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Shower Fantasy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


She slammed the front door of her apartment, shutting out
the hectic working day. All she wanted at this very moment
was to get out of this stuffy suit and into a hot shower , to
rid her body of the smell of work. She slipped off her coat
and went straight to the bathroom and turned the shower
on trying to avoid wetting the expensive jacket. She then
walked into her bedroom and walked to the full length windows
and gazed absently out, noting as she did that the’ perv
‘one floor up in the apartments opposite was at his window
again, waiting for tonight's show to begin. She turned
on her heel and walked to the bed, sitting she took off her
shoes, thankful at last to have them off. Standing she slowly
removed the jacket and skirt she had worn to the office.
As she shed the tight, restricting clothes, she revelled
in the sense of new found freedom and enjoyed the feeling
of release, dropping them both onto the chair near the window
and in the process allowing the guy across the way a clear
view of her slim, toned body, covered only with her bra and
panties, pulling the tightly worn bun off the back of her
head, she shook her long brunette hair loose, allowing
it to fall around and over her semi naked body. Reaching
behind her she unclasped her bra and slipped the straps,
one by one slowly off her shoulders, letting her well formed
breasts tumble free as she removed it. As though scratching
away an itch, she ran her hands slowly over and around her
breasts, knowing full well that he’d be able to see every
move she made. She then slide her hands down over her curvaceous
body and slowly striped off her knickers, sliding them
down her long, slender legs, before stepping out of them
and tossing them aside. As she finished removing her clothes, she stretched her
lithe, toned body allowing her pet watcher a full-frontal
view of her naked body. She then began to do her exercises,
putting one of her feet on the chair and slowly bent forward
from her slim waist, provocatively sliding her hand along
her legs, feeling the muscles in her back pop and stretch,
she repeated the exercise with her other leg. Then standing
with her feet shoulder width apart she began a series of
toe-touches and cross-overs, then hoping the next move
would really get him going, she started to perform several
squats, lowering her body until her bottom was just inches
off the floor, then she would bounce quickly up and down.
She could not help but imagine she was riding an erect, hard
cock, just thinking of him watching her as she undressed
and the way she performed to him sent a tiny shiver of excitement
through her body. Feeling goose-bumps quickly cover her
nude form, she quickly turned and ended the show, walking
to her bathroom for that well deserved shower. The warm water spraying from the shower facet, filled the
room with steam, creating a warm, moist atmosphere. She
checked the shower and ran her fingers through her now damp
hair and entered the cubicle, almost at once the warm water
began to cleanse away the worries and stresses of the office.
As the water ran cascading down her body in small rivulets,
following the natural curves of her body, trickling over
and around her ample breasts, flowing down across her belly,
before plunging into the valley formed by her thighs, soaking
the dark, tangled triangle of hair, before streaming down
her long slender legs. She slowly began to forget the lecherous, old man, who
tried every day to grope her, as she went about her duties,
forget the lewd comments or suggestions he would make as
she bent over, especially when she was in the file room,
not the largest of rooms and if there were two people in there,
you could not help but bump or rub against each other, it
was as she had bent over to retieve a file she had dropped.
That he had ‘accidently’groped her behind. He had of course
apologised, but had smirked when he’d said it.She smiled
at the image of him high- tailing it out of there, as she began
to ‘react’ to his advances and come on to him. ”Well!’ She
thought to herself ’He shouldn’t of touched my bum, like
that!”and quietly laughed to herself. All she had done
was look him in the eye, hers ablaze with lust and slowly
started to undo her jacket buttons, while panting heavily,
chest heaving, as if ready to burst from her bra. She let
her tongue trace sensually across her full, pouting lips
, as she walked toward him, she had in fact pulled open her
jacket, revealing her full cleavage and large, firm breasts
encased in soft white lace and was about to remove the jacket,
when he panicked and ran out of the room. Later when she walked
through the office he refused to meet her gaze and was silent
for the rest of the day, trying to avoid her as best he could.
’That she thought would teach him a lesson and hopefully
he’d now leave her alone’. She put him out of her mind and began to relax, luxuriating
in the warm, refreshing water, letting the tiny needles
prick and tantalize her body. She ran her hand over her body,
slowly rinsing away the sweat and dust from the stuffy office.
She started with her arms and worked up toward her body,
then onto her torso. Moving down onto her chest, she gently
caressed each breast in turn, slipping her hand under each
in turn and cupping it, began to massage and squeeze the
ripe orb. As she did this, she allowed her thumb to stroke
across her nipple causing the little bud to elongate and
stiffen. Then she would take it between her finger and thumb
and softly pinch and roll it, eliciting a soft moan from
her throat. Her hands would then leave her tingling breasts
and slip, in a circling motion down over her belly, making
her stomach muscles tense and knot, as she caressed every
inch of her supple skin. Her hands continued down, softly
stroking the soft flesh of her inner thighs, before the
tips of her fingers lightly brushed through the tangled
mass of hair that covered her pussy, teasingly their stroked
across her soft pussy lips, causing her stomach muscles
to bunch in a spasm of excitement. Though her hands did not
stop there, they moved on down again. Lightly caressing
the soft, delicate flesh of her inner thigh. She began to
stroke her thighs harder, rubbing at the soft skin, occasionally
allowing the ball of her hand to brush against her dark love
mound, as she began to feel her juices start to moisten the
already wet pubic hair. She reached over and picked up the soap and began to work
up a lather in her hands. Again starting with her arms she
began to cover her body in the rich creamy soap, covering her slim body in the lather. She sent time working
it over her luscious breasts, running her hands repeated
around the voluptuous, tingling orbs, spending ripples
of pure pleasure racing through her body. She wondered
how her watcher would react if he could see her now, slowly arousing herself. With that thought
the relaxing shower took on new meaning.Now!, she only
wanted to satisfy the sexual longing within her. In the
back of her mind a small voice asked how long had it been since
she had, had a man ”Two/Three months???...”. She suddenly
realized that she had buried herself in her work, hiding
from the pain of splitting with her boyfriend, she had ignored
her needs as a woman, all this time, until they had finally
surfaced tonight, in pure, naked animal lust. As she massaged
and kneaded her full breasts, the small flame of lust, deep
within her abdomen started to burn hotter, spreading through
her body, soon becoming a raging fire of sexual longing
and desire. She would have to satisfy this need herself,
for the moment, knowing that she could only quell it, not
extinguish it completely, not without the help of a man.
She had seen her watcher once before, on his balcony and
thought then that he was fairly good looking, it was soon
after that, that she discovered that he was watching, realizing
that he could see her dress and undress. If it had been any
one else she would of been horrified and called the Police,
but this was different. He was after all attractive and
she did not mind, it was, after all, an interesting fantasy
and she enjoyed playing it out and playing to him. Thinking
of how he’d react if he was there, as she slowly aroused herself,
added an exciting twist. She imagined him watching her
as her hands explored her wet body, feeling the spray from
the shower, cover her goose-bumped body, heightening
her already sensitive skin. She could almost feel his eyes
as they roved over her wet, naked body. Feel them as they
took in her firm voluptuous breasts, as her hands cupped
and squeezed them together, emphasizing her full cleavage
.She once again took both her nipples in her fingers and
thumbs and started to pinch, roll and pull them to erection,
imagined him staring, his breathe the opposite to hers,
short shallow gasps, as her chest started to raise and fall
in quick pants. Her eyes were closed, as she teasingly slide
her hand down over her stomach, reaching her legs, she slowly
spread them. Allowing her imaginary voyeur a perfect view
as she began to stroke her inner thigh, before letting her
hand move up to cover her wet pubic covered mound. Her finger
began to trace along the puffy slit, which led to her excited
pussy, she leant back against the cubicle wall, stopping
herself from falling, as she spread her legs wider still,
in doing this her lips were pulled slightly apart, allowing
her to slip her finger into moist crack. She began to explore
the soft juicy flesh with small strokes of her finger, avoiding
touching the sensitive little bud of her clitoris at present,
she wanted as much pleasure as she could get first. Her finger slowly circled the puckered opening of her pussy,
brushing gently around it, before softly probing it with just the finger
tip. She could feel her warm juices seep out, as her finger began to slide inward. Slowly millimetre
by millimetre she would allow her finger deeper into her
hunger hole, each time she penetrated slightly, she would
withdraw it, teasing herself she increased her aroused pleasure. While
her other hand continued to play with her nipple, occasionally
kneading the full breast, she was becoming breathless
as she worked her finger still deeper inside herself, she
could feel her juices flow over her hand and run down her
leg, mixing with the water from the shower. As her finger
began to pump in and out of her quivering pussy, she moved
her other hand down and softly began to tease her clitoris,
gently stroking the erect, excited bud and as she did this,
she began to moan softly, feeling the muscles within her
pussy clench tightly round her finger, as ripples of pleasure
spread throughout her body. She then began to vary each
stroke of her fingers, sometimes her fingers would enter
her quivering hole slow and shallow or they would penetrate
hard and fast, ramming in up to her knuckles, causing her
breath to catch in her throat. Her chest heaving, her breath
coming in gasps, she could feel her juices bubbling deep
within her belly. Adding a second finger to the first, she
slided both fingers into hunger pussy up to the knuckle.
Then slowly started to stir them around inside her, brushing
against the throbbing muscles, making them contract and
grip her fingers in a vice like grip and she almost screaming
in ecstasy, clamping her legs together. Her fantasy forgotten
all she wanted now was to feel the shattering orgasm building
inside of her. With each deep thrust of her fingers, she
could feel the muscles of her stomach twist and knot, every
nerve fibre within her sang. Her bodies heightened senses, only added to her aroused
state, so overloaded by each new sensation was she. The
tiny needles of water, were like icicles as they fell against
her enflamed skin, every touch or movement of her hand upon
her body was like an electric shock as the nearing orgasm
built within her, the muscles in her legs began to quiver
and tremble and soon her legs could not bear her weight,
so she slowly slide down the wall, until she sat on the cubicle
floor. Both her hands were buried between her legs, as she tried
desperately to slate the burning desire within her. Her
hand began to pump quicker in and out of her sodden hole causing
even more of her juices to run from her pussy, mixing with
the water pooling on the floor of the cubicle, as she began
to violently rub her swollen clitoris, occasionally pinching
the ripe little bud, adding pain to the host of sensations
coursing through her body. She was being engulfed in a searing
fire of sexual wants and must soon be consumed, unless she
could quell it quickly. She again added another finger
to her excited pussy, as she slided all three in to that pulsating
tunnel, stretching the tight opening, making her wince
slightly with the pain but pushing them in deeply, slowly.Burying
all three, she tormented her over sensitive clitoris,
rubbbing it, pinching and gently pulling on the hard, swollen
rod. Suddenly she could hold back no longer and the dammed,
pent up fires, of her orgasm, exploded within her belly.
Quickly the banked sensation spread, ripping through
her shuddering body, searing her senses causing her to
scream aloud, as her body was racked with wave upon rippling
wave of sexual ecstasy and satisfaction. She thrust her
fingers more deeply into her aching hole, as each wave broke
over her, clamping her legs tightly together, she allowed
herself to be consumed, drowning in the rush of emotions,
as each wave of her orgasm exploded within her body. Swamping her senses, making her moan and whimper deep in
her throat, as she held her breath waiting for her existence
to come to an end, as the earth seemed to shatter beneath
her. As the shattering orgasm began to subside and her senses
returned to her, she allowed herself the luxury of breathing
once again. With her head spinning she gradually became
conscious of her surroundings once more. Water still sprayed from the shower over her head, she sat
huddled in a small ball on the cubicle floor, her hands still trapped between
her clamped thighs. Her breasts heaved as she drew in sharp
breaths, gulping down large lungfuls of warm, moist air.
The bathroom was filled with steam, she had lost all track of
time, beyond the glass doors of the cubicle was darkness, only light from the street below
dimly illuminated her surroundings. Carefully she got to her feet, steadying herself against
the walls, as her calf muscles protested as she straightened her legs.with legs trembling like
a newborn foal, she gingerly stepped from the shower and
picked up her towel and began wrapping it around her wet,
shivering body. Realizing there was little need for such
modesty she let it fall to the floor and padded, naked into
her bedroom, flicking on the light as she entered. She stood
and regarded herself in the full length mirrored doors
of her wardrobes, her face was still flushed from the earlier
shower session. Her heart still fluttered in her chest,
her insides still coiled like snakes on heat and ‘YES!’
her pussy still quivered for more attention!. Attention
she knew she could only get from a man!!. How she longed to
have a man, any man there with her. One who knew what she wanted
and how to satisfy her cravings. She sat on the end of her
king-sized bed, her sexual appetite unforfilled and thought
of the last time, she and Micheal had made love in this very
bed, her hand slid instintively between her thighs, to
caress her eager pussy, as she visualized their sexual
games. She had convinced him to take the day off work, to
phone-in sick. At first he had protested, saying he had
things that had to be completed before the weekend deadline.
At first she’d tried her, Little-Girl’lost act, talking
in a small, high pitched voice, but when this failed to work,
she decided to try the more direct approach. She’d been
laying beside him, in bed, The sun was just rising above
the city sky line, bathing their room in a soft golden light,
when she sat up and then straddled his stomach, her nude
figure now silhouetted against the rising sun, as she
began his favourite game. Slowly she would slide her hands
over his naked torso, running her fingers down toward her
pussy, already moist from their last lovemaking sesssion.
But before she reached it her hands would move up onto her
soft thighs and up over her trim stomach, up toward her breasts.

As she reached them she would cup both her breasts and slowly
push them together, emphasizing their ripe fullness and
tantilizing cleavage. All the while Micheal would be protesting,
stating that it wouldn’t work not this time, but making
no effort to free himself from under her lithe body. Slowly,
very slow she would slip backward down his stomach, slithering
down until his semi-erect cock was trapped under her pert
arse and as she leant forward, to offer his eager mouth her
luscious breasts, she would start to gyrate and grind her
wet pussy against his stiffen cock and as he reached up with
his hunger mouth, to lick and suck her soft, pink nipples.
She would draw them back out just out of reach of his mouth,
teasing him. Allowing them to brush lightly over his lips
and each time his tongue touched a nipple, she’d pull back.
Then sitting upright, feeling his hard, erect manhood,
against her wet slit. She’d push down squashing it between
them before rocking back and forth, causing him to moan,
slipping back until his cock wet with her juices was exposed,
glistering in the bright morning sun, she’d ask in a small
voice, ’If he still wanted to go to work?’. All he could do
in reply was shake his head, knowing that she had him under
her spell. As he watched hers slim hands glide effortlessly
over her aroused body, pausing to massage her beautiful
breasts, cupping and kneading the firm orbs in her hands,
then letting them travel over her toned body, downward
finally slipping between her thighs. His eyes would follow
her slender hands hypnotized by the graceful movements,
she knew he loved watching her play with herself, especially
if he was unable to participate. As her hands slide between her thighs she would allow one
to slowly part the cum soaked lips, as the other began to
caress his swollen cock. As his eyes closed in ecstasy,
as her slim fingers gently wrapped around his excited shaft,
she would tut and tell him not too or he’d miss the best bits.
Slowly he’d open his eyes to see her finger slipping along
the moist lips of her pussy as she stroked his rigid cock,
knowing it was all he could do too not surrender to the impluse
to pull her down on top of him and take her this way. They both
knew how this heightened their love-making, with her in
control, setting the pace.As her finger reached the puckered
entrance to her pussy, she allowed him a better view by slowly
raising herself up, her finger pushed gently into that
warm, dark tunnel, making her sigh, as her whole finger
guadually disappeared deep inside her. Too add to his torment,
she slowly lifted his domed tip, until it rested against
her opening, as her finger slide in and out, it brushed against
his swollen end, causing some of her warm juices to tickle
on to it. All he was allowed to do was watch, as she began to
rub his now aching tip over the wet hole of her pussy and along
the soft lips, pausing to tease her swollen clitoris, before
she guided the end inside her and slowly slide her body down
it’s length, impaling herself on his solid weapon. Pushing
down until her pussy thrust against his very root and slowly
swivelled her hips, rotating her wet hole around his throbbing
cock, causing him to moan and gently thrust his groin upward,
to meet her half way. As he did this his cock would bore deeper into her, making
her breathe catch in her throat. She wanted more and started
to ride him, slowly at first, lifting her body up along his
hard cock, before thrusting hard downward, her eyes closed
in sweet abandonment. She would lean backward, altering
the angle of enter, causing his swollen end to rub over her
G-spot. Suddenly she would feel a finger softly probe the
wet lips and worm between them, searching for and finding
her excited clitoris, then gently push against the swollen
bud, rubbing as it did so. Arousing her body even more, she
would force her pussy down as far as she could go, trying
to let her quivering pussy swallow as much of his hard cock
as possible. Her eyes snapped open as one of her erect, pink
nipples was covered by a pair of warm moist lip, Micheal
had propped himself up on one elbow and was gently sucking
the little rod into his mouth, before allowing his teeth
to gently nip and bite the tender bud, his other hand encircled
her tit and squeezed her delicate flesh .

As he tried forcing more into his mouth.She purred like
a cat as she ground her pelvic bone hard against him, enjoying
the double feelings of, his fullness inside of her, stretching
her taut pussy muscles and his finger tickling her excited
clitoris as his mouth, worked on her breast. She began to
‘ride’ his rigid cock, slowly at first, allowing him to
feel every movement she made. She knew it would not be long
before he’d come, filling her ever hunger pussy with his
hot, sticky come. She did not want it to be this quick. She
needed, wanted satisfying, her body craved attention.
Every part of her wanted to be touched, caressed, kissed and aroused like he had never aroused
her before. As her body moved up and down and with his fondling
she could feel the beginnings of her own orgasm and knew
that if she reached the point, where she could not stop,
it would end too quickly. Micheals breathing was becoming laboured and with each
penetration, more of her juices pumped out of her hot, quivering hole, soaking
his cock, his thighs and run down onto the bed sheets, causing a large wet patch to spread
out over the sheet. With each down thrust of her body, Micheal would grunt and moan, nearing
his orgasm, she had to stop and stop now!. His mouth released
it’s hold upon her breast, as he fell back against the bed
and he reached out to grasp her waist. As she rose up, she
allowed him to slip out of her wet pussy, his head snapped
up, surprise and disappointment etched on his face. She
leant forward, her breasts brushing against his chest,
as her mouth sort his, their lips touched, testing, tasting
the others. Finally melting together in a kiss heated by
their passion, his tongue flicked out, slipping between
her lips. Savouring her, exploring her mouth, flicking
over her teeth, caressing her tongue, as she gently began
to suck it deeper into her mouth. He slipped a hand round
the back of her head and pulled her to him, forcing their
lips hard together, squashing her breasts against him,
as he rolled her over and laid on top of her. He raised himself
to his knees, straddling her body, he began to plant small
kisses on her cheek slowly, moving toward her ear . “Now,
it’s my turn!” he whsipered in her ear and started to nibble
the delicate flesh of her lobe, then slowly kiss by kiss
he traced his way down her neck, as his hands lightly teased
her soft skin, following the curves of her body down to her
slim waist. Before caressing back up to rest over her breasts,
cupping each with his hands softly squeezing them, all
the while allowing his lips to kiss their way closer toward
them. Using his tongue, he’d trace around each luscious orb,
tasting the supple flesh, as his hands fondled the ripe
mounds, shaping and moulding her breasts to his hands.
She lay on the bed, on her back her hands cupping and kneading
the twin orbs of her breasts, as her minds eye pictured the scene and her
body remembered his touch, her skin his caress. She remembered how he use to tease her nipples,
flicking his tongue over and around them, teasing them
to erection, causing them to stiffen and ache, before gently
enfolding each one in turn in his lips and softly sucking
them. She bent her head forward and slowly raised one of her breasts to her mouth, then let her
tongue flick out over the nipple, her lips would then cover
it and she would suck on the excited little bud, feeling
it stiffen in her mouth, but it wasn’t the same, not by a long
shot. Her other hand would slide over her body and down between
her thighs, as she pictured Micheal slowly tracing his
hand over her stomach, feeling his fingers tickle their
way down to her waiting pussy, brushing their way through
her matted hair, seeing him smile as he discovered her pussy
was already moist, her juices already seeping out from between her lips. His fingers
would slowly trace their way over her soft lips, gingerly parting them as he explored
their soft insides. Knew he’d be watching her as she closed
her eyes in anticipation of pleasures to come, as his finger
tip lightly probed the entrance to her hole. He’d hear her
sigh as it penetrated her, worming it’s way deeper and deeper
into her wet hole, hear her moan as he began to stir his finger
round inside her, brushing against her G-spot as he did.
Suddenly her stomach twitched as he kissed her there, planting
kiss after kiss, as he moved downward, toward her thighs,
she felt his body move allowing him to taste more of her body
with his tongue, tracing tiny circles with it. He was getting
closer and closer to her thighs, instinctively her spread
her legs, knowing this would part her moist pussy slightly,
exposing herself to him and let him see that she wanted him
and was ready for him. She lifted her head to find him watching
her, his mouth just inches away from her pussy. He gently
pursed his lips slightly and gently blew on to her hot opening,
making her flinch as the cool air made contact with her.
”PLEASE!!, Don’t tease me!” She begged as he directed another
stream onto her, she tried to close her legs, tried to shut
him out but he held her legs open and slowly dipped his head
forward, carefully he began to run his tongue along the
outside of her mound. Letting it brush through the tangled
hair covering her pussy, he was slowly tasting her, circling
around her wet, warm slit, occasionally his tongue would
slip into her hole, as he explored her, occasionally he’d
pause to lap up some of the rich, sweet juices that were running
down the cleft to her bum. He knew she loved this, loved him
exploring her pussy with his tongue, as he continued to
slide his finger slowly in and out of her. He moved his head nuzzling his face into her sopping wet
slit, his tongue licking along it’s length, trying to worm
it’s way into her hole with his finger, then slowly moving
upward, circling as it went. She knew what was going to happen
next and spread her legs wider still, eager for him to take
control, to do as he pleased, to satisfy her desires. His
tongue brushed over her swollen clitoris causing her to
flinch as if she’d received an electric shock and as his
tongue circled around it, he began to pump his finger even
harder in and out of her. With each thrust of his finger a
small gasp would slip from her throat as she surrendered
to his passion and her desires. His tongue was now rubbing
over her enflamed clitoris, matched to each stroke of
his expert finger, soon she could not help herself but with
each new penetration she would moan aloud, as his finger
burrowed deep within her. Her hands sort his head and pulled
him deeper into her wet pussy. ”FASTER!, Lick me FASTER!”
she would demend, as she felt her orgasm begin to bubble
deep inside her womb, his tongue quickened it’s pace, faster
and faster it would flick over her throbbing bud.With her
orgasm nearing , she wanted nothing more but to ‘come’and
was soon grinding her pussy in Micheal’s face ” PLEASE,
Finger me HARDER!’ Micheal was only to willing to do as she
wanted and began to pound his finger into her hole ’HARDER!,
HARDER, NOO, FASTER HARDER!!”. With her stomach churning,
all her muscles knotting, her orgasm finally unleased
within her, she gripped Micheal’s head tight to her, thrusting
her quivering pussy hard against him, smothering him in
the process, screaming as it ripped through her body ”YYEESSSSSSS!!!!!!”.
As she came Micheal continued to finger her knowing that
this prolonged her orgasm’s, increasing it’s intensity.
He loved sucking up her juices as she came, feeling them
gush from her quivering, trembling hole, almost drowning
in the hot , sticky juice as he tried to lap up every drop.
As this new orgasm rippled through her, she knew she had
to finish this the only way she could and reaching over to
her bedside cabinet, she pulled open the drawer, almost
ripping it from it’s runners and quickly rummaged in it
for want she needed, finally finding it, she brought the
vibrator to her and switching it on, slipped it between
her trembling thighs. As her rigid body went limp, Micheal tented himself over
her and guided his erect cock carefully between her quivering lips, then
slowly entered her. As she imagined him slipping his cock
into her, so she allowed the rigid latex toy to slip between
her pussy lips. He did not enter her fully straight away
but allowed only his tip inside and gently moved it back
and forth, teasing her once again. She violently shook
her head from side to side and tried to get his firm tool deeper
in her by arching her body, as he continued this torment
She wanted him now, wanted him deep within her, wanted to
feel his swollen manhood stretch her pussy, feel it thrust
against her womb neck, force her muscles apart and yield
to him.He dipped his head to her chest and began licking
around one of her sensitive, erect nipples, drawing it
in to his mouth as he pushed more of his length up her. Inch
by swollen inch his cock slide in to her, forcing her muscles
apart as it buried itself in her. With half his length in
her he began to withdraw, ’No!, you don’t’she thought and
quickly wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her,
forcing him deep in her, as his fullness, rammed in, she
could only gasp. She thrust her toy hard into her pussy,
feeling the buzzing latex, embed itself deeply, as her
muscles clamped around the pulsing vibrator, she purred
in delight wishing even more that Micheal was here now with
her. Moving her hand back and forth, she slide the vibrator
in and out of her throbbing pussy, feeling the beginnings
of another shuddering orgasm building within her exhausted
body. As her senses were being swamped by the raging waves of her
orgasm, the phone by her bed began to ring, the harsh sound
cutting through confused senses, jarring her back to reality.
Fighting to regain control of her broiling mind, she rolled
onto her side and reached for the receiver, to silence this
noisy intruded. She drew her legs together, clamping her
thighs tightly, trying to quell the buzzing of the vibrator,
still buried deep within her pussy, feeling the pulsing
waves increase two-fold, causing her to groan aloud and
catch her breath. She took a deep breath, mainly to steady
her shaking senses and placing the receiver to her ear,
answered the phone. Hearing the deep buzz of her toy, through
her body, believing that it could be heard by the caller.
”Hello?, ” she knew her breathing was harsh and fast but
did not want to cut short the ecstasy she was feeling at this
moment, for the first time in months she felt alive!. ”Hi,
Toni. It’s Mel, not interrupting anything am I ? ”. It was
more of a statement then a question, ’No, No. Your not interrupting
anything!, what can I do for you ?’. “Oh, It’s just that your
sound out of breath, thought you might have a man there??”,
’NO!, I was just doing a work out . ’ Toni replied, if only
Mel knew how she wished it was a man and not a lump of latex
inside her. ”Well, if your interested me and some of the
girls are going to that new night club ’HEAVEN’ and wondered
if your up for it?”. Toni started to decline the invite,
saying she was too tired, when she suddenly changed her
mind ’ What the hell , you can count me in Mel, what time?’.
After all Micheal won’t be staying celibate, she doubted
if he could, even for a day. ”Good girl, about nine, we’ll
pick you up at your’s, O.K”. Toni agreed and said her goodbyes,
Mel’s parting words were “I’ll let you get back to your ‘workout’.........don’t
wear the batteries out!”. Toni could hear Mel laughing
as the receiver went dead. Toni could only smile, at Mel’s
preceptiveness, as she replaced her receiver. She glanced
at the clock, 7:35pm was glowing red on the display, she
had about an hour before she needed to get ready, but try
as she might, she could not pick up the threads of her fantasy.
Sighing she carefully withdrew the vibrator from her aching
pussy and caressed it, whispering ‘I might have need of
your services later’and sitting up, dropped it where she
had lain. Toni got off her bed and walked over to her wardrobe, opening
it started looking for something to wear. Rummaging through
her clothes, she settled on a jacket and short skirt which had a split up one side, that revealed
her thigh when she walked. She then turned to her drawers and selected her underwear. As she
perused the contents she finally choose a black lace thong
and matching lace balconette bra, as she was wearing just
a jacket and no top. The bra lifted and pushed her breasts together,
emphasizing her cleavage, ’not that it needed emphasizing’ she thought to herself. Toni
decided to have another shower as her body was damp with
sweat and sticky from her pussy juices. She had plenty of
time to apply her make-up, so she could look stunning and
knock the guys dead. She showered and sat in front of her mirror, carefully making
up her face, not to much though she didn’t want to look cheap
.Just enough to complement her natural looks. Looking
at the clock it read 8:45, “Time’ she thought ’ to dress and
be ready to meet the girls. ”After she dressed, she took one final look in the mirror,
ensuring everything was just right. Her reflection revealed
a stunner, it was not conceit, just modest fact, her jacket
was pulled over her bust not tight enough to be restricting,
just revealing, showing the right amount of cleavage,
to be daring but not a slut. The skirt was above her knees
and the split complemented her slim, toned legs. She had
decided not to wear tights, as she found them uncomfortable
in the hot environment of night clubs, on her feet she wore
heeled shoes, that added a couple of inches to her height
and gave her calf muscles definition. As she studied herself
the door buzzer sounded and she picked up her purse and walked
from her bedroom, flicking the light off as she left, pausing
at the intercom she called to her waiting friends, ” Be right
there!” and shut her front door behind her, ready for a night
of fun..

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What an imagination....thrilling, absorbing, stimualting.
I felt I was 'her', wanted to be 'her'
in that shower and being watched mmm Do I know that feeling of wanting/needing a man. You so know
how a woman would feel and how to arouse her senses to the
full. xxxxx