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Years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I thought I had
all the answers. I felt I was completely aware of my capabilities,
strengths, weaknesses and all of my numerous idiosyncrasies.
I felt I was also fairly familiar with the ways of women thanks
to several relationships I’d had over the years, along
with a rather healthy dose of casual sexual partners. Much
to my surprise, I discovered that there was still a lot to
learn about the world and even about myself. As the years
go by, we all tend to zero in on the qualities we would like
for our mate to possess whether it’s a particular physical
attribute, certain personality traits or some fundamental
value that we hold dear to our heart. I thought I had a good
handle as to what I would normally look for in a woman, especially
on a physical level. This story has very little to do with
that, or “happy ever after.” This is a story about my introduction
to lust ! ! !
The criteria for lust can often stray quite far from what
we would normally look for in a mate. One day while making
an inquiry at the bank, I was introduced to one of those “personal
bankers”. She was an attractive older lady who did her best
to explain the issue I had some questions about. I say tried
her best, because I found myself instantly and overwhelmingly
aroused by her. Everything about her made my head swim,
and my other “head” to swell beyond my control. I had to cut
the session short because I couldn’t concentrate on what
she had to say, and also find a way to deflate the raging hard-on
she had given me. In the weeks following that encounter,
I tried to observe my behavior more closely. I discovered
that what I had suspected was true. I was easily aroused
by the sight of an attractive women that was older than me.
Not just any woman mind you, she had to be at least in her late
thirties or older, and she had to have a shapely figure.
I know what the big book has to say about this. He’s got a classic
case of mother “substitute”. Maybe so, I don’t really know,
and I really don’t care. It turned me on in a way I had never
experienced before, and who was I to question why. Anyway,
being so young and very inexperienced in the ways of older
woman, I proceeded to make a few rather awkward attempts
to befriend a few of the ladies that I encountered over the
next several months with little to no luck at all. Despite
my lack of success, I continued to pursue this new fascination
I had found. Over a period of time, I discovered that certain
characteristics seemed to escalated my desire. I found
that I was much more attracted to ladies that possessed
high cheekbones. I also preferred women that wore their
hair pulled back away from their face and neck. Along with
that, another strong element for me was a lady that owned
a nice pair of legs that sizzled in high heels. Bonus points
could be had if she could walk gracefully in them as well.
The last category seemed to almost be a mandatory requirement
to fulfill my desire. This woman in question had to reek
of money and class! I’m sure you know the type: she walks,
talks, dresses and carries herself in an almost snobbish
uppity fashion. This was obviously going to be a very tall
order for me to fill with my modest background and somewhat
average attributes. I also knew that my chances of succeeding
were going to be slim, but my fascination was so strong that
I ignored the odds and decided to try my hand anyway.
Quite by accident I found what I was looking for. I was shopping
one day at Famous, and literally bumped into a woman that
met most of my criteria. No, I didn't succeed in making
friends with her, but I realized that day that this was the
perfect place to locate lots of well-to-do attractive
ladies. Where else could I find such a high concentration
of successful established women other than in the high-end
apparel stores. From that day forward, I made an effort
to do some "shopping" at least once a week or
more. I was patient, I was horny, and boy was I ever turned
on! Then one glorious fall day something happened...….
I was in the men's department at the Stix, Baur &
Fuller department store when I first saw her. I had seen
a few women like her before, but only on rare occasions.
This was one very special lady. The palms of my hands began
to sweat profusely from the moment I saw her face. I had learned
the hard way not to stare too long at these women, because
they seemed to be gifted at being acutely aware of their
surroundings. Their ability in this area easily surpassed
the other ladies I had observed. It was uncanny how they
seemed to move and react to movements I would make from a
“safe” distance without them being consciously aware
of me. It was if they possessed a sophisticated radar system
that invisibly guided them to safety. I surmised that this
had to be a byproduct of all the extra attention that they
had generated over the years. She was several aisles away
when I had first spotted her. She was examining some sweaters
as I admired how beautiful she was from a distance. As it
was bound to happen, our eyes finally met for the first time,
but I was able to avoid detection by quickly turning away
from her.
Confident I hadn’t been spotted, I began walking down the
aisle to get a little closer to my new object of affection.
I struggled futilely to keep my eyes from locking on to her,
because everything about her was so striking. I knew there
would be a hefty price to pay if she took notice of my frozen
stare of passion. However, the added bonus of her long tapered
nose and slightly puckered lips covered with deep red lipstick
released an “extra spicy” jolt of electricity that began
to surge through my groin. I could feel myself becoming
more and more physically aroused with every glimpse I stole
of her. I was hungry for this woman. Ravenous would be more
accurate. Like a lion that warily stalks his prey, I began
to circle around her from the next aisle over. With each
furtive glance, I could feel my adrenaline increasing,
as her pristine image etched itself deeper and deeper within
It wasn’t quite Xmas season, but winter jackets were out
on display along with all the extra merchandise for the
holidays, jamming the aisles so badly it was difficult
for anyone to get by someone else in the aisles. She took
notice that I was staring at her when I passed by in the aisle
directly in front of her, and she did one of those double
takes that we all do when we see something out of the ordinary.
I couldn't help but feel she had detected the raw lust
that was burning deep into my eyes. Despite my embarrassment,
I continued down the aisle in front of her, and stopped when
I reached the end pretending to be interested with something
that was on display. As I stood there, I watched her out of
the corner of my eye, and saw her glance my way several times.
“Dammit, Mike! Look what you’ve done now. How will you ever
get close to her now, with her watching your every move?
She’s probably already suspicious something’s going
on. I’m sure all her defenses are on full scale alert now!

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t want her to know
what I was up to, and I certainly didn’t want her to be so keenly
aware of my whereabouts. This is a major problem. You’d
better think of something real quick or it’s time to pack
up and go.” I don’t know why I happened to think of this at
that moment, but I remembered something from the movies.
It seemed that whenever it looked like all was lost, and
the good guys were about to take it on the chin, they’d always
create a diversion to help turn the tide. It seemed to me
like that might be an effective way to get out of this mess,
but I was stumped as to how to create one. I struggled with
several concepts before I settled on this scenario. I decided
I’d try to convince her visually that I was smitten with
someone new. That way, she’d no longer feel like some wild
game being hunted in the wilderness! I was convinced that
this just might work! Now all I had to do was to find a suitable
decoy to carry out my brilliant plan.
I spotted a fairly attractive woman nearby looking at some
sweaters that I thought might serve as a believable pawn
in this shell game I was about to orchestrate. I began my
attempt at diversion by physically turning in the direction
of this “new” woman, and then walking towards her as I pretended
to be mesmerized with her. Luckily for me, this “new” woman
was oblivious to all and did not look up or notice my silly
shenanigans. This would have surely shattered the illusion.
I’m not sure what methods I used to try to persuade “my precious”
that she was no longer my lustful target. I vaguely remember
using some overzealous hand gestures and some exaggerated
facial expressions to show her how hot I was for my “new”
woman. Despite my best efforts to convince her I had found
someone “new”, she wasn’t buying any part of it. When I snuck
a peak back in her direction to see if she had bought into
any of my clever diversion, I swear it looked like she was
openly smirking at my clumsy bid to deceive her. I bowed
my head, and contemplated what I could possibly do next.
I decided that I had come this far, that I might as well keep
on going. As I started to turn the corner to approach the
aisle that she was in, I looked up at her once more. This time,
it didn’t surprise me that she was looking at me again. There
was no doubt in my mind that she was tracking me now, when
I was the one in hot pursuit of her!
I took another step around the corner of the aisle and pretended
to look at a sweater. Despite all the various bulky items
protruding into the aisles. I was now able to ascertain
most of her silhouette for the first time. From my new vantage
point, I had a clear view of her long slender legs. I took
the time to absorb and admire this new temptation standing
less than ten feet away from me. She was wearing a classic
satin heel that accented her well-defined legs. Her skin
tone contained just enough color to allow her the freedom
to forego using any hosiery. Unlike many women, her shapely
legs were developed to the point where the curvature and
definition in her legs would not vanish when she’d slip
out of her heels. Proof of this came while I was observing
her. Once again I got the feeling I was being manipulated,
because she glanced my way with just a hint of a grin as she
released her right foot from her shoe and slowly flexed
her foot. She then partially reinserted her foot part way,
and continued to flex it. Each movement of her foot caused
a chain reaction of ripples in the muscles of her legs, and
in the rising rocket squirming in my pants!
My passion for her at this point had turned into an undeniable
obsession. My cock was so badly swollen that my trousers
were now sticking straight out into the aisle. I was watching
her out of the corner of my eye as I frantically tried to reposition
my swollen membrane when she caught me red handed! Although
it was only for an instant, I instinctively knew that she
saw everything! "Oh God, Mike. She's gonna get
spooked for sure. Are you positive she saw you manhandling
your cock? She's gonna think you're a stalker,
a sex maniac or something else just as devious." At
that very moment I realized for the first time that was EXACTLY
what I had become, and that was EXACTLY what I was doing.
I had officially gone over the edge. My desire and my pursuit
of this fantasy had dragged me to this precipice, and now
I needed to face the facts. I knew I had a very important decision
to make, and I needed to make it right now, not tomorrow or
next week. Should I do the right thing and walk out of the
store, or should I continue to chase this elusive fantasy
to see where it might take me. I can’t say that I relied on
any infinite pearls of wisdom to help me come to a logical
and rational decision. I merely followed the raging desire
of my pulsating penis and carried on.
Once I came to grips with my decision, I decided to push the
envelope a little further by trying to get even closer to
her by squeezing past her in the aisle. My plan was to walk
past her, stop to look at something nearby, and then retrace
my steps past her once more. It seemed plausible, and because
I ached for any part of her so badly, I started to shake in
anticipation. I wanted to touch her somehow, or at least
get as close to her as I possibly could. As I contemplated
my plan, I further rationalized that it was so crowded with
merchandise that I could probably get away with slowly
rubbing up against her as I slid past her, at least on the
first pass. I was convinced that she would avoid any contact
on the return pass. She was too smart, much too aware. I even
entertained the notion that she might be formulating some
plan of action on her own. Afterall, she’d been one step
ahead of me all along. I had to act now if I was going to have
any chance of succeeding with my plans. This might be as
close to her as I’ll ever get. This was my only chance. It
was now or never. I wanted desperately to feel her or touch
her in some way, or have her feel me, even if it was only for
a moment!
As I started to approach her, she glanced up at me once more
and shocked me with a warm, but mischievous smile. She then
leaned slightly forward anticipating my intentions.
I nearly froze in my path when I saw that smile. Make no mistake;
it was a genuine smile, but somehow it seemed strangely
out of context with all that had just transpired between
us over the last few minutes. I managed to shuffle forward
anyway in my attempt to pass her, and as I drew up beside her,
she surprised me again by suddenly moving her hips further
outward as if to meet or block me in some way. This happened
so quickly and so unexpectedly, that I instinctively put
my hand out in a belated attempt to avoid bumping directly
into her. However, my badly swollen penis arrived almost
simultaneously, and it came in contact with the side of
her leg. I felt it touch her, and I froze momentarily allowing
random erotic thoughts to swirl through my head as I embraced
the sexual tension we had just created together. I knew
she felt it too, because I felt her twitch ever so slightly
through my hand that had come to rest on her hip. I purposely
leaned forward to keep my manhood pressed firmly against
her as I slowly slid by.
Walking sideways always necessitates a pause between
steps, and that pause just happened to come when my swollen
penis had found a comfortable resting spot between the
crack of her ass. She was wearing a skirt made out of a soft
silky fabric, which did little to shield her from my throbbing
member which seemed quite content nestled there between
her buttocks. The flimsy material of her skirt along with
the rigidity of my penis combined to collapse the material
in her skirt just enough to allow me to feel the soft inner
cheeks of her buttocks through my penis. Needless to say,
she had no choice but to be acutely aware of her new swollen
admirer, and it’s precise location as well.
As you may know, a man can flex his penis when it is fully erect,
but there are times when it just seems to happen out of the
blue. A reflex if you will. Almost immediately after it
had settled in between her buttocks, it decided to flex
itself with a healthy dose of enthusiasm without bothering
to consult me about it. It was as if it was eagerly trying
to shake hands with it’s new best friend! Somewhat shocked
and yet increasingly aroused at the same time, I quickly
shuffled a few feet past her and nervously tried to grab
a shirt off the rack and feign a keen interest in it. However,
I was shaking so badly after our close encounter, that I
dropped it on the floor in a rather disjointed, clumsy manner.
She giggled quite loudly at my awkward attempt to cover
my tracks, and as I bent down to pick up the package, I was
astounded to feel her hand giving my bum a very hefty squeeze.
She was still giggling when I looked up at her with a look
of astonishment, and she continued to grin profusely as
she spoke. “I’m SO sorry sir. Was I being a bit too forward
for YOU?” She hesitated as if she wanted to give me a chance
to respond, but quickly continued when she saw nothing
forthcoming from me. “Listen up young man, there's
no reason for you to be nervous about anything. I don’t recall
hearing anyone around here complaining. Do you?” She smiled
once more, and then looked around at the aisles near us as
if to see if anyone was listening or watching us. She turned
back to me, and took on a much more serious tone with me. “I
want you to know that I think what you did a moment ago was
quite erotic, and it sure felt to me like you got a pretty
good rise out of it too.” She was looking at me, waiting for
my response. A more mature and seasoned man than I might
have known what to say, but I was struggling so hard to digest
what she had just said and it’s ramifications, that I failed
to deliver an intelligent replay. Acting and sounding
like the green rookie I was, I blurted, “um I.…...I.…...I'm…….
Really sorry all the same, I don't why or what made me
do what I did. It’s….It’s.....It’s just that ……. you’re
so…… so….. beautiful!”
She just stared at me for the longest time without saying
a word, and I could feel my face morphing into a deep crimson
red. “Jesus Christ, you blew it man. She all but told you
she wants it, and you’re mumbling some kind of stupid apology.”
I continued to berate myself until I noticed she wasn’t
judging me with her stare. The look on her face was more of
a gaze that a person gets when they are contemplating something.
Before returning her gaze to the package she was holding,
she glanced down at my badly swollen mound that was still
protruding from my pants, and grinned slyly to herself
before turning her back to me once again. She positioned
herself once again in such a way that I could not pass without
brushing up against her, or more specifically her supple
and inviting buttocks.
Aware that she had my full and undivided attention, she
murmured softly without looking in my direction. “How
about showing me that move of yours, one more time?” I was
shaking, I was trembling, and yet I was moving rapidly toward
her hoping to recapture the feeling that had engulfed me
when my manhood had first touched her body. This time I aggressively
reached out for her hips with both of my hands as I pulled
up behind her. When she felt my hands grab hold of her hips,
she leaned into me until she felt my penis firmly seated
between her buttocks once again. She began to wiggle her
firm little ass against my begging cock every which way
as if to communicate her approval. Feeling rather cocky
with this latest turn of events, I surveyed the store to
see if we were attracting any attention, then pulled her
hips even firmer against me. As discretely as I could manage,
I began to slide my raging penis slowly up the crack of her
ass until my balls were now rubbing between her tender cheeks.
She rose up and out of her heels to welcome my pleading penis,
allowing greater access to her tunnel of love. She embraced
my hungry manhood as we surrendered to the glory of our forbidden
My passion had strangled my senses, and the lights in the
store started to blur as I tried to comprehend all that was
happening. She broke through my confusion when she turned
her shoulders to look back at me. She held up the shirt she
had been holding (pretending it had something to do with
her question) and said, "I really like this, don't
you?" I mumbled something unintelligible, before
she slid my hands from her hips, and instructed me to step
back, so she could have room to turn around. I watched her
as she turned toward me. She was still holding the shirt
she had been looking at before. She cocked her head slightly
upward as she examined me more closely than before. “What
was she thinking now? Should I say something?” Then she
winked and smiled right through me, "I know you don’t
like all of this “shopping” darling. You’ve been so very,
very patient with me today. Give me just a few more minutes,
and I’ll make it up to you later. I know exactly what I want
now, and I don’t believe I’m gonna have any trouble finding
it!" As soon as the words left her lips, her right hand
seized my cock decisively. I reacted calmly by stumbling
backwards against the display behind me, but she deftly
maintained her grip on her new obsession. She began to massage
and squeeze it between her long slender fingers. Her eyes
locked onto mine searching for confirmation of my satisfaction
as she continued to caress my penis. Suddenly a huge smile
came over her face as she held up the package once more while
still massaging my throbbing cock. “You never told me.
Do you like this!"
I was totally speechless ! ! ! All I can remember was looking
at her as if time stood still. Everything seemed to be going
in slow motion as I gazed at those gorgeous ruby red lips
of hers, her elegant high cheekbones, her piercing dark
brown eyes, her jet black hair pulled up and away from her
beautiful face and tapered neck. The next thing that I remember
was looking down at my manhood that was now surrounded by
her long tapered fingers gently pulling and sliding up
and down the length of my throbbing penis. She was still
staring at me when I looked up at her again, but this time
she wasn’t smiling. Instead she had a quizzical, somewhat
puzzled look on her face. "I need to know something
if you want this to continue!” She knew she had my attention
by the look of aghast painted across my face. “Don’t try
and bullshit me. I want the truth.” Paranoia grabbed me
like an iron fist to the throat. What went wrong? What did
I do? Where’s the smile she had a minute ago? Why is she looking
at me that way? What does she want to know? What if I say the
wrong thing? I started to sweat as I frantically waited
for her to break the silence. Although it lasted less than
a minute, it felt much, much longer than that before she
spoke. As she spoke, her eyes were searching mine like an
interrogator looking for any possible signs of deception,
“I need to know if you’d like me to jack you off here in the
aisle or would you prefer that I just suck on your cock for
a liitle while?" To say my mind was racing is a poor
description of what I was thinking or feeling. Finally,
I managed to blurt out something; "Maybe…. We could
go…. someplace. I…. I….. I don't live that far from
here, and maybe we could...." Before I could finish
my rambling and misguided rebuttal, she had removed her
hand from my cock, and quickly pressed two fingers on my
lips in a "be silent" gesture just as I noticed
a lady coming down the aisle towards us.
My lady turned away from me, put down the shirt she had been
holding and picked up another. She examined it quite thoroughly
as the lady moved slowly past us. As soon as the lady was out
of earshot, she spoke to me without looking up from the shirt
she was holding out at arms length. "I don't do
that sort of thing. I'm a married woman, and that kind
of thing gets much too complicated for me. After today,
I will never see you again. You won't know who I am, and
I won’t know who you are, but I will let you in on a little secret…..
(The other woman had moved over to the next aisle by now,
and we were still leaning up against the products on display)
…’ve got me runnin’ baby, runnin’ like a river. You’re
not gonna believe how wet I am!" With that retort,
she turned to face me as she reached down for the bottom of
her skirt. Her right hand was pulling up her skirt as her
left hand grabbed a hold of mine. She guided my hand towards
her, and flattened it against her stomach so I could easily
slide it in under the top edge of her low cut lace panties.

For some reason I locked up once my hand was inside her panties
as if I didn’t know what to do next. Perhaps I fell into a daze
from being over-stimulated. Maybe it was the soft velvet
texture of her skin that pushed me over the edge. All I know
is that I was totally out of focus. I don’t know for certain
how long this lasted, but it was long enough for her to exclaim,
“What’s the matter? Don’t you want to feel my wet pussy?”
Her plea pulled me back to reality, and I quickly slid my
hand down her panties to her waiting love nest. Either I
was very inexperienced back then or the fact that this was
over thirty years ago, but I had never felt, seen, heard
or touched a woman with a shaved pussy before. It was extremely
wet as advertized, but I couldn't get over how incredibly
soft and erotic the lips of her pussy felt to my fingers.
I could feel my cock starting to swell up once more. As if
on cue, she reached over to my eager penis, and whispered,
“I want to feel you too!” She nimbly grabbed hold of my zipper
and pulled it down in one continuous motion. With my free
hand, I pulled my shorts down to expose my prisoner of love
as she impatiently waited for it’s release. Her hand trembled
as it slid down the length of my cock, or was it me that was
trembling? Either way, we were both wantonly swimming
in a suffocating pool of lust. "Put another finger
in me, " she exclaimed! I obeyed her urgent command
and continued to massage her moist tender pussy while her
moans of approval rose in volume as I struggled to keep from
cuming in the middle of the store! There we were, two lovers
frozen in a moment of pure ecstasy.
"Excuse Me, " exclaimed an older gentleman
wanting to get by. We both jumped and quickly turned our
backs to him as we struggled to release our hands from each
other’s undergarments as quickly as possible. He had a
very exasperated look on his face when we first saw him,
but we had no idea how much he saw or how much he knew about
what we had been doing. We were positive that he least suspected
something. Would he tell someone or file a complaint? I
watched him intently as he walked away, but nothing seemed
to be amiss. My fears didn’t vanish until he completely
disappeared from sight. When I looked back at her, she looked
a little nervous for the first time since we had met. This
didn’t last for long though, as she grabbed my hand and instructed
me to follow her. We strode rapidly across the store to another
department before she suddenly stopped, and then turned
to face me. “This what we're gonna do. I want you to follow
me over to that dressing room over there, and I want you to
watch me to see which room I go into. Then I want you to wait
about 5 minutes before you come in. You got that?” She paused
to let the words settle in. “There’ll be absolutely no talking
and no noises when you get inside. You understand? Give
me 5 minutes. Not 4, and not 6. I want 5 minutes. You got that?
Are you sure?” She studied my face for confirmation of her
instructions, and then walked over to the dressing room.

As she walked away, I saw for the first time just how beautiful
she was from head to toe. There wasn’t anything a man would
want to change about this woman. She was unbelievable.
She disappeared down the hallway and just as quickly disappeared
behind curtain #3 or curtain #4. Which one was it? Oh well,
it doesn’t matter. I’ll search every room if I have to. I
don't know how I managed to wait the full five minutes,
but there I was, ready to enter the dressing room. As I approached
there was a lady near the entrance, and I felt a sudden shock
flash right through me. I was mortified that my "Ticket
to Paradise" might be suddenly revoked. As I tried
to recover and regroup from this new development, I continued
to monitor the lady standing guard at the gates of paradise.
Eventually, my moment arrived as someone approached her
and diverted her attention away from me. With all the stealth
I could muster, I traversed the few remaining feet to the
entrance, and quickly darted down the hallway. Once I arrived,
I gave a soft courtesy knock outside the curtain I thought
she was in. I glanced back at the lady still standing near
the entrance. Several anxious moments passed without
any acknowledgment. I was about to knock once more when
the lady noticed me standing outside the stall, and began
to approach me.
"Is there something we can help you with young man?"
she asked as she was sizing up the situation. I'm sure
her puzzlement was heightened by the fact that she had noticed
me outside, and now I had magically reappeared inside her
domain. "Oh no, I’m fine. Just fine. Just looking,
that’s all." I replied before letting loose with
a primal scream at myself. "You stupid ignorant mother-fucking
asshole! What the fuck made you say that?" There was
no logical answer of course, other than my being scared
absolutely shitless that I might not get to go inside now.
"Looking for what sir? Are you not aware that this
is a ladies dressing room?" she exclaimed taking
another step forward. "Oh yes, I’m definitely aware.
What I really meant to say is that I’m waiting, you know.
I’m waiting... ah......for my……. my……. my mother. Yeah,
that’s right, my mother." I heard a muffled giggle
come from behind the curtain as I awaited her next round
of questioning. "Your mother, did you say? she asked,
squinting at me now. I knew this situation was rapidly going
downhill. I had to regroup quickly and take control of this
situation. "Yes, that’s right, my mother. She likes
for me to stay nearby. There is nothing for you to be concerned
about. Look, there’s curtains everywhere! Everything
is just fine now, and as you can clearly see, I’m not looking.
Do you have a problem with that?" I replied with an
offensive tone in my voice for the first time.
She stood there looking at me not quite sure what to make
of my latest retort or my newfound attitude. I met her skeptical
gaze with a cold stone- wall look of my own. I wasn’t about
to let this old lady keep me from entering the virtual paradise
that was waiting for me behind curtain #3! "Well,
we normally don’t allow young men to stay back here, but
I guess we can make an exception this time." she said
begrudgingly, before slowly turning away to go back to
her post outside the dressing room. As she continued up
the hall, she glanced back at me as if to say “I’ll be watching
you”. My patience was wearing thin as I waited for her to
take a few more steps. I knew it would be prudent to wait until
she was out of sight before pulling back the curtain, but
I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to get inside
now! I pulled back the curtain just enough for me to slip
inside. When I checked the hallway once more, she was nowhere
to be seen. Relief swept over me as I closed the curtain.
However, when I turned around, I almost gave out a yelp.
There she was, this fantastic elegant lady posing there
stark naked except for her high heels! She was standing
there in all her glory with both hands on her hips, as if awaiting
some kind of military inspection. Once more she flashed
that gorgeous smile of hers and said, "Well....,
how do you like “mommie's” new outfit?" <br>
She took one look at my shit-eating grin, smiled and stepped
toward me. I reached out to her, and we kissed with a passion
I had only dreamt about. My hands searched, caressed and
fondled every part of her gorgeous figure, as my penis quickly
stood at attention. It wasn’t long before my thoughts turned
to entry ! She was a fairly tall woman, and with her being
in high heels it was relatively easy for me to pull my rigid
rocket from my trousers, locate my strategic target, plot
my trajectory and fire my weapon! Once she felt the head
of my penis start to enter her, she reached down and grabbed
my cock quite firmly to stop it from penetrating any further
inside of her. She then whispered sternly in my ear, "Only
for a minute!"
She released her hand, and as I slid farther up inside her
I grabbed her by her thighs, and lifted her off the ground.
She tightened her grip around my neck to hold her self up,
and then gradually loosened her grip so she could slide
all the way down my swollen cock. I filled every inch of her
pussy with my rapidly pulsating penis. "Maybe we’ll
make time. I think I can cum rather quickly like this, "
she panted. Her soft hungry moans of pleasure rang in my
ear as I guided her up and down the shaft of my penis. Then
her nails began to dig into my shoulders as she arched her
back and leaned backwards. I knew she was almost ready to
cum, because I had felt her pussy getting warmer and warmer,
and now it felt like it could singe my penis. Suddenly I felt
her release herself to me, and soon I could feel her warm
liquids running rapidly down the length of my penis and
over my testicles and on down to the floor. She twitched
and shook uncontrollably as I balanced her on my vertical
rocket. She did her best to muffle her shrieks of satisfaction
by burying her face in my chest. Call it male pride. Call
it whatever you want. All I know is that I stood there feeling
so proud and smug that I had made this gorgeous woman shriek
with joy and happiness. I was literally swelling with pride
as my penis rested comfortably inside her.
Just when I thought she had cum to a conclusion, her body
flinched ever so slightly. I barely noticed it at first,
but there was no denying it happened with both of us locked
in a motionless embrace. There it was again! It continued
very slowly at first, then began building and building
in pace and in depth. It took on a life of it’s own following
some unknown rhythmic cadence, and then accelerated rapidly
until she’d concluded the ritual by shaking violently
in my arms. Each time she concluded this sequence, I was
convinced it wouldn’t happen again, and yet over and over
this went until her body went quite rigid as her body released
a final torrent of hot liquids. Her lava of love splashed
across my groin and all down my legs. Afterwards her body
went limp, and I held her there in my arms for several moments
with my eyes closed as I tried to savor every second of this
miracle. When I finally opened my eyes to marvel at her divine
beauty once more, her eyes were still closed, but she was
smiling from ear to ear.
"Dear God! That was amazing! Look at me, I’m still
shaking! I certainly didn’t expect that many fireworks.
You’ve got quite the hot touch young man. A regular lover
boy, that’s what you are. I think I need to revise my plans.
We’re gonna need to stay here a little longer than I thought."
She released her arms from around me, and disengaged our
love connection. I moaned my displeasure as I felt my penis
leave the comfort of her magic triangle. She quickly reassured
me as she stepped back to sit down in the chair in front of
me. "Don't you worry baby, it's your turn
now." I stepped toward her, and she took me into her
mouth eagerly without any hesitation. I was so excited,
so happy and so turned on that when I looked down at her and
saw those pretty ruby covered lips caressing my cock and
the outline of her beautiful face, I erupted like a premature
teenager. Over and over my body flinched with the arrival
of another helping of my warm love potion. She didn't
move as I came. Her only movement was from her mouth as she
continued to gently slide her mouth up and down my cock,
tenderly caressing every inch of my still swollen penis.
It felt like I was floating on a cloud in heaven, but I was
totally unprepared for what was about to happen next.
She rose to her feet and encircled me in her arms. Her lips
met mine, and her tongue entered me searching for more.
She reached down and caressed my still swollen penis. She
looked me in the eye and asked, "How’d you like to stick
this big cock of yours up my ass?” She must have seen the shock
in my face, because she immediately followed up with another
more revealing question. “Haven’t you ever had anal sex
before?" searching my eyes for the truth within me.
She had her answer without a word being spoken. "It’s
okay, you’ll enjoy it. Trust me. I'll tell you what
to do every step of the way, and just how I want it. All you
have to do is promise me that you’ll listen and do exactly
what I say, okay?” She searched my eyes again, and saw the
anxiety that I was feeling. “Are you sure you're okay
with this? You’re not gonna believe how good it’s gonna
feel. You do want to, don’t you?" I nodded, sheeplishly
embarrassed at my inexperience. She turned away for me,
and reached for her purse. She found a small tube of hand
cream or lotion and turned to face me again. "This
is gonna be a little bit cold at first, but it will warm up
soon enough. Trust me." She spread the lotion up and
down the shaft of my penis taking great pains to ensure it
was covered evenly and generously. "Now I want you
to apply some of this on my opening, and some more on the tip
of your penis before you enter me. You got that?" I
nodded still embarassed, but aroused at the same time.
She turned and placed her hands on the wall behind her before
spreading her legs slightly.
I approached my goddess of love with my throbbing member
in my hand, and guided it against her buttocks. "Don't
gey cocky on me, darling. We gotta take it easy at first.
Try and slowly slide just the head inside. Once you're
inside me, I want you to move it in and out with just the head
of your penis until I get comfortable with it." I did
exactly what she said, and pressed it against her buthole
until it finally slipped inside. I could feel the pressure
around the head of my penis as her asshole hugged it desperately.
Enraptured is only one of the words I could use to describe
this new delicious feeling that came over me. "Okay
baby, now move it slowly in and out for me." As I stood
there watching it disappear into her ass and then suddenly
reappear, my legs began to quiver. Her soft moans added
to the passion building inside of me. "I think I'm
ready for more now. Just push it in a little deeper with each
stroke. Easy now, easy. Not so fast and not so deep. Oh yeah,
that's it. Keep it up, a little at a time until you're
all the way inside of me. When you get to that point, I want
you to start fucking me a little bit harder with every stroke
until you're fucking me as hard as you can. I'll
let you know when I've had enough. Okay?" Aw shucks,
I guess I could do that. I mean, if I really have to ! ! ! Was
that really a question? Her moans transposed themselves
into more of a soft grunt as I continued to explore deeper
and deeper inside her. Eventually my penis completely
disappeared into her ass when I finally reached the end.
I began to increase the pace, and she met every thrust with
one of her own as I pounded away at her new love canal. I could
still feel the stranglehold on the shaft of my penis as I
furiously banged harder and harder on her back door. Time
stood still as we carried on, until she caught my attention
by reaching back and grabbing a hold of my wrist.
"Okay, okay, okay, stop! That’s it. It's time
to get you off." I was surprised. I thought that we
were doing fine. I was sure it wasn't much longer I'd
be busting my nut again with what we were doing. "I
want you stand perfectly still while I work you over with
my ass. Will you do that for me baby?" What's with
these silly questions? I'd have jumped off a building
for her at this point. I'm your servant, your slave,
whatever it is you want I will do without hesitation! My
penis was totally hidden from view when she began. She flexed
her knees slightly, and slid slowly forward all the way
up my penis until she was hugging the ridge at the head of
my penis. She began to move backwards and forwards over
that ridge just enough to keep it inside of her, and just
far enough down to squeeze it just below the nub. If my knees
were knocking before, they were rubber now. I didn't
even know what was coming, but SHE knew as she took all of
me inside of her ass in one furious motion just as my cock
spewed out a heavy load of sperm deep inside her ass. Unlike
the previous time, all of this came and went in one gigantic
orgasmic spasm. Perhaps instinctively, I raised my arm
and managed to muffle a scream of delight. She didn't
move as my spent cock lay inside of her, except for her loving
sphincter muscles hugging me every few seconds.
Eventually she withdrew me from inside her, and turned
to face me once more. She smiled, but this time she didn't
engage me. She simply placed her hands on her hips and looked
at me and said, "You've certainly turned out
to be quite the lover boy. I think I need just a little more
of you before we're finished here." I was a little
taken aback by her comment. My penis was hanging limp as
a wet noodle down below despite the raging desire I felt
for her within me. I wanted more, but I didn't think
I had it to give. As if on cue, she glanced down at my now humble
penis. "Don't you worry about that. That’s not
a problem. I’m sure I can get it's attention again.
I think you’ve got a little bit more to give me down there.If
I'm right, I want all of it. You don’t mind if I give it
a go, do you?" she inquired.
With that, she dropped down to her knees, placed her hands
on my legs and began to lick my drooping manhood with her
tongue. I can't say I was shocked to see my penis begin
to respond to her overtures. As it began to swell, she lifted
it up and into her mouth with only her tongue and rested it
on the shelf of her open mouth. The sight of her open mouth
filled with my penis was a snapshot that will never fade
in my memory. Her tongue now began to tease the top of my cock
with the bottom side of her tongue. I was amazed at how quickly
my penis answered the call of duty. She felt it too, and quickly
slid her tongue back underneath the head of my cock and began
to softly bounce my swollen penis on the end of her tongue.
I groaned each time I felt it go up in the air and gently land
on her soft warm tongue. Now it was ready for whatever act
that would follow.
She swallowed the head of my cock and pushed it all the way
back into her mouth until all of my manhood was inside of
her. She then started flexing the muscle at the base of her
throat tempting and coaxing me to cum again. She must have
held it that way for 30 or 40 seconds before releasing it.
She looked up at me and said, "I want to feel you cum
down my throat. Could you do that for me?" she asked.
I nearly melted when I saw the pleading look in her eyes.
She repeated her magical disappearing penis trick once
more, and when she started to flex her throat again I felt
a surge starting all the way down at the base of my balls,
and then rising up the shaft of my penis and finally ending
it’s journey into the waiting mouth of my instant lover.
"Oh my God, Awwwe Shit, Shit, Awe Fuck, Shiiiit !!!
I exclaimed! I couldn't help it. I couldn’t stop myself
from yelling out loud. Nothing had ever felt like that before
in my entire life. It felt like it all happened in slow motion.
I felt a tingling sensation along every inch of it's
journey to it’s final destination. Someone yelled out
from down the hall. "Heh! What’s going on down there?
You alright?" I looked at her in panic, but she calmly
covered for me once again. "Just tell 'em you
banged your knee." That's what I did, and then
all went silent down the hall. I was certain that any moment
we’d hear another inquiry from that old lady down the hall.
I waited and waited and waited some more, but she never came.
When I turned back to her, she had already begun getting
dressed and was nearly finished. I couldn’t believe it
was over so soon, and worse than that was the realization
that she’d be gone for good in a matter of minutes. "You
gotta give me your number or some way to get a hold of you.
That was the most incredible experience I've ever
had! Didn’t you think so?" I exclaimed desperately.
She continued getting dressed, and it wasn’t until she
was finished dressing and had straightened her hair, that
she finally spoke. "I told you exactly what this was
all about beforehand. I have to admit that this was really
special, but it's just sex. Nothing more. Nothing
less. It’s just sex. Don't you dare try and follow me,
and don't bother coming back to this store either,
'cause I'll never shop here again. There's
hundreds of stores I can shop at. When I leave, I want you
to give me 5 minutes, then you can come out." she explained
in a very business-like manner.
I knew it was fruitless to argue. She had been in total command
of me the entire time we were together. I was totally at her
mercy. I knew I should feel fortunate that she had allowed
me the opportunity to come "inside" her world
for a little while. Yet that didn't stop me from giving
it one more try. "Okay, I understand and I'll
do exactly what you say, but you have to do me this one special
favor. I'm gonna write my name on this piece of paper
with my number on it. I want you to put it somewhere out of
the way because there might come a day when you need or want
someone like me to hold you or make love to you with all of
my might. If you decide to throw it away when you’re out of
my sight, that's certainly your prerogative, but
I hope in my heart you'll hide it away somewhere safe
and call me someday when you really need someone. If and
when you should ever call me, I'll drop whatever it
is that I'm doing, and I’ll come to you immediately.
That’s a promise I will never break!" She looked at
the note, then at me, smiled, gave me a short kiss goodbye,
and then gracefully walked out of the dressing room. I watched
her make her way up the hallway, when she suddenly stopped
and turned back to face me once more. “I almost forgot. I
didn’t answer your knock, because you took over 6 minutes!”
Amused at her latest anecdote, she spun like a marionette
on her heels and promptly vanished from my life as quickly
as she had entered it once before.
There is no moral to this story. In fact it’s just the opposite!
The odds of something like this ever happening again are
beyond any mathematical equation. Yes, I did hear from
her again about 7 years later around 3:30 in the morning.
Yes, I was there in less than ½ hour. We made love in as many
ways as I could possibly imagine for what seemed like hours,
but was probably less. It was glorious, delicious and more
satisfying than anything I had ever experienced except
for our moment long ago. She told me that she had gotten a
divorce recently, and that she was leaving the next day
for California where she had just bought a new house right
on the oceanfront. She said that our "moment"
together had stayed with her all these years. She also told
me that she had NEVER ever had sex with a stranger before
that day, and she had never since. She said it was the most
erotic thing she had ever done. I told her that she was partially
correct. I informed her that our "moment" was
officially the greatest single erotic moment in the history
of the world ! ! ! ! She laughed at that, and said I was probably
right. She also told me that the reason she wanted to see
me before she left was to thank ME for being a part of such
an enduring memory. Imagine that, she wanted to thank Me!
I swear on my grave that if the age difference hadn't
been so great between us, I would have begged and pleaded
to see her again. I would stalked her all the way to the West
Coast. She still looked "simply marvelous",
and we obviously shared much more than a spark from the start,
and that is an extremely rare commodity. As it is, we'll
always have our memories, and of course our "moment"!

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