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Sister-In-Law 2


So she “knew” I could do it. Why does that not surprise me?
Seems every woman I get to know has a hidden agenda, but I
can’t play the victim. I mean, it’s what we both want (and
wanted all along). It’s just that she’s my sister-in-law
and ever since the first time I talked to her and got to know
her (or so I thought), I doubted she would even consider
giving me a shot at her honey pot. Now, it all seems quite
ridiculous. The nervousness, the awkwardness, the time
we wasted being civil when we could have been total savages
with each other.

Well, she’s having the time of her life riding the two fingers
I’m slipping to her. Rides ‘em for a few minutes while we’re
kissing and licking and biting each other. She finally
lets go of the blouse that was barely covering her small
breasts in order to use her hands for something else. As
she’s moving with my hand on her crotch, she looks me dead
in the eye, licks her lips and says, “I’ve been waiting for
you for a long time, Riq.” She runs her hands from my face,
down my chest and to my waist, purring, “What took you so

With that, her hands move to my belt and she starts fumbling
with it trying to get my pants off me. I help as much as I can
but I have to slip my free arm around her to hold her to me coz
she’s bucking pretty wild, and I think, “She’s going to
fly right out of the car through the moon roof.”

I know what you’re thinking, “You’ve got this gorgeous
little thing all worked up and ready to give you the goods
and you’re thinking about her flying off through the moon-roof
like a bottle-rocket?” What can I say? Although it is a crazy
moment in my life ‒ one that you may think does not happen
often ‒ there have been many moments like this one and there
is a facet of my persona that just takes it for granted that
these things do happen to people (especially me), and quite
often. I mean, the girl did say she knew I could do it and I
can tell you there were hints all along…it’s only my naiveté
that prevent me from believing that a girl (woman) so young
and whom I saw as innocent despite her claims to the contrary
could be so bold and such a powerfully assertive woman.
It’s in my nature, knowing these things do happen, to doubt
that they will, but let’s get back to the show. Shall we?

She starts to growl and howl intermittently and she grinds
her pelvis into my hand, my palm getting all wet from her
secretions and my skin getting all hot from her breathing
and moaning. She finally, gets my pants open enough to pull
them down and she lifts herself up off my eager fingers and
hand. “Wait, baby…wait, lemme catch my breath, ” she half
stutters, half spit at me. Then she grabs my cock, and a wicked
grin creeps into her face, her eyes are mad and her voice
is slippery, like bloody-broken glass, as she says, “oooh,
yeah, Riq, I have to have that thing in my mouth right now.”

She moves away from my arms, turns over and around (this
while she’s pulling what’s left of her one pant’s leg off
‒but she keeps the thong on, good girl!) and positions herself
so her face is at my groin and her groin is above my face. Meanwhile
I recline my seat back all the way down and slide the whole
seat away from the dash to give us more room. She deftly maneuvers
herself so that her thighs are on either side of my head and
her legs are on either side of the headrest (one knee on the
rear passenger side door’s armrest and the other on the
back seat itself ‒if you can picture that). She puts that
pussy right in my face and makes it dance in front of me like
the bait on a hook and I’m still thinking that’s exactly
what it is.

She teases me a bit. Lowering her hot-pocket until it touches
my lips, then she quickly pulls away before I have a chance
to bite it or lick it. All I get is her smell and it’s maddeningly
arousing, making my dick strain against the fabric of my
drawers, wanting to stand at full attention, completely
engorged with blood and anticipation. I’ve never felt
so big or so horny before in my life (and having had as much
of this as I have, that’s saying a mouthful ‒no pun intended).
She goes on teasing me, but she coos at me while she’s trying
to wiggle me out of my pants, “C’mon, you big fuck! Get this
shit off so I can get my shit on!”

Always being a quick learner, I move, just as quickly and
deftly as she, and without disturbing her, I lift my body
up off the seat just far enough to let her pull my pants and
drawers down. My cock springs out from its restraint, its
head seeming to glow red-hot in the dark and its stink immediately
fills the room. She grabs it, saying, “Oh, my God, it’s really
big.” She pulls the foreskin back and licks at the head of
it, “Mmm, that tastes soooo good.”

I can’t see her but I can imagine what her little teen-dream
face looks like: her very small mouth puckered in anticipation
and her little tongue darting out like a snake to smell and
sense what’s up; and her eyes, huge with fear and excitement!
She strokes me with one hand and holds herself up with the
other, I try to help hold her up, but she won’t rest her weight
on me…wonder why? She strokes it, and says, “ I want it so
bad, Riq.” Then she asks me, “ Do you want me to suck it, ”
licking the head again with and touching her lips to the
tip with a kiss.

My body jerks and I bump her cheek with the head, “Oh, yeah,
girl.” I take my hands from her sides and reach for her head
to push her down onto my sex. She holds back, “Oh, yeah, Riq!”
She resists my pushing, but asks, with a sinister/playful
tone in her voice, “Do you really want me to suck it?” She
humps my face while repeating, “Do you?” She’s purring,
almost begging, “Say it, Riq;” still rolling her hips and
grinding that pussy in my face, making me insane with lust!

She howls, “You bastard fuck!? Tell me you want it, ” she’s
almost commanding, now. “Say, ‘I want you to suck it, Leti’,
c’mon” she’s making me crazy! “Suck it, Leti, ” I almost
bark at her! “I want you to suck it, ” I growl! Yeah, baby,
tell me to suck it, ” she snaps back, then nips at me with
her teeth and shouts, “Make me suck it, Riq! Make me suck
you, Huh!?”

Her voice, her pussy in my face, her young body gyrating
above me, my own lust and her obvious desire…I lose it. Awkwardly,
I grab hold of her head and forcefully, I push her face down,
“Damn, it, girl, suck my dick already!” As soon as she senses
I’m going for it, she lets go of my cock and braces both her
arms against my thighs to hold herself up and control the
play. Her full but small lips stretch tightly as I breach
her mouth and push my way to her throat, feeling the head
first hit, then pass the back of her throat…like a speed
bump. She utters some kind of moaning grunt and the vibrations
of her voice become bolts of electricity that shoot from
her throat through my cock, and into my body. Her vibrations
course through me sending her lust and desire and abandon
right to the core of my being, maddening; it makes me buck
like a mustang, grunt like a boar and jab her tight mouth
with small thrusts. “Oh, fuck! Leti, Your mouth is so hot, ”
I whisper, having lost my breath. I wait for the feeling
to subside, keeping very still to calm down.

“Good, God, how can she be doing this, ” I’m asking myself?
“She’s only s***nteen, ” and that thought alone is almost
enough to make me shoot my load, but I calm down. It takes
a second or two, but when I do settle down a bit, I pull back
slowly; she sucks at my cock greedily.

“Yeah, that’s it, little girl, suck it like that, ” I grunt,
surprised with her and even with myself. I keep pulling
out until I’m her teeth are nicking the rim of my head, and
then I start pushing back in (her mouth isn’t wet enough
for me to slide easily, yet, but it feels better for me that
way). Her molars drag along the sides of my shaft just a bit
as I creep towards her bell and passed it again, relishing
the difficulty and force involved with actually going
this far.

Her throat is so tight, I just want to pull back and ram my
way down it until I cum hot magma and burn her throat for being
such a wanton slut. But she gags or gulps, tightening up
even more (which I can hardly believe), and she moves my
head down her tight, hot throat another bit. I cry out, grinding
my teeth, “Oh, God, oh, shit, Leti!” I’m trying to hold,
back but I’ve got that feeling of tightness in my balls,
that means I’m about to cum. So, I have to pull out, “Well,
she’s not a pro and she has to come up for air, ” I’m thinking,
“and that was damn near enough to make me cum already.” I
have to break.

I loosen my grip on her head and let her pull back. But as my
cock slips from her mouth, she grabs it tightly and moans,
“No, baby, don’t stop, it’s what I want!” She pops her mouth
over the head, quickly sucking it, I jerk. “I can’t do it
the way you can, baby, ” and she does the lollipop again.
“Just fuck my face, huh. Just do it, just my mouth.”
She’s stroking me as she’s saying this, “I want you to, Riq!
I want it!”

I feel like I’m going to explode in her hands and all over
her face. She’s beginning to shout and she starts to grind
her pussy into my face, working her clit on my nose and my
chin and rubbing the whole thing (thong and all) all over
my face even as she’s playing lollipop with my dick. She
says, “Oh, oh, yeah, baby…oh, yes! I’ll take care of me,
baby…, ” her voice and her breath are almost shouts, “you
just get…Ohh!…you just get yours! Huuu!”

And with that, she proceeds to my face; not waiting
any longer. I place the head on her lips and she opens her
mouth, but I rub it on her lips and smear the few droplets
of pre-cum that I know eke out of the tip during foreplay
this hot, on her cheeks. She keeps grinding her hot box into
my face and all over my mouth, I bare my teeth and drag them
along her labia, she gasps, “ah-! Oh, yeah, Riqqy, baby…don’t
make me wait, do it!” She arches her back, bringing her brownie
down to my mouth and mashing it there with incredible passion,
“Put your tongue in my ass, baby, lick me, ” she begs! Gingerly,
I do so, tickling the rim of her anus and trying to pull the
thong aside. Then I move one hand to pull it aside and I shove
my tongue as hard and as far as I can into her rectum, trying
to wipe my way into her bowels and taste her insides.
Her mouth opens wide, “OH, YES!”

Perfect! Grabbing the sides of her head with both hands
again, I brace myself for the tightness of her mouth and,
finally, push past her lips and into her waiting mouth again.
It’s all I can do to keep myself from shooting off right away.
Despite having it open all the way, it’s so small, I can barely
fit the head, and about an inch or so of dick, before I’m at
her throat. I hesitate and she pulls back all the way again,
“You know what you gotta do, motherfucker, I’m not gonna
say it again!” She sounds anguished and angry, “Lick my
ass hard and fuck my face, you bastard!”

“God, she turns me on!” I look back one last time and prepare
myself for the jump. Her groans are almost a constant grunt
and churn, her hot ass and wet pussy smearing, soaking and
stinking up my face. Her pelvis gyrating and bucking as
she alternately slams her little clit and her anus onto
my chin and my nose, letting out shouts and whimpers and
gasps and, “yes….oh….yes…Oh, God, yes, ” intermittently!

Again, I grab her head tightly. This time, I push her mouth
all the way down to my short-hairs, and push my dick all the
way past her tonsils. It’ gets even tighter the further
down her throat I go, of course, and I picture her face in
my mind again: her small mouth stretching unbelievably
to accommodate a dick that’s twice her age and much bigger
around than her mouth should be. But she takes it like a pro.
Suddenly, her jaw spasms as her gag reflex kicks in, and
her body convulses in sync, but she does not pull back. I
can feel her moans and groans through my dick more than I
can hear them.

Reality spins but it loses none of its sharpness, its definition.
My head screams, a sunrise, as she throws herself against
me like a wave against a cliff, impaling her ass and pussy
on my chin and nose, my whole face. Then she shoves her face
into my balls and I feel my cock throb in her throat, making
me ache to drop my load down there in her gullet. I suddenly
and quickly pull her back just far enough for her teeth to
nick my crown again (I like that), then I slowly push to the
opening of her throat again. She relaxes and I push the rest
of the way past the bump of the back of her throat.

My head reels and screams, my heart agonizes in vain, “Dear,
God…nnnfff…Damn, you, woman…OOOOH” I hear myself stutter
and snort between breaths and licks at her hot holes. The
ecstasy barrels through my body, corrupting my soul; my
cock barrels down her throat, a piston in the heat of explosion
and friction. I am caught in the sleeve of her throat! I am
lost inside this little creature of God’s and I have no defense
against her, but I want nothing more than to make her choke
on my cock! I have no loyalties, no fixed values. I am fucking
my sister-in-law’s face and loving it! Who’s a bastard?
Yeah, me!

I get all the way in again, and she moves her face and mouth
around, moving my dick and its head around in her throat
and rubbing her nose against my pubes and my balls. The coil
in my gut tenses its final pangs and…“Oh, God-damnit! Leti,
I’m… cumming, ” I begin to shout to her but she shuts me up
with her ass and her clitoris on my mouth again. Fucking
her mouth with all the abandon and gentility of a caveman
or an animal in heat, I realize, “There is nothing left of
my humanity in this moment, ” even as I imagine myself as
a hummingbird, and she, a flower ‒my only sustenance. All
I can do is hold her head tight to make sure she doesn’t get
away or pull back before the deed is done! We can’t have that;
we’re almost there! Whatever God there might be in this
world, please, hear me, “Don’t let this end!”

She mashes her clitoris against my chin and impales her
anus alternately on my nose and tongue. Her grunts and breaths
are hitching, now, and intense, peaking. Her body twitching
and tense, as mine is. And her back arches and flexes, as
suddenly, she sits straight up, making a loud slurping
pop with her mouth as my dick exits her mouth and a loud thump
with her head as it hits the glass of the moon-roof. She arches
her back so far I think she’s going to break. But she doesn’t,
instead, she opens herself more, placing her knees further
apart and spreading her thighs thusly, and steadies herself
with her hands as she lowers herself to avoid the ceiling
and continues to grind ferociously against my face.

She’s howling, “Oh, yeah! Riq…don’t stop, eat me…eat me!
Oh, make me cum, Riq.” She’s grinding and I’m doing my best
to help hold her upright and keep her hot and wet with my mouth
and tongue. It does not take much, her grinding on my face
and my dick pistoning and tearing in her throat had done
most of the work already.

“I’m cumming, Riq!” her cries echo in my loins and the ball
of lead in the pit of my stomach becomes a viper, as she cries
again, “I’m cumming…Oh, Riq, Fuck me, ” and becomes stone
as her orgasm begins to unfold, “Oh, Riq, FUCK ME, NOW!”
Somehow, I think of the consequences (well, some of them),
“I don’t have a rubber, Leti.” Nothing kills passion and
spontaneity faster than having to consider contraceptive
measures, it counters momentum and abandon with a force
that is inversely proportional to the level or degree of
intensity and heat.

But get this. Without missing a beat, Leti says, “My ass!
Riq, I want you…ah, uh… in my ass!” And I heard the sound
of drums banging deep, long and hard, as the angels in heaven
and the demons in hell joined my own lecherous soul in rejoicing
and raising our united voices in defiance against decency,
humanity, cleanliness and conformity. “Oh, girl, ” through
a sinister smile, “I’ve been aching to fuck your tight little
ass, ” I admitted to her; “Now, you’re going to get it!”
Many a slip ‘twix the cup and the lip, I’ve heard before,
but slippery clit and my dick ‘tween her lips is something
I have experienced first-hand…and let me tell you something.
When the chips are down and the pressure’s on, I deliver.

No slip and no problem. I slide out from under her and turn
her over, lifting her up and placing her knees so they’re
in the middle of the seat’s backrest, spread just as far
apart as possible, and her ass is to me. Now, she leans forward
and wraps her arms around the backrest, turning her face
aside and begging me to, “Oh, yes, Riq. Do me, now, I’m so
wet, just shove it in me!” There she is, one of the most beautiful
little girls I have ever seen, bare-assed, bent over, open
and begging for my dick in her tight little backdoor. Thinking
to myself, “Life is good! We don’t deserve this great a life, ”
I take the plunge.

Reaching my hand out to caress her ass, I feel as though I
am being pulled by the gravity of her immense and powerful
beauty. She’s larger than life, and yet, she’s a pulp fiction
character. A caricature of porn and fantasies in the flesh…she’s
real and she’s unreal; surely no one knows her this way except
a few strangers with whom she’s dared to reveal herself
this way. Who am I to her that she should be this way for me,
with me?

But all thoughts disappear as my hand reaches the side of
her hip. Spank! “Oh, don’t tease, me Riq…I want you, ” little
girl voice saying little girl words. My left hand unties
her hair and takes a handful, pulling her head back as I approach
her small, white body with my own. The moonlight and the
dim dash barely give us light, but our two bodies are glowing
red-hot in the dark and even blind, I would be able to find
her in complete darkness. Pulsing heat emanates from her
anus and my cock is a missile homing in on its target.

“Now you’re going to get it, bitch, ” torturing myself,
bracing for the heat and the intensity while I pull her hair
harder. Her vise grip on the backrest tightens as she braces
for the violation, “Whatever you do…don’t stop, ” the
pain, anguish and tears in her voice almost make me back
off, but I know we’ve slipped out of reality and this is the
place where I have to do what I was brought here (by her) to
do. “Oh, no, girlie. You’re going to regret this, but it
is going to happen, ” I assure her.

Now, I’m at the door. I think of knocking, but my invitation
says, “Break the door down!” So I lean in and, using my right
hand to pull back my foreskin and position my dick, I target
and prep her sopping, wet hole with my thumb and I… shove
the head and about two inches into the tightest and hottest
ass I have ever been in or wanted to be in.

“AAAAHHH!” Her scream frightens us both, and now I worry
that someone might here us, but we’re far enough from the
party that it’s unlikely. Besides, I’m nowhere near coherent
enough to really care about anything else right now, even
if the police were right outside the window. She buries
her face in the fabric and screams again as I ease out just
a hair and push in again even as I stroke her clitoris, pull
on her hair, and bite into her shoulder. Aaahh-haaa…Oooooh,
God, help me…, ” her screams and sobbing are muffled in
the backrest’s fabric and cushion, but I can still make
out her words. She’s lost again, in some memory, I want so
much to give her exactly what she’s wanting.

The clitoral stimulation, the pain in her neck and from
my pulling her hair, help me push past her rectum, though
it is tight and resistant and hotter than a coal fire. Stopping
for a second, I listen to her sobbing and screaming, and
I revel in the sight of us joined like this. Friction tears
at my cock and my sanity runs away like a screaming little
bitch as I plow her with another length of my dick. Oh, sweet,
sweet little vixen. You are redemption and damnation.
I am a fool for you and I will be your fool again and again if
you will but curse me with your body and your ire. Lover!
Demon! Witch!

Arching her back and staining against me, she lifts her
head. Small crystals glisten in her eyes and roll down her
cheeks as she sobs screaming, “Noooo! Aaah-aaaah-haaa.
Stop it, please, you’re hurting me!” Somehow, this seems
normal and I smile at her saying, “Oh, yeah, baby, it’s got
to hurt.” I pull her head back further and plow the rest of
the way into her ass.

“AAAAAgggh, ” she’s hollering and screaming and I can
feel her muscles tensing as though she’s going to fight.
Instinct takes over, I let go of her hair and pin her head
with my elbow putting a great deal of weight on her, “No,
you don’t, bitch!” She struggles and writhes beneath me,
a serpent pinned under the weight of a bull. “Oh, God, no…Please
stop! Please…Ooohh, it burns, ” she’s screaming again,
I have to hurry before someone hears us. “You started this,
little puta, ” I spit at her, pulling her tighter to me and
grinding my pelvis in her ass, “now, I’m gonna finish and
you are going to take it!”

She starts to buckle and tries to move her knees to get away,
but I grab hold of her and take her leg in my hand, holding
it up while I use my other hand to keep her pinned. Opening
her further, I put my right knee under hers and hold her there,
firmly, with my hand. I start pull back, and she moans, “Oooooh,
Riq, you’re too big…aaaa, it hurts!” “But you love it, don’t
you, Leti, ” now, I’m the one who’s cooing at her, “I know
you love it!”

Before I come all the way out, but at the point where she’ll
feel all the pain as if I were coming in for the first time,
I start back in. No stopping, this time, “aaahhh….mmmph…”
she buries her face in the seat again. All this time she hasn’t
let go of that backrest. “Tell me you love it, Leti, ” barking
and pulling her head up by the hair again, “say it!” She’s
in tears and in pain, “Yes, Riq! Ooooh, hhh…aaaa! I love
it, ” she screams!

All the way in, and I can see my dick stretching her and pushing
her anus in with its size and my force, and stretching more
while it blossoms out as I pull the length of my shaft out.
She sighs, “oooh, yes….”. “Oh, Leti, ” I swoon, “you feel
so good, baby. You’re such a beautiful, girl. I love that
tight little ass of yours.” She whimpers, “I love your fat
cock in my ass, Riq. Don’t stop, hhhnnn, tear me up, baby, ”
as I’m going back in, “yessss, Oh, my god, you … ooooh, hhh,
ahhh… you bastard, stop it, you’re killing me.” But there
is no stopping me, now.

Leaning in again, holding her down, I growl in her ear, “I
wish you could see the damage I’m doing to that pretty little
ass of yours.” She manages a smirk, “See it, motherfucker, ”
she growls right back? She pushes into me as I’m going in
and I feel her tighten the muscles of her anal canal and her
rectum and the intensity is almost too much for me to take,
“Oh, I can see it, allright.” She pulls away to move me out,
then lunges back against me harder and faster than I’d been
doing, “OOOOOHHHHH! YES! Oh, baby I can see it in your face, ”
as she pulls away and I slide almost out again. “But I want
you to make me feel it more, ” she yells as she turns her face
away again and braces for my assault.

I pull all the way out, with difficulty, and she whimpers,
“aaah, no, don’t take it out…” but before she can finish,
I slam the whole thing ‒all eight and a half inches– all the
way in again in one swift and abrasive motion while my hand
finds her clit and I pinch it with equal vengeance. The effect
is mutually rewarding as she demonstrates with howling
affirmations of worship, love and adoration for my cock
and we settle into a stride. She arches her back, and pushes
against me as I push into her; then she pulls away and grips
my cock with her muscles as I slide out. “Oh, oh, oh, --ph,
ph, ph, ” her breath and her cries urge me on to that familiar
point of explosion. She lets go of the seat back and her body
collapses into the reclined seat and convulses as she utters
one long wailing cry of heated lust and abandon, “I’m cumming…aaaaa,
hhhhooooh, yes, Riq, don’t stop! Don’t stop….yeh! ‒ yeh!”
And finally, when I’m about to cum, she cuts a squealing,
mewling gasp of release, “eeeeyesss, Oh, my God, you fucking
Bastard, oooohhhh, yes!” I’m still pumping her at a gallop,
loving the way her body looks beneath me and hating the fact
that shortly I am going to cum and this will be over and we’ll
have to be civilized and real again, “Oh, Leti, don’t let
me go, baby. I love you!” She gets up braces herself again
and begins pushing and arching again, “Make it burn…baby,
Hurt me.” She lifts her leg to open up wider and let me in deeper,
“You bastard! Break me in half, mother fucker! Oh, Yes!
Break me in half! I love it! I love it!”

The pressure she exerts on my cock makes my balls swell up
again like right before she stopped sucking me. I feel the
coil in my stomach tighten up as if to spring and I know I’m
about to cum. I begin start to tell her that I’m gonna jiz
in her ass, “Oh, baby, ” I’m grunting and spitting, blind
with lust and madness and desire, “…phew…oh, yeah, baby,
I’m gonna cum…in your ass, right-”

“No you don’t, ” she yells! And she jumps up off the seat,
pulling us apart, and she turn around. “Lay down, quick, ”
she urges even as she throws me into the seat and positions
herself at my feet, her face and long, dark, curly hair dancing
at my groin again. “I want to swallow you, ” she says, taking
my cock in her mouth again and swallowin the entire length
without hesitation. This time I can see the whole thing
and she’s in the right position, she proceeds to suck me
the rest of the way off. “Oh, Leti, you little bitch. AAAarrr.
Damn, you! Oh, yes, I love that.”

She plops it out of her small mouth and begs me to, “Cum for
me, baby. Cum in my mouth. Don’t you love me? Don’t you love
my sweet little mouth?” And that’s about all I could take.
She goes down one more time after saying that and I can’t
hold it back back anymore. “NNNhh, oh, nnf, oh, yeah, ”
I grabbed her head and shoved my dick deep inside her throat.
Pumping for what seemed like an eternity as the friction
of my cock in her throat threatened to break my soul. Then
I fell from the earth and flew off into oblivion, screaming
the name of all gods and all the sounds of the universe unraveling
and creation’s aching ecstasy giving birth to galaxies
and quasars and black holes. Convulsions racked my body,
but still I held tight to my little girl. My eyes rolled back
in their sockets…and my balls exploded as the end of the
universe began another cosmic event that blacked out the
sun, the moon, the stars and all of existence for one small
speck of infinity while she did her best to swallow every
last drop of my jiz.

When I let her go, she did not immediately pull away. Instead,
she slowly brought me halfway out and back in again. I twitched,
but was too weak to do anything other than whisper my pleas,
“No, baby, stop, I c-…I can’t take anymore.” And she let
me go, and I fell out of her mouth, still semi-erect and burning
hot like a sliver of comet’s tail leaving all the world behind
and crashing blindly into a black hole of self-destruction.
She lays down on top of me and kisses me full on the mouth,
smelling of hot sex and bodily fluids. We have something
to drink and a cigarette, but we drift apart in the silence
that rushes in to fill the emptiness between us; kissing
her again and smelling the heat and sex of both our bodies
is the last thing I will recount and always remember about
my soon-to-be former sister-in-law.

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Great second half