath with you."

"Just checking to be sure. Good night, Donny."

I was so excited that I wasn't able to go to sleep
immediately as I usually did. My cock was hard and throbbing
at the thought of being completely naked with Sue, of seeing
a real live fully nude girl for the first time. As if that
weren't enough, Sue's action at this time made it even more
difficult to go to sleep. She rolled over in bed and in the
process pressed her hand up against my buttocks. It felt
like a hot ember burning a hole in my skin. Sue's breathing
was slow and regular, so I figured she was asleep and it was
an accident. After a long while, even with the heat of her
hand against me and the discomfort of a hard and aching cock,
I too fell asleep.

When I waked up the next morning, the front of my shorts were
a gooey mess--I had had a wet dream. The sheet had a wet
spot, too, and I knew Sue would see the evidence of my
reaction to seeing her in her transparent panties. Remember-
ing the dream I had, I was not surprised at the mess I had
made. Sue and I had just finished swimming, both of us
completely nude, and we were on the bank, lying together
on a
big towel. I had one hand on her breast and the other buried
between her thighs, my fingers delving into her pussy.
was busy, too, with a hand clasping my rigidly hard cock
stroking it up and down. In my dream, I shot off into the
air and all over her hand. I must have shot off in real
life, too, with the come in my shorts and on the bed the

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and put on clean
shorts. I planned to try to clean the sheet with a wet wash
cloth, but I was too late--Sue was already making the bed
had seen the wet blotch. She stroked her fingers across
wet spot and then rubbed them together, feeling the slippery
texture of my boy juice. I was standing in the doorway and
there wasn't anything I could do to avoid her confronting
about what had happened. She looked at me and said, "Looks
like someone had a naughty accident last night. You must
have been dreaming about one of those cute little high school
girls." I was embarrassed and didn't answer. Sue laughed
said, "Well, she must have been a real knock-out. Who was
it, Donny?"

I sure didn't want to admit that it was she I dreamed of--
she'd probably faint from embarrassment. I figured the
thing to do was just not answer. Sue saw that I was going to
stay silent and teasingly said, "What's the matter, cat
your tongue?"

Responding to her teasing persistence, I said, "Okay,
if you
just have to know, I dreamed about you."

Sue turned just a little red, apparently not as embarrassed
as I was. I turned away, determined to go outside so that
she wouldn't see me red-faced. As I was leaving, I heard
whisper in a way I'm sure she didn't intend for me to hear,
"I dreamed about you, too."

I managed to stay away from Sue until noontime when she
called me into the house. She didn't seem the least bit
perturbed about what happened that morning. She was smiling
and seemed happier than I had seen her in a long time. She
told me she had packed a picnic lunch and if I wanted to we
could go down to the creek and eat it. I told her I would
like that very much. I grabbed the picnic basket and we left
the house and started for the creek.

About half way to the creek, I asked, "Can we go swimming?"
"If you want to."

"Swim like you said we could?" I asked, almost breathlessly.
"If that's what you would like to do, then that's what we'll
do. DO you want us to go skinny-dipping?"

Hardly believing my good fortune, I almost shouted, "Yeah!
want us to go skinny-dipping."

When we finally got to the creek, Sue spread a table cloth
and a blanket. She said that since we were going to go
skinny-dipping we may as well take advantage of it and get
little sun tanning at the same time. Just the thought of
being on a blanket with Sue and both of us naked brought my
cock to half mast. Oh, God, maybe she'll let me touch her
little, I fantasized.

Sue started to take the lunch out of the basket and put it
the table cloth, but I told her that maybe we should go swim-
ming first. After all, I told her, swimming gives a person
an appetite, so it would be better to wait until later to
eat. The truth was that I really didn't care when we ate or
if we at all. My mind was on Sue taking off her clothes and
getting naked and I didn't want anything to delay that.
was getting ready to see my first real pussy, and I didn't
want to wait one second longer than necessary.

Sue smiled and said, "You're not fooling me, Donny. You're
just eager to go skinny-dipping. Isn't that it?"

I tried to act nonchalant about the matter, keeping a
straight face, and said, "Well, what I said about eating
true, isn't it?"

Smiling even broader than before, Sue said, "Sure, you're
right, all right. Okay, skinny-dipping it is. That means
it's down-to-the-buff time. Start shucking, Donny, let's
who can be the first one in the water."

I wasn't in any hurry to undress. What I really wanted was
to watch Sue take her clothes off, to see all of her feminine
secret areas exposed to my view. She was making a contest
it, though, so my hopes to see her disrobe were frustrated.
Well, I could at least get into the water first and get to
see her as she came toward me. That way, I would get a good
look at Sue's jiggling breasts, but most of all, get my first
look at a girl's pussy. I stripped my clothes as fast as I
could, almost ripping the buttons off, in order to be first
in the water. Before I even had my shoes and socks and shirt
off, though, I heard splashing and giggling behind me.
Turning around, I saw Sue's back as she waded out into the
water, only her naked backside visible to me. Sue quickly
waded out into deep water and ducked herself under so that
only her head and shoulders showed. Damn! I cursed silently
to myself, I missed my chance to see Sue.

Sue wasn't missing a chance to see me, though. As Iwalked
down to the water, my rigid cock bobbed and weaved before
moving up and down and around in circles with each step.
stopped her giggling and watched, her eyes never leaving
as I came forward, my cock like a ship's bowsprit. Finally,
the target of her stare went under the water and I waded out
beside Sue. She grinned at me, giggling once more, and said,
"I cheated. All I wore was just my dress."

I grinned back at Sue and splashed water into her face,
partly playing but also partly to get even with her for
cheating me out of a good look at her privates. Instead of
my getting to see her, all that happened was for me to give
her a good show of my hard cock. I guess I should have been
embarrassed about having a hard-on, but Sue's giggling
grin dispelled any of those feelings.

Without warning, Sue jumped toward me and pushed my head
under water, giving me a thorough ducking. I came up
sputtering and lunged for her, determined to get even.
had anticipated my move, though, and had already swum away.
I raced after her and grabbed her foot, pulling her under.
Still grinning, she made another grab for me, trying again
duck my head under water. I managed to dodge and grapple
with her, my arms and hands around her body. As we grappled,
she brushed her front against my hard-on, pressing it upright
against my stomach. At that same instant, my hand covered
one of her breasts, stroking against it and squeezing it.
Sue jumped away, and laughing, said, "Uh-uh, you're breaking
the rules. One of the rules of skinny-dipping is no feeling
each other up. Everyone can look all they want, but no
handling the merchandise."

Her grin was infectious, and grinning just as big as she,
replied, "All right, no more feelies, but you have to quit
ducking. Okay?"

Mollified, but still grinning, Sue said, "Okay, but you're
taking the fun out of it."

And you're taking the fun out of it for me, too, I thought

Remembering Sue's words about being able to look all we
wanted and the way she gave me the once-over as I waded into
the water, I thought that maybe there was still hope to see
Sue's naked body in its entirety. Determined not to waste
chance, I waded out of the water, dried off, and sat on the
blanket. "Hey, Sue, " I shouted, "I'm hungry. Come on out
and let's eat."

"Yeah, I'm hungry, too, " Sue said, and waded out of the
water toward me. As she advanced, her breasts emerged,
bobbing up and down in the water and then fully exposed,
jiggling on their own. Her waist came into view and then
navel. I sat there, holding my breath in anticipation,
Sue's dark pubic triangle came into view. Her thighs
followed, and then she was fully out of the water, walking
toward me. I couldn't take my eyes off Sue's hairy center.
The vertical line of her vaginal cleft was clearly visible
she advanced toward me. The sway of her hips and the easy
way her breasts moved up and down with each step made a
beautiful backdrop for the main attraction--her fur-covered
sexual center. I couldn't have torn my eyes away even upon
threat of death. My breath came in little pants as I gazed
in wide-eyed rapture upon my first real-live, fully naked

Sue ignored the way I was staring, a slight smile on her face
the only evidence that she noticed. She sat down on the
blanket and took our sandwiches and cold drinks out of the
basket. Once she had completed our culinary arrangements,
Sue sat
crosslegged and started in on her sandwich. I took a bite
mine but my mouth was so dry that I couldn't even chew--I
had to
take a drink of Coke to get rid of the cotton. With Sue
sitting in that position, her vulva gaping wide open, I
had an
unobstructed view of the moist, pink flesh inside the cleft
that split her thighs and was almost trembled in reaction.
It's a good thing we were eating and not trying to talk--I
wouldn't have been able to get anything out except stammers
and mumbles.

During the silence of our meal, Sue did her own looking.
Although she tried to be more circumspect about staring
I, she kept her eyes mainly on my throbbing, rigid cock.
apparently meant it when she said that looking was okay.
When we finished eating and Sue had cleaned up the remains
our lunch, she stretched on the blanket. Taking that as
invitation, I stretched alongside, our bodies close,
but not
touching. For a few seconds we just lay there silent, each
aware of the sexual electricity our nakedness was producing,
but reluctant to speak. Finally, Sue broke the silence
saying, "You know, the problem you have is why we had to quit

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, when our older brothers started getting like you
now, Mother made us quit swimming together. She said we
getting too old. Course, I was just a little kid then and
didn't know what was going on, but your mother explained
to me when I got older." Sue laughed and continued, "I guess
it was too late then, though. Your mother and Ned got eyes
for each other and ended up making love."

I could hardly believe Sue's words. I turned on my side,
facing her and said, "You mean Uncle Ned screwed Mom? He
screwed his own sister? You saw it?"

Sue laughed again and said, "No, I was too little then. Even
if I had seen them, I wouldn't have known what they were
doing. Your mother told me about it later. They were lovers
for two years before Ned went off to college. They used to
come to this spot right here."

I had never thought of Mom as having a sex life, of being a
sexual person. She was just Mom, that's all. Now that I
thought about it, I realized that Mom was really very pretty
and that as a teenager she must have been a real heart-
breaker. I saw in my mind a picture of she and Uncle Ned,
just teenagers like myself, coming to that very spot,
naked like Sue and I were, and thoroughly loving each other.
The thought excited me so much that drops of pre-come oozed
out of my hard cock and covered its head with a shiny liquid

"You mustn't ever tell her I told you that. You know that
don't you?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, I'll never tell."

For a few moments after that we just lay on the blanket, side
by side, enjoying the warm sunshine. Then, in a very quiet
voice, Sue said, "Donny, is this the first time you've seen
naked girl?"

Knowing from Sue's seeing my reaction to her nakedness
it would have been fruitless to lie, I said, "Yes. This is
my first time."

"I kind of got that impression, " she said with a soft laugh.
"Well, if it's any consolation to you, you're the first
I've ever see naked."

"But you must have had lots of dates, " I said, mystified.
"Surely on some of them you must have gone far enough to get
naked with the guy."

"Well, living out on the farm like this, I haven't had many
dates. And those I've had have been with guys I sure
wouldn't want to go very far with."

"I guess that explains why you've looked at me as much as
I've looked at you, " I said.

Laughing again, Sue said, "Yeah, I guess it does."

The silence we experienced earlier returned. After a few
moments, Sue turned on her side and faced me. In the same
sort of quiet voice she had used before, Sue said, "Donny,
tell me about your dream last night. You know, the one that
caused you to have your...ah...accident."

Remembering what Sue and I had done in my dream, I was
reluctant to tell her. If I did it would probably make her
upset and angry. Hedging an answer, I said, "Well, it was
just one of those kind of dreams, you know. One that caused
that to happen to me."

"Donny, you cut that out. Come on, tell me, please. I
promise I won't get embarrassed or upset."

Recalling that she hadn't gotten as upset as I expected
I told her she had been the subject of my wet dream, I
decided to go ahead and take another chance and tell her
details. She knew that what I dreamed resulted in my coming
all over my shorts and the bed, so it wasn't any secret that
the dream was about sex. If she really wanted to know, then
I would go ahead and tell her. And not only tell her, but
show her.

Turned as we were on the blanket, we were now face to face.
I looked right into her eyes when I said, "Well, in my dream
we were right where we are now, on a blanket or a towel here
at the creek. And naked just like we are now. In my dream,
though, we were touching each other." I reached out and
cupped one of her breasts in my hand, holding it in a gentle
grasp, saying, "I had one hand right here." Reaching my
other hand down, I put it between her legs, right on top of
her pussy, saying, "And I had my other hand right here,
rubbing and feeling." I moved my fingers inside the cleft
fingers had found, and stroked them up and down, gently
softly. Sue lifted one leg and bent it at the knee, giving
my hand freedom to further explore the whole area between

"You said we were touching each other. Was I touching you
here?" Sue said, reaching her hand out and wrapping it around
my wet pulsating cock.

"Yes, " I whispered, "We were making each other feel good."
"I dreamed about you, too, " Sue said.

"You did? What did you dream?"

Sue smiled and said, "Same dream as yours."

Sue closed her eyes, the soft smile still on her face, and
took this as license to continue. She apparently didn't
any license, because she continued to fondle and caress
cock, causing more drops of pre-come to ooze out and cover
her hand. In almost a trance of rapture, I continued
touching and stroking Sue's breast and pussy. I couldn't
believe how wet her pussy was becoming. If anything, she
wetter than I. Using her wetness as lubrication, I probed
finger into the hole I found at the bottom of Sue's cleft.
realized that I had my finger in the same hole a cock was
supposed to go in, that for the very first time I was finger-
fucking a girl.

My thumb found a little nubbin right at the top of Sue's
gaping furrow and rubbed it with little light strokes.
hips started squirming and rotating in little circles,
against my fingers. Sue moaned softly as I continued my
attention on what I realized was a focus point for her
pleasure. I worked my finger in and out of her hole and
stroked her little swollen nub, increasing the pace as
my own
passion level soared.

Sue's hand on my cock was driving me to levels of pleasure
had never before experienced. I had masturbated many times,
but never had the pleasure even approached what I felt then.
I knew that soon Sue's hand would be getting baptized in
hot come. I could feel the pressure building and building
with each of Sue's strokes and squeezes.

Sue's hips were rotating faster now and her thighs pressed
and out against my hand, with a steadily increasing rhythm.
Sue moaned louder this time, and thrust her hips against
hand, rotating them and thrusting with an almost frenzied

Sue reached out and pulled my head toward hers and pressed
her mouth to mine. We kissed open-mouthed, our moans drowned
in each other's oral cavities. My sensual sensors were
overpowered and even though I would have liked for the
pleasure I was receiving from Sue's hand and from feeling
loving Sue's body to last forever, I was beyond control.
body stiffened and my hips thrust forward against Sue's
My cock started jerking and went into contractions. Come
spurted out, huge blob after huge blob arcing into the air.
It spattered on Sue's stomach, and some even got down on
pussy, increasing the lubrication of my stroking even
I groaned aloud, unable to restrain the expression of ecstasy
being produced by the most intense orgasm of my entire life.
Soon come covered Sue's hand and dripped down on the inside
of my thigh, forming a warm, white pool.

Sue's thighs clasped my hand between them, immobilizing
"Oh, God! Oooohhhhhhh...." she moaned, she moan trailing
as she trembled and spasms wracked her whole abdomen. She
stopped her hand movements on my cock and we lay there,
still, unmoving, with after-waves of pleasure washing
us. After long moments of silence, Sue opened her eyes and
said, "Is that what happened in your dream?"

"Yeah, " I whispered. "But it was better in real life than
my dream."

"This is what happened in my dream, too. And you're right.
Real life is better than any dream."

Sue sat up and looked at the way come had spattered and
dripped on both us. "God, we sure made a mess, didn't we.
Looks like another dip is in order." We both went into the
water and rinsed the evidence of our mutual pleasure from
bodies. "My gosh, it must be getting late. Come on, we need
to get back to the house." I followed her home again,
watching her ass squirm under her dress, knowing that the
dress was all that covered it. Just thinking about her bare
pussy under the dress kept my cock swollen to a half-hard.
That night after Sue and I were in bed, I reached out and
stroked her ass, lightly caressing it. Sue whispered,
not now. Wait'll tomorrow, when we can go back to the
creek." She turned to me and gave me a little pecking kiss
on the lips. "Be good now. We'll have a real good time
tomorrow." Without success, I willed my erection to subside.
Finally, even with a hard-on, I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast was over, Sue announced
that she was going into town to pick up some groceries and
other items. I offered to go with her, but she asked that
stay with Grandpa and keep him company. She got a funny
expression on her face when I asked where else she going
other than the grocery store, and said, "Oh, I've just got
some errands to run." When I asked her if she were going to
be back in time to go the creek, she got kind of a secretive
smile on her face and said, "Oh, yes. After I get back we'll
sure want to go down to the creek." The expression on her
face and the tone of her voice held an unspoken promise.
was tacitly communicating that she was planning something,
that she had a surprise in mind. Whatever it might be, I
could hardly wait. Just the hope of getting to see her naked
again, to get to touch and fondle all the secret, wet parts
of her body, and to make hand-love to each other again had
almost quivering in anticipation. If she had something
special planned, it could only be like another of my dreams
coming true.

Sue got back home shortly before noon and immediately started
preparing lunch. I was very disappointed to see her setting
out three places--it meant that we wouldn't have our picnic
at the creek. Sue must have seen the disappointment on my
face because she came up behind me and wrapped her arms
around my waist, pressing her full mounds against my back,
and whispered into my ear, "I'm worried that Grandpa might
getting suspicious of us. After we eat and he goes to sleep,
then we'll go to the creek. Okay?"

I nodded my head to indicate agreement and Sue rewarded
me by
putting her mouth back to my ear and blowing into it. As she
blew, she moved her hands lower and rubbed my groin just
above my cock. Cold shivers ran up my spine and my cock
instantly jumped to attention, bulging out the front of
pants. Sue laughed and said, "Quick, sit down at the table
or Grandpa will be more than suspicious."

Somehow we managed to get through lunch without incident.
cock stayed at full mast all through the meal so I couldn't
get up until Grandpa had left the room. Sue cleaned up the
kitchen and after checking to be sure Grandpa was settled
down, she beckoned to me with her hand and I followed her
of the house. Instead of the usual picnic hamper and other
gear, Sue carried only some towels, her handbag, and a blanket.
I slung the blanket over my shoulder and we struck out for
the creek, hurrying faster than we ever had before.

When we arrived at the creek, we were both a little out of
breath from having hurried so fast. Sue spread the blanket
and put the towels and her handbag on it. She had never
brought a handbag before so I was a little curious about
she had it. I though that maybe she bought some suntan
lotion, and the thought excited me. Maybe that was her
surprise--getting to rub lotion all over each other. Just
the idea of being able to rub lotion all over Sue's naked
body brought my cock back up to full erection. Sue noticed
the way the front of my pants tented out and said, "You'd
better get out of those clothes before that thing breaks

This time Sue didn't trick me by jumping out of her clothes
and into the water. Indeed, she was very slow and deliberate
in disrobing, standing on the blanket facing me and taking
off one garment at a time, almost as if she were putting on
show. Taking the cue from her, I faced her and performed
best version of what I thought a strip tease would be.

Sue took off her shoes and socks and then slowly pulled her
dress over her head, revealing her panties and bra. Her
panties were white again today, but were bikini style,
cut and much thinner than the ones she had worn before. She
reached behind her and unhooked her bra, shrugging her
so that it fell off into her hands, each cup falling away
reveal the creamy mound it had held. She dropped the bra
to the
ground and cupped her luscious beauties, gently squeezing
and tweaking the nipples between her fingers and thumbs.
dropped her hands to the waist of her panties and slowly
them downward, wriggling and rotating her hips as they
downward, first showing the softly rounded curve of her
belly and
then the top of the dark mass of her pubic hair. She continued
pushing them down until they reached her knees where they
fell of
their own accord to her feet. She lifted one foot upward,
panties clinging to it, and took the wispy fabric and added
her pile of clothes. As she lifted her leg, the slightly
cleavage splitting her thighs showed its moist pink flesh.
eyes had never stopped boring into mine as she completed
baring of her flesh. A slight smile curved her lips upward.
moistened those lips by snaking out her tongue and licking
them, seeming to relish their taste and texture.

I had gotten down to my Jockey shorts and then went into slow
motion, caught up in Sue's revealing the secrets of her
femininity. My eyes were glued to her sexual center. God,
believe I could have gazed at her pussy forever. It was only
after she had completed bared herself that I finished
lowering my shorts, stretching them over the protruding
rigidity of my cock. Only as it popped out of its
confinement and sprang outwards, rigid and throbbing,
did Sue
take her eyes from mine. As my cock came into view, she
dropped her vision to it, staring long and hard. She licked
her lips again as I lifted a leg to remove my shorts from my
feet. During our strip show not one word had been spoken.
We had both held our breaths, taking in the entirety of the
other's body, and only after we were completely nude did
breath again, taking deep gulps of air.

I expected Sue to head for the water but she lay down on the
blanket instead, stretching supine, her legs slightly
so that all the area at her groin was open to my inspection.
She looked up at me and said, "Do you think I have a nice
body, Donny?"

There wasn't any way I could be objective. To me, Sue at
that moment was Venus de Milo, Aphrodite, and the Mona Lisa
all wrapped up into one. She was sex personified, the
subject of all my wet dreams and masturbatory fantasies.
licked my lips as she had done and said, "Sue, you are
absolutely perfect. Your body is beautiful."

"Am I as pretty as your mother?"

The question caught me completely by surprise. I paused
a few seconds and then answered, "Well, I've never seen
like you are now, but as far as I'm concerned, you're just
pretty as Mom. And that's saying a lot, because I think Mom
is very pretty."

With strange, almost twisted smile, Sue said, "I bet you
would like to see her like this, though, wouldn't you?"
I had never before thought of Mom in that way, but now that
I did, I realized that I would, indeed, like to see Mom
naked. I could picture she and Ned, right where we were
then, screwing each other. In my mind's eye, Ned's cock
pounding in and out of Mom's pussy, pushing her down to the
ground with each stroke. "Yeah, I guess I would, " I
answered, stretching the words out and saying them slowly.
Sue reached up and cupped her breasts with her hands, holding
each one and squeezing it. The look she gave me was the
most wanton I had ever received in my life and her words
matched it, "Well, I'm all there is right now. What do you
intend to do about it?"

Even though I didn't fully understand it, it was a challenge
I couldn't turn away from. Yesterday, she had been a little
shy, somewhat embarrassed about exposing herself to me.
Today, she was coming on like a sexpot. Kneeling down beside
her, I decided to quit asking myself questions and just
advantage of my good fortune.

I reached up and lifted her hand away from her breast,
leaving it open to my sight. With my lips wide open, I
lowered my mouth to that soft mound and licked my tongue
across the pebbly surface of the hard nipple and its
surrounding ring of brownish colored areola. Sue arched
back upward a little, pushing her breast up to my exploring
mouth. I reacted by opening my mouth to its widest and
sucking in as much of her spongy flesh as possible. I
suckled and slurped on her breast, rubbing my tongue all
around its surface, laving it with a tongue bath. Sue
responded to my oral caresses with a soft "Ummnnn" that
seemed to come from deep within her chest.

While I massaged and suckled her breast, my other hand
explored the lower portion of Sue's body. I moved my finger
tips in soft circles over the gentle curve of her belly,
moving them progressively downward with each stroke,
they made contact with the mat of her stiff pubic muff.
Delving through the curly forest, my fingers found the
indentation signalling the beginning of her labial furrow.
Sue facilitated my explorations by spreading her legs
further and lifting one leg up and bending it at the knee.
In this position, Sue left the whole of her sex available
my seeking fingers, spread wide for me to find and delve
her inner lips and wet opening.

Eagerly accepting such an invitation, I stroked my fingers
down into the depths of her sexual area, spreadingthe moist
cleft even wider. My finger tips traced over the little
swollen knob at the very top of the furrow and moved down,
seeking the channel I knew I would soon come to. My explor-
ations were rewarded as my fingertip moved into her hot,
slick feminine well, intruding itself into the heat of
pelvis. I moved my finger with an in-and-out motion, pushing
into and then withdrawing from the tight clasp of her vagina.
I put another finger along the first, doubling the amount
that was penetrating into Sue, and continued the motion
my cock was aching and throbbing to imitate.

By now, Sue was returning the pleasure I was giving her by
holding and softly squeezing my rigid, outthrust cock.
combination of knowing that I was playing with a woman's
pussy, finger-fucking her in fact, and the way she was moving
her hand on my wet, aching penis had me panting with lust.
My hips worked against her hand, pushing my cock in and out
of the circle made by her palm. My pre-come had oozed out
and now coated her entire hand, and I used it as a substitute
for her pussy. I thrust my fingers in and out of her wet
hole, simulating the action my cock wanted so much to be

I had my fingers all the way into Sue, stroking with long
deep strokes. Her passage was almost completely unobstruct-
ed, only a narrowing about two inches from the entrance
slowing down the action of my fingers. From what Sue had
told me, I knew that she must be a virgin, but where was her
maidenhead? I knew that virgins were supposed to have
maidenheads that boys break the first time they make love,
I was puzzled by Sue's lack of such a barrier. "Are you a
virgin?" I asked, seeking an answer to my questions.

Sue had her eyes closed and her mouth open, a slight trace
saliva drooling from the corner of her lip, and her hips
gently pushing up against my hand, matching each of my inward
thrusts with one of her upward ones. Without opening her
eyes, she said, "Yes, but I think I broke my hymen riding
horse when I was a little girl. I recall it hurt and I bled
a little. Mother said I had probably put myself into a
condition that I would disappoint some boy when I grew up."
Sue smiled, opening her eyes and looking up at me. "Are you
disappointed, Donny?"

"Oh, God, no! This is the best thing that's ever happened

With a soft voice, Sue said, "You're a virgin, too, aren't

"Yes, this is the most I've ever done with a girl."

With an even softer voice, almost a whisper, Sue said, "Do
you want to take my virginity? And let me take yours?"

If it had been possible for my cock to have gotten harder,
would have. As it was, it only pulsated more and jerked in
Sue's hand. I could hardly believe what she was asking me.
In my wet dream, what I was doing with Sue was as much as we
had done. That Sue would actually want me, ask me in fact,
to put my cock inside her was beyond anything I had even
imagined. "Oh, God, Sue. Can I? Will you let me fu....will
you let me do that? That's what I want more than anything
the world."

Sue smiled at my slip of the tongue and said, "Yes, Donny,
I want you to fuck me. I want to be a real woman, not a
virgin stuck out here on a farm." She reached out an arm and
got her handbag, bringing it to her and opening it. "This
the real reason I went to town this morning. I went and got
these." She pulled a small box out her purse. It was
wrapped in cellophane, with the word TROJAN printed on
God, I thought, mentally shouting with joy, she bought
rubbers! I trembled with excitement at the prospect they
offered. Having rubbers meant we could fuck anyway we wanted
to and not have to worry about Sue getting pregnant. She
handed the box to me and said, "Here, open these up and put
one on. I want to feel you inside me, not just hold you in
my hand."

There's no way you can want it more than I do, I thought, as
I struggled to get the wrapping off the box. Even though
hands were shaking, I managed to tear away the box's wrapping
and pull up its end flap. Nestled inside it were six
condoms. I would have been happy with just one, but having
six and the promise of multiple joy they held out absolutely
thrilled me. Then I remembered that my mother was supposed
to pick me up the next morning. My God, I wondered, would
be possible to use all six rubbers before then? Having so
little experience, I had no basis for making a determination.
I did know, though, that if Sue were willing, I would sure
try my damndest.

I had never put on a rubber before, but the mechanics were
simple enough. As soon as I had it on, I knelt down between
Sue's legs and edged my way up to where my cock was brushing
against her wet, gaping vulva. Grasping the rigid rod at
base, I ran it up and down Sue's slick channel, getting the
latex-covered spear ready to put in her sheath. After I
satisfied with its lubricity, I probed down, seeking the
opening to Sue's depths. Down near the bottom of the cleft
found the right place and gently nudged the head into Sue
until it penetrated about an inch. "Go slow, please, Donny.
I know this might hurt, and I'm willing to have it hurt if
that what it takes, but try not make it hurt anymore than
has to, " Sue said in her softest of voices.

Although I knew Sue was doing this as much for herself as
me, knowing that she thought enough of me to let me have her
for the first time filled me with feelings of tenderness
toward her. Along with that tenderness came the realization
of how vulnerable Sue was, of how trusting a woman has to
to offer herself to a man for the very first time. I vowed
that I would do anything I could to make this experience
together as loving and joyous as possible, to avoid to any
degree possible giving her unnecessary pain.

I put my hands down alongside Sue and lay my belly against
hers, slowly and gently pushing my penis into the heat of
her tunnel. Gradually, inch-by-inch, it penetrated into
Sue's body. The heat and tightness of the fit sent shivers
of pleasure over me, flowing upward from the point of our
coupling to all parts of my body. There was no obstruction,
only a slight constriction, a ring of extra tightness after
had about half my cock into her. She had her breath held,
her eyes closed, as if expecting to feel pain. Without
meeting any barrier, our pubic hair met and intermeshed.
pubic bone pressed against Sue's and I bottomed out. I was
all the way in, my cock completely immersed, buried to the
hilt in Sue. Her eyes opened wide in wonder as she let out
her long-held breath with a whoosh. She looked up at me and
whispered, "It didn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all." Then
in a louder voice, one filled with elation, she said, "Oh,
God, I feel like I'm filled completely up...I can feel you
all the way up inside me. You're touching places that have
never been felt." She reached up and pulled me down against
her breasts, hunching her hips up against my still hilted
cock. "It just feels good." She hugged me even tighter and
shouted, "Oh, God, Donny, it feels so GOOD!"

I couldn't have been in more total agreement with her.
Matching her motion, I thrust myself hard against her,
echoed her words by saying, "Ooohhh, yes, good." I pulled
cock out until only its head was left in and then slowly
pushed it back in. As it went in, I murmured slowly, my
words matching the slow penetration, "Yesssss, ooohhhhh,

As I pushed in, Sue gyrated her hips in miniature bump-and-
grind motions, whimpering, "mmmmmnnn, mmmnnnn, mmmmnnnn"
time with the small rotations of her pelvis. She sounded
if she were tasting something delicious and saying "yum,
yum." When I had finished thrusting all the way in, Sue
said, "Ooh, do that again. I love the way you do that."

She couldn't have loved it more than I. I thought that Sue's
getting me off with her hands the day before had been the
ultimate in pleasure, but the feeling of having Sue's warm
sexual flesh pressing against and clasping every millimeter
of my cock's surface went way beyond that. The heat of being
in the depths of Sue's body, the friction of her wet flesh
sliding against my most sensitive of areas, the feel of
hard nipples pressing and rubbing against my chest could
be compared with anything I had experienced before. My
senses were in overdrive and I could feel myself climbing
up, up, and upward, reaching toward the fall into cascading,
shimmering, exploding ecstasy.

I continued my slow thrusts in and out of Sue's warm cavern.
With each stroke, her lubrication increased, and soon
coupling was producing soft, liquid sounds. She soon matched
my motions, raising her receptacle up to be filled each
I pushed my rigidity into the hot depths of her woman flesh.
She muttered, "Oh, God, how could I have been missing this.
Oh, this is so good. Oh, yes, Donny, like that." Her pace
picked up, her thrusts increasing in tempo, and I matched
mine to hers. Soon we were racing each other, thrusting
faster and faster. Sue's eyes glazed over, and her sounds
simply became a repetitive, "uh, uh, uh, " soft sounds
were combination grunt and growl.

Sue brought her legs up and wrapped them around my hips,
holding me tight within their grip. Her arms wrapped more
tightly about me, clutching me, an almost desperate clasp
if she were holding on for life. Her passion carried mine
higher and higher, and soon I was no better than she. My
life centered at the point where our flesh joined, and I
pounded my cock furiously in and out, a frenzied drive toward

Suddenly, Sue thrust herself up and her whole body stiffened.
Her legs tightened even more about me, making it difficult
push in and out. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and
screamed, "Oh, Donnneee! Donnnnneeeeeeeee....."

My ecstasy matched hers as pleasure flowed over me. Come
erupted from my cock, pouring out in a seemingly endless
stream of jerking and spurting. If I hadn't had on the
rubber, I would have flooded Sue's pussy with my outpouring.
Sue grabbed my head and pulled my mouth down to hers. She
shot her tongue out into my mouth and I extended mine and
wrapped it around and around hers in wild, oral stroking.
Both our hips continued to move in thrusts, pleasure still
gripping in our loins. Slowly, over several minutes, our
motions slowed and then we came to a complete rest.

We were both completed relaxed, our bodies limp from the
intensity of our orgasms. Our mouths continued to move
the other's, soft, liquid embraces expressing our gratitude
for the pleasure each had given the other. Soon, Sue stirred
a little under me and I realized I was probably crushing
with my weight. I put my hands down and lifted myself up so
that our only contact was where my cock, now half-soft,
still lodged in her vagina. Sue reached up and stroked her
fingers lightly across my cheek, a loving touch of affection
that I so much enjoyed. "Thank you, Donnie, " she whispered.
"Now I'm a woman." She smiled and continued, "Oh, am I EVER
a woman."

I touched my lips to hers, just a light kiss showing my
affection, and said, "I should be thanking you. Because
you I not a virgin any more. No boy could have lost it in a
way better than what you just did for me.".

Sue returned my light kiss, just a brush across the lips,
said, "We ARE good for each other, aren't we?"

About this time, my cock, finally fully limp, fell from
of Sue's body with a soft plop. Sue said, "I'm going to miss
having that for company, but we'd better get in the pool
clean ourselves off and get back to the house. Grandpa's
probably already waked up from his nap."

We completed our ablutions and got back to the house only
few minutes before Grandpa waked.

After Sue and I got in bed that night, I got a raging hard-
on. Not only did the memory of our afternoon's dalliance
reignite my passion, but also the knowledge that Sue was
there beside me, her body only inches away, her hot pussy
only a short thrust of my rigid cock away. Our bodies
weren't touching, but we were so close that I could feeI
warmth radiate from her flesh. Having experienced the
pleasure of Sue's body, of finding for the first time the
that comes from being flesh of one flesh, all I wanted was
more and more of the same. I could hardly bear the thought
of having to leave her and return to my house without
experiencing that pleasure at least one more time.

I made up my mind to at least hold her and, if nothing else,
caress the lush curves, the forest of pubic hair, and all
other secret places of her body. Just as I started to turn
to her, she turned to me instead. She reached out and put
hand on my shoulder and whispered, "Oh, God, Donny, you're
going to have to go home tomorrow. Just as I', just
as WE'VE found out how good we are together, you have to
leave. I don't know if I can wait until you come back
again." She pulled me against her and held me tightly, a
sigh of frustration escaping her lips.

I wrapped my arms around her and pressed myself against
my cock pressing against her groin. She pushed back,
squeezing my shoulders at the same time, and muttered,
that still feels so good." She put her lips right against
mine and whispered, "Donny, do you think we can do it again?
Right here and right now? Grandpa sleeps so soundly, if
do it real quietly we can get by with it. Do you think you
can be quiet?"

Do it again! I would have stuffed my mouth wit

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great story, the best one I've read in here, Thanks.


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good story


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really good story. Great style and details; looking forward
to the rest of the story.


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Quite a great story, thanks, are there any more pages to
this story as time went by?


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wel i have to admit, this is the first time i have commented
on a post...and wat a story it was.. thank u so much for that


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I am lucky I did not miss reading your story.It' great.
Where is the rest of it.Pls f inish it,


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excellent and erotic story.keep writing


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excellent story....good job!!


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I read articles in this "magazine" from time
to time. Most are mediocre, at best. Yours is the finest
article I have read, without a doubt.

You have captured quite well the excitement of a young mans
dreams, and the dreams of an unfilfilled woman. Your writing
style is very good, and you capture feelings incredibly

You brought me back to my teen years, and all though my "first
time" was 40 years ago, I relived that excitement
with your article.

Thank you.


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very hot story brought back memories