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Silgie's First Steps


Scared wasn't really the right word to describe her
feeling, though that was the only one she could think of
at that moment. This evening had been years in the making
and Silgie had long since forgotten how much time she'd
spent thinking about what might happen. Once she had finally
had the courage to tell her Papi, the man she worshiped and
loved, of this suppressed desire he had lovingly encouraged
her to see it to its natural conclusion without fear.

Now here she was sitting on a bar stool all by herself in a
bar she been in only once before. Just like the last time
here, the place had a strangely high percentage of women
to men. Good looking women at that. She had no idea what to
do next but she was committed to hanging out on this bar stool
until she either got so drunk she fell off it, or she found
a way taste one of those beauties. Somewhere between those
two would be where the night eventually led.

This place was nowhere close to what Silgie would call a
dyke bar, whatever that meant. There were men here as well;
some all alone and some with wives or girlfriends. The number
of couples and groups made up of only women just seemed large.
Maybe finding this place was why she decided to finally
give her repressed desires a chance to see the light. That
thought made a smile appear on her face. She was becoming
more comfortable with the situation and took a long draw
from her beer. She was now willing to let her thoughts excite
her. She had always liked to people watch, but this was especially
fun since she was purposely thinking about sex.

Silgie was happy to see the crowd growing thicker as the
after work crowd started filing in. The number of attractive
women also continued to grow and several times she caught
herself gazing at one or two of them just a little too long.
She thought for sure she'd been busted admiring the
figure of a particularly attractive woman about Silgie’s
own age as the woman walked from the door to her waiting friends.
The woman’s friends giggled and whispered while the woman
looked around the whole room as if trying to track down someone
she knew. The woman looked right at her and Silgie felt her
heart jump. The gorgeous woman broke off the gaze and joined
her friends in rowdy conversation.

Silgie turned back to the bar to find the bartender standing
across from her. “Would you like to see a menu? We've
got a reputation for being the place to find good things
to eat.” Even that simple comment dripped of innuendo.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry, ” she lied. “I will take another
beer though.”

“You got it. My name's Terry. Let me know if you change
your mind about something to snack on, ” the bartender
said with a wink. She headed down the length of the busy bar
to fetch a cold bottle.

It was as if the woman behind the bar had been listening to
her every thought. Silgie squirmed a little on her stool
and contemplated dropping some cash on the bar and bolting
for the door. She decided to hang around and have some more
fun watching people.

“Here you go! What else can I get ‘cha?” Terry said in one
breath as she set down the beer. Silgie was about to ask her
what she was talking about when she noticed that Terry was
looking over Silgie's shoulder, not at her.

“Two more pitchers of whatever those lushes at that table
have been drinking, ” said a female voice from behind Silgie.
“And two shots anything the lady here says.”

“Coming up Michelle. That crew of yours got quite a jump
on you. Bet they got here two hours ago, ” Terry added as
she reached for a clean pitcher. “I’ll bring the pitchers
over to the table if you'd like.”

“That’s OK, I’ll take them. You’re getting busy and I'm
gonna be up here until the shots are history anyway, ” Michelle

Silgie had heard the entire exchange but didn't realize
that she was the ‘lady’ until she felt Terry’s gaze. Terry
was filling the second pitcher and patiently waiting for
Silgie to name her shot of choice.

Silgie looked over her shoulder to find the woman whose
gaze she had met earlier. She was standing right behind
her. She was just as beautiful up close.

“So what’s your poison?” Michelle asked.

Sex on the Beach was what Silgie wanted to say. However,
even her newly found confidence didn’t allow her to roll
such an obvious play on words off her tongue. Not yet anyway.

“Southern Comfort, ” Marci said with commitment in her
voice. That really was her favorite, and the sexual overtone
went completely past her.

“Wow. Serious stuff. No foo foo booze for you. Ok, you got
it. Terry, you hear that? The lady would like some Southern
Comfort. Make it two.”

“I’ll bet you do, ” said Terry as she set the two pitchers
on the bar in front of Silgie. With another wink she’s off
to fetch the bottle.

Only now does it sink in for Silgie that she's stepped
across a line that she'd merely stared at for so long.

“Michelle, right?” Silgie asked. “Thanks for the shot.
I’m Silgie.” Her heart was pounding. Talking with strangers
was definitely not on her favorites list, but the booze
was strengthening her resolve to take advantage of this
night out. Besides, talking with a strange woman seemed
somehow much easier than talking to a man she didn't
know. She hoped that ease carried over to other things as

“Nice to meet you Marci. Are you waiting for someone, or
would you like to join my group of rowdies over there? We're
always looking for new friends to meet.”

“You know, that’d be great.” Silgie said.

Michelle leaned past Silgie to the bar and picked up the
pitchers of beer. She smelled great and Silgie could have
sworn that Michelle had purposely brushed her breasts
against her as she leaned over. In yet another first, Silgie
allowed herself to enjoy that brief touch. With a smile
Silgie slid off her stool and followed Michelle over to
the table.

“Silgie, this is everybody. Everybody, this is Marci.”
A mixture of greetings erupted from the half dozen women
sitting at the table. Silgie immediately felt a part of
the group and sat down between Michelle and a dark blond
named Kelly. It was soon obvious that this group had in deed
been at it for quite a while.
Michelle looked over at Silgie. “I’ve got to tell you, I
don't normally go around buying drinks for total strangers.”

“Seemed pretty natural to me, ” Silgie replied with a grin.

The noise at the table was growing. Michelle leaned closer
to Silgie. “I don’t spend nearly enough time trusting my
instincts, so when my intuition told me to talk to you I decided
that I’d follow its lead for a change." Michelle was
merely inches from Silgie now. “I’m glad I did.”

Silgie’s mind was racing. Her own instincts were screaming
at her to lean in and kiss this woman. She let her head talk
her out it. Too much too fast it said. “I’m glad too.” was
eventually Silgie’s whispered reply.

“So what's the reason for the get together?” Silgie
tossed out to the table. She may as well have said she knew
who really killed Kennedy. Every conversation came to
an immediate halt and all eyes moved towards Silgie.

Again it was Michelle who spoke for the group. “We’re just
friends that have committed to spending time together.
We try to get this group out once or twice a month. I work with
those two, and the rest are friends of friends. Today happens
to be Sara’s birthday.” Michelle motioned across the table
to a woman who had several tequila shooters in front of her
along with the remains of several more.

The mention of Sara’s birthday brought everyone back into
the here and now. The flicker of tension around the table
disappeared as quickly as it had arrived.

“I know what Sara wants for her birthday, ” said Amy with
a toothy grin. Amy was firmly planted on Sara's right
side and was looking around the table as if trying to pick
out a volunteer. “She wants to do a body shot with her tequila.”

Sara looked almost embarrassed at Amy’s disclosure, but
the small smile on her face betrayed any misgivings she
might have really had.

“I've never done a body shot with a girl before, ” Sara
confessed. “Sounds like fun.”

Silgie felt the world lift from her shoulders as she learned
that the table was not if fact full of dykes looking for converts.
Sara, at least, was as average as could be. The fact that
Sara was able to tell this table of women that she wanted
to do a body shot with another woman made her envious. Even
so, she was surprised to hear herself volunteer to hold
the lime for her.”

Silgie reached across the table and grabbed a lime off the
pile. Sara was smiling ear to ear now.

“Come over here.” Said Sara as she patted the empty chair
on her left.

“Not only have I never done this with a girl, I haven't
done this with a man in a long, long time.” said Silgie as
she slid into the chair next to Sara.

Sara was busy putting salt on the back of her hand when Michelle
decided to put her two-cents in: “On your hand? It's
your birthday sweetie, can't you think of any place
better for that salt to go?”

Sara rolled her eyes and smiled. “How silly of me. Silgie,
do you mind?”

“What the fuck. Go for it, ” Silgie said.

The rest of the girls at the table were soaking in every moment
of the event.

“And don't worry about it.” Sara said off-hand to Silgie.
“This is definitely a group that thrives on firsts. Sounds
like you're gonna fit right in.”

Sara gently took the lime wedge out of Silgie’s hand and
addressed it directly. “Well now little lime, where should
that salt go?” The unheard answer seemed to come to her just
as directly. She reached up and rubbed the lime on Silgie’s
neck. Silgie tilted her head to expose her neck letting
Sara know that what she was doing was okay with her.

Inside, Silgie wasn't so sure about how okay it really
was, but this group of women made her feel so comfortable
that she now couldn’t come up with any reason to stop her.
There was a sexual tension in the air, but not the predator/prey
feeling that she would have felt had this been a mixed gender
group. Sure as hell she wouldn’t be letting a man she’d just
met rub a lime on her neck even.

The wet lime one Silgie’s neck sent shivers down her spine
straight to her pussy. “How could a simple thing like that
be so erotic?” she thought. Maybe it was because the normal
underlying sexual threats weren’t there. Maybe they were
there and she was only just now willing to enjoy them for
what they offered.

Sara sprinkled salt on Silgie’s neck. Most of it stuck to
the lime juice but some trickled down the front of her shirt,
funneling between her breasts and collecting along the
inside edge of her bra. The trickling salt almost tickled.
Instead, she imagined that it was a finger gently touching
her. She had truly unlocked her mind now and was enjoying
every moment.

“Here, hold this.” Sara said as she put the lime between
Silgie’s teeth. “Don’t bite me, not hard any way.” She added
with a smile. The table gave a collective “Ooooh!”

Without giving her any chance to change her mind, Sara leaned
over to Silgie and licked the salt off Silgie’s neck. Sara’s
soft tongue seemed to linger on Silgie’s neck forever.
Silgie almost melted. As if in a slow motion dream, Sara
leaned back from Silgie and looked her in the eye while she
tipped the tequila shot into her mouth. A little smile appeared
on Sara’s lips as she leaned back in to Silgie for the lime.
Silgie could feel every set of eyes around the table looking
at her. She couldn’t wait to feel Sara’s lips. The rest of
the women looking on made her all the more excited.

And then she touched her.

At the very moment Sara’s lips touched Silgie’s, Sara also
put her right hand high on Silgie’s leg. Her fingers slid
between Silgie’s legs. The combination of Sara’s soft
lips and the touch her hand made Silgie shiver.

Silgie did not hesitate using her tongue to toss the lime
deeper into her mouth, forcing Sara to go fishing for it.
Likewise, Sara wasted no time in parting Silgie’s lips
with her tongue, meeting Silgie’s tongue. For a few seconds
their tongues teased and played with each other, the taste
of tequila mingling back and forth. Sara’s fingers moved
even further up Silgie’s leg, almost reaching the top.
Silgie replied by opening her legs a little more. Sara found
the lime in Silgie’s mouth and Silgie reluctantly let her
take it. Sara backed away from Silgie’s lips and bit the
lime, all the while still staring into Silgie’s eyes. Sara’s
hand stays where it was on Silgie’s leg.

The smile on both their faces brought a roar of approval
from the table.

Silgie looked around the table. The group was already starting
to break back into multiple conversations. Her eyes met
Michelle’s. Michelle just smiled and nodded her approval
as she turned to join the conversation next to her.

Silgie reached under the table and guided Sara’s hand the
rest of the way into her crotch. She wondered if Sara could
feel the wetness Silgie knew was escaping from her. Sara
rubbed her fingers on Silgie’s slacks, pressing Silgie’s
thong deep between her lips. Then to Silgie’s amazement
Sara slowly pulled her hand back and put her fingers in her

“Yep, you’re a keeper, " Sara said with a huge grin.

Silgie knew she belonged here, and that knowledge fed her
confidence like wood on a fire. Maybe she hadn’t tasted
a woman herself yet, at least other than herself, but the
night was still very young.

Silgie was in a dream state. Just minutes before, and for
the first time in her life, she had done a tequila body shot
with a woman. And she had loved every second of it. Sara,
Silgie’s shot partner, had gotten her so hot that her pussy
was dripping wet. By the end of the shooter Sara not only
got the lime, she got a finger full of Silgie’s wetness as

Sara’s friend Amy had told everyone that Sara wanted to
do a body shot with a girl for her birthday. Sara had confessed
to the table that she had never done a body shot with a woman
before, but Silgie figured that may be just about the only
thing that Sara hadn't done with a women.

The rest of the table had cheered and clapped when these
two finally finished their little show. It surprised Silgie
that the group almost immediately split back into separate
conversations. It was as if they were making a special effort
to not make a big deal out of what had just happened. They
had showed wonderful encouragement for the whole thing,
but then just went about their business. That calm acceptance
was exactly what Silgie needed to allow herself to enjoy
it. She had never before felt so well received by a group
of people she’d just met.

Silgie was trying to carry on a conversation with other
girls around the table, but the vision of Sara licking Silgie’s
juices off her fingers just wouldn’t fade.

“That was pretty neat, ” a voice said from nowhere.

The comment jolted Silgie back into the present. “Huh?”
was all Silgie could muster for a reply.
“I said that I thought that was pretty cool. You know, the
shot?” said a woman as she scooted an empty chair up to the
table next to Silgie.

“I’m Jaclyn, a friend of Sara’s, ” she said. “You have no
idea how long I’ve been trying to get her to do something
like that. I’m glad Amy told everybody about Sara wanting
to do a body shot. And I’m glad you were there to help her with

“Honestly, I’m glad I had the guts to do it myself, but thanks, ”
said Silgie.

“It seemed quite natural for you. As a matter of fact, the
way you two were kissing was getting me really worked up, ”
Jaclyn said with a smirk on her face.

“I couldn’t see from where I was sitting, but I was hoping
Sara had her hand as close to your pussy as possible, ” she
added in a breathy voice.

Silgie couldn’t remember any time a woman had used the word
‘pussy’ in casual conversation before. Especially when
referring to ‘her’ pussy. The simple statement sent yet
another shiver down Silgie’s spine right down to her wet

Jaclyn reached past Silgie for a pitcher of beer and said
into her ear, “But when she put her fingers in her mouth I
knew where they'd been. I knew right then that I wanted
to know what she tasted.”

Jaclyn was a very pretty woman with brown hair. Like herself,
Silgie guessed her to be a member of the early forty-something
category. Silgie smiled to herself as she remembered how
horrid she was at guessing ages. To be within even 3 or 4 years
was perfection to her. She guessed ages must not really
matter that much to her and never tried very hard to fix her

Jaclyn was wearing low cut jeans and a cropped tee shirt.
She looked fit but not freakishly so. Silgie guessed her
breasts to be around a C cup but she knew there was no bra there
to prove her guess right or wrong.

She felt like a teenager when she snuck a look down Jaclyn’s
shirt as she reached past her for the beer. She could see
right down her shirt and caught a glimpse of a nipple ring
as Jaclyn was whispering in her ear.

Silgie was totally beside herself. Here she was, sitting
at a table full of wonderfully beautiful women talking
about sex. She was getting so horny that she thought she
might cum just sitting there talking.

As Jaclyn poured herself a fresh pint Silgie said to her,
“I don't know what this group of yours is really all
about, but I'm so wet right now that I just might have
to excuse myself to the bathroom for a few minutes just to
calm myself down.”

“Take Sara with you, ” Jaclyn suggested off hand as she
sipped her beer. “It’s still her birthday you know. I bet
she’d love to use the occasion to do more than just a body

After another pull on her beer Jaclyn added, “Michelle
didn’t tell you the rules, did she?”

“Uh-oh, ” Silgie thought. “Here comes the part where they
tell me about their cult rituals.”

“My, my. The look on your face would make me think I just told
you your father died.” Jaclyn said with a chuckle.

Michelle had picked up her name from across the table. She
had been the first person from the group to talk to Silgie
and seemed to be the unspoken leader of them all.

Jaclyn asked Michelle, “Mind if I tell her?”

“Goodness, no. Please do!” Michelle said with the most
mischievous smirk and went back to her conversation.

“There's really only one rule, ” Jaclyn went on. Without
letting Silgie reply she added, “No men, period.”

“No men. Got it, ” Silgie repeated with a relieved smile.
She had reservations about what that really meant, but
at that point she would have agreed to just about anything.

“Our group here has a quite diverse set of backgrounds, ”
Jaclyn explained. “Everywhere from married, to divorced,
to just looking bi’s, to your full fledged lesbians. And
probably any other silly pigeon-hole category you could
think of.”

She went on, “But when we’re together, it’s all about the
girls and only about the girls. You may figure out who fits
where, but don’t take it personally if you don’t actually
get told. You see, it just doesn't matter here.”

Silgie looked across the table to see most of the women listening
in to Jaclyn’s explanation. They were nodding their unspoken
approval and smiling.

Sara piped in with a chuckle, “And you never know what is
gonna happen.” As she spoke, she reached over and grabbed
a handful of Jaclyn’s right breast, giving it a gentle massage
before releasing it.

Again the table roared with approval and the rules lecture
was summarily ended. No other words needed to be said.

Talking about rules had brought Silgie down a little. Jaclyn
must have seen it in her eyes. She put her hand on Silgie’s
leg and whispered, “You still gonna drag yourself off to
the bathroom?”

“I’m sure Sara needs the diversion from her booze if you
need company. And if she won’t go I sure as hell will.” With
that, Jaclyn flicked her tongue against Silgie’s ear.

Silgie’s down time was long gone. The breathy words and
the tongue revved her back up into the tingly frenzy she
had been in just a few minutes before.

“Sara, ” Marci said. “I need to use the bathroom. Can you
show me where it is?”

“Oh God, what a great idea. I've really got to go too.
Sure, I’ll show you.”
They both got up and Sara led Silgie towards a hall in the
back of the bar. Silgie noticed they were about 10 steps
behind Michelle, who was obviously heading to the same

Sara and Silgie entered the bathroom to find Michelle standing
by the sink looking at the door.

“I can’t wait any more, ” Michelle said as she walked towards
Silgie. “I wanted to do this the second I saw you sitting
at the bar.”

Sara stood close as Michelle walked up to Silgie, took her
face in her hands and kissed her. She pulled Silgie’s mouth
to hers and drove her tongue into her mouth.

Silgie responded by putting her arms around her and eagerly
returned Michelle’s kiss.

Sara wasn’t going anywhere. She walked behind Silgie and
put her hands around both of the kissing women, pulling
all three of them together.

Sara moved one hand in between the others and slid it down
the front of Silgie’s skirt and lifted it. She wasted no
time slipping her fingers under the top of Silgie’s thong.
She slipped two fingers along Silgie’s slick lips, spreading
the wetness around. Her middle finger easily slid into
Silgie and as she pulled it out she drew an abundance of juice
across Silgie’s clit.

Silgie moaned into Michelle’s mouth as Sara let her finger
linger on her clit. Her hips were moving back and forth,
encouraging Sara’s hand to touch her even more.

The wonderful feeling of being taken by these two women
was more than Silgie could stand. In just a short time she
felt her knees start to give out as she came. Michelle and
Sara held her up and were relentless in their kissing and
rubbing. Silgie felt like she came forever, her screams
muffled by Michelle’s mouth.

“That was amazing, ” was the first thing Silgie was able
to say.

Michelle was still holding Silgie’s face in her hands;
her own face only inches away.

“You're a great kisser, ” Michelle said in a wispy

Michelle turned her head just a little as Sara offered up
her fingers for her to lick.

“And you taste even better!” she said. “I think I need more
of that.”

Watching Michelle suck Sara's fingers sent new sparks
down Silgie’s spine. She just had one of the best orgasms
of her life but was still as horny as she was a few minutes

The excitement must have shown on her face because Michelle
smiled and slowly led her over to the sink. Sara was close
behind, finishing off any tidbits of Silgie’s wetness
that Michelle may have left on her fingers.

As they got to the sink Sara caught up and put her hands on
Silgie’s hips. In a continued movement she reached around
and undid the clasp on the front of her skirt and pulled it

Silgie was not only accepting of this move, but wiggled
her hips a little so her skirt could slide to the floor.

“Ooooh, perfect, ” cooed Michelle as she looked down at

“Sit that pretty ass of yours up on the counter, ” Michelle’s
words were more than a request, but not overly demanding.

Silgie’s skirt came off her as she slid onto the counter.
Michelle and Sara each lifted one of Silgie’s feet and gently
rested her four inch heels on the edge of the counter. Her
thong barely covered her swollen lips and the smell of sex
was everywhere.

She leaned back against the mirror and opened her knees
as far as they’d go. She was intoxicated by the moment, watching
the events unfold as if she were watching a movie.

Michelle reached over and moved the thong to one side, revealing
Silgie’s trimmed pussy. Her lips glistened with wetness
and Silgie almost passed out when Michelle's tongue
entered her.

Silgie was at a play where the first scene starts before
the curtain opens. She couldn’t see because the house lights
had just gone down. There were things being said and the
lack of visuals made the dialog much more pronounced. It
must have been her favorite play in the world because this
first blind scene already had her tingling with excitement.

“Damn girl, you are so beautiful. I can’t wait to get my chance
at that.”

Silgie opened her eyes to see her new friend Sara holding
her ankle. Silgie was sitting on the edge of the sink with
her heels up on the ledge. Sara was looking down at Silgie’s
exposed crotch. Her other hand was stroking Michelle’s
hair as she buried her tongue into Silgie’s soaking wet
pussy. Michelle had a hand on Silgie’s other ankle to help
keep it stable on the counter's edge.

Just an hour before, Michelle had introduced herself to
Silgie at the bar, which was just on the other side of the
bathroom door. Silgie had broken into new personal territory
by doing an extended body shot with Sara, one of the women
sitting at Michelle’s table. And just minutes ago Sara
and Michelle had held Silgie up while she came on Sara’s
hand. Michelle had held her in a kiss while Sara’s fingers
performed magic on Silgie’s clit. Barely recovered from
that, she was now sitting on the sink ledge with her skirt
on the floor.

The feeling of Michelle’s tongue was better than Silgie
ever dreamed it could be. With Silgie’s thong moved to the
side, Michelle used her free hand to spread Silgie’s lips
and drove her tongue deep into her. Silgie was so wet that
juices ran down her ass and started to pool on the counter.
Sara used her free hand to rub Silgie’s clit again.

Both women were concentrating on Silgie’s pussy and they
were driving her wild. Silgie was moaning and her eyes kept
flickering shut. She knew if she came again like she did
the last time she would probably faint. She also knew her
friends had caught her the first time, and she was very comfortable
with the knowledge that they’d do it again.

Michelle licked Sara’s fingers and Silgie’s clit at the
same time, sucking as much wetness off Sara’s fingers as
she could get. Silgie reacted to not having a tongue in her
by contracting her abs and raising her crotch up towards
Michelle’s mouth. Her ass cheeks slid just enough on the
wet counter for her pussy and ass to be more exposed to Michelle.

“God you have a great pussy, ” breathed Michelle. “I could
do this all night.”

Silgie took her hands off the counter and put them on Michelle’s
head. “Don't stop, ” she said as she ran her fingers
through Michelle’s hair.

Michelle took advantage of Silgie’s movement to flick
her tongue on Silgie’s asshole. That feeling was totally
new to Silgie and she shivered with delight. She unconsciously
raised her hips a little more, exposing her asshole as much
as she could.

“I’d say she likes that, ” squealed Sara. “I know I do!”

Taking her queue from Sara, Michelle moved her tongue back
to Silgie’s pussy and started to rub a finger on her asshole.
The incredible feelings on her clit, her pussy, and her
asshole were moving Silgie close to another orgasm.

“Don't stop. Please don't stop, ” Silgie said
as she grabbed Michelle’s hair and pulled her tongue deeper.

Sara had been rubbing Silgie’s clit very quickly but softly.
When Michelle had moved her tongue to Silgie’s asshole,
Sara wasted no time in scooping the wetness from Silgie’s
pussy, spreading it up onto her clit. It was warm and slick
and now she was starting to push a harder on Silgie’s hard

Michelle knew Silgie was close to another orgasm. She buried
her tongue as deep as it would go. At the same time she slid
her index finger into Silgie’s asshole. Her ass was tight,
but Silgie was so wet that it entered easily. She moved her
tongue around inside Silgie’s pussy and slowly pumped
her finger in and out of Silgie’s tight asshole.

Silgie started to come. Through clenched teeth she cried,
“Oh my god!” She let go of Michelle's hair and braced
herself on the counter. Her whole body was in a spasm and
her limbs started to tremble. In a low voice she kept repeating,
“Oh yes, oh yes, yes.”

As with her first orgasm a few minutes before, Michelle
and Sara were unrelenting in their attention to Silgie
as she came. Only this time Michelle was rewarded with a
torrent of juice all over her face. It dripped off her chin
onto the counter and the floor. She licked and sucked on
Silgie’s pussy, trying to get every drop. Sara was rubbing
her clit fast and hard, aided by the abundance of wetness.
Michelle kept rhythmically pumping her finger in Silgie’s
ass. She could feel Silgie’s bunghole clench her finger
tight and draw it in deep.

As her spasms started to subside Michelle withdrew her
finger and offered it up to Sara. Sara eagerly sucked the
offering clean and let up on Silgie’s clit. Even then Silgie
was still streaming juice on Michele’s lips and tongue.

Less than 15 minutes had passed since the three women had
entered the bathroom. Yet Silgie felt an eternity had passed
by the time she was able to open her eyes again. Michelle
was gently licking the remaining juice off her pussy and
Sara was looking into Silgie’s eyes.

“That was so fucking awesome, ” Sara giggled at Silgie.
“I have never seen a woman come so much in my life.”

“That’s fair, I’ve never come that much before, ” Silgie
said with a smile.

Michelle finally raised her head from Silgie’s pussy and
leaned up to her. She kissed Silgie lightly on the lips.
Silgie reached up and grabbed Michelle’s head. She pulled
Michelle’s lips back to hers and kissed her deeply. Their
tongues swirled together. She could taste her own juices
and loved the feeling of the slickness as she pressed her
mouth and cheeks against Michelle’s.

Silgie broke the kiss and whispered, “Thank you. Thank
you both.”

“My pleasure, ” replied Michelle.

Sara followed close behind with, “Mine too!”

Michelle straightened up. “C’mon dear, let’s get you cleaned
up and back out to the table. I bet they’re starting to wonder
about us.” She headed towards a stall, “I really do need
to pee too!”

Silgie had never felt so sexy in her life. Michelle had licked
almost all of the cum off her legs and ass so she really didn’t
have much to clean up. On a whim she left herself as she was.
She pulled off her thong and handed it to Sara. “Happy birthday, ”
she said. “It’s the least I could do after the great present
you just gave me.”

Sara took the gift and put it promptly to her nose. “My birthday
isn’t over yet my dear.” She tucked the strip of damp cloth
into her purse. “Now where’s my tequila?”

The three ladies did one final check in the mirror and headed
back to the table. The night was still young and the inhibitions
were nowhere to be found. Silgie’s legs barely carried
her back to the table.

Jaclyn handed Silgie a fresh pint. “I take it Sara got you
to where you wanted to go.”

“Oh yeah, there and back, ” Silgie replied as she took the
beer. “Now tell me about this pierced nipple thing you've
got going.”

Jaclyn pinched her own nipple and chuckled. “Now there’s
a story I’d love to tell you about. As a matter of fact, this
is pretty new. I don’t think even Sara’s heard this yet.”

The promise of a good story immediately caught everyone’s
attention. Fresh drinks all around and Jaclyn started
to tell them the story of her new nipple ring.

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